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#012462-77 (York Co) Arthur (NO SURNAME!), 24, England, King, farmer, parents not listed, married Annie WADE, 24, King, same, d/o John & Sarah WADE, witn John SUTHERLAND, John WADE, both King, married 2 April 1877, King twp. #012631-77 (York Co) Lewis ALGEO, 26, Bradford, same, livery keeper, s/o Robert & Jennie ALGEO, married Sarah HASTINGS, 26, Whitchurch, Bradford, d/o James & Ann HASTINGS, witn: Rufus MAIR, Louisa HASTINGS, both Whitchurch, 2 August 1877, Stouffville
#012633-77 (York Co) Henry Jones ALLCOCK, 22, Uxbridge, Whitchurch, blacksmith, s/o Robert & Annie ALCOCK, married Mary Martha FOCKNER, 21, Uxbridge, Collingwood, d/o James & Catherine FOCKNER, witn: George ALCOCK of Pine Orchard & Kezzie DRUMMOND of Thunder Bay, 17 October 1877, Stouffville #012523-77 (York Co) Elisha ALLEN, 77, New Jersey US, Newmarket, widower, Gentleman, s/o David & Hannah ALLEN, married Eliza WILLIAMS, 63, Ireland, Newmarket, widow, d/o William & Mary ROBINSON, married H. THOMPSON, A. DOUGLAS, both Newmarket, married 4 January 1877, Newmarket.
#013597-77 (York Co) Jacob ANDERSON, 31, Canada, Aurora, widower, moulder, s/o Thomas & Mary ANDERSON, married Lydia Lavinia DAVIS, 27, Canada, Aurora, d/o George L. & Lydia Ann DAVIS, witn Samuel BRIDGLAND of Whitchurch, married 17 June 1877, St Pauls' Church, Newmarket. #012509-77 (York Co) Marmaduke APPLEBY, 50, England, Unionville, widower, tailor, s/o William & Sarah, married Jessie Elmira MOORE, 23, Markham, Unionville, d/o Peter & Hannah, witn Amelia QUANCE, George H. STARR, both Richmond Hill, married 27 April 1877, Richmond Hill
#012442-77 (York Co) John ARKSEY (or AIKSEY), 21, North Gwillimbury, same, farmer, s/o Joseph & Catharine AIKSEY, married Isabella TOMLINSON, 20, North Gwillimbury, same, d/o George & Candas TOMLINSON, witn E.J. PROSSER of Keswick, married 29 May 1877, Keswick. #012752-77 (York Co) Septemus AUBURN, 51, England, Scarboro, farmer, s/o George & Ann AUBURN, married Hannah BURTON, 51, Canada, Scarboro, widow, d/o John & Elizabeth PALMER, witn Ira BATES, Hannah BATES, both Norway, married 28 July 1877, Toronto (registered Scarboro)
#012485-77 (York Co) James BAGG, 22, England, Etobicoke, farmer, s/o George & Mary Ann BAGG, married Mary Ann LISTER, 25, Canada, Etobicoke, d/o Thomas & Catharine LISTER, witn: William LISTER, Martha BAGG, both Etobicoke, 11 April 1877, Etobicoke #012762-77 (York Co) Thomas T. BAILEY, 21, Yarmouth England, Keswick Ont, yeoman, son of James & Kasauappuch BAILEY, married Charlotte FIDELL, 19, Queensville Ont, same, dau. of Joseph & Anne FIDELL, witn: S.O. BAILEY of Keswick, Mary FIDELL of Queensville, married 19 September 1877 at Queensville, East Gwillimbury
12659-77 James E. BAKER, 27, fruit dealer, Canada, Toronto , s/o John & Adeline, married Lizzie HYDE, 23?, USA, Ogdensburg, d/o Thomas & Phoebe, witn: Michael SCALLON of Toronto , 12 Sept 1877 at Yorkville #012636-77 (York Co) Noah BAKER, 21, Markham, same, farmer, s/o Jonathan & Magdalena BAKER, married Susan M. ROACH, 21, Virginia, Scott Twp, d/o William & Mary ROACH, witn: Samuel PEARCE of Scarboro, Jenny PINDAL of Scott, 9 October 1877, Stouffville
#012644-77 (York Co) Gideon BAKER, 21, Whitchurch, Whitchurch, farmer, s/o Jonathan & Henrietta BAKER, married Jane DAVIS, 19, Whitchurch, Whitchurch, d/o John & Mary Ann DAVIS, witn: Charles L. PERCY, Mary E. PERCY, both Stouffville, 13 October 1877, Stouffville #012443-77 (York Co) Isaac BALES, 18, Canada, Vaughan, farmer, s/o George & Mary Ann BALES, married Anna Maria BENSON, 21, Canada, Vaughan, d/o Edward & Maria BENSON, witn Thomas & Jane GEBOTTMAN of Thornhill, married 31 October 1876 at Vaughan (registered King)
12717-78 Alexander Law BARNESS, 31, stove pipe maker, Scotland, Cedar Rapids Iowa, s/o Alexander & Ann, married Louisa Maria BALES, 22, Weston, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: George W. McNAMARA of Toronto & Ida BALES of Weston, 24 Oct. 1877 at Weston #012699-77 Arthur A. BARR, 22, Toronto, East Gwillimbury, yeoman, s/o Andrew & Mary BARR, married Maria May WRIGHT, 20, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o John & Mary WRIGHT, witn Samuel BARR, Lucinda WRIGHT, both East Gwillimbury, married 11 December 1877, Newmarket
#012531-78 (York Co): John BEARE, 24, government agent, England, Scarboro, s/o Simon & Mary Ann, married Margaret ROBB, 20, Markham, same, d/o William & Maria, witn: George HOBB (Robb?) & Sarah Jane DANIELS, 25 Dec 1877 at Markham #012648-77 (York Co) Thomas BELL, 27, Scotland, Markham, yeoman, s/o James & Margaret BELL, married Clementina TRAN, 25, Markham, same, d/o Joseph & Margaret TRAN, witn; David SEWELL, Jemima TRAN, both Markham, married 5 October 1877, Markham Manse
#012525-77 (York Co) William BELL, 21, England, Whitchurch, farmer, s/o Mr. & Mrs. BELL of England, married Susan Allen THOMPSON, 29, England, East Gwillimbury, widow, d/o George & Elizabeth CLARKE, witn Peter TAYLOR, A.P. WILLIAMS, married 12 January 1877, Newmarket. #012634-77 (York Co) Lewis BILOW, 24, Bayham, Whitchurch, labourer, s/o Stephen & Mary Jane BILOW, married Caroline DEGEER, 24, Whitchurch, same, d/o John & Margaret Ann DEGEER, witn: Esther E. PERCY, Mary E. PERCY, both Stouffville, 2 October 1877, Stouffville
#012524-77 (York Co) Edwin Stanley BINGLEY, 22, England, King twp, farmer, s/o Edwin & Jane BINGLEY, married Jane Annie FOX, 22, England, King twp, d/o William Edward & Harriet Susan FOX, witn; William Edward FOX, Caroline Emma HULSE, married 28 March 1877, Newmarket. #012657-77 George BLOCKEMAN, 25, England, Toronto, Dry Goods clerk, s/o George & Louisa BLOCKEMAN, married Annie Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 19, Canada, Toronto, d/o James & Mary Jane CAMPBELL, witn; Mary Jane CAMPBELL of Toronto, married 11 May 1877, Yorkville
#012520-77 (York Co) James BOAG, 28, Canada, East Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o David BOAG & Maria ATKINSON, married Mary Louisa EVANS, 19, Canada, North Gwillimbury, d/o Arthur Wellington EVANS & Emily J. DUNHAM, witn Maggie BROWN, Samuel BROWN, both Newmarket, married 28 February 1877, Newmarket #012745-77 (York Co) William BOLTON, 21, Birmingham England, Vaughan, farmer, s/o William & Louisa BOLTON, married Margaret SIMPSON, 21, Vaughan, King, d/o James & Jane SIMPSON, witn Johnston McCLUNE, Mary A. ADAMS, King, married 5 December 1877, King
#012774-77 (York Co) David BOYNTON, 21, Canada, Aurora, carpenter, s/o Alonzo & Eliza BOYNTON (or Beynton), married Hannah FOSTER, 21, Ontario, Aurora, d/o David & Agness FOSTER, witn; George J. REEVES, Francis E. REEVES, both Aurora, married 4 November 1877, Aurora #012692-77 Lewis BRIGHT, 42, Toronto, Saginaw Michigan, hotel keeper, s/o Lewis & Elizabeth BRIGHT, married Nellie HOPKINS, 20, Uxbridge, Bracebridge, d/o Joseph & Mary HOPKINS, witn C.C. LAMBLEY, Lola RUSSELL, both Newmarket, married 24 October 1877, Newmarket
#013592-77 (York Co) Henry BROWN, 25, King Twp, same, yeoman, s/o John & Ann BROWN, married Harriet BRODIE, 23, King Twp, same, d/o James & Nancy BRODIE, witn; Wm BROWN, Ella BRODIE, both King, married 28 March 1877, Newmarket #012508-77 (York Co) James BROWNLEE, 21, Garafraxa, Richmond Hill, blacksmith, s/o Robert & "unknown", married Fanny SIMS, 21, Richmond Hill, same, d/o John & Elizth., witn William John BROWNLEE, Emily SIMS, both Richmond Hill, married 12 April 1877, Richmond Hill.
