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York Co, 1879


#013166-79 Charles ACKNEY, 22, United States, Unionville, laborer, s/o Herbert & Hannah HACKNEY (sic), married Susan Isabella CAMPBELL, 18, Ontario, Cashel, f, d/o Hugh & Angeline CAMPBELL, witn Richard ACKNEY of Unionville, Isabella COWAN of Carder Twp, married 23 July 1879, Unionville, Markham Twp #013170-79 Richard ACKNEY, 20, Ontario, Unionville, labourer, s/o Herbert & Hannah ACKNEY, married Isabella COWAN, 20, Ontario, Carder Twp, d/o Robt & Jane COWAN, witn John COWAN of Carder Twp, Sarah ACKNEY of Unionville, married 24 September 1879, Unionville, Markham Twp
  12724-80 Thomas ADARE (s/b Adair?), 25, grocer, Montreal, Seaton, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Annie EDWARDS, 20, York twp., same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: William DAVEY of Toronto & Mary KENNEDY of Belleville, 10 Sept 1879 at York twp
#013253-79 (York Co) George ARNOLD, 20, Toronto Canada, North Gwillimbury, yeoman, s/o George & Elizabeth ARNOLD, married Charlotte HORNER, 19, US of America, North Gwillimbury, d/o Simpson & Hannah HORNER, witn: Marion LEITH, Sutton, married 9 April 1879, Sutton #013255-79 (York Co) Edward ARNOLD, 26, England, North Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o George & Elizabeth ARNOLD, married Emma WEST, 23, England, Georgina, d/o John & Mary Ann WEST, witn: J. Francis WEST of Georgina, Elisabeth ARNOLD of North Gwillimbury, married 26 March 1879, 7th Concession, Georgina
13479-79 Wellington AVERY, 21, blacksmith, Uxbridge, same, s/o Ranson & Elizabeth, married Rachel CONNER, 21, Mariposa, Whitchurch, d/o Charles & Mary Ann, witn: Levi GRAHAM & Sophronia CONNER, both of Whitchurch, 25 March 1879 at Whitchurch  
#013154-79 (York Co) Charles BALLANTINE, 28, US, Markham, no occupt given, s/o Charles & Margaret BALLANTINE, married Catharine BLAKLEY, 30, Canada, Markham, d/o Robert & Alice BLAKLEY, witn: Joseph COLMAN, Emma BRADLEY, both Thornhill, married 23 February 1879, Thornhill (Rom Cath) 13502-79 Stephen Thomas BARFOOT, 40, laborer, Kent England, Toronto, s/o Stephen & Sarah, married Elizabeth Ann BENNETT, 26, London England, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: J.M. WINGFIELD & Lavina OCKLEY, both of Parkdale, 21 May 1879 at Parkdale
13501-79 Alfred BARWELL, 23, painter, London England, Toronto, s/o George & Susan, married Mary WOODEN?, 22, Brant Ont., Parkdale, d/o John WOODEN & Mary, witn: William MEINGER & Sophia LESTER, both of Parkdale, 6 Aug 1879 at Parkdale #013393-79 John A. BELL, 24, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o John & Pamelia BELL, married Harriet ANDERSON, 22, England, Scarboro, d/o John J. & Mary Jane ANDERSON, witn Arthur John LEE? (faint) & Almira BELL, both Scarboro, married 9 October 1879, Parsonage, Scarboro
#013450-79 (York)  James BIGHAM, 25, Toronto, Whitchurch Twp., widower, mason, s/o George & Jane BIGHAM, married Margaret Ann FOCKLER, 20, Whitchurch, same, d/o George & Ann FOCKLER, witn: John FOCKLER, Eliza Ann REID, both Whitchurch, 5 November 1879, Whitchurch #013250-79 (York Co) Michael BOVAIR, 27, Canada, North Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o George & Louisa BOVAIR, married Lydia HORAN, 15, Canada, Sutton, d/o Patrick & Julia Ann HORAN, witn: P.F. MILNE, Martha BOTFIELD, both Sutton, married 10 Feb.1879, Sutton RC
  13494-79 Benjamin Hallowell BROWN, 25, teacher, Canada, Woolwich, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Barbara Caroline DENNIS, 28, Canada, Whitchurch, /o Brook & Esther, witn: Alfaretta DENNIS of Whitchurch & James R. BROWN of Toronto, 14 Oct 1879 at Whitchurch
#013301-79 John Porter BUNT, 22, Vaughan, Woodbridge, farmer, s/o Francis & Ruth, married Hannah May BAXTER, 20, Cooksville, Woodbridge, d/o Charles & Lydia, witn: Robert & Mrs. Robert McELHIMY, both Woodbridge, married 7 January 1879, Manse, Vaughan Twp #013251-79 (York Co) William BURNIE, 27, Canada, Georgina Twp., farmer, s/o James BURNIE & Mary Ann LOWRIE, married Rose Ann CHARPONTIER, 21, Canada, Georgina Twp., d/o Jean Baptiste CHARPONTIER & Josette BEAUDREAU, witn: Frank LYONS & (no name) CHARPONTIER, both Georgina, married 17 Feb.1879, Georgina Twp RC
#013311-79 Daniel BYER, 21, Markham, same, farmer, s/o David & Esther, married Francis COBER, 21, Vaughan, Pickering, d/o John & Mary, witn Abraham WINGER, Catharine WINGER, both Vaughan, married 17 April 1879, Vaughan Twp (Tunkard) #013743-80 (York Co): John CALDER, 28, railway section foreman, Scotland, New Lowell, s/o William & Diana, married Ellen SCOTT, 36, King, same, d/o Thomas & Allison, witn: Donald CALDER of Vaughan & Maggie SCOTT of King, 23 Dec 1879 at King
