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York Co.,  1926, part 2

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48936 Lloyd HUSTON, 27, teacher, Ontario, 47 Bowie Rd in Toronto, s/o William HUSTON, b. Ont & Mary GRAHAM, married Leslie Hazel DURWARD, 25, nurse, Ontario, Detroit, d/o John DURWARD, b. Scotland & Jane Waters POLLOCK, witn: Grace FRALICK of 49 Belvedere Ave in Toronto & Grace ANNIS of Scarboro, 16 Oct 1926 at York twp  
48937-26 Joseph Wilfred HUTTON, 23, machinist, Ontario, 46 Columbine Ave in Toronto, s/o Thomas HUTTON, b. Ont & Almeda SPEAR, married Winnifred Amelia CHARPENTIER, 17, operator, Ontario, 658 Northcliffe Blvd., d/o Edward CHARPENTIER, b. Ont & Armina MATTE, witn: Thomas & Madeline HUTTON of 46 Columbine, 27 Nov 1926 at Weston 48938-26 William ILLINGWORTH, 21, stone cutter, Hemsworth Yorks. England, Willard Ave - Athamer Park in Scarboro Junction, s/o William Henry ILLINGWORTH & Sarah Jane HALLIDAY, married Murtina MacLEOD, 23, Garenin? Ross & Cromarty Scotland, Scarboro Junction, d/o Kenneth MacLEOD & Effie MacLEOD, witn: Kathleen ILLINGWORTH & William HADDEN, both of Scarboro Junction, 22 July 1926 at Church of the Epiphany, Scarboro Junction
48939-26 Joseph JEMMETT, 21, Faversham Kent, Humbervale, s/o Thomas William John JEMMETT & Jane Amelia WANSTALL, married Elizabeth SCHEPERS, 18, Holland, Scarlet Rd in Humbervale, d/o Theodore SCHEPERS & Annie ALBASS, witn: Henry SCHEPERS of Scarlet Rd & Elizabeth VEDDER of Mavety St., 3 Nov 1926 at Mount Dennis 48940-26 Garfield JENNINGS, 44, salesman, Ontario, 21 Olive Ave in Toronto, s/o David M. JENNINGS, b. Ont & Mary Ann PREBBLE, married Ada Elaince WALKER, 33, clerk, Ontario, 87 Beaconsfield Ave in Toronto, d/o Frederick Henry WALKER, b. Ont & Ella Jane ANDERSON, witn: Maud B. LEE & Vida M. LEE, both of Woodbridge, 2 Oct 1926 at Woodbridge
48941-26 Lloyd Robert JOHNSON, 22, electrician, Parry Sound, Toronto, s/o Joseph JOHNSON, b. Ont & Carry HEALEY, married Lavinia Valonca WHITE, 18, Parry Harbour, Toronto, d/o Henry WHITE, b. Ont & Lenna WILLETT, witn: Mrs. A.A. WALL & M.N. GLASS, both of Richmond Hill, 6 May 1926 at Richmond Hill 48942-26 John Francis JOHNSTON, 25, mason, Mount Albert, same, s/o William JOHNSTON, b. Mount Albert & Margaret JOHNSTON, married Florence Evelyn MENAR, 18, Queensville, same, d/o William MENAR, b. Queensville & Elizabeth MENAR, witn: Mrs. OTTAN & Mrs. G.K. EATON, both of Newmarket, 22 April 1926 at Newmarket
48943-26 Robert JOHNSTON, 33, farmer, Vaughan twp., same, s/o John JOHNSTON, b. Ont & Christena LAURIE, married Theresa Irene NORTON, 31, teacher, Woodbridge, same, d/o David NORTON, b. Ont & Elizabeth O'DEA, witn: Mrs. Marlda Elizabeth MALLABY of Weston & Grace Annie JOHNSTON of Woodbridge, 16 June 1926 at Christ Church, Woodbridge 48944-26 William Russell JOHNSTON, 40, dept. manager, Ontario, 356 Montrose Ave in Toronto, s/o Robert JOHNSTON, b. Ireland & Eliza NIXON, married Iva CHADWICK, 36, nurse, Ontario, Mount Dennis, d/o John M. CHADWICK, b. Ont & Mary Ann GRAHAM, witn: Alfred MENARY of Grand Valley & Maud Irene CHADWICK of Mount Dennis, 21 June 1926 at Mount Dennis
48946-26 Charles Sidney JONES, 29, farmer, Ontario, Maple, s/o Charles Henry JONES, b. England & Sarah A. BARRON, married Bernice Leona CLEARY, 18, Ontario, Maple, d/o Arthur CLEARY, b. Quebec & Effa CLEARY, witn: Earl COOK of Maple & Dorothy OROND of Toronto, 20 Oct 1926 at Vaughan twp 48945-26 Albert Edward JONES, 24, carpenter, Ontario, Langstaff, s/o Albert JONES, b. Wales & Annie RAWSON, married Mary Ivy GILES, 21, domestic, Ontario, Thornhill, d/o Isaac GILES & Mary Ann GARNEAU, witn: James William & Mrs. James William CUTTLE of Langstaff, 3 Aug 1926 at Garden Ave., Langstaff
48947-26 James Henry Marlowe JOYCE, 21, manager, Ontario, Long Branch, s/o John JOYCE, b. Ont & Juanita SEDDON, married Margaret GRAHAM, 21, domestic, Scotland, 644 Lansdowne Rd in Toronto, d/o James GRAHAM, b. Scotland & Margaret SMITH, witn: William & Susie HANES of Carson St. in Long Branch, 27 April 1926 at New Toronto  

048948/26 Frederick KAY, 25, salesman, Ontario, 61 Fernwood Park Ave. Toronto, s/o Paul KAY (b. Germany) & Elizabeth RAKE, married Rita Mary JOHNSTON, 26 (b. 23 Oct. 1899), saleslady, Scarboro Ontario, West Hill, d/o Robert JOHNSTON a farmer (b. Ireland) & Prudence Emma CAMPS, witn: Douglas SHERRATT of 55 Orchard Park Blvd. Toronto & Gladys JOHNSTON of 2453 Queen St. E. Toronto, 21 October 1926, Scarboro twp.

048949/26 Harry Gordon KEEN, 37, Barrister, Norway, 52 St. George St. Toronto, s/o Harry KEEN (b. England) & Ellen MONTAGUE, married Gladys Emily Mary ROBERTSON, 37, clerk, Ontario, Mimico Beach Mimico, d/o Francis ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Josephine HEWITT, witn: Josephine ROBERTSON & E. ROBERTSON both of Mimico, 21 August 1926, Mimico

048950/26 Wilfred Lawrence KEHOE, 30, farmer, King twp., King twp., s/o John James KEHOE & Alice HARRISON, married Regina Blanche DEACON, 26, nurse, King twp., King twp., d/o Richard Joseph DEACON & Ellen O'CALLAHAN, witn: Samuel Michael KEHOE of R.R.1 Bolton. & Stella Anastasia DEACON of Schomberg., 22 September 1926, St. Patrick's Church Schomberg

048951/26 George KELLY, 38, Veterinary Surgeon, Ontario, Gormley R.R. 2, s/o George F. KELLY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth DUNCAN, married Hilda Estelle RISEBROUGH, 27, school teacher, Ontario, Newtonbrook, d/o Robert J. RISEBROUGH (b. Ontario) & Frances DUNN, witn: Gordon E. LEATHERS of 41 Gore Vale Ave. Toronto & Lillian E. RISEBROUGH of Newtonbrook, 21 July 1926, Newtonbrook

048952/26 William Samuel KENNEDY, 57, widower, farmer, Scott twp., Scott twp., s/o William KENNEDY (b. Ireland) & Jane SMITH, married Ada Isabella McCLELLAN, 49, teacher, Co. York, Keswick, d/o Robert McCLELLAN (b. Scotland) & Mary JONAS, witn: Freeman POLLOCK & Mrs. F. POLLOCK both of Keswick, 16 June 1926, Keswick

048953/26 John James KENNIGER, 30, teacher, England, 709 Greenwood Ave. Toronto, s/o J. Charles KENNIGER (b. England) & Elizabeth PALMER, married Cora Elizabeth COCKBURN, 26, teacher, Ontario, R.R. #1 Pefferlaw, d/o James COCKBURN (b. Ontario) & Lucretia KAY, witn: Arthur A. KENNIGER of Winona Ave. Toronto & Evelyn C. COCKBURN of R.R. #1 Pefferlaw, 14 August 1926, Georgia Twp

048954/26 Peter Johnston KERR, 21, farm labourer, Scotland, Agincourt, s/o Hugh KERR (b. Scotland) & Emily JOHNSTON, married Margaret KANE, 25, domestic, Scotland, Agincourt, d/o Margaret (sic) KANE (b. Scotland) & Jean MILLER, witn: W.J. HULL of Agincourt & Catherine A. HULL, 26 June 1926, Lansing

048955/26 Robert KERR, 21, plasterer, Scotland, 87 Pritchard Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas KERR (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth W. DALRYMPLE, married Clara Eulalie GILSON, 18, operator, Ontario, 146 Eileen Ave. Toronto, d/o Charles GILSON (b. Ontario) & Sarah SINCLAIR, witn: Thomas ATWELL of 7 Mould & Pauline KERR of 87 Pritchard, 1 July 1926, North Runnymede United Church, York Twp.

048956/26 Joseph Ross KEYSER, 21, salesman, Ontario, 264 Glebeholme Blvd., s/o Luis James KEYSER (b. Ontario) & Marjorie Maud WILKIE, married Mona Rose MITCHELL, 15, Ontario, 64 Robins Ave. Toronto, d/o Frederick Grant MITCHELL (b. Ontario) & Nettie SHARP, witn: Jack McGINNIS of 25 Hemlock Ave. Toronto & Lucille MITCHELL of 64 Robins Ave. Toronto, 12 January 1926, Mimico

048957/26 Albert Edmund KILLABY, 46, widower, conductor, South Verulam Ont., 22 Stuart St. Sarnia, s/o Robert KILLABY (b. Ontario) & Phinnia COURTNEY, married Olive Permelia CAMPBELL, 39, government employee, York Co. Ont., Markham Ont., d/o George CAMPBELL (b. Ontario) & Bessie TRIPP, witn: Mrs. Catherine A. THOMAS of Markham & Mrs. Barbara CAMPBELL of 245 Roehampton Ave. Toronto, 9 June 1926, Markham

048958/26 John KINGGETT, 22, carpenter, England, Highland Creek, s/o James KINGGETT (b. England) & Rosena PUTTOCK, married Annie SHUTER, 21, clerk, Ontario, Highland Creek, d/o William W. SHUTER (b. Ontario) & Helen ANDREWS, witn: Roy SHUTER & Frances H. SHUTER both of Highland Creek, 1 September 1926, 3rd Conc. Scarboro twp

048959/26 Percy James KITCHEN, 29, blacksmith, Co. York, Schomberg, s/o James Alfred KITCHEN (b. King Twp. York Co. Ont.) & Sarah Elmira LLOYD, married Marion Elizabeth HOLMES, 17, house help, West Gwillimbury, Twp. Tecumseth, d/o Peter Brown HOLMES (b. Bradford Simcoe Ont.) & Margaret Elizabeth WRIGHT, witn: J.M. KITCHEN & Mrs. CALDWELL both of Schomberg, 12 June 1926, Schomberg