#012441-77 (York Co) Hugh Bissett CAMERON, 33, Edinburg Scotland, North Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o Donald & Hellen CAMERON, married Matilda WINCH, 15, North Gwillimbury, same, d/o John & Jane WINCH, witn; E.J. PROSSER of Keswick, married 22 May 1877, Keswick. #012502-77 (York Co) James CAMPLIN, 39, England, Markham, farmer, s/o Robert & Hannah CAMPLIN, married Maria ELSON, 38, Markham, same, d/o Henry & Maria ELSON, witn Robert COX, Susan ELSON, both Markham, married 4 April 1877, Markham
12555-78 (York Co): Charles Edwin CANE, 23, lumber merchant, Queensville, Newmarket, s/o William & Catherine, married Bessie LUKES, 23, England, Sharon Mills, d/o Edward & Mary, witn: Ambrose CANE of Newmarket & Ella WALTON of Kettleby, 3 Sept 1877 at East Gwillimbury #012500-77 (York Co) Henry Edward CARR, 23, Canada, Toronto twp, farmer, s/o Samuel CARR & Jane PARK, married Sally Jane BARNET, 19, Markham, same, d/o Stephen Ganton BARNET & Mary Ann WHITEOAK, witn; George JEFFERSON of Toronto Twp, Harriet HAGERMAN of Markham, married 20 February 1877, Markham
#012526-77 (York Co) Alfred W. CHAPMAN, 22, England, Village of Lambton, wagon maker, s/o Alfred & Harriet CHAPMAN, married Bessie PIGGOTT, 24, Yorkville, same,d./o James & Lavina? PIGGOTT, witn William PEARS, Annie PIGGOTT, both Yorkville, married 9 November 1876, Yorkville. #012417-77 (York Co): William James Barey CHILOE (Chilser?), 20, laborer, Toronto, Leslieville, s/o Benjamin & Eliza Barey, married Mary Louisa BRIGHT, 19, Don Mount, same, d/o William & Marion, witn: Oliver & Celia HOPKINS of Leslieville, 31 Oct 1877 at Leslieville
  #012639-77 (York Co) David CLARK, 26, Whitchurch, same, farmer, s/o John & Sarah CLARK, married Mary WIDEMAN, 18, Markham, same, d/o Samuel & Barbara WIDEMAN, witn: James CLARK of Whitchurch, Cornelia JENNINGS of Scott, 13 November 1877, at Sam Wideman's, Markham
#012457-77 (York Co) John COLGAN, 34, Tecumseth, same, farmer, s/o John & Ellen COLGAN, married Ellen O'NEILL, 24, King, same, d/o Michael & Margaret O'NEILL, witn Thomas HUGHES, Bridget O'NEILL, both King, married 6 February 1877, Schomberg (Rom Cath) #012513-77 (York Co) John H. COLLINS, 22, East Gwillimbury, same, farmer, s/o John & Charity COLLINS, married Kate FOX, 21, Markham, Newmarket, d/o Gottfried & Eugena FOX, witn Frederick FOX of Newmarket, Rebecca SMITH of York Mills, married 10 January 1877, Newmarket
#012650-77 (York Co) William Walter COLWELL, 22, Ontario, Toronto, bookkeeper, s/o Henry & Mary COLWELL, married Louisa Maria VAN NOSTRAND, 22, Ontario, Whitchurch, d/o John & Anna VAN NOSTRAND, witn; George L. VAN NOSTRAND of Whitchurch, married 4 July 1877, Whitchurch 12660-77 Jeffery Ekins? COOKE, 31, gentleman, England, London Ont., s/o Jas. E. & Frances J., married Charlotte Emmiline ASH, 30, England, Yorkville, d/o William Henry & Charlotte, witn: H. Vincent MENDITH of London & Edith M. ASHE (sic) of Yorkville, 3 Oct 1877 at Church of Redeemer, Yorkville
#012764-77 (York Co) Peter Foster COPELAN, 21, Markham, Mount Albert, blacksmith, son of Peter & Mary Ann COPELAN, married Lois WALKER, 21, Eastville, East Gwillimbury, dau. of George & Christianna WALKER, witn: Francis WALKER of East Gwillimbury, Anna G. COPELAN of Mount Albert, married 18 October 1877 at East Gwillimbury #012655-77 John DARBY, 73, England, Toronto, widower, Gentleman, s/o William & Susannah, married Margaret BELL, 62, Alsace France, Yorkville, d/o William & Marian, witn G.J. MAXWELL of Yorkville, Mrs. Sarah WALKER of Toronto, married 14 August 1877, Yorkville
#012447-77 (York Co) John Milton DAVIS, 24, King, same, farmer, s/o Clayton & Betsy DAVIS, married Jane CUTTING, 21, King, same, d/o John & Margaret CUTTING, witn Robert GARROW & Mrs. R. GARROW, King, married 8 February 1877, King. #012686-77 Samuel L. DEVLIN, 32, Lloydtown Ont, Stayner Ont, widower, merchant, s/o Hugh & Mary Ann DEVLIN, married Eliza J. MURRELL, 25, London Ont, Stayner, d/o John & Mary Ann MURRELL, witn William WALMSLEY of Bradford, Bella BAIN of Stayner, married 19 September 1877, Newmarket
#012518-77 (York Co) Peter Ellis DILMAN, 22, Whitchurch, same, farmer, s/o Elisha DILMAN & Mary LYONS, married Sarah Catharine ENGLISH, 18, Uxbridge Village, Newmarket, d/o William Lewis ENGLISH & Mary Ann STRATTON, witn; Jacob S. TOOL of Aurora, Caroline DILMAN of Whitchurch, married 27 February 1877, Newmarket #012432-77 (York Co) John DIX, 62, England, East York, widower, farmer, s/o John & Ann DIX, married Margaret J. EMERSON, 46, Canada, Scarboro, widow, d/o John & Mary JOHNSTON, witn; William ARMSTRONG, Mary E. ARMSTRONG, both Scarboro, married 2 April 1877, Scarborough
12554-78 (York Co): William J. DOAN, 25, farmer, East Gwillimbury, same, s/o Abraham & unknown, married Mariah E. CRITTENDEN, 26, North Gwillimbury, East Gwillimbury, d/o James & Rosanna, witn: Martha A. & Rachel L. DOAN of East Gwillimbury, 6 June 1877 at East Gwillimbury #012667-77 Charles John DOBSON, 25, Ontario, London City, minister, s/o Robert & Martha DOBSON, married Jennie HOPPER, 25, Ontario, Markham, d/o David & Caroline HOPPER, witn David HOPPER of Markham, Allie DOBSON of Reach twp, married 20 June 1877, Markham Twp
#012472-77 (York Co) Robert DOUGLAS, 27, Queensville, Uxbridge, grocer, s/o Samuel & Isabell DOUGLAS, married Jane BOWMAN, 23, Markham, Franklin, d/o Robert & Eliza BOWMAN, witn Harriet? DOUGLAS of Uxbridge, Lottie RAMSDEN of Franklin, married 28 February 1877, Franklin #012577-77 (York Co), Peter DUCK, 28, farmer, Gore of Toronto; Clairville, Vaughan; s/o Jonathon & Hannah married Susan Emily SCOTT, 23, Markham, same, d/o Robert & Emily; wit: James & M Alice LEITON? of Vaughan; 27 Feb 1877, Vaughan
#012773-77 (York Co) Robert H. EDWARDS, 24, Canada, Aurora, farmer, s/o Wm & Annie EDWARDS, married Annie KIRBYSON, 17, Canada, West Gwillimbury, d/o Thomas & Margaret KIRBYSON, witn; Charles EDWARDS, Rebecca WALKER, both West Gwillimbury, married 25 November 1877, Aurora. #012743-77 (York Co) Samuel EGAN, 23, King, same, farmer, s/o Samuel & Rosannah EGAN, married Elizabeth A. HAMBLY, 26, King, same, d/o Charles & Mary Ann HAMBLY, witn; Janse? EGAN, David HAMBLY, both King, married 20 November 1877, King
#012464-77 (York Co) Richard EGAN, 32, King, Parish of Kildonan Suffolk Co Manitoba, blacksmith, s/o Samuel & Rosanna EGAN, married Mary Jane HOLLINGSHEAD, 24, King, same, d/o Joel & Martha HOLLINGSHEAD, witn Samuel EGAN, Charlotte HOLLINGSHEAD, both King, married 23 May 1877, King #012498-77 (York Co) George P. ELLIS, 55, Scarboro, Box Grove, widower, farmer, s/o Thomas & Mary ELLIS, married Minerva BOYCE, 44 of Box Grove, widow, d/o David BADGEROW & blank, witn William THORN, married 14 February 1877, Toronto (reg. Markham Twp).
