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York Co., 1874

birth place is given before residence


11228-74 - Edward ABBS, 21, gardener, Canada, Brockton, s/o not given, married Annie McCLELLAND, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Alex & Margaret, witn: William & Elizabeth MOORE of Toronto, 6 Aug 1874 at Brockton, York twp. 11089-74 - Hill Manley ALEXANDER, 23, book keeper, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert & Sophia, married Edith Lucinda ARMSTRONG, 22, Markham, same, d/o Thomas & Emily, witn: Fanny HALL of Markham & Susan HIGLER of Brampton, 2 Sept 1874 at Markham village
#011967-74 George ALLEN, 37, Canada, Whitchurch, widower, farmer, s/o Alphonse ALLEN & Susannah JOHNSON, married Martha WILLSON, 29, Canada, Whitchurch, s, d/o John WILLSON & Sarah LUNDY, witn Joseph MOUDER, Sarah L. MOUDER, both Whitchurch, married 21 January1874, Newmarket (Friends) #011019-74 James ALLISON, 37, Toronto Twp, same, b, farmer, s/o Andrew & Sarah ALLISON, married Mary Ann MADDEN, 28, Ireland, King, s, d/o Thomas & Letitia MADDEN, witn Andrew A. ADAMS of King, Thomas ALLISON of Toronto Twp, married 20 May 1874, King twp.
#011148-74 John ATKINSON, 30, Etobicoke, Vaughan, widower, farmer, s/o Thomas & Bertha, married Eliza J. BURGESS, 23, Vaughan, same, s, d/o James & Eliza, witn; John W. BURGESS, Ellen ATKINSON, both Vaughan, married 27 May 1874, Vaughan Twp. #012661-76 John T. ATKINSON, 25, Toronto, Parkhill, b, merchant, s/o Thomas & Sarah M., married Eva L. ARNOLD, 21, Thornhill, same, s, d/o Abner & Christina, witn Abner ARNOLD of Thornhill, married 2 December 1874, Thornhill
#010533-75 - : John ATKINSON, 24, farmer, Canada, Whitchurch, s/o John & Jane, married Hannah L. DENISON, 23, Canada, Markham, d/o Thomas & Barbara, witn: Simson & Sarah Ann NELSON of Whitchurch, 22 Dec 1874 at Markham #010715-75 - John AYERS, 26, Whitchurch, East Gwillimbury, b, farmer, s/o Frances & Ann AYERS, married Abigal ARMITAGE, 22, Whitchurch, East Gwillimbury, s, d/o Joshua & Elizabeth Ann ARMITAGE, no witnesses given, 7 January 1874, Stouffville (also 11085-74, witn: Francis & Charles H. KOYLE of Stouffville)
#011180-74 - Henry BABCOCK, 21, Canada, Whitchurch, b, labourer, s/o Soloman & Fanny BABCOCK, married Margaret GOWER, 18, Canada, Whitchurch, s, d/o George & Margaret GOWER, witn; Thomas TOAZE, Sarah TOAZE, both Whitchurch, married 24 December 1874, at the residence of the J. Toaze, 10th Conc, Whitchurch Twp. #011046-74 Josephus BAILEY, 28, England, Barrie, b, veterinary surgeon, s/o James & Mary Ann BAILEY, married Mary Jane O'BRIEN, 25, Canada, King, s, d/o William & Jane O'BRIEN, witn James O'BRIEN, Anah BALDWIN, both King, married 4 February 1874, King
#011153-74 John BAILEY, 21, Toronto Gore, Vaughan, b, Veterinary Surgeon, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Josephine GUNN, 18, Vaughan, same, s, d/o Donald (or Daniel?) & Catherine, witn William McCLURE, Donald GUNN, both Vaughan, married 26 August 1874, Kleinburg, Vaughan Twp. #010943-74 Daniel BAKER, 22, Whitchurch, same, b, farmer, s/o Samuel & Christina BAKER, married Matilda LEWIS, 22, Lower Canada, Whitchurch, s, d/o Owen & Margaret LEWIS, witn Samuel DORLEY, Mrs. SEYMOUR, both Aurora, married 29 September 1874, Aurora
10635-75 - William BAKER, 28, farmer, England, Chinguacousy, s/o Anthony & Sarah, married Jemmsena? BROWN, 25, Canada, Chinguacousy, d/o John & Jane, witn: Arthur STRONGMAN of Tecumseth, 30 Nov 1874 at Yorkville #011063-74 Martin BARKEY, 21, Pickering, same, b, farmer, s/o Daniel & Barbara BARKEY, married Esther BURKHOLDER, 22, Markham, same, s, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth BURKHOLDER, witn Isaac WIDEMAN, Elizabeth BURKHOLDER, both Markham, married 10 November 1874, parson's residence, Markham Twp (both Mennonite)
10049-74 - John Augustus BARRON, 24, barrister, Toronto, Lindsay, s/o Fred William & Eliza, married Elizabeth Caroline Clemie DUNSFORD, 20, Peterborough, Lindsay, d/o Hartley & Catherine, witn: T.T. BARNES of Toronto & A. P. POUSETTE of Peterborough, 11 Aug 1874 at Lindsay  
#011016-74 Duncan BEATON, 34, Scotland, King, b, farmer, s/o John & Euphemia BEATON, married Elizabeth NORMAN, 25, King, same, s, d/o Edward & Sarah NORMAN, witn; Robert NORMAN, Janet THOMPSON, both King, married 15 April 1874, King Twp. 11236-74 - Henry BELL, 48, cooper, Ireland, Weston, s/o Samuel & Ann, married Sarah Jane WILSON, 22, Canada, Weston, d/o William & Fanny, witn: John & Mrs. J. BROWN of Weston, 5 May 1874 at Weston
#011186-74 - George BELL, 29, Scotland, Markham, b, farmer, s/o James & Margaret BELL, married Isabella HEBSON, 19, Canada, Markham, s, d/o William & Hannah HEBSON, witn; Abel SCOTT, Elizabeth HEBSON, both Markham, married 21 January 1874, Stouffville, Whitchurch Twp #011026-74 Isaiah BEYNON, 34, Canada, King, widower, carpenter, s/o Jonathan & Mary BEYNON, married Mary Jane FOLLIOTT, 25, King, same, s, d/o Thomas & Mary STEWART (sic), witn; Elijah BEYNON & Alison FOLLIOTT, both King, married 12 March 1874, King Twp.
10652-75 Joseph BICKELL, 28, laborer, England, Yorkville, s/o John & Eady, married Rexana WARD, 21, England, Yorkville, d/o William & Sophia, witn: Reuben W. WARD of Zephyr & Annie ADAMS of Yorkville, 25 Nov 1874 at Yorkville #011195-74 - Peter Hawley BLACK, 22, Canada, Chatham, clerk, s/o Charles & Jennet, married Jessie Christina ELLIS, 22, Scotland, Richmond Hill, d/o Anthony & Jessie ELLIS, witn; Alexander MOODIE of Richmond Hill, David HISLOP of Vaughan, married 2 February 1874, Richmond Hill
#010932-74 Abraham Erastus BLACK, 24, Chinguacousy, Toronto, b, clerk, s/o John & Amanda BLACK, married Isabella Matilda KENT, 23, Medonte Ontario, Toronto, s, d/o Joseph & Isabella KENT, witn; Joseph DAWSON of Brampton, Sarah KENT of Toronto, married 29 April 1874, Yorkville #011012-74 John BLACKSTOCK, 28, Canada, Nottawasaga, b, farmer, s/o Edward & Isabella BLACKSTOCK, married Martha A. PRINGLE, 27, Canada, King, s, d/o George & Susannah PRINGLE, witn; Duncan BLACKSTOCK of Nottawasaga, Susan CONROY of King, married 2 June 1874, King Twp.
#011045-74 John BOAG, 22, E. Gwillimbury, same, b, farmer, s/o David & Maria BOAG, married Sarah Caroline SMELSER, 22, King, same, s, d/o Isaac & Mary SMELSER, witn James BOAG of E. Gwillimbury, Robert SMELSER of King, married 24 February 1874, King #011048-74 James H. BOWMAN, 43, England, Whitchurch, widower, currier, s/o George & Hannah BOWMAN, married Eliza COOK, 43, Markham, same, widow, d/o Samuel & Eliza IRWIN, witn Francis DAVILLE, Rachel DAVILLE, both Stouffville, married 18 August 1874, At Mrs. Cook's, Markham Twp.
#011054-74 James Hudson BOWMAN, 43, England, Whitchurch, widower, machanic (sic), s/o George & Hannah BOWMAN, married Eliza COOK, 43, Markham, same, widow, d/o Samuel & Eliza COOK, witn Francis & Mrs. Francis DARVILL (or Darrill?), both Stouffville, married 15 August 1874 at Mrs' Cooks, Markham Twp. #011066-74 Benjamin BOWMAN, 24, Markham, Vaughan, b, farmer, s/o James & Barbara BOWMAN, married Hannah Jane FIERHELLER, 22, Markham, Vaughan, s, d/o William & Sarah FIERHELLER, witn William R. BOWMAN, Edith E. FIERHELLER, both Markham, married 22 April 1874, Markham Twp.
  #011127-74 Matthew BOYNTON, 26, Canada, Vaughan, b, laborer, s/o John & Ann, married Lydia BROWN, 24, Canada, Vaughan, s, d/o Richard & Rebecca, witn Francis BOYNTON of York, Sarah BROWN of Vaughan, married 14 April 1874, Vaughan Twp.
#010781-75 James BRACKEN, 28, Ontario, Vaughan, b, school master, s/o Michael & Elizabeth, married Sarah Ann LIVINGSTON, 19, Ontario, Vaughan, s, d/o James & Ann, witn Thomas McMALION of Whitchurch, Mary LIVINGSTON of Vaughan, married 22 July 1874, Vaughan Twp. 11246-74 - William BRAND, 35, builder & contractor, Toronto, same, s/o not given, married Sarah Susannah THOMAS, 28, Toronto, York Mills, d/o not given, witn: J.N. GARROD of York Mills & William THOMAS of Toronto, 30 April 1874 at York Mills
#011058-74 Christ. BRILLINGER, 28, Whitchurch, same, b, farmer, s/o George & Fanny BRILLINGER, married Christina BURKHOLDER, 31, Markham, same, s, d/o Daniel & Barbara BURKHOLDER, witn W.H. HALL, Mrs. W.H. HALL, both Ringwood, married 15 October 1874, at W.H. Hall's, Ringwood, Markham Twp. #010994-74 Charles A.BRODIE, 27, Canada, Sutton Georgina, b, cooper, s/o John BRODIE & Mary MOSIER (or MOISER), married Margaret BOTSFIELD, 19, Canada, Georgina, s, d/o James & Lucinda BOTSFIELD, witn Henry YOUNG of Sutton, Jane Elizabeth BRODIE of Newmarket, married 15 April 1874, Georgina Twp.
  10972-74 Edward BROOKS, 26, farmer, England, Scott, s/o Edward blank & Mary Ann BARNARD, married Catherine FORREST, 28, Scotland, Mount Albert, d/o James blank & Janet WILLSON, witn: Grace FORREST of Mt. Albert & Valentine BROOKS of Scott, 17 March 1874 at Mount Albert
#011192-74 - Joseph BROOKS, 28, Drummond, Collingwood, widower, farmer, s/o George & Cornelia BROOKS, married Lavinia LINE, 21, Whitchurch, same, s, d/o Peter & Margaret LINE, witn William Thomas WALKER, Mary Ann WALKER, both Aurora, married 22 April 1874, Whitchurch #011056-74 A. BROWN, 31, York State, Pickering, b, farmer, s/o Jesse & Mariann BROWN, married Mary CHAMBERS, 21, Pickering, same, s, d/o James & Mary CHAMBERS, witn James GRANT, Mary GRANT, both Stouffville, married 16 October 1874, Parsonage, Stouffville, Markham Twp.
#011213-74 - Isaac N. BROWN, 28, Pickering, King, b, yeoman, s/o German BROWN & Sarah DENNIS, married Adelaide A. DENNIS, 21, Tecumseth, King, s, d/o Levi DENNIS & Lydia CLARK, witn; Benjamin H. BROWN of King, Agnes DICK of Richmond Hill, married 16 December 1874, Richmond Hill ( no religion, "parents of groom were Quakers") 11110-74 - William BROWN, 21, carpenter, Canada, Newmarket, s/o John B. BROWN & Hannah CHAMBERS, married Margaret HILL, 24, Canada, Newmarket, d/o Thomas HILL & Ann HARRINGTON, witn: Amos HILL & Sarah J. OUTRAM, both of Newmarket, 17 Sept 1874 at Newmarket
11223-74 - Edward BROWN, 29, farmer, England, Pickering, s/o Thomas BROWN & Mary WOOD, married Mary Ann LANG, 20, Pickering, same, d/o John LANG & Margaret GOWAN, witn: William GOWAN of Pickering & Margaret BROWN of Ancaster, 5 Oct 1874 at Pickering #010483-75 James BROWN, 28, Canada, Eglinton, b, sexton & farmer, s/o John & Amelia BROWN, married Charlotte ELY, 19, Canada, Eglinton, s, d/o John & Alice ELY, witn; Everand BROWN of Bowmanville, Elisth. CUDMORE of York, married 14 October 1874, Eglinton York Twp
#010485-75 Thomas Henry BULL, 21, Canada, Toronto Twp, b, farmer, s/o Robert & Ellen BULL, married Frances Harriet LITTLEJOHN, 22, Canada, York twp, s, d/o Samuel & Alice LITTLEJOHN, witn Robt. CHARLTON, Mary A. CHARLTON, both Cooksville, married 27 December 1874, 4th Line, York twp. #011159-74 Francis John BUNT, 25, Peel Twp, same, b, farmer, s/o Patrick & Susan, married Rebecca TOTTEN, 22, Vaughan, same, s, d/o James & Mary, witn Munford BUNT of Peel, Jane TOTTEN of Vaughan, married 25 December 1874, Vaughan Twp.
