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York Co., 1881

birth place is given before residence


13100-81 William Henry ADAMSON, 23, railroad employee, Canada, Toronto, s/o Henry & Ann, married Alice CORLETT, 24, England, Toronto, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: James MACDONALD of North York & Helen CORLETT of Toronto, 18 May 1881 at Yorkville  
#013023-81 (York Co) Amos AGAR, 24, Vaughan, same, farmer, s/o Richard & Jane AGAR, married Alice DALZIEL, 23, Vaughan, same, d/o John & Mary DALZIEL, witn Adam DALZIEL, Mary Ellen AGAR, both Vaughan, married 19 January 1881, Vaughan 13165-81 Rolph ARCHER, 25, painter, Prince Albert, Richmond Hill, s/o John & Ann, married Emma Jane ANDREWS, 21, King, Yonge Street, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Herbert ANDREWS of Aurora & Kizzie C. ANDREWS of Toronto, 26 Oct 1881 at Yonge Street
12975-81 Robert McConkey ARMSTRONG, 26, farmer, Canada, West Gwillimbury, s/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Sarah PORTER, married Nancy Ann HOLT, 25, Canada, Bradford, d/o John HOLT & Maria PEARCE, witn: Eliza HOLT & James HARRIS, both of Bradford, 20 June 1881 at Newmarket #013155-81 (York Co) Ira BAKER, 21, Canada, Markham, farmer, son of John & Frances BAKER, married Reginah WINGER, 21, Canada, Bertie Twp., dau. of Joseph & Susannah WINGER, witn: Mary A. ADDISON & Jennie C. CAMPBELL, both of Richmond Hill, married 7 September 1881 at Richmond Hill (Dunkards)
#013129-81 (York Co) Frederick BALDWIN, 25, King, Aurora, miller, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann BALDWIN, married Magdalen WILSON, 22, Bolton, Aurora, d/o Joseph & Margaret WILSON, witn: W.C. BALDWIN of King, Josephine WILSON of Aurora, married 5 January 1881, Aurora #013153-81 (York Co) John BENTLETT, 21, Canada, Vaughan, Painter, son of Alderman & Isabella BENTLETT, married Ada SMITH, 19, Canada, Vaughan, dau. of John & Annie SMITH, witn: William PROCTOR of Richmond Hill, married 10 May 1881 at Richmond Hill
13118-81 Joseph BOND, 30, joiner & cabinet maker, Lancashire England, Buffalo NY, s/o William BOND & Jane, married Jemima JARVIS, 30, Norfolk England, Markham, d/o John JARVIS & Sophia, witn: Robert James & Alice M. M. ANTHONY of Markham, 7 Feb 1881 at Markham  
013381-82 (York Co) William Arthur BOVAIR, 22, farmer, King twp, King twp s/o Henry & Mary Jane married Julia Ann STIVER, 19, Markham twp, Markham twp d/o Josiah & Eliza wtn: John F. SCOTT of King twp & Melissa STIVER of Markham twp, 28 December 1881 at Markham twp #013158-81 (York Co) William BOYNTON, 26, Canada, Markham, Yeoman, son of Francis & Hannah BOYNTON, married Grace CASELY, 26, Canada, Markham, dau. of Clement & Jane CASELY, witn: George Y. BOYNTON, Emma CASELY, both Markham, married 9 March 1881 at Markham
13163-81 Joseph W. BROWN, 25, laborer, Uxbridge, Stouffville, s/o John & Eliza Ann, married Hattie PINGLE, 35, Markham twp., same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Henry PINGLE Of Markham, 19 Oct 1881 at Markham 012895-81 (York) James BROWN, 22, Uxbridge, same, farmer, s/o John & Susan BROWN, married Margaret STUDHOLME, 17, Pickering, Uxbridge, d/o Joseph & Margaret STUDHOLME, witn; E.E. & E.L. PERCY, Stouffville, 23 February 1881, Stouffville