#012431-77 (York Co) William EMPRINGHAM, 26, Scarboro England, Scarboro, farmer, s/o George & Mary EMPRINGHAM, married Esther WHITE, 20, Scarboro, same, d/o William & Sarah EMPRINGHAM (sic), witn George EMPRINGHAM, Elizabeth WHITE, both Scarboro, married 7 February 1877, Scarborough. #012669-77 Thomas FAIREY, 22, England, Markham Village, railway employee, s/o George & Ann FAIREY, married Abigail REESOR, 22, Markham twp, same, d/o Josephus & Mary REESOR, witn; William FAIRBORN, Annie FAIRBORN, both East Gwillimbury, married 6 October 1877, Markham Twp.
12715-78 Isaac FARR, 24, teamster, England, Carlton, s/o William & Sarah, married Susannah FISHER, 18, England, Carlton, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: James BURVILL & John PIGGOTT, both of Carlton, 21 Nov 1877 at Carlton  
#013594-77 (York Co) James FINLAY, 26, Canada, Whitchurch, farmer, s/o Bernard FINLAY & Catharine KENNY, married Jane REGAN, 23, Canada, Whitchurch, d/o Peter REGAN & Bridgt McCALLUM, witn Charles FINLAY, Ellen GUTHRIE, both Whitchurch, married 16 January 1877, Newmarket (Catholic) #012763-77 (York Co) James FLETCHER, 39, Islington Ont, Mount Albert, baker, son of Alexander & Samantha FLETCHER, married Mary LEPARD, 36, North Gwillimbury, East Gwillimbury, widow, dau. of George & Reva THOMPSON, witn: George S. McDONALD of Eastville, Mary McDONALD of Eastville, married 10 October 1877 at Eastville, East Gwillimbury
#012486-77 (York Co) William John FORBES, 21, Vaughan, Etobicoke, blacksmith, s/o William & Sarah FORBES, married Hannah Margaret TURNER, 21, Yorkville, Etobicoke, d/o John & Ann TURNER, witn: Henry GRAHAM, Rebecca FORBES, both Etobicoke, 1 February 1877, Etobicoke #012680-77 Ephraim FORTIER, 26, Whitchurch, Newmarket, labourer, s/o Charles & Ann FORTIER, married Margaret CADDELL, 21, Grey Twp, Bradford, d/o George & Margaret CADDELL, witn Wm TERRELL, Maria TERRELL, both Newmarket, married 11 June 1877, Newmarket
#012748-77 (York Co) John P. FOUCAN, 56, Germany, Schomberg, widower, tinsmith, parents not given, married Margaret McWATERS, 42, Belfast Ireland, King, d/o Daniel & Jane McWATERS, witn William HUGHES, Elizabeth HUGHES, both King, married 6 December 1877, King. #013593-77 (York Co) Alexander FOWLER, 51, Ireland, East Gwillimbury, blacksmith, s/o William & Ann FOWLER, married Ellen GAWLEY, 46, Ireland, East Gwillimbury, d/o Patrick & Mary GAWLEY, witn William REID, Mary FOWLER, both East Gwillimbury, married 11 April 1877, Newmarket
  12716-78 Robert FULLER, 68, widower, farmer, England, Pickering, s/o Robert & Rachel, married Mary STONG, 71, widow, NY state, York, d/o John SHEFFER & Anna, witn: Edward & Annie MILLER of York, 28 Oct 1877 at York
#012746-77 (York Co) Michael GALVIN, 24, Gore of Toronto, King, farmer, s/o James & Catharine GALVIN, married Mary Jane ROWE, 20, Tecumseth, Lloydtown, d/o William & Catharine ROWE, witn Patrick GALVIN of King, Mary Ann HUGHEY, married 12 November 1877, Schomberg (Rom Cath) #012688-77 William GOLDEN, 26, Canada, Weston, farmer, s/o Nicholas GOLDEN & Sarah BAGERRAN, married Gertrude M. ATKINSON, 23, Canada, King, d/o John ATKINSON & Anna PHILIPS, witn Martinus GOLDEN, Sarah A. GOLDEN, married 12 October 1877, Newmarket (RC)
#012420-77 (York Co): George Henry GOLDRING, 25, sailor, Georgetown, York Co., s/o William & Matilda, married Elizabeth SARGEANT, 19, London England, Don Mount, d/o Walter & Sarah Ann, witn: Thomas SARGENT (sic) of Don Mount & Selina ROBINSON of Toronto, 12 July 1877 at Don Mount #012693-77 William GOULD, 24, Canada, Newmarket, farmer, s/o Saml. GOULD & Rosa A. DALTON, married Mary THORNTON, 20, Canada, Newmarket, d/o William THORNTON & Catharine O'HARE, witn Dennis O'HARE, Anne MIGGINS, both Newmarket, married 27 October 1877, Newmarket (RC)
12658-77 Leumas GOULD, 27, clerk, England, Yorkville, s/o Samuel & Caroline A., married Maria Jane ILIFF, 32, widow, Canada, Yorkville, d/o Joseph & Maria HUNT, witn: Morton HATCHARD of Toronto & Elizabeth MORLEY of Yorkville, 26 July 1877 at Yorkville #012654-77 Edwin GOULD, 22, Markham, Ringwood, farmer, s/o John & Eliza GOULD, married Julia Ann JORDAN, 22, Whitchurch, Ringwood, d/o Luke & Julia JORDAN, witn Frank JORDAN, Maria JORDAN, both Ringwood, married 11 December 1877, Ringwood, Whitchurch twp.
#012681-77 Thomas GRANDY, 25, Manvers, Radcliffe, clergyman, s/o Thomas & Rebecca GRANDY, married Joanna CANE, 25, Queensville, Newmarket, d/o William & Catherine CANE, witn T.B. WILSON of Cannington, Joanna DOANE of Sharon, married 6 June 1877, Newmarket #012700-77 John GRAY, 23, Scotland, Stayner, tailor & clothier, s/o Robert GRAY & Janet SCOTT, married Jennie BAKER, 19, Canada, Stayner, d/o Anthona BAKER & Mary KERR (or KEIR), witn; Maggie BROWN, Samuel J. T. BROWN, both Newmarket, married 5 December 1877, Newmarket
#012755-77 (York Co) Robert GREEN, 24, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o James GREEN & Agnes HAMILTON, married Isabella THOMSON, 22, Scarboro, same, d/o Smith THOMSON & Elizabeth BELL, witn James GREEN, Richard S. THOMSON, both Scarboro, married 25 September 1877, Malvern #012707-77 Miller HAMILTON, 28, Adjala, same, farmer, s/o John & Margaret, married Sarah Ann BRACKEN, 25, Elgin Mills, same, d/o Michael & Elizabeth, witn; William BRACKEN of Elgin Mills, Phoebe HAMILTON of Adjala, married 20 June 1877, Elgin Mills, Vaughan Twp.
#012747-77 (York Co) Thomas HANLEY, 25, King, same, labourer, s/o Patrick & Catharine HANLEY, married Ellen DESMOND, 24, King, same, d/o John & Ellen DESMOND, witn Daniel SULLIVAN, Ann SULLIVAN, both King, married 19 November 1877, King (Rom Cath) #012419-77 (York Co): Daniel HARNBROOK, 30, shoe maker, Toronto, same, s/o Richard & Susanna, married Minerva BOAK, 19, Cooksville, same, d/o Robert & Harriet, witn: Frank BYRON & Thomas D. ATKINS, both of Don Mount, 8 Sept 1877 at Don Mount
#012665-77 Thomas HARPER, 25, Scotland, Markham, farmer, s/o James & Jannet HARPER, married Mary Ann THEAKSTON, 22, England, Markham, d/o Charles & Hannah THEAKSTON, witn Jonth THEAKSTON, Margaret HARPER, both Markham, married 11 April 1877, Markham Twp. #012668-77 Nelson HAWKINS, 26, York Twp, Markham Twp, farmer, s/o James & Frances, married Susan Emily CORNELL, 22, Scarborough, Markham twp, d/o Calvin & Elizabeth CORNELL, witn James HAWKINS & Mary E. HAMILTON, both Markham, married 16 July 1877, Markham
#012757-77 (York Co) Thomas HIGGS, 27, Canada, Scarboro, farm labourer, s/o John & Martha HIGGS, married Elizabeth Anne HILSBERRY, 22, Berkshire England, Scarboro, d/o Henry Wilkins & Sophia HILBERRY, witn Joseph HIGGS, Mary Ann SHIRLEY, both Scarboro, married 8 December 1877, Scarboro #012702-77 George HIGH, 28, Maple, same, farmer, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Margaret Eliz. McQUARRIE, 23, Maple, same, d/o John C. & Sarah, witn; Jos. McQUARRIE of Maple, Catheirne CAMPBELL of Vaughan, married 23 May 1877, Maple, Vaughan Twp.
