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York Co., 1927, part 1

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24779-27 Benjamin ABRAM, 42, laborer, England, 403 Westmoreland Ave in Toronto, s/o Thomas ABRAM, b. England & Ruth GOOCH, married Mary Ann WILLINGHAM, 32, domestic, England, 6 Rowntree Ave in Toronto, d/o George WILLINGHAM, b. England & Elizabeth COPE, witn: Susan & Charles William CRIDDENTON of 64 Rowntree Ave., 28 May 1927 at York twp  
24780-27 William Roger ABREY, 26, salesman, England, 57 Pembroke St. in Toronto, s/o Arthur ABREY, b. England & Gertrude, married Margaret Stevenson WOOD, 23, chamber maid, Scotland, 556 Sherbourne St., d/o James M. GOOD, b. England & Margaret GRANT, witn: T.H. SIDEON? of 133 Brock Ave & Doris WILLIAMS of 371 Sackville St., 9 June 1927 at York twp 24781-27 Trueman Burtt ADAMS, 25, hotel clerk, New Brunswick, Finchs Corner, s/o Robert B. ADAMS, b. New Brunswick & Sarah McFARLANE, married Dora Cardwell DUNCAN, 24, packer, England, Finchs Corners, d/o Charles DUNCAN, b. England & "see birth certificate", witn: Reginald A. DENISON of Finchs Corners & William BROTHERTON of Willowdale, 1 June 1927 at Finchs Corner
24782-27 David Marshall AIKINS, 30, laborer, Nottawasega twp., East Gwillimbury twp., s/o David E. AIKINS, b. Quebec & Matilda McKINNY, married Elma Evelyn TATE, 21, Holland Landing, East Gwillimbury twp., d/o William TATE, b. East Gwillimbury & Almeda BAIN, witn: Laura J.W. MANN & Doris MARRITT, both of Keswick, 2 Nov 1927 at Keswick 24783-27 David Clifton AITKEN, 23, Ontario, Mt. Dennis, s/o John Cameron AITKEN & Nellie Elizabeth ROBERTSON, married Ruth Naomi TRICKNOR, 19, Ontario, 42 Holley Ave., d/o Charles Henry TRICKNOR & Mary Ann JACKSON, witn: Fred MANN? of 36 Shaftesbury Ave in Toronto & Violet TRICKNOR of Weston, 3 Sept 1927 at Weston
24784-27 Andrew AITKENHEAD, 29, cleaner, Scotland, 152 Mountjoy Ave., s/o Andrew AITKENHEAD, b. Scotland & Annie MORRISON, married Isabella Moles MARTIN, 27, clerk, Scotland, 152 Mountjoy, d/o William MARTIN, b. Scotland & Mary Morton MacFARLANE, witn: James BRUCE of 103 Berkmount in Toronto & Edna WILL of 10 Lipton Ave., 8 April 1927 at Scarboro twp 24785-27 Irwin Audrey ALCUMBRACK, 22, rubber worker, Bowmanville, New Toronto, s/o Philip ALCUMBRACK, b. Lakefield Ont & Minnie WILSON, married Mary WILLIAMSON, 18, book binder, England, New Toronto, d/o Samuel WILLIAMSON, b. England & Margaret WELDON, witn: Flora ALCUMBRACK & H. THOMAS, both of New Toronto, 29 Oct 1927 at New Toronto
24786-27 Edward William ALLARD, 24, teamster, England, 117 Heward Ave., s/o Arthur ALLARD, b. England & Emily WILSON, married Jessie COGHILL, 21, box maker, Scotland, 117 Heward Ave., d/o John Miller COGHILL, b. Scotland & Jessie CLARK, witn: Wilford SIMKIN of Scotland & Esther H. POTTER of 342 Spadina Rd in Toronto, 11 June 1927 at Scarboro twp 24787-27 Harry ALLISON, 22, landscape gardener, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Henry ALLISON, b. Ont & Jessie MURCH, married Marie Myrtle MacDONALD, 22, operator, Manitoba, Long Branch, d/o John MacDONALD, b. Scotland & Elizabeth ROCHON, witn: Tancride MacDONALD of Long Branch & Louise McCANN of New Toronto, 27 Sept 1927 at New Toronto
24788-27 Ernest Edmond ANDREWS, 24, farmer, East Gwillimbury twp., Newmarket, s/o Semore ANDREWS & Jane GILES, married Margaret Jane WILLIAMS, 24, East Gwillimbury twp., Sharon, d/o Edward WILLIAMS & Annie SMITH, witn: Ross WILLIAMS & Eleanor GUTHRIE, both of Toronto, 2 Nov 1927 at Newmarket 24789-27 William Goldwin ANDREWS, 21, fireman, East Gwillimbury twp., Newmarket, s/o Symore ANDREWS, b. East Gwillimbury & Hellen Jane GILES, married Mary Jean ALLAN, 22, St. Johns Newfoundland, Newmarket, d/o William ALLAN, b. East Gwillimbury & Mary YOUNG, witn: Earnest & Margaret ANDREWS of Sharon, 14 Dec 1927 at Newmarket
24790-27 Charles H. ANNABLE, 37, merchant, Salem Mass. US, Mimico, s/o Charles AMMABLE & Marcella O'CONNELL, married Mary FITZHENRY, 223, Toronto, Long Branch, d/o Thomas FITZHENRY & Emma HIFFIT, witn: Nathaniel Upton ANNABLE of Mimico & Kathleen Lauretta FITZHENRY of Long Branch Park, 21 June 1927 at Mimico 24791-27 Alexander Wallace ARMSTRONG, 24, teamster, Ontario, Scarboro Junction, s/o Edward ARMSTRONG, b. Ont & Elizabeth MOFFATT, married Mary Janet COOK, 19, Ontario, Scarboro Junction, d/o John COOK, b. Ont & Delia GORMAN, witn: Thomas A. COOK of Toronto & Miss A.A. ARMSTRONG of Scotland Junction, 5 Jan 1927 at Scarboro twp
24792-27 Lloyd Basil Alexander ARNOLD, 21, mechanic, Ontario, Humber Bay, s/o George ARNOLD, b. Ont & Charlotte RACHAR, married Agnes Elizabeth BROWN, 21, domestic, England, Humber Bay, d/o Robert BROWN, b. England & Edith HAYWOOD, witn: Earl ARNOLD of Toronto & Edith BROWN of Humber Bay, 30 June 1927 at Humber Bay 24793-27 Reuben Thomas ATTRIE, 23, CPR messenger, England, 50 Coxwell Ave., s/o Albert Cornelius ATTRIE, b. England & Lucy Ann GOACHER, married Violet KILLEY, 17, operator, Ontario, Birch Cliff, d/o John Alexander KILLEY, b. England & Alice Minnie BENTLEY, witn: Robert Peter WALLACE of 197 Harbord St. & Beatrice Mary Elizabeth KILLEY of 42 Fowler Rd., 19 July 1927 at Birch Cliff
24795-27 William Henry AUSTEN, 22, contractor, England, Fairbank, s/o Samuel Henry AUSTEN & Elizabeth DEAN, married Rosina MILES, 20, England, Fairbank, d/o Joseph MILES & Winnifred TROTTENMAN, witn: J. & Constance MILES of Fairbank, 30 June 1927 at Fairbank 24794-37 Samuel Henry AUSTEN, 49, widower, reed worker, England, Fairbank, s/o Henry Roomes AUSTEN, b. England & Alice BURTON, married Florence Kathleen BOORMAN, 39, widow, England, Birch Cliff, d/o James Thomas BRUSH, b. England & Caroline LUCKNOW, witn: A.J. & Florence Ada AUSTEN of 230 Walmer Rd., 16 April 1927 at York twp
24796-27 Frederick Emanuel AVERY, 25, farmer, Toronto, Etobicoke twp., s/o John AVERY, b. England & Louisa Pamelia PAYNE, married Reta Emily DIXON, 27, Etobicoke twp., same, d/o George DIXON, b. Etobicoke twp & Emily COULTER, witn: Edith A. OLDHAM of & Etta M. ROGERS, both of Weston, 6 April 1927 at Weston 24797-27 John AVIS, 43, widower, janitor, England, 51 Beachview Ave., s/o John AVIS, b. England & Sylvia VIDLER, married Lottie STUART, 41, widow, England, 51 Beachview Ave., d/o Thomas SUSANS, b. England & Charlotte MITCHELL, witn: Elizabeth HORNCASTLE of Birch Cliff & James CARRUTHERS of 121 Willow Ave in Toronto, 3 Feb 1927 at Scarboro twp
24798-27 Albert Edward BABER, 24, laborer, England, Vandorf, s/o Wallace BABER, b. England & Kitty REID, married Iva Irene Mabel RANSON, 21, Ontario, Vandorf, d/o Frederick RANSOM, b. Ont & Annie Jane ROBINSON, witn: Silas Edmund & Almeda RANSOM of Vandorf, 13 June 1927 at Aurora  
24799-27 Charles William BADGER, 28, carpenter, Ontario, Aurora, s/o Mark BADGER, b. Ont & Elizabeth HOILES, married Marjorie Rosetta IRELAND, 27, Ontario, Aurora, d/o Jesse IRELAND, b. Ont & Jane CAMERON, witn: William C. & Barbara BRYSON of Woodbridge, 26 July 1927 at Aurora 24800-27 Noah BADGER, 35, farmer, Vaughan twp., Whitchurch twp., s/o Mark BADGER, b. England & Elizabeth HOILES, married Pearl PHILLIPS, 41, Vaughan twp., same, d/o Robert PHILLIPS, b. Toronto & Mary Elizabeth CARLEY, witn: Nora ROBERTS & Maud WELLS, both of King, 28 April 1927 at village of King
24801-27 Arthur BADLAND, 45, widower, gardener, Worcester England, Roaches Point, s/o James BADLAND, b. England & Sarah INSTANCE, married Martha Jane RAMSDEN, 40, Sheffield England, Roaches Point, d/o Frederick A. RAMSDEN, b. England & Mary Ann SIBBELL, witn: James & Martha BADLAND of Roaches Point, 8 Oct 1927 at North Gwillimbury twp 24802-27 James Madison BAILEY, 40, stationary engineer, Texas US, Detroit, s/o Tyre H. BAILEY, b. USA & Nancy MORELSON, married Jennie Victoria May STEPHENS, 21, Newmarket, same, d/o Fred W. STEPHENS, b. Ont & Lillian May DRUERY, witn: Nellie STEPHENS of Newmarket & Leonard LITTLE of Long Branch, 24 Aug 1927 at Whitchurch twp
24803-27 Douglas Clarence BAIN, 28, butcher, Toronto, 26 Fallis Ave in Toronto, s/o James BAIN, b. Scotland & Margaret CURRY, married Margaret BANKS, 21, domestic, England, 44 Symington Ave in Toronto, d/o Charles BANKS, b. England & Charlotte GRIFFITHS, witn: Louis & Francis MONKHOUSE of 12 Essex Ave in Toronto, 3 Jan 1927 at York twp 24804-27 Lloyd William Tillson BAKER, 24, florist, Carrville, Richmond Hill, s/o John BAKER & Bernitta SNIDER, married Beatrice Rose WILTSHIRE, 29, stenographer, England, Newtonbrook, d/o Albert Henry WILTSHIRE & Lizzie Marie BIRCH, witn: Dorothy BAKER of Richmond Hill & Thomas Frederick WILTSHIRE of Newtonbrook, 26 Oct. 1927 at North York twp
24805-27 Charles A. BALL, 25, mechanic, Edgely, Maple, s/o John BALL, b. England & Bertha M. OSTER, married Sylvia M. MacCALLUM, 26, King twp., same, d/o John McCALLUM, b. King & Esther TROYER, witn: Mrs. J.W. SWAN of Bellingham Washington & Marjorie BALL of Maple, 27 July 1927 at King twp 24806-27 Ernest Edmund BALSON, 29, salesman, England, 229 Rosemount Ave in Toronto, s/o William George BALSON, b. England & Sadie EDMONDS, married Blanche Ogilvie MERCER, 29, operator, Nova Scotia, 266 Earlscourt Ave., d/o Archie MERCER, b.. Newfoundland & Clara NICHOL, witn: Thomas YOUNG & Mrs. F. DAWES, both of Kirknewton Rd in Toronto, 12 Dec 1927 at York twp

25846-27 Gordon James Vibert BANKS, 21, painter, Ontario, 218 Parkmount Rd., s/o Ernest Vibert BANKS, b. England & Esther HYMES, married Etta COHOON, 20, assembler, Ireland, Long Branch, d/o William James COHOON, b. Ireland & Mary DORAN (Dorian?), witn: Lissie COHOON of Long Branch & James A. WILLS of Toronto, 10 Nov 1927 at Etobicoke twp