#013148-81 (York Co) John H. BRYDON, 23, Lloydtown, Vaughan Twp., farmer, son of William BRYDON & Margaret WILKIE, married Sarah J. STOREY, 22, Richmond Hill, same, dau. of John STOREY & Margaret TRENCH, witn: John A. STOREY & Tillie R. STOREY, both of Richmond Hill, married 25 January 1881 at Richmond Hill  #013107-81 (York Co) James BURROWS, 28, Canada, Markham, farmer, s/o James & Elizabeth BURROWS, married Agnes Sarah MILROY, 27, Canada, Markham, d/o James & Cecilia MILROY, witn Robert BURROWS, Janet MILROY, both Markham, married 14 September 1881, Markham Village
13131-81 John CANNES, 24, farmer, King, same, s/o William & Ann (Cain?), married Lucy Ann ANDREWS, 24, King, same, d/o John & Charlotte, witn: Allice FOLLIOTT & Archibald MADILL, both of King, 9 Feb 1881 at Aurora #013138-81 (York Co) Nelson CHAPELL, 23, Georgina Twp., same, engineer, s/o Louis & Rosannah CHAPELL, married Nancy Jane CRITTENDEN, 14, Georgina Twp., same, d/o Levi & Elizabeth A. CRITTENDEN, witn: Stephen THOMPSON, Elizabeth A. CRITTENDEN, both Georgina Twp., married 22 March 1881, Sutton
#013110-81 (York Co) Robert Davis CLARK, 28, Markham, same, farmer, s/o James & Martha Ann CLARK, married Margaret Kew McMILLAN, 19, Scotland, Markham, d/o William & Mary McMILLAN, witn: Mrs. A. BARKER, Mrs. R. WALLACE, 9 November 1881, Markham Village #013112-81 (York Co) William John CLARK, 22, Canada, Scarboro, Public School Teacher, s/o James & Martha CLARK, married Catharine A. THOMSON, 21, Markham, same, d/o Hector & Janet THOMSON, witn: William THOMSON, Allen McLEAN, both Markham, 26 December 1881, Markham Village
#012902-81 (York) James CLENDENEN, 24, Markham, same, labourer, s/o William & Elizabeth CLENDENEN, married Mary CORNELL, 27, Canada, Stouffville, widow, d/o John & Ann VINCENT, witn: William VINCENT, E.J. TAPSCOTT, 12 November 1881, Stouffville #012890-81 Daniel COBER, 22, Pickering, same, laborer, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Ann VANZANT, 23, Uxbridge, same, d/o Elijah & Adaline, witn Peter COBER of Markham, Sarah A. VANZANT of Uxbridge, married 3 May 1881, Stouffville
#013125-81 (York) Rufus Adam COLEMAN, 25, Milton, Toronto, sawyer, s/o Francis & Emeline COLEMAN, married Clara Elma FLEURY, 20, Aurora, same, d/o Joseph & Ann FLEURY, witn: Herbert FLEURY of Aurora, Isabella HUGHES of Toronto, 28 December 1881, Aurora #013131-81 (York Co) John CONNERS, 24, King, same, farmer, s/o William & Ann CONNERS, married Lucy Ann ANDREWS, 24, King, same, d/o John & Charlotte ANDREWS, witn: Allesa? HOLLAND?, Archibald MADILL, both King, married 9 February 1881, Aurora
#013157-81 (York Co) Thomas H. COOPER, 34, Lincolnshire, England, Vaughan, Teacher, son of John COOPER & Ann HARGRAVE, married Katie J. KENDALL, 24, Weston Ont., Markham, dau. of Joshua KENDALL & Jane RAYMENT, witn: John WEBSTER & Eliza KENDALL, both of Thornhill, married 21 December 1881 at Richmond Hill  #012880-81 Hamilton COOK, 25, Ontario, Whitchurch, farmer, s/o Thomas & Mary COOK, married Elizabeth Ann BELL, 20, Ontario, Whitchurch, d/o William & Mary Ann BELL, witn James WHITE of Whitchurch, Harriet MUSTARD of Markham, married 6 April 1881, Whitchurch Twp.