#012698-77 John HOLFORD, 34, England, Kingston, merchant, s/o James & Hannah HOLFORD, married Charlotte CANE, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o Joseph CANE & Eliza WASS, witn F. NICOLSON, Caroline HAGGART, both Toronto, married 29 November 1877, Newmarket 12663-77 William HOLLANDBACK, 27, laborer, Ontario, York Co., s/o Peter & Catherine, married Hannah THOMPSON, 35, widow, England, York Co., d/o Edward & Harriet [no surname given], witn: Thomas ATKINSON & Hannah BLANKHORN, both of York Co., 25 Aug 1877 at Yorkville
#012460-77 (York Co) Eli P. HOLLINGSHEAD, 37, King, Vaughan, widower, saw filer, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth HOLLINGSHEAD, married Catharine NYE, 17, Canada, Vaughan, d/o John & Sarah NYE, witn Benjamin H. HOLLINGSHEAD of King, Harriet Ann TRAIN of Vaughan, married 12 April 1877, King twp. #012643-77 (York Co) John HOOD, 28, Markham, Whitchurch, farmer, s/o James & Ann HOOD, married Louisa S. COOLE (Cook?), 21, Brampton, Whitchurch, d/o John & Sarah COOLE, witn: Samuel & Hannah JOHNSON of Whitchurch, 6 December 1877, Whitchurch
#012638-77 (York Co) George HOOD, 33, England, Markham, farmer, s/o Joseph & Anna HOOD, married Nancy BOADWAY, 24, Markham, same, d/o Peter & Rachel BOADWAY, witn: Isaac BOADWAY, Susan DALEY both Markham, 10 October 1877, Stouffville #012640-77 (York Co) William HOWARD, 27, York, Uxbridge, farmer, s/o James & Elizabeth HOWARD, married Eliza LEWIS, 22, Uxbridge, Whitchurch, d/o Henry & Mary Ann LEWIS, witn: Albert WAGG, Susan HOWARD, both Uxbridge, 15 November 1877, Stouffville
#012474-77 (York Co) Thomas HUBBARD, 25, Pickering, Mount Albert Ont, agent, s/o Isaac & Thursey HUBBARD, married Annie E. PORTER, 20, London CW, Mount Albert, d/o Matthew & Rebecca PORTER, witn; Robert WALKER, Nellie PORTER, both Mount Albert, married 7 March 1877, Mount Albert #012480-77 (York Co) James HUDSON, 22, Scott, East Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o Alexander & Elisabeth HUDSON, married Mariah (or Hannah?) McCARTY, 18, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o Jerome & Ann McCARTY, witn David McCARTY, Miss HUDSON, both East Gwillimbury, married 24 May 1877, East Gwillimbury
#012701-77 John HUTCHESON, 26, England, Thornhill, farmer, s/o Charles & Mary HUTCHESON, married Elizabeth Ann HONEYFORD, 31, Canada, Newmarket, widow, d/o John FOSTER & Mary BILSON, witn John STALLARD, Elizabeth STALLARD, both Newmarket, married 17 December 1877, Newmarket #012683-77 John JAMIESON, 23, Canada, East Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o John JAMIESON & Harriet FOUNTAIN, married Phebe STUFFER, 22, Canada, East Gwillimbury, d/o John STUFFER & Jerusha HIND, witn; Heber N. BROWN, Samuel J.T. BROWN, both Newmarket, married 27 October 1877, Newmarket
#012694-77 Marvin Wilbur JOHNSON, 30, Canada, Newmarket, farmer, s/o Enoch JOHNSON & Susan BARBER, married Mary Eleanor TOUTHAM (or TOUTHARD), 22, U States, Newmarket, d/o William TOUTHAM & Helen McLEOD, witn William V. TOUTHAM/TOUTHARD, Lavinia DOAN, both Newmarket, married 22 October 1877, Newmarket #13239-77 (York Co) Edward JOHNSON, 19, Marble Cutter, Toronto, Toronto, James & Mary JOHNSON married Jessie NOBLE, 18 years, County of Grey, Toronto, Thomas & Cecilia NOBLE, Witnesses Margaret Jane ALLEN, William HAWTHORNE, both Toronto, Aug. 3 1877
12698-78 David JOHNSTON, 25, B.L. & contractor, Thornhill, same, s/o Francis L. & Margaret, married Jennie MABLEY, 21, York, York twp., d/o James & Mary, witn: Maria MABLEY & George CHARLTON, both of York twp., 26 Dec 1877 at Fisherville, Concord #012456-77 (York Co) Patrick KEENA, 24, Tecumseth, King, clerk, s/o Thomas & Bridget KEENA, married Ann ASH, 28, King, same, widow, d/o John & Catharine HANLON, witn John KEENA of Tecumseth, Jane HANLON of King, married 2 January 1877, Schomberg (Rom Cath)
#012517-77 (York Co) Joshua Winn KELLEY, 21, Canada, East Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o Daniel KELLY (sic) & Tamma KELLEY, married Fanny Maria HUTCHCROFT, 20, Canada, Newmarket, d/o George & Maria HUTCHCROFT, witn; Alfred J. ROGERS of King twp, Sarah HUTCHCROFT of Newmarket, married 21 February 1877, Newmarket. #012497-77 (York Co) Thomas Robert KENNEDY, 26, Newtonville, Toronto, bookkeeper, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth KENNEDY, married Anna Maria PINGLE, 40, Stouffville, Unionville, widow, d/o John & Amelia STOUFFER, witn; J.E. PINGLE, Amelia PINGLE, both Unionville, married 12 February1877, Unionville.
#012458-77 (York Co) George Thomas KING, 28, England, Aurora, booker, s/o Thomas & Caroline KING, married Harriet Louisa EDWARDS, 20, Ontario, Aurora, d/o William & Annie EDWARDS, witn; Joseph FISHER & Jane SMITH, both King, married 18 February 1877, King twp #012416-77 (York Co): Charles KIRK, 23, farmer, England, York twp., s/o Thomas & Ann, married Annie MEDD, 21, Pickering twp., York twp., d/o James & Mary, witn: Robert MEDD & Jane KIRK, both of York, 13 Dec 1877 at York twp
#012705-77 Henry KLIPPERT, 41, Germany, Nottawasaga, widower, farmer, s/o John & Catherine, married Fanny BYER, 29, Markham, same, d/o David & Esther, witn; David BYER of Markham, Fanny COBER of Pickering, married 24 April 1877, Vaughan (Tunkers) 12803-78 John LAW, 25, farmer, Scarborough, Malvern, s/o Thomas LAW & Mary STONER, married Sarah Theresa SECOR, 18, Scarborough, same, d/o Lewis SECOR & Eliza CORNELL, witn: Abram LAW of Malvern & Miss COLLINS of Scarborough, 31 Dec 1877 at Manse, Knox Church, Scarborough
  12512-78 (York Co): William LEE, 22, farmer, Ontario, lot 27 of 7th con of Markham twp., s/o Alexander & Mary, married Elizabeth Ann BOYNTON, Ontario, lot 28 of 7th con of Markham twp., d/o John & Ann, witn: Christopher ROBINSON & Sarah Ann JENNINGS, both of 7th con Markham, 25 Dec 1877 at Markham
#012670-77 Samuel LEHMAN, 26, Markham twp, same, farmer, s/o John & Maria LEHMAN, married Mary Ann SMITH, 25, Toronto, Markham Twp, d/o William George & Martha SMITH, witn Willard Henry CLARK, Eliza SMITH, married 31 October 1877, Unionville, Markham Twp. #012766-77 (York Co) Abraham LEPARD, 22, East Gwillimbury, same, yeoman, son of Peter & Phoebe LEPARD, married Caroline HARMAN, 22, King, East Gwillimbury, dau. of Timothy & Amelia HARMAN, witn: William & Jane HOOVER, both East Gwillimbury, married 24 July 1877 at Queensville, East Gwillimbury
#012597-77 (York Co) John Thomas Beynon LINDSAY, 24, farmer, Scarboro, same, s/o John LINDSAY & Esther BEYNON married Ann Elizabeth FRANCIS, 22, Newton Brook, same, d/o John FRANCIS & Mary LATIMER, witn Mary Jane & Elijah FRANCIS, both of Newton Brook, Feb. 21, 1877 at Newton Brook #012473-77 (York Co) Joel LLOYD, 40, Whitchurch, Lloydtown, widower, farmer, s/o Jessie & Phoebe LLOYD, married Eliza MAINPRIZE, 34, Mount Albert, same, d/o William & Ann MAINPRIZE, witn George MAINPRIZE of Mount Albert, Sarah Jane BRADSHAW, married 18 February 1877, Mount Albert
#013595-77 (York Co) Lewis LUKES, 23, York, Toronto, accountant, s/o William & Emmaline LUKES, married Maria Louisa PLAYTER, 22, Whitchurch, Newmarket, d/o Pemberton W. & Susan PLAYTER, witn; Oscar STEVENS, Kate PEARSON, both Whitchurch, married 7 June 1877, Newmarket #012653-77 Albert J. LUNDY, 26, Newmarket, Whitchurch, farmer, s/o Shadrach & Jane LUNDY, married Matilda A. TONKEY, 25, Uxbridge, Whitchurch, d/o Abraham & Ruby Ann TONKEY, witn Arthur LUNDY, Fanny TONKEY, both Whitchurch, married 21 November 1877, Whitchurch Twp.