24807-27 Samuel P. BARCLAY, 20, rubber worker, Scotland, Mimico, s/o Samuel BARCLAY & Elizabeth CLAYTON, married Florence Rowena SAKER, 18, USA, Etobicoke, d/o William James SAKER & Rowena Ellen BARTHOLOMEW, witn: Walker HARE Jr. & Florence Annie HARE, both of Mimico, 11 June 1927 at Manitoba St., Etobicoke twp 24808-27 Wilfred Thomas BARDELL, 26, driver, England, 244 Parliament St. in Toronto, s/o Donald BARDELL, b. England & Annie GEVES, married Ada Maude DAY, 19, packer, Ontario, 925 Eastern Ave., d/o George DAY, b. England & Ada CLARK, witn: George DAY of 925 Eastern Ave & Bertha CLARK of 276 Kennedy Rd in Scarboro, 26 Dec 1927 at Scarboro twp
24809-27 Albert BARKER, 28, clerk, Bolton Lancashire England, 112 Durie St. in Swansea, s/o Arthur BARKER & Elizabeth DEARDEN, married Hilda DAVIES, Manchester England, 172 Sorauren Ave in Toronto, d/o Thomas DAVIES & Elizabeth CATTERALL, witn: Stanley BARKER of 112 Durie & Violet DAVIES of 172 Sorauren Ave., 28 Sept 1927 at St. Olaves Church, Swansea 24810-27 Norman Joseph BARKER, 21, truck driver, Ontario, Mount Dennis, s/o Richard Robert BARKER, b. Ont & Sarah BIRD, married Eva PURCHASE, 20, typist, Newfoundland, Mount Dennis, d/o William PURCHASE, b. Nfld & Anna FUDGE, witn: William NEWTON & Beatrice BARKER, both of Mount Dennis, 26 March 1927 at York twp
24811-27 Elmore Daniel BARKEY, 22, farmer, Markham twp., same, s/o Arthur C. BARKEY, b Markham twp & Mary E. WIDEMAN, married Flora Elizabeth HOOVER, 21, Markham twp., same, d/o Simeon HOOVER, b. Markham twp & Josephine STOUFFER, witn: Allan D. WIDEMAN & Margaret BARKEY, both of Markham, 14 Sept 1927 at Markham twp 24312-27 Otto Roswell BARKEY, 27, farmer, Whitchurch twp., same, s/o Joseph BARKEY, b. Whitchurch & Lily COOK, married Mary Vida SIBLEY, 17, Whitchurch, Whitchurch twp., d/o Jeremiah SIBLEY, b. Garafraxa & Emily Elizabeth SISLER, witn: Frank ASTLEY of Sharon & Jeremiah SIBLEY of Whitchurch, 3 Aug 1927 at Sharon
24313-27 Victor BARLOW, 22, mechanic, Ontario, Mimico, s/o Robert BARLOW, b. Ont & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Christena STAATS, 18, Montreal, 30 Charlotte St. in Toronto, d/o George STAATS, b. Buffalo NY & Lucretia LE MAIN, witn: Mrs. Annie & Robert Charles COCHRANE of New Toronto, 9 April 1927 at New Toronto 24314-27 Frederick BARNES, 48, fruit merchant, England, 51 Lacey Ave in Toronto, s/o David BARNES, b. England & Elizabeth HARVEY, married Eleanor HUNTER, 46, widow, England, 35 Gillson Ave, d/o William FRAIN, b. England & Ellen HEPBURN, witn: George PAUL of 321 Kane Ave & Joan PAUL of 537 Silverthorn Ave, 5 March 1927 at York twp
24315-27 John Livingstone BARR, 21, rubber worker, Hastings Co., Mimico, s/o James A. BARR, b. Ont & Emily LIVINGSTONE, married Charlotte MILLER, 23, teacher, Leeds Co., Mimico, d/o Wellington MILLER, b. Ont & Arvila TACKABERRY, witn: Jessie A. MILLER of 12 Selby St. in Toronto & Ernest Andrew BENNETT (Burnett?) of New Toronto, 30 July 1927 at New Toronto 24316-27 Harold Edward BARTLEY, 21, tire finisher, Ontario, 1367 Dundas West in Toronto, s/o Albert BARTLEY, b. Ont & Isabel LONG, married Zella Elizabeth SHEFFIELD, 18, blancher, Ontario, 25 Seaforth Ave in Toronto, d/o John SHEFFIELD, b. Ont & Mary BIDWELL, witn: Arthur GROVER of 30 Afton Ave & Lily CHURCHILL of Gwynne Ave, both Toronto, 8 Jan 1927 at Mimico
24317-27 Thomas Joseph BATES, 28, shipping clerk, West Bromich England, Toronto, s/o John Thomas BATES & Sarah GALLIERE (Galliers?), married Annie May VARTY, 23, Kendal England, Toronto, d/o John William VARTY & Annie MACHELS, witn: John M. VARTY of 56 Rowntree Ave & Doris BURNS of 310 Silverthorn Ave., 21 May 1927 at Calvary Church 24318-27 Wilfred Robert Hugh BAUER, 25, salesman, Ontario, 37 Broadview Ave in Toronto, s/o Fred N. BAUER, b. England & Mary Jane WARD, married Hazel Lenora TOMLINSON, 25, Ontario, 2 Surrey Place, d/o Herbert H. BAUER (sic), b. Ont & Sabra WOODHOUSE, witn: Charles BAUER of Toronto & Doris TOMLINSON of Richmond Hill, 5 July 1927 at Markham twp
  24819-27 William Henry Stephen BEADLE, 27, carpenter, Eastbourne England, Willowdale, s/o William BEADLE, b. England & Clara BARROW, married Margaret Ann HARVEY, 24, Winlaton England, Oak Ridges, do Robert HARVEY, b. England & Annie BELL, witn: Claude Cecil BEADLE & Phyllis May DOWN, both of Willowdale, 23 April 1927 at Oak Ridges
24821-27 William Archie BEARD, 20, laborer, England, Long Branch, s/o Archie Warren BEARD, b. England & Ruth CARELESS, married Elsie PAUL, 18, clerk, England, Long Branch, d/o John PAUL, b. England & Mary PROUD, witn: Nellie MORLEY & T.H. FOUNTAIN, both of Milton West, 6 Aug 1927 at Etobicoke twp 24820-27 George BEARD, 59, widower, laborer, Ontario, New Toronto, s/o Leonard BEARD, b. England & Eliza GARDINER, married Sarah GRIFFIN, 58, widow, England, New Toronto, d/o John Henry JOHNSON, b. England & Bessie Elizabeth TOMLINSON, witn: Kathleen & Mrs. ROBINSON of New Toronto, 16 May 1927 at New Toronto
24822-27 Alexander BEATTIE, 39, conductor, Ireland, 940 Dundas East, s/o James BEATTIE, b. Ireland & Mary FEGAN, married Mary Isabell BRYAN, 36, widow, house keeper, Ontario, 940 Dundas East, d/o William HARDING, b. Ont & Alice YAKE, witn: Jack JONES of 167 Gamble Ave & Lily PAPE (Pope?) of 91 Drurie St., 26 Dec 1927 at East York twp 24823-27 Douglas BEATTIE, 22, embosser, Ontario, 86 Prescott Ave in Toronto, s/o William George Arthur BEATTIE, b. England & Florence VAUGHAN, married Doris DOWNES, 18, Ontario, 206 Routhorne Ave., d/o Arthur DOWNES, b. England & Florence HILL, witn: Florence DOWNES of 206 Routhorne Ave & Annie ZINKE of 3 Bicknell Ave., 16 Sept 1927 at York twp
24824-27 Hollis Edward BECKETT, 33, barrister, Scarboro, same, s/o George M. BECKETT, b. Whitby & Margaret BECKETT, married Emily Stephens COPELAND, 33, Collingwood, Scarboro, d/o W.A. COPELAND, b. Collingwood & Mary STEPHENS, witn: F.A. & Mary C. COPELAND of Toronto, 24 Sept 1927 at not given 24825-27 Arthur Russell BELL, 18, laborer, Toronto, Mimico, s/o John R. BELL, b. Paisley Ont & Ila KNAPP, married Beatrice Violet ROSE, 17, domestic, Mimico, same, d/o Henry ROSE, b. London England & Levinia ROWLEY, witn: Clarice & W. GABEL of Mimico Beach, 1 Oct 1927 at Mimico
24826-27 Charles Henry BELL, 22, brick layer, Ireland, Birch Cliff, s/o Charles Henry BELL, b. Ireland & Mildred May HOWCHIN, married Margaret Rouse BRIDGES, 24, operator, England, 15 Pembroke St. in Toronto, d/o Horace BRIDGES, b. England & Margaret ROUSE, witn: Eric BELL of Birch Cliff & Janet DE LAIN of 15 Pembroke St. in Toronto, 5 Nov 1927 at Birch Cliff 24827-27 William John BELL, 42, farmer, Ontario, RR1 King, s/o William BELL, b. Ont & Elizabeth WILSON, married Evelyn SYMMONS, 38, Ontario, RR1 King, d/o James SYMMONS, b. England & Elizabeth ROBINSON, witn: Annie KNOWLES & William. MARSHALL, both of Newmarket, 17 March 1927 at Newmarket
24829-27 Bill BENNETT, 23, lather, Ontario, 56 Teignmouth Ave. in Toronto, s/o William BENNETT, b. England & Mary Ann TAYLOR, married Henrietta Boyd HENDERSON, 21, domestic, Scotland, 556 Sherbourne St., d/o William HENDERSON, b. Scotland & Mary COWIE, witn: A. BENNETT of 300 Nairn Ave & Jessie HARDY of 316 Harvie Ave., 9 June 1927 at York twp 24831-27 Leighton William BENNETT, 22, funeral director, Ontario, 1271 Weston Rd in Toronto, s/o James A. BENNETT, b. Ont & Mary OWENS, married Lulu Evelyn MOULDS, 24, pharmacist, Ontario, Aurora, d/o William H. MOULDS, b. Ont & Minnie Adeline CALE (Cole?), witn: Frank H. MOORE of Mount Dennis & Edith TEASDALE of Aurora, 14 Sept 1927 at Aurora
24832-27 Levi Andrew Marall BETTS, 23, barber, Ontario, 50 French Ave in Toronto, s/o Levi BETTS, b. Ont & Sarah TUCKER, married Rose Annie CONTU, 19, operator, Ontario, 50 French Ave., d/o William CONTU, b. Ont & Meline CONTOIS, witn: William B. DALONEY & Joyce DALEY, both of 58 Batavia Ave., 9 May 1927 at York twp 24833-27 George Henry BEVAN, 27, telephone inspector, England, Waterloo twp., s/o Thomas BEVAN, b. Wales & Ellen WILKINSON, married Maude Alice EAGLE, 23, book keeper, Canada, Preston, d/o James EAGLE, b. England & Sarah E. KERR, witn: Beatrice EAGLE of Preston & Ethel M.K. McLEOD of 19 Northview Ave in Toronto, 15 June 1927 at Scarboro twp
24835-27 John Maurice Baldwin BEYNON, 26 (21?), farmer, Ontario, King twp., s/o William Thomas BEYNON & Mary Elizabeth LEGGE, married Dorothy Luella PAXTON, 19, Ontario, King twp., d/o William Albert PAXTON, & Maude Letitia MOWAT, witn: Mrs. H.T. & H.R. MOUNT of Springfield, 23 Feb 1927 at King twp 24834-27 Elmer Clayton BEYNON, 29, farmer, Ontario, RR1 Maple, s/o Benjamin BEYNON, b. Ont & Margaret BEYNON, married Elsie Margaret PHILLIPS, 21, Ontario, Temperanceville, d/o George PHILLIPS, b. Ont & Annie McDONALD, witn: Dennis BEYNON of Maple & Ida Beatrice RANKIN of Weston, 14 June 1927 at King twp
24836-27 Frederick Duncan BIRD, 23 (b. 5 April 1903), laborer, Penrith - Cumberland England, Lansing, s/o James BIRD, b. England & Emily Margaret ROBSON, married Jane MARSHALL, 19, laundress, Ontario, 961 Greenwood Ave in Toronto, d/o William MARSHALL, b. Scotland & Bella SWAN, witn: John WEIR? & Miss Annita BARRON, both of Lansing, 26 Feb 1927 at Lansing 24837-27 James BLACK, 33, machinist, Scotland, Scarboro, s/o William BLACK, b. Ireland & Martha WARK, married Agnes Jean JAMIESON, 39, Scotland, Scarboro, d/o James JAMIESON, b. Scotland & Jean McCOURTNEY, witn: H. BLACK & Agnes Whyte BLACK, both of 463 Warden Ave in Toronto, 7 May 1927 at Scarboro twp
24838-27 George Lionel BLAKE, 33, farmer, widower, Ontario, Alberta (or New Toronto, both given), s/o George S. BLAKE, b. Ont & Ida Beatrice PIXLEY, married Harriet Evelyn ARMSTRONG, 22, Ireland, Alberta, d/o David ARMSTRONG, b. Ireland & Harriet BYERS, witn: Ethel ARMSTRONG of 77 22nd St. & A. EWART of 8th St. in New Toronto, 12 July 1927 at New Toronto 24839-27 Robert Edgar BLAKEY, 32, farmer, Ontario, Dundalk, s/o James BLAKEY, b. Ont & Margaret Caroline PARLIAMENT, married Annie Lauretta DAVISON, 32, operator, Ontario, Dundalk, d/o Richard DAVISON, b. Ont & Annie MILLS, witn: Percy FIKE of Mount Dennis & Viola GORDON of Maxwell, 6 April 1927 at York twp
24840-27 George Kenneth BLANCHARD, 28, mechanic, Richmond Hill, same, s/o Joseph BLANCHARD, b. Richmond Hill & Ainnis GRIFFIN, married Viola Bertha IRELAND, 32, King twp., Richmond Hill, d/o John A. IRELAND, b. King Ont & Elizabeth MALLOY, witn: Ollie James MURPHY & Margaret Elizabeth IRELAND, both of Richmond Hill, 1 June 1927 at Presbyterian Church, Richmond Hill 24841-27 Richard Frank Tull BLETCHER, 23, mechanic, Amagh Ireland, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Richard BLETCHER, b. Ireland & Kathleen TULL, married Violet May ROBERTS, 19, dental assistant, Toronto, Etobicoke twp., d/o John ROBERTS, b. Canada & Amelia BULPIN, witn: Elijah HANNAH of Westmount Weston & Kathleen BLETCHER of Weston, 2 April 1927 at Weston
24842-27 George William BLOOR, 22, shipper, England, Mount Dennis, s/o John BLOOR, b. England & Annie BALL, married Mary McLAUGHLIN, 30 (b. 3 May 1896), laundress, Dalziel Lanarkshire Scotland, Mimico Hospital in Mimico, d/o Thomas McLAUGHLIN, b. Scotland & Agnes McFEDYEN (married 16 Feb 1896 at Dalziel), witn: Joseph WALKER & Agnes SOSNOWSKY, both of Weston, 6 April 1927 at Weston 24843-27 Albert Leslie BOHN, 19, mechanical dentist, Ontario, 85 Muriel Ave in Toronto, s/o John BOHN, b. Ont & Harriet McPHERSON, married Helen WILLIAMS, 18, Nova Scotia, 85 Muriel Ave., d/o William WILLIAMS, b. Nova Scotia & Louise EMBREE, witn: Harvey & Marjorie BOHN of 85 Muriel, 22 Nov 1927 at Todmorden
24844-27 Alfred Henry Robert BOLDT, 24, painter, Buffalo NY, Mimico, s/o Wilhelm BOLDT, b. Germany & Mary MILLER, married Hilda Dorothy SCOTT, 23, waitress, England, Mimico, d/o Charles SCOTT, b. England & Florence HAINES, witn: William & Mary BOLDT of Mimico, 28 March 1927 at Mimico 24845-27 Harvey James BOND, 23, carpenter, Unionville, Gormley, s/o John Henry BOND, b. Ont & Mary OGG, married Margaret B.L. IRWIN, 19, Toronto, Bolton, d/o George IRWIN, b. Ont & Margaret GAINER, witn: Edgar & Mrs. A. WALL of Richmond Hill, 9 April 1927 at Richmond Hill
24847-27 Ernest Sheppard BONE, 24, chauffeur, Ontario, Carrville, s/o Walter BONE, b. Ont & Minnie SHEPPARD, married Eva Jane RISEBROUGH, 22, Ontario, Newtonbrook, d/o William RISEBROUGH, b. Ont & Annie WOODS, witn: Evah SHEPPARD of RR2 Maple & Charlie RISEBROUGH of Newtonbrook, 12 Nov 1927 at Newtonbrook, North York twp 24848-27 Calvin BONHAM, 30, widower, wood worker, St. Catharines, same, s/o Charles Daniel BONHAM, b. Canada & Jennie CUDNEY, married Theresa Marion COPPING, 17, Montreal, Westmount Etobicoke, d/o Frederick Gordon COPPING, b. Canada & Theresa Marjory SMITH, witn: G. COPPING of Westmount & Thomas M. MURDOCH of Toronto, 9 June 1927 at Etobicoke twp
24849-27 John Thomas BOOTH, 54, widower, England, Beachborough Grange - York twp, s/o John BOOTH & Hannah JAQUES, married Mary Annie CAMPBELL, 45, widow, Ireland, Beachborough Grange, d/o William SYMINGTON & Sarah GARDNER, witn: J. & Louis ROSENBERG of 275 Montrose Ave., 26 Dec 1927 at Fairbank  
24850-27 Zalmon Louis Hall BOVAIR, 27, draftsman, Depot Harbour Ont., Newmarket, s/o Charles Franklin BOVAIR, b. Ont & Emma Sarah HORNSBY, married Mabel Evelyn MENAR, 26, ledger keeper, Queensville Ont., Newmarket, d/o Daniel Stephen MENAR, b. Ont & Eliza Rebecca EDWARDS, witn: Florence Gertrude MENAR & Donald John STEVENSON, both of Newmarket, 29 June 1927 at Newmarket 24851-27 Harry Clifford BOWES, 25, undertaker, Amaranth twp., Alton, s/o William Henry BOWES, b. Canada & Minnie HILLOCK, married Olive Priscilla HILLOCK, 26, clerk, Caledon twp., Alton, d/o W.G. HILLOCK, b. Canada & Etta PINKNEY, witn: Nettie & F. Enid STEVENSON of Kettleby, 6 Sept 1927 at not given (probably Kettleby)
24852-27 Albert Edward BOWLES, 25, driver, England, Toronto, s/o Charles Thomas BOWLES, b. London England & Sarah Hane HOLLEDGE, married Eleanor Viola GILLION, 26, Uxbridge twp., same, d/o Edward GILLION, b. Gwillimbury & Elizabeth Ann SILVERSIDES, witn: Maurice Bertram GILLION & Mrs. Maurice GILLION, both of Stouffville, 10 Sept 1927 at Markham twp 24853-27 Leonard Godfrey BOWLES, 24, driver, England, Toronto, s/o Henry Herbert BOWLES & Annie SMITH, married Lillie Emma COOK, 21, England, Mount Dennis, d/o Frank George COOK & Sarah Edith DUNKLEY, witn: Frank George COOK of Mount Dennis & E. BOWLES of 14 Wyndham St. in Toronto, 1 July 1927 at Mount Dennis
24854-27 Eryle Elliott BOWMAN, 25, farmer, Ontario, RR3 Weston, s/o David BOWMAN, b. Ont & Mary E. ELLIOTT, married Margaret Sophia WATSON, 25, Ontario, Woodbridge, d/o Robert WATSON, b. Ont & Mary NASMITH, witn: Mary & Robert WATSON of Woodbridge, 29 June 1927 at Woodbridge 24855-27 Wilbert Otter BOWMAN, 25 (b. 27 Jan 1901), farmer, Uxbridge twp, King twp., s/o John Hudson BOWMAN, b. Canada & Lena MARGASON, married Maria Catherine ARCHIBALD, 22, Ontario, King twp., d/o Samuel ARCHIBALD, b. Ireland & Maria WHITE, witn: Lillian SMITH & Harold LUBBOCK, both of Aurora, 12 Jan 1927 at Aurora
24856-27 William Charles Henry BOWSER, 20, farmer, King twp., Whitchurch twp., s/o George BOWSER, b. Canada & Eva HOLMAN, married Lyla May NEWTON, 18, domestic, King twp., same, d/o William Charles NEWTON, b. Canada & Serena SHIER, witn: Mrs. H. HARPER & Mrs. T. SPAULDING, both of Aurora, 30 April 1927 at Aurora

24857-27 William S. BOYD, 24, farmer, Stouffville, Markham Tp., s/o David BOYD (b. Ireland) & Sarah TODD, married Elizabeth MARTIN, 26, stenographer, Newtownarde Ireland, Markham Tp., d/o Hugh MARTIN (b. Ireland) & Agnes MORRISON, witn: Hugh & Agnes MARTIN both of Markham on Oct. 19, 1927 at Stouffville

24858-27 Russell BOYNTON, 26, farmer, Markham Tp., same, s/o Thomas E. BOYNTON (b. Canada) & Ada BOND, married Mary Ann DIBB, 31, Vaughan Tp., same, d/o George DIBB (b. Canada) & Annie NEILL, witn: Nelson BOYNTON of Markham Tp. & Lillian DIBB of Vaughan Tp. on March 9, 1927 at Markham Tp.