#013171-79 Robt. CAMPBELL, 21, Nova Scotia, Cashel, labourer, s/o Hugh & Angeline CAMPBELL, married Mary Ann CARTER, 18, Ontario, Unionville, d/o John & Mary CARTER, witn William CARTER of Unionville, Rhoda Fidellia DUFFIELD of Unionville, married 24 September 1879, Unionville, Markham Twp #013408-79 George C. CHESTER, 30, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o Isaac CHESTER & Ellen COWAN, married Catherine McCOWAN, 27, Scarboro, same, d/o Robert McCOWAN & Jane UNDERWOOD, witn; Robt. DAVIDSON, Robert McCOWAN, both Scarboro, married 17 December 1879, at Robert McCowan's, Scarboro
#013307-79 John CLARKE, 29, Albion, same, farmer, s/o John & Jane, married Hannah Jane McCUTCHEON, 24, Vaughan, same, d/o David & Amy, witn David McCUTCHEON, Emeline WALKER, both Vaughan, married 19 March 1879, Vaughan Twp. 13483-79 Edgar CLIFF, 27, corder, Weston, Pickering, s/o Edwin & Almira, married Rachel UDELL, 20, Markham, same, d/o Matthew & Malinda, witn: Matthew & Malinda UDELL of Markham, 1 May 1879 at Markham
13490-79 Ezra Hammond CLUBINE, 24, farmer, Whitchurch, same, s/o John & Sarah Jane, married Sarah Jane BEECH, 20, Holland Landing, Whitchurch, d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: William F. A. CLUBINE of Vaughan & Jennie WILLIS of Holland Landing, 25 Feb 1879 at Spring Hill #013299-79 Cyrus P. CLUBINE, 22, Canada, Whitchurch Twp, yeoman, s/o John & Sarah Jane CLUBINE, married Sarah Jane PRATT, 27, Canada, King Twp, d/o Charles & Susanna PRATT, witn; John WALKER, Mary REYNOLDS, both King Twp, married 24 December 1879, King Twp
13478-79 Daniel CONNER, 25, farmer, Markham, Pickering, s/o Simon & Ann, married Adelaide PUGH, 21, Uxbridge, same, d/o High & Hannah, witn: Nelson CONNER & Esther RAMER, both of Markham, 25 March 1879 at Stouffville #013309-79 Thomas COOK, 33, Carrville, Vaughan, miller, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Elizabeth A. BELL, 19, Carrville, Vaughan, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn George R. WILSON, Margaret JACKSON, both Vaughan, married 22 January 1879, Vaughan Twp.
#012780-78 Frederick G.W. COOPER. 34, England, Barrie , sailor, s/o William & Sophia COOPER, married Elizabeth S. MONROE, 23, Canada, King, d/o (blank) McKAY and Catharine MONROE (as written), witn: William SUTHERLAND of King, married 1 Jan. 1879, King Twp #013402-79 Henry COWAN, 27, Pickering, same, farmer, s/o William COWAN & Mary Ann WALKER, married Jane PURDIE, 24, Scarboro, same, d/o William PURDIE & Janet RAE, witn; Henry LANG of Pickering, Rachael PURDIE of Scarboro, married 25 June 1879, Scarborough
#013396-79 Robert COWAN, 23, Pickering, same, farmer, s/o William COWAN & Mary Ann WALKER, married Annie Jane YOUNG, 20, Scarboro, same, d/o Thomas YOUNG & Mary WHELER, witn; Henry COWAN of Pickering, Christine YOUNG of Scarboro, married 12 March 1879, Highland Creek, Scarboro #012815-80 Spencer CROFT, 25, Markham, Kleinburg, mechanic, s/o Robert & Hannah, married Alice Maud ANDERSON, 22, Port Perry, Thornhill, d/o blank & Lucy ANDERSON, witn Francis RICHARDSON, Jane JOHNSON, both Thornhill, married 5 November 1879, Thornhill
#013120-79 Lawrence DAVIS, 29, England, Yorkville, painter, s/o John L. & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane GABY, 21, Canada, Yorkville, d/o Joseph & Mary Ann, witn Thomas DAVIS, Margaret Ann FRENCH, both Yorkville, married 25 June 1879, Yorkville 12791-80 Charles DENNE, 28, provision dealer, Thornhill, Newmarket, s/o Vincent & Marion Isabella, married Josephine M. FORSYTH, 26, Newmarket, same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Robert PREST & Nellie FORSYTH, both of Newmarket, 17 Dec 1879 at Newmarket
13486-79 James Simon DOTEN, 23, laborer, Pickering, same, s/o Benjamin & Nancy, married Maria ANDERSON, 20, Markham, same, d/o Peter & Susan, witn: Peter & Susan [no surname given] of Markham, 24 May 1879 at Stouffville #013448-79 (York) Nelson A. DRAPER, 26, Canada, Keswick, blacksmith, s/o Ebenezar & Ann Jane DRAPER, married Sarah Ann PHILLIPS, 24, Canada, North Gwillimbury, d/o William & Jane PHILLIPS, witn: Ezra GRANT, Lucy Ann PHILLIPS, both North Gwillimbury, 22 October 1879, Queensville
12860-80 James DUNN, 30, lumber dealer, Canada, Invermay, s/o William & Alice, married Sarah WARTON (Harton?), 31, widow, England, Yorkville, d/o Henry & Ann SPINNEY, witn: Rachel SPINNEY of Toronto & Andrew DICK of Yorkville, 23 Dec 1879 at Yorkville 12638-80 William George ELLA, 21, farmer, Etobicoke, same, s/o George & Kezia, married Martha SANDERSON, 20, Vaughan, Etobicoke, d/o Richard & Martha, witn: James & Mary Ann ELLA of Etobicoke, 10 Dec 1879 at Etobicoke