#013596-77 (York Co) Alexander LYDIE, 39, Scotland, Tecumseth, widower, blacksmith, s/o Alexr. LYDIE & Janet RAE, married Elizabeth COOKE, 24, Canada, Tecumseth, d/o John & Letitia COOKE, witn Sarah Jane CRAWFORD of Bradford, John COOKE of Tecumseth, married 30 May 1877, Newmarket. #012449-77 (York Co) John J. MACEWEN, 24, King, same, drover, s/o Duncan & Catharine MACEWEN, married Mary McLUSKEY (should be McCluskey?), 24, King, same, d/o Patrick & Margaret MACLUSKEY (sic), witn; Jane MACLUSKEY of Tecumseth, John CHERRY of King, married 17 January 1877, King.
12553-78 (York Co): Crawford MACKLEM, 21, farmer, Whitchurch, same, s/o Philip & Catherine, married Hannah KITELY, 21, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Lennon? BAKER & Annie MACKLEM, both of Whitchurch, 26 Dec 1877 at East Gwillimbury #012645-77 (York Co) Philip MACKLEM, 26, Michigan, Whitchurch, carpenter, s/o William & Susan MACKLEM, married Sarah DOUGHERTY, 23, Whitchurch, same, d/o John & Ellen DOUGHERTY, witn: Andrew MACKLEM, Rachel DOUGHERTY, both Whitchurch, 25 December 1877, Whitchurch
#012430-77 (York Co) Alexr. MACKLIN, 26, Scarborough, same, farmer, s/o Marshall MACKLIN & Mary JACKSON, married Jane BURROWS, 18, Markham, Scarboro, d/o James BURROWS & Elizabeth PURDY, witn James BURROWS, Robert MACKLIN, Scarboro, 16 December 1876, Bride's father, Scarboro. #012695-77 Alex G. MACTAVISH, 27, Esquesing twp, Erin Twp, book agent, s/o Duncan & Jane MACTAVISH, married Margaret A. NICHOLSON, 19, Innisfil Twp, same, d/o John & Margaret NICHOLSON, witn; Arthur S. COOK of Newmarket, Hugh NICHOLSON of Innisfil, married 27 November 1877, Newmarket
  12720-78 Peter MALLABY, 23, blacksmith, Canada, Weston, s/o Peter & Belinda, married Margaret HUMPHREY, 21, Canada, Weston, d/o William & Ann, witn: R. J. BROWN & Lizzie HUMPHREY, both of Weston, 21 Nov 1877 at Weston
#012514-77 (York Co) George Alfred MALTBY, 23, England, Newmarket, baker, s/o Joseph MALTBY & Matilda CATTERICH, married Mary Elizabeth RITCHIE, 21, England, Carden Twp, d/o William RITCHIE & Catharine CHRYSLER, witn J.W. MARSDEN jr & Agnes BIGHAM, both Newmarket, married 24 January 1877, Newmarket. #012516-77 (York Co) William MARLES, 23, Canada, East Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o Samuel & Jane MARLES, married Catharine BRECKON, 16, Canada, North Gwillimbury, d/o Christopher & Ann BRECKON, witn; John BRECKON, Janet McMASTER, both North Gwillimbury, married 1 January 1877, Newmarket.
#012760-77 (York Co) William MARSHALL, 42, England, City of Toronto, widower, Gardener, son of Thomas & Sarah MARSHALL, married Louisa RICHARDSON, 40, England, City of Toronto, widow, dau. of Peter & Louisa CORNISH, witn; Alex FORSTER, Rebecca FORSTER, both Etobicoke Twp., married 15 July 1877, Etobicoke #012452-77 (York Co) Matthew Henry MATTHEWS, 36, England, Albion, widower, Primitive Methodist Minister, s/o Henry & Ann MATTHEWS, married Naomi DODDS, 26, King, same, d/o John & Emily DODDS, witn; Revd. Henry HARPER of Albion, Lettitia DODDS of King, married 25 December 1876, King.
#012751-77 (York Co) William McCOWAN, 33, Scarboro, same, yeoman, s/o James McCOWAN & Martha WEIR, married Margaret LAWRIE, 29, Scarboro, same, d/o James LAWRIE & Elizabeth BELL, witn George McCOWAN, David McCOWAN, both Scarboro, married 5 September 1877, James Lawrie's, Scarboro. #012635-77 (York Co) John McDONALD, 21, Toronto, Aurora, student, s/o John & Anne McDONALD, married Elizabeth Ann HUNTER, 18, York Twp., Aurora, d/o John & Elizabeth Jane HUNTER, witn: Catherine E. WASHINGTON of Stouffville, Esther E. BRUELS of Ringwood, 30 September 1877, Stouffville
#012451-77 (York Co) Robert McKEE, 35, West Gwillimbury, King, farmer, s/o Alexander & Jane McKEE, married Elizabeth USHER, 22, King, same, d/o John & Martha USHER, witn John LYNN of King, Sarah COOPER of Tecumseth, married 31 January 1877, King #012682-77 Murdoch McKINNON, 28, Canada, Thorah, farmer, s/o John McKINNON & Flora McDONALD, married Agnes DRAPER, 20, Canada, North Gwillimbury, d/o Jacob DRAPER & Sarah Ann DEW, witn; Hector McKINNON, Catharine CAMERON, both Beaverton, married 25 September 1877, Newmarket
#012769-77 (York Co) Alexander McKINNON, 23, Canada, Newmarket, Hotel Keeper, son of Charles & Christina McKINNON, married Margaret EVANS, 20, Canada, East Gwillimbury, dau. of John & Betsy EVANS, witn: George WOOD of Newmarket, Louisa WILLSON of Whitchurch Twp., married 14 November 1877 at East Gwillimbury 12556-78 (York Co): Robert McKRILL, 25, farmer, Markham twp., Sharon, s/o James & Mary , married Eliza Emma ATKINSON, 22, Sharon, same, d/o William Mark & Hannah, witn: William McKRILL & Maria J. ATKINSON, both of Sharon, 17 Oct 1877 at Queensville
#012666-77 John MIDDLETON, 22, Pickering, same, farmer, s/o James & Jane, married Sarah Jane MADILL, 23, Markham, same, d/o Ebenezer & Mary Ann, witn Elias BELL of Pickering, Charlotte COAKLEY of Markham, married 2 July 1877, Markham Twp  
#012632-77 (York Co) Joseph H. MILLARD, 23, Altona, same, farmer, s/o Timothy & Celena MILLARD, married Sarah J. MONKHOUSE, 19, Altona, same, d/o Joseph & Christina MONKHOUSE, witn: Asa MILLARD, Miss COOPER, both Altona, 3 October 1877, Stouffville #012478-77 (York Co) Brooks H. MILLARD, 21, East Gwillimbury, Newmarket, agent, s/o John S & Esther MILLARD, married Annie H. PROCTOR, 16, Maryborough, East Gwillimbury, d/o William & Mary Ann PROCTOR, witn; Mrs. E.A. HAINER, married 24 April 1877, East Gwillimbury
#012521-77 (York Co) John MILLER, 33, Canada, Markham, farmer, s/o Walter MILLER & Janet BURNS, married Adeline COOK, 23, Canada, Markham, d/o Joseph COOK & Marianne HAYLES, witn David KENDRICK of Markham, Adeline TOOLE of Whitchurch, married 7 March 1877, Newmarket. #012435-77 (York Co) Robert MILLER, 24, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o James MILLER & Helen JOHNSON, married Margaret GALBRAITH, 20, Scarboro, same, d/o James GALBRAITH & Eliza BROWN, witn James MILLER of Scarboro, married 23 May 1877, Bride's father's, Scarboro.