13396-82 (York Co) Archibald COULSON, 33, blank, York twp, same, s/o John & Elizabeth COULSON, married Charlotte Donaldson CALDWELL, 24, Glasgow Scotland, Unionville, d/o William & Charlotte CALDWELL, witn: Agnes COULSON & Mary TAYLOR , 19 Jan 1881 at Unionville

13142-81 Richard CRONSBERY, 21, farmer, Georgina twp., same, s/o Benjamin CRONSBERY & Matilda JACKSON, married Alice Ann DALTON, 25, Georgina twp., same, d/o Richard DALTON & Margaret HOLMES, witn: Richard DALTON & Marion LEITH, both of Georgina, 18 May 1881 at Georgina twp 12992-81 Matthew CUTTING, 21, farmer, King, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Martha Ann CORY, 21, King, same, d/o Samuel & Lucy, witn: E. BROWNING & Jane CHRYSLER, 15 Dec 1881 at Newmarket
13166-81 Albert M. DELONG, 22, farmer, Whitby twp., same, s/o James A. & Catherine, married Emily TURNER, 20, Pickering twp., Markham, d/o Jonathan & Hannah, witn: John TURNER of Markham & Cora C. DELONG of Whitchurch, 8 Nov 1881 at Markham #013145-81 (York Co): Joseph DEVLIN, 28, saddler, Tecumseth - Simcoe Co., Unionville, s/o Hugh & Mary Ann, married Mary Ann DERHAM, 26, Richmond Hill, same, d/o Richard & Julia, witn: Clara E. DERHAM & Isaac CROSBY, both of Richmond Hill, 1 Jan 1881 at Richmond Hill
#013113-81 (York Co) John H. DONER, 24, Markham, Pickering, miller, s/o Abram & Annie DONER, married Margaret JOHNSTON, 28, Unionville, same, d/o David & Hannah JOHNSTON, witn: Emma SEYMOUR, Harriet RICHEY, both Markham, 15 February 1881, Markham 13141-81 Robert DONNELL, 36, farmer, Georgina twp., same, s/o James DONNELL & Hannah HART, married Mary J. JACKSON, 24, Brock twp., Georgina, d/o Thomas JACKSON & Elizabeth HART, witn: Wesley JACKSON & Lizzie WEIR, both of Georgina twp., 8 Feb 1881 at Georgina twp

13336-82 (York Co) Aaron FENWICK, 23, farmer, Vaughan, same, s/o William & Ann FENWICK, married Maria Jane BODDY, 19, Vaughan, same, d/o Moses & Sophia BODDY, witn: none documented , 14 Dec 1881 at Vaughan

#012897-81 (York) Lyman FIELD, 25, Canada, Uxbridge, farmer, s/o George & Jane FIELD, married Frances J. COLLINS, 25, Canada, Uxbridge, d/o James & Frances COLLINS, witn: John MARGASON, Margaret COLLINS, both Uxbridge, 22 November 1881, Uxbridge 12982-81 Urias FISHER, 21, mason, Whitchurch, Burlington, s/o Valentine & Mary, married Arvilla STONE, 21, North Gwillimbury, Newmarket, d/o Benjamin & Amanda, witn: E. & M. BROWNING of Newmarket, 10 Oct 1881 at Newmarket
12985-81 Thomas Edward FITZGERALD, 47, widower, yeoman, Smith twp., same, s/o Edward & Jane, married Sarah OLIVER, 50, widow, Whitchurch twp., same, d/o Peter MONETTE (Morette?) & Abigail, witn: S. O. ROBERTSON & W.H. BOWDEN, both of Newmarket, 12 Oct 1881 at Newmarket #013123-81 (York) Samuel FOCKLER, 24, Ringwood, Ringwood, farmer, s/o Samuel & Sarah FOCKLER, married Catharine FISHER, 19, Whitchurch, Whitchurch, d/o Charles & Mary FISHER, witn: John FISHER, Alice BROWNSPERGER, both Whitchurch, 5 July 1881, Aurora
12972-81 George FORSYTH, 20, farmer, Uxbridge, Reach twp., s/o William & Lizzie, married Christena McCONKEY, 19, Innisfil twp., same, d/o William & Mary, witn: William FORSYTH of Reach & William McCONKEY of Innisfil, 1 July 1881 at Newmarket 012881-81 Henry FOSTER, 34, Switzerland, Ringwood Whitchurch, shoemaker, s/o Rudolph & Elizabeth FOSTER, married Elizabeth YEAKLY (usually spelt YAKELY), 29, Markham, Ringwood, d/o Jacob & Catharine YEAKLY, witn Jacob YEAKLY of Ringwood, Elizabeth RAYMER of Markham, married 29 March 1881, Ringwood, Whitchurch Twp (Lutheran)