#013441-79 (York) George Collingwood EVANS, 26, Canada, Shrubmount, blacksmith, s/o William & Mary EVANS, married Annie H. PAISLEY, 17, Canada, Shrubmount, d/o John & Matilda PAISLEY, witn: E. HOLLINGSHEAD & Margaret PAISLEY, 20 June 1879, Shrubmount #013747-80 (York Co): George EZARD, 23, farmer, Canada, Vaughan, s/o George & Mary, married Mary LEESE, 24, England, Vaughan, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Thomas REDMAN & Ellen LEECE (sic), both of Vaughan, 22 Dec 1879 at Laskey
#013394-79 Thomas FAWCETT, 26, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o William A. & Harriet FAWCETT, married Amelia HENRY, 21, Scarboro, same, d/o Jesse & Mary Ann HENRY, witn; S.M. HUNTER of York, Eva E. FAWCETT of Scarboro, married 26 February 1879, Methodist Parsonage, Scarboro 13499-79 John C. FLINT, 21, carpenter, Toronto, same, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Whilelhimina CORNER, 18, Longueil Que., Toronto, d/o William & Isabella, witn: Edward OCKLEY & Hannah CORNER, both of Parkdale, April 1879 at Parkdale
13487-79 Charles FLINTOFF, 24, farmer, Whitchurch, Aurora, s/o George & Ann, married Sarah Elizabeth STEPHENS, 17, Whitchurch, same, d/o James Albert & Mary Jane, witn: J.F. FLINTOFF & Bathilda ELLIOTT, both of Aurora, 2 April 1879 at Whitchurch #013169-79 Rolph FORSYTHE, 25, Uxbridge, same, farmer, s/o Charles & Mary Ann FORSYTHE, married Elizabeth KESTER, 21, Canada, Markham, d/o Michael & Elizabeth, witn Frank FORSYTHE of Uxbridge, Martha A. KESTER of Markham, married 25 September 1879, Markham Twp
13505-79 John William FOSSMAN, 23, book binder, London England, Toronto, s/o John & Mary, married Sarah Ellis CHAPMAN, 20, London England, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Thomas & George CHAPMAN of York twp., 10 Nov 1879 at Parkdale  
#013451-79 (York) Abner FOSTER, 22, Canada, East Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o George & Amida FOSTER, married Orvilla (?) Jane SWEAL, 18, Canada, East Gwillimbury, d/o Thomas & Louisa SWEAL, witn: Ephraim MONEATH, Mary FOSTER, 13 October 1879, East Gwillimbury #013398-79 Alexander FRAME, 25, Lanarkshire Scotland, Scarboro, yeoman, s/o John FRAME & Jane GIBSON, married Mary CALLENDER, 18, Scarboro, same, d/o William CALLENDER & Betsey JOHNSON, witn Hannah CALLENDER, George FRAME, both Scarboro, married 20 March 1879, St Andrew's Manse, Scarboro
012931-80 (York Co) Thomas GEORGE, 24, Canada, Buffalo, moulder, s/o Robert & Louvina GEORGE, married Elizabeth EVERINGHAM, 26, North Gwillimbury, same, d/o John EVERINGHAM (mother's name not recorded), witn: Thomas W. EVERINGHAM, Martha DRAPER, both North Gwillimbury, 31 December 1879, North Gwillimbury 12813-80 John GERMAN, 41, widower, mechanic, Markham, same, s/o Henry & Ann, married Mary REESOR, 32, Markham, same, d/o Joseph & Liddy, witn: Thomas MOURRACY? & Hester REESOR, both of Woodbridge, 25 Dec 1879 at res of bride's father, Markham
  #012814-80 Otto GIBNER, 49, Germany, Markham, widower, yeoman, s/o Charles & Germania, married Elizabeth BURKHOLDER, 36, Markham, same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn Peter BURKHOLDER, Mary HOOVER, both Markham, married 16 November 1879, Markham Twp (Mennonite)
#013117-79 Alfred George GOLDSMITH, 25, England, New York US, s/o Alfred Ward & Emma GOLDSMITH, married Ada Matilda ROWELL, 24, Canada, Yorkville, d/o William & Mary ROWELL, witn; W.A. GOLDSMITH, Jessie Frances ROWELL, both Toronto, married 9 July 1879, Church of Redeemer, Yorkville #013766-80 (York Co): Isaac GORDON, 28, farmer, King, same, s/o James & Janette, married Ida Amelia SHARP, 17, Tweed, King, d/o John & Lodema, witn: Duncan McMILLAN of Vaughan & Margaret WATSON of King, 14 Sept 1879 at King
#013300-79 William GORDON, 37, Scotland, Bradford, agent, s/o James & Christiana, married Sarah STUMP, 47, Vaughan Twp, Bradford, widow, d/o John & Susannah HOMAN, witn: Harriet MAYES, Sophia JACKSON, both Newmarket, married 31 December 1879, Newmarket. #012786-80 (York Co) Thomas Deane GOULD, 27, Vaughan, Don Mills, school teacher, s/o Thomas & Jane GOULD, married Mary Elizabeth BARKER, 24, Todmorden, Don Mills, d/o John & Isabella BARKER, witn; Robert BARKER of Don Mills, Rebecca GOULD of Vaughan, 31 December 1879, Don Mills, York Twp