048960/26 Walter Ernest KITNEY, 21, labourer, England, 38 Lapp Ave. Toronto, s/o Walter KITNEY (b. England) & Clara HODGE, married Mary Redpath WILSON, 18, laundress, Scotland, 169 Kane Ave. Toronto, d/o Thomas WILSON (b. Scotland) & Mary BROADFOOT, witn: Sydney Horace KITNEY of 38 Lapp Ave. & Jessie LAIDLAW of 57 Muriel Ave., 6 November 1926, Twp. York

048961/26 Albert Edward KNOWLES, 25, buyer, Aurora, Providence R.I., s/o James A. KNOWLES (b. Aurora) & Annie McKINNON, married Marion Edith McDONALD, 22, King, King, d/o John A. McDONALD (b. Vaughan Twp.) & Elizabeth M. WELLS, witn: Ethel V. McDONALD of King & Doris McDONALD of Sutton West, 26 June 1926, King City

048962/26 Joseph Norman LAHAY, 20, driver, Ontario, 25 Deforest Rd. Toronto, s/o Lewis LAHAY (b. Ontario) & Sarah HASKIN, married Kate May H. WANSBROUGH, 20, Ontario, 256 Keele St. Toronto, d/o James WANSBROUGH (b. Ontario) & Millicent BIDECOTE, witn: James BELL of 36 Kennedy Ave. & Alice S. FOREMAY of 38 Kennedy Ave., 24 November 1926, Swansea Village

048963/26 John Patterson LARKIN, 54, widower, mason, St. Catharines Ont., Whitby, s/o James LARKIN & Jane PATTERSON, married Elenia GORMAN, 40, office, West Hill, West Hill, d/o Patrick GORMAN & Ellen BROWN, witn: William GORMAN of West Hill & Miss Orpha McNAMARA of 4 Richard Ave. Toronto, 3 February 1926, Highland Creek

048964/26 John Newton LEAF, 28, farmer, Ontario, Unionville Ont., s/o Hugh LEAF (b. England) & Jennie KELLY, married Vera Irene STONEHOUSE, 21, stenographer, Ontario, Unionville Ont., d/o Robert STONEHOUSE (b. Ontario) & Millie MORGAN, witn: Fred LEAF & Gladys STONEHOUSE both of Unionville, 4 December 1926, Village Unionville

048965/26 Thomas LEAN, 31, fox farmer, Ontario, Port Credit Ont., s/o Daniel LEAN (b. Ontario) & Catherine STEPHENS, married Charlotte HARRIS, 18, stenographer, Ontario, Port Credit Ont., d/o Joseph HARRIS (b. Ontario) & Edith CROIX, witn: S.A. CONKLIN & Olive F. CONKLIN both of Port Credit, 2 October 1926, 43 22nd St. New Toronto

048966/26 Everett Salton LEAROYD, 32, teacher, Ontario, 30 Cedarvale Ave. Toronto, s/o Rev. W.H. LEAROYD (b. Ontario) & Rhoda Mary HOLMES, married Annie Vera EVEREST, 23, stenographer, Ontario, Scarboro Junction Ont., d/o Henry EVEREST (b. Ontario) & Mary Annetta LATHAN, witn: Dr. H.S. LEAROYD of Sutton West Ont. & Mildred EVEREST of Scarboro Ont., 17 August 1926, Scarboro Junction

048967/26 Harold G. LEAROYD, 30, dentist, Epson Ont., Sutton, s/o William H. LEAROYD (b. Ontario) & Rhoda M. HOLMES, married Elizabeth Low CROZIER, 26, Sutton, Sutton, d/o Archibald CROZIER (b. Ontario) & Margaret LATIMER, witn: F.H. VanNOSTRAND of Vandorf & Anne G. NOBLE of Sutton, 1 September 1926, Sutton

048968/26 Arthur Ai LEHMAN, 25, assistant station agent, Stouffville, Stouffville, s/o Amos G. LEHMAN (b. Markham) & Fannie HOOVER, married Gertrude Laura WIDEMAN, 25, Markham twp., Stouffville, d/o Henry WIDEMAN (b. Markham) & Bernetta REYNOLDS, witn: Harold A. SAUNDERS of Stouffville & Florence RUDLEN of Toronto, 18 September 1926, Twp. Markham

048969/26 Colin Campbell LEICESTER, 22, sales clerk, England, 107 Robert St. Mimico, s/o Harold LEICESTER (b. England) & Alice O'Lena INGEBRIKTSEN, married Edith Wilhelmina SAVAGE, 23, Ontario, 22 Mimico Ave. Mimico, d/o William E.S. SAVAGE (b. Ontario) & Bessie WOODS, witn: Mrs. Nan ANGST & William ANGST both of Mimico, 15 May 1926, Mimico

048970/26 Thomas LEIGHTON, 28, clerk, Ontario, 8 Montcalm Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas LEIGHTON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth BROWN, married Annie JENNISON, 26, operator, England, 204 Simpson Ave. Toronto, d/o Christopher William JENNISON (b. England) & Ellen BRIMACOMBE, witn: Ernest HOLDSWORTH of 204 Simpson Ave. & Kathleen BROWN of 85 Uxbridge Ave., 7 October 1926, Fairbank

048971/26 Kenneth Gordon LEITCH, 21, painter, Ontario, 4428 Commonwealth Ave. Detroit, s/o Donald LEITCH (b. Ontario) & Sarah HURREN, married Jessie Viola BAIRD, 19, Ontario, Erin Ont., d/o James BAIRD (b. Ontario) & Mary SANDERS, witn: Mary BAIRD of Erin Ont. & Eva G. Martin MACKENZIE of 217 Weston Ave. Toronto, 29 April 1926, 217 Western Ave. New Toronto

048972/26 William Harold LEVARNE, 23, farmer, England, Alliston, s/o William Jack LEVARNE (b. Wales) & Caroline MITCHELL, married Eva Isabel May BLAKELY, 23, Ontario, Alliston, d/o John BLAKELY (b. Canada) & Rebecca WILSON, witn: Ruth GOWANS of 2565 Eglinton Ave. W. & Rita McCRAE of 2678 Eglinton Ave. W., 24 July 1926, Mount Dennis

048973/26 Joseph Henry LINDSEY, 23, book keeper, England, Willowdale, s/o George LINDSEY (b. England) & Annie MUNDEY, married Sarah Ann McCONKEY, 20, tasseler, Ireland, Willowdale, d/o William McCONKEY (b. Ireland) & Sarah Ann McCULLEN, witn: Ellen DAVIDGE & John SLATER both of Willowdale, 3 June 1926, St. George's Church Willowdale

048974/26 Reginald LISTER, 26, farmer, Walton Yorkshire England, Pickering Twp., s/o William LISTER (b. Yorkshire England) & Elizabeth WHITEHEAD, married Isabel HYLAND, 18, Toronto, Markham twp., d/o Henry Walter HYLAND (b. Ontario Co.) & Ida REESOR, witn: Nellie HYLAND of R.R. #1 Stouffville & William LISTER of Claremont, 15 May 1916, Locust Hill

048975/26 William Perry LITHGOW, 22, machinist, Weston, Weston, s/o Albert Perry LITHGOW (b. Weston Ont.) & Mary Jane WICKLUM, married Florence SMALE, 19, operator, Plymouth England, Weston, d/o Charles George Hostin SMALE (b. Devonshire England) & Catherine Reeves MITCHELMORE, witn: Hazel Albertha LITHGOW of 69 George St. Weston & Joseph King BELL of 60 Mahoney Ave. Mount Dennis, 16 June 1926, Mimico

048976/26 John Edward LLOYD, 26, factory, Schomberg Ont., New Toronto, s/o Forbes LLOYD & Amelia CAIN, married Marjorie Blanche HASKET, 23, factory, Newmarket, New Toronto, d/o James HASKET & Ada HANNAH, witn: George HASKET & Netta LLOYD both of Ontario, 23 January 1926, New Toronto

048977/26 Walter Elsworth LLOYD, 28, farmer, King twp., Maple, s/o William Henry LLOYD (b. Ontario) & Jane THOMPSON, married Annie Elma SHAW, 24, at home, Etobicoke twp., Kleinburg, d/o Martin Worden SHAW (b. Ontario) & Annie CHURCHILL, witn: Greta PIERCEY of Bolton & James Leslie SHAW of Kleinburg, 29 September 1926, Maple

048978/26 Allan Armstrong LOCK, 21, dairyman, Toronto, 458 Dupont St. Toronto, s/o Alexander Charles LOCK (b. Ontario) & Ruby ARMSTRONG, married Helen Margaret Martha Elizabeth DAVIDSON, 20, Ontario, Mt. Albert, d/o Charles W. DAVIDSON (b. Ontario) & Ella TERRY, witn: Alfred John LOCK of 458 Dupont St. Toronto & Hilda DAVIDSON of Mount Albert, 19 June 1926, Mount Albert