0633-75 - Thomas Osborne BUTLER, 30, widower, England, Toronto, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Sarah WOODS, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: Henry J. --ERSON & Emily HENDRY, both of Toronto, 22 Aug 1874 at Yorkville  
10650-75 Samuel BUTTICK, 28, express man, Ireland, Lindsay, s/o Robert & Johanna, married Jane ALLEN, 28, Ireland, Yorkville, d/o Jacob & Mary Ann, witn: Alexander KEITH of Toronto & Eliza ANDERSON of Yorkville, 25 Dec 1874 at Yorkville 10656-75 James B. CAMERON, 41, widower, hotel keeper, Glasgow Scotland, Yorkville, s/o David ALLAN & Margaret FISHER [as written], married Eliza SYMINGTON, 25, widow, Falkirk Scotland, Yorkville, d/o Hugh SMITH & Mary CLYDE, witn: Thomas ROBERTSON of Toronto & James FORSYTH, 22 Oct. 1874 at Yorkville
#010783-75 Alfred CARLEY, 29, Canada, King, b, farmer, s/o Benjamin & Martha, married Hannah NIXON, 23, Canada, Vaughan, s, d/o William & Jane, witn William NIXON of Woodstock, Hannah OTTEWELL of Uxbridge, married 14 October 1874, Vaughan 11096-74 David CATTANAUGH, 31, clergyman, Nichol Ont., Mount Albert, s/o James & Christena, married Rachel Ann MASON, 20, King, Markham, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Mary Jane KESTER & Charles MASON, both of Markham, 16 Sept 1874 at Markham
#011044-74 James CHERRY, 24, King, same, b, farmer, s/o James & Isabella CHERRY, married Catharine (No surname listed!), 24, King, same, s, d/o Dugald & Catherine McCALLUM, witn John CHERRY, Duncan McCALLUM, both King, married 11 February 1874, King #010956-74 Samuel CHEW, 32, Canada, Orillia, b, lumberman, s/o Samuel & Jane CHEW, married Mary BATT, 27, Canada, East Gwillimbury, s, d/o John & Eliza BATT, witn Joseph CHEW of Orillia, Rhoda BATT of East Gwillimbury, married 30 June 1874, East Gwillimbury
  #010979-74 James CLARKSON, 24, Toronto Twp, same, b, farmer, s/o William & Sarah CLARKSON, married Charlotte Emily DEATH, 24, Etobicoke Twp., same, s, d/o Abel & Lucy DEATH, witn; William CLARKSON of Toronto Twp, Martha E. DEATH of Etobicoke Twp., married 11 March 1874, Etobicoke Twp.
#010980-74 William CLARKSON, 26, Lambton Etobicoke Twp, Toronto Twp, b, farmer, s/o William & Sarah CLARKSON, married Martha Ellen DEATH, 22, Etobicoke Twp., same, s, d/o Abel & Lucy DEATH, witn; James CLARKSON of Toronto Twp, Charlotte E. DEATH of Etobicoke Twp., married 11 March 1874, Etobicoke Twp. 11099-74 John CLENDENAN, 50, laborer, Markham, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Elizabeth WALT, 21, Pickering, same, d/o Peter & Mary Ann, witn: John TITUS & James CARMICHAEL, both of Markham, 31 Jan 1874 at Markham
#011024-74 John COCKBORNE, 28, Stormont, Owen Sound, b, carpenter, s/o Andrew & Nancy COCKBORNE, married Margaret WELLS, 29, King, same, s, d/o Gabriel & Catharine WELLS, witn James McKAY (or McRAY) of Owen Sound, Mary WELLS of King, married 18 March 1874, King twp. #010967-74 Robert COLE, 27, East Gwillimbury, same, b, farmer, s/o John & Mary COLE, married Permelia REOY?, ROY?, 25, Scarboro, East Whitby, s, d/o John & Permelia REOY? ROY?, witn Samuel COLE, Rachael COLE, both East Gwillimbury, married 20 January 1874, Queensville, East Gwillimbury
#011055-74 John COLLINS, 26, Scarboro, Whitchurch, widower, farmer, s/o John & Annie COLLINS, married Sarah E. CONNOR, 22, Whitchurch, same, s, d/o James & Isabella CONNOR, witn Thomas PROUCH, Emma COLLINS, both Whitchurch, married 23 December 1874, Paronsage, Stouffville, Markham Twp. #011005-74 Thomas COLPITS, 30, England, Toronto, widower, agent, s/o Joseph & Margaret Ann COLPITS, married Annie KERR, 28, Kingston, Toronto, s, d/o James & Mary KERR, witn S. ABBS, E.C. ABBS, both King, married 24 December 1874, King twp.
#012713-76 Joseph T. CONNOLLY, 45, Ireland, North Gwillimbury, b, carpenter, s/o Thomas & Betsey CONNOLLY, married Sarah Jane MARTAN, 27, North Gwillimbury, same, s, d/o John & Nancy MARTAN, witn; John B. SPRAGUE, Eugene EARL, both North Gwillimbury, married 25 January 1874, Queensville, North Gwillimbury Twp. #011168-74 - Joseph COOK, 20, farmer, Whitchurch, Stouffville, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Margaret KINCAIDE, 17, St. Catharines, Whitchurch, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: James COOK & Anna KINCAIDE, both of Whitchurch, 9 June 1874 at res of Julius SUTTON, Whitchurch
12524-76 Allen CRABTREE, 33, drover, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Catherine HUGHES, 33, widow, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Allen & Catherine, witn: Henry & Margery JACKSON of Etobicoke, 27 Sept 1874 at Etobicoke 11232-74 - Milton CUMMER, 27, yeoman, York twp., same, s/o Joshua & Angelina, married Martha KEMLY, 21, Elgin Mills - Vaughan, York twp., d/o Charles & Charlotte, witn: William M. HALL & William WALLACE, both of York, no date given, Willowdale
#011121-74 Thomas CUMMINGS, 29, Ireland, North Gwillimbury, b, Gentleman, s/o John & Jane CUMMINGS, married Jane BURROWS, 21, Ireland, North Gwillimbury, s, d/o John & Elydia BURROWS, witn George & Jane BURROWS of North Gwillimbury, married 1 January 1874, St Pauls Church, Newmarket #010630-75 Robert DAVIES, 23, Canada, Toronto, b, brewer, s/o Thomas & Fidelia DAVIES, married Margaret Matilda TAYLOR, 23, Canada, Don Mills, s, d/o George & Caroline TAYLOR, witn; Thomas DAVIES of Toronto, Emily E. TAYLOR of Don Mills, married 8 July 1874, Don Mills
#011006-74 Elihu James DAVIS, 22, Ontario, King, b, farmer, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth DAVIS, married Margaret JOHNSTON, 25, Ontario, King, s, d/o David & Jannett JOHNSTON, witn Jannett JOHNSTON, A.G. DAVIS, both King, married 29 October 1874, King twp. #010484-75 Joseph DAVIS, 26, Ireland, Toronto City, b, wood merchant, s/o Thomas & Jane DAVIS, married Emily Jane McBRIDE, 25, Canada, Newton Brook, s, d/o David & Angeline McBRIDE, witn George MUTTON of Toronto, Harriet MULHOLLAND of York, married 28 October 1874, Newton Brook, York Twp.
#011059-74 Phillip DAVIS, 25, Whitchurch, same, b, farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth DAVIS, married Anna HOOVER, 20, Markham, same, s, d/o Jacob & Fany (sic) HOOVER, witn David HOOVER, Maria HOOVER, both Stouffville, married 29 October 1874, Parsonage, Stouffville Markham Twp #011018-74 Thomas DAVIS, 35, Ontario, Schomberg, b (could be widower - smudged), farmer, s/o Samuel & Mary DAVIS, married Annie Eliza COOPER, 24, Canada, Tecumseth, s, d/o Joseph & MaryAnn COOPER, witn Charles JAMES of King, Sarah COOPER of Schomberg, married 1 April 1874, Bride's mother's, King twp.
10654-75 John DAVIS, 24, gardener, England, Yorkville, s/o John & Sarah, married Fanny GRIFFIN, 19, England, Toronto, d/o William & Hannah, witn: George WILCOX & Elizabeth DAVIS, 27 April 1874 at Parsonage, Yorkville #011001-74 Robert John DAVISON, 32, Holland Landing, Newmarket, b, store keeper, s/o George & Sarah Ann DAVISON, married Mary WRIGHT, 22, East Gwillimbury, same, s, d/o Paul & Rachel WRIGHT, witn; John W. SELBY of Toronto, Sarah A. ATKINSON of Richmond Hill, married 16 September 1874 at residence of bride's father, East Gwillimbury
#011149-74 John H. DAY, 21, Hamilton, Woodbridge, b, book keeper, s/o James A. & Louisa C., married Phoeby CODY, 23, St Catherines, Woodbridge, s, d/o Allen & Sarah, witn; Annie E. McCLUNG, Margaret HOFFMAN, both Kleinburg, married 18 June 1874, Kleinburg, Vaughan Twp.  
010936-74 William James DERRY, 26, Canada, Yorkville, b, harness maker, s/o John & Emma DERRY, married Louisa Matilda HUMMELL, 18, Canada, Yorkville, s, d/o Francis & Catherine HUMMELL, witn (smudged - Isaiah?) DERRY of Yorkville, Sarah McGILLIVARY of Toronto, married 30 July 1874, Yorkville #010489-75 Henry DEVINS, 25, Vaughan, same, b, farmer, s/o John & Johannah DEVINS, married Maria J. McKAY, 22, Vaughan, York, s, d/o Catherine McKAY, witn James DEVINS of Vaughan, Anne MORAN of York, married 23 December 1874, Weston, York Twp.