#013135-81 (York Co) Simpson FRANCIS, 24, Brock Twp., Georgina Twp., blacksmith, s/o George FRANCIS & Eliza BLACK, married Euphemia COCKBURN, 23, Scotland, Georgina Twp., d/o John COCKBURN & Ellen JARVIS, witn: Charles SINCLAIR, John COCKBURN Jr, both Georgina Twp., married 22 February 1881, Georgina Twp 12981-81 James GARBET (Garbut?), 30, gentleman, Baltimore USA, King, s/o James & Ann, married Susannah SMITH, 25, North Gwillimbury, King, d/o William & Margaret, witn: William & Agnes PEER of Newmarket, 3 Oct 1881 at Newmarket
13098-81 Franklin N. GEARE, 26, farmer, USA, Yorkville, s/o William & Geddellia, married Maggie MOORE, 25, Canada, Yorkville, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Arthur MORRIS & Jane HART, both of Yorkville, 23 March 1881 at Yorkville #012888-81 George GODFRY, 22, England, Markham, farmer, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Jane PATTERSON, 23, Ontario, Scarboro, d/o James & Charlott, witn John PATTERSON, Rachel PATTERSON, both Scarboro, married 17 February 1881, Stouffville
 12995-81 Joseph GOULD, 26, mechanic, York Co., same, s/o Peter GOULD & Bridget DOHERTY, married Eliza HODGINS, 24, Canada, Newmarket, d/o Patrick HODGINS & Mary RYAN, witn: Ed GIES & Mary HODGINS, both of Newmarket, 9 Oct 1881 at Newmarket #012901-81 (York) Gregston GRAHAM, 19, Stouffville, same, tinsmith, s/o Gregston & Anna GRAHAM, married Fanny BYRNE, 20, St Louis Miss USA, Stouffville, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann BYRNE, witn: James WRIGHT, Sarah GRAHAM, both Stouffville, 13 November 1881, Stouffville
#013144-81 (York Co): William GRAHAM, 24, woolen manufacturer, King twp., Georgina twp., s/o John & Mary, married Jennie SUMMERFELDT, 20, York twp., Georgina twp., d/o William & Sarah, witn: Thomas & Mary Ann ARMSTRONG of Georgina twp., 14 Sept 1881 at Georgina twp #013147-81 (York Co): James Reynolds GRAHAM, 32, farmer, Nova Scotia, East York twp., s/o William GRAHAM & Margaret FERGUSON, married Marion W. SMITH, 23, Scott twp., Markham twp., d/o John SMITH & Janet FRAZER, witn: William DEACOFF & Janet SMITH, both of York, 5 Jan 1881 at Richmond Hill
12084-81 Hector GRANT, 27, farmer, Canada, West Gwillimbury, s/o Hector GRANT & Elizabeth BANNERMAN, married Catherine BEST, 21, Canada, Tecumseth, d/o Richard BEST & Mary WILLIAMS, witn: William BEST & Isabella GRANT, both of West Gwillimbury, 21 Sept 1881 at Newmarket 13140-81 William GREENWOOD, 24, laborer, Lower Canada, Georgina twp., s/o Anthony GREENWOOD & Angelique GILBERT, married Lizzie MARTIN, 20, Canada, Georgina twp., d/o John MARTIN & Mary Ann EDWARDS, witn: Anthony & Lizzie GREENWOOD of Georgina, 24 Jan 1881 at Georgina twp
#013108-81 (York Co) David GROVE, 25, Markham, same, farmer, s/o Abraham & Elizabeth GROVE, married Julia Ann HITESHUE, 22, United States, Markham, d/o John & Joanna HITESHUE, witn; C. MITCHELL, Mrs. C. MITCHELL, both Markham Village, married 27 October 1881 (he Mennonite; she Lutheran) #013106-81 (York Co) Joseph HACKETT, 24, King, Norway Ont, farmer, s/o John & Sarah HACKETT, married Eliza CREW, 23, Prince Edward Island, Markham Village, d/o George & Mary CREW, witn Charles DOWN of Norway, Alice CREW of Markham, married 27 October 1881, Markham