#013227-79 (York Co) Jacob GOULD, 32, farmer, West Gwillimbury, King, s/o John & Margaret, married Margaret McCARROLL, 27, King, same, d/o John & Mary, witnesses were George G. PRINGLE & Thomas CAIRNS, both of King, 15 April 1879 at King #013446-79 (York) Ezra GRANT, 26, Canada, North Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o D. N. & Elizabeth GRANT, married Lucy Ann PHILLIPS, 22, Canada, North Gwillimbury, d/o John & Phoebe PHILLIPS, witn: Nelson A. & Sarah A. DRAPER, both East Gwillimbury, 22 October 1879, Queensville
#013401-79 James GREEN, 24, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o James GREEN & Agnes HAMILTON, married Ellen KENNEDY, 23, Scarboro, same, d/o William KENNEDY & Margaret CLARK, witn; Samuel KENNEDY of York, John GREEN of Scarboro, married 4 June 1879, Scarboro 13481-79 Thomas GREEN, 23, farmer, England, Markham, s/o Thomas & Esther, married Mary MINNS, 34, Ireland, Markham, d/o James & Jane, witn: Joseph WILLIAMSON of Markham & Mrs. MOORE of Stouffville, 27 Nov 1879 at Stouffville
#013406-79 William GREENSLADE, 28, England, Bullone? Ohio US, mechanic, s/o Roger & Elizabeth, married Harriet BELL, 22, Highland Creek Ont, same, d/o Joseph & Harriet BELL, witn William MORRIS, Laura STOTTS, both Scarboro, married 15 October 1879, Highland Creek, Scarboro #013315-79 William HARDY, 25, Toronto Twp, Maple, lumberman, s/o Jonadab & Mary Ann, married Etta RUPERT, 19, Vaughan, same, d/o John Ruttan (or Hutton) & Mary, witn John GOODERHAM of Toronto, Lilly RUPERT of Vaughan, married 17 May 1879, Patterson, Vaughan Twp
13489-79 Wesley HARVEY, 23, farmer, West Whitby, same, s/o Samuel & Sarah, married Amanda M. TUNKEY, 20, Prince Albert Ont., Whitchurch, d/o Abraham & Ruby Ann, witn: Alonzo TUNKEY of King twp & Elizabeth HARVEY of Whitby, 1 Jan 1879 at Whitchurch 12761-80 David Henry HERRON, 22, farmer, Scarborough, same, s/o John & Eliza, married Hannah WOOD, 22, Scarborough, same, d/o George & Tryphena, witn: Andrew HERRON & Amelia WOOD, both of Scarborough, 24 Dec 1879 at Markham village
#013313-79 George HILL, 41, Ireland, Kleinburg, cooper, s/o William & Ann, married Jane McKAY, 28, England, Kleinburg, widow, d/o William & Mary, witn "none", married 18 February 1879, Kleinburg, Vaughan Twp. 013403-79 James HILTS, 32, West Oxford, Scarborough, widower, farmer, s/o John & Mary Ann HILTS, married Rebecca HILTS (s/b Ellis), 23, Scarboro, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth ELLIS, witn James STONER, Annie STONER, both Highland Creek, Scarboro, married 13 June 1879 at parsonage Scarboro.
#013746-80 (York Co): George HOLDEN, 30, widower, blacksmith, Canada, King, s/o Isaac & Christena, married Jane FAY, 29, Canada, King, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: John DALTON & Maria HESP or Hess), both of King, 25 Nov 1879 at Laskey #013294-79 John HOLT, 29, King Twp, same, yeoman, s/o Thomas & Rebecca HOLT, married Annie Josephine GOULD, 28, Ontario, King Twp, widow, d/o James MANNING & Ellen HURLEY (*), witn: George GRICE, Rebecca GRICE, married 19 November 1879 (*By second marriage).
12696-80 Eli HONSBERGER, 23, farmer, of Markham twp., s/o Michael & Ann, married Rachel FARMER, 21, Whitchurch, same, s/o Thomas & Catherine, witn: Joseph FARMER of Whitchurch & Priscilla CLINE of Richmond Hill, 23 Dec [1879] at Methodist Parsonage, [reg’d in Richmond Hill ] #013152-79 (York Co) Thomas HOOD, 26, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o William & Elizabeth HOOD, married Agnes PINGLE, 23, Markham Twp, Unionville, d/o George & Eleanor PINGLE, witn: Eleanor HOOD of Scarboro, Dr. PINGLE of Unionville, married 29 January 1879, Unionville (also 13391-79)
#013298-79 Amos HUGHES, 23, Canada, Whitchurch, mechanic, s/o Nathan & Susanna HUGHES, married Lucy Ann WADDLE, 25, Canada, East Gwillimbury, d/o James & Annie WADDLE, no witnesses listed, married 23 December 1879, Newmarket #013297-79 Edward HUNT, 26, England, Newmarket, carpenter, s/o Ralph & Emily, married Louisa COLVIN, 28, England, Newmarket, d/o Alex & Sarah Louisa, witn: Eugene CANE, Huldah RANDALL, both Newmarket, married 24 December 1879, Newmarket
#013121-79 John HYNES, 27, United States, Toronto, coachman, s/o Nicholas & Elizabeth, married Ellen CARPENTER, 30, United States, Toronto, widow, d/o Michael & Mary, witn George TURNER, Mary TURNER, both Toronto, married 6 August 1879, Yorkville #013167-79 George IRWIN, 24, Yorkshire England, Markham twp, yeoman, s/o George & Esther IRWIN, married Margaret J. BELL, 24, Kingston Cumberland Eng, Buttonville, d/o James & Jane BELL, witn William BROWN & Jane BELL, both Buttonville, married 10 September 1879, Buttonville, Markham Twp