49077-26 Ernest PULL, 42, locomotive fireman, Ontario, 12 Edgar Ave in Toronto, s/o John PULL, b. England & Frances CLARKSON, married Annie BLACK, 47, widow, England, 284 Wychwood Ave in Toronto, d/o James RIGLEY, b. England & Mary PEAREN, witn: Francis & Harry PICKERING of 95 Brownsville Ave., 24 Nov 1926 at York twp 49078-26 Vernon William PURDY, 27, dentist, Quebec, 161 Westminster Ave in Toronto, s/o William PURDY, b. USA & Audry HAGERMAN, married Edith Marjorie GORDON, 22, Toronto, 69 Hillholme Rd in York twp, d/o A.E. GORDON, b. Ont & Gertrude YOUNG, witn: Edwin GORDON of 69 Hillholme & Winnifred SCOTT of 30 Lauder Ave in Toronto, 17 July 1926 at 69 Hillholme Rd., York twp
49079-26 Frank Harwood PYBUS, 45, widower, gentleman, Balby England, 110 Gooch in West Toronto, s/o John PYBUS & Ellen FRENCH, married May Winifred HANKS, 30, Birmingham England, 110 Gooch Ave., d/o Joseph HANKS & Sarah EDWARDS, witn: Emily & Muriel LAWRENCE of 110 Gooch, 30 Jan 1926 at St. Georges Church, Islington 49080-26 Albert Le Gallais RABJOHN, 24, gardener, Canada, Etobicoke twp., s/o Albert S. RABJOHN & Rose LE GALLAIS, married Dorothy May STEEL, 22, Canada, Etobicoke twp., d/o Rupert W. STEEL & Alice S. SHUTER, witn: H.J. & Edith STEEL of RR1 Islington, 29 Oct 1926 at Mimico
49081-26 Eugene RACICOT, 28, mechanic, Quebec, 19 Watson Ave in Toronto, s/o Adolph RACICOT, b. Quebec & Margaret VILLIMARE, married Louise RINGLAN, 22, clerk, Ontario, 1281 Weston Rd in Mount Dennis, d/o John RINGLAN, b. Ont & Mary CARD, witn: Joseph WALKER & Elizabeth RYLE, both of Weston, 6 Oct 1926 at Weston 49082-26 Thomas Burgess RAE, 36, CNR clerk, Toronto, 44 Summerhill Ave in Toronto, s/o Robert RAE, b. Scotland & Priscilla Ann BURGESS, married Zora Maud CLENDENNING, 39, telephone operator, Ontario, Stouffville, d/o Darius CLENDENNING, b. Ont & Susan REESOR, witn: Harvey CLENDENNING of Stouffville & Mary M. RAE of 87 Castlefield Ave., 1 June 1926 at Stouffville
49083-26 Frederick Charles RALPH, 21, machine operator, Ontario, Poplar Ave in Islington, s/o William RALPH, b. England & Harriet ROWLAND, married Isabella Maggie FINDLAY, 20 b. 18 April 1905), operator, Aberdeen Scotland, 11 Ravenel? Ave in Toronto, d/o John FINDLAY, b. Scotland & Barbara KESSON (married 1 Feb 1895 at St. Nicholas), witn: Edith & Edward Stanley STONE of Mount Dennis, 3 Feb 1926 at Islington 49084-26 Frank Cornell RAMER, 24, mechanic, Markham, same, s/o Freeman RAMER, b. Markham & Sarah M. CORNELL, married Marjory Dorothy CLARK, 20, Markham, same, d/o Sylvanus E. CLARK, b. Markham & Mina GOWLAND, witn: Gordon & Mrs. Gordon ROBERTS of 75 Chisholm Ave., 24 Nov 1926 at Stouffville
49085-26 Roy Leslie RANDALL, 25, mechanic, Ontario, Scarboro Junction, s/o Louis G. RANDALL, b. England & Fannie OLTON (Alton?), married Edith Florence Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 20, Ontario, Scarboro Junction, d/o Edward Wallace ARMSTRONG, b. Ont & Elizabeth Ida MOFFATT, witn: Leonard G. RANDALL of Brampton & Annie Alice ARMSTRONG of Scarboro Junction 25 Nov 1926 at Christ Church, Scarboro twp 49086-26 Clifford Milton RAYMER, 22, thresher, Ontario, Markham, s/o Menno RAYMER, b. Ont & Katherine FARLEY, married Cora Cathleta McGillivray PATERSON, 21, domestic, Ontario, Markham, d/o Malcolm McGillivray PATERSON, b. Ont & Annie Cathleta WRIGHT, witn: Garnet Bruce RAYMER of Markham & Margaret Joan Etta PATERSON of Milliken, 24 Nov 1926 at Markham twp
49087-26 Robert Alexander REDDING, 21, booker, Ontario, 63 Robert St. in Mimico, s/o William Allen REDDING, b. England & Lillian Rebecca LAYTON, married Anna MORGAN, 18, binder, Scotland, Teak Ave in Long Branch, d/o James MORGAN, b. Ireland & Mary ELLIOTT, witn: James & Mrs. Mary MORGAN of Teak Ave., 6 Nov 1926 at Long Branch 49088-26 George Edward REES, 29, manufacturer's agent, Ontario, 9 Rowland Ave in Toronto, s/o Edward REES, b. Ont & Georgina LOUGHEED, married Olive Adele ADAMSON, 29, clerk, Ontario, Weston, d/o John B. ADAMSON, b. Ont & Susan McBRIDE, witn: Cecil FERGUSON of Bridgeburg & Rhea ADAMSON of Weston, 29 Dec 1926 at Swansea
49089-26 George Godfrey REEVES, 20, gardener, Ontario, Burnhamthorpe, s/o Frank F. REEVES, b. England & Catherine H. THOMPKINS, married Fannie Gladys Irene KENDALL, 19, Ontario, Burnhamthorpe, d/o Harry KENDALL, b. Ont & Gertrude DALTON, witn: F. REEVES & May KENDALL, both of RR1 Islington, 13 Feb 1926 at Mimico 49090-26 George Arthur Mitchell REILLY, 27, farmer, Innisfil twp., West Gwillimbury, s/o George REILLY, b. Ireland & Sarah Elizabeth FIELDS?, married Annie Fern BRECKON, 18, Keswick, West Gwillimbury, d/o James BRECKON, b. North Gwillimbury & Lucinda Maria MATTE, witn: Cyril M. ATKINSON of Newmarket & Mary REILLY of Bradford, 28 May 1926 at Newmarket

49091-26 Frank Ivan REVELEY, 29, merchant, New Toronto, 91 Lakeshore Road same, s/o William H. M. REVELEY (b. Ontario) & Annie POGUE, married Elizabeth DEAR, 25, operator, Mimico, 61 Allen Ave Mimico, d/o John DEAR (b. Ontario) & Margaret McGUIRE, witn: Irene DEAR of 61 Albert Ave Mimico & Wilfred YEREX of 119 Fifth St New Toronto on Aug. 25, 1926 at New Toronto.

49092-26 James RICHARDS, 26, farmer, Hanley twp. - Staffordshire England, Edgeley Vaughan twp., s/o Samuel RICHARD (b. England) & unknown (Barnardo Home Boy), married Lily HIRST, 21, Yorkshire England, Edgeley Vaughan twp., d/o no knowledge of parents was Barnardo Home Girl, witn: Clara? MAY of John St. Weston & Mrs. L. WITHERSPOON of Weston on Oct. 9, 1926 at Weston

49093-26 Franklin Clair RICHARDSON, 28, cartage agent, USA, 85 Yarmouth Road Toronto, s/o Willett RICHARDSON (b. Ontario) & Martha Jane LOUCKS, married Elva May WALKER, 27, stenographer, Ontario, 1159 Ossington Ave Toronto, d/o John Herbert WALKER (b. Ontario) & Edith May DONER, witn: John Henry CRAVEN of 49 Stacey St Toronto & Vera Josephine WALKER of R. R. 2 Weston on May 4, 1926 at Weston.

49094-26 Henry George RICHARDSON, 19, truck driver, Ontario, 21 Frankland Ave Toronto, s/o Stephen Ed RICHARDSON (b. England) & Elizabeth THORN, married Mabel Ellen TINDALE, 18, milliner, Ontario, 136 Brownville Ave Toronto, d/o Wilbert Ernest TINDALE (b. Ontario) & E. Maud MORRISON, witn: C. & Elizabeth BEDDOW both of 952 Greenwood Ave both of Toronto on Oct. 16, 1926 at York twp

49095-26 William Arthur RILEY, 26, labourer/mechanic, Cookstown, same, s/o Arthur William REILEY (sic) (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane FILDAY, married Keatha Harriet COLE, 23, Manitoulin Island, Cookstown, d/o Samuel COLE (b. England) & Nellie JENNINGS, witn: C. M. BLEWETT of Aurora & E. MEIGHRAN of Toronto on May 20, 1926 at Aurora

49096-26 Herman RITS, 46, salesman, widower, Russia, 1269a Bloor St West Toronto, s/o Isador RITS (b. Russia) & Mary ROGOVIN, married Minnie GOLDING, 35 (b. 10 Sept 1890), Cambridge England, 45 Spadina, d/o Arthur GOLDING (b. England) & Jane GOATES, witn: Mrs. Jessie Bell MASON of 45 Spadina Rd & George C. ROGERS of 27 Winchester St. both of Toronto on July 31, 1926 at St. Nicholas Rectory, Birch Cliff


49097-26 Alfred ROBERTS, 29, farm labourer, Toronto, Whitchurch, s/o William R. ROBERTS (b. Markham) & Elizabeth Jane SELLERS, married Annie Elizabeth GRAY, 17, Toronto, Whitchurch, d/o Frederick James GRAY (b. Toronto) & Maud Jane LOVELL, witn: William GARNESS of 11 New St. & Lucy M. HOWARD of 49 Bleeker St. both of Toronto on June 5, 1926 at Aurora

49098-26 Harvey John ROBERTSON, 23, auto mechanic, Alberta, Woodbridge, s/o James ROBERTSON (b. Ontario) & Bessie HARDWICK, married Saidy RUTLEDGE, 19, Ontario, Woodbridge, d/o Joseph RUTLEDGE (b. Ontario) & Lucy PALMER, witn: W. H. COWAN & Luella ROBERTSON both of Woodbridge on June 2, 1926 at Woodbridge.

49099-26 Robert ROBERTSON, 24, plumber, Scotland, New Toronto, s/o William ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth McDONALD, married Lillian Minnie CRONE, 18, biscuit factory, Toronto, New Toronto, d/o Frederick Albert CRONE (b. Toronto) & Elizabeth SHERIDAN, witn: Norman Cuthbert FENTON of 145 Barton Ave & Marjorie P. ROBINSON both of New Toronto on March 24, 1926 at New Toronto

49100-26 Arthur Reuben ROBINSON, 23, drug clerk, England, 584 Dundas St. East Toronto, s/o Charles ROBINSON (b. England) & Rosa BURTENSHAW (Berkinshaw?), married Florence May MATTHEWS, 18, Toronto, 7 Melville Ave same, d/o Henry MATTHEWS (b. England) & Fanny BIGGS, witn: Joseph BURTON of 1121 Broadview Ave Todmorden & Bertha HENRY of Guelph on April 3, 1926 at Todmorden. [divorced 9/7/53]

49101-26 William Silvester ROBINSON, 21, farmer, Ontario, Scarboro, s/o William ROBINSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth COLLIER, married Nettie BARBER, 19, winder, Ontario, Scarboro, d/o Solomon BARBER (b. Ontario) & Nellie RILEY, witn: M. E. DURNFORD & Marie ROBINSON both of West Hill on Oct. 22, 1926 at St. Margaret's Church West Hill.

49102-26 Walter Albert ROBSON, 22, yardman, Toronto, 58 Batavia Ave. York twp., s/o John ROBSON (b. England) & Charlotte LILEW, married Florence HETHERINGTON, 22, bookkeeper, Ireland, 100 MacDonnell Ave Toronto, d/o Alexander HETHERINGTON (b. Ireland) & Martha Eleanor FITZPATRICK, witn: Louis Alexander & Edna Emily JORDAN both of 70 Beechwood Ave Mount Dennis on Aug. 21, 1926 at 70 Beechwood Ave Mount Dennis York twp.

49103-26 John Clifford ROLLINSON, 22, machinist, Shelbourne, Toronto, s/o John Henry ROLLINSON (b. Birmingham England) & Mary J. McCLELLAND, married Annie Beatrice GARRETT, 19, operator, Port Blandford Newfoundland, Toronto, d/o William John GARRETT (b. Port Blandford Nfld) & Lily Maud WEYLAND, witn: Mrs. J. K. & Joseph King BELL both of 60 Mahoney Ave Mount Dennis on July 17, 1926 at Mimico

49104-26 William McGillivray ROSS, 26, driver, Scotland, 45 Dynevor Road Toronto, s/o James ROSS (b. Scotland) & Jannet McGILLIVRAY, married Edith Isabella GILLAM, 23, operator, Ontario, 57 Dynevor Road Toronto, d/o Frank Edward GILLAM (b. Ontario) & Dora Emily FISHER, witn: James ROSS of Preston & Dorothy GILLAM of 57 Dynevor Road both of Toronto on Oct. 30, 1926 at York twp.