#010953-74 James W. DEVLIN, 24, Canada, Listowell, b, merchant, s/o John & Sarah DEVLIN, married Lizzie J. TODDS, 25, King Twp, Aurora, s, d/o James & Mary E. TODDS, witn A.G. TODDS of Oshawa, Rachel TODDS of Aurora, married 16 June 1874, Aurora #011201-74 - Washington DICEMAN, 22, Ontario, Vaughan, b, farmer, s/o John DICEMAN & Ann LINES, married Catherine BATES, 18, Ontario, Vaughan, s, d/o Thomas BATES & Margaret ORR, witn; Henry McCALLUM, Mary CUNNINGHAM, both Vaughan, married 22 December 1874, Richmond Hill
10651-75 John DIXON, 22, photographer, New York, Clarksburg Ont., s/o James & Mary Jane, married Sarah MONCK, 23, Quebec, Yorkville, d/o William & Sarah, witn: A. WILLOUGHBY & Jane ALLEN, both of Yorkville, 6 Nov 1874 at Yorkville 011187-74 - Samuel DORLEY, 22, Markham, Aurora, b, blacksmith, s/o John & Rachel DORLEY, married Charlotte NEALE, 18, Whitchurch, same, s, d/o William & Ellen NEALE, witn Charles LLOYD, Eliza A. NEALE, both Whitchurch, married 31 January 1874, Whitchurch
#011199-74 - Joseph DORNAN, 29, Ireland, Toronto, b, tobacconist, s/o Patrick DORNAN & Sarah CARSON, married Maria Mary MENTON, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s, d/o John MENTON & Ann CANNON, witn Patrick MENTON of Richmond Hill, Mary CANNON of Aurora, married 14 April 1874, Richmond Hill (Rom Cath) #010626-75 - John DUNDAS, 30, Newfoundland, Twp of Essex - Co Simcoe (sic - should be Essa twp?), b, farmer, s/o James & Eliza DUNDAS, married Eliza Jane MORGAN, 21, Canada, Yorkville, s, d/o John & Eliza MORGAN, witn: John ARMSTRONG of Yorkville, Mary Ann CARRUTHERS of Newtonbrook, married 29 December 1874, Yorkville
#010486-75 Cornelius EAST, 26, England, Napier Middlesex Co, b, Doctor of Medicine, s/o William & Margt EAST, married Alvina CLARK, 35, Canada, York Twp, s, d/o Thomas & Eleanor CLARK, witn William J. CLARK, Onida CLARK, both East York, married 9 December 1874 at Thomas Clark's, East York #010627-75 - Stephen EDMUNDS, 23, Canada, Yorkville, b, farmer,s/o Joseph & Caroline EDMUNDS, married Sarah DANIELS, 21, Canada, Yorkville, s,d/o Dennis & Mary DANIELS, witn: Frank SMITH of Yorkville, Susanna BESTERD of Willowdale, married 31 March (1874), Yorkville
11102-74 David ELLIOTT, 24, farmer, York twp., Markham twp., s/o John & Jane, married Ann WALKER, 24, Markham, same, d/o James & Rachel, witn: Samuel WALKER & Moses WHITE, both of Markham, 28 Jan 1874 at Wesleyan parsonage, Markham #011206-74 - Frederick ELLIOTT, 22, Sheffield England, Vaughan, b, farmer, s/o John & Annie ELLIOTT, married Elizabeth HORNER, 18, Markham, same, s, d/o John & Phebie HORNER, witn; Simon PROCTOR, William H. MYERS, both Richmond Hill, married 17 September 1874, Richmond Hill
#010982-74 Joseph ELLIOTT, 29, Canada, Albion Twp, b, farmer, s/o John & Eliza ELLIOTT, married Letitia M. BROOKS, 26, Canada, Etobicoke Twp., s, d/o James & Ann BROOKS, witn; William ANDERSON of Elora Ont, Susan BROOKS of Etobicoke Twp., married 16 June 1874, Willow Grove, Etobicoke Twp. #010951-74 Daniel ELLISON, 27, Ontario, Tecumseth Twp, b, yeoman, s/o Daniel & Margaret ELLISON, married Louisa HAVELOCK, 28, Ontario, Tecumseth twp, s, d/o Thomas & (blank) HAVELOCK, witn: Thomas ELLISON & Ellen HAVELOCK, both Tecumseth, married 15 April 1874, Aurora
11171-74 - John R. EMERY, 35, widower, merchant, Toronto, Whitchurch, s/o Robert & Hannah, married Nancy Ann KLINCK, 23, Markham, Thornhill, d/o William G. & Nancy, witn: William J. HEWITT & Hannah KLINCK, both of Thornhill, 24 Aug 1874 at Whitchurch 11218-74 - John EMPRINGHAM, 29, farm servant, Lincolnshire England, Scarborough, s/o George & Mary, married Mary Ann KIALL (or Keall), 29, Lincolnshire England, Scarborough, d/o Frank & Hannah, witn: William EMPRINGHAM of York & Thomson WALTON of Scarborough, 25 Feb 1874 at Christ Church, Scarborough
#010631-75 - Thomas ERSKIN, 21, Canada, Toronto, b, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Lucy PORTER, 21, Canada, Toronto, s, d/o Joseph & Caroline, witn: George J. REEVES, Wilhelmina HORNE, both Toronto, married 19 September 1874, Yorkville #011120-74 David EVANS, 34, Canada, Whitchurch, widower, farmer, s/o John EVANS & Elizabeth FLETCHER, married Mary Ann COLTHAM, 24, England, Whitchurch, s, d/o Edward COLTHAM & Ann HAGGAN, witn Robert J. BROWN, Margaret BROWN, both Newmarket, married 1 January 1874, Newmarket
  #010935-74 Joseph Henry FARR, 28, Quebec, Allanburgh Ontario, b, foreman Public Works, s/o Henry FARR & Ellen MAKER (or Maher), married Isabella ANDERSON, 22, Aberdeen Scotland, Yorkville, s, d/o Alexander & Jane ANDERSON, witn Alexander ANDERSON of Yorkville, Walter J. COUCH of Toronto, married 21 July 1874, Yorkville
11170-74 - Patrick FEEVEY, 23, farmer, Canada, Pickering, s/o Thomas & Beazy, married Hannah STOVER, 18, Canada, Pickering, d/o Peter & Mary Ann, witn: James & Annie HILTS of Pickering, 23 Sep 1874 at Stouffville #011141-74 Benjamin FENWICK, 24, Markham, Unionville, b, merchant, s/o Archibald & Barbara, married Aurelia E. ECKHART, 24, Markham, Unionville, s, d/o Salem & Catherine, witn Joseph ROBINSON, Salem ECKHART, both Markham, married 25 February 1874, Unionville
11453-74 - James FINCH, 23, carver, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Richard & Jane, married Esther XAVEY, 24, widow, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Jas. LEMON & Eleanor J., witn: John JACKSON & Ellen DUNWOODEE both of Toronto, 23 May 1874 at Toronto #010799-75 Milton FIERHELLER, 23, Markham, same, b, farmer, s/o John & Susan, married Eunice COOK, 19, Markham, same, s, d/o Benjamin & Mary, witn D. QUANTZ, James JENNINGS, both Markham, married 10 September 1874, Vaughan Twp. (also #011144-74)
#010947-74 Joseph FLEURY, 41, King, Aurora, widower, manufacturer, s/o Joseph & Mary FLEURY, married Sarah W. HUGHES, 28, King Twp, Aurora, s, d/o William & Dorcas Ann HUGHES, witn James W. HUGHES of Toronto, Annah BARRAS of Aurora, married 18 March 1874, Aurora  
11166-74 - John B. FLINT, 21, mechanic, Rochester NY, Markham, s/o George & Mary, married Ruth S. REVIS, 20, Markham, Whitchurch, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: Paul FLINT of Toronto & Mary REVIS of Whitchurch, 7 July 1874 at Stouffville #011043-74 John FORRESTER, 32, Scotland, Vaughan, b, farmer, s/o Thomas & Jane FORRESTER, married Christina GOODFELLOW, 23, Albion, same, s, d/o Adam & Alice GOODFELLOW, witn James GOODFELLOW, George SMITH, both Albion, married 12 February 1874, Albion (but filed under King)
#011172-74 - Samuel FORSYTH, 32, Uxbridge, same, widower, farmer, s/o David & Mary FORSYTH, married Maria GRAHAM, 28, Uxbridge, Whitchurch, s, d/o Andrew & Delilah GRAHAM, witn; Thomas Henry GRAHAM, Melissa CONNER, both Stouffville, married 20 October 1874, Bride's mothers, Whitchurch Twp #010628-75 - John FOSTER, 30, Toronto, same, b, bricklayer, s/o Joseph & Ellen FOSTER, married Annie BEATIE, 23, born Canada, s, d/o Alexander & Jane BEATIE, witn; Samuel ALCORN, Eliza AIKEN, both Yorkville, married 11 (or 12) Dec.1874 at Yorkville
#011038-74 Abert (s/b Albert?) FOUCARR, 22, York Co, Village of Rosemont, b, tinsmith, s/o J.P. & Judith FOUCARR, married Hannah H. WILIVER, 25, Pennsylvania, Schomberg, s, d/o T.J. (or J.J.) & L.H. WILIVER, witn; Samuel McWATERS, Mrs. McWATERS, both King, married 11 August 1874, Lloydtown, King Twp #012658-76 Lawrence F. FOULES, 21, England, Toronto, b, none given, s/o Tom Arthur & Eliza Frances, married Frances ADAMS, 21, England, Toronto, s, d/o William & Ann, witn Stewart WILCOCK of Thornhill, Wellington WISMAR, married 13 July 1874, Thornhill
11114-74 - Robert FULTON, 24, mechanic, Canada, Newmarket, s/o John FULTON & Mary LAWLOR, married Annie BURNS, 22, Ireland, Newmarket, d/o John BURNS & Ceclia HANMER, witn: John FULTON of Uxbridge & Margaret BURNS of King, 18 Oct 1874 at Newmarket (Rom Cath) 11200-74 William Salway GALPIN, 28, farmer, England, Vaughan, s/o John GALPIN & Elizabeth SALWAY, married Elizabeth DUNN, 28, Markham, Vaughan, d/o Alexander DUNN & Elizabeth McCONNELL, witn: William & Eliza KILLIPS of Vaughan, 13 May 1874 at Richmond Hill
#011198-74 - William Lowry GAMBLE, 24, Ontario, King Twp, b, farmer, s/o James GAMBLE & Julia Ann SUMMERFELT, married Emma GRANGER, 21, Quebec, Whitchurch Twp, s, d/o William & Ellen GRANGER, witn George GAMBLE of King, Mary STEEL of Whitchurch, married 25 March 1874, Richmond Hill #011185-74 - John GARBUTT junr, 32, Canada, Peel Twp, b, farmer, s/o John & Mary GARBUTT, married Charity Ann PETCH, 24, Canada, Whitchurch, s, d/o John & Elizabeth PETCH, witn; William GARBUTT of Peel, Emeline LLOYD of Whitchurch, married 14 January1874, Whitchurch
11086-74 - Samuel F. GEE, 25, moulder, Ohio USA, Markham, s/o Peter & Mary Ann, married Rhoda MORRIS, 21, Bay Quinte Ont., Markham, d/o Benjamin & Jane, witn: James P. LAZENBY & Elizabeth CLEAPER?, both of Markham, 24 Dec 1874 at Markham #011062-74 Peter GEIGER, 39, Wilmot Twp, Dumfries Twp, widower, minister, s/o David GEIGER & Barbara STEINACHER, married Anna CONNER, 44, Markham, same, widow, d/o David BYER & Anna DOHNER (aka DONER), witn Joseph RAMER, Mary RAMER, both Markham, married 6 October 1874, Residence of the Bride, Markham twp (both Mennonite)
10961-74 Ernest Adolphus GILES, 22, farmer, England, East Gwillimbury, s/o Edward & Elizabeth Ann, married Mary Ann KNIGHT, 20, King, East Gwillimbury, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Peter KNIGHT & Ellen BRISTOW, both of E. Gwillimbury, 29 Oct 1874 at Queensville #010494-75 Thomas P. GILL, 25, Barrie, Vespra, b, farmer, s/o John GILL & Maria PERRY, married Margt. BULL, 24, Weston, same, s, d/o Edward BULL & Margt. McKAY, witn John D. FRASER of Barrie, John E. BULL of York, married 30 December 1874, York Twp.
10561-75 Richard GOODYER, 50, sailor, England, Sutton, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Mary YOUNG, 58, widow, Canada, Sutton, d/o John YOUNG & Nancy, witn: Charles & Margaret BRODIE of Georgina twp., 1 Nov 1874 at Sutton #011139-74 Barnabas GREEN, 38, England, Thornhill, widower, laborer, s/o William & Sarah, married Jemima VANDERBURGH, 31, Vaughan, Thornhill, widow, d/o Isaac & Melisa, witn William CLARK of Thornhill, married 3 May 1874, Thornhill
10563-75 William GRIFFITH, 24, blacksmith, England, Georgina twp., s/o William & Jane, married Rebecca M. PURDY, 24, Canada, North Gwillimbury, d/o John & Mary, witn: James NEWBURN & Drusilla PURDY, both of N. Gwillimbury, 22 Dec 1874 at Sutton  
#011002-74 Joseph GROGIN, 21, Barrie, Meaford, b, mason, s/o William & Elizabeth GROGIN, married Sarah Ann KELLY, 20, Holland Landing, Oro Twp, s, d/o John & Elizabeth KELLY, witn; Alexander BRACKEN, Maria LANE, both Holland Landing, married 7 October 1874 at Thomas Lane's, Holland Landing #010794-75 Edward J. GROOMBRIDGE, 27, London England, Patterson, b, mechanic, s/o Robert W. & Jane, married Elizabeth IRELAND, 19, King, same, s, d/o Samuel & Caroline, witn John IRELAND, Mary IRELAND, both King, married 23 December 1874, Vaughan Twp.
#011003-74 Charles Henry HALL, 25, Vaughan Twp, King, b, harness maker, s/o John & Jane HALL, married Mary Elizabeth ANDREWS, 28, Vaughan Twp, King, s, d/o William & Sarah ANDREWS, witn Adam J. RUPERT, george GARROW?, both King, married 12 August 1874, King twp. #011068-74 John HAMILTON, 26, York Twp Ont, Toronto, b, merchant, s/o John & Jessie HAMILTON, married Sarah J. VANDEBURG, 22, Markham Twp, same, s, d/o Richard & Phebe VANDEBURG, witn George HAMILTON, Letitia VANDEBURG, both Markham, married 22 April 1874, Markham Twp
#010984-74 James HAMILTON, 23, Ontario, North Gwillimbury, b, farmer, s/o James HAMILTON & Ann SOMERVILLE, married Elizabeth RIDDELL, 32, Ontario, Georgina, s, d /o Robert RIDDELL & Elizabeth McCONACHY, witn Alexander LATIMER, Margaret RIDDELL, both Georgina, married 24 December 1874, Sutton Georgina Twp (ages are correct as written) 11113-74 - Patrick HARDEN, 26, mechanic, Canada, Newmarket, s/o Timothy HARDEN & Cecilia HAMNER, married Sarah HOWARD, 21, Ireland, Newmarket, d/o John HOWARD & Mary SWITZER, witn: James HARDEN & Mary HASKET, both of Newmarket, 16 June 1874 at Newmarket (Rom Cath)
  #011126-74 Samuel HARDIE, 26, Ontario, Vaughan, b, farmer, s/o James & Susannah, married Margaret STEVENSON, 25, Ontario, Vaughan, s, d/o John & Margaret, witn Thomas MILLS, Martha MILLS, both Vaughan, married 13 April 1874, Pine Grove, Vaughan Twp.
11237-74 - Alexander HARRIS, 25, engine driver, Canada, Woodbridge, s/o Alexander & Martha, married Harriet Jane HILLIARD, 18, Canada, Etobicoke, d/o George & Jane, witn: William J. HILLIARD & Mary A. BIRD, both of Weston, 19 April 1874 at Weston 10565-75 Reuben HARRISON, teacher, Canada, Georgina, s/o George HARRISON & Harriet OXTOBY?, married Edith KAY, 23, Canada, Georgina, d/o Joseph KAY & Mary KITCHEN, witn: John HARRISON of Scott & William TOMLINSON of Georgina, 30 Dec 1874 at Georgina twp
#011009-74 John HARTUP, 29, England, King, b, labourer, s/o Thomas & Hannah HARTUP, married Mary Grant SMITH, 23, King, same, s, d/o William & Ann SMITH, witn John R. RAY, Mary Ann ADAMS, both King, married 30 November 1874, King Twp.  