13504-79 Alfred JEFFERIES, 21, waiter, Southampton England, Toronto, s/o William & Charlotte, married Sarah MUNIE, 20, Ottawa, Toronto, d/o William & Harriet, witn: Samuel & Sarah DAVIS of Parkdale, 3 May 1879 at Parkdale 013224-79 (York Co) William JEWITT, 24, farmer, Vaughan, King, s/o John G. & Elizabeth, married Harriet SHEARDOWN, 19, King, same, d/o John & Mary, witnesses were Thomas & James SHEARDOWN of King, 2 April 1879 at King
12853-80 Henry JOHNSON, 59, widower, farmer, Canada, Stouffville, s/o Cornelius & Mary, married Abigal Jane RORK, 49, widow, Canada, Markham, d/o John & Elizabeth HAMILTON, witn: Robert SHAW & John MATTHEWS, both of Yorkville, 24 Nov 1879 at Yorkville #013122-79 John KEEN, 28, England, Iroquois Ont, widower, plasterer, s/o Thomas & Susanna KEEN, married Mary DOWNIE, 22, USA, Owen Sound Ont, d/o Patrick & Catherine DOWNIE, witn Constance ASH, Fannie JONES, both Yorkville, married 25 July (1879), Church of the Redeemer, Yorkville
#012733-78 William KEPPIE, 24, Scotland, Vaughan, farmer, s/o Robert KEPPIE & Isabella AMOS or KEPPIE, married Mary McLEAN, 34, Scotland, Vaughan, d/o Lachlan McLEAN & Mary McFEE or McLEAN, witn John JOHNSTON, Janet JOHNSTON, married 1 January 1879 , York Twp #012650-80 (York Co) William. J. LEBAR, 22, England, Toronto, bachelor, mechanic, son of William. & Maria LEBAR, married Ann STONE, 23, England, Toronto, spinster, dau. of George. & Emma STONE, witn: William. STONE, Emma YORK, both of Aurora, married 29 December 1879 at Aurora
#013229-79 (York Co) Lemuel LEWIS, 36, farmer, East Gwillimbury, King, s/o John & Eber, married Nancy Jane WHITE, 27, Vaughan, King, d/o Henry & Christena E., witnesses were James & Christine Hetta WHITE of King, 6 May, 1879 at King #013444-79 (York) James LONGHURST, 23, Scott, East Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o Charles & Martha LONGHURST, married Roda Ann JENNINGS, 19, Pickering, East Gwillimbury, d/o Robinson & ELiza JENNINGS, witn: Robert LONGHURST, Mary LONGHURST, both East Gwillimbury, 29 October 1879, Mount Albert
#013295-79 Uriah MARSH, 27, Somersetshire England, Whitchurch Twp, yeoman, s/o George & Mary MARSH, married Marion Elizabeth SHARPE, 18, Newmarket, same, d/o Ingham & Barbara SHARPE, witn: James ALLAN, Barbara SHARPE, both Newmarket village, married 26 November 1879, Newmarket  
#013150-79 (York Co) Thomas MARTIN, 22, Markham Twp., 6 Con Markham, farmer, s/o Thomas & Susannah MARTIN, married Isabella MUSTARD, 25, Markham Twp., Unionville, d/o James & Isabella MUSTARD, witn; Eleanor MUSTARD of Unionville, William MARTIN of 6 Con Markham Twp, married 21 January 1879, Unionville #013763-80 (York Co): Bernard McCABE, 29, yeoman, Canada, King, s/o Patrick & Cecilia, married Ellen O’CONNOR, 26, Canada, King, d/o Cornelius & Catherine, witn: Cornelius O’CONNOR of King & Mary DOUGHERTY of Gore, 8 Oct 1879 at Schomberg (Rom Cath)
#013223-79 (York Co) Peter McCALLUM, 56, widower, farmer, Scotland, King, s/o Donald & Nancy, married Lucy WILES, 36, widow, Canada, King, no parents given, witnesses were George WATSON & George KIRK, 26 March, 1879 at King #013395-79 Robert McCOWAN, 23, Scarboro, same, yeoman, s/o Robert McCOWAN & Jane UNDERWOOD, married Hannah ASHBRIDGE, 24, Scarboro, same, d/o Isaac ASHBRIDGE & Ruth AUBURN, witn Robt. DAVIDSON, John YOUNG, both Scarboro, married 26 February 1879, Bride's father's, Scarboro
#013744-80 (York Co): Murdock McDONALD, 28, farmer, King, same, s/o Daniel & Christena, married Sarah THOMPSON, 21, Whitchurch, King, d/o William & Mary, witn: John McDONALD & William THOMPSON, both of King, 25 Dec 1879 at King 12852-80 James McDONALD, 44, farmer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William & Jane, married Susan MILLIGAN, 43, widow, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Harrison THOMAS [surname?] & Elizabeth, witn: William WHITEHEAD of Toronto & Naomi MATTHEWS of Yorkville, 8 Nov 1879 at Yorkville
  #013302-79 Robert McELHIMY, 25, Ireland, Woodbridge, mason, s/o James & Martha, married Margaret ROBSON, 30, Vaughan, Woodbridge, d/o Nicholas & Mary, witn: John P. & Mrs. J.P. BUNT, both Woodbridge, married 7 January 1879, Manse, Vaughan Twp.
#013400-79 William James MOORE, 30, Ireland, Toronto, widower, labourer, s/o William MOORE & Elizabeth WYLLIE, married Sarah DONNELLY, 28, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Robert DONNELLY & Ann ROBERTSON, witn William MORAN of Petrolia, Jane LEE of Toronto, married 2 April 1879 at Agincourt, Scarboro #012816-80 John MORAN, 23, Ontario, Unionville, mason, s/o Richd. & Ann MORAN, married Jane WEATHERAL, 20, Ontario, Unionville, d/o William & Harriet, witn George WEATHERAL of Unionville, Harriet HAGERMAN of Hagerman, married 23 December 1879, Unionville, Markham Twp.