49105-26 Andrew ROWAN, 24, bread salesman, Glasgow Scotland, York twp., s/o William ROWAN (b. Scotland) & Margaret REID, married Nellie Ida Leola MILLER, 20, candy packer, Stouffville York Co., York twp., d/o Job MILLER (b. Ontario) & Nellie SMITH, witn: Frank MILLER of 4659 Marlborough Detroit  & Martha LINDLEY of 459 Main St. Weston on April 3, 1926 at Mount Dennis

49106-26 William D. RUDD, 34, florist, England, Vaughan twp., s/o William RUDD (b. England) & mother unknown (sic), married Evelyn ANDERSON, 23, widow, England, Vaughan twp., d/o Herbert CLARKE (b. England) & Kate Edith TILSLEY, witn: J. H. T. SANDIE of 56 Murray St. Toronto & Ada WITNEY of Concord on Oct. 29, 1926 at Concord

49107-26 Charles Leslie RUMBALL, 26, student, Ontario, R. R. 2 Woodbridge, s/o W. Hughes RUMBALL (b. Ontario) & Adell Eliza MUNGER, married Bertha Adell PLUNKETT, 27, Ontario, R. R. 1 Woodbridge, d/o Samuel PLUNKETT (b. Ontario) & Martha TOPPER, witn: Rilla PLUNKETT of Woodbridge & Paul RUMBALL of Mimico Beach on June 15, 1926 at Woodbridge

49108-26 John Howard RUNYON, 24, rubber worker, Ontario, 2 West Lodge Ave Toronto, s/o Silvester RUNYON (b. Ontario) & Mulvany CONLIFF, married Ethel Annie REGAN, 19, England, Long Branch, d/o Richard S. REGAN (b. England) & Eliza SALVES, witn: Richard S. & Eliza REGAN both of Long Branch on Jan. 9, 1926 at Long Branch.

49109-26 Charles William RUSH, 29, electrician, London England, Mimico, s/o George RUSH (b. Thorne Kent England) & Elizabeth HALL, married Emily Irene ELAND, 29, Calverley Yorkshire England, Mimico, d/o Matthew ELAND (b. Morley Yorkshire England) & Emily HOPKINSON, witn: Shirley Edith WEBB of 69 Superior Ave & Matthew Herbert ELAND of 98 Superior Ave both of Mimico on June 26, 1926 at Mimico

49110-26 William George RUSSEL, 36, plumber, Scotland, 368 Victoria St Toronto, s/o John William RUSSEL (b. Scotland) & Flora LAVERTON, married Grace Annie CHRISTIAN, 30, England, 108 Park Rd Toronto, d/o John Coward CHRISTIAN (b. England) & Margarette LANCASTER, witn: John MacKay & Annie MacCALMAN both of 45 Eastwood Ave Birch Cliff on Aug. 28, 1926 at Birch Cliff

49111-26 Leslie James RUTHERFORD, 35, farmer, Fenelon twp., same, s/o Alex RUTHERFORD (b. Canada) & Hannah PARNELL, married Margaret Eva AGAR, 30, teacher, Vaughan, Nobleton, d/o Joseph AGAR (b. Canada) & Eliza KITSON, witn: Thomas K. AGAR of R. R. Kleinberg of Ida E. AGAR of Nobleton on Oct. 6, 1926 at Kleinberg

49112-26 John Wesley RYAN, 25, labourer, Georgina twp., Sutton, s/o John J. RYAN (b. Georgina twp.) & illegible, married Rosetta Charlotte BUCHNOR? (Beecham?), 18, England, Sutton, d/o Charles J. BUCHNOR (b. Essex England) & Charlotte M. DEEKS, witn: K. SPRACKMAN of Toronto & Stanley BUCHNOR of Sutton West on Aug. 31, 1926 at Sutton West.

049152/26 George Andrew St. DENIS, 30, steam fitter, Ontario, Detroit, s/o George St.DENIS (b. Ontario) & Sarah McMILLAN, married Lydia Pearl FORREST, 22, stenographer, Ontario, 19 ½ Osborne Ave. Toronto, d/o Donald Carmichael FORREST (b. Ontario) & Jenny CARMICHAEL, witn: Mrs. J.M. McCURLIE of 142 Dawes Rd. & Della M. MAGEE of 27 Eldon Ave., 24 December 1926, manse of Presbyterian Church, East York

49113-26 Robert SALMON, 22, farmer, London England, Vaughan, s/o John SALMON (b. England) & unknown MANSFIELD, married Winnifred Hazel LOUIS, 20, Glengarry Co., Vaughan twp., d/o James LOUIS (b. Oxford England) & Catharine Matilda WHISSEL, witn: May WOODWARD of 625 Pape Ave Toronto & Herbert VINCENT of Maple on March 10, 1925 at Maple

49114-26 Levi SANDERS, 50, section foreman, widower, Ontario, Oak Ridges, s/o Joseph SANDERS (b. Ontario) & Hannah SULLIVAN, married Annie HELLIKER, 47, widow, Wales, 55 Rockcliffe Blvd Mount Dennis, d/o Richard DAVIES (b. Wales) & Ann LEWIS, witn: Alice BAYNTON of 46 Rushbrooke Ave Toronto & Dora AUSTIN? of 118 Guestville Ave Mount Dennis on July 12, 1926 at Mount Dennis

49115-26 Edward SANDILAND, 25, sheet metal worker, England, Bridgeburg, s/o James SANDILAND (b. England) & Sarah Jane CLARKE, married Mary Donalda THOMPSON, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 225 Wallace Ave Toronto, d/o Albert Edward THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & illegible MULLINS, witn: Thomas W. H. & Alice E. WESTON both of 65 Beresford Ave Toronto on Dec. 25, 1926 at Village of Swansea

49116-26 Howard Gould SAVAGE, 26, clerk, Ontario, 163 Lisgar St. Toronto, s/o James SAVAGE (b. Canada) & Florence SHEPARD, married Margaret Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 21 (b. 11 June 1905), packer, Springfield Mass. USA, 56 Melbourne Ave Toronto, d/o William Henry ARMSTRONG (b. Ireland) Margaret SULLIVAN (b. Ireland), witn: Constance HUGHES of Main St. Mimico & Harry SABLE of 73 Claremont St. Toronto on Aug. 7, 1926 at Mimico

49117-26 Otto SCHOLTZ, 44, manufacturer, Dresden, Toronto, s/o Otto SCHOLTZ (b. Ontario) & Margaret MacNAIR, married Joyce ASHLEY, 21, sales clerk, London England, Toronto, d/o Alfred ASHLEY (b. England) & Mina NICKLE, witn: Stanley P. NICKLE & Mina A. ASHLEY of 2037 Yonge St both of Toronto on Oct. 2, 1926 at Weston.

49118-26 Andrew SCHRIEBER, 26, milk dealer, England, Malton, s/o Andrew SCHRIEBER (b. Germany) & Louisa WEILAND, married Desta Lurena CULHAM, 26, teacher, Ontario, Islington, d/o Edwin CULHAM (b. Ontario) & Sarah E. JACKSON, witn: Victor WINDELL of Malton & Elda CULHAM of London on Sept. 25, 1926 at Islington

49119-26 Albert William Blair SCOTT, 29, fitter, Scotland, 40 Homesdale Cresc Toronto, s/o Robert SCOTT (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth BLAIR, married Margaret LAWRANCE, 28 (b. 26 June 1898), weaver, Arbroath Scotland, 139 Franklin Ave Toronto, d/o William LAWRANCE (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann JACK (married 31 Dec 1897 at Arbroath), witn: John T. & Minna S. DEAN both of 40 Homesdale Cresc Toronto on Nov. 5, 1926 at York twp

49120-26 Harold Lockburn SCOTT, 32, radial conductor, Ontario, 17 Deloraine Toronto, s/o Alfred L. SCOTT (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth RAMSEY, married Isabel Pearl WRIGHT, 24, clerk, Ontario, York Mills, d/o George WRIGHT (b. England) & Emma LAUNDER, witn: Gordon L. WRIGHT of York Mills & V. Edith BRITTON of Toronto on Nov. 24, 1926 at St. John's Church York Mills

49121-26 John SCOTT, 20, shipping clerk, Ontario, 85 Cottingham St Toronto, s/o Robert SCOTT (b. Scotland) & Isabella MURRAY, married Agnes Esther HALL, 23, Ontario, 29 Farnham Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas Samuel HALL (b. Ontario) & Agnes Ann MORRSION, witn: John RETTIE of 36 Balfour Ave & Mrs. Isabella SCOTT of 85 Cottingham both of Toronto on Dec. 2, 1926 at York twp.

49122-26 Stanley Edward Frank SCOTT, 22, naval seaman, London England, Todmorden, s/o George William SCOTT & Allice Elizabeth HALL, married Dorothy Mary SHADBOLT, 19, England, Todmorden, d/o Jack SHADBOLT & Mary Ann ELLIS, witn: George Henry SCOTT of 228 Torrens Ave & Charles John SHADBOLT of 114 Barker Ave both of Toronto on June 30, 1926 at Todmorden

49123-26 Albert George SEAGER, 29, type setter, England, 75 Harvie Ave Toronto, s/o George Albert SEAGER (b. England) & Emma Loraley? BELL, married Florence Susan SPENCELEY, 25, England, 75 Harvie Ave Toronto, d/o John Walter SPENCELEY (b. England) & Susan Elizabeth CHIDDERTON, witn: Frank E. TURNER of 54 Nickel Ave Mount Dennis & Nellie J. HARRIS of 404 Nairn Ave of Toronto on June 25, 1926 at Fairbank

49124-26 Clifford SEATON, 21, clerk, Ontario, 19 Douglas Ave Humber Bay, s/o Thomas R. SEATON (b. Wales) & Evalina BUTTER, married Helen Veronica TAYLOR, 23, operator, England, 292 ½ Robert St. Toronto, d/o John David TAYLOR (b. England) & Ellen MORSE, witn: Leonard RUSSELL of Humber Bay & Violet TAYLOR of 60 Frizzell Ave Toronto on Sept. 25, 1926 at Humber Bay

49125-26 Cecil Joseph SECORD, 23, labourer, Ontario, Cedar Valley Whitchurch, s/o William SECORD (b. Canada) & Elizabeth ELLIS, married Ida May HALE, 19, Aurora, Cedar Valley Whitchurch, d/o Edward HALE (b. England) & Amy HOPPER, witn: T. HALE of Aurora & Beatrice GRAHAM of Mount Albert on Oct. 21, 1926 at Aurora.

49126-27 William SHAKESPEARE, 23, salesman, England, Long Branch, s/o Jesse SHAKESPEARE (b. England) & Ada HAIN, married Gladys THOMPKINS, 19, England, Long Branch, d/o Harry THOMPKINS (b. England) & Elizabeth SIMPSON, witn: Elizabeth BUCHANAN & Edward MAY both of Long Branch on Nov. 12, 1926 at Etobicoke twp

49127-26 Thomas Edward SHAPCOTT, 29, labourer, Ontario, Midland, s/o Thomas SHAPCOTT (b. Ontario) & Sarah Ann McCLURE, married Elsie Dora CLARK, 31, clerk, England, 7 Rectory Rd Weston, d/o Edward Ernest CLARK (b. England) & Mary BECK, witn: Harold MORTON of 66 Normanby Toronto & Susan CLARK of 7 Rectory Rd Weston on May 21, 1926 at St. John's Church Weston

49128-26 George SHARPEN, 22, machinist, Molesworth, Mimico, s/o James SHARPEN (b. Molesworth Ont.) & Jessie LEITCH, married Nellie LOCK, 22, shoe operator, London England, Mimico, d/o William LOCK (b. London England) & Helen O'BRIEN, witn: Eva SHARPEN & Clarence LEE both of Mimico on Nov. 17, 1926 at Mimico.