#012465-77 (York Co) John MILLS, 31, Canada, Tecumseth, farmer, s/o Richard & Sarah MILLS, married Cornelia Ellen SCOTT, 23, Canada, Tecumseth, d/o Joseph & Jane SCOTT, witn; Daniel McCOURDAY, Eliza Ann McCOURDAY, married 16 June 1877, Lloydtown Parsonage, King twp. #012652-77 (York Co) William MORDEN, 21, Uxbridge, same, farmer, s/o Jacob & Lydia MORDEN, married Mary ARMSTRONG, 21, Whitchurch, same, d/o Robert & Ann ARMSTRONG, witn William BURTON, Annie FERGUSON, both Ballantrae, Whitchurch Twp, married 20 November 1877, Whitchurch.
#012522-77 (York Co) Joseph Bell MORROW, 26, Norwood, same, teacher, s/o John & Ellen MORROW, married Mary Emelia WELLER, 22, Scott Twp, same, d/o Lafayette & Mary WELLER, witn Kate C. LAMBLY of Newmarket, Sarah ROSE of Keswick, married 3 January 1877, Newmarket #012476-77 (York Co) James MORTON, 34, North Gwillimbury, Georgina, farmer, s/o Richard & Agnes MORTON, married Permilla A. THOMPSON, 23, North Gwillimbury, d/o Joel & Elisabeth THOMPSON, witn Thomas MORTON, Jane PROSSER, both North Gwillimbury, married 14 March 1877, North Gwillimbury
#012463-77 (York Co) Daniel Edward MORTON, 24, North Gwillimbury, same, farmer, s/o Francis & Hannah MORTON, married Carrie HILBORN, 23, King, same, d/o Jessie & Mary HILBORN, witn Jessie HILBORN of King, Esther C. MORTON of N. Gwillimbury, married 23 May 1877, King Twp. #012690-77 William H. MOSIER, 19, Canada, East Gwillimbury, miller, s/o Henry MOSIER & Helen WILLSON, married Barbetta BORNGASSER, 19, Canada, East Gwillimbury, d/o Adam BORNGASSER & Hannah HAINES, witn; George W. PURDY, Elizabeth PURDY, both East Gwillimbury, married 11 October 1877, Newmarket
#012703-77 William NASH, 27, York twp, same, farmer, s/o Robert & Hannah, married Mary MARCH, 29, Whitchurch, same, d/o David & Susannah, witn Robert NASH of York twp, married 11 November 1877, Thornhill #012771-77 (York Co) John NEELANDS, 27, Canada, Brampton, farmer, s/o John & Catherine NEELANDS, married Mary A. ORR, 26, Canada, Whitchurch, d/o Wm & Mary ORR, witn Andrew HASTINGS? (smudged) & Mariah ORR, both Whitchurch, married 9 October 1877, Aurora.
#012772-77 (York Co) Daniel H. NELSON, 28, Canada, Dundas, blacksmith, s/o Rodney & Amy A. NELSON, married Jane HUGHEY, 21, Canada, King, d/o John & Jane HUGHEY, witn William HUGHEY & Charlotte BALL, both King, married 11 October 1877, Aurora #012678-77 David NICHOL, 28, York, Markham, farmer, s/o William & Ann NICHOL, married Jane YOUNG, 19, Markham, same, d/o Alexander & Jane YOUNG, witn Alexander YOUNG, Annie NICHOL, married 26 December 1877, Unionville, Markham Twp
#012776-77 (York Co) Robert Leman? NICOLL, 23, Markham, same, farmer, s/o Geo & Ann NICOLL, married Hannah Maria ANDREWS, 22, Aurora, same, d/o Geo & Ann ANDREWS, witn; George BROWN of Markham, S.A.J. ANDREWS of Toronto, married 4 December 1877, Aurora #012675-77 William OGG, 21, Scotland, same, farmer, s/o George & Jesse OGG, married Cynthian Maria PRESS, 23, Markham, same, d/o John & Elizabeth PRESS, witn James STEWART of Scarboro, Martha JOHNSTON of Markham, married 2 November 1877, Markham Twp.
#012647-77 (York Co) William Farley Lynch PARDON, 25, Whitby Ont, Markham Twp, farmer, s/o William & Magdalene PARDON, married Elizabeth COMISKY, 28, Markham twp, same, widow, d/o Alexander & Lucy HUNTER, witn; Ellen BURK, Jessie BURK, both Markham Village, married 26 June 1877, Grace Church, Markham Village #012507-77 (York Co) Charles A. PERRY, 22, England, Markham, painter, s/o Alfred & Elizabeth, married Janet BRIDGE, 21, Scotland, Markham, d/o James & Mary, witn Thomas FAIREY, Abbey REISER, both Markham, married 12 December 1876, Richmond Hill
  12713-78 Robert PLANT, 28, brick maker, England, Toronto, s/o Oliver PLANT & Mary DOEBB?, married Georgina Adelaide HOWSON, 24, Belleville, Davenport, d/o Thomas HOWSON & Rebecca RUNNALLS, witn: Mary Jane EVANS & Sarah Jane CLARKE, both of Davenport, 21 Dec 1877 at Davenport
#012515-77 (York Co) Walter PRESTON, 20, England, Whitchurch, farmer, s/o William PRESTON & Mary TAYLOR, married Martha Amelia MOULDS, 15, Canada, Whitchurch, d/o Henry MOULDS & Elizabeth POWELL, witn Alex. KENNEDY, Agnes KENNEDY, both Whitchurch, married 15 February 1877, Newmarket #012505-77 (York Co) Frederick PRETTY, 26, Ontario, Lot 6 Conc 4 Whitchurch Twp, farmer, s/o Joseph & Catherine PRETTY, married Emily Frances POGUE, 24, Ontario, Richmond Hill, d/o William & Sidney POGUE (or PAGUE), witn David PRETTY 4th Conc Whitchurch, Elizabeth POGUE of Richmond Hill, married 30 January (1877), Richmond Hill
#012684-77 George Washington PURDY, 22, Canada, East Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o William PURDY & Hannah PEREGRINE, married Elizabeth BELLER, 18, Canada, East Gwillimbury, d/o Ira BELLER & Isabella KITELY, witn William BRAMMAR of Innisfil, Margaret HEWITT of Newmarket, married 26 September 1877, Newmarket #012759-77 (York Co) Sam RAMSDEN, 27, England, York Twp., farmer, son of William & Mary RAMSDEN, married Emily COLLINS, 18, Canada, York Twp., dau. of James & Eleanor COLLINS, witn: Francis CORNISH of Islington, James WHITE of York Mills, married 27 June 1877 at Islington
#012671-77 Robert RAMSAY, 30, Scotland, Markham Twp, farmer, s/o Alexander RAMSAY & Martha LEIGHTON, married Janet NIMMO, 19, Scotland, Markham Twp, d/o Adam NIMMO & Janet ANDERSON, witn John McCAGUE, Mrs. McCAGUE, both Markham Twp, married 1 November 1877, Markham Twp. #012761-77 (York Co) William RANNIE, 30, Scotland, Newmarket, school teacher, son of William & Mary RANNIE, married Emily STOKES, 22, Canada, East Gwillimbury, dau. of John Thomas & Martha STOKES, witn: Peter McMURCHIE of Newmarket, Marion ? STOKES of East Gwillimbury, married 18 July 1877 at Sharon, East Gwillimbury
#012459-77 (York Co) James REYNOLDS, 26, Canada, Whitchurch, farmer, s/o Thomas & Christina REYNOLDS, married Ann WALKINGTON, 19, Canada, Whitby, d/o John & Sarah WALKINGTON, witn John REYNOLDS of Whitchurch, Mary WALKINGTON of King, witn 29 March 1877, King Twp. #012461-77 (York Co) Michael REYNOLDS, 28 Tecumseth, Essa, farmer, s/o Michael & Jane REYNOLDS, married Mary DENNIS, 23, Tecumseth, same, d/o John DENNIS & Mary McCABE, witn William TRACEY & Annie DENNIS, married 10 January 1877, Schomberg (Rom Cath)
#012677-77 Thomas RHANDS, 24, Markham, same, laborer, s/o William & Frances RHANDS, married Annie SCULLY, 22, Markham, Scarborough, d/o Reuben & Rebecca SCULLY, witn Augusta MILLER, John TARR, married 24 December 1877, Unionville, Markham Twp. (surname should be RANDS) #012768-77 (York Co) Joseph RICHARD, 24, Quebec Canada, Uxbridge, labourer, son of Joseph & Flora RICHARD, married Alta Luiza PRIEST, 19, Canada, Uxbridge, dau. of William & Anne PRIEST, witn: Andrew PRIEST, Minnie PRIEST, both Uxbridge, married 24 September 1877 at East Gwillimbury
12718-78 Daniel ROBBINS, 24, carpenter, Cooksville, Woodbridge, s/o Moses & Martha, married Sarah Ann RABY, 20, England, Etobicoke, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Thomas EARLES of Woodbridge & Georgina STONEHOUSE of Etobicoke, 26 Nov 1877 at Weston #012758-77 (York Co) Isaac Fawcett ROBINSON, 21, Canada, Scarboro, storekeeper, s/o Thomas & Mary ROBINSON, married Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 22, Scarboro, same, d/o Daniel & Margaret JOHNSTON, witn; Thomas FAWCETT, Sarah JOHNSTON, both Scarboro, married 19 December 1877, Scarboro.