24859-27 Henry BRADSHAW, 27, mechanic, England, Mt. Dennis, s/o Thomas BRADSHAW & Sarah Jane TINSLEY, married Jessamine Hope HAULDCROFT, 24, England, Mt. Dennis Ontario, d/o Arthur Thomas HAULDCROFT & Helena ARTHUR, witn: Dora ARTHUR of 118 Guestville Ave & Kathleen STUCKEY of 8 Ray Ave., both of Mt Dennis on Feb. 7, 1927 at Mt. Dennis

24860-27 Thomas BRANNON, 22, truck driver, Netherton, Welland, s/o Daniel BRANNON (b. England) & Sarah DRYDEN, married Euphemia McDONALD, 21, Greenock, Mount Dennis, d/o Allan McDONALD (b. Scotland) & Isabella PRICE, witn: George BRANNON of 194 Main St. Weston & Annie McDONALD of 23 Buttonwood Ave Mount Dennis on June 30, 1927 at York Tp

24861-27 Thomas Berrill BRANSON, 31, builder, England, 98 Aldwych Ave York Tp., s/o Thomas William BRANSON (b. England) & Mary Ann CHAPMAN, married Gladys Madeleine OXLEY, 26, stenographer, England, 2 Everett Crescent East York, d/o William OXLEY (b. England) & Mary COOPER, witn: Allan Boyes OXLEY of 2 Everett Crescent East York & Winnifred Iris BRANSON of 98 Aldwych Ave Toronto on Dec. 17, 1928 at East York

24862-27 Herbert Edward BRATTON, 55, garage man, England, 245 Bicknell Ave Toronto, s/o George Samuel BRATTON (b. England) & Harriett, married Mabel Florence HILLIER, 39, housekeeper, England, Seattle Washington USA, d/o John HILLIER (b. England) & Helen CUTRIS (Cutrad?), witn: Herbert George BRATTON of 241 Bicknell Ave & Myrtle A. BRATTON of 98 Yarrow both of York Tp. on Feb. 10, 1927 at York Tp

24863-27 Bennett Watson BRETT, 22, lather, Newfoundland, 905 Bloor St. West Toronto, s/o Edward BRETT (b. Newfoundland) & Minnie FORWARD, married Viola BUTT, 19, rubber worker, Newfoundland, 368 Blackthorne Ave Toronto, d/o Hilliard BUTT (b. Newfoundland) & Sarah FOSS, witn: Netta BRETT & William J. BEST both of 506 Milverton Blvd Toronto on April 6, 1927 at North York

24864-27 William George BRIDSON, 20, labourer, Isle of Man, 51 Torrens Ave Todmorden, s/o Thomas BRIDSON (b. Isle of Man) & Christina QUALE, married Reta MACK, 17, Ontario, 8 Hansard Ave Todmorden, d/o Aneas MACK (b. Ontario) & Emily QUAIFE, witn: Howard & Josie MACK both of 8 Haggard in Todmorden on Feb. 10, 1927 at East York Tp

24865-27 Walter Clifford BRIGNALL, 29, farmer, Pickering Tp., Markham Tp., s/o George Amos BRIGNALL (b. Pickering Tp.) & Lydia Gertrude WILSON, married Iona Margaret GRAHAM, 22, Fenelon Tp., Markham Tp., d/o David GRAHAM (b. Fenelon Tp.) & Elizabeth Tye ROWELL, witn: Cameron David GRAHAM of Locust Hill & Ida Mildred BRIGNALL of Claremont on May 21, 1927 at Markham Tp.

24866-27 William George BRISTER, 24, barber, England, Bradford, s/o George BRISTER (b. England) & Ida MERCHANT, married Eleanor Mary ORR, 22, Ontario, New Toronto, d/o J. W. ORR (b. Ontario) & Margaret CHNURR (s/b Schnurr?), witn: Cecil LANGILLE 53 Fifth St & Clare MANNING of 18 15th St both of New Toronto on Aug. 1, 1927 at New Toronto

24867-27 Herbert John BROOKS, 29, press hand, England, 73 Allen Ave Toronto, s/o Philbert Charles BROOKS (b. England) & Ade LOTMAN, married Elizabeth May BOWTHORPE, 22, forelady, England, 13 Kalmar Ave Birchcliff Ont., d/o Benjamin Joseph BOWTHORPE (b. England) & Sarah Mary Anne ADKINS, witn: Alford BROOKS of 73 Allen Ave Toronto & S. BOWTHORPE of 13 Kalmar Ave of Scarboro Tp on July 30, 1927 at Scarboro Tp.

24868-27 Alexander Oliver BROWN, 27, school teacher, Lions Head - Bruce Co., Toronto, s/o John James BROWN (b. Scotland) & Rachael STEWART, married Elizabeth BELL, 24, Glasgow, 36 Kennedy Ave Swansea, d/o James BELL (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: James & Julia BELL of 36 Kennedy Ave on Aug. 10, 1927 at Swansea Village.

24869-27 Blake Austin BROWN, 23, chauffeur, Ontario, New Toronto, s/o James F. BROWN (b. Ontario) & Rachel BLAKELOCK, married Nellie BLIZARD (Blezard?), 21, bookkeeper, England, New Toronto, d/o Thomas BLIZZARD (sic) (b. England) & Edith ROBINSON, witn: Claude H. BROWN & Amy BLIZARD both of New Toronto on Sept. 10, 1927 on New Toronto

24870-27 James Howard BROWN, 37, machinist, Ontario, Cleveland Ohio, s/o James BROWN (b. England) & Eliza Ann HOWARD, married Bessie HART, 23, stenographer, England, Cleveland Ohio USA, d/o Albert HART (b. England) & Ethel BROWNLAW, witn: William HORNETT of 161 Coxwell Ave & Madeline DEGARIS (De Gans?) of 36 Hastings Ave both of Toronto on June 11, 1927 at New Toronto

24871-27 Leonard Howard BROWN, 20, carpenter, England, 52 Kalmar Ave Scarboro, s/o Charles BROWN (b. England) & Florence THACKER, married Daisy Milly DOWN, 18, winder, England, 9 Weymouth Ave Toronto, d/o Charles DOWN (b. England) & Ellen Louisa WILLIAMS, witn: Harold Lionel BROWN of 9 Weymouth Ave & Elsie ANDREWS of 99 Van Horne St both of Scarboro Tp on Nov. 26, 1927 at Scarboro Tp.

24872-27 Walter BROWN, 23, toolmaker, Scotland, 414 Maybank Ave Toronto, s/o Alexander BROWN (b. Scotland) & Jean LAWSON, married Mary McRae MILLAR, 23, operator, Scotland, 11 Arnold Ave Mt. Dennis, d/o James C. MILLAR (b. Scotland) & Mary MACINDEWOE, witn: James Minns STEWART of 110 Uxbridge Ave City & Margaret Barrie MILLER of 11 Arnold Ave of Toronto on March 18, 1927 at York Tp

24873-27 Frank Ernest BROWNE, 37, manager, Kansas City Missouri, 4641 Woodward Ave Toronto, s/o John BROWNE (b. Ohio USA) & Annie SCROBY, married Marjorie WATERMAN, 22, Fairbank Ontario, 555 Oakwood Ave Toronto, d/o Ernest WATERMAN (b. England) & Mary Aline CLEMENT, witn: Eleanor & K. NOYES both of 295 Ossington Ave Toronto on Jan. 13, 1927 at York Tp.

24874-27 Alfred Charles BROWSE, 22, auto mechanic, Gravesend Kent England, Toronto, s/o Sydney BROWSE (b. England) & Anna MOORE, married Catharine MacDONALD, 21, Kodak worker, Toronto, Thistletown Ont., d/o John MacDONALD (b. Scotland) & Margaret KEENAN, witn: Edward & Margaret MacDONALD both of Thistletown on Oct. 26, 1927 at Weston

24875-27 Robert George BRYANS, 27, truck driver, Armaugh Ireland, 468 Woolwich St. Guelph, s/o William A. BRYANS (b. Armaugh Ireland) & Sarah CUMMINGS, married Florence Mary WEBB, 25, Toronto, 468 Woolwich St Guelph, d/o Fred WEBB (b. Guelph Ont) & Myrtle YOUNG, witn: Mrs. F. WEBB of 468 Woolwich St Guelph & Mrs. Lilyan WILEY of 56 Homewood Ave Toronto on April 9, 1927 at Swansea

24876-27 Edward Arthur BUCHANAN, 25, farmer, Ontario, Downsview Ont., s/o John BUCHANAN (b. Ireland) Annie Marie JACKSON, married Mary Ann WHITTAKER, 18, Ontario, Downsview, d/o Richard WHITTAKER (b. Ontario) & Emma Jane BELL, witn: John Edward BUCHANAN of R.R. 1 Downsview & Dorothy Estella SHARPE of 55 Quebec Ave Toronto on Feb. 24, 1927 at R.R. 1 Downsview

24877-27 Guy Alexander BUCHANAN, 26, investigator, Westmount Quebec, Toronto, s/o Albert Ernest BUCHANAN (b. Montreal) & Ella Elizabeth MAHAFFEY, married Dorothea May MOFFAT, 24, Weston, same, d/o Thomas Lang MOFFAT (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Ella Beatrice REID, witn: Andrew Robert PATTEN of Little Current Ontario & Beatrice Moffat CHARLTON of Weston Ontario on March 5, 1927 at Weston

24878-27 George Frederick BUCK, 26, machinist, England, 15 Bexley Crescent Mt. Dennis, s/o Charles Victor BUCK (b. England) & Elizabeth RIVERS, married Winifred Margaret Elizabeth BERRY, 21, operator, Scotland, 60 East Drive Mt. Dennis, d/o Thomas BERRY (b. England) & Ada TURNER, witn: Elsie MARKAWICH of 26 Dennis Ave Mt. Dennis & Charles A. ROSE of 1459 Davenport Road Toronto on Jan. 22, 1927 at York Tp

24879-27 Frederick Matthew Raymond BULMER, 30, physician, Ontario, 929 Bay St Toronto, s/o Charles Frederick BULMER (b. Ontario) & Mabel CHATTERSON, married Rosetta Martha CHOWN, 27, Ontario, 52 Allen Ave Toronto, d/o John Henry CHOWN (b. Ontario) & Annie HOLTE, witn: C. F. & Audrey DENNIS both of Aurora Ontario on Sept. 19, 1927 at Aurora

24880-27 Russell Osquell BURKHOLDER, 26, baker, Markham Tp., Markham Village, s/o Joseph H. BURKHOLDER (b. Ontario) & Alice STOVER, married Muriel Ora THOMSON, 23, Pickering Tp., Markham, d/o Walter A. THOMSON (b. Ontario) & Sabina TRAN, witn: Noreen & George THOMSON both of Markham on June 22, 1927 at Markham

24881-27 Leonard Earl BURTON, 28, farmer, Didsbury Alberta, Waterloo Tp., s/o John BURTON (b. Ontario) & Ida FISHER, married Dorothy Pearl ATKINSON, 19, telephone operator, New Westminster B.C., Richmond Hill, d/o Ralph W. ATKINSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret MORLEY, witn: R. C. ATKINSON & Lorraine L. DUNLOP both of Richmond Hill on June 22, 1927 at Richmond Hill

24882-27 Thomas Edward CAIN, 23, farmer, Tecumseth twp Simcoe Co, same, s/o Thomas Edward CAIN (b. Tecumseth twp) & Esther M. HANNA, married Grace Marie MANUEL, 20, clerk, Bracebridge, Tecumseth twp, d/o Elijah James MANUEL (b. Ontario) & Margaret Jane HAINES, witn: Nichol WILSON & Beatrice O'RIELLY both of Alliston, 26 Feb 1927 at Village of Richmond Hill

24884-27 Gordon Murray CAMPBELL, 21, laborer, Thornhill, same, s/o John R. CAMPBELL (b. Ontario) & Sarah Jane MURRAY, married Elizabeth Jane DALGETTY, 19, operator, Forfarshire Scotland, Pickering twp, d/o William LUNAN (Lunau?) (b. Forfarshire Scotland) & Christina CLARK, witn: Stewart A. CAMPBELL & Mary CAMPBELL both of Thornhill, 25 June 1927 at The Manse Richmond Hill

24885-27 Walter CANNING, 22, steam fitter, England, 25 Aldwych Ave, s/o Frank CANNING (b. England) & Lydia DOMENEY, married Nellie JAMESON, 22, domestic, Ireland, 35 Delisle Ave, d/o Alexander JAMESON (b. Ireland) & Ellen CRAIG, witn: George Valentine DRAPER & Sarah Esther DRAPER both of 23 Aldwych Ave, 5 Mar 1927 at Todmorden

24886-27 Graydon Chester CARLEY, 26, tire builder, Ontario, New Toronto, s/o George CARLEY (b. Ontario) & Minnie WINTER, married Lena Pearl Irene THOMAS, 17, rubber worker, Ontario, New Toronto, d/o Frederick Albert THOMAS (b. Ontario) & Mary Madeline ALEXANDER, witn: John A. BLACKBURN of 1425 Queen St West Toronto & Kathleen O'DELL of New Toronto, 3 Sept 1927 at New Toronto

24888-27 William Henry CAULFIELD, 38, laborer, Ireland, 17 Cobourg Ave Toronto, s/o Samuel CAULFIELD (b. Ireland) & Annie McCART, married Ethel May ARMSTRONG, 26, divorcee, domestic, Ontario, 17 Cobourg Ave, d/o Kenneth ARMSTRONG (b. Ontario) & Martha LISCOMBE, witn: K. ARMSTRONG & Vera ARMSTRONG both of Long Branch, 21 May [1927] at Etobicoke twp

24887-27 Frederick William CAULFIELD, 33, mechanic, Grey Co, Aurora, s/o John CAULFIELD (b. Mt. Forest Ontario) & Annie FAIRBAIRN, married Beatrice Nellie RIDLEY, 21, Toronto, Richmond Hill, d/o Alvin RIDLEY (b. Pickering) & Evelyn Ida May RIDLEY, witn: Howard John CAULFIELD & Beulah King CAULFIELD both of Galt, 24 May 1927 at Vaughan twp

24891-27 Frances Graham CHAPMAN, 20, farmer, Ontario, Malton RR#4, s/o Francis CHAPMAN (b. Ontario) & Ann GARBUTT, married Dorothy Harriett MARTIN, 17, Ontario, Malton RR#2, d/o Wilbert MARTIN (b. Ontario) & Mary PEDDLE, witn: T.C. EVANS & Mrs J.H. WELLS both of Islington, 3 Mar 1927 at Etobicoke twp - divorced 1 Oct 1951

24892-27 Frederick Thomas CHAPMAN, 35, farmer, Ontario, Weston RR#3, s/o Robert Henry CHAPMAN (b. Ontario) & Ada Emeline Rebecca PEARSON, married Mary Agnes GALBRAITH, 35, hair dresser, Ontario, Scarboro Junction RR#2, d/o Robert GALBRAITH (b. Ontario) & Naomi HARSHAW, witn: F.D. GALBRAITH of RR#1 Scarboro Junction & Grace E. CHAPMAN of Toronto, 23 Feb 1927 at Scarboro twp

24893-27 Ray Stewart CHAPPEL, 23, chauffeur, Huntsville, Newmarket, s/o William CHAPPEL (b. Minesing) & Maggie LEPPINGTON, married Gertrude Alice LAWSON, 24, housekeeper, Newmarket, same, d/o William LAWSON (b. King twp) & Meade Josephine COOK, witn: Gordon Cecil COOK & Flora Mae LAWSON both of Newmarket, 17 Feb 1927 at Newmarket

24894-27 Percy George CHAPPELL, 28, laborer, England, 207 Gerrard St East Toronto, s/o Joseph CHAPPELL (b. England) & Frances SMITH, married Dinah SENIOR, 35, widow, housekeeper, England, 39 Cairns Ave Toronto, d/o William Henry TOPHAM (b. England) & Martha Ellen RAWCLIFFE, witn: William J. CHAMPKIN of East York - Coleman & Ruth CHAMPKIN of York Co, 1 Oct 1927 at East York twp

24895-27 Eric Jack CHARLTON, 23, tire builder, England, Mimico, s/o Robert CHARLTON & Sarah JOINER, married Violet ELY, 18, England, Mimico, d/o Herbert ELY & Maud BARKOM, witn: Bart ELY of Mimico & Robert CHARLTON of North Toronto, 16 July 1927 at Mimico

24896-27 Ralph Arnold CHILVERS, 29, signal man, England, 5 Cornell Ave Mt Dennis, s/o Allan CHILVERS (b. England) & Annie KNOTT, married Georgina BARRIE, 29, book folder, Scotland, 71 Uxbridge Ave, d/o James BARRIE (b. Scotland) & Isabelle WALKER, witn: Alfred George CHILVERS & Hazel CHILVERS both of 5 Cornell Ave, 2 Dec 1927 at York twp

24898-27 William Eastwood CHRISTOPHERSON, 21 Chauffeur, Ontario, 209 Sorauren Ave, s/o Robert CHRISTOPHERSON (b. Ontario) & Florence LLOYD, married Lenore Gladys LEDBURY, 19, assembler, Pennsylvania USA, 65 Smith St New Toronto, d/o William LEDBURY (b. England) & Susan COOKE, witn: Freddie GALLAGHAN of 171 Strachan Ave & Olive CHRISTOPHERSON of 209 Sorauren Ave, 29 June 1927 at New Toronto

24900-27 Albert John CLARK, 54, widower, deputy I.O.F., England, 499 Ontario St, s/o Phillip CLARK (b. England) & Mary not known, married Margaret Jane CHESTER, 54, widow, Ontario, 1044 Woodbine Ave, d/o William COCKRELL (b. England) & Fanny COUPLAND, witn: Oliver Joseph COUPLAND of 1113 Dufferin St & Lillian Gertrude COUPLAND of 437 Marguerite St, 20 Oct 1927 at Todmorden

24901-27 Leonard Stanley CLARKSON, 18, farmer, Vaughan twp, Albion twp Peel Co, s/o John CLARKSON (b. Vaughan twp) & Edith MALTBY, married Grace Florence ARGENT, 21, Toronto, Albion twp, d/o Ernest ARGENT (b. London England), farmer & Mary JAMESON, witn: Mable CLARKSON & Lyman COPETHORN both of RR#4 Bolton, 10 Dec 1927 at Village of Thistletown