#011196-74 - Jacob HEISE, 77, United States, Markham, widower, yeoman, s/o Jacob & Catherine HEISE, married Catherine HORNER, 79, United States, Markham, widow, d/o John & Catherine FISHER, witn Daniel F. HORNER of Markham, married 5 March 1874, Richmond Hill #011202-74 - Henry HEISE, 21, Markham, same, b, yeoman, s/o Christopher HEISE & Leia RODES, married Jane SHELL, 21, Vaughan, same, s, d/o Jonathan SHELL & Martha THOMSON, witn; Nathaniel WILLIAMS, Mary E. HEISE, both Markham, married 25 December 1874, Richmond Hill
#010937-74 Thomas HENDERSON, 38?, Glasgow Scotland, Paris Ont, widower, Minister of the Gospel, s/o William & Ann HENDERSON, married Catharine Barclay CAMPBELL, 30, Perth Scotland, Yorkville, s, d/o Alexander Malimt? & Charlotte CAMPBELL, witn; James THOMPSON of Toronto, T.B.W. HENDERSON of Paris, married 15 September 1874, Yorkville 11234-74 - Robert HEPTON, 24, farmer, Canada, Gore of Toronto, s/o David & Susan, married Sarah Ann SHAW, 24, Canada, Yorkville, d/o James & Margaret, witn: James SHAW of Yorkville & Mary Jane ROBINSON of York, 1 Dec 1874 at Yorkville
#011161-74 Nicholson HEWSON, 24, Chinguacousy, same, b, farmer, s/o Nicholas & Mary, married Elizabeth BURTON, 26, Vaughan, same, s, d/o Robert & Violet, witn William BURTON of Vaughan, Margaret BURTON of King, married 3 March 1874, Vaughan Twp. #010930-74 Octavius Laing HICKS, 22, Dundee Scotland, Toronto, b, carpenter, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth HICKS, married Hannah TAVERNER, 21, Yorkville, same, s, d/o John & Hannah TAVERNER, witn Ellen TAVERNER, John KNOX, both Yorkville, married 6 February 1874, Yorkville
#010528-75 - : Stephen HILTS, 25, farmer, Canada, Pickering, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Eliza Nora CLARK, 21, Scotland, Pickering, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Hugh & Susannah TAYLOR, both of Uxbridge, 4 Nov 1874 at Con. Church, Stouffville #011122-74 John HIRST, 30, England, Newmarket, b, butcher, s/o Thomas & Ann HIRST, married Sarah Sophia SIMPSON, 21, Canada, Uxbridge, s, d/o Love (or Loui?) & Jemima SIMPSON, witn John George PARTRIDGE of Newmarket, Bella SCOTT of Walkerton, married 6 January 1874, Newmarket
#010487-75 George Clarke HOLLAND, 28, Canada, Ottawa City, b, Editor, s/o Wiliam L. & Charlotte C. HOLLAND, married Allison Hilson ROBINSON, 18, Scotland, West York, s, d/o John & Agnes K. ROBINSON, witn Andrew HOLLAND of Ottawa, Ida CROSS of Tecumseth, married 30 December 1874, York Church, York Twp 11087-74 - John HOLMES, 38, widower, merchant, England, Toronto, s/o Henry HOLMES & Mary A, STEVENSON, married Jessie Adelaide REESOR, 22, Markham, same, d/o David REESOR & Emily McDOUGALL, witn: William G. SMITH of Toronto & D.H. MACHILL of Markham, 8 July 1874 at Markham village
#011061-74 Benjamin HOOVER, 22, Pickering, Markham, b, farmer, s/o Daniel & Frances HOOVER, married Emiline RAMER, 19, Markham, same, s, d/o John H. & Mary RAMER, witn Martin HOOVER, Caroline RAMER, both Markham, married 10 November 1874, at John H. Ramer's, Markham Twp. (both Mennonite) #011162-74 George HUGHES, 39, Niagara, Morrison Muskoka, widower, farmer, s/o Benjamin & Mary, married Mary McDONALD, 40, Vaughan, same, s, d/o John & Grace, witn Daniel McDONALD, Eliz. C. McQUARRIE, both Vaughan, married 19 February 1874, 6th Conc., Vaughan Twp.
  #010663-75 William John HULL, 28, Ireland, Toronto, b, merchant?, s/o John & Margaret, married Annie BEATON, 26, Vaughan Toronto, s, d/o Neil & Agnes, witn; William WEST, Sarah FARLEY, both Toronto, married 12 May 1874, Toronto, reg. Yorkville
#011051-74 George HUMPHRIES, 30, England, Markham twp, b, farmer, s/o William & Mary HUMPHRIES, married Elizabeth HENERBY, 25, England, Markham Twp, s, d/o Henry & Elizabeth HENERBY, witn George ROWLAND, Jane ROWLAND, both Markham, married 20 September 1874, Markham Twp 11229-74 - Richard IBSON, 50, widower, England, Malton, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Harriet NIXON, 28, Canada, Brockton, d/o Edward & Elizabeth, witn: John BULMAN & Annie GALE, both of Toronto, 6 Aug 1874 at Brockton, York twp
#010950-74 Alfred William IRELAND, 26, England, Aurora, b, carpenter, s/o William & Mary Ann IRELAND, married Jessie CAMPBELL, 21, Scotland, King twp, s, d/o John & (blank) CAMPBELL, witn; Henry IRELAND of Aurora, married 6 November 1874, Aurora #010954-74 William IRELAND, 22, England, Aurora, b, printer, s/o William & Mary IRELAND, married Elizabeth Jane BUDRIE, 20, King Twp, Aurora, s, d/o Alexander & Martha BUDRIE, witn Alfred IRELAND, H.N. IRELAND, both Aurora, married 23 June 1874, Aurora
#011008-74 James IRWIN, 56, Ireland, King, widower, mason, s/o Robert & Mary IRWIN, married Rebecca H. PHILLIPS, 56, East Gwillimbury, King, s, d/o William & Anna S. PHILLIPS, witn J. N. DOAN, S. ABBS, both King, married 15 December 1874, King Twp.  
#011216-74 - Nathan JACKSON, 42, England, Scarboro, widower, stone mason, s/o John JACKSON & Sarah BOND, married Ellen WALKER, 36, Ontario, Scarboro, s, d/o David WALKER & Mary FORFAR, witn James BURNS, Rebecca THOMSON, both Scarboro, married 20 January 1874, at Malvern, Scarboro #011214-74 - William Marshall JACKSON, 24, England, Vaughan, b, painter, s/o Thomas JACKSON & Betty SYKES, married Sarah Jane RUPERT, 17, Ontario, Vaughan, s, d/o John M. RUPERT & Mary BEYNON, witn A. P. CONGER & Mary CONGER, near Richmond Hill, married 16 December 1874, Vaughan
11108-74 - James JACKSON, 26, farmer, England, West Gwillimbury, s/o James & Sarah, married Isabella ROBBINS, 19, Canada, West Gwillimbury, d/o James & Agnes, witn: James THOMPSON & Jane LONG, both of W. Gwillimbury, 17 June 1874 at Newmarket 11221-74 - William A. JACKSON, 29, conductor on Northern RR, Ontario, Toronto, s/o not given, married Elizabeth H. TAYLOR, 25, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Archibald & Ann, witn: David ANNIS & Archibald TAYLOR, both of Scarborough, 16 April 1874 at Wesleyan Church, Scarborough
011004-74 - Edward John JAMES, 23, clerk, England, Toronto, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Emily FUSSELL, 20, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witnesses G.M. JAMES & S.A. FUSSELL, both of Toronto, Nov 18, 1874 11105-74 - John JARVIS, 26, farmer, Nova Scotia, Uxbridge, s/o Jacob & Barbara, married Barbara SHAVER, 20, Uxbridge, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Charles WOODROW & Nancy SHAVER, both of Uxbridge, 14 May 1874 at Ruebottoms Hotel, Markham village
#011210-74 - William JENKINS, 21, Markham, same, b, yeoman farmer, s/o Benjamin JENKINS & Maria CROSBY, married Jane MUSTARD, 24, Markham, same, s, d/o John MUSTARD & Hannah OXTOBY, witn John JENKINS, Hannah MUSTARD, both Markham, married 30 September 1874, Richmond Hill #010747-75 James JENNINGS, 23, England, Markham, b, farmer, s/o Henry & Sarah JENNINGS, married Annie HOPE, 20, Canada, Scarboro twp, s, d/o John & Mary HOPE, witn John THOMPSON of Markham, Jane HOPE of Scarboro, married 24 December 1874, Stouffville, Whitchurch Twp.
#010968-74 Elijah JOHNSON, 33, East Gwillimbury, same, widower, Agent, s/o Samuel & Henrietta JOHNSON, married Mary MANN, 26, North Gwillimbury, same, s, d/o Darius & Louisa MANN, witn Grace FLAMER of Bath, Mary GALOWAY of East Gwillimbury, married 4 March 1874, Queensville, East Gwillimbury 11224-74 - William JOHNSTON, 28, farmer, Scarborough, same, s/o James JOHNSTON & Isabella LITTLE, married Agnes WYPER, 21, Scotland, Scarborough, d/o Joseph WYPER & Janet DIXON, witn: David LITTLE & Mary JOHNSTON, both of Scarborough, 21 Oct 1874 at Malvern, Scarborough
#010945-74 George JOHNSTON, 29, Thornhill, Aurora, b, carpenter, s/o Samuel & Margaret JOHNSTON, married Harriet ELLIOTT, 25, London England, Aurora, s, d/o John & Harriet ELLIOTT, witn; William G. GRAHAM, Elizh. Anne BARRAS, both Aurora, married 15 January 1874, Aurora #011152-74 John JOHNSTON, 28, Toronto Gore, same, b, farmer, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Elizabeth ARNOLD, 21, Vaughan, same, s, d/o John Stillwell & Janet Isabella, witn George ARNOLD, Hannah JOHNSTON, both Vaughan, married 28 October 1874, Vaughan Twp.
11226-74 - William J. JOLIFFE, 27, minister, England, Eglinton, s/o John & Ann, married Clarissa ROBINSON, 26, Canada, Eglinton, d/o Isaac & Ruth, witn: John J. GARTSTONE & Emma J. MITCHELL, both of Eglinton, 8 July 1874 at Eglinton  
#011966-74 William Louis JONES, 33, England, Newmarket, b, photographer, s/o William Louis & Ann JONES, married Frances Edda TOWNLEY, 21, England, Newmarket, s, d/o John & Ann TOWNLEY, witn John IRONSIDE of Whitchurch, Ann Mary SIMPSON of Newmarket, married 17 February 1874, Newmarket 11106-74 - Job JORDAN, 21, farmer, Whitchurch, same, s/o Luke & Julia, married Harriet KENNEDY, 18, Whitchurch, same, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Alexander HANNAH & Margaret Jane COOK, both of Whitchurch, 25 May 1874 at Newmarket
#011173-74 - Abraham JOYCE, 26, Canada, Markham, b, farmer, s/o John & Sarah JOYCE, married Ann HORSELEY, 20, Canada, Markham, s, d/o Richard & Elizabeth HORSELY, witn; William JOYCE, Jane YOUNG, both Markham, married 27 October 1874, 3rd Conc, Whitchurch Twp. #010801-75 C.H. KEFFER, 26, Vaughan, same, b, farmer, s/o William & Susan, married Barbara E. McDONALD, 22, Vaughan, same, s, d/o David & Barbara, witn; A. KEFFER, A. BURKHOLDER of Vaughan, married 16 December 1874, Maple, Vaughan Twp.
#011060-74 Thomas KELLY, 20, Huron, Markham, b, carpenter, s/o Thomas & Ann KELLY, married Mary REESOR, 17, Markham, same, s, d/o Benjamin & Sarah Ann REESOR, witn Joshua REESOR, Sarah REESOR, both Markham, married 7 November 1874, Parsonage, Stouffville, Markham Twp. 10806-75 John KERR, 25, farmer, Vaughan, same, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Susannah ROBINSON, 19, Vaughan, same, d/o Eli & Betsy, witn: C. W. KERR & Jane AITKENS, both of Vaughan, 9 Dec 1874 at Maple, Vaughan
  #011145-74 John KEYS, 26, Ireland, Vaughan, b, farmer, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Mary Louisa OSTER, 21, Ontario, Vaughan, s, d/o Michael & Mary, witn James KEYS, Charlotte KEYS, both Vaughan, married 10 September 1874, Vaughan Twp.
#011147-74 William F. KIDD, 38, Le Cole, Cookstown, b, mechanic, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary HUNTER, 20, King, same, s, d/o Joseph & Isabella, witn James F. KIDD of Cookstown, Clara HENDERSON of King, married 28 January 1874, Kleinburg, Vaughan Twp. #010971-74 Richard W. KING, 23, Ontario, East Gwillimbury, b, farmer, s/o Joel & Hannah KING, married Elizabeth CRYDERMAN, 19, North Gwillimbury, East Gwillimbury, s, d/o Silas & Harriet CRYDERMAN, witn; Duncan KING, Fanny CRYDERMAN, both East Gwillimbury, married 11 February 1874, Queensville, East Gwillimbury
#010996-74 Frederick Joseph KITCHING, 26, London England, Orillia, b, clerk, s/o Francis Joseph & Jane KITCHING, married Catherine BROWN, 23, Thornhill, Holland Landing, s, d/o James & Susan BROWN, witn Charles PLAYTER, George PLAYTER, both Holland Landing, married at bride's father's, 14 January 1874, Holland Landing #010966-74 Benjamin KITELY, 22, Canada, East Gwillimbury, b, farmer, s/o William & Elizabeth KITELY, married Elma Lucretia EVANS, 22, Canada, East Gwillimbury, s, d/o Arthur Wellington & Emily Jane EVANS, witn Archibald McMILLAN, Angeline EVANS, both East Gwillimbury, married 1 January 1874, Sharon, East Gwillimbury
11098-74 James LAMB, 23, farmer, Whitby twp., Reach twp., s/o Hiram & Eliza Jane, married Lavinia YOUNG, 20, Holtby England, Markham, d/o Jonathan & Sarah, witn: Rev. J. N. ROBINSON & Margaret SPEIGHT, both of Markham, 23 Dec 1874 at Markham #011004-74 William D. LAWRIE, 25, Bradford, King, b, merchant, s/o William & Jane LAWRIE, married Sarah J. RIVETT, 21, Vaughan, King Twp, s, d/o Robert & Ann RIVETT, witn John C. ROSE of Bradford, George WILSON of Vaughan, married 20 October 1874, King Twp.