#012929-81 (York Co): Samuel Smith HAMILL, 23, machinist, Canada, Toronto, s/o Samuel HAMILL & Lenora DAVIDSON, married Sarah Eliza PURVES, 21, Scarboro, same, d/o James PURVES & Loretta SECOR, witn: Sidney PURVES of Scarboro & William PURVES of Columbus, 30 Nov 1881 at Scarborough  #013119-81 (York) Abram HARRINGTON, 27, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o Jefferson & Nancy HARRINGTON, married Sarah A. ROUSEN, 18, Scarboro, same, d/o Thomas & Sarah ROUSEN, witn: Catharine BAIN of Markham, William ROUSEN of Scarboro, 12 January 1881, Markham
013275/82 Thomas H. HAYES, 24, shoemaker, Toronto, St. Thomas Ont., s/o William & Harriett HAYES, married Louisa BAILEY, 22, Collingwood Ont., Toronto, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Rebecca BEBBER of Parkdale & Harrison M. APPLETON of Aurora, 29 December 1881, Parkdale #013150-81 (York Co) William HEIGHES, 53, England, St. Vincent, widower, farmer, son of William HEIGHES & Elizabeth COLLE, married Christina McCOLEMAN, 40, widow, Simcoe Co., St. Vincent, dau. of Peter McCOLEMAN & Catherine JAMIESON, witn: John DEADMAN, Mary DEADMAN, both of Vaughan, married 17 March 1881 at Richmond Hill
#013020-81 (York Co) John HEISE, 22, Markham, same, farmer, s/o Christian & Nancy HEISE, married Annie HILTS, 21, Markham, same, d/o Godfrey & Catherine HILTS, witn Abraham WINGER, Catherine WINGER, both Vaughan, married 11 January 1881 at Conc. 4, Lot 5, Vaughan (Tunkers) #013591-81 (York Co) Henry W. HETT, 24, Express Messenger, Berlin, Galt, s/o Henry and Caroline HETT, married Emma STINSON, 22, London, Berlin, d/o William and Elizabeth STINSON, witn: W.F.LEE, Jr. , Annie MOORE, May 3, 1881 at Toronto
#013961-83 Thomas HICKS, 22 England, Markham, farmer, s/o John HICKS & Eliza SIMMONS, married Eliza BLANCHARD, 18, England, Markham, d/o Aaron BLANCHARD & Eliza BURUS (or BURNS), witn; Jas (line through film) of Vaughan, & Hattie CLARK of Aurora, married 7 September 1881, Richmond Hill 13102-81 Robert HINCHCLIFFE, 45, widower, machinist, England, Hamilton, s/o James & Isabella, married Frances Beatrice ROBERTS, 25, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o William Brewer ROBERTS & Dorothea, witn: Louisa ROBERTS of St. Catharines & E. Fannie JONES of Toronto, 31 May 1881 at Church of the Redeemer, Yorkville 
#013109-81 (York Co) John Bower HOLLINGER, 23, Pickering, Markham, farmer, s/o Samuel & Mary HOLLINGER, married Elizabeth RAE, 22, Scotland, Markham, d/o James & Mary RAE, witn James RAE, Louisa HOLLINGER, both Markham, married 3 November 1881, Markham Village #012886-81 Peter R. HOOVER, 23, Markham, same, farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary WILLIAMSON, 20, Markham, Uxbridge, d/o Matthew & Barbery, witn Enos NIGHSWANDER of Pickering, Carlotte WILLIAMSON of Uxbridge, married 8 February 1881, Stouffville
#013137-81 (York Co) George HORNER, 22, North Gwillimbury Twp., same, farmer, s/o Simpson & Hannah HORNER, married Clara Ann HABGOOD, 22, London England, Sutton Georgina Twp., d/o John & Eliza HABGOOD, witn: Mary M. WILLIAMS, Martha ANDERSON, both Sutton, married 5 January 1881, Sutton 13101-81 Thomas Stinson JARVIS, 27, barrister, Toronto, same, s/o Stephen & Mary, married Anne Louisa CROFT, 28, Toronto, Yorkville, d/o Mary Ann & Henry, witn: Mason WARINER of Toronto and M. Agnes & John LANGTON of Yorkville, 26 May 1881 at Church of the Redeemer, Yorkville