24902-27 Thomas George CLAXTON, 22, private detective, Ireland, Detroit, s/o John CLAXTON (b. Ireland) & Jeannie McREAY, married Elizabeth ANDERS, 22, graduate nurse, England, 9 Macdonald Ave Mimico, d/o Harry ANDERS (b. England) & Martha DIXON, witn: Agnes M. ANDERS of Mimico & William Charles MASON of Long Branch, 24 Mar 1927 at Mimico

24914-27 Stephen Earl COOK, 25, iron worker, Ontario, Downsview, s/o Arthur COOK (b. Ontario) & Sarah McLEOD, married Kathleen Emily BRISTOW, 19, England, 62 Rockcliffe Blvd Mt Dennis, d/o George BRISTOW (b. England) & Annie FOX, witn: Arthur COOK of Downsview & Charles CRACKER of 263 Weston Rd North Toronto, 28 May 1927 at York twp

24913-27 Frederick George COOK, 24, machinist, England, Peterboro, s/o Frank George COOK & Sarah Edith DUNKLEY, married Lillian CLARK, 23, England, Mt Dennis, d/o Henry CLARK & Helen NEWMAN, witn: George Albert ENGLISH, 21, Pearson Ave Mt Dennis & Gladys TAYLOR of 97 Guestville Ave Mt Dennis, 27 Apr 1927 at Mt Dennis

24920-27 Harold George COUSINS, 23, office manager, England, Montreal, s/o Arthur Dixon COUSINS & Mary Jane WHITNEY, married Lily May BENNETT, 24, stenographer, England, York twp York CO, d/o Arthur BENNETT & Kate PERRIN, witn: Hedley COURT of 155 Rosemount Ave & Nellie J. HARRIS of 404 Nairn Ave North, 1 June 1927 at Fairbank

24921-27 Roy Bean COUSINS, 21, dental mechanic, Toronto, Woodbridge, s/o Almer B. COUSINS (b. Canada) & Laura Edna BEAN, married Elma Lawrie PHILLIPS, 22, stenographer, Vaughan twp, Woodbridge, d/o Jesse E. PHILLIPS (b. Canada) & Margaret J. AGAR, witn: Archie M. COUSINS & Mary E. PHILLIPS both of Woodbridge, 16 Mar 1927 at Village of Woodbridge

24923-27 William COX, 35, widower, switchman, Chicago Illinois, Weston, s/o Cornelius COX & Annie McCAULEY, married Mrs Anne GRAHAM, 35, widow, housekeeper, Toronto, Weston, d/o George W. SPROULE & Sarah Anne WEIR, witn: John ROUTH & Mrs John ROUTH both of 17 Hannaford St Toronto, 22 June 1927 at Weston

24922-27 Francis William COX, 26, laborer, England, 551 Westmount Ave, s/o Frank James COX (b. England) & Louisa CORNELL, married Lena GOLDING, 24, widow, England, 551 Westmount Ave, d/o Frederick S. BARLOW (b. England) & Jessie BROWN, witn: John PLAICEDO of 101 Dynevor Rd Toronto & Violet COX of 551 Westmount Ave, 18 Feb 1927 at York twp

24927-27 Henry G. CROWDER, 20, truck driver, Georgina twp, same, s/o Albertus CROWDER (b. Georgina twp) & May SEDORE, married Ruby Enby PERRAULT, 17, Georgina twp, York Co, d/o A. PERRAULT (b. Ontario) & May BOOTH, witn: Frank PERRAULT of Cedar Brae & Edith CHAPENTIER of Pefferlaw, 2 July 1927 at Village of Sutton

24928-27 James Edward CROWTHER, 36, street car conductor, England, 33 Condor Ave, s/o Richard CROWTHER (b. England) & Emily HAIGH, married Alice MORTON, 29, operator, England, 6 Sammon Ave, d/o William MORTON (b. England) & Edith Ann ROEBUCK, witn: Frank MORTON of 6 Sammon Ave Todmorden & Brinton CROWTHER of 33 Condor Ave Toronto, 30 Apr 1927 at Todmorden

24936-27 William George Johnson DAVIS, 23, rubber worker, Toronto, New Toronto, s/o William DAVIS (b. Ontario) & Sarah LANGRIDGE, married Marguerite Eveline BRANN (Braun?), 17, Toronto, New Toronto, d/o Thomas John BRANN (b. Ontario) & Mary BELL, witn: Anne Margaret JONES of 63 Macdonald Ave Mimico & Joe DAVIS of Islington, 27 July 1927 at Mimico

24935-27 John DAVIS, 32, fireman, Co Durham England, East Gwillimbury twp, s/o John DAVIS (b. Staffordshire England) & Rose INGLES, married Edith Mary SMITH, 24, box maker, Lincolnshire England, Newmarket, d/o Henry SMITH (b. Lincolnshire England) & Elizabeth FLOOD, witn: Thomas DAVIS of East Gwillimbury & Florence Rebecca SMITH of Newmarket, 21 Apr 1927 at Newmarket

024951/27 Charles Fred DRAPER, 24, mechanic, England, 23 Aldwych Ave. East York, s/o George DRAPER (b. England) & Sarah HAYDON, married Emily Olive SEYMOUR, 20, clerk, England, 32 Ronald Ave. Fairbanks, d/o Frederick SEYMOUR (b. England) & Ellen PENNELLS, witn: Ernest F. SEYMOUR & Lillian S. SEYMOUR both of 12 Rockvale Ave., 1 February 1927, York twp

024952/27 Tom DRAPER, 22, tinsmith, England, 81 Brock Ave., s/o George DRAPER (b. England) & Lillian GLEDHILL, married Edith Louisa AISHFORD, 18, wrapper, Ontario, 49 Beresford Ave. Swansea, d/o James AISHFORD (b. England) & Ethel Jane RAPON, witn: Charles AISHFORD of 38 Durie St. & Lucy Mae SMITH of 129 Durie St., 10 December 1927, Swansea

024953/27 Ernest Clifford DUNCAN, 22, chauffeur, Toronto, Lake View Beach, s/o Thomas Henry DUNCAN (b. Ontario) & Lillian MEADE, married Eva May BAXTER, 21, stenographer, Ontario, Lake View Beach, d/o Henry BAXTER (b. England) & Elizabeth STABLER, witn: Ida BAXTER & Richard BAXTER both of 84 Windermere Ave., 16 September 1927, New Toronto

024954/27 Alfred Cecil DUNK, 23, chauffeur, England, Montreal, s/o Walter William DUNK (b. England) & Arthur HARDING (sic), married Lilian HARDING, 26, operator, England, Birchcliffe Ont., d/o Arthur HARDING (b. England) & Agnes Maud BARBER, witn: Herbert James DUNK of Montreal & Ethel May HARDING of 1146 Wellington St. Ottawa, 9 June 1927, Twp. Scarborough

024955/27 George Charles DUNKLING, 22, wholesale fruits, England, 585 Jane St., s/o Henry DUNKLING (b. England) & Rose SMITH, married Margaret Barrie MILLAR, 19, packer, Scotland, 11 Arnold Ave., d/o James MILLAR (b. Scotland) & Mary MAUNDEMAN?, witn: James LANSING of 585 Jane St., Toronto, & Hilda HARDING of 41 Massey St., 21 July 1927, Twp. York

024956/27 Philip Henry DUNN, 42, merchant, Oneida N.Y. U.S.A., 65 Breadalbane St. Toronto, s/o Philip DUNN (b. Ireland) & Sarah DAWSON, married Katherine CADY, 47, widow, house wife, Dolgeville N.Y. U.S.A., 65 Breadalbane St. Toronto, d/o John GREINER (b. Germany) & Melissa PERRY, witn: Bernard HOLLAND & Mrs. A. HOLLAND of 16 Ruth Rd., 8 January 1927, Twp. Scarboro


024957/27 Albert Ernest DUTFIELD, 24, furrier, England, 37 Wallace Ave., s/o Albert DUTFIELD (b. England) & Alice Caroline MAUDER, married Hazel Amelia LEATHERDALE, 24, book keeper, Ontario, 34 Carlton St., d/o Thomas William LEATHERDALE (b. Ontario) & Maria Marie JARRETT, witn: Irene Marie LEATHERDALE of Maple & James Richard LEATHERDALE of Toronto, 25 June 1927, Twp. Vaughan

024958/27 Allen John EARLE, 29, building contractor, Newfoundland, 95 Van Horne St. Toronto, s/o Isaac EARLE (b. Newfoundland) & Mary Jane GIDGE, married Violet Winnifred HOLDER, 23 operator, England, 23 Rockcliffe Blvd. Mt. Dennis, d/o George HOLDER (b. England) & Ruth AUSTIN, witn: Kenneth NAYLOR of 353 Margueretta St. & Emily HOLDER of 23 Rockcliffe Blvd., 5 March 1927, Twp. York

024959/27 Wilfred EDGE, 31, widower, millwright, England, 97 DeForest Rd. Swansea., s/o Emmanuel EDGE (b. England) & Mary ATKINS, married Stella WILCOX, 21, domestic, Newfoundland, 6 McIntosh Ave. Humber Bay Ont., d/o John WILCOX (b. Newfoundland) & Mary DOWDEN, witn: William ATKINS & Dorothy ATKINS both of 68 Patterson Ave., 3 December 1927, Twp. Scarboro

024960/27 Philip EDMONDS, 24, clerk, Toronto, 63 Durie St. Swansea Toronto, s/o George EDMONDS & Gertrude JORDAN, married Phyllis Mary MASTERS, 21, Pontypridd Wales Eng., 51 Lavinia Ave. Swansea Toronto, d/o Job MASTERS & Edith BOLTON, witn: Alfred EDMONDS of 63 Durie St. Swansea & Florence S. GAIR of 61 Lavinia Ave., 9 June 1927, St. Olaves Church Swansea

024961/27 Albert Howell ELLIOTT, 25, doctor, California U.S.A., 540 29th St. Oakland Calif. U.S.A., s/o Albert H. ELLIOTT (b. California U.S.A.) & Adeline BUNNELL, married Dana Isabella NORTH, 24, Colorado U.S.A., 132 Crescent Rd. Toronto, d/o Shelay NORTH (b. Colorado U.S.A.) & Dana STEWART, witn: Virginia HAROLD of 317 West 99 St. New York City & Mr. A. Carl STELLING of Leonia New Jersey, 26 July 1927, Twp. North York

024962/27 Gordon Alexander ELLIOTT, 23, tire builder, Ontario, 41 Gillespie Ave. Toronto, s/o Alexander ELLIOTT (b. Ireland) & Susan McKEE, married Mabel Luella GORDANIER, 19, Ontario, 186 Smith St. New Toronto, d/o William H. GORDANIER (b. Ontario) & Sadie FRASER, witn: Mrs. R. PARNELL of 57 Harold St. Mimico & William J. ELLIOTT of 41 Gillespie Ave., 17 September 1927, New Toronto

024963/27 Ivan Cecil ELLIOTT, 22, teacher, Ontario, Gelley Field Farm - Dawes Rd., s/o Robert ELLIOTT (b. Ontario) & Elma STIVER, married Ethel Irene MORSE, 18, artist, India, 76 Admiral Rd., d/o William Henry MORSE (b. England) & Florence Maude GRIFFIN, witn: Norman A. MORSE of 30 Ridley Gds. Toronto & M. Jean BRYCE of 422 Mark St. Peterborough Ont., 24 June 1927, Twp. North York

024964/27 Harold EVANS, 24, chauffeur, England, 134 Barrington Ave., s/o Henry Evans & Sarah Ann JAMES, married Florence Annie ELLIS, 18, England, London Ave. Scarboro Junction, d/o Arthur Henry ELLIS & Mary Ann ANGEL, witn: A. BYFORD of 136 Barrington Ave. & Lily EVANS of 134 Barrington Ave., 3 December 1927, Epiphany Church, Scarboro Junction

024965/27 John EVANS, 47, farmer, Ontario, Newtonbrook Ontario, s/o Price EVANS (b. England) & Sarah RICKARD, married Margaret STROBLE, 29, (widow & divorcee), Virginia U.S.A., Newtonbrook Ont., d/o Robert STROBLE (b. Virginia U.S.A.) & Violet STARKEY, witn: Miss Annita BARRON of Lansing & Elizabeth McKENDRY of 130 Brookdale Ave., 25 July 1927, at illegible

024967/27 Herbert Lloyd EWART, 24, traveler, Ont., Scarlett Rd. Toronto, s/o James EWART (b. Ontario) & Rhoda CHIN, married Nellie SANDERSON, 22, clerk, England, 43 Rosethorn Ave., d/o Will Elvidge SANDERSON (b. England) & Emma Maud HYATT, witn: J. D. CRAWFORD of 40 Homewood Ave. Toronto, Elfreda CLAYTON of Islington & Lily SANDERSON of 43 Rosethorn Ave., 16 July 1927, Twp. Etobicoke

024966/27 George Hector EWART, 20, clerk, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Duncan EWART (b. Ontario) & Kathleen McFADDEN, married Maud LISCOMBE, 20, operator, Pickering Ont., Toronto, d/o Jonathan LISCOMBE (b. Whitevale Ont.) & Violetta ENGIHAN, witn: Gerald E. MOFFAT & Christina W. JOHNSTON both of Toronto, 14 May 1927, Twp. Scarboro

024968/27 George Forsyth EWING, 22, labourer, Scotland, 63 Eastwood Ave. Birchcliffe Ont., s/o George Swan EWING (b. Scotland) & Isabella FORSYTH, married Euphemia Anne TAYLOR, 22, domestic, Scotland, Stop 10 Kingston Rd. Birchcliffe Ont., d/o John William TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Francis Grant Oglivie THORN of 63 Eastwood Ave. & Elizabeth Brown STIRLING of Stop 10 Kingston Rd., 28 October 1927, Twp. Scarboro

024969/27 Percival Francis FACTO, 22, painter, Ottawa Ont., New Toronto, s/o Bernard FACTO & Mary DALY, married Sarah Georgina KEOVENEY (Keaveney?), 19, operator, Ireland, New Toronto, d/o Patrick KEOVENEY & Mary QUINN, witn: Harold FOSTER of New Toronto & Eileen FACTO of Long Branch Ont., 20 August 1927, New Toronto

024970/27 Herbert Edward FAIRBARN, 21, clerk, Sutton Ontario, Toronto, s/o Charles FAIRBARN (b. Belhaven Ont.) & Theresa SMITH, married Irene NICHOLS, 27, waitress, Orillia, Orillia, d/o Samuel NICHOLS & Eleanor BOWERS, witn: Elisa MENOR & Grace McBRIDE both of Newmarket, 7 April 1927, Newmarket

024971/27 Austin Howard FAULKNER, 35, garage owner, Ontario, 129 Albertus Ave. Toronto, s/o Joseph FAULKNER (b. Ontario) & Sarah PATTERSON, married Hilda Irene DAVIS, 27, stenographer, Ontario, Thornhill Ont., d/o John S. DAVIS (b. Ontario) & Ellen C. OAKLEY, witn: A. G. JACKSON & Madeline T. JACKSON both of Thornhill, 7 September 1927, Thornhill

024973/27 Arthur Orlo FELT, 39, widower, jeweler, London Ont., Oshawa Ont., s/o Everet Orlo FELT (b. London Ont.) & Mary R. SHAW, married Alice Victoria McGIBBON, 29, divorced, designer, Sutton West Ont., Newmarket Ont. d/o Miles McINNIS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth WHYTE, witn: W. Russell EWING & Mary J. EWING both of Newmarket Ont., 11 April 1927, Newmarket

024974/27 George FERGUSON, 26, butcher, Scotland, 21 Lanis Ave. Mt. Denis Ont., s/o George FERGUSON (b. Scotland) & Catherine LEITCH, married Alice KAY, 24, silk weaver, England, 77 Chiswick Ave. Weston Ont., d/o Aaron KAY (b. England) & Harriet GREENFIELD, witn: Samuel A. KAY & Cora E. KAY both of 77 Chiswick Ave. Weston, 20 August 1927, Weston

024975/27 Joseph Eugene FICHAUD, 31, locomotive engineer, Quebec, 39 9th St. New Toronto, s/o J. B. FICHAUD (b. Quebec) & Katharine HUOT, married Elma DETTMAN, 23, saleslady, England, 34 Queens Ave. Mimico Ont., d/o Harry DETTMAN (b. England) & Sophia EHLERS, witn: John A. BENNION of 34 Queen's Ave. Mimico & William ASHE of Stanley Barracks Toronto, 24 March 1927, Mimico

024976/27 Frank Logan FIELDING, 30, real estate broker, Ontario, 129 Dinnick Cr. Toronto, s/o William M. FIELDING (b. Ontario) & Annie CUSACK, married Verna Victoria LEECH, 25, stenographer, Ontario, 24 Cranbrook Toronto, d/o Frederick Gamble LEECH (b. Ontario) & Florence May MATTHEWS, witn: Cameron Holgate THOMPSON & Esther Anne THOMPSON both of 93 Christie St. Toronto, 29 October 1927, Swansea