49130-26 Earl Douglas SHEPPARD, 21, shipper, Toronto, 52 Cairns Ave same, s/o George SHEPPARD (b. Quebec) & Annie McDONALD, married Winnifred Olive FAIRBRASS, 20, operator, England, 92 Aileen Ave Toronto, d/o William FAIRBRASS (b. England) & Ellen HOGBEN, witn: Garnet C. SHEPPARD of 126 Loughton Ave & Bessie FAIRBRASS of 92 Aileen Ave Silverthorne on June 5, 1926 at 92 Aileen Ave Silverthorne

49131-26 Arthur Raymond SHERK, 29, carpenter, Humberstone, Sherkston, s/o Alfred SHERK (b. Sherkston) & Georgia BAER, married Mabel Beatrice RAMER, 25, school teacher, Markham, Locust Hill, d/o Daniel RAMER (b. Markham) & Elizabeth NUTT, witn: Elizabeth WILKINSON of 50 Charles St. East Toronto & Garnet E. SHERK of Sherkston on Sept. 25, 1926 at Locust Hill

49132-26 Kirby Middleton SIBLEY, 23, farmer, East Gwillimbury twp., Whitchurch twp., s/o Jeremiah SIBLEY (b. Canada) & Emily Elizabeth SISLER, married Annie Mabel NEAL, 21, Port Perry, Whitchurch, d/o William NEAL (b. Canada) & Sarah J. THOMPSON, witn: M. L. WARREN & Jeremiah SIBLEY both of Stouffville on Sept. 15, 1926 at Stouffville

49133-26 Charles William SIMMONS, 23, coach painter, England, Todmorden, s/o Albert Archibald SIMMONS & Sarah Ann EDWARDS, married Rachel McNEILL, 21, operator, Ireland, Todmorden, d/o Dugald McNEILL & Catherine Jane RAMSEY, witn: Catherine Jane WALKER of 56 Gamble Ave & Albert Archibald SIMMONS of 45 Woodville Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 16, 1926 at Todmorden

49134-26 Leslie George William SLATER, 26, bookkeeper, England, 79 Cowan Ave Toronto, s/o George William SLATER (b. England) & Myra MILLS, married Mabel OTLEY, 21, Wales, 45 Cowan Ave Toronto, d/o Frederick OTLEY (b. England) & Fanny OWENS, witn: S. J. SLATER of 29 Cowan Ave & Emily THOMPSON of 552 Marion St both of Toronto on July 31, 1926 at Mount Dennis

49135-26 Robert SLOAN, 32, farmer, Vaughan twp., same, s/o James SLOAN (b. Canada) & Louisa BOLTON, married Mary Alma KERR, 32, King twp., Vaughan twp., d/o William KERR (b. Canada) & Sarah STOCKS, witn: William & Ada SLOAN both of R. R. Kleinberg on April 7, 1926 at Vaughan twp

49136-26 Robert Craig SMEATON, 31, apiarist, Inglewood, same, s/o William SMEATON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth McDONALD, married Mae-Belle Marguerite GRAHAM, 24, typist, Wapello Saskatchewan, Inglewood, d/o Fred GRAHAM (b. Inglewood) & Mary STEWART, witn: Freda N. FETTERLY 159 King St. & Isabella M. CHEYNE of 160 King St both of Weston on June 19, 1926 at Weston

049137/26 Alfred Gee SMITH, 27, farmer, Ontario, Unionville, s/o Charles Edward SMITH (b. Ontario) & Annie GEE, married Charlotte Grace DUNCAN, 27, house keeper, Ontario, Unionville, d/o Alexander DUNCAN (b. Ontario) & Marietta LUNAU, witn: Archie DUNCAN & Annie R. GRAY both of R.R. #1 Unionville, 24 November 1926, Markham Twp.

049139/26 Charles William SMITH, 67, widower, farmer, Laceby England, East Gwillimbury Twp., s/o William SMITH (b. Lincolnshire England) & Susanna ROBERTSON, married Lavina SMITH, 62, widow, housekeeper, Scott Twp., Newmarket, d/o David HARRISON (b. Holland England) & Sarah Ann GIBSON, witn: Horace John SMITH of Thornhill & Eva FAGAN of Newmarket, 8 November 1926, Newmarket

049141/26 Frederick Robert SMITH, 26, dentist, Ontario, Kerrobert Saskatchewan, s/o William SMITH (b. Ontario) & Florence W. ADAMS, married Mildred Eula THOMPSON, 22, stenographer, Ontario, Lloydtown, d/o John THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & May BOND, witn: Dora CARTER of Toronto & Gordon KING of Woodstock, 4 September 1926, St. Mary M. Church Schomberg

049138/26 Arthur SMITH, 22, labourer, Norfolk England, King Twp., s/o Samuel SMITH (b. England) & unknown, married Elizabeth BRILLINGER, 17, Whitchurch Twp., Vaughan Twp., d/o Herbert BRILLINGER (b. Canada?) & Adella LUNDY, witn: Mrs. H. BRILLINGER & Herbert BRILLINGER both of Vaughan Twp. Ont., 8 July 1926, Woodbridge

049140/26 Frank SMITH, 29, carpenter, England, 104 Runnymede Rd. Toronto, s/o Ernest E. SMITH (b. England) & Sarah J. SCOTT, married Winnifred Alice REED, 22, packer, England, 248 Sterling Rd., d/o Harry L. REED (b. England) & Elizabeth WAITE, witn: Henry CARLESS & L. Maud CARLESS both of 55 Beresford Ave. Swansea, 9 October 1926, Swansea

049142/26 Harold Ernest SMITH, 38, widower, merchant, Toronto., Holland Landing., s/o Frederick Robert SMITH (b. London England) & Augusta LEECH, married Jennie Elizabeth SMITH, 19, Twp. East Gwillimbury, Twp. East Gwillimbury, d/o George Cooper WEST (b. Temperanceville Ont.) & Jennie CULLING, witn: Sydney Reynolds GOODWIN of Swansea Landing & Laura Edna GOODWIN of Holland Landing, 4 June 1926, Roches Point

049143/26 Nelson Wellington SMITH, 29, Insurance Broker, Toronto., 18 Symons St. Mimico, s/o Nelson SMITH (b. Ontario) & Margaret CLARK, married Margaret Ross CLARK, 24, stenographer, Ontario, 99 Ninth St. New Toronto, d/o Peter Thornton CLARK (b. Ontario) & Margaret Isabel LAW, witn: George BASTEDO & Helen BASTEDO both of 99 9th St. New Toronto, 30 April 1926, Long Branch

049144/26 Ransom Frankland SMITH, 26, fireman C.N.R., Toronto, 18 Symons St. Mimico, s/o F. Nelson SMITH (b. Ontario) & Margaret CLARKE, married Grace Geraldine WOODS, 24, switchboard operator, Ontario, 64 Gloucester St. Toronto, d/o William WOODS (b. Ontario) & Selena LA CHAPPELLE, witn: W.O. SMITH & Mary SMITH both of 22 Murrie St. Mimico, 17 July 1926, Mimico

049145/26 William Francis SMITH, 25, tool maker, England, 223 Lambton Ave. Mt. Dennis, s/o William Thomas SMITH (b. England) & Eliza CLARKE, married Doris SHUTTLEWORTH, 20, England, 223 Lambton Ave. Mt. Dennis, d/o Arthur SHUTTLEWORTH (b. England) & Amy TAYLOR, witn: Frederick F.S. POULTER & May POULTER both of 223 Lambton Ave. Mt. Dennis, 7 August 1926, Mt. Dennis

049146/26 John SNEDDON, 23, butcher, Scotland, 23 Bartonville Ave. Mt. Dennis, s/o Robert SNEDDON (b. Scotland) & Euphemia WILSON, married Laura Oxford CONNOR, 25, Toronto, 1201 Weston Rd. Mt. Dennis, d/o Michael CONNOR (b. Ontario) & Elore BELL, witn: Douglas CARLAW of 10 Lambton Ave. Mt. Dennis & Mae CONNOR of 1201 Weston Rd. Mt. Dennis, 28 June 1926, Mt. Dennis

049147/26 Cecil William SONE, 22, gas fitter, England, 127 Dynevor Rd. Fairbank, s/o William John SONE (b. England) & Harriet WOOD, married Phyllis THOMPSON, 19, biscuit packer, England, Roselawn Ave. Fairbank, d/o Matthew Bambe? THOMPSON (b. England) & Annie SMITH, witn: Henry DOWNING & Elsie SHARPE both of Roselawn, 26 June 1926, Fairbank

049148/26 Edmond SOPER, 23, plumber, England, 1 Lester Ave. Fairbank, s/o George Henry SOPER (b. England) & Elizabeth HALL, married Lilian PROCTOR, 22, operator, B.T. Co., England, 175 Ennerdale Rd. Fairbank, d/o Parker PROCTOR (b. England) & Betsy BROGSDN, witn: J.H. WADDINGTON of 139 Caledonia Rd. & Ada RADCLIFE of 121 Cosburn Ave., 22 May 1926, Fairbank

049149/26 Alfred Eli SOUTHORN, 21, butcher, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Alfred George SOUTHORN (b. Ontario) & Amelia Maud SOUTHORN, married Grace Amelia PACK, 21, supervisor B.T. Co., England, 15 Victoria Blvd. Mt. Dennis, d/o James Henry PACK (b. England) & Lilian Kate BODIAM, witn: Lillian Alberta CRABBROOK? & A.R. GRAHAM both of 169 Delaware Ave. Toronto & Sydney PACK of 15 Victoria Ave. Mt. Dennis, 24 May 1926, Mt. Dennis

049150/26 Harry SOUTHWORTH, 22, labourer, England, 46 Lacey Ave. - West York twp., s/o Harry SOUTHWORTH (b. England) & Annie WILLIAMS, married Hilda BANKS, 19, chocolate moulder, England, 570 Harvie Ave. - York twp.., d/o William BANKS (b. England) & Margaret MILLER, witn: Robert SOUTHWORTH of 46 Lacey Ave. & Alice BANKS of 570 Harvie Ave., 5 June 1926, Calvary Church

049151/26 Lorne Victor STALEY, 25, farmer, Ontario, Bethesda, s/o George STALEY (b. Ontario) & Sarah POINTON, married Ethel Jane EADE, 19, Ontario, Gormley R.R., d/o John EADE (b. Ontario) & Jennifer WILTON, witn: L.M. WHITE & L. BOYSTON both of Aurora, 16 March 1926, Aurora