#013134-81 (York Co) Hector JEWEL, 25, North Gwillimbury Twp., same, widower, yeoman, s/o William JEWEL, married Emma EMES, 21, North Gwillimbury Twp., same, d/o Moses EMES, witn: Marion LEITH, Sutton, Georgina Twp., married 28 February 1881, Methodist Church, Georgina Twp   
013322-82 (York Co) Henry JOHNSON, 28, teacher, Toronto, East Gwillimbury s/o John & Mary married Isabella CUYLER, 19, East Gwillimbury, East Gwillimbury d/o Thompson & Jane wtn: William HESTER & Elizabeth A. ROWEN both of East Gwillimbury, 27 December 1881 at East Gwillimbury #013024-81 (York Co) John KEFFER, 48, Vaughan, same, widower, farmer, s/o Jonathan & Catherine KEFFER, married Rachel BROWN, 59, Vaughan, same, widow, d/o John & Ann WURSTER, witn Levi WATSON, Maggie R. OSTER, both Vaughan, married 25 January 1881, Vaughan
12986-81 Richard KEYS, 21, mail currier, Holland Landing, same, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Mary Ann RATTIE, 20, Greenwich England, Holland Landing, d/o Joseph & Sophia, witn: Robert THOMPSON & Elmira CRITTENDEN, both of Holland Landing, 5 Oct 1881 at Newmarket #012928-81 (York Co): Edward KIRK, 25, yeoman, Lincolnshire England, Unionville, s/o William & Hannah, married Harriet PRESS, 20, Unionville, same, d/o James & Pheobe, witn: Samuel FRANCIS of Thornhill & Euphemia HAGERMAN of Markham, no date given, probably 1881, at Scarborough
13002-81 William Pennington KITELY, 21, yeoman, Sharon, East Gwillimbury, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Minnie OSMAN, 20, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o Conrad & Ann, witn: W.H. DOAN of Sharon & Elizabeth OSMAN of East Gwillimbury, 23 Feb 1881 at Newmarket #013133-81 (York Co) George LAKE, 36, Georgina Twp., same, farmer, s/o William W. & Charlotte LAKE, married Emma M. FORD, 24, Houghton Twp Norfolk Co, Georgina, d/o John Wesley & Susan FORD, witn: Henry LAKE, Saintfield, Reach, Ontario Co., Sarah FORD, St. Mary's, married 3 January 1881 at Egypt in Georgina Twp
13117-71 David W. LATCHFORD, 26, mechanic, Omemee, Stouffville, s/o John & Catherine, married Sophia R. MILLER, 21, Stouffville, same, d/o Elijah MILLER & Mary Ann, witn: May & Nellie BAINBRIDGE of Markham, 12 Jan 1881 at parsonage, Markham

13339-82 (York Co) Jacob LATIMER, 21, farmer, Vaughan, same, s/o Jacob LAHMER & Barbara LATIMER, married Eva Honor RICHARDS, 18, Wyoming Ontario, Vaughan, d/o David RICHARDS & Honor RICHARDS, witn: Jacob LAHMER & David RICHARDS both of Vaughan, 27 Dec 1881 at Vaughan

  13161-81 Archy S. LEARY, 25, merchant, Stouffville, same, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Mary A. VANBUSICK, 20, Stouffville, same, d/o Agustus & Mary, witn: Albert VANBUSICK & Laura LEARY, both of Stouffville, 1 Sept 1881 at Stouffville
13135-82 (York Co): Jordah LEPARD, 21, yeoman, East Gwillimbury, same, s/o William & Esther, married Lydia STEPHENS, 21, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o Frank & Fanny, witn: Emily C. YOUNG & Amanda SCOUTER, 22 April 1881 at East Gwillimbury   013163-82 (York Co) John LEVEL, 26, farm labourer, England, York twp s/o Ambrose & Elizabeth married Dorothy Jane BLAND, 25, York twp, York twp d/o John & Jane wtn: Ambrose LEVEL & Mary Ann BLAND both of York twp, 14 December 1881 at York twp