024977/27 Henry Richard FINCH, 36, farmer, Toronto, Twp. King, s/o James FINCH & Mary Agnes SMELSOR, married Eva Jane Allegra WATSON, 40, Vaughan Twp., Vaughan Twp., d/o George WATSON & Sarah KERR, witn: Whatley FINCH & Dorothy JAMIESON both of King Ont., 4 January 1927, King

024978/27 Norman Alexander Hugh FISHER, 21, rubber worker, Ontario, 312 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto, s/o Edwin FISHER (b. Ontario) & Mina GORDON, married Ferne Josephine WILSON, 19, operator, Ontario, 377 Montrose Ave. Toronto, d/o Joseph WILSON (b. Ontario) & Rachel BROWN, witn: Leila CUNNINGHAM of 26 Heman St. Mimico & Hazel STEWART of 104 Concord Ave. Toronto, 28 April 1927, Mimico

024979/27 James FITZGERALD, 23, laborer, Ontario, Port McNicoll Ont., s/o Daniel FITZGERALD (b. Ontario) & Hanora LATTANVILLE, married Gladys CAINE, 20, Ontario, 10 Rutherford Ave. Mt. Dennis Ont., d/o Patrick CAINE (b. Ireland) & Mary O'CONNOR, witn: James HOLLEY of Main St. Weston & Elizabeth RYLE of 47 George St. Weston, 19 April 1927, Weston

024980/27 Frank FLANAGAN, 44, widower, labourer, Ontario, 721 Spadina Ave., s/o Thomas FLANAGAN (b. Ireland) & Hannah RAMSDA, married Rebecca Gertrude SYSON, 42, widow, Ontario, 721 Spadina Ave., d/o Joseph SYSON (b. Ireland) & Margaret WILSON, witn: Florence BOGART & Cyril ATKINSON both of Newmarket, 7 November 1927, Newmarket

024981/27 George Alfred FLECK, 29, machinist, England, New Toronto, s/o Stephen George FLECK & Mary Jane PATTERSON, married Mary Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 28, England, Mimico, d/o John Charles JOHNSON & Annie Chadwick NADIN, witn: S. M. FLECK of 131 Wolverleigh Blvd. Toronto & Harriet JOHNSON of 73 Ray Ave. Mimico, 25 June 1927, Mimico

024982/27 Herbert John FLETCHER, 21, farmer, West Gwillimbury twp, Scott twp, s/o Burton FLETCHER (b. Acton Ont.) & Armetha MITCHELL, married Della STEVENSON, 19, at home, Georgina twp., same, d/o John STEVENSON (b. Scotland) & Lucy PERRAULT, witn: Mrs.? A. E. MARSHALL & Cameron? MARSHALL both of Newmarket, 14 September 1927, Newmarket

024983/27 Aubrey Robert Lawr FLEURY, 21, machinist, King City Ont., Aurora Ont., s/o Arthur FLEURY (b. Canada) & Sarah Hilda THOMPSON, married Barbara Lula WOODCOCK, 19, clerk, Bancroft Ont., Newmarket Ont., d/o George WOODCOCK (b. Canada) & Flora KELLER, witn: Wilma FLEURY & Nora QUANTZ, both of Aurora Ont., 21 May 1927, Aurora

024984/27 William FOLEY, 22, box maker, Ontario, 55 Endean Ave. Toronto, s/o William FOLEY (b. Ontario) & Annie MAGUIRE (Maginn?) married Frances Beatrice GUY, 16, book binder, Ontario, 42 Aileen Ave. Toronto, d/o Francis GUY (b. England) & Rosina ROUE (Roue?), witn: E. BALL of 68 Caroline Ave. & Annie GUY of 1208 Gerrard St. E., 2 July 1927, Twp. York

024985/27 Percy John FOSTER, 23, driver, England, 49 McPherson Ave., s/o John H. FOSTER (b. England) & Edith BOYCE, married Myrtle DRAPER, 19, domestic, Ontario, 208 Blantyre Ave., d/o James R. DRAPER (b. Ontario) & C. McCONNELL, witn: George LUNSLINE? of 210 Blantyre Ave & Mrs. H.C. GASKIN of 208 Blantyre Ave., 3 December 1927, Twp. Scarboro

024986/27 Reginald Adolph FOSTER, 26, clerk, England, Toronto, s/o George William FOSTER & Susan SEALEY, married Victoria Jessie SILVESTER, 26, clerk, England, Mt. Dennis Ont., d/o George Henry SILVESTER & Jessie HAYLEY, witn: Alex GREENE of 21 Lansdowne Ave. Toronto & Hilda WILLIAM of 3 Lippincott St. Weston Ont., 11 June 1927, Weston

024987/27 Richard FOSTER, 31, widower, farmer, Holland Landing, Holland Landing, s/o Thomas FOSTER & Mary SMITH, married Myrtle Alice Maud PARK, 30, housekeeper, Ravenshoe, Mount Albert, d/o Edward PARK & Tressa MANOR, witn: Fred HOLLINGHEAD & Mary Ann HOLLINGHEAD both of Holland Landing, 13 October 1927, Newmarket

024988/27 Melville Carson FOUNTAIN, 37, laborer, Sutton, Sutton, s/o Ira FOUNTAIN (b. East Gwillimbury) & Georgina WILLOUGHBY, married Mamie LAROBEE (Larabee?), 32, housemaid, Potstam N.Y., Sutton, d/o John LAROBEE (b. North Lawrence N.Y.) & Elizabeth PERRY, witn: V.D. HARKINSON of 191 Glendonwynne Rd. & M. B. KING of Holland Landing, 30 July 1927, Roches Point

024989/27 Allen FURGUSON, 23, Scotland, New Toronto, s/o Allen FURGUSON & Barbara COWAN, married Christina BEETHAN, 25, Ont., Mimico, d/o Hank BEETHAN & Catherine DORAN, witn: Denis HOWARD of Toronto & Loretto BEETHAN of Mimico, 13 October 1927, Mimico

024990/27 Charles Frederick GAIR, 23, printer, Ontario, 90 Cockburn St. Humber Bay Ont., s/o Joseph Frederick GAIR (b. Ontario) & Ida Maud ROSS, married Florence Sylvia MASTERS, 24, clerk, Wales, 51 Lavinia Ave. Swansea Ontario, d/o Job MASTERS (b. England) & Edith BOLTON, witn: Reginald Harold GAIR of 90 Cockburn Ave. Humber Bay & Phyllis MASTERS of 51 Lavinia Ave. Swansea, 10 February 1927, Swansea

024991/27 John GALLAGHER, 26, rubber worker, Blackburn Eng., Mimico, s/o Austin GALLAGHER (b. England) & Elizabeth GROGAN, married Helen McGarrigle DOLAN, 29, operator, Paisley Scotland, Mimico, d/o James DOLAN (b. Scotland) & Isobel SCOTT, witn: Banister R. DERBYSHIRE of 23 Hay Ave. Mimico & Jenny WALLACE of 672 Ossington? 1 October 1927, Mimico

024992/27 Leonard Cauthers GALLAUGHER, 33, physician, Twp. Mulmur, Sundridge Ont., s/o James GALLAUGHER (b. Mulmur Twp.) & Margaret Ann CAUTHERS, married Helen May Kathleen RIDDELL, 35, nurse, Moose Jaw Sask., Sundridge Ont., d/o William RIDDELL (b. Gietta? Ont.) & Helen FORBES, witn: Florence H. PRENTICE & Arthur J. PRENTICE both of 208 Oakwood Toronto, 29 June 1927, Twp. York

024993/27 Frederick GAMBLE, 36, undertaker, Waldemar Ont., Shelburne, s/o William B. GAMBLE (b. Ireland) & Mary GREENWOOD, married Mary Gertrude JACKSON, 23, clerk, Bond Lake Ont., Lansing Ont., d/o Walter JACKSON (b. Canada) & Mable WELLS, witn: Beatrice CHAPMAN of 710 Balliol St. & W.A. GAMBLE of Grand Valley Ont., 9 March 1927, Co. York

024994/27 Leslie Lawrence GARRED, 28, shipper, England, Mt. Dennis, s/o Harry Alfred GARRED & Elizabeth Ann CURAS, married Edith Fanny BLAKE, 21, England, Mt. Dennis, d/o Harry BLAKE & Catherine BARKLEY, witn: Lucy E. SEGER of 11 Humber Blvd. Mt. Dennis & Fred A. TAYLOR of 36 Waters? Ave. Mt. Dennis, 17 September 1927, Mt. Dennis

024995/27 Lorne David GENNO, 23, teamster, Ontario, 3315 Danforth Ave., s/o Robert James GENNO (b. Ontario) & Bertha HAPENSTALL, married Amy Maud WEBB, 21, laundress, England, 1302 Woodbine Ave., d/o Charles WEBB (b. England) & Rose Sarah MARDELL, witn: Violet M. ARNOLD of 35 Eastdale Ave. & H. C. CHERON of 1 Kenworthy Ave., 26 March 1927, 142 Dawes Rd., Toronto

024996/27 Edwin John GIBBONS, 22, tire maker, England, 157 Seventh St. New Toronto, s/o George GIBBONS (b. England) & Clara ELLIS, married May WEST, 28, domestic, Ireland, Soldier Aid Commission Birchcliffe Ont., d/o Alex WEST (b. Ireland) & Emily FLEMING, witn: Horace Roland GIBBONS of Tavistock Ont. & Margaret Brenner THOMSON of 621 Jarvis St. Toronto, 16 July 1927, Twp. Scarboro

024997/27 Geoffrey Alston GIBSON, 21, chauffeur, Ontario, 208 Nairn Ave., s/o John GIBSON (b. England) & Kern BAILEY, married Annie Margaret COUSINS, 18, saleslady, Ontario, 120 Mountjoy Ave., d/o James COUSIN (b. Ireland) & Hannah WEIR, witn: A. C. DINGMAN of 250 Pape Ave. Toronto & D. L. MINER of 44 Roseheath Toronto, 17 June 1927, Islington

024998/27 John Russell GLENNY, 33, stock keeper, Edinburgh Scotland, Toronto, s/o Andrew GLENNY (b. Scotland) & Agnes RUSSELL, married Marion Edna MOORE, 33, at home, Islington Ont., Toronto, d/o Arthur W. B. MOORE (b. Islington) & Josephine COULTER, witn: William RUSSELL of 112 Cottingham St. & Franc E. MOORE of Islington Ont., 22 June 1927, Twp. Etobicoke

024999/27 Frederick James GODFREY, 20, electrician, England, 357 Caledonia Rd., s/o Frederick John GODFREY (b. England) & Ellen CLARKE, married Mary Barrie Fairweather COULL, 17, operator, Scotland, 357 Caledonia Rd., d/o John FAIRWEATHER (b. Scotland) & Jessie COULL, witn: Grace LUMSDEN of 126 Woodfield Rd. & Leonard William AYLETT of 536 Harvie Ave., 17 September 1927, Twp. York

025000/27 Joseph GOLDEN, 26, truck driver, Ontario, 717 Dufferin St. Toronto, s/o William GOLDEN (b. Ireland) & Margaret MEE, married Ina May WELDRICK, 25, domestic, Ontario, 68 Dawlish Ave. Toronto, d/o L. B. WELDRICK (b. Ontario) & Benellah BOYNTON, witn: Harry IRELAND of King & Emma WELDRICK of Maple, 14 June 1927, King

025001/27 Arthur Douglas GOLDSMITH, 22, farmer, Stoke England, Newmarket, s/o Alfred GOLDSMITH (b. St. Grain England) & Anna SMITH, married Winona BELFRY, 20, telephone operator, Meaford, Newmarket, d/o W. I. BELFRY (b. Newmarket) & Anna KOLLER, witn: C. S. HILBERT? & Irene LEGOOD both of Newmarket Ont., 31 December 1927, Newmarket

025002/27 Freddie GOLL, 22, rubber worker, Ontario, New Toronto, s/o Conrad GOLL (b. Ontario) & Minnie KELLY, married Amelia Jane WALMSLEY, 19, factory worker, Ontario, New Toronto, d/o John WALMSLEY (b. Ontario) & Amelia MILLER, witn: Kathleen ROBINSON of New Toronto & Mrs. G. W. ROBINSON of 93 Fifth St. New Toronto, 14 January 1927, New Toronto

025003/27 Ira Worts GOODERHAM, 51, widower, farmer, Ontario, Todmorden R.R. #1, s/o Thomas GOODERHAM (b. England) & Jane LAIRD, married Mabel Elizabeth GOWAN, 40, house keeper, Ontario, Todmorden R.R. #1, d/o William Francis GOWAN (b. Ontario) & Mary POLLEY, witn: Edith POLLEY of 18 McLean Ave. Toronto & Lorne GOODERHAM of Downsview Ont., 29 December 1927, Twp. North York

025004/27 Thomas Henry GOULD, 23, farmer, Ontario, Schomberg, s/o Jacob GOULD (b. Ontario) & Edith M. McCLEAN, married Flossie Eleanor CAMPBELL, 24, Ontario, King City, d/o Jacob Jerome CAMPBELL (b. Ontario) & Martha McMURCHY, witn: Albert Archie CAMPBELL of King & Effie May GOULD of Schomberg, 1 January 1927, twp. King

025005/27 James GOWANLOCK, 76, widower, contractor, Ontario, Fort William Ont., s/o James GOWANLOCK (b. Scotland) & Mary Anne DARK, married Isabella FRASER, 60, teacher, Quebec, Weston, d/o Alexander FRASER (b. Scotland) & Agnes STEWART, witn: C. Lorne FRASER of Scarlett Rd. Weston Ont. & A. S. NASEK? of Buffalo N.Y., 30 April 1927, Weston

025006/27 Clifford William GRAHAM, 22, photographer, England, Scarboro, s/o Clifford Arthur GRAHAM (b. England) & Olive BOWEN, married Elsie RAY, 18, stenographer, England, Scarboro, d/o William Acton RAY (b. England) & Mary Hannah BROWN, witn: Mrs. Percy JONES of 292 Kennedy Rd. & Mrs. Alfred CLARK of illegible Kennedy, 16 June 1927, Twp. Scarboro

025007/27 John Thomas GRAHAM, 25, farmer, Fenelon twp., Pickering twp., s/o David GRAHAM (b. Fenelon twp) & Elizabeth TYE, married Norma Elda HOOVER, 22, Markham twp., same, d/o Samuel W. HOOVER (b. Altona Pickering Twp.) & Martha PIKE, witn: Sherman O. GRAHAM & Eva Faye HOOVER both of Locust Hill Ont., 4 May 1927, Markham

025008/27 Russell GRAHAM, 25, farmer, Whitchurch, King Twp., s/o James GRAHAM (b. Whitchurch) & Elizabeth HORSELY, married Helen JASKARI, 21, housekeeper, Finland, King Twp., d/o Sasthue? JASKARI (b. Finland) & Sanni RAHKO, witn: J. L. JENKINS & Ruth MILLER both of King, 9 July 1927, Twp. King

025009/27 James Wetherald GRANT, 33, bond salesman, Ontario, 25 Cluney Drive, s/o Andrew S. GRANT (b. Quebec) & Caroline WETHERALD, married Jane FENSON, 30, Ontario, 84 Chestnut Pk., d/o George H. FENSON (b. Ontario) & Nettie LAW, witn: Alan GRANT & Olive WISENER both of Toronto, 8 October 1927, Roches Point

025010/27 Arthur Francis GRAY, 19, painter, Nova Scotia, 56 Eversfield Rd., s/o Reuben GRAY (b. Nova Scotia) & Adelia BEVENS, married Margaret HAMILTON, 19, stenographer, Ontario, 28 Benson Ave., d/o George HAMILTON (b. Ireland) & Annie DOBSON, witn: Arthur Wesley DYSON of 334 Dufferin St. & Margaret CURRIE of 73 Hocken Ave., 23 July 1927, Twp. York

025011/27 Winslow GRAYDON, 23, shipper, Ontario, 54 Albani St. Mimico, s/o John C. GRAYDON (b. Ireland) & Gertrude McCAUL, married Mary Elizabeth MITCHELL, 24, clerk, Scotland, 19 Seventeenth St. New Toronto, d/o John F. MITCHELL (b. Scotland) & Ann McHATTIE, witn: Rubert GRAYDON of 54 Albani St. Mimico & Anna MITCHELL of 19 Seventeenth St. New Toronto, 22 June 1927, Twp. Etobicoke

025012/27 George Leslie GREEN, 22, farm laborer, King Twp., King Twp., s/o Richard GREEN (b. East Gwillimbury) & Elizabeth KERR, married Bertha Evelyn STECKLEY, 25, Whitchurch Twp., King Twp., d/o Christopher STECKLEY (b. Whitchurch) & Mary E. WHEEDON, witn: Isobel CAREY of 4 Symington Ave. Toronto & Jack MAGINN of Maple Ont., 23 March 1927, Twp. King

025013/27 Alfred GREENWOOD, 27, fruit grower, England, West Hill Ontario, s/o Alfred GREENWOOD (b. England) & Margaret Annie COWAN, married Joyce Irene ATKINSON, 26, Ontario, Scarboro Ont., d/o George ATKINSON (b. Ontario) & Isabella WHITE, witn: Kathleen GREENWOOD & Edward ATKINSON both of West Hill Ont., 8 June 1927, Scarboro

025014/27 Clarence Herbert GROSSE, 23, druggist, Toronto, 193 Westmoreland Ave., s/o J. Albert GROSSE (b. Ontario) & Rosena WALZ, married Verna WILLIAMS, 19, clerk, Toronto, 45 French Ave. York Twp., d/o Fred WILLIAMS (b. Ontario) & May BAINE, witn: Arthur R. GROSSE of 193 Westmoreland Ave. Toronto & Vivien Maude GEDDES of 27 Harshaw Ave. Toronto, 6 October 1927, Twp. York