049153/26 Levi Harvey STECKLEY, 25, farmer, Whitchurch Twp., Whitchurch Twp., s/o Joseph STECKLEY (b. Whitchurch Twp.) & Leah HEISE, married Mabel Irene COBER, 23, at home, Markham Twp., Markham Twp., d/o Ben COBER (b. Pickering) & Mary Lavinia BRILLINGER, witn: John E. COBER of Gormley & Melba MARTIN of Clarence Center N.Y., 7 April 1926, Gormley

049154/26 Frank Wyatt STEPHENSON, 18, farmer, Ontario, Unionville R.R. 1, s/o Herbert STEPHENSON (b. Ontario) & Minnie SMITH, married Mary Helena GOWLAND, 18, Ont., Markham, d/o Fred GOWLAND (b. Ontario) & Christina THOMSON, witn: Grace GOWLAND of Markham Ont. & Aubrey STEPHENSON of Unionville, 2 April 1926, Markham

049155/26 Raymond Gordon STEPHENSON, 18, teamster, Toronto, Newmarket, s/o Raymond STEPHENSON (b. Aurora Ont.) & Euphemia McDONALD, married Dorothy Geraldine MacMAIN, 20, assistant postmaster, King Twp., King Twp., d/o Albert MacMAIN (b. York Co. Ont.) & Mary Jane CROSS, witn: C.M. OGILVEY & Pearl OGILVEY both of Toronto, 9 January 1926, Aurora

049156/26 Edward Robert STEVENS, 23, musician, England, 615 Harvie Ave., s/o Edward STEVENS (b. England) & Annette RUSSELL, married Annie Lilian JONES, 24, England, 219 Nairn Ave. Toronto, d/o George JONES (b. England) & Charlotte JONES, witn: Robert F. TAIT of 93 Earlsdale Ave. & Elsie VERNON of 29 Metcalfe St., 24 April 1926, Nairn Ave., York twp

049157/26 Theodore STEVENSON, 20, farmer, Scott Twp., Scott Twp., s/o John STEVENSON (b. Scotland) & Lucy PERRAULT, married Pearl FLETCHER, 16, Scott Twp., Scott Twp., d/o Burton FLETCHER (b. Canada) & A. MITCHELL, witn: R. M. FLETCHER & Ernest FLETCHER both of Mount Albert, 13 February 1926, Sutton West

049158/26 Daniel Logan STEWART, 33, physician, Ontario, Thamesville, s/o Samuel STEWART (b. Ireland) & Margaret E. McFARLANE, married Caroline WESLEY, 24, school teacher, Ontario, 98 St. George St. Toronto, d/o John R. WESLEY (b. Ontario) & Maud TRENT, witn: John J. STEWART of 71 Indian Grove Toronto & Caroline WESLEY of Newmarket Ont., 24 July 1926, Newmarket

049159/26 George STEWART, 27, carpenter, Scotland, 51 Doncaster Ave. Toronto, s/o Robert STEWART (b. Scotland) & Agnes LOTHIAN, married Elizabeth BEVAN, 32, nurse, England, 51 Doncaster Ave. Toronto, d/o James BEVAN (b. England) & Elizabeth BELL, witn: Grace ROBERTSON & J.C. ROBERTSON both of 51 Doncaster Ave., 24 December 1926, manse of Presbyterian Church 142 Dawes Rd. East York

049160/26 Frank Switzer STICKLAND, 22, labourer, Sutton West Ont., Newmarket Ont., s/o Joseph STICKLAND (b. East Gwillimbury) & Hannah SWITZER, married Edith Jane FOSTER, 16, domestic, Holland Landing, Holland Landing, d/o Alexander FOSTER (b. East Gwillimbury) & Hester HODGES? witn: William FOSTER & Margaret STICKLAND both of Holland Landing, 19 November 1926, Newmarket

049161/26 Harold James STONEHOUSE, 24, barber, Ontario, Weston R.R.1, s/o Edward H. STONEHOUSE (b. Ontario) & Frances PEACOCK, married Sarah Luella WARDLAW, 24, Ontario, Weston R.R.3., d/o William WARDLAW (b. Ontario) & Mary PEARSON, witn: Erson C. WARDLAW of R.R3 Weston & Marguerite PEACOCK of Weston, 20 March 1926, Weston R.R. 3

049162/26 Milton Tuer STONG, 26, accountant, Ontario, Lansing Ont., s/o Milton STONG (b. Ontario) & Marion W. SMITH, married Olive Maud BLAKEMAN, 20, stenographer, Toronto, Lansing Ont., d/o Arthur W. BLAKEMAN (b. Ontario) & Margaret M. VENNING, witn: Arthur H. BLAKEMAN & Elma STONG both of Lansing, 12 June 1926, Lansing

049163/26 Alfred Frederick STRAND, 42, widower, engineer, England, 24 Goldwyn Ave. Mount Dennis, s/o Henry STRAND (b. England) & Fanny HOLLAWAY, married Agnes BOOKER, 36, widow, domestic, Philadelphia U.S.A., 24 Goldwyn Ave. Mount Dennis, d/o John Henry BOOKER (b. Ireland) & Annie Elizabeth WAGSTAFF, witn: Jean Gordon FORBES & G.E. Gordon FORBES both of Weston, 1 November 1926, Weston

049164/26 Meredith Blair STRAPP, 27, electrician, Howick Natal South Africa, Weston, s/o William Alfred STRAPP (b. England) & Jane LAW, married Alexandra Lilian Deeks SENDAMORE, 25, Dalwich Co. London England, Weston, d/o George Washington SENDAMORE (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann DEEKS, witn: Minnie? & Stanley SENDAMORE of 9 Coulter Ave. Weston, 30 October 1926, Town of Weston

049165/26 Allan Lewis SUTCLIFFE, 30, bank clerk, Toronto, Kincardine, s/o Joseph Edmund SUTCLIFFE (b. Ontario) & Sarah Louise BUTLER, married Georgia Leslie COULTER, 29, clerk, Ontario, 348 Main St. Weston, d/o George COULTER (b. Ontario) & Amelia Mary NOTLEY (Holley?), witn: Marie A. COULTER of 348 Main St. Weston & J. BUCHANAN of Kitchener, 7 September 1926, St. John's Church Weston

049166/26 Gordon Earl SUTHERLAND, 27, Life Ins. Salesman, Gabraouse N.S , Toronto, s/o Enoch SUTHERLAND (b. Canada) & Mariah ARMSTRONG, married Hazel Mary BAKER, 20, clerk, Detroit, Toronto, d/o William BAKER (b. England) & Lynda SMITH, witn: J.E. DALY of 36 Allan Ave. & Olive G. BAKER of 1449 Gerrard St. E., 22 May 1926, York Mills

049167/26 Arthur William TARRANT, 27, linotype operator, England, 257 Ossington Ave. Toronto, s/o Arthur Charles TARRANT (b. England) & Sarah Jane GARMAN (Gammon?), married Bertha Eliza BADGER, 22, Ontario, King Ont., d/o William BADGER (b. Ontario) & Annie KEFFER, witn: Arthur McKITTERICK of  Uxbridge Ave. in Toronto & Cecil J. TARRANT of 297 Ossington Ave. Toronto, 17 July 1926, King City

049168/26 George Thomas TAYLES, 26, driver, Etobicoke Twp., Woodbridge, s/o Thomas TAYLES (b. Etobicoke) & Minnie CASTATOR, married Ethel Irene McMAHON, 19, King Twp., Toronto, d/o Chas. McMAHON (b. Maple) & Matilda ESBEE, witn: Minnie Olive TAYLES of Weston R.R. #2 & Roscoe CASTATOR of Woodbridge RR#2, 29 September 1926, Twp. York

049171/26 William Adam Everett TAYLOR, 26, farmer, Georgina Twp., Georgina Twp., s/o William TAYLOR (b. Baldwin) & Rose E. MUMBERSON, married Vida Viola ANDERSON, 21, Mount Albert Ont., Georgina Twp., d/o Walter ANDERSON (b. Michigan U.S.A.) & Elizabeth WOODCOCK, witn: Clayton CRYDERMAN & Irene M. TAYLOR both of Baldwin Ont., 27 October 1926, Sutton West

049169/26 Andrew Copeland TAYLOR, 26, doctor, India, Detroit, s/o John Thompson TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Harriet COPELAND, married Marion Letitia Ferrier GAULD, 24, clerk, Mimico, Detroit, d/o George Robert GAULD (b. Ontario) & Janet Rosine McCOLL, witn: Janet Katherine GAULD of Mimico & Walter J.K. CLOTHIER of 520 Bay St. Ottawa, 31 August 1926, Mimico

049170/26 Wilfred James TAYLOR, 29, undertaker, Sutton West, Richmond Hill, s/o James Alfred TAYLOR (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Mary PARKS, married Mary Elizabeth PRICE, 30, at home, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Frederick William PRICE (b. Ireland) & Lilian Belle CONLEY, witn: Fern TAYLOR & Henry TAYLOR both of Sutton West., 4 July 1926, Sutton West

049172/26 John Edgar TEETZEL, 33, druggist, Ontario, 132 Erskine Ave. Toronto, s/o Roland Bruce TEETZEL (b. Ontario) & Christina McINTYRE, married Mary Louise HARDING, 26, Ontario, Richmond Hill Ontario, d/o George HARDING (b. Ontario) & Agnes McLEAN, witn: Mrs. Almer HARDING & Lillian HARDING both of Richmond Hill, 6 November 1926, Richmond Hill

049173/26 William Henry TEMPLEMAN, 29, sheet metal worker, England, 22 Mahoney Ave. Mt. Dennis, s/o Frederick John TEMPLEMAN (b. England) & Jennie HUMPHREY, married Annie Winnifred CRANE, 22, secretary, England, 20 Mahoney Ave. Mt. Dennis, d/o Walter Heaton CRANE (b. England) & Nellie LINFOOT, witn: Marie CRANE & Nellie CRANE both of 20 Mahoney Ave. Mt. Dennis, 4 December 1926, Twp. York

049174/26 Henry Keith THOMAS, 24, farmer, Maple, Maple, s/o Henry THOMAS (b. England) & Sarah Elizabeth KEITH, married Dorothy Irene WATSON, 24, stenographer, Maple, Maple, d/o William Thomas WATSON (b. Ontario) & Annie CROOK, witn: Marjorie L. WATSON of Maple & Roy H. BARKER of Weston, 28 October 1926, Maple

049176/26 William Duncan THOMAS, 21, milk driver, Woodchurch Twp. Ont., Port Credit, s/o Walter THOMAS (b. England) & Sarah CARMICHAEL, married Emily Mary MORBY, 19, clerk, Amaranth Twp., Port Credit, d/o George MORBY (b. England) & Mary STODDARD, witn: Mrs. H.E. FRANKISH & H.E. FRANKISH both of New Toronto, 23 December 1926, New Toronto

049175/26 Arthur Russell THOMSON, 37, widower, butcher, Markham Twp., Markham Ont., d/o George THOMSON (b. Ontario) & Mary MILROY, married Fanny Eliza HENLEY, 20, housewife, Markham Twp., Markham Ont., d/o George HENLEY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth WESTLAND, witn: Jennie HENLEY of Markham & Arthur MUNRO of 46 Harcourt Ave. Toronto, 16 June 1926, Markham