#013132-81 (York Co) James Butler/Butter LLOYD, 24, Whitchurch, same, farmer, s/o William G. & Sarah LLOYD, married Theresa MARRITT, 21, Queensville Ont, Aurora, d/o John & Mary Ann MARRITT, witn: William. MARRITT, Marriellia MARRITT, both Aurora, married 15 March 1881, Aurora #013104-81 (York Co) Hiram LOTT, 22, Pickering, same, farmer, s/o Abraham & Elizabeth LOTT, married Almira DAVIS, 18, Whitchurch, same, d/o John & Elizabeth DAVIS, witn Mary WILLIAMS of Bowmanville, Sarah A. DOBSON of Bowmanville, married 13 September 1881, Markham C.W. Parsonage, Markham Village
013382-82 (York Co) Elisha G. MABLEY, 37, mason, Canada, Canada s/o Charles & Anna MABLEY married Sarah J. JOHNSON, 30, Canada, Malvern d/o David & Margaret J. JOHNSON wtn: Joseph MABLEY of Toronto & Isabella JOHNSON of Malvern, 14 December 1881 at Malvern 12979-81 William Garrett MALLOY, 24, baker, Sharon, Newmarket, s/o William & Rebecca, married Annie Maria MORTIMORE, 20, London England, Newmarket, d/o John & Annie, witn: G.N. MORTIMORE & Annie BOWDEN, both of Newmarket, 21 Sept 1881 at Newmarket
#013130-81 (York Co) William Edward MARRITT, 23, Aurora, Markham, Salesman, s/o John & Mary Ann MARRITT, married Hannah SANDERSON, 18, Markham, same, d/o Edmund & Isabella SANDERSON, witn: John MARRITT, Mary Ann MARRITT, both Aurora, married 19 January 1881, Aurora 12973-81 William J. A. MARTIN, 21, teacher, Osnabruck, Newmarket, s/o James MARTIN & Elizabeth, married Minna G. LOWE, 21, Whitchurch, same, d/o James LOWE & Elizabeth, witn: G. E. FREEMAN of Shakespeare & E. LOWE of Newmarket, 6 July 1881 at Newmarket
#013115-81 (York Co) David McCOWAN, 31, Scarboro, Portage La Prairie Man, farmer, s/o James & Martha McCOWAN, married Janet Naismith LAWRIE, 29, Scarboro, same, d/o James & Elizabeth LAWRIE, witn: George McCOWAN, Elizabeth LAWRIE, both Scarboro, 2 March 1881, Markham Village #012892-81 (York) Tilman McDONALL, 21, Canada, Markham, farmer, s/o James & Magdalene McDONALL, married Annie FRETZ, 18, Canada, Markham, d/o Michael & Magdalene FRETZ, witn: D & Tillie TAPSCOTT, Stouffville, 8 March 1881, Stouffville
13103-81 Josiah McGAVENAY? (McGarvey?), 24, carpenter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William & Jane, married Isabella WILSON, 23, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Henry & Margaret, witn: William & Helen MELLVILLE of Yorkville, 8 June 1881 at Yorkville 13099-81 William McGEE, 45, widower, laborer, Ireland, York, s/o Edward & Ann, married Isabella PEARCE, 35, widow, Ireland, Yorkville, d/o George SPENCE & Margaret, witn: Thomas STUTHERS of Yorkville & Isabella BEST of Toronto, 17 March 1881 at Yorkville

13361-82 (York Co) William Henry McLEOD, 26, foundry man, Canada, Aurora, s/o David McLEOD & Sarah MASTERMAN, married Isabella KELLS, 21, Canada, Aurora, d/o John KELLS & Jane McMANN, witn: Charles RAKES & Annie KELLS both of Aurora, 27 Dec 1881 at Newmarket

12974-81 Donald McMILLAN, 24, saddler, Canada, Barrie, s/o James McMILLAN & Catherine SINCLAIR, married Mary MAINS, 20, Canada, Barrie, d/o James MAINS & Jane MAINS, witn: Bella E. SENEY? & W. A. DUNCAN, both of Newmarket, 23 May 1881 at Newmarket #012894-81 (York) Abraham MILLER, 22, Canada, Whitchurch, farmer, s/o John & Matilda MILLER, married Eliza Ann SCOTT, 21, Canada, Whitchurch, d/o Isaac & Sarah Ann SCOTT, witn: Anthony STECKLEY, Susanna MILLER, both Whitchurch, 31 March 1881, Whitchurch
  013268-82 (York Co) James MITCHEL, 24, farmer, Tecumseh, Beeton s/o Robert & Rebecca MITCHEL married Marion POWELL, 22, Whitchurch, Whitchurch d/o George & Rosanna POWELL wtn: George POWELL & E. PEARSON of Whitchurch, 19 October 1881 at Whitchurch