#011047-74 John Joshua LEACH, 22, Canada, Amherst Island, b, clergyman, s/o Robert & Mary Ann LEACH, married Emma Louisa PURKISS, 22, Canada, Thornhill, s, d/o Josiah & Elizabeth PURKISS, witn William T. PERLEY, Eva M. PURKISS, both Thornhill, married 5 August 1874, Markham Twp #010580-75 - Samuel LEATHERLAND, 28, cabinet maker, England, Schomberg, s/o Samuel & Emma, married Mary Ann LEACH, 26, Schomberg, King, d/o Edwin & Mary, witnesses were John STEPHENS & Mardea LEACH, both of King, 12 Dec 1874 at King
10566-75 Louis LEROMPTE, 34, widower, shoe maker, Montreal, Toronto, s/o Louis LEROMPTE & Melanie LABRUNCH, married Margaret LAVIOLETTE, 26, Georgina, same, d/o Peter LAVIOLETTE & Juliene DEUCLOS, witn: Nicholson & Harriet LAVIOLETTE of Georgina twp., 27 Dec 1874 at Georgina #011010-74 William LESLIE, 35, Esquesing, Erin Twp, widower, farmer, s/o James & Elizabeth LESLIE, married Elizabeth STERNE, 33, Albion, King, s, d/o Samuel & Ann STERNE, witn John LESLIE of Erin, Thomas C. STERNE of Nobleton, married 15 December 1874, King Twp.
#010664-75 William LEVITT (or Levatt), 24, Canada, York Twp, b, farmer, s/o John & Susannah, married Mary Jane DEAN, 22, Canada, York Twp, s, d/o John & Eliza DEAN, witn John G. DEAN, Sarah A. LEVITT, both York Twp, married 30 June 1874, Yorkville #010933-74 Reginald LINDSAY, 31, London England, Toronto, b, photographer, s/o Reginal & Eden? Maria LINDSAY, married Annie MULRONEY, 25, Quebec, Toronto, s, d/o Purie & Annie MULRONEY, witn Robert O'BRIEN, Sarah Jane O'BRIEN, both Yorkville, married 8 July 1874, Yorkville
10613-75 William Frederick LONG, 22, railway employee, England, Aurora, s/o Frederick & Emma, married Matilda MACHELL, 19, Ontario, Aurora, d/o illegible father & blank, witn: David MACHELL & Mary ELDER, both of Aurora, 18 Nov 1874 at Aurora  
#011140-74 Thomas LONGBOTTOM, 22, Canada, Toronto, b, brick layer, s/o Charles & Mary, married Margaret WRIGHT, 21, Canada, Toronto, s, d/o John & Hannah, witn John WILSON, Ann WRIGHT, both Woodbridge, married 1 July 1874, Vaughan Twp. 11235-74 - Lewis LONGUAY, 45, widower, laborer, Canada, Etobicoke, s/o Andrew & unknown, married Henrietta NEWMAN, 24, Canada, Etobicoke, d/o Thomas & Henrietta, witn: Robert NEWMAN & Susannah LANIOL, both of Etobicoke, 9 May 1874 at Weston
#011020-74 Thomas MacMURCHY, 25, King, same, b, farmer, s/o Norman & Elizabeth MacMURCHY, married Annie McMURCHY, 24, King, same, s, d/o Archibald & Jane McMURCHY, witn Alexander BEYNON of Vaughan, Peter McMURCHY of Vaughan, married 25 March 1874, King Twp. 11100-74 Joshua B. MADILL, 23, farmer, Darlington, Pickering, s/o Henry & Phoebe, married Henrietta TOOL, 19, Pickering, same, d/o John & Harriet, witn: Robert TATE & Harriet TOOL, both of Pickering, 7 Jan 1874 at Wesleyan Parsonage, Markham
  #010700-75 Truman MAPES, 27, Ontario, R. Hill, b, cabinet maker, s/o William MAPES & Ellenor HENRICKS, married Sarah Jane HEWISON, 24, Ontario, Richmond Hill, s, d/o Robert HEWISON & Ann WARREN, witn Sarah DANIELS, George HEWISON, both Richmond Hill, married 30 December 1874, Richmond Hill
#011050-74 Fred MARTIN, 23, England, Markham, b, wagon maker, s/o Geo & Eliz. MARTIN, married Sarah Jane LEE, 24, Markham, same, widow, d/o William & Anna HAMILTON, witn Hannah MOORE, J.B. WORTS, married 9 October 1874, Stouffville, Markham Twp. #011052-74 Rev. Chas. MATTINGLY, 30, Canada, Newbridge Howick Twp, b, P.M. Minister, s/o Richard & Harriet MATTINGLY, married Mary Ann Jane PHEONIX, 23, Canada, Scarboro, s, d/o Silas & Diantha PHEONIX, witn Thomas STEEL of Scarboro, Rebecca THOMSON of Barrie, married 5 August 1874, Scarboro (reg. Markham Twp)
#011037-74 Thomas McALLISTER, 32, Vaughan, King, b, farmer, s/o James & Jane McALLISTER, married Janet MITCHELL, 25, Vaughan, same, s, d/o James & Ellen MITCHELL, witn; James MITCHELL junr., Robert MITCHELL, both Vaughan, married 16 January 1874, Vaughan Twp (reg King) #011970-74 Amos McCOY, 22, Whitchurch, same, b, farmer, s/o Allan & Mary McCOY, married Ann GORDON, 22, Pickering, Whitchurch, s, d/o Alexander & Isabella GORDON, witn; Leander MILLAR, Margaret MILLAR, both Whitchurch, married 22 February 1874, Newmarket
#011217-74 - Matthew McCRIE, 23, Scotland, Enniskillen, b, yeoman, s/o William McCRIE & Margaret MILLER, married Rosanna HARRINGTON, 24, Ontario, Scarboro, s, d/o Jefferson HARRINGTON & Nancy STONER, witn Amos HARRINGTON of Enniskillen, Hannah PEARSE of Scarboro, married 20 January 1874, Scarboro #011023-74 John McDOUGALL, 25, Scotland, Osprey, b, mechanic, s/o Frederick & Mary McDOUGALL, married Isabella KENNEDY, 22, Brock, King, s, d/o Neil & Christina KENNEDY, witn Alexander McDOUGALL of Osprey & Annie KENNEDY of King, married 5 February 1874, King Twp
#011968-74 Robert McFARLAND, 22, Ireland, East Gwillimbury, b, farmer, s/o William McFARLAND & Susannah CLEMENTS, married Isabella GIBNEY, 20, Canada, East Gwillimbury, s, d/o James GIBNEY & Margaret MAINES, witn Margaret J. McFARLAND, James C. GIBNEY, both East Gwillimbury, married 18 February 1874, Newmarket  
#010705-75 - Robert McKAY, 25, Markham, Markham Village, b, mechanic, s/o James & Lydia McKAY, married Margaret SMITH, 22, Northumberland Eng, Markham, s, d/o Joseph & Mary SMITH, witn Thomas LAWSON, Elizabeth SMITH, both Markham, married 23 December 1874, Markham Village #011007-74 Duncan McKINNON, 42, Scotland, Vaughan, widower, farmer, s/o Archibald & Margaret MacKINNON (sic), married Catharine CAMERON, 24, Vaughan, same, s, d/o Duncan & Janet CAMERON, witn; John MacLEAN of Vaughan, Lizzie DENNIS of King, married 8 October 1874, King Twp.
10511-75 (York Co) Angus McLOUD, 40, servant, Scotland, Davenport York, s/o Roderick & Margaret McLOUD, married Margaret EDWARDS, 34, England, Davenport York, d/o Richard & Winefiche(?) EDWARDS, witn: Robert McLOUD of Toronto & Sarah LANGSTAFF of Davenport, 9 Dec 1874 at at the residence of E. Crossman Esq. - Davenport #011207-74 - Walter McMAHON, 21, Canada, Vaughan, b, farmer, s/o James McMAHON & Mary Ann TUNNETT, married Mary SMITH, 21, Vaughan, same, s, d/o George SMITH & Flora McLEAN, witn John PALMER of Richmond Hill, Sarah SMITH of Vaughan, married 23 May 1874, Richmond Hill
#010997-74 James McMAIN, 30, Ontario, Innisfil Twp, b, labourer, parents not listed, married Dorcas Jemima OBEE, 22, Kent England, Holland Landing, s, d/o George & Rachel OBEE, witn Emily OBEE, Edwin WERNHAM, both Holland Landing, married at bride's father's, 20 April 1874, Holland Landing #011128-74 Duncan McMILLAN, 23, Ontario, Vaughan, b, teamster, s/o Hugh & Catherine, married Mary Ann McKINNON, 23, Ontario, Vaughan, s, d/o Alexander & Sarah, witn; George COCKBURN of Vaughan, Mary POOLE of Markham, married 19 May 1874, Pine Grove, Vaughan Twp.
010791-75 Henry McMULLEN, 25, King, Vaughan, b, farmer, s/o John & Margaret, married Mary J. CUNNINGHAM, 23, Drummore Ireland, Vaughan, s, d/o Andrew & Mary, witn Nathan CUNNINGHAM, Susan McMULLEN, married 23 December 1874, Vaughan twp. 10655-75 James MENKIN, 38, widower, merchant, England, Toronto, s/o John & Ellen, married Carrie WILSON, 38, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Henry & Caroline, witn: Margaret DWYER of Toronto & Johanna DAVEY of Seaton, 27 Aug 1874 at Parsonage, Yorkville
10960-74 John MERRITT, 19, farmer, North Gwillimbury, same, s/o Isaac & Mary Ann, married Lucretia CONNELL, 20, North Gwillimbury, same, d/o Patrick & Susanna, witn: Daniel ROBERTSON & Susan MERRITT, both of N. Gwillimbury, 24 Dec 1874 at North Gwillimbury #011049-74 Henry MEYER, 26, Germany, Markham, b, carpenter, s/o John & Anna MEYER, married Jennet McCAULEY, 21, Scarboro, Markham, s, d/o Thomas & Nancy McCAULEY, witn; Jacob YEAKLEY, Christian RAYMER, David MEYER, Eliz. MEYER, all Markham, married 8 June 1874 at Stouffville, Markham twp.
#010958-74 Thomas N. MILES, 22, Queensville, East Gwillimbury, b, yeoman, s/o Thomas & Lucy MILES, married Margaret RUTLEDGE, 23, Ireland, East Gwillimbury, s, d/o William & Eliza RUTLEDGE, witn; William CANE, Anne RUTLEDGE, both East Gwillimbury, married 19 November 1874, East Gwillimbury #011969-74 Edward MILLAR, 25, Canada, King, b, farmer, s/o William & Lucinda MILLAR, married Annis BODFISH, 23, England, King, s, d/o George & Martha BODFISH, witn; William BODFISH, Sarah SMITH, both King Twp, married 21 January 1874, Newmarket
10974-74 John MILLER, 32, farmer, widower, Ireland, North Gwillimbury, s/o William MILLER & Mary Ann HAMIL, married Linda SEDORE, 24, Canada, North Gwillimbury, d/o Jeremiah SEDORE & Susannah THOMPSON, witn: Nancy SEDORE & Alonzo DRAPER, both of N. Gwillimbury, 2 April 1874 at 2nd con of North Gwillimbury #010992-74 Walter MILLER, 23, Canada, Newmarket, b, carpenter, s/o William & Lucinda MILLER, married Jane Elizabeth BRODIE, 19, Canada, Newmarket, s, d/o John BRODIE & Mary MOSIER, witn; Charles A.BRODIE, Margaret BRODIE, both Sutton Village, married 22 April 1874, Georgina Twp.
11080-74 - Cunningham MITCHEL, 37, widower, Vaughan, Whitchurch, s/o Cunningham & Mary, married Sarah GOULD, 26, Markham, Whitchurch, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Miss S. J. MOORE of Norwich & Mrs. J.B. MOORE of Stouffville, 5 Feb 1874 at Stouffville, 5 Feb 1874 at Parsonage, Stouffville #011013-74 John MOONEY, 20, King Twp, Aurora, b, tavern keeper, s/o Charles & Eliza ALLEN (?), married Henrietta MOSLEY, 19, Toronto Twp, Aurora, s, d/o Henry & Betty MOSLEY, witn; Rachael MOSLEY of King, Richard HARMAN of Aurora, married 16 November 1874, King Twp.