025015/27 Franklin GROVE, 25, farmer, Ontario, Mount Joy Ont., s/o David GROVE (b. Ontario) & Esther REESOR, married Pauline Irene TIMBERS, 21, Ontario, Milliken Ont., d/o Josiah TIMBERS (b. English) & Pauline BANKS, witn: Margaret M. J. BALL of 200 King St. W. Oshawa & J. Velma C. WILLOUGHBY of 44 Primrose Ave. Mimico, 31 August 1927, Twp. Scarboro

025016/27 Charles Henry GRUNDY, 45, widower, gardener, Yarborough Eng., Agincourt, s/o Grantham GRUNDY & Martha EMMERSON, married Margaret TAYLOR, 29, widow, housekeeper, England, Agincourt, d/o William PARKER & Margaret HUNTER, witn: John FORBES & Isobel FORBES both of Agincourt Ont., 3 March 1927, Agincourt

025017/27 John HADDOCK, 24, carpenter, Ireland, 103 Dawes Rd. Toronto, s/o John HADDOCK (b. Ireland) & Rosetta CRAWFORD, married Lucy Ann HODSON, 28, nurse, England, 180 Queensdale Ave. Toronto, d/o William Henry HODSON (b. England) & Mary CHADWICK, witn: D. BRANEY of 396 Danforth Ave. & W. D. DUNCAN of Ontario Hosp. Mimico, 12 July 1927, Mimico

025076-27 George Kingsley JOHNSTON, 31, Lumberman, Pefferlaw, Pefferlaw, s/o William H. JOHNSTON (b. Pefferlaw) & Minnie F. MUSGROVE; married Frances Donalda EGO, 30, Georgina Twp, Sutton West, d/o Donald EGO (b. Georgina Twp) & Frances M. BROOKS; wit R.S. JOHNSTON, Pefferlaw & Eliza K. EGO, Sutton West, 15 Sept 1927, Sutton West

025077-27 Arthur JONES, 24, Machinist, Wolverhampton Staffordshire England, Toronto, s/o William James JONES & Clara Zipporah MANLOVE; married Nellie BOUCKLEY, 21, Operator, Bilstan Staffordshire England, Toronto, d/o Joseph BOUCKLEY & Frances Jane MORRALL; wit Hilda MANLOVE, Birch Cliff & William M. JONES, Buffalo NY, 29 Jan 1927, St. Nicholas Rectory

025078-27 Arthur Henry JONES, 22, Rubber Worker, England, Mimico, s/o Albert Edward JONES (b. Wales) & Ellen Blanche MANLOVE: married Alfreda Gwendolyn CRACKNELL, 18, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Alfred Reuben CRACKNELL (b. England) & Frances Elizabeth MCLELLAN; wit Nellie Blanche JONES, Mimico & Joseph William WILSON, Lakeview, 11 Jun 1927, New Toronto

025079-27 Eric Carlyle JONES, 26, Druggist, Ontario, Pickering, s/o Albert JONES (sic) (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth OUGH; married Ethel Mary WARREN, 32, Bookkeeper, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas WARREN (sic) (b. Ireland) & Catherine NESBIT; wit Allan C. STRUTHERS & Jessie D. FRASER, both Toronto, 1 Jun 1927, Aurora

025080-27 Gordon Christopher JONES, 22, Cleaner & Presser, Toronto, 177 Donald Ave in Toronto, s/o Robert John JONES (b. Wales) & Lucy BEAN; married Mary Christina BELL, 18, Chocolate Packer, Scotland, 167 Donald Ave, d/o Thomas BELL (b. Scotland) & Margaret MITCHELL; wit Robert THOMAS & Annie ROBERTS, both Toronto, 5 Nov 1927, York Twp

025081-27 Robert Kenneth JONES, 22, farmer, London England, King Twp, s/o Robert JONES & (not known) was one orphan boy; married Margaret Kathleen GOULD, 21, House Maid, Newmarket, Newmarket, d/o James GOULD & Elizabeth PAXTON; wit Gordon George GOLDSMITH & Georgia Helen GOULD, both Newmarket, 6 Jun 1927, Newmarket

025082-27 Ernest Milton KEAT, 27, Clerk, Ontario, 649 Christie St. in Toronto, s/o Charles Clayton KENT (b. England) & Ida Jane HAMM; married Florence Eleanor WILKES, 22, operator, England, Mt. Dennis, d/o Alfred E. WILKES (b. England) & Mary E. ROE; wit Alice B. CATTER & Leland Edson KEAT; both Toronto, 3 Sept 1927, Mount Dennis

025083-27 James KEELER, 55, Labourer, Ontario, Ontario, s/o James KEELER (b. France) & Annie PHILCOX; married Ann Maria WOODWARD, 52, Saleslady, England, 1082 Queen St. West, d/o Frederick WOODWARD (b. England) & Janet KENT; wit Mrs. M.E. DURNFORD & Edith DURNFORD, both West Hill, 30 Jun 1927, Scarboro Twp

025084-27 Theodore Rupert KEEN, 27, Labourer, England, Fairbank, s/o Luke KEEN (b. England) & Mary Ann GRIFFIN; married Marjorie Rosa PRENTICE, 19, Assembler, England, Fairbank, d/o Thomas William PRENTICE (b. England) & Gertrude Ada PETTIT; wit C. FOSTER? of 65 Yours Rd & Lily MESKER of 19 Kitchener Ave, 4 Jun 1927, North York Twp

025086-27 Oscar Franklin KELLAM, 29, farmer, Ontario, Woodbridge, s/o Boyle Thomas KELLAM (b. Ontario) & Sarah Elizabeth ROBINSON; married Olive Irene RICE, 20, Ontario, Woodbridge, d/o Johnathan Alexander RICE (b. Ontario) & Jennie May ADAM; wit Albert Clarence WRAY & Jean Muriel RICE, both Woodbridge, 14 Sept 1927, Vaughan Twp

025085-27 Clarence Henry KELLAM, 30, Farmer, Ontario, Weston, s/o Richard KELLAM (b. Ontario) & Eleanor THOMAS; married Rita Viola BANKS, 23, Ontario, Weston, d/o Randall BANKS (b. Ontario) & Esther A. STOBBART; wit Ruth H. FARR, Sharon & Frank E. BANKS, Weston, 1 Jun 1927, Etobicoke Twp

025087-27 Carl Ivan KELLINGTON, 19, farmer, East Gwillimbury Twp, East Gwillimbury, s/o John M. KELLINGTON (b. North Gwillimbury Twp) & Emma RYE; married Leslie Alice PATTENDEN, 22, Housekeeper, East Gwillimbury, Newmarket, d/o Richard William PATTENDEN (b. King Twp) & Mary Alice SCOTT; wit T.C. CAMERON, Ravenshoe & Sophia PATTENDEN, Aurora, 16 Feb 1927, Keswick

025088-27 Douglas Gould KELLY, 22, Brush Maker, Douglas Isle of Man, Mimico, s/o Thomas KELLY (b. Isle of Man) & Alice GOULD; married Lydia Wilson HARPER, 21, Domestic, England, Mimico, d/o Alfred HARPER (b. England) & Lydia WILSON; wit L.J. MIDDLETON, Mimico & Thomas KNATCHBELL, Toronto, 25 Oct 1927, Mimico

025089-27 Ernest Albert KEMP, 25, Dairyman, Wales, 179 Locksley Ave in Toronto, s/o George Lewis KEMP (b. England) & Martha BURGOYNE; married Mary Olive Ann LANE, 24, Stenographer, England, 1 Onslow Cres, d/o Frederick Robert LANE (b. England) & Jessie COURAGE; wit Charles H. KEMP of 516 Whitmore Ave & Myrtle W. LANE of 1 Onslow Cres, 29 Jun 1927, York Twp

025090-27 Allan Cameron KENT, 24, Woodman, Minden, Lindsay, s/o William Francis KENT (b. Beaverton) & Sarah TAYLOR; married Mabel Ellen TOYE, 19, Housekeeper, Hendon Twp, Minden, d/o William TOYE (b. Hendon Hill) & Jennie SAWYER; wit Edwin KENT & Stella TOYE, both Hendon Hill, 17 Aug 1927, Newmarket

025091-27 Edward Henry KENTON, 31, Mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas KENTON & Florence BICKLE; married Florence Ethel RUCK, 24, England, Toronto, d/o John Edward RUCK & Matilda FARRELL; wit Caroline JARREATT & F. STANLEY, both Toronto, 25 Jun 1927, Long Branch

025092-27 Frank KERR, 22, Blacksmith Helper, Scotland, 67 Castleton Ave in Toronto, s/o William Hamish KERR (b. Scotland) & Annie TAYLOR; married Margaret Cathcart McLean BARR, 20, Scotland, 67 Castleton Ave, d/o Samuel BARR (b. Scotland) & Henrietta MCLEAN; wit Samuel BARR & Rebecca DUNN, both Toronto, 7 Jun 1927, York Twp

025093-27 Sydney KETTEL, 56, Farmer, Kent England, North Gwillimbury Twp, s/o Stephen KETTEL (b. Kent England) & Annie ELWIN; married Alice Amy FAIRBARN, 48, Housekeeper, Wid, Keswick, North Gwillimbury Twp, d/o Richard MAIN (b, Keswick) & Martha WARNER; wit Mrs. METCALFE, Sutton & Annie MAIN, Keswick, 29 Jun 1927, North Gwillimbury Twp

025094-27 James KEYS, 29, labourer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John KEYS (b. Ireland) & Annie SMITH; married Emily KEYS, 25, Dress finisher, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas KEYS (b. Ireland) & Margaret COTT; wit Mary KEYS, New Toronto & Gordon KEYS, Beamsville, 18 Mar 1927, Etobicoke twp

025095-27 Charles Lewis KING, 25, Labourer, Scotland, Todmorden, s/o Edward Andrew KING (b. Scotland) & Hilda BRENCHLY; married Susanah GLASGOW, 22, Operator, England, Todmorden, d/o Edward GLASGOW (b. England) & Emma COOK; wit Alexander Anderson HUGHES of 229 Gowan Ave & Grace GLASGOW of 355 Gamble Ave, 17 Dec 1927, Todmorden

025096-27 Everett KING, 22, Farmer, Keswick, Keswick, illegitimate s/o Georgie KING; married Janet Thomson EAGLESHAM, 24, Domestic, Lanarkshire Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert Henry EAGLESHAM (b. Scotland) & Janet THOMSON; wit Joseph EDWARDS, Keswick & Janet Thomson FRAME, Toronto, 28 Apr 1927, Keswick

025097-27 James Arthur Carmichael KING, 21, Banker, Wellington Ont, Buffalo NY, s/o Mathew Thomas KING (b. England) & Louise RUTTAN; married Helen Isobel WARREN, 24, Clerk, Gamebridge, Oshawa, d/o William Reginald WARREN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth YULE; wit A.G. MACDONALD, Toronto & F. CHADBURN, Oshawa, 15 Feb 1927, Aurora

025098-27 Joseph KINGHORN, 35, Hat Operator, Ontario, New York USA, s/o Thomas Robert KINGHORN (b. England) & Charlotte no surname; married Mina HOUSTON, 28, Cashier, Scotland, 491 Pape Ave in Toronto, d/o Robert HOUSTON (b. Scotland) & Isabelle GALLOWAY; wit James MILTON of 49 Walmsley Blvd & T. HOUSTON of 491 Pape Ave, 14 May 1927, New Toronto

025100-27 William Cecil KINNEE, 25, Baker, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William KINNEE (b. Ontario) & Ada EATON; married Lily STOLLERY, 24, spooller, England, Mt. Dennis, d/o Henry STOLLERY (b. England) & Annie SAILL; wit Harland CAMPBELL of 83 Glenholme Ave & Thomas STOLLERY, Mt. Dennis, 28 Jun 1927, Weston

025099-27 Charles Everton KINNEE, 19, Labourer, Vaughan Twp, Woodbridge, s/o John Henry KINNEE & Agnes KERR; married Hazel Beatrice ROBERTSON, 19, Nanton Alberta, Woodbridge, d/o James Arthur ROBERTSON (b. Markham) & Bessie Jane HARDWICK; wit Leonard SEAD & Luella ROBERTSON, both Woodbridge, 26 Feb 1927, Woodbridge

025101-27 Arthur Percival KIRKMAN, 25, mill wright, England, Mt. Dennis, s/o Arthur KIRKMAN & Maud BENNETT; married Jennie Annie Elizabeth HALE, 24, England, Long Branch, d/o Stephen James HALE & Annie STEVENS; wit Annie E. HALE, Long Branch & Leo BOURKE, Toronto, 27 Aug 1927, Long Branch

025102-27 Seth KIRTON, 63, Carpenter, Wid, Ontario, Newmarket, s/o William KIRTON (b. England) & Frances Elizabeth FENDINE?; married Ada Mae LEPARD, 50, Housekeeper, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Arthur LEPARD (b. Ontario) & Anna SUMMERVILLE; wit Gertrude ATKINSON & Rena HAMILTON, both Newmarket, 26 Nov 1927, Newmarket

025103-27 Herbert KISLINGBURY, 53, Motor Mechanic, Wid, England, 91 Hayden St. in Toronto, s/o William KISLINGBURY (b. England) & Mary SWAIN; married Margaret GOLBY, 46, Wid, England, 46 Holland Park Ave, d/o William MUNDY (b. England) & Annie SCOTT; wit J.H. BRYANT of Asquith Ave & Gladys H. MILLER of 388 Beresford Ave, 21 Jan 1927, York Twp

025104-27 Everton Rose KITCHENER, 22, Farmer, Etobicoke Twp, Vaughan Twp, s/o William KITCHENER (b. Toronto Gore) & Jessie EVANS; married Myra Serena ROWNTREE, 20, Vaughan Twp, Vaughan Twp, d/o George William ROWNTREE (b. Vaughan Twp) & Sarah Elizabeth ROWNTREE; wit Holdwin Smith JURY, Woodbridge & Eva Louise HENDRY, 21 Sept 1927, Thistletown

025105-27 John Medcalf KITCHING, 23, Stone Cutter, Wales, 457 Warden Ave in Toronto, s/o John Medcalf KITCHING (b. England) & Marion GRICE; married Elizabeth Ann TAIT, 22, England, 457 Warden Ave, d/o Andrew TAIT (b. Scotland) & Margaret NICHOLSON; wit Edwin GRICE & Mrs. Helen GRICE, both of 457 Warden Ave, 30 Jun 1927, Scarboro Twp

025106-27 Chesley KNIGHT, 31, Carpenter, Newfoundland, 257 Bartlett Ave in Toronto, s/o William KNIGHT (b. Newfoundland) & Phoebe CLARKE; married Stella BENNETT, 29, Operator, Newfoundland, 755 Gladstone Ave, d/o Samuel BENNETT (b. Newfoundland) & Emma ANSTAY; wit Louis KNIGHT & Ethel KNIGHT, both Toronto, 4 Jun 1927, Mimico

025107-27 Joseph Andrew Olivier LAFORTUNE, 19, Rubber Worker, Hawkesbury, Mimico, s/o Xavier LAFORTUNE (b. Quebec) & Emaulda DENIS; married Beatrice AUDETTE, 34, Chute a Blondeau, Chute a Blondeau, d/o Hormisdas AUDETTE (b. Vaudreuil) & Emma BRAZEAU; wit Jack L. WOODS & Margaret MALONE, both Mimico, 26 Feb 1927, Mimico

025108-27 Henry LAK, 23, Electrician, Holland, 2 Condor Ave in Toronto, s/o Lewis LAK (b. Holland) & Johanna PLATT; married Helen Ann DAVIES, 25, Hair Dresser, England, 128 Eaton Ave, d/o Joseph DAVIES (b. England) & Rachel HUNT; wit Jack Martin LAK of 2 Condor Ave & Violet Sadie DAVIES of 128 Eaton Ave, 3 Nov 1927, Todmorden

025109-27 William John LAMPARD, 30, Labourer, South Wales, West York Twp, s/o Arthur LAMPARD (b. South Wales) & Margaret Ann EVANS; married Margaret Sophia SCOTT, 23, Chocolate Moulder, England, West York Twp, d/o Arnold William SCOTT (b. England) & Sarah HOZMAN; wit Ivan DAVIES & Ruby LAMPARD, both of Silverthorn Ave., 10 Sept 1927, York Twp

025110-27 Frank LAMPTON, 40, Farmer, Cataraqui Ont, RR4 Paris, s/o Robert Elder LAMPTON (b. Ontario) & Anna Augusta FRETZ; married Eve Leota MOE (MOC?), 41, Bookkeeper, Brantford, Unionville, d/o Charles Henry MOE (b. Ontario) & Rosella O'NEIL; wit Clara L. BROOKFIELD & Harold C. BROOKFIELD, both Unionville, 31 Dec 1927, Markham Twp

025111-27 George LANE, 28, Dealer, England, Toronto, s/o Frederick LANE (b. England) & Jessie COURAGE; married Ruth Marie BURBIDGE, 21, Ontario, Humber Bay, d/o Ernest BURBIDGE (b. York Co) & Caroline SMITH; wit Robert BURBIDGE, Humber Bay & Vera M. GASCOYNE, Toronto, 7 Sept 1927, Etobicoke