#013405-79 William MORAN, 26, Whitchurch, Scarboro, yeoman, s/o William MORAN & Margaret FOXE, married Isabella MARSHALL, 24, Scarboro, same, d/o David MARSHALL & Agnes BROWNLEE, witn; Archd. MARSHALL, William St. JOHNS, both Scarboro, married 15 October 1879, St Andrew's Church, Scarboro #013407-79 Richard MORGAN, 45, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o George MORGAN & Jane FITZPATRICK , married Rachael DIX, 35, England, Scarboro, d/o John DIX & Ann COE, witn; George & Mrs. G. MORGAN, both Scarboro, married 22 October 1879, Scarborough
#012929-80 (York Co) Charles Patterson MORTON, 26, North Gwillimbury, same, farmer, s/o John & Nancy MORTON, married Annie Mariah WINCH, 21, Elderslie, North Gwillimbury, d/o Samuel & Ann WINCH, witn: Perry MORTON, Lizzie WINCH, both North Gwillimbury, 3 December 1879, Keswick #013252-79 (York Co) Thomas H. MORTON, 26, North Gwillimbury, Georgina, merchant, s/o Darius & Deborah MORTON, married Hellen C. TOMLINSON, 25, Canada, Georgina, d/o William & Elisa TOMLINSON, witn: Richard D. MORTON of North Gwillimbury, Ida C. TOMLINSON of Georgina, married 12 March 1879, Georgina
13484-79 Tilman NIGHSWANDER, 25, farmer, Pickering, same, s/o Michael & Susan, married Mary LEHMAN, 21, Markham, Pickering, d/o Jacob & Sarah, witn: Jacob LEHMAN & Simon? NIGHSWANDER, both of Pickering, 22 May 1879 at Stouffville 13497-79 Benjamin NORWICH, 19, express man, Limehouse, 12 Eden Place in Toronto, s/o Joseph & Maria, married Mary Emily BRANICK, 20, London England, Parkdale , d/o Charles William Gustave BRANICK (dead) & Mary Ellen CLARKE, witn: William STEEL of 55 Trinity Sq & Sarah THOMAS of 79 Portland (both Toronto), 14 Oct 1879 at St. Marks, Parkdale
013745-80 (York Co): Thomas NORMAN, 34, farmer, Wisconsin, same, s/o George & Mary, married Isabella GILLIES, 20, King, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: James & Robert G. GILLIES of King, 31 Dec 1879 at King  
#013293-79 Richard OSBORNE, 22, Darlington Ont, Town of Listowel, tinsmith, s/o John & Jane, married Margaret GUTHRIE, 23, East Gwillimbury, Whitchurch, d/o Patrick & Ann, witn: William F. PEGG of Newmarket, Mary GUTHRIE of Whitchurch, married 12 November 1879, Newmarket #012708-80 (York Co) William Bryan POULTON, 24, Leominster Herefordshire Eng, Leslieville, painter, s/o William & Mary, married Margaret WORTH, 22, Toronto , Seaton York Twp, d/o Benjamin & Mary, witn: Henry POULTON, Ida A. PHILLIPS, both Leslieville, 17 July 1879, Seaton, York Twp
13482-79 Charles PUGH, 38, widower, farmer, Wales, Uxbridge, s/o blank & Mary PUGH, married Elizabeth LINTON, 20, Pickering, same, d/o Isaac & Hannah PUGH (sic), witn: Daniel & Adelaide CONNER of Markham, 9 April 1879 at Stouffville 13488-79 Charles W. QUIBELL, 21, farmer, East Gwillimbury, same, s/o John & Annie, married Martha A. GREENWOOD, 21, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o John & Martha, witn: Mrs. E. A. HAINES of New York & Mrs. C. HAINES of East Gwillimbury, 25 June 1879 at Whitchurch
#013254-79 (York Co) James RAILTON, 25, England, Georgina, yeoman, s/o David & Ann RAILTON, married Sophia GLASSFORD, 21, Canada, Thorah, d/o James & Rebecca GLASSFORD, witn: William RAILTON, Eliza CURTIS, both Georgina, married 19 March 1879, Sutton 13480-79 Daniel RAMER, 26, farmer, Markham, same, s/o Jonas & Frances, married Elizabeth NIGHSWANDER, 21, Pickering, same, d/o Martin & blank, witn: Enos HOOVER & Delilah NIGHSWANDER, both of Pickering, 27 March 1879 at Stouffville
#013767-80 (York Co): Henry RAMSDEN, 34, farmer, King, same, s/o Thomas & Abigail, married Mary Ann ELLIOTT, 26, King, Aurora, d/o William & Mary Hannah, witn: William D. ELLIOTT & Eliza WRAY, both of King, 24 Sept 1879 at King 13507-79 Henry REDFORD, 24, yeoman, Sydenham twp., Owen Sound, s/o James & Eliza, married Jane PIPER, 22, New York, Meaford, d/o James & Jane, witn: W.H. THORNE & E.E. HODGE, both of Holland Landing, 4 Oct 1879 at Christ Church, Holland Landing
  13492-79 John REYNOLDS, 26, farmer, Whitchurch, same, s/o Thomas & Christena, married Hannah Martha BUCKLE, 21, Holland Landing, Whitchurch, d/o William & Hannah, witn: William BUCKLE Jr. of Whitchurch & Annie REYNOLDS of Aurora, 4 June 1879 at Whitchurch