#011041-74 John MOORE, 29, Canada, King, b, potter, s/o John MOORE & "mother not known", married Sarah STORY, 21, Canada, King, s, d/o John & Mary STORY, witn; John H. BROWN of Toronto, Susan LLOYD of King, married 20 January 1874, King #010946-74 George MORGASON, 39, England, Vaughan Twp, widower, farmer, s/o Reynar & Phoebe MORGASON, married Louisa YOUNG, 32, France, Vaughan Twp, s, d/o Jacob & Catherine YOUNG, witn Hannah BARRAS, H.E.P. BARRAS, both Aurora, married 20 January 1874, Aurora
#011211-74 - James MORRISON, 50, Lower Canada, Markham, widower, yeoman farmer, s/o James & Nancy MORRISON, married Catherine MILLER, 38, Markham, same, widow, d/o Jacob MILLER & Catherine WIDEMAN, witn Otto GIEBNER, Elizabeth GIEBNER, both Vaughan, married 7 October 1874, Richmond Hill #010934-74 Wilson MORTON, 22, Ireland, Toronto, b, printer, s/o James & Sarah MORTON, married Annie Florence STRANGE, 21, Canada, Rockwood Wellington Co Ont, s, d/o Henry & Elizabeth STRANGE, witn James T. RUSSEL, Mrs. Jennie (no surname), both Yorkville, married 16 July 1874, 10 (illegible - Prince?) Arthur Avenue
#011208-74 - John MUSTARD, 28, Markham, same, b, yeoman farmer, s/o William & Ann MUSTARD, married Mary SNIDER, 22, Whitchurch, same, s, d/o Samuel & Sarah SNIDER, witn; William MUSTARD of Markham, Lydia SNIDER of Whitchurch, married 29 September 1874, Richmond Hill #011183-74 - Matthew NEILLY, 26, Gilford, same, b, farmer, s/o William & Mary NEILLY, married Eliza Jane PORRETT, 19, Whitchurch, same, s, d/o Thomas & Mary PORRETT, witn Joseph W. MOWDER, Mary NEILLY, both Gilford, married 7 January 1874, Whitchurch
10562-75 William NEWBURN, 26, farmer, Canada, North Gwillimbury, s/o John NEWBURN & Jane RYNDRESS, married Louisa PROSSER, 21, Canada, North Gwillimbury, d/o Solomon & Isabella, witn: James RAYNER & Elizabeth DUNKLEY, both of Sutton, 16 Nov 1874 at Sutton  
11230-74 - Isaac NEWTON, 28, stone mason, Orangeville, same, s/o William & Mary, married Celia Louisa CATON, 20, Hampshire England, Orangeville, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: E.G. LOCKE of Weston & M. WILLSON of Bell Ewart, 2 Sept 1874 at Weston #011209-74 - John NIGH, 25, Markham, same, b, yeoman farmer, s/o William NIGH & Mary TEEL, married Christiana BRILILNGER, 30, Whitchurch, same, s, d/o George BRILLINGER & Frances HEISE, witn; William H. MYERS, Agnes DICK, both Richmond Hill, married 29 September 1874, Richmond Hill
#010745-75 Enoch NIGH, 21, Canada, Markham, b, farmer, s/o William & Maria NIGH, married Judith PIFER (ie PIPHER), 17, Canada, Markham, s, d/o John & Dorothy PIFER, witn; Mrs. J. DAY of Stouffville, married 22 September 1874 at Congregational Parsonage, Stouffville #011003-74 - Thomas NORTON, 22, mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o William & Ann, married Sarah MAGUINESS, 22, Londonderry, Toronto, d/o James & Jane, witnesses G.H. BROUGHALL & G.LONG, both of Toronto, Nov 17, 1874, at Toronto
  #011125-74 James Samuel OADES, 22, Canada, Toronto, b, plasterer, s/o Joseph Henry & Elizabeth OADES, married Sarah Ann LAMB, 23, Canada, Toronto, s, d/o Patrick & Sarah Ann LAMB, witn Elizabeth CASSON of Newmarket, married 25 May 1874, Newmarket
11088-74 - Isaac O’NEILL, 33, widower, brick maker, Quebec, Markham, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Margaret NICHOLSON, 23, Canada, Markham, d/o Andrew & Martha, witn: Andrew NICHOLSON & Mrs. WHITNEY, both of Markham, 17 Nov 1874 at Markham village 011002-74 - Thomas ORGILL, 20, carpenter, England, Toronto, s/o Charles & Adelaide, married Charlotte JAMES, 19, England, Toronto, d/o Phillip & Charlotte , witnesses Phillip & Charlotte JAMES, both of Toronto, Nov 16, 1874 at Toronto
#011193-74 - William Henry ORVIS, 30, Canada, Pickering, farmer, s/o Eleazer & Elizabeth ORVIS, married Sarah Emeline DENNIS, 25, Canada, Whitchurch, d/o Brook & Esther M. DENNIS, witn; Mary Ann ARMITAGE of King, Alfred DENNIS of Whitchurch, married 25 June 1874, Bride's residence, Whitchurch #010995-74 Ephraim PARKER, 21, Bondhead Canada, Georgina Island, b, blacksmith, s/o William & Mary PARKER, married Angelinus PORT, 17, Georgina Island, same, s, d/o James & Hannah PORT, witn; Thomas PORT, Charlotte DAILY, both Georgina Island, married 11 May 1874, Sutton Village, Georgina Twp.
#011151-74 Thomas PARKINSON, 25, Etobicoke, Vaughan, farmer, s/o Christopher & Nancy, married Mary Matilda STEELE, 35, Etobicoke, Vaughan, d/o Daniel & Mary, witn George OSWALD, Emily STEELE, both Vaughan, married 6 October 1874, Vaughan Twp. #011124-74 William Henry PARTRIDGE, 46, Canada, Vespra? (smudged) Twp Simcoe Co, widower, farmer, s/o Charles & Ann PARTRIDGE, married Rhoda GILCHRIST, 25, Canada, Vespra Twp Simcoe Co, s, d/o Neil & Caroline GILCHRIST, witn; Ellon? P. IRWIN, Henry WAITMAN, both Newmarket, married 16 April 1874, Newmarket
#019042-74 James H. PATTENDEN, 21, King Twp, Whitchurch, farmer, s/o Richard & Ann PATTENDEN, married Sarah Jane HILTS, 24, Markham Twp, same, d/o George & Jane HILTS, witn Henry GARBUTT, S.A. PATTENDEN, both Markham, married 23 December 1874, Aurora #011067-74 Samuel PENNY, 20, England, Markham, b, farmer, s/o William & Sarah PENNY, married Sarah BOYNTON, 19, Canada, Markham, s, d/o William & Elizabeth Ann BOYNTON, witn James STONEHOUSE of Scarboro, Mary BOYNTON of Markham, married 22 January 1874, Markham Twp.
#010931-74 William S. PORTEOUS, 27, Reach, same, farmer, s/o George & Margaret PORTEOUS, married Marion Elizabeth LAURIE, 19, Whitby, Reach, d/o William & Annie LAURIE, witn Robert TEASDALE, W.R. STRONG, both Yorkville, married 22 June 1874, Yorkville  
#011184-74 - Arthur John PETCH, 24, Whitchurch, same, b, farmer, s/o Isaac & Emma PETCH, married Mary E. ANDERSON, 26, Markham, Whitchurch, s, d/o John & Elizabeth ANDERSON, witn; George M. ANDERSON of Markham, Rachel Ann PETCH of Whitchurch, married 10 January 1874, Whitchurch #010712-75 - Rebben PHILLIPS, 28,  Markham Ont, Sharon Ont, b, pump maker, s/o George T. & Margaret PHILLIPS, married Maria ROWEN, 26, Illinois US, Sharon Ont, s, d/o Daniel Richard & Mary Jane ROWEN, witn: David L. LEPARD, Mary Jane KNIGHT, both East Gwillimbury, married 30 December 1874, Sharon (also 10962-74)
#010629-75 - Frank Fisher PICKERING, 22, Canada, Yorkville, carpenter, s/o John & Elizabeth PICKERING, married Margaret SHAW, Canada, Yorkville, d/ o Robert SHAW, witn; Thomas C. WAND, Agnes HILL, both Yorkville, married 6 May 1874, Yorkville 11083-74 - Andrew PIPHER, 25, farmer, Pickering, Markham, s/o Samuel & Annie, married Salista McKINYA?, 23,, Markham, same, d/o David & Eliza, witn: David & Meria HOOVER of Markham, 17 Feb 1874 at Parsonage, Markham
#011071-74 John PIPHER, 22, Pickering, same, mechanic, s/o Samuel & Fanny PIPHER, married Levina PENGILLY, 16, Pickering, Claremont Ont, d/o John & Mary Ann PENGILLY, witn Nancy MIDDLETON, Robert MIDDLETON, both Pickering, married 12 April 1874 at S. Pipher's, Markham [Pengelly?] #012660-76 Henry PIPER, 25, Dundas, Toronto, b, none given, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Fanny RICHARDS, 23, Thornhill, Toronto, s, d/o Henry & Catherine, witn Henry RICHARDS of Thornhill, married 11 November 1874, Thornhill
#011197-74 - Richard Samuel PORTER, 19, England, Richmond Hill, baker, s/o William PORTER & Ann WEAM (or Weain) married Sarah W. TRENCH, 25, Canada, Richmond Hill, d/o William TRENCH & Sarah CRAIK Trench, witn George TRENCH of Richmond Hill, Eliza THOMPSON of Toronto, married 16 March 1874, Richmond Hill #010782-75 Jordan POST, 31, Canada, Patterson Vaughan, widower, painter, s/o Jordan & Almira, married Charlotte SPALDING, 22, Scotland, Patterson Vaughan, s, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn; Andrew SPALDING, Anne LAIRD, both Vaughan, married 25 May 1874, Patterson, Vaughan Twp.
10560-75 Moses POST, 21, farmer, Snake Island, Georgina Island, s/o William & Eliza, married Sophia ELLIOT, 18, Snake Island, Georgina Island, d/o John & Charlotte, witn: Isaiah ALBERT & Julia A. ELLIOT, both of Georgina Island, 29 Oct. 1874 at Sutton #019040-74 Andrew PRES?, 27, Holland Landing, Aurora, widower, barber, s/o Joseph & Margaret PRES?, married Phebe BOSTINICK (Bostwick?), 32, Uxbridge, Bellewart, widow, d/o Jonathan & Sarah BARR (or Ball or Bain!!), witn; Joseph BUNN, Martha BUNN, both Aurora, married 6 July 1874, Aurora
#011204-74 - Philip QUERRY, 24, Ontario, Markham, b, blacksmith, s/o George QUERRY & Mary LAWRENCE, married Mary Jane TRANN, 21, Ontario, Markham, s, d/o David TRANN & Sarah ROBSON, witn Emma E. TRANN, Robert A. NICHOLS, both Markham, married 17 September 1874, Richmond Hill #010952-74 John RANDALL, 26, Whitby, Whitchurch, b, yeoman, s/o Joseph & Mary RANDALL, married Loudelia JOHNSTON, 21, Whitchurch, same, s, d/o Ezra & Frances JOHNSTON, witn Edward RANDALL, Mary Ann ELY, both Whitchurch, married 19 May 1874, Aurora
#010526-75 - : Joseph RAYMER, 31, agent, Canada, Pickering, s/o not given, married Martha M. WOOTTEN, 30, England, Whitchurch, d/o David & Ann, witn: A.J. WELLS of Toronto & A.E. WOOTTEN of Markham, 5 Dec 1874 at Unionville #011070-74 Isaac Peter RAYMER, 22, Markham, same, b, farmer, s/o Abraham & Mary Ann RAYMER, married Sarah Ellen McKAY, 20, Markham, same, s, d/o James & Lidia McKAY, witn William HARRINGTON , Christina RAYMER, both Markham, married 30 April (1874), Parsonage, Stouffville
10658-75 John Douglas REAGH, 25, teamster, York Co., same, s/o John WEIR & Catherine IRVINE [as written], married Jeanie ANDERSON, 21, Scotland, York CO., d/o John & Jane, witn: George ATKINSON of Yorkville & Rosanna REAGH, 17 June 1874 at Yorkville #010785-75 Jacob REAMAN, 23, Vaughan, same, b, clergyman, s/o Daniel & Mary, married Emma Catherine WHITE, 21, Vaughan, same, s, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn Hiram WHITE, Margaret REAMAN, both Vaughan, married 10 November 1874, Vaughan
#011165-74 Isaac REAMAN, 24, Vaughan, same, b, farmer, s/o Daniel & Mary, married Martha CHARLTON, 20, Vaughan, same, s, d/o John & Fanny, witn Jacob REAMAN, Ann CHARLTON, both Vaughan, married 31 December 1874, Concord, Vaughan Twp. 11103-74 William REESOR, 50, widower, farmer, Markham twp., same, s/o Christian & Elizabeth, married Jennet THOMPSON, 20, East York, Markham twp., d/o Hector & Jennet, witn: Elizabeth & S. H. BETTS of Markham, 4 Feb 1874 at Wesleyan Parsonage, Markham
#010746-75 John REID, 22, Canada, Uxbridge, b, farmer, s/o Samuel & Caroline REID, married Sarah STEWART, 22, Canada, Uxbridge Twp, s, d/o George & Sarah STEWART, witn; Edward WHITE, Emma GOODMAN, both Stouffville, married 24 December 1874, Stouffville, Whitchurch Twp. #010928-74 Robert RENNIE, 60, Scotland, Toronto, widower, s/o James RENNIE & Mary GORDON Rennie, married Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, 35, Canada, Yorkville, s, d/o James ARMSTRONG & Eliza DUNDAS Armstrong, witn Robert ARMSTRONG of Yorkville, Mrs. Mary FORBES of Toronto, married 3 February 1874, Yorkville
11104-74 Sidney REYNOLDS, 23, farmer, Pickering, same, s/o Chancy & Phoebe, married Sarah STOTTS, 20, Pickering, same, d/o Casper & Alice, witn: A. MATTHEWS & Harriet STOTTS, both of Pickering, 23 April 1874 at Wesleyan Parsonage, Markham 11220-74 - Adam RICHARDSON, 28, widower, Ontario, Scarborough, s/o George RICHARDSON & Ellen ARMSTRONG, married Mary GIBSON, 22, Markham, Scarborough, d/o Fullarton GIBSON & Mary THOMSON, witn: James GIBSON of Scarborough & Isabella GIBSON of Markham, 22 April 1874 at Parsonage, Wexford, Scarborough
#011138-74 Samuel RICHARDSON, 31, Scarborough, Toronto, b, Physician, s/o John & Margaret, married Jane Willson McDOUGALL, 23, Whitchurch, Thornhill, s, d/o David & Mary, witn John M. SUTHERLAND of Toronto, William McDOUGALL of Thornhill, married 17 March 1874, Thornhill #011158-74 Abel ROBINSON, 26, Gore of Toronto, same, b, farmer, s/o Abel & Mary, married Hannah Isabella AGAR, 19, Vaughan, same, s, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn William ROBINSON of Gore of Toronto, Elizabeth BURKHOLDER of Albion, married 14 January 1874, Vaughan Twp.