025112-27 William Henry LANE, 26, Labourer, Sundridge, Burks Falls, s/o Ernest Eugene MILLWARD (sic) (b. Ontario) & Jane Louisa CORRINGTON; married Edna May BESWICK, 20, Muskoka, Burks Falls, d/o James Alford BESWICK (b. Brighton England) & Florence Estella LEWIS (LEURS?); wit Joseph BRADSHAW, Huntsville & Reatha BUTT of 123 Pinewood Ave., 27 Dec 1927, Calvary Church

025113-27 Bert Willis LANG, 29, Accountant, Ontario, Mimico, s/o Alexander LANG (b. Ontario) & Annie KINCAID; married Margaret Campbell MCLEAY, 19, Teacher, Ontario, Mimico, d/o Robert Campbell MCLEAY (b. Ontario) & Nellie Stayner WHITT; wit Annie LANG, Bethany & Nellie S. MCLEAY, Mimico, 10 Aug 1927, Mimico

025114-27 Roger Benjamin LANGLEY, 34, Farmer, Toronto, Whitchurch Twp, s/o Benjamin LANGLEY (b. Toronto) & Hannah Cornwall SMITH; married Dorothy Hawthorne TAYLOR, 36, Nurse, East York, East York, d/o John H. TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Matilda MCLEAN; wit Jessie G. TAYLOR, 647 Don Mills Rd & J. Winnifred DAVIES, 67 De Lisle Ave in Toronto, 24 Aug 1927, Todmorden

025115-27 Edgar LATCHAM, 24, Mechanic, Markham Twp, Uxbridge Twp, s/o John S. LATCHAM (b. RR1 Stouffville) & Annie HUTCHISON; married Effie Lillian KNIGHT, 23, Scott Twp, Goodwood, d/o Stephen W. KNIGHT (b. Carden Twp) & Margaret BREWSTER; wit Georgina BATT & John W. KNIGHT, both Stouffville, 23 Mar 1927, Markham Twp

025116-27 James Allan LATHAM, 28, Farmer, Ontario, Wexford Ont, s/o William A. LATHAM (b. Ontario) & Janet MILLER; married Mildred Irene BERTRAM, 24, Operator, Ontario, 11 Midland Ave. Toronto, d/o David A. BERTRAM (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth ORMROD; wit James A. BERTRAM & Mabel I. LATHAM, both East Toronto, 6 Apr 1927, East York


025117-27 Leslie Howard LAUGHER, 24, Salesman, England, 743 Gerrard St. East in Toronto, s/o James LAUGHER (b. England) & Jane JENKINS; married Dorothy Nellie WEBLEY, 26, Milliner, England, 976 Broadview Ave, d/o Frank George WEBLEY (b. England) & Ruth ASHFIELD; wit Basil Roger PENNIE, Brantford & Evelyn Ruth WEBLEY, 976 Broadview Ave, 25 Jun 1927, Todmorden

025118-27 Gilbert William LAWRENCE, 24, Mechanic, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William John LAWRENCE (b. Ontario) & Christina ZOLLMER; married Mabel Alice KETTRINGHAM, 25, England, Mt. Dennis, d/o Edward Mark KETTRINGHAM (b. England) & Annie Maria SMITH; wit Maude Christina LAWRENCE, Port Hope & Richard CHAPMAN, Weston, 5 Jul 1927, York Twp

025119-27 Harold Baden LAWRENCE, 26, Porter CNR, England, 23 Hibernia Ave in Toronto, s/o George LAWRENCE (b. England) & Emma WARD; married Lillian Evelyn KENT, 23, Operator, England, 26 Gray Ave, d/o John Joseph KENT (b. England) & Elizabeth LOCKE; wit V. LAWRENCE & Ada MARSDEN, both Toronto, 20 Aug 1927, York Twp

025120-27 William D'Alton LAWSON, 46, Bank Manager, Ontario, New Toronto, s/o William A. LAWSON (b. Ontario) & Harriet Frances WHITEACRE; married Isabella CRAIB, 25, Bank Clerk, Ontario, New Toronto, d/o Andrew CRAIB (b. Scotland) & Lillian GORMAN; wit M.G. LAWSON & E.G. MCCALLUM, both New Toronto, 23 July 1927 at New Toronto

025121-27 Vernon LEA, 39, Director, Ontario, 9 Hambly Ave in Toronto, s/o Joseph LEA (b. England) & Elizabeth BRENT; married Constance COLEMAN, 28, Bookkeeper, England, 34 Blantyre Ave, d/o Arthur Henry COLEMAN (b. England) & Robina Budge JOLIN (Jobin?) wit Arthur Henry COLEMAN & Robina LLOYD, both 34 Blantyre Ave, 24 Dec 1927, Birchcliff

025122-27 John Charles LEADBETTER, 25, Butcher, England, Markham, s/o Charles (b. England) & Florence Marion LEADBETTER; married Carrie Rebecca Dudley WHITE, 21, Markham Twp, Markham Twp, d/o Thomas James (b. England) & Georgina WHITE; wit Harry LEADBETTER, Markham & Eleanor Barrett WHITE, Markham Twp, 21 Sept 1927, Unionville

025123-27 Clarence Garnet LEADLAY, 42, Timekeeper, Ontario, Edmonton Alberta, s/o Henry LEADLAY (b. Ontario) & Margaret MACGOWAN; married Anna May KENWELL, 35, Hair Dresser, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Joseph KENWELL (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth CAMPBELL; wit Fred DENNIS, Newen? & Sara A. HALL, Newmarket, 7 Jul 1927, Newmarket

025124-27 Joe LEAH, 23, Machine Operator, England, Mt. Dennis, s/o Jonathan LEAH (b. England) & Eliza Alice MILLHENCH; married Gladys CLOUGH, 20 (b. 22 Nov 1906), Spinner, Bolton England, Mt. Dennis, d/o John CLOUGH (b. England) & Elizabeth BROWN; wit Ezra HAMILTON & Lillian HARGREAVES, both Mt. Dennis, 11 Mar 1927, Mt. Dennis

025125-27 Frederick LE DREW, 35, physician, Newfoundland, Whitby, s/o Isaac LE DREW (b. Newfoundland) & Bertha BENNETT; married Marjorie Isobel SILVERTHORN, 25, Ontario, Islington, d/o Charles SILVERTHORN (b. Ontario) & Margaret COULTER; wit Harold SMITH, East Toronto & Myra SILVERTHORN, Islington, 22 Oct 1927, Etobicoke Twp

025126-27 Clarence Radyen LEE, 21, Rubber Worker, Ontario, Mimico, s/o George Henry LEE (b. Ontario) & Lily May ARTHUR; married Reta Ida Mary STEVENS, 18 9/12, Toronto, Mimico, d/o Daniel STEVENS (b. Scotland) & Mary THEOBALD; wit George Walker SHARPEN, Mimico & Clara MANNING, New Toronto, 5 Mar 1927, New Toronto

025127-27 Harold Peer LE MOINE, 24, Machinist, Cornwall, Scarlet Plains, s/o Peter LE MOINE (b. Newfoundland) & Mary FELDER; married Edith Pearl WHITEHEAD, 24, Clerk, Humber Bay, Scarlet Plains, d/o John WHITEHEAD (b. England) & Annie DREW; wit Irvine John WYLIE, Toronto & Muriel WHITEHEAD, Humber Bay, 4 Jun 1927, St. James Church, Humber Bay

025128-27 Andrew LENNON, 24, Labourer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William LENNON (b. Ireland) & Margaret GUNNING, married Martha MILLAR, 22, Domestic, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James MILLAR (b. Scotland) & Jean WEIR; wit John Thomas AVERY of 114 Earlsdale Ave & Theodora LENNON of 94 Edwin Ave, 9 Jul 1927, York Twp

025129-27 Alfred LEONARD, 34, Labourer, England, 871 Weston Rd., s/o Herbert LEONARD (b. England) & Alice TANG; married Alice PEEVER, 21, Domestic, Ontario, 871 Weston Rd., d/o Joseph PEEVER (b. Ontario) & Lily WOODCOCK; wit Robert PEEVER & Alice PEEVER?, both York Twp, 18 Jun 1927, York Twp

025130-27 Arthur LEPPARD, 32, Farmer, East Gwillimbury Twp, East Gwillimbury Twp, s/o William LEPPARD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth MORRIS; married Florence MOORHEAD, 26, East Gwillimbury Twp, Whitchurch Twp, d/o Thomas MOORHEAD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth SAWDON; wit Hugh LEPARD, Beeton & Nora MOORHEAD, Mount Albert, 30 Nov 1927, Whitchurch Twp

025131-27 Alexander LEWIS, 28, Pilot Officer RCAF, England, Camp Borden, s/o Philip B. LEWIS (b. England) & Florence EAVES; married Jeannett Rosalind CADY, 35, Hair Dresser, Birmanwood Wis, Winnipeg, d/o Adelbert A. CADY (b. USA) & Mary HAMILTON; wit Julia BELL of 36 Kennedy Ave & Alice E. FOREMAN of 38 Kennedy Ave, 25 Jun 1927, Swansea

025132-27 George Frederick LINCOLN, 20, Cabinet Maker, England, Mimico, s/o Frederick LINCOLN (b. England) & Mary Ann SMITH; married Marjorie Evelyn ATKINSON, 21, Clerk, Toronto, Mimico, d/o George Earle ATKINSON (b. Ontario) & Minnie Louise ROBINSON; wit Charles H. COLLINS, Etobicoke & Elsie I. ATKINSON, Mimico, 27 Aug 1927, Mimico

025133-27 Gordon Clifford LINE, 22, Farmer, Vaughan, Vaughan, s/o William Rolf LINE (b. Maple) & Annie Delila GORDON; married Marjorie Sarah TERRY, 22, Housekeeper, Kettleby, King, d/o Jonathan TERRY (b. King) & Margaret CAMERON; wit Stanley TERRY, King & Verna LINE, Aurora, 18 Jun 1927, King Twp

025134-27 Norman LINSTEAD, 21, Farmer, Ontario, Queensville, s/o George LINSTEAD (b. Ontario) & Annie HAMILTON; married Alice Cleda HAFFIE, 18, Ontario, Keswick, d/o William HAFFIE (b. Ontario) & Mary Jean GROSE (Grove?); wit Vera MORTON & Melvin MORTON, both Keswick, 28 Jun 1927, Queensville

025135-27 Cyril Francis LINTON, 26, Teamster, England, Mimico, s/o Frank LINTON (b. England) & Elizabeth THOMPSON; married Violet Lily WILKINS, 24, Operator, England, Mimico, d/o Charles WILKINS (b. England) & Sarah I. PEARCE; wit W.G.B. WILKINSON, Toronto & D. WIGGINS, New Toronto, 17 Dec 1927, Mimico

025136-27 Frank Murray LIVELY, 27, Physician & Surgeon, Nova Scotia, 361 Ossington Ave in Toronto, s/o John C. LIVELY (b. Nova Scotia) & Inez LAFFIN; married Clara HARTLEY, 23, Teacher, Ontario, Agincourt, d/o John HARTLEY (b. Ireland) & Martha CAIN; wit G.D. GORDON (MD) & L. Blanche MASON, both Agincourt, 2 Jul 1927, Agincourt

025137-27 Stanley Reginald LOBB, 22, Driver, England, Newcastle, s/o Charles Stephen LOBB (b. England) & Emily Elizabeth TURNER; married Alma Bernice COUCH, 19, Newcastle, Newcastle, d/o Walter COUCH (b. Ontario) & Alma Bernice BARRIE; wit Alma Bernice COUCH, Newcastle & R. STIRLING of 7 Avonlea Blvd., 8 Jan 1927, East York

025138-27 Stanley Wilfred LOCK, 21, Bricklayer, England, 362 Gilbert Ave, s/o William John LOCK (b. England) & Florence Annie THOMAS; married Henrietta Barton STEWART, 21, Packer, England, 252 Chambers Ave, d/o Alexander STEWART (b. England) & Sarah BARTON; wit Ellen? O'DONNELL & John BANFIELD, both Toronto, 18 Jun 1927, York Twp (divorced 9/7/52)

025139-27 John LOCKE, 73, Clergyman, Wid, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William LOCKE (b. Ireland) & Rebecca LESTER; married Susannah Lyon REYNOLDS, 62, Wid, Ontario, Aurora, d/o George H. SAYERS (b. England) & Susannah LYON; wit Robert REYNOLDS, King City & Dell H. STEPHENSON, Scotland Ont, 26 Oct 1927, Aurora

025140-27 Daniel LOFTUS 25, Mechanic, Ontario, New Toronto, s/o John LOFTUS & Jane KIDNEY; married Anna DONOVAN, 27, Toronto, Mimico, d/o Patrick DONOVAN & Catherine SHEAN; wit E. LOFTUS, New Toronto & K. DONOVAN, Mimico, 28 Jun 1927, Mimico

25236/27 William Leslie OLDHAM, 28, farmer, Ontario, Mount Albert, s/o William. J. OLDHAM (b. Ontario) & Amanda May LEGGE, married Blanche Myretta GOOD, 25, housekeeping, Ontario, Newton Brook, d/o William. R. GOOD (b. Ontario) & Clara MOON, witn: Cora Irene GOOD of Newton Brook & Jagger OLDHAM of Mount Albert, 12 October 1927, Newton Brook

025237/27 Richard Benjamin ORAM, 55, widower, Dundee Scotland, Allston Mass. U.S.A., s/o Alexander ORAM (b. Scotland) & Isabella WISHART, married Elizabeth Key Collin NORRIE, 32, clerk, Dundee Scotland, Allston Mass. U.S.A., d/o George NORRIE (b. Scotland) & Mary SUTHERLAND, witn: Mary HUNT of 141 Major Street Toronto Ont. & William E. RICHARDS of 12 Sproat Ave. Toronto, 1 June 1927, Mimico

025238/27 Mark Austin ORR, 23, painter, Ontario, 170 Coleridge Ave. in Toronto, s/o Thomas H. ORR (b. Ireland) & Lottie C. DODSON, married Florence Kate WHITE, 24, forelady, England, Langstaff, d/o Thomas WHITE (b. England) & Emily L. BIRD, witn: David KINLOCK of 308 Pape Ave. Toronto & Daisy YATES of Agincourt, 11 June 1927, Twp. Vaughan

025239/27 Robert Edwin OWEN, 23, electrician, Maidenhead Kent Eng., 149 Yorkville Ave. Toronto, s/o Robert Ronald OWEN & Bessie Amy SIMS, married Kathleen Ada LEE, 23, book keeper, England, 38 Lavinia Ave. Swansea, d/o Arthur LEE & Maud HAIGH, witn: Leslie S. OWEN of Barrie, Dorothy Alice LEE & Arthur LEE her father of 88 Lavinia Ave. Swansea, 12 November 1927, St. Olaves Church Swansea

025240/27 Harold Stephen PAGE, 33, truck driver, Toronto, 102 Airdrie Rd. Leaside, s/o Stephen PAGE & Gertrude YATES, married Jessica May DAVIS, 25, clerk, England, 435 Symington Rd. Toronto, d/o George DAVIS & Kathleen Caroline? BEVAN, witn: David ALYWARD of 604 Christie St. Toronto & Nellie DAVIS of 438 Symington Rd. Toronto, 18 June 1927

025241/27 Adam PARK, 23, labourer, Scotland, New Toronto, s/o Frederick PARK (b. Scotland) & Helen HAMILTON, married Ada THOMPSON, 21, domestic, England, Long Branch, d/o Stoker THOMPSON (b. England) & Emily SHELL, witn: Mary RUDD & W. S. RUDD both of Long Branch, 5 December 1927, Mimico

025242/27 Cameron PARK, 31, acetylene welder, Scotland, 41 Browns Line Mimico, s/o James PARK (b. England) & Ellen CAMERON, married Lily PEARCE, 36, England, 41 Browns Line Mimico, d/o James PEARCE (b. England) & Ann ALDRIDGE, witn: Alice ALLEN & Thomas PARK both of Long Branch, 10 June 1927, Twp. Etobicoke

025243/27 Clifford Gordon PARK, 27, munitions, Fairground Ont., Dunnville., s/o Watson PARK (b. Ontario) & Mary Emma Laura CUTLER, married Amy Aleta BRODIE, 27, teacher, Newmarket Ont., Dunnville, d/o Walter Herbert BRODIE (b. Ontario) & Sarah Elizabeth ALLARD, witn: Carrie L. MAY of 10 Arundel Ave. Toronto & Wilfred E. PARK of 18 Governor W. Toronto, 25 May 1927, Newmarket

025244/27 Walter Forbes PARK, 37, widower, farmer, England, Darlington, s/o Robert PARK (b. England) & Maria T. CLARKE, married Helen Millicent YORKE, 30, widow, housekeeper, Keswick, Keswick Ont., d/o Henry TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Jane LATHAM, witn: Veda H. POLLOCK of Keswick Ont. & Wesley TAYLOR of 93 Gerrard St. Toronto, 5 March 1927, Twp. North Gwillimbury


025245/27 Earle James PARKINSON, 21, mechanic, Ontario, Unionville, s/o Harold PARKINSON (b. England) & Minnie PORTER, married Evelyn Fanny Isobel HOOD, 19, Ontario, Unionville, d/o John Rutherford HOOD (deceased) (b. Ontario) & Ada L. DUNCAN, witn: C. Francis HARPER & Carol BRAITHWAITE both of Unionville Ont., 28 April 1927, Unionville