049177/26 Edward Truby THOMSON, 62, widower, cutter, England, 62 Blackthorn Ave. Toronto, s/o John Charles THOMSON (b. England) & Maria BAKER, married Kate SULEY, 56, England, 533 Roxton Rd., d/o George SULEY (b. England) & Irene BAXTER, witn: Dorothy Alice THOMSON & Alfred C. THOMSON both of 100 Somerset Ave. Toronto, 21 August 1926, Mimico

049178/26 Walter Lewis Alonzo THORN, 21, labourer, Essex Co., Stouffville, s/o Arthur James Charles THORN (b. Burgessville Ont.) & Mary Elizabeth BRIGGS, married Violet Nancy PHILLIPS, 16, Whitchurch Twp., Stouffville, d/o John Edward PHILLIPS (b. Weston Ont.) & Mary MILES, witn: Eddy Charles THORN & Helen Alberta THORN both of Stouffville, 2 March 1926, Stouffville

049179/26 Sidney TIMMINGS, 23, laborer, England, New Toronto, s/o Joseph TIMMINGS (b. England) & Jane DOBSON, married Irene Maud HARVEY, 19, England, New Toronto, d/o Henry George HARVEY (b. England) & Alice Maud BRICKNELL, witn: J. TIMMINGS & Lillian TIMMINGS both of New Toronto, 4 September 1926, New Toronto

049180/26 Robert Wallace UMPHREY, 25, school teacher, Georgina Twp., Hornepayne, s/o James N. UMPHREY (b. Georgina Twp.) & Mable R. BROWN, married Mae Annie CORNER, 18, domestic, Pefferlaw, Pefferlaw, d/o Wilson W. CORNER (b. Georgina Twp.) & Margaret THAYER, witn: W.M. HARVEY & Iva HARVEY both of Udora, 6 October 1926, Sutton West

049181/26 Eugene Von Holt UNDERHILL, 29, dentist, Ontario, Aurora, s/o John H. UNDERHILL (b. Canada) & Mary Ellen COOPER, married Elma Margaret NAYLOR, 25, Ontario, Aurora, d/o Charles NAYLOR (b. Canada) & Sarah MARSHALL, witn: Frederick M. UNDERHILL of Erie Pa. & Grace L. WILSON of Toronto, 21 September 1926, Aurora

049182/26 Joseph William USHER, 21, farmer, Ontario, Weston R.R.2., s/o George USHER (b. Ontario) & Sarah SCOTT, married Rubey Marion PEELAR, 20, Ontario, Weston R.R.2., d/o Frederick PEELAR (b. Ontario) & Annie BETTERIDGE, witn: Frederick USHER & Ethel PEELAR both of Weston R.R. #2 Ont., 15 January 1926, Woodbridge


049183/26 Ross Stanley VAGUE, 31, farmer, Uxbridge Twp., Whitchurch Twp., s/o Thomas VAGUE (b. England) & Catherine SKINNER, married Alma Rachel BROWNSBERGER, 25, Markham Twp., Whitchurch Twp., d/o Henry BROWNSBERGER (b. Canada) & Hattie Eliza BROWN, witn: Walter Thomas VAGUE & Ida Fanny BROWNSBERGER both of Ringwood, 28 April 1926, Stouffville

049184/26 James Edward VIDAL, 23, farmer, Parish of Westmoreland - British West Indies, Clinton Twp., s/o C. Henry VIDAL (b. British West Indies) & Elizabeth SPRATT, married Ruby Ila BEARSS, 18, Clinton Twp., Clinton Twp., d/o Warren BEARSS (b. Port Colborne Ont.) & Ethel PYSHER, witn: Emily GREENSLADE of New Toronto & Mabel E. DURSTAR of Long Branch, 20 November 1926, Etobicoke Twp.