12664-77 Abel O. ROBINSON, 23, grocer, Vaughan, Yorkville, s/o Adam & Mary Jane, married Nellie DOW, 23, York twp., same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Spence H. BETTS & Mary A. ROBINSON, both of Yorkville, 25 Dec 1877 at Yorkville #012691-77 William R. ROCHE, 25, Whitby, Newmarket, merchant, s/o John R. & Sarah ROCHE, married Alberta L. LUNDY, 22, Bondhead, Newmarket, d/o Daniel A. & Louisa LUNDY, witn; Danford ROCHE of Newmarket, Anna G. HUNT of Aurora, married 17 October 1877, Newmarket
#102454-77 (York Co) Timothy ROGERS, 26, Mariposa, King, farmer, s/o John & Annie S. ROGERS, married Isabella MUNNS, 20, King, same, d/o William & E.J. MUNNS, witn Albert ROGERS, B.A. MUNNS, both King, married 1 January 1877, King (Quaker) #012471-77 (York Co) Albert Joseph ROSE, 40, East Gwillimbury, same, widower, carpenter, s/o Isaac & Mary ROSE, married Mary GALLOWAY, 26, Scott, East Gwillimbury, d/o James & Isabella GALLOWAY, witn William H. BOWEN of Sharon, Miss A. HOWARD of Newmarket, married 6 February 1877, Eastville
#012440-77 (York Co) Charles Edward ROSE, 25, North Gwillimbury, same, farmer, s/o William & Mary ROSE, married Elizabeth SMITH, 18, East Gwillimbury, North Gwillimbury, d/o John & Elizabeth SMITH, witn; Benjamin SMITH, Mary E. ALLEN, both N.Gwillimbury, married 10 April 1877, Keswick #012679-77 William Henry RUMSEY, 30, Canada, Toronto, Gentleman, s/o James & Elizabeth RUMSEY, married Emma BOND, 20, Canada, Newmarket, d/o John & Lydia Rebecca BOND, witn Isaac Henry BRELSFORD & Louisa Catharine CALDWELL, married 3 July 1877, Newmarket
#012676-77 Andrew RUSSELL, 30, Vaughan, Markham Twp, farmer, s/o Wm & Elizabeth RUSSELL, married Letitia VANDERBURGH, 30, Markham Twp, same, d/o Richard & Phebe VANDERBURGH, witn Moses VANDERBURGH, Jane RUSELL, both Markham Twp, married 19 December 1877, Markham Twp 12721-78 Robert SHANNON, 23, potter, USA, Orangeville, s/o unknown, married Ann BEST, 21, England, Weston, d/o unknown, witn: John HUMPHREY & John BEST, both of Weston, 25 Dec 1877 at Weston
#012696-77 Henry A. SHERIDAN, 21, Canada, Whitchurch, farmer, s/o Jeremiah SHERIDAN & Catherine BRETT, married Hannah LUNDY, 18, Canada, Whitchurch, d/o Samuel LUNDY & Hannah STARR, witn Joseph R. LUNDY, Eliza Jane LUNDY, both Whitchurch, married 28 November 1877, Newmarket #012501-77 (York Co) George Edwd. SHIPTOM, 34, England, Montreal, widower, machinist, s/o James & Harriet SHIPTOM, married Margret HORD, 34, Canada, Thornhill, d/o Benjamin & Margaret HORD, witn; L.C. SHEPARD of Toronto, Lizzie HORE (sic) of Thornhill, married 10 January 1877, Thornhill.
12661-77 Thomas SLOAN, 30, stationer, England, Toronto , s/o James & Sarah, married Mary Ann McQUEEN, 32, England, Toronto , d/o John & Ann, witn: Alexander & Mary Ann BRIMSTEN? of Toronto , 22 Nov 1877 at Yorkville #012706-77 James SMITH, 24, Ontario, Vaughan, farmer, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Sarah Ann SPIKER, 21, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Jacob & Lucinda, witn Thomas SMITH of Etobicoke, Mary BUCKLER of Toronto, married 13 June 1877, Vaughan
#012512-77 (York Co) John P. SMITH, 34, England, Newmarket, widower, bricklayer, s/o Thomas & Rebecca SMITH, married Charity COLLINS, 30, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o John & Charity COLLINS, witn; Grace HAINER, Susan JOHNSON, both Newmarket, married 1 January 1877, Newmarket. #012487-77 (York Co) Samuel SMITH, 50, England, Etobicoke, widower, labourer, s/o William & Ann SMITH, married Mary GOODWIN, 40, England, Etobicoke, widow, d/o John & Anne LITTLE, witn: Jeannie JOHNSTON & Elizabeth PLOWRIGHT, both Etobicoke, 19 April 1877, Etobicoke
#012479-77 (York Co) Wilmot G. SOULES, 24, East Gwillimbury, same, farmer, s/o Peter & Phoebe SOULES, married Mary COWIESON, 22, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o John & Jane COWIESON, witn; Robert SOULES of East Gwillimbury, Mary ROSE of Newmarket, married 24 April 1877, East Gwillimbury #012651-77 (York Co) Joseph William STEPHENS, 24, Whitchurch, same, farmer, s/o Nelson & Emily STEPHENS, married Rachel S. TAYLOR, 17, Whitchurch, same, d/o John & Elizabeth C. TAYLOR, witn; Nelson TAYLOR, Henrietta Frances STEPHENS, both Whitchurch, married 5 September 1877, Whitchurch
#012753-77 (York Co) James STEPHENSON, 26, Canada, Pickering, farmer, s/o Thomas & Sarah STEPHENSON, married Emma DUNN, 20, England, Scarboro, d/o John & Jane DUNN, witn; Thomas STEPHENSON of Pickering, Jane DUNN of Scarboro, married 23 October 1877, Scarborough. #012744-77 (York Co) George STEWART, 27, King, same, farmer, s/o James & Margaret STEWART, married Ada Frances WADE, 22, King, same, d/o John & Sarah WADE, witn; William STEWART of King, married 21 November 1877, King
012754-77 (York Co) George STONEHOUSE, 24, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o John & Elmira STONEHOUSE, married Rachael Ann KERR, 21, Ontario, Highland Creek, d/o Carlton & Losia? KERR, witn; William KERR & Amelia LESLIE, both Scarboro, married 3 November 1877, Highland Creek. #012649-77 (York Co) George STOTTS, 30, Scarborough, same, widower, blacksmith, s/o William & Mary STOTTS, married Jane NELSON, 35, Scarborough, same, widow, d/o George & Ann BAMBRIDGE, witn; John MAXWELL, Mary MAXWELL, both Scarborough, married 26 September 1877, Markham Manse
#012499-77 (York Co) William Henry STOTTS, 26, Markham, same, farmer, s/o William L. & Eliza STOTTS, married Mary Ann Frances EBY, 19, Markham, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth EBY, witn; Wellington STOTTS, Jennie Francis STOTTS, both Markham, married 19 February 1877, Markham #012674-77 William SUDDABY, 65, England, Thornhill, widower, tailor, s/o Jeremiah & Ann SUDDABY, married Ann WARRENER, 52, England, Thornhill, widow, s/o Robert & Elizabeth EGELSTONE, witn Joseph MUNDY, John HEWGILL, both Thornhill, married 20 November 1877, Thornhill, Markham Twp.
#012775-77 (York Co) George SWAIN, 23, Canada, Newmarket, laborer, s/o Thomas SWAIN & Hannah HARPER, married Mary COULTER, 23, King Twp, Aurora, d/o William COULTER & Sarah Ann MACKIE, witn; James COUTLER, Agness COULTER, both King, married 7 November 1877, Aurora #012673-77 Ferdinand TANE, 21, London England, Markham Village, painter, s/o Henry & Helen TANE, married Margaret WHITE, 18, Markham Twp, same, d/o Allan & Janet WHITE, witn Thomas HOOD of Scarboro, Mrs. M. KENNEDY of Markham, married 15 November 1877, Markham Twp.