#012681-80 (York Co) George ROBINS, 21, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o Thomas ROBINS & Mary PEASON, married Mary Jane HASTINGS, 22, Scarboro, same, d/o William HASTINGS & Elizabeth WALKER, witn: James STONEHOUSE, Elizabeth HASTINGS, both Scarboro, married 23 December 1879, Scarborough #013292-79 George A. ROBSON, 25, Tecumseth Simcoe Co, same, laborer, s/o John & Charlotta, married Margt. Ellen HUSSEY, 18, Whitchurch, same, d/o James & Asa? Jane, witn: Edi JORDAN of Goodwood PO, Anna Bella HUSSEY of Whitchurch, married 5 November 1879, Newmarket
#012930-80 (York Co) William B. ROSE, 21, North Gwillimbury, same, carriage maker, s/o John & Susan ROSE, married Delacy Jane ROSE, 21, East Gwillimbury, North Gwillimbury, d/o Oliver & Mary Ann ROSE, witn: Eliza J. PROSSER, Mary RUSNELL, both Bellhaven, 17 December 1879, Bellhaven 013442-79 (York) John ROSS, 25, Quebec, East Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o George & Ann ROSS, married Alice Jane ROBINSON, 18, Markham Twp, East Gwillimbury, d/o John & Rebecca ROBINSON, Annie J. BISHOP, Isabella JOHNSON, both Mount Albert, 18 July 1879, Mount Albert
#013397-79 John SANDERSON, 22, Canada, Scarboro, labourer, s/o Charles & Susanna SANDERSON, married Louisa SCRIVENS, 18, Canada, Scarboro, d/o David & Mary SCRIVENS, witn Ida A. EDGAR, Emma EDGAR, both Toronto, married 19 March 1879, Toronto (reg. Scarborough Twp) #013314-79 George Edwin SAVAGE, 23, Toronto, Vaughan, machinist, s/o Sylvester & Margaret, married Francis Maria SHEPPARD, 22, Vaughan, same, d/o Edward & Maria, witn James SAVAGE of Vaughan, Jennie MUNROE of Toronto, married 13 May 1879, Vaughan Twp
013228-79 (York Co) Frederick SHROPSHIRE, 24, King, same, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth WINTERS, 23, Tecumseth, King, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witnesses were John SHROPSHIRE & Sarah CLARK, both of King, 16 April, 1879 at King #013310-79 Amos SHUNK, 24, Vaughan, same, farmer, s/o Jacob & Susannah, married Sarah SAWDON, 24, York, Vaughan, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn Robert SAWDON, Annie TROYER, both Vaughan, married 15 April 1879, Vaughan twp.
#012649-80 (York Co) Fred SMITH, 22, Whitchurch, Whitchurch, bachelor, Farmer, son of William & Mary SMITH, married Sarah N. SNIDER, 21, Whitchurch, Whitchurch, spinster, dau. of Samuel & Sarah SNIDER, witn: Andrew SNIDER, Hannah WELLS, both of Aurora, married 24 December 1879 at Aurora 13493-79 George SMITH, 27, farmer, Markham, East Gwillimbury, s/o William & Sarah, married Henrietta RICHARDSON, 21, Whitchurch, same, d/o Levi & Johanna, witn: Uriah MARSH & Marion POWELL, both of Whitchurch, 24 Sept 1879 at Whitchurch
13503-79 George Washington SPRIGGS, 22, farmer, Dixie Ont., Parkdale, s/o Joseph & Eden, married Mary A. ELFORD, 24, Dorestshire England, Parkdale, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: James & Sarah A. ELFORD of Parkdale, 24 Feb 1879 at Parkdale #013445-79 (York) Jessie SRIGLEY, 71, Pelham twp, King twp, widower, farmer, s/o Robert & Jane SRIGLEY, married Harriet AYLES, 36, King twp, same,  d/o David & Harriet LLOYD, witn: Samuel & Mary A. PEGG, both East Gwillimbury, 28 October 1879, East Gwillimbury
13508-79 Thomas STEWART, 27, GTR employee, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Mary Jane McCLURE, 20, Holland Landing, same, d/o James & Jane, witn: Elliot STEWART of Toronto & William WARDMAN, 8 Oct 1879 at Holland Landing 13496-79 James Wallace STEWART, 26, minister, Cookstown, same, s/o John W. & Margaret M, married Agnes RALSTON, 25, Berhier Que., Cookstown, d/o William & Matilda, witn: L. W. HILL & Sarah A. KIDD, both of Cookstown, 24 June 1879 at Parkdale
  013306-79 George STONG, 24, Vaughan, Harriston, founderer, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Maggie Ann REAMAN, 24, Vaughan, same, d/o Daniel & Mary, witn Mary STONG of Harriston, Matilda REAMAN of Vaughan, married 29 January 1879, Vaughan Twp.