049185/26 (York Co) Horace Edgar WADE, 21, clerk, England, Roseview Ave. Richmond Hill., s/o Arthur WADE (b. England) & Elizabeth SELLARS, married Edna Luella LOWERY, 20, clerk, Ont., Richmond St. Richmond Hill, d/o William James LOWERY (b. Ontario) & Annie DAVIDSON, witn: Reba I. LOWERY of 22 Hillsdale Ave. E. Toronto & W.S. Roy TAPT? of 256 Merton St. Toronto, 24 August 1926, Richmond Hill 049186/26 (York Co) Vincent Earl WAGG, 32, farmer, Ontario, Stouffville Ont., s/o James WAGG (b. Ontario) & Rachel STAFFORD, married Viola STAPLETON, 22, Ontario, Stouffville Ont., d/o David STAPLETON (b. Ontario) & Mary Eliza PAISLEY, witn: David STAPLETON & Mary E. STAPLETON both of Stouffville, 9 June 1926, Stouffville
049187/26 (York Co) William Alexander WALKER, 22, tannery tacker, Toronto Ont., Teston Ont., s/o William WALKER (b. Ontario) & Harriett GRAY, married Florence Edith ARMSTRONG, 20, housekeeper, Ont., Woodbridge Ont., d/o Walter ARMSTRONG (b. Ontario) & Ellen Maud FULTON, witn: Otler WALKER of Teston & Lillian ARMSTRONG of Woodbridge, 17 April 1926, Woodbridge 049188/26 (York Co) William Edward WALKER, 24, farmer, Artemesia Twp., Artemesia Twp., s/o William H. WALKER & Kathleen Louise ARMSTRONG, married Leila Mae WARLING, 25, Toronto., Toronto, d/o John MARLING (sic) (b. Ireland) & Sarah Jane WARLING, witn: Mr. R. HEMPHILL & Miss. L.M. HEMPHILL both of Ceylon Ontario, 6 January 1926, 1162 Eglinton Ave. Fairbank
049189/26 (York Co) Samuel WARREN, 49, widower, laborer, Bristol England, Aurora Ont., s/o Thomas WARREN (b. Bristol England) & Isobel STEPHENS, married Bertha SANFORD, 42, widow, Aurora Ont., Aurora Ont., d/o Louis RHENHART (b. Pennsylvania U.S.A.) & Susan McLEOD, witn: Herbert HAIGHT & Mary S. HAIGHT both of Aurora, 10 September 1926, Aurora 049190/26 (York Co) James Basil WATERS, 29, pressman, Toronto, Newmarket, s/o James WATERS & Hannah LARRELL, married Ida May WEST, 27, bookkeeper, Mattawa, Newmarket, d/o Sherman WEST & Annie DASHVEAN (Dashneau?), witn: Vincent WATERS & Mrs. Vincent WATERS both of 484 Danforth Ave. Toronto, 22 November 1926, Newmarket
049191/26 (York Co) George Arthur WATSON, 28, mechanic, Ontario, Port Credit, s/o Ernie Arthur WATSON (b. England) & Annie Catharine SHEAR, married Hazel May PERRY, 18, Ontario, Port Credit, d/o Jeremiah TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Sarah Elida BROWN, witn: Norma I. CHARTERS & Joseph NATRESS, both of Long Branch, 18 December 1926, Etobicoke Twp. 049192/26 (York Co) Lorne Irville WATSON, 21, farmer, Ontario, Caesarea Ontario, s/o John WATSON Jr. (b. Ontario) & Annie May POLLON, married Ruth Winifred GRIMBLY, 20, saleslady, England, 38 Rose Park Drive Ont., d/o Harry Arthur Owen GRIMBLY (b. England) & Ethel Gertrude WINTER, witn: G. GRIMBLY of 439 Sherbourne St. Toronto & H.A.O. GRIMBLY of 4 Freeman St. Birchcliff, 11 September 1926, St. Nicholas Church Birchcliff [divorced 21/3/55]
049193/26 (York Co) William WEATHERSTONE, 24, chauffeur, Scotland, 23 Victoria Blvd. Mt. Dennis., s/o William WEATHERSTONE (b. Scotland) & Isabel SIMPSON, married Evelyn THOMPSON, 25, sales clerk, Ontario, 256 Bellwoods Ave. Toronto., d/o James THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Annie BURNS, witn: Ruth GOWANS of 2565 Eglinton Ave. Mt. Dennis & Grace GAMMON of 2578 Eglinton Ave. Mt. Dennis, 22 February 1926, Mount Dennis 049194/26 (York Co) Reginald WEAVER, 24, driver, England, Cafe Dairy Centre Island Toronto Ont., s/o Oscar WEAVER (b. England) & Emma HEWLETT, married Catherine Howat KELLY, 21, Scotland, 78 Tamarac Ave. Long Branch Ont., d/o Michael KELLY (b. Scotland) & Mary HOWAT, witn: Arthur F. WEAVER of 426 Wellesley St. Toronto, Elsie JOHNSON of 78 Tamarac Ave. Long Branch, 10 July 1926, Long Branch
049195/26 (York Co) William John WEECH, 29, machine hand, Wales, Mimico, s/o Frank WEECH (b. England) & Jane THOMAS, married Mary NOAH, 23, clerk, Ontario, Mimico, d/o Edmund NOAH (b. England) & Emma GERMAN, witn: Harold SHAW of 106 Seventh St. New Toronto & Jessie WEECH of Islington Ont., 10 February 1926, Mimico 049196/26 (York Co) James Gordon WETHERAL, 24, banker, Brock Twp., Richmond Hill, s/o John WETHERAL (b. Ontario) & Annie ROSS, married Elma Victoria CURTIS, 28, at home, Uxbridge Twp., Uxbridge Twp., d/o Robert CURTIS (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane ALLIN, witn: Mary Aileen CURTIS of Stouffville & William Donald WETHERAL of Cannington, 3 April 1926, Stouffville
049197/26 (York Co) Thomas WHALLEY, 44, widower, laborer, England, Scarboro, s/o John WHALLEY (b. Preston Lancs.) & Jane BARROW, married Margaret Ann SEED, 34, housekeeper, England, Scarboro, d/o James SEED (b. Blackburn Lancs.) & Eleanor BARNES, witn: Mrs. Eleanor BRANTON of Ford Ont. & John SEED of 61 Colson Ave. Toronto, 16 September 1926, St. Nicholas Church Birchcliff 049198/26 (York Co) Harold Gladstone WHITFIELD, 28, student, Peterborough Ont., Toronto, s/o Wesley WHITFIELD (b. Peterborough Co) & Jane CHAMBERS, married Eva Irene SANDERSON, 29, book keeper, Essex Ont., Toronto, d/o David SANDERSON (b. Peterborough Co) & Isabel TUCKER, witn: E. GREEN & Jean B. FOSTER both of Long Branch, 28 November 1926, Long Branch
049199/26 (York Co) Gilbert Simpson WHITNEY, 38, Civil Servant, Willesden London England, St. Catherines Ont., s/o William John WHITNEY (b. England) & Annie Alger COOMBS, married Marjorie Ratcliff HEELEY, 35, Industrial Nurse, Sheffield Yorkshire England, St. Catherines, d/o Charles Ratcliff HEELEY (b. England) & Edith Annie TURNER, witn: Beryl STUDDY & E.H. HEELEY both of Richmond Hill Ont., 8 December 1926, Georgina Twp. 049200/26 (York Co) Thomas William WILKINSON, 26, farmer, Ontario, York Mills Ont., s/o Edward D. WILKINSON (b. England) & Mary Ann PADGET, married Joan Dymock BROWNE, 25, Scotland, Thornhill Ont., d/o Peter C. BROWNE (b. Scotland) & Maria DYMOCK, witn: W.G.H. LOGIE of Toronto & Maria BROWNE of Thornhill Ont., 7 October 1926, St. John's Church York Mills
049202/26 (York Co) Bertram James WILLIAMS, 28, farmer, York Twp., Twp. Markham, s/o Arthur James WILLIAMS & Jessie GERRIE, married Dorothy Louise MARSHMAN, 17, Pickering Twp., Markham Twp., d/o Frederic Harry MARSHMAN & Edith Louisa ROPER, witn: Clifton WOODCOCK & Ella WOODCOCK both of Claremont Ont. R.R 3, 24 February 1926, Stouffville 049203/26 (York Co) Hintz Charles WILLIAMS, 35, mechanic, Colborne Ont., Grafton, s/o Alfred WILLIAMS (b. Ontario) & Maria PALEN, married Laura PHILLIPS, 24, Swansea Wales, Toronto, d/o Morgan PHILLIPS (b. Wales) & Martha LEWIS, witn: Jos. WRIGHT & Constance WRIGHT both of Grand Ave. Mimico, 24 July 1926 at Mimico
049201/26 (York Co) Arthur Reginald WILLIAMS, 27, salesman, Toronto Ont., 950 Bloor St. W. Toronto, s/o Charles Arthur WILLIAMS (b. England) & Mary LOACH, married Neva Lenore KNIGHT, 20, secretary, Washington D.C. U.S.A., 1288 King St. W. Toronto, d/o Thomas KNIGHT (b. Ontario) & Mabel TILLEY, witn: Clifford REILLY of 950 Bloor St. W. & Grace Irene REILY of 141 Roselawn Ave., 23 September 1926, St. Andrews Church Todmorden 049204/26 (York Co) Norman WILLIAMS, 29, farmer, Thornhill Ont. Markham Twp., Vaughan Twp., s/o Richard WILLIAMS (b. Wales G.B.) & Annie EVANS, married Laura Ethel MILLER, 30, lady, Concord Ont. Vaughan Twp., Vaughan Twp., d/o Marshall MILLER (b. Canada) & Jane COMBS, witn: Ellenor DAVIES & J.A. DAVIES both of Woodbridge, 8 December 1926, Woodbridge
049205/26 (York Co) Lyman Mertin WILLIAMSON, 23, milkman, Duluth Minnesota, Newmarket Ont., s/o John WILLIAMSON (b. Vandorf Ont.) & Sarah Annie PICKERING, married Emily Florence Irene HAINES, 22, Glenville Ont., Newmarket Ont., d/o William HAINES (b. England) & Emily Jane SABIN, witn: G.D. POLLAGI of Newmarket & D.V. EVANS of King Ont., 10 February 1926, Newmarket 049206/26 (York Co) Ernest George WILLIE, 28, grinder, Weston, Weston, s/o George WILLIE (b. Ont.) & Lena PHILLIPS, married Agnes PEARSON, 19, saleslady, Monteith Scotland, Weston, d/o David PEARSON (b. Scotland) & Mary STEWART, witn: Charles L. WACEY of 2886 John's Rd. Weston & Charles MAY of John St. Weston, 17 November 1926, Town of Weston
049207/26 (York Co) Fred Arthur WILLINGHAM, 21, bricklayer, England, 58 Malvern Ave. Toronto, s/o Fred WILLINGHAM (b. England) & Emily MASTIN, married Doris Lillian WATSON, 21, time keeper, England, 208 Alton Ave. Toronto, d/o Ernest WATSON (b. England) & Ellan SPONNER, witn: Henrietta GRIFFITH of 266 Willow Ave. Toronto & Elizabeth McILROY of 245 Wolverleigh Blvd. Toronto, 6 November 1926, Twp. East York 049208/26 (York Co) Cecil Edward WILSON, 23, owner of Simon Hotel, England, Temagami, s/o Herbert William WILSON & Sarah Jane GREGORY, married Doris SHEWARD, 22, clerk, Ontario, Weston Ont., d/o Joseph SHEWARD & Alice RICHARDS, witn: Mirney SHEWARD of 24 Dufferin St. Weston & Mr. Albert SHEWARD of 24 Cary St. Buffalo U.S.A., 27 October 1926, St. John's Church Weston
049209/26 (York Co) Horace Leslie Walker WILSON, 25, druggist, Ontario, Harding Ave. Weston Ont., s/o Robert F. WILSON (b. Ontario) & Effie H. WALKER, married Marjorie Louise Blanche ROBERTS, 23, stenographer, Toronto Ont., 249 Benson Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Frederick ROBERTS (b. Ontario) & Margaret J. EADIE, witn: S. Walker WILSON of Harding Ave. Weston & Margarita HOLDSWORTH of Fifth Ave. Weston, 1 June 1926, Weston 049210/26 (York Co) Lambert Dwight WILSON, 24, farmer, Aurora, Aurora, s/o Marshall WILSON (b. Canada) & Rebecca McKEE, married Laura Caroline COSFORD, 20, housewife, Aurora, Aurora, d/o Joseph COSFORD (b. Canada) & Caroline WALKER, witn: W.E. WILSON of Aurora & Dorothy FOX of Richmond Hill Ont., 14 July 1926, Aurora
049211/26 (York Co) Robert Pearson WILSON, 34, Real Estate Agent, Ontario, Brampton Ont., s/o Charles WILSON (b. England) & Isabella ANDESON, married Mabel EAGLE, 32, stenographer, Ontario, 58 Kingswood Rd. Toronto Ont., d/o Aaron EAGLE (b. Ontario) & Margaret KEITH, witn: John William PARKER of 328 Mutual St. Toronto & Marie? I. CHARLES of Long Branch, 19 March 1926, Long Branch 049212/26 (York Co) Samuel WILSON, 34, farmer, Ontario, Mono Rd. Ontario, s/o George WILSON (b. Ontario) & Harriet SPEERS, married Margaret STEELE, 35, widow, operator, Toronto Ont., Bolton Ont., d/o Jacob GOULD (b. Ontario) & Caroline WHITE, witn: Margarete Y. THOMSON of Harriston & Thomas DREWERY of Lemonville, 15 September 1926, Lemonville
049213/26 (York Co) James Pettigrew WOOD, 41, metal polisher, Ontario, 73 Church St. Weston Ontario, s/o Robert WOOD (b. Scotland) & Henrietta MELLACH (Mellick?), married Janet May McMULLEN, 37, widow, England, 121 Main St. Weston Ontario, d/o James WOOLLEY (b. England) & Mary GILLER, witn: Mrs. G.C. LAMONT of 3 Somerville Ave. Mt Dennis & Mrs. W. H. TURNER of Somerville Ave. Mt. Dennis, 1 December 1926, Mt. Dennis 049214/26 (York Co) Gerald Douglas WOODROW, 29, chauffeur mechanic, Ontario, 55 Dupont St. Toronto Ont., s/o Herman B. WOODROW (b. Ontario) & Florence DEMPSEY, married Vedia Gwendolyn DOAN, 27, Ontario, Newmarket Ont., d/o Calvin D. DOAN (b. Ontario) & Mary E. RILEY, witn: Bruce McColland GIBSON & Vivian Mae DOAN both of Newmarket, 26 June 1926, Newmarket
049215/26 (York Co) Arthur Francis WOODS, 21, tire? builder, England, New Toronto, s/o Francis WOODS (b. England) & Matilda OAKES, married Daisy Ellen COLLETT, 23 9/12, England, New Toronto, d/o William A. COLLETT (b. England) & Hannah BLAKE, witn: Constance Evelyn COLLETT of Long Branch & G.W. OAKES of New Toronto, 26 February 1926, Long Branch 049216/26 (York Co) Dick WOOLGAR, 21, truck driver, England, 1031 Gerrard St. E. Toronto, s/o Horace Edward WOOLGAR (b. England) & Eileen PAINE, married Candice Beatrice BARNES, 18, hair dresser, Toronto, 1031 Gerrard St. E. Toronto, d/o John BARNES (b. Ontario) & Flossie JAMISON, witn: Gordon Frederick BROWN of 577 Codrington Ave. & George STEPHEN of 174 Jameson Ave., 22 October 1926, Town of Todmorden
049217/26 (York Co) George Henry WRAY, 25, farmer, Tecumseth, Tecumseth, s/o William John WRAY (b. Peel Co. Ontario) & Eva Elizabeth ABERNETHY, married Charlotte Martin GIBSON, 23, house help, Toronto, Tecumseth, d/o Eli GIBSON (b. Peel Co. Ontario) & Charlotte MARTIN, witn: Harold GIBSON of Palgrave & Wilhelmina WRAY of Tottenham, 1 December 1926, Schomberg 049218/26 (York Co) John Walter WRAY, 25, farmer, Ontario, Thistletown Ont., s/o Martin WRAY (b. Ontario) & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Edna May LOVE, 26, Ontario, RR3 Weston, d/o David LOVE (b. Ontario) & Eleanor WESTLAKE, witn: Clarence H. LOVE of R.R. 4 Brampton Ont. & Myrtle WRAY of Thistletown, 13 March 1926, Highfield Twp. of Etobicoke
049219/26 (York Co) Edwin WRIGHT, 26, Canadian Kodak Co. Mt. Dennis, England, McDougall Ave. Weston, s/o Henry WRIGHT (b. England) & Mary ROBINSON, married Horie Savana FARRANCE, 21, film spooler, Toronto Ont., Maple Leaf Drive Weston Ont., d/o Charles FARRANCE (b. England) & Isabel PRINCE, witn: Doris Elfreda FARRANCE of Maple Leaf Drive Weston & Wilfred WRIGHT of McDougall Ave. Weston, 14 August 1926, St. John's Church Weston 049220/26 (York Co) Willmott Edgar WRIGHT, 24, farmer, Mara Twp., Mara Twp., s/o John Oliver WRIGHT (b. Ontario) & Sarah LUCAS, married Esther Anna JARVIS, 21, housewife, Locust Hill Co. York, Pickering Twp., d/o William Ross JARVIS (b. Ontario) & Mary Ellen SMITH, witn: Mrs. Anna ARMSTRONG & Mrs. W.R. AULD both of Markham Ont., 14 April 1926, Markham [divorced 15/12/50]
049221/26 (York Co) Herman Arlington WRIGHTMAN, 25, farmer, Ontario, RR2 Queensville, s/o William WRIGHTMAN (b. Ontario) & Margaret HARMAN, married Jennie Elizabeth GLOVER, 24, Ontario, RR2 Newmarket, d/o Thomas GLOVER (b. Ontario) & Mary FETHERSTON, witn: Ross WRIGHTMAN of Holt & Vera GLOOR, 26 June 1926, Newmarket 049222/26 (York Co) Peter Cockburn YOUNG, 28, leather worker, Scotland, 551 Greenwood Ave. Toronto, s/o Davie YOUNG (b. Scotland) & Jean COCKBURN, married Esther May KIRTON, 34, operator, Ontario, 1085 Bathurst St. Toronto, d/o Albert KIRTON (b. Ontario) & Adeline COOK, witn: Evelyn M. COOK of Woodbridge & Robert Edgar YOUNG of Toronto, 16 October 1926, Village of Woodbridge