11097-74 George ROBINSON, 22, farmer, Markham, same, s/o Andrew & Mary, married Mary STEWARD, 18, Elma, Markham, d/o Charles & Ann, witn: H. C. MARR of Markham, 23 Dec 1874 at Markham #010955-74 Joseph ROBINSON, 22, Whitchurch, King Twp, b, carpenter, s/o William & Catherine ROBINSON, married Jane GARREN, 18, King Twp, same, s, d/o Henry & Amelia GARREN, witn; James WHITE, Catherine WHITE, married 30 June 1874, Aurora
#011190-74 - Jarvis ROBSON, 35, England, Whitchurch, b, farmer, s/o Francis & Mary Ann ROBSON, married Elizabeth MANSON, 28, Scotland, Toronto, s, d/o Donald & Barbara S. MANSON, witn John MANSON, Matilda HUGHY, married 3 February 1874, Richard Knills, Stouffville, Whitchurch 11225-74 - John ROWANTREE, 32, widower, butcher, York, Vaughan, s/o David & Sarah, married Hannah ALDERSON, 22, Scarborough, same, d/o James & Martha, witn: G. J. GILBERT of Davenport & Stephen PHERRILL of Scarborough, 24 Nov 1874 at Christs Church, Scarborough
#010977-74 James ROWELL, 26, Toronto, Etobicoke, b, farmer, s/o Henry & Annie ROWELL, married Annie Jane MAW, 26, Vaughan, Etobicoke, s, d/o John & Mary MAW, witn; James CARY? Of St Andrews, Hannah MAW of Etobicoke Twp., married 22 January 1874, Etobicoke Twp. 11245-74 - William ROWNTREE, 21, farmer, York, same, s/o David & Sarah, married Harriet FARR, 21, Bedford England, York, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Isaac FARR of York & Emma M. ROWNTREE of York, 31 March 1874 at York
#010981-74 Joseph RUSH, 25, Thames Oxford England, Mimico, b, market gardener, s/o Jos? Jas? John? & Caroline RUSH, married Caroline BURGESS, 30, Middlesex Co England, Mimico, s, d /o William & Caroline BURGESS, witn; Thomas WIXON, Eva Caroline BURGESS, both Mimico, married 15 April 1874, Mimico, Etobicoke Twp. 11231-74 - John RUSSELL, 24, laborer, Vaughan, same, s/o Henry & Mary Ann, married Olive CHURCHILL, 21, Kingston, York, d/o Silvester & Matilda, 29 Sept 1874 at Weston
#010998-74 William Brown RUSSELL, 28, Newbury Ont, Uxbridge, b, carriage painter, s/o Andrew & Margret RUSSELL, married Sarah Esther BACON, 24, Holland Landing, same, s,d /o Henry & Ann BACON, witn; Frank IRWIN of Clarksville, R. BASCOM of Toronto, married 27 May 1874 at bride's father's, Holland Landing #011021-74 William RYNESS, 45, Ontario, Vaughan, widower, laborer, s/o James & Mary RYNESS, married Emily ELLIS, 32, England, Vaughan, s, d/o William & Fanny ELLIS, witn John BLOUGH & Fanny LYNN, both Vaughan, married 20 May 1874, King Twp. [Rhyness?]
#010669-75 William Atkinson SANDERSON, 25, Ontario, Richmond Hill, b, druggist, s/o Henry SANDERSON & Elizabeth ATKINSON, married Henrietta PROCTER, 25, Ontario, King, s, d/o Isaac PROCTER & Mary BOADVILLE, witn Libbie MILLARD of Newmarket, Charles MASON of Markham, married 28 December 1874, King twp. (reg. Richmond Hill) #010944-74 William SCOTT, 22, Whitchurch Twp, same, b, labourer, s/o David & Sarah SCOTT, married Emily J. SCOTT, 19, Whitchurch Twp, same, s, d/o Isaac & Sarah Ann SCOTT, witn Benjamin BAND, Elizabeth SNIDER, both Whitchurch, married 1 January 1874, Aurora
#011143-74 James SHAVER, 24, Vaughan, same, b, farmer, s/o Nicholas & Mary, married Mary KEISER (ie KAISER), 23, Vaughan, same, s, d/o Samuel & Susan, witn S. KEISER, E. BURKHOLDER, both Vaughan, married 30 July 1874, Vaughan Twp  
#011971-74 Edward Samuel SHAW, 24, Cooksmith, Goodwood, b, merchant, s/o Hugh & Ann SHAW, married Sophia Mary BURNS, 23, Ireland, Newmarket, s, d/o James & Ann BURNS, witn Louis? SHEPHERD of Toronto, Olivia BURNS of Newmarket, married 2 March 1874, Newmarket #010970-74 James M. SHEPARD, 26, Canada, North Gwillimbury, b, farmer, s/o Richard & Chole SHEPARD, married Elizabeth NICHOLS, 19, Canada, East Gwillimbury, s, d/o John & Mary NICHOLS, witn William R. SHEPARD, Fannie STENNETT, both North Gwillimbury, married 2 March 1874, East Gwillimbury
#011174-74 - Benjamin Franklin SHEPARD, 32, York Twp, Stouffville, b, station agent, s/o Jacob & Nancy SHEPARD, married Mary ELDER, 22, Sharon, Newmarket, s, d/o John & Mary Ann ELDER, witn David ELDER of Newmarket, Elizabeth Ann SHEPARD of York Twp, married 1 December 1874 at Newmarket #011212-74 - William SHEPPARD, 23, Ontario, Vaughan, b, farmer, s/o Edward SHEPPARD & Maria AMBLER, married Mary DAVIS, 20, Ontario, Richmond Hill, s, d/o Royal DAVIS & Eliz. NICHOLLS, witn Charles E. SHEPPARD of Richmond Hill, Jessie NICHOLLS of Aurora, married 17 November 1874, Richmond Hill
#011163-74 Robert SHORE, 25, Albion, same, b, farmer, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Mary Jane McQUADE, 21, Albion, Vaughan, s, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn William LINN of Vaughan, Henry BRADLEY of Albion, married 25 March 1873, Maple, Vaughan Twp. #011205-74 - Robert SIVER, 24, Ontario, Richmond Hill, b, shoemaker, s/o Robert SIVER & Ann RICHARDSON, married Jane HICKS, 24, England, Vaughan, s, d/o John HICKS & Eliza SIMMONS, witn John ROWE of Richmond Hill, Amelia HICKS of Vaughan, married 17 September 1874, Richmond Hill
#010999-74 Robert SIMPSON, 42, Constadt Russia, Montreal, b, Gentleman, s/o Joseph & Mary SIMPSON, married Elizabeth BARWICK, 35, Thornhill, Holland Landing, s, d/o John & Mary Rexly BARWICK, witn Edwin H. IRVING, William BARWICK, both East Gwillimbury, married 2 April 1874, bride's father's, East Gwillimbury #011129-74 William Charles SMITH, 24, England, Vaughan, b, machinist, s/o William Charles & Elizabeth Harriet, married Emily RYAN, 24, England, Vaughan, s, d/o John & Mary, witn William Henry BUNT, Frances Margaret BUNT, both Vaughan, married 1 June 1874, Woodbridge, Vaughan Twp.
#010983-74 John C. SMITH, 23, Scott Ontario, Scott Twp, b, farmer, s/o Andrew C. SMITH & Sarah CAMPBELL, married Elizabeth McCLELLAN, 20, Pickering Ont, Scott Twp, s, d/o William McCLELLAN & Isabella McWHIRTER, witn; Samuel B. McCLELLAN & Elizabeth SMITH, both Scott Twp, married 27 October 1874, Sutton Village, Georgina Twp. 10559-75 Abram SNAKE, 19, farmer, Snake Island, Georgina Island, s/o Noah & Jane, married Susan ALN ZAH WAH SEN, 18, French River, same, d/o John & Matilda, witn: Stephen LERON & Eliza J. BIGCANOE, both of Georgina Island, 29 Oct. 1874 at Sutton
11082-74 - David STAKLY, 28, farmer, Whitchurch, same, s/o Abraham & Catherine, married Elizabeth BURKHOLDER, 19, Markham, same, d/o Abraham & Catherine, witn: Samuel H. DONER & Sarah STAKLEY, both of Whitchurch, 17 Feb 1874 at Mr. Hall’s Markham  
#019041-74 Leinard (sic) STALEY, 24, Whitchurch, same, b, farmer, s/o John & Christina STALEY, married Elizabeth NEIL, 21, Whitchurch, same, s, d/o William & Ellen NEIL, witn; Samuel DORLEY, Charles DORLEY, both Aurora, married 22 September 1874, Aurora #011017-74 John STALLARD, 32, England, Newmarket, b, drover, s/o Charles & Dinah STALLARD (or Slallard?), married Elizabeth WRIGHT, 32, Canada, Newmarket, s, d/o Thomas & Mary WRIGHT, witn; Edwy. & Dinah SHUTTLEWORTH of King, married 30 June 1874, Schomberg, King Twp.
#011194-74 - George STEPHENS, 29, England, Richmond Hill, b, smith, s/o George STEPHENS & Eliza INSALL (or Insan?) married Martha SIMS, 19, Ontario, Richmond Hill, s, d/o John SIMS & Elizth. FAIL, witn George TRENCH, Fanny SIMS, both Richmond Hill, married 16 January 1874, Richmond Hill 11244-74 - James Alfred STEPHENS, 42, book binder, England, Brockville, s/o James & Grace, married Louisa A. PORTER, 38, Weston, same, d/o John D. & Louisa, witn: B.B. LOY & Ann L. BROWN, both of Toronto, 13 May 1874 at Toronto
#011031-74 John Wesley STEPHENS, 24, Ireland, Schomberg, b, blacksmith, s/o John & Fanny STEPHENS, married Catharine ANDERSON, 19, Canada, Lloydtown, s, d/o John & Mary ANDERSON, witn Richard MANNING of Tecumseth, Angelina ANDERSON of King, married 29 April 1874, King Twp. #011025-74 Major STEPHENSON, 27, Ontario, Schomberg, b, farmer, s/o Appleby & Mary STEPHENSON, married Eliza STEEL, 22, Canada, Schomberg, s, d/o James & Susannah STEELE (sic), witn Joseph Wesley STEPHENSON, Cassie ANDERSON, both King, married 18 February 1874, Lloydtown, King Twp.
#011029-74 George STEWART, 32, Canada, Whitchurch, b, farmer, s/o James & Margaret LIVINGSTON (sic), married Mary GILLIES, 19, Canada, King, s, d/o John & Jane GILLIES, witn William CLEMENT of King, Daniel KERSWELL of Vaughan, married 11 February 1874, King twp 10571-75 William STONEHOUSE, 45, farmer, widower, England, North Gwillimbury, s/o John & Sarah, married Relief FAIRBAIRN, 30, Canada, North Gwillimbury, d/o John FAIRBAIRN & Lucy MORTON, witn: Ann & Agnes RITCHIE of N. Gwillimbury, 25 Dec 1874 at N. Gwillimbury
  #010969-74 Francis STORY, 22, England, Whitchurch, b, yeoman, s/o William & Francis STORY, married Frances WAGG, 21, Uxbridge, East Gwillimbury, s, d/o John & Sarah WAGG, witn; William STORY of Whitchurch, Miss WAGG of East Gwillimbury, married 19 March 1874, East Gwillimbury
#011064-74 William STORY, 24, England, Uxbridge Twp, b, yeoman, s/o Thomas & Rachael STORY, married Hannah SMITH, 25, Pickering, Uxbridge Twp, s, d/o Charles & Catherine SMITH, witn Francis QUIBAL of Uxbridge, Mary SMITH of Pickering, married 17 March 1874, Maple Leaf Hotel, Markham 10567-75 John STUTRIDGE, 23, laborer, Canada, Georgina twp., s/o John STUTRIDGE & Marceline MATT, married Alice Alberta THOMPSON, 19, Canada, Georgina twp., d/o Andrew THOMPSON & Roxey Emily DUKE, witn: William MOORE & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG of Georgina & Roderick M. ANDERSON of N. Gwillimbury, 7 Jan 1874 at North Gwillimbury
11111-74 - Albert SWAIN (Swann?), 22, laborer, Canada, Newmarket, s/o Thomas SWAIN & Hannah HARPER, married Grace Ann FORTH, 20, Canada, Newmarket, d/o William FORTH & Mary STEPHENSON, witn: Joshua DRURY & Emma STEPHENS, both of Newmarket, 19 Sept 1874 at Newmarket 11112-74 - William TAYLOR, 39, widower, England, East Gwillimbury, s/o William TAYLOR & Ann HOLT, married Jane PEARSON, 52, widow, England, East Gwillimbury, d/o William WRIGHT & Ann WATSON, witn: Henry & Henrietta O. BEECH of Holland Landing, 14 Nov 1874 at Newmarket
11222-74 - Malcom TAYLOR, 23, farmer, Scarborough, same, s/o George TAYLOR & Sarah VINCENT, married Elizabeth TORRANCE, 18, Scotland, Scarborough, d/o John TORRANCE & Margaret STEWART, witn: William BELL & Jane TORRANCE, both of Scarborough, 10 June 1874 at Scarborough #011203-74 - Thomas TERRY, 26, Newmarket Ont, Vaughan, b, blacksmith, s/o Jacob TERRY & Ellen MOSIER, married Mary Ann HICKS, 25, England, Vaughan, s, d/o John HICKS & Eliza SIMMONS, witn S.A. PROCTOR, S.E.J. PROCTOR, both Richmond Hill, married 1 September 1874, Richmond Hill
10973-74 Harrison THOMAS, 27, farmer, East Whitby, same, s/o Reuben & Melissa, married Jane SUMMERVILLE, 22, Sharon, same, d/o Christopher & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph HAIGHT of Oshawa & Martha DOAN of Sharon, 9 June 1874 at Sharon #010795-75 George THOMPSON, 24, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Bluevale, b, butcher, s/o George & Isabella, married Jane STEVENSON, 22, Vaughan, Kleinburg, s, d/o John & Margaret Ann, witn; Allen STEVENSON, Hannah STEVENSON, both Vaughan, married 12 October 1874, Kleinburg, Vaughan Twp.