#012448-77 (York Co) William TENCH, 30, King, same, widower, sawyer, s/o Charles & Jane TENCH, married Charlotte E. TENCH, 24, King, same, d/o Edwin R. & Harriet TENCH, witn Michael & Sarah BARBLOW of Drayton Ont, married 1 January 1877, King. #012750-77 (York Co) William TERRY, 29, King, same, farmer, s/o Jonathan & Sarah Jane TERRY, married Jane HILL, 21, King, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann HILL, witn John IRELAND of King, Susan TERRY of Aurora, married 26 December 1877, King
#012749-77 (York Co) Robert J. TERRY, 26, North Gwillimbury, King, teacher, s/o William B. & Priscilla TERRY, married Mary LLOYD, 29, King, same, d/o John B. & Jannett LLOYD, witn; W.W. LLOYD, Emily WELLS, both King, married 31 December 1877, King #012434-77 (York Co) Richard D. THOMSON, 27, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o David R. THOMSON & Rebecca CHESTER, married Agnes Hood THOMSON, 20, Scarboro, same, d/o Thomas THOMSON & Mary HIPKINS, witn James A. THOMSON, James J. THOMSON, both Scarboro, married 7 June 1877, Scarboro
#012646-77 (York Co) William THORNTON, 27, Pickering, same, yeoman, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth THORNTON, married Solonia Anne JOHNSON, 26, Markham, same, d/o David & Hannah JOHNSON, witn: Mrs. CARMICHAEL, Ellen POWNEY, both Markham, 28 November 1877, Markham Village #012637-77 (York Co) Thomas TOMLINSON, 21, Markham, same, farmer, s/o John & Sophia TOMLINSON, married Catherine E. RICHARDS, 21, Markham, same, d/o Peter & Rosa RICHARDS, witn: Richard RICHARDS of Markham, Mary McFARLINE of Uxbridge, 11 October 1877, Stouffville
#012641-77 (York Co) Robert TRANMER, 60, England, Whitchurch, widower, farmer, s/o William & Mary TRANMER, married Hannah ECKARDT, 46, Markham, same, d/o George & Isabella ECKARDT, witn: Thomas ECKARDT, Elizabeth REVIS, both Stouffville, 28 November 1877, Stouffville #012477-77 (York Co) Stephen Wesley TRAVIS, 22, East Gwillimbury, same, farmer, s/o Stephen & Louisana TRAVIS, married Adelade PEGG, 21, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o Elisha & Sarah Jane PEGG, witn Rhenten? EMERY & Sarah E. OSMAN, both East Gwillimbury, married 4 March 1877, East Gwillimbury
#012756-77 (York Co) William UNDERWOOD, 33, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o Archd. UNDERWOOD & Catherine PERCIVAL, married Abigail THOMSON, 30, Scarboro, same, d/o Richard THOMSON & Harriet THOMSON, witn james R. THOMSON, Richard R. THOMSON, both Scarboro, married 4 December 1877, bride's father, Scarboro. 12551-78 (York Co): James VANSTONE, 21, farmer, Whitby, East Gwillimbury, s/o George & Grace, married Sarah Ann GREENWOOD, 24, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o John & Martha, witn: C. QUIBELL & M.A. GREENWOOD, both of East Gwillimbury, 25 Dec 1877 at East Gwillimbury
#012767-77 (York Co) Thomas WALKER, 24, England, East Gwillimbury, farmer, son of George & Christianna WALKER, married Maria WARNER, 24, Whitby, East Gwillimbury, dau. of Tuttle & Emma WARNER, witn: Francis WALKER, Emma WARNER, both of Mount Albert, married 22 November 1877 at East Gwillimbury #012687-77 William WALKER, 23, United States, West Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o Wm WALKER & Jane MARK, married Catharine GIBBONS, 21, Canada, Gwillimbury, d/o John GIBONS (sic) & Mary McAURSLEY?, witn none given, married 24 September 1877, Newmarket (RC)
8617-77 (York Co) William WALLICE , 31, Canada, Albion, s/o John WALLICE and Catherine QUINN, married Ann INGOLDSBY, 28, Canada, Toronto Gore, d/o Thomas & blank, November 26, 1877 at Toronto Gore #012765-77 (York Co) George WATSON, 21, Canada, East Gwillimbury, cooper, son of Charles & Eliza WATSON, married Jennie MILNE, 19, Canada, East Gwillimbury, dau. of James & Elizabeth MILNE, witn: Susie MILNE, W.T. FREEL?, both of East Gwillimbury, married 20 December 1877 at Queensville, East Gwillimbury
#012656-77 James Whipon WEBSTER, 31, Scotland, Toronto, hotel keeper, s/o Charles & Jane WEBSTER, married Annie May TURKINGTON, 23, United States, Toronto, d/o Johnson & Elleanor TURKINGTON, witn Philmon (or Philmore) YOUNG, Margaret WEBSTER, both Toronto, married 5 May 1877, Yorkville  
#012433-77 (York Co) Jacob WHITE, 37, Ontario, Markham, farmer, s/o Moses & Sarah WHITE, married Alice Melinda THOMAS, 21, Ontario, Markham, d/o George & Rebecca, witn Joseph WILMOT, Amanda WILMOT, married 18 April 1877, Buttonville, Markham Twp. (reg. Scarboro) #012450-77 (York Co) Richard WILES, 26, England, Vaughan, farmer, s/o Robert & Jane WILES, married Elizabeth THORPE, 17, Markham, King, d/o George & Lucy THORPE, witn William WILES of Vaughan, Susan THORP (sic) of King, married 1 January? March? 1877, King.
#012689-77 Joseph Hartman WILKIN, 23, Canada, Whitchurch, blacksmith, s/o John Simpson WILKIN & Mary HOLLINGSHEAD, married Temperance Ann SMITH, 23, United States, East Gwillimbury, d/o George P. SMITH & Elizabeth SUTCLIFFE, witn; Alex. LINKLATER of Whitchurch, Adda PROCTOR of East Gwillimbury, married 16 October 1877, Newmarket #012642-77 (York Co) Thomas WILLIAMSON, 27, Prince Edward, Stouffville, agent, s/o James & Mary WILLIAMSON, married Sarah BARKEY, 33, Whitchurch, Stouffville, widow, s/o Samuel & Mary DOUGHERTY, witn: William MORDEN of Claremont, Tom SANDERS of Stouffville, 4 December 1877, Stouffville
#012519-77 (York Co) James WILLIS, 22, London England, Newmarket, farmer, s/o Charles & Mary WILLIS, married Emma NIXON, 19, England, Newmarket, d/o Charles & Ann NIXON, witn; Charles & Mrs. GANTON of Newmarket, married 24 February 1877, Newmarket. #012697-77 Charles WILSON, 22, Nelson Twp, East Gwillimbury, laborer, s/o James & Jane WILSON, married Mary BOASLEY, 17, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o Alexander & Victoria BOASLEY, witn F.G. LUNDY of Newmarket, Gideon TUCKER of East Gwillimbury, married 24 November 1877, Newmarket
#012510-77 (York Co) John Graham WILSON, 22, Richmond Hill, same,, painter, s/o Thomas & Sarah Caroline, married Emily PEACH, 21, Markham, Richmond Hill, d/o George & Isabella,witn Thomas PEACH of York, Thomas M. WILSON of Richmond Hill, married 1 May 1877, Richmond Hill. #012672-77 William Bell WILSON, 54, Ireland, Thornhill, conveyancer, s/o Robert & Elizabeth WILSON, married Margaret JOHNSON, 47, Ireland, Thornhill, widow, s/o Watson & Mary JOHNSON, witn Frank & Sidney JOHNSON, Thornhill, married 7 November 1877, Thornhill, Markham Twp.
#012511-77 (York Co) Reuben WINTER, 25, England, East Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o John WINTER & Jane GILBERT, married Nancy Maria RIGLER, 19, Canada, North Gwillimbury, d/o Thomas RIGLER & Nancy SEDORE, witn; Jane WINTER, John WRIGHT, both East Gwillimbury, married 1 January 1877, Newmarket. #012704-77 William WITHERSPOON, 50, Scotland, Vaughan, widower, farmer, s/o William & Enes, married Euphemia McGILLIVRAY, 44, Scotland, Vaughan, widow, d/o John & Nancy, witn Neil & Mrs. Neil McGILLIVRAY, Woodbridge, married 29 March 1877, Woodbridge, Vaughan Twp.
#012685-77 Sylvester WOODCOCK, 41, Toughtlon?, East Gwillimbury, widower, mechanic, s/o Jacob & Jane WOODCOCK, married Mary E. DOANE, 34, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o Elias & Wait DOANE, witn Kate LAMBLEY, Lola RUSSELL, both Newmarket, married 2 June 1877, Newmarket 12662-77 Fred YOUNG, 21, painter, England, Yorkville, s/o Thomas & Phoebe, married Florence CROWN, 19, Yorkville, same, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: Horace & Mary CROWN of Yorkville, 30 Aug 1877 at Yorkville