025246/27 Thomas John PARKMAN, 43, widower, driver, Somersetshire England, Toronto, s/o John PARKMAN (b. Somersetshire England) & Charlotte PANING, married Hazel Viola WOOLDRIDGE, 28, widow, Lanark Perth England, Twp. Etobicoke, d/o Philemon WRIGHT (b. Lanark Ont.) & Caroline McFARLANE, witn: Elizabeth WOODCOCK of Weston Ont. & Marguerite Hilda DANIEL of 9 Bartonville Ave. Mount Dennis, 18 October 1927, Mount Dennis

025247/27 William Henry PATRICK, 22, laborer, Ontario, Long Branch, s/o George PATRICK (b. Ontario) & Charlotte GARROW, married Emily Isabell Irene CAIN, 20, Ontario, Long Branch, d/o James CAIN (b. Ontario) & Emma DOWLING, witn: Dorotha Lesta PATRICK of 94 Lakeview Ave. & Jennie FORBES of 98 Mavety St. Toronto, 14 December 1927, New Toronto

025248/27 Walter Herbert PATTIMORE, 19, press hand, Channel Islands, 173 Cosburn Ave. in Toronto, s/o Walter PATTIMORE (b. Channel Islands) & Elmira HUBERT, married Ivy J. LETHBRIDGE, 18, stenographer, Ontario, 155 Cowan Ave., d/o William Thomas LETHBRIDGE (b. England) & Edith ANDREW, witn: Gordon BAILEY of 883 Carlow Ave. Toronto & Lily MOURANT of 279 Silverthorn Ave. Toronto, 16 April 1927, Todmorden

025249/27 James Donovan PAYNE, 22, laborer, Ont., Humber Bay, s/o Charles PAYNE & Johannah DONOVAN, married Julia Elizabeth GILES, 20, Ont., Humber Bay, d/o Charles GILES & Helen McGUIRE, witn: Vincent Van WAGGONER & Alice PAYNE both of Humber Bay, 28 July 1927, Mimico

025250/27 Douglas Bruce PEGG, 18, farmer, Twp. East Gwillimbury, same, s/o Wilfred PEGG (b. Twp. Scott) & Cora Pearle MORRIS, married Cora Mae WILLSON, 20, housekeeper, Mount Albert, Mount Albert, d/o Robert WILLSON (b. Twp. West Gwillimbury) & Alberta ALLEN, witn: George F. WILLSON of Mount Albert & Elion PEGG of Sharon Ont., 1 November 1927, Twp. East Gwillimbury

025251/27 Samuel John PEGG, 35, divorcee, farmer, Ontario, Sutton West, s/o Samuel PEGG (b. Ontario) & Henrietta WEDDEL, married Vida Mae McINNIS, 41, widow, Keswick, d/o William EWING (b. Ontario) & Mary MALOY, witn: Clara J. FOCKLER & Margaret B. FOCKLER both of Keswick, 5 October 1927, Twp. North Gwillimbury

025252/27 Charles Robert PEELER, 20, tire builder, Ontario, Edgeley, s/o Charles Edward PEELER (b. Ontario) & Emma Alice SHOTHART, married Eva RISEBROUGH, 19, operator, Ontario, 14th St. New Toronto, d/o Guy RISEBROUGH (b. Ontario) & Eva Maud WALLS, witn: Caron E. SMITH & Robert N. MITCHELL, both of Edgeley, 18 June 1927, Maple

025253/27 William Alfred PEIRCE, 23, butcher, England, Mt. Dennis, s/o Alfred PEIRCE & Edith JONES, married Violet SLIPPER, 23, England, Mt. Dennis, d/o Charles SLIPPER & Agnes GORMAN, witn: Edith Ellen JORDAN of 14 Hallis Ave. Mt. Dennis & John COOBES of 37 Rutherford Ave. Mt. Dennis, 18 July 1927, Mt. Dennis

025254/27 Leslie Richard PENDLETON, 42, farmer, Ontario, Shelbourne., s/o Richard PENDLETON (b. Ireland) & Mary FINES, married Mrs. Lester MATTHEWS, 38, widow, dressmaker, Ontario, Shelbourne, d/o Harold RATHBURN (b. Ontario) & Rachel AWREY, witn: Harry CARR of 85 Fairbank Ave. & Mary CARR of 88 Fairbank Ave., 8 January 1927, Twp. York

025255/27 John Henry PENTNEY, 29, builder laborer, Plaistow Eng., Thistletown., s/o Charles Henry PENTNEY (b. England) & Eliza HARRIS, married Ethel May WHITING, 32, domestic, England, Toronto, d/o blank WHITING (b. England) & Mary Ann POLLY, witn: Grace SNEYD & Robert PENTNEY both of Thistletown, 15 October 1927, Thistletown

025256/27 Frederick PHIPPS, 60, cement finisher, England, 80 Buttonwood Ave. Mt. Dennis, s/o George PHIPPS (b. England) & Sarah MESSENGER, married Theresa Mary STRANGE, 45, domestic, England, 82 Buttonwood Ave., d/o Mark STRANGE (b. England) & Hannah INCH, witn: Eric Stafford OZARD & Arthur ROBIN both of 72 Buttonwood Ave., 4 March 1927, Twp. York

025257/27 Thomas PHIPPS, 23, carpenter, England, 100 Patterson Ave. Scarboro, s/o Thomas PHIPPS (b. England) & Rosalind Elizabeth SMITH, married Susannah Catherine NICHOLL, 23, operator, Ontario, 66 Robinson Ave. Scarboro, d/o Charles Edward NICHOLL (b. Ontario) & Susannah Margaret CHANTLER, witn: Aaron CHANTLER of 292 Markham St. & Ida Chrysler of 927 Gerrard St., 23 July 1927, Twp. East York


025258/27 Ernest John PHRIPP, 34, farming, Longparish England, Twp. King, s/o (father died long ago & he doesn't know name) (b. England) & does not know, married Bertha Rosella CAIRNS, 35, housekeeping, Twp. King, Twp. King, d/o William CAIRNS (b. Twp. King) & Catherine Elizabeth CAIRNS, witn: Olive CAIRNS & Arthur DEAVE both of Eversley, 26 March 1927, Twp. King

025259/27 John Edward PIERCE, 21, wood joiner, Sussex England, 143 Hazelwood Ave. Toronto, s/o John Edward PIERCE & Elizabeth ACREMAN, married Evelyn Nora HILL, 22, Burton on Trench England, Croham Rd. York Twp., d/o Ernest Richard HILL & Fanny BENNETT, witn: Ivor HADLEY of 240 Perth Ave. & Lily HILL of 6 Croham Rd., 29 October 1927, Calvary Church

025260/27 Paul Henry PILLING, 51, widower, musician, England, New Toronto, s/o Paul Henry PILLING (b. England) & Helen BEALE, married Martha Catherine SHROER, 30, Ontario, New Toronto, d/o Louis SHROER (b. Germany) & Elizabeth WEAVER, witn: Mrs. ROBINSON & Kathleen ROBINSON both of 93 Fifth St. New Toronto, 23 April 1927, New Toronto

025261/27 Walter Dean PIPHER, 23, farmer, Ontario, Ringwood., s/o John Harrison PIPHER (b. Ontario) & Alfretta MILLIGAN, married Florence Rae GOWER, 18, Ontario, Ringwood., d/o George GOWER (b. England) & Mary GROVE, witn: Kenneth Charlie PIPHER of Lemonville & Ada GOWER of Ringwood, 1 December 1927, Twp. Whitchurch

025262/27 William W. PIPHER, 26, bus driver, Stouffville, Markham, s/o Leonard PIPHER (b. Markham Twp.) & Sophie TOOLE, married Hilda Vera BARRETT, 20, Newtonville Ont., Oshawa, d/o Wentford BARRETT (b. Newcastle Ont.) & Winnifred BATES, witn: Mrs. D. F. WILLIAMS & Mrs. Stuart WORDS both of Markham, 27 July 1927, Markham

025263/27 Howard Edwin POLLARD, 29, teamster, Ontario Co., Keswick, s/o William. POLLARD (b. England) & Annie BARBER, married Margaret Cecilia CHRISTIAN, 20, New Jersey U.S.A., Keswick, d/o John CHRISTIAN (b. New Jersey U.S.A) & Evelyn HEARN, witn: Harold R. POLLARD of Queensville Ont. & Elizabeth F. CHRISTIAN of Sutton West Ont., 15 October 1927, Sutton West

025264/27 Alfred Stanley PORTE, 29, laborer, Georgina Island, Georgina Island, s/o Edward PORT (b. Georgina Island ) & Mary A. BIGCANOE, married Ethel Charlotte McCUE, 39, widow, Georgina Island, Georgina Island, d/o Thomas CHARLES (b. Georgina Island ) & Caroline BEATTIE, witn: Maurice McCUE of Jackson St. & Mrs. A. TAYLOR of Sutton West, 23 November 1927, Sutton

025265/27 John Gamble PORTER, 24, mechanic, Belfast Ireland, 91 Simpson Ave. Toronto, s/o Joseph PORTER & Emily RICE, married Mary Elizabeth IRVING, 21, sales clerk, Stanwix Carlisle England, 105 Cavell Ave. Mimico, d/o Joseph IRVING & Mary Elizabeth DALTON, witn: William SNODDY of 91 Simpson Ave. & Florence May SEAMAN of 105 Cavell Ave. Mimico, 18 April 1927, Mimico

025266/27 William Arthur Stanley PORTER, 36, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, s/o J. A. PORTER (b. Ontario) & Minnie SELLECK, married Marion Loraine SPENCE, 21, Ontario, Toronto, d/o W. J. SPENCE (b. Ontario) & Alice LAWSON, witn: Flossie BRUCE of 36 Maitland St. Toronto & Mary J. WAUGH of Lansing, 8 August 1927, Lansing

025267/27 William George PORTER, 22, rubber worker, Toronto, 23 Brooklyn Ave. in Toronto, s/o William. Robert PORTER (b. Ontario) & Mary D. ELLIOTT, married Eleanor ROBERTS, 21, inspector, England, 167 Lumsden Ave., d/o Frederick ROBERTS (b. England) & Susan PAGE, witn: Eric PLAYFORD of 80 Coleridge & Edith ROBERTS of 167 Lumsden, 5 November 1927, Twp. East York

025268/27 Elmore Parvin Boyce POWELL, 19, clerk, Ontario, 42 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto, s/o Albert POWELL (b. Ontario) & Matilda SCHULKINS, married Margaret Kathleen LANE, 16, Ontario, 34 Frankish Ave., d/o William LANE (b. Ontario) & Mabel BUSBY, witn: A. SCHULKINS & Emily SCHULKINS both of Humber Bay., 30 April 1927, Twp. Etobicoke

025269/27 Gordon Thomas PRESTON, 24, steam fitter, Enniskillen Ont., Oshawa, s/o George C. PRESTON (b. Ontario) & Isabel BROOKS, married Blanche Mildred POLLARD, 18, stenographer, York Co. Ont., Weston Ont., d/o George POLLARD (b. Ontario) & Mabel GIBSON, witn: F. C. PRESTON of 105 Celina St. Oshawa Ont. & Edna B. CLARK of 171 Tyrrel Ave. Toronto, 26 November 1927, Weston

025270/27 Russell Fredrick PRESTON, 21, farmer, Whitchurch, Whitchurch, s/o Frederick PRESTON (b. Whitchurch York Co) & Violet M. LOGAN, married Clara Loretta HALL, 18, Whitchurch, Whitchurch, d/o Walter Leslie HALL (b. Ontario) & Halda E. LUNDY, witn: Lila R. KIRKWORD & Laura W. BARNARD both of Aurora, 4 January 1927, Aurora

025271/27 Robert Albert PRICE, 26, Preacher, Ontario, Guelph, s/o Mr. G. Robert PRICE (b. England) & Miss Ida E. THOMPSON, married Irene May HISEY, 21, school teacher, Ontario, Stouffville R.R. #4, d/o Mr. T. HISEY (b. Ontario) & Miss Maggie HOOD, witn: Miss Gladys HISEY of Stouffville & Mr. Rupert G. PRICE of Guelph, 5 October 1927, Twp. Markham

025272/27 Robert David PRIDE, 22, farmer, Proton Twp., Albion Twp., s/o David PRIDE & Frances HUNTER, married Marjorie HATCHER, 22, England, Mt. Dennis, d/o Cecil HATCHER & Eliza GEE, witn: Maurice Frederick George WILLIAMSON of 22 Greendale Cres. Mt. Dennis & Nancy HATCHER of 5 Teston Rd. Mt Dennis, 16 November 1927, Twp. York [divorced 5/7/50]

025273/27 Edward Albert PRITCHARD, 26, green keeper, Toronto, Scarboro Twp., s/o Albert Edward PRITCHARD (b. England) & Margaret PEACH, married Evelyn Mary Beatrice WILLIAMSON, 17, housewife, Orillia Ont., Markham Twp., d/o Kurnell M. WILLIAMSON (b. Orillia Ont.) & Flora SEARS, witn: Flora WILLIAMSON of R.R. #2 Markham Ont. & Isabel M. EATON of Unionville Ont., 28 September 1927, Unionville

025274/27 John Stanley PROCTOR, 26, farmer, Ontario, Schomberg, s/o Edwin PROCTOR (b. Ontario) & Lydia WILLIAMS, married Hattie Gladys COBURN, 28, operator, Ontario, Tottenham, d/o William Louis COBURN (b. Ontario) & Harriet (Muriel?) WOOLFORD, witn: Joseph PROCTOR of Schomberg & Evelyn Tennant COBURN of Tottenham Ont., 26 January 1927, Islington

025275/27 Albert Robert PROSSER, 26, carpenter, England, 160 Aylesworth Ave. Birchcliffe (York), s/o Albert PROSSER (b. England) & Elizabeth KALIE, married Gertrude Elizabeth VIDLER, 19, Ontario, 43 Lillington Ave. Birchcliffe, d/o Jesse VIDLER (b. England) & Rose Cassie VIDLER, witn: Thomas Herbert Edgar McBRIDE & Beatrice May McBRIDE of 72 Woodson Blvd., 23 May 1927, Rectory, Scarboro Bluffs, Birchcliffe

025276/27 Albert Edward PUTSEY, 36, electrician, England, 44 Bowie Ave. Fairbank, s/o William Edward PUTSEY (b. England) & Louisa CHAMBERS, married Eva Mildred McDERMOTT, 29, domestic, Ontario, 83 Crawford St., d/o Thomas McDermott (b. Ontario) & Lizette Sybil McALLISTER, witn: T. P. SIMS & Laura SIMS both of 136 Soudan Ave., 12 October 1927, Twp. York

025277/27 Percy PYRAH, 23, caretaker, England, 134 Eileen Ave. in  West Toronto, s/o Thomas PYRAH (b. England) & Adelaide MARTIN, married Dorothy Grace CROSSLAND, 19, waitress, England, 134 Eileen Ave., d/o Albert CROSSLAND (b. England) & Alice Ann LEWIS, witn: W. A. HOBMAN of 22 Scarlett Rd. West Toronto & Mr. R. J. MacPHERSON of 178 Eileen Ave., 16 January 1927, Church of St. George, Islington

025278/27 Samuel RALSTON, 25, carpenter helper, Scotland, 13 Robinson Ave. in Toronto, s/o Henry RALSTON (b. Ireland) & Nellie WILSON, married Frances OTTAWAY, 17, England, 5 Robinson Ave., d/o Sydney George OTTAWAY (b. England) & Evelyn FRANCIS, witn: M. David RALSTON & Mrs. Margaret RALSTON both of 36 Godin Ave., 1 December 1927, home of David RALSTON

025279/27 Murray Christian S. RAMER, 23, farmer, Stouffville, Whitchurch Twp., s/o Malcolm A. RAMER (b. Cedar Grove Ont.) & Tressa BARKEY, married Eva Mildred SMITH, 20, Whitchurch Twp., Whitchurch Twp., d/o Henry David SMITH (b. Scugog Island Ont.) & Susan Mary M. CHASE, witn: Eldon H. SMITH & Eva M. RAMER both of Bloomington Ont. RR2, 18 June 1927, Stouffville

025280/27 Lorne Harold RAVEN, 21, farmer, Ontario, King RR#2, s/o John H. RAVEN (b. England) & Elizabeth MOULD, married Mildred Agnes DOBSON, 20, Ontario, Kleinburg RR#1, d/o Frances R. DOBSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: Edward HOLLINGSHEAD & Gertrude HOLLINGSHEAD both of Woodbridge, 2 April 1927, Kleinburg

025281/27 Edward John RAYMOND, 31, construction work, Cobourg, Jackson Point, s/o John R. RAYMOND & Ada RAYMOND, married Kathleen Marie McKAY, 26, Sutton, Jackson Point, d/o William. McKAY & Rebecca McKAY, witn: Mr. Kenneth HUGHES & Mrs. Florence HUGHES both of 650 Pape Ave. Toronto, 1 January 1927, home of brother at Jackson Point

025282/27 Amos REESOR, 26, farmer, Scarboro Twp., Scarboro Twp., s/o Thomas REESOR (b. Scarboro Twp.) & Adeline GROVE, married Ada Elizabeth BARKEY, 21, Scarboro Twp., Scarboro Twp., d/o Elias BARKEY (b. Pickering Twp.) & Mary REESOR, witn: Frank BARKEY & Annie REESOR both of Pickering R.R., 5 October 1927, Twp. Scarboro