11109-74 - John THOMPSON, 21, miller, Canada, East Gwillimbury, s/o Alex THOMPSON & Helen McALISTER, married Maria Lena DOAN, 22, Canada, East Gwillimbury, d/o Elias DOAN & Wate WILLSON, witn: Mary W. MALLAY? & Henry CANE, both of E. Gwillimbury, 6 Aug 1874 at Newmarket #011142-74 Charles G. THOMPSON, 21, Woolwich, Toronto, b, agent, s/o James & Mary, married Nancy BADGER, 24, England, Toronto, s, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn Thomas BADGER, William BUTTERY, both Vaughan, married 5 March 1874, Vaughan Twp.
11101-74 John TOMLINSON, 22, farmer, Markham, same, s/o John W. & Sophia, married Lydia STONER, 21, Scarborough, Markham, d/o Peter & Mary Ann, witn: Peter ELLIS & Eugenia LEAVENS, both of Markham, 7 Jan 1874 at Wesleyan Parsonage, Markham #011069-74 George TOOL, 24, Pickering, same, b, farmer, s/o John & Harriet TOOL, married Jane MIDDLETON, 24, Pickering, same, s, d/o James & Jane MIDDLETON, witn Thomas COLLINS, Rachael MIDDLETON, both Pickering, married 10 March 1874, Parsonage, Stouffville, Markham Twp.
#010742-75 Jacob TRAVISS, 30, East Gwillimbury, same, b, farmer, s/o Joseph & Ann TRAVISS, married Emma E. REYNOLDS, 23, East Gwillimbury, same, s, d/o Edward & Mary Ann REYNOLDS, witn Albert A. TRAVISS, Alice E. TRAVISS, both East Gwillimbury, married 24 June 1874, Whitchurch #010939-74 John TURNER, 21, London England, Yorkville, b, mechanic, s/o F. William & Caroline TURNER, married Mary S. PALMER, 19, Isle of Man, Yorkville, s, d/o Henry & Elizabeth PALMER, witn; Margaret CANBOY (or Carboy) of Yorkville, William ALLEN of Fenelon Falls, married 14 September 1874, Yorkville
11227-74 - William J. TURNER, 32, clergyman, England, Lynedock - Norfolk Co., s/o William & Martha Bartlett TURNER, married Mary Harriet HORSLY (or Horsey), 30, Canada, Scarborough, d/o Samuel & Mary Morgan HORSLY, witn: B.B. DUNDAS of Streetsville & Maria HORSLEY of Scarborough, 17 June 1874 at Mr. HORSLY’s Scarborough 11107-74 - Benjamin TYRELL, 22, shoe maker, England, Newmarket, s/o William & Maria, married Hannah FORTIER, 21, Whitchurch, same, d/o Charles & Ann, witn: William TYRELL of Newmarket & Charles FORTIER of Whitchurch, 26 May 1874 at Newmarket
#011057-74 John UDELE, 28, Pickering, Stouffville, b, farmer, s/o John & Eunice UDELE, married Margret DEGEER, 24, Markham, Stouffville, s, d/o William & Fanny PEARSON [nee DEGEER], witn John WORTS, Mary WORTS, married 5 November 1874, Parsonage, Stouffville, Markham Twp #011175-74 - William Henry VANDEBURGH, 25, Markham, same, b, farmer, s/o Richard & Phoebe VANDEBURGH, married Rachel STEPHENS, 24, Reach, Whitchurch, s, d/o Charles & Rachel STEPHENS, witn James VANDEBURGH of Vaughan, Lena STOKES of King, married 10 December 1874, Whitchurch Twp
#011191-74 - Urias VANZANT, 25, Markham, same, b, veterinary, s/o Almer & Sarah VANZANT, married Rachel HAMILTON, 24, Markham, same, s, d/o Abraham & Laura HAMILTON, witn Jacob FOCKLER, Delilah FOCKLER, both Whitchurch, married 8 March 1874, Jacob Fockler's, Whitchurch Twp #010800-75 W.J. WAGNER, 35, Rochester NY, Toronto, b, Physician, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth, married Louise BOECKT, 21, New York, Toronto, s, d/o Charles & Hannah, witn H. VANDERSMISSEN, C. BENDER, both Toronto, married 29 September 1874, Toronto (reg Vaughan) (Lutheran)
#012662-76 Charles William WALKER, 30, Toronto, Walkerton, widower, revenue officer, s/o William & Louisa, married Eliza C. NOTTEN, 28, Ireland, Walkerton, s, d/o John Henry & Jane, witn; John NOTTEN of Walkerton, married 8 December 1874, Thornhill #011123-74 John WARD, 28, England, King, b, farmer, s/o Henry & Sarah Ann WARD, married Emma EAD, 22, England, King, s, d/o James & Ann EAD, witn; Henry WARD, Esther WARD, both King, married 16 April 1874, Newmarket
#011164-74 Henry WARD, 30, England, Vaughan, b, teacher, s/o William & Mary, married Margaret CHARLTON, 35, Canada, Vaughan, s, d/o John & Fanny, witn Isaac REAMAN, Martha CHARLTON, both Vaughan, married 31 December 1874, Concord, Vaughan Twp. #011073-74 Thomas E. WASHINGTON, 25, Darlington, same, b, farmer, s/o Stephen & Jane WASHINGTON, married Maria HAGARMAN, 23, Markham, same, s, d/o Nicholas & Jane HAGARMAN, witn A.G. WASHINGTON of Darlington, Charlotte HAGARMAN of Markham, married 4 March 1874, Res. of N. Hagarman, Markham Twp. [Hagerman?]
011150-74 Morris Henry WASS (or WAAS), 29, England, Toronto, b, cigar maker, s/o Morris Henry & Mary Ann, married Margaret HUNT, 22, Ireland, Toronto, s, d/o John & Margaret, witn George HEWISON of Richmond Hill, Kate?? ROWLAND of Toronto, married 7 October 1874, Vaughan Twp. #010938-74 Charles WATLIN, 20, England, Toronto, b, brick maker, s/o John & Francis? WATLIN, married Sarah GRACERY, 21, Ireland, Toronto, s, d/o Daniel & Ann GRACERY, witn; John WATSON??, Elizabeth FINLAYSON, both Toronto, married 27 November 1874, Yorkville
011160-74 William WATSON, 40, Toronto, Vaughan, b, farmer, s/o John & Sarah, married Jane PORTER, 33, Vaughan, same, s, d/o John & Anne, witn Chas. E. PORTER, Ellen WATSON, both Vaughan, married 1 January 1874, Vaughan Twp. #011022-74 William WATSON, 32, Canada, King, widower, farmer, s/o Levi & Jane WATSON, married Susan BOGART, 30, Canada, King, widow, d/o Albert & Margaret WEBB, witn; Daniel WEBB, Jane STORY, both King, married 22 June 1874, King Twp.
10975-74 John WEDDLE, 26, farmer, Mount Albert, East Gwillimbury, s/o James & Anna, married Lydia MORTON, 26, North Gwillimbury, same, d/o Derias & Deborah, witn: Thomas EVANS of Georgina & Emelia MORTON of N. Gwillimbury, 9 April 1874 at North Gwillimbury #010978-74 John Newton WEEKS, 31, Devonshire England, Cooksville, b, stage proprietor, s/o William & Ann WEEKS, married Melian? Evanline DREW, 20, Michigan USA, Cooksville, s, d/o John & Mary DREW, witn; William OLIVER of Derry West, Jessie McCLENNAN of Toronto, married 22 January 1874, Islington, Etobicoke Twp.
#010612-75 - Joseph A. WHEATLEY (or WHEALLEY?), 26, Ontario, Broomfield Mono, b, builder, s/o John & Alvena WHEATEY, married Annie WILLIS, 24, England, Aurora, s, d/o William & Eliza WILLIS, witn; George WHEATLEY of Mono, Eliza WILLIS of Aurora, married 28 July 1874, Aurora #011072-74 James WHITE, 24, Vaughan, Aurora, b, carpenter, s/o James & Hellen WHITE, married Catherine YOUNG, 27, Markham, same, s, d/o Alexander & Jane YOUNG, witn John YOUNG, Sarah WILLSON, married 25 May 1874, Markham Twp.
11233-74 - William WHITE, 48, carpenter, Germany, Toronto, s/o Martin & Sophia, married Matilda HEWITT, 20, New Aberdeen, same, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: James WILSON & Maggie LITTLE, 26 Dec 1874 at Weston #011176-74 - Jacob WIDEMAN, 22, Uxbridge, Markham, b, farmer, s/o William & Elizabeth WIDEMAN, married Maggie DAVIS, 18, Whitchurch, same, s, d/o John & Elizabeth DAVIS, witn Almer WIDEMAN of Markham, Mahitable DAVIS of Whitchurch, married 22 December 1874, at Bride's fathers, Whitchurch Twp
#011053-74 Anthony WHITEHEAD, 28, Blenheim Ont, same, b, farmer, s/o William & Ellen WHITEHEAD, married Henrietta Jane Ann PEWS, 28, Markham, same, s, d/o Stephen & Ann PEW, witn Edward WHEELER, Dianna PEW, Stephen SANGSTER, Hannah FORESTER, all Whitchurch, married 3 June 1874, Wes Parsonage, Stouffville, Markham Twp. #011065-74 William WILLIAMSON, 30, Canada, Markham, b, farmer, s/o John & Hannah WILLIAMSON, married Rachael LYNN, 24, Canada, Markham, s, d/o William & Hannah Julian LYNN, witn Alexander PINGLE, Eleanor LYNN, both Markham, married 25 March 1874, Markham Twp
#010986-74 John WINFIELD, 23, Georgina, same, b, farmer, s/o Charles WINFIELD & Mary KAY, married Jane COCKBURN, 19, North Gwillimbury, Georgina, s, d/o Joseph COCKBURN & Elizabeth LESLIE, witn George WINFIELD, Elspet COCKBURN, both Georgina Twp, married 15 January 1874, Sutton, Georgina Twp. #011154-74 Abraham WINGER, 22, Walpole Ont, same, b, yeoman, s/o Abraham & Elizabeth, married Catherine SNIDER, 24, Vaughan, same, s, d/o Samuel & Catherine, witn Jesse SNIDER of Vaughan, married 6 January 1874, E.L. Parsonage, Vaughan
10976-74 Robert WIXON, 31 (39?), widower, farmer, England, York twp., s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Eliza BRUNDSEN, 29, England, York twp., d/o Richard & Sarah, witn: Joseph BUSH (Rush?) & Thomas WIXON, both of Etobicoke, 22 Sept 1874 at Etobicoke 11167-74 - Henry WOODBURN, 32, farmer, Somertsetshire England, s/o James & Ann, married Barbara HARE, 26, Whitchurch, same, d/o Benjamin & Sarah, witn: Richard & Hannah CHAPMAN of Whitchurch, 25 April 1874 at res of Benjamin HARE, Whitchurch
10959-74 James W. WRIGHT, 22, carriage maker, Queensville, same, s/o George & Mary, married Elizabeth SUTHERLAND, 24, West Gwillimbury, same, d/o Donald & Frances, witn: Daniel ROSS & Francis FISHER, both of Cookstown, 30 Sept 1874 at Bond Head #010957-74 John Henry WRIGHT, 24, East Gwillimbury, same, b, mechanic, s/o George & Mary WRIGHT, married Margaret Josephine EVANS, 20, East Gwillimbury, same, s, d/o David & Jane EVANS, witn; James WRIGHT, Isabella EVANS, both East Gwillimbury, married 15 September 1874, East Gwillimbury
  11081-74 - Joseph YOUNG, 24, farmer, Markham, Pickering, s/o Uriah & Ester, married Emeretta BOYCE, 18, Pickering, same, d/o Silvester & Laissa, witn: Charles C. REESOR of Markham & Martha YOUNG of Pickering, 5 Feb 1874 at Parsonage, Markham

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ANDERSON, 28, King Twp, Aurora, b, moulder, s/o Thomas & Mary ANDERSON, married Katie MORAN, 19, Village of Sharon, Aurora, s, d/o Thomas & Ann MORAN, witn; G.L. FALKNER, R.P. IRWIN, both Aurora, married 22 September 1874, Aurora