#013443-79 (York) Thomas SWAIN, 22, Momacket (?), East Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o Thomas & Hannah SWAIN, married Jane FENBY, 19, Thornhill, East Gwillimbury, d/o George & Harriet FENBY,  witn: David WEDDELL, Hannah FENBY, both East Gwillimbury, 15 October 1879, Mount Albert 013392-79 Seth SWICK, 26, Seneca, same, farmer, s/o Peter SWICK & blank, married Georgina BRITTON, 23, Yorkshire England, Scarboro, d/o Henry BRITTON & Susannah PENDAIR, witn Henry BRITTON, Ellen GILCHRIST, both Scarboro, married 30 January 1879, Scarborough
#013312-79 Robert TAYLOR, 31, Gore of Toronto, same, widower, farmer, s/o William & Eliza Jane, married Mary Ann CAREFOOT, 23, Gore of Toronto, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn John TAYLOR, Lizzie HAZZARD, both Gore of Toronto, married 25 February 1879, Vaughan Twp. #012678-80 (York Co) Archibald. W. THOMSON, 27, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o William THOMSON & Isabella LOWES, married Annie Elizabeth ALDERSON, 24, Scarboro, same, d/o James ALDERSON & (mother's name not recorded), witn: William. W. THOMSON, Beebe CARNAGHAN, both Scarboro, married 31 December 1879, at Mrs. Richard Thomson's, Scarboro
13485-79 William John TINLINE, 24, farmer, King, Whitchurch, s/o James & Margaret, married Phoebe Elizabeth HACKING, 17, Whitchurch, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: C. E. WASHINGTON & Margaret FAIRLES, both of Stouffville, 7 May 1879 at Stouffville #013764-80 (York Co): John TRACY, 29, Canada, Tecumseth, s/o Patrick & Elizabeth, married Bridget REILEY, 23, Canada, Tecumseth, d/o Edward & Maria, witn: James DOYLE & Catherine REILEY, both of Tecumseth, 1 Sept 1879 at Schomberg
#013226-79 (York Co) Walter TRAVISS, 34, widower, North Gwillimbury, King, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Sarah HOLLINGSHEAD, 19, N. Gwillimbury, King, d/o Samuel & Ellen, witnesses were Joseph BUTLER & Sarah CLARK, both of King, 7 April 1879 at King #013447-79 (York) James VANZANT, 36, Canada, Uxbridge Twp, widower, farmer, s/o James & Elizabeth J. VANZANT, married Catherine PEREGRINE, 30, Canada, East Gwillimbury, d/o David M. & Martha PEREGRINE, witn: Joseph OTTEWELL, Elleanor PERR, 10 December 1879, East Gwillimbury
#012732-78 Richard Philip WAKEFIELD, 41, Ontario, York Twp, Gentleman, s/o William & Leonora WAKEFIELD, married Sarah Mary DALBY, 19, Ontario, York Twp, d/o William & Emma DALBY, witn Mary Ann BROWN, Robert DALBY, both Toronto Twp, married 8 January 1879, Carlton #013404-79 Archibald WALLACE, 27, Ireland, Belleville, merchant, s/o James WALLACE & Mary WALLACE, married Mary Maria LASKEY, 21, Scarboro, Dunbarton Pickering, d/o Thomas LASKEY & Alicia CHAMBERLAIN, witn James WALLACE of Belleville, Harriet LASKEY of Dunbarton, married 3 September 1879, at Christ's Church, Scarboro
#013303-79 Thomas WATSON, 25, Clairville, same, farmer, s/o William & Margaret, married Martha MILLS, 21, Coleraine, Clairville, d/o John & Eliza, witn; Robert GARDHOUSE, Elizabeth CARR, both Toronto Gore, married 15 January 1879, Knox Church, Vaughan Twp. #013222-79 (York Co) Joseph P. WEBB, 26, farmer, King, King, illegible parents, married Susan L. LLOYD, 23, King, Kettleby, d/o Mordecai & Charlotte, witnesses were Daniel LLOYD of Michigan & Emily SYKES of Toronto, 18 Dec., 1879 at King
12718-80 Walter WHIPMAN, 22, machinist, Nottinghamshire England, Seaton, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Mary Eliza Elizabeth DOUGHAN, 21, Broome Co. NY, Toronto, d/o Samuel Nelson & Clarissa Benedict, witn: John & Amanda SHIPMAN of Seaton, 23 May 1879 at Seaton 13495-79 John Lucas WHITE, 26, shoe maker, Canada, Lemonville, s/o William Lucas & Mary Ann WHITE, married Sarah M. HASTINGS, 29, Canada, Lemonville, d/o John & Maria L., witn: Rolland B. & Louisa HASTINGS of Whitchurch, 25 Nov 1879 at Whitchurch
#013153-79 (York Co) Thomas WHITE, no age given, Pickering, same, s/o William & Mary WHITE, married Eliza Jane BRUELS, 21 Markham, same, d/o Thomas & Eliza BRUELS, witn: George MACKLEM of Whitchurch, Mary BRUELS of Markham, married 1 January 1879, Ringwood #013449-79 (York) Hugh W. WILLSON, 82, United States, Sharon Ont, widower, tailor, s/o William & Hannah WILLSON, married Esther DOAN, 68, Canada, Sharon, widow, d/o Israel & Rachel LUNDY, witn: Anne DRINKAM, Emily McARTHUR, both Sharon, 28 November 1879, Sharon
#013118-79 John WILMOT, 27, Jersey Channel Islands, Yorkville, butcher, s/o Edward & Eliza, married Mary (NO SURNAME LISTED), 23, England, Yorkville, d/o William A & Mary, witn Manuel WILLMOT (as written) & Caroline NOLLERY of Yorkville, married 30 April 1879, Yorkville #013119-79 James Edward WRIGHT, 24, England, York Twp, laborer, s/o James & Charlotte, married Emily Jane COLLINGWOOD, 24, York Twp, West York Twp, d/o Charles & Margaret, witn Collingwood ROBINSON, Elizabeth ROBINSON, both Yorkville, married 16 July 1879, Yorkville
#013168-79 Daniel YAKE, 19, Markham, Markham, farmer, s/o John & Susan YAKE, married Mary Jane WALKER, 18, Uxbridge, Markham, d/o Wilm & Margaret WALKER, witn John & Fanny BOWER of Uxbridge, married 17 September 1879, Markham Twp #013399-79 David YEOMAN, 27, Scarboro, same, yeoman, s/o David YEOMAN & Catherine LEPPARD, married Joan BERTRAM, 27, Scarboro, same, d/o Andrew BERTRAM & Margaret GLENDINNING, witn; James G. THOMSON, C.D. MACGILLIVRAY, both Scarboro, married (no date, but 1879) at Andrew Paterson jr's, Scarboro
#013296-79 John Kerr YOUNG, 30, Markham Twp, same, widower, farmer, s/o Alex YOUNG & Jane KERR, married Margaret MAXWELL, 25, Markham Twp, same, d, /o James MAXWELL & Janet GRAHAM, witn: James WHITE, Catherine WHITE, both Newmarket, married 24 December 1879, Newmarket