#013121-81 (York) Cunningham G. MITCHELL, 22, Markham Twp., Markham, bricklayer, s/o William & Elizabeth MITCHELL, married Margaret E. PATTERSON, 22, Whitchurch, Markham, d/o James M. & Ann PATTERSON, witn: William J. MITCHELL of Markham, George W. PATTERSON of Whitchurch, 18 January 1881, Markham Village 013232-82 (York Co) William MITCHELL, 27, mason, Canada, Markham s/o William MITCHELL & Elizabeth, married Susie WOODS, 24, North Gwillimbury, Toronto d/o William WOODS & Mary A. WOODS wtn: Alex MITCHELL of Markham & John HOLLINGSHEAD of North Gwillimbury, 14 December 1881 at North Gwillimbury
#013019-81 (York Co) George MOGRIDGE, 23, Beverly, Toronto Gore, farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth MOGRIDGE, married Mary Ann ADAMS, 20, Toronto Gore, same, d/o James & Mary ADAMS, witn; George ADAMS, Mary MOGRIDGE, both Toronto Gore, married 5 January 1881, The Manse, 9th Conc, Vaughan 013124-81 (York) Abram MOSLEY, 24, Toronto, Dunedin Simcoe, hotel keeper, s/o Henry & Bella MISLEY, married Naimie EXELBY, 26, Minden, Dunedin, d/o Robert & Elizabeth Ann EXELBY, witn: Rebecca B--(?), D.E. ANDRUS, both Aurora, 11 November 1881, Aurora
#012898-81 (York) Nelson MOWDER, 23, Whitchurch, Pickering, farmer, s/o William & Mary MOWDER, married Lydia HOOVER, 24, Markham, same, d/o Daniel & Sarah HOOVER, witn: Levi HOOVER, Elizabeth HOOVER, both Markham, 14 December 1881, Stouffville #013154-81 (York Co) Edwin Thomas MULHOLLAND, 27, Canada, Vaughan, Yeoman, son of David & Mary MULHOLLAND, married Florence CAMPBELL, 21, Canada, Vaughan, dau. of John & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: Mary A. ADDISON of Richmond Hill, married 27 April 1881 at Richmond Hill
#013114-81 (York Co) Thomas NEWALL, 28, Markham, Scarboro, farmer, s/o Homer & Janet NEWALL, married Frances UNDERWOOD, 23, Scarboro, same, d/o Francis & Nancy Ann UNDERWOOD, witn: James DUNCAN, Richard UNDERWOOD, both Scarboro, 27 February 1881, Markham Village  
#013964-83 William Franklin NICHOLS, 20, Canada, Markham, farmer, s/o George NICHOLS & Ann GRUNDY, married Mary Ann LUNDY, 18, Canada, Markham, d/o Wm Henry LUNDY & Jane GAMBLE, witn --- SEYMOUR? Of Markham & Mary Ann ADDISON of Richmond Hill, married 27 October 1881, Richmond Hill #012882-81 James NOBLE, 25, Erin Wellington Co, Owen Sound, Bailiff, s/o John & Mary Jane NOBLE, married Maria Louisa HASTINGS, 25, Whitchurch, same, d/o James & Ann HASTINGS, witn Martha Maria HASTINGS, James R. PAISLEY, both Whitchurch, married 23 June 1881, Whitchurch Twp
#013111-81 (York Co) William ORMEROD, 21, Scarboro, same, farmer, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth ORMEROD, married Lydia GATES, 20, Scarboro, same, d/o John & Grata GATES, witn: John LAWRIE of Scarboro, Helen CREW of Markham, 14 December 1881, Markham Village 12987-81 Robert ORR, 26, mechanic, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James ORR & Eliza, married Florence WETHERELL, 25, Canada, Newmarket, d/o James WETHERELL & Sarah Jane, witn: John McLURE & Lizzie MONAGHAN (Moughan?), both of Toronto, 15 Sept 1881 at Newmarket
#012899-81 (York) Samuel OTTEWELL, 31, England, Goodwood, widower, blacksmith, s/o Samuel & Martha OTTEWELL, married Sophia GOULD, 22, Markham, Bloomington, d/o John & Eliza GOULD, witn: Mr & Mrs. TAPSCOTT, 20 December 1881, Stouffville 013384-82 (York Co) William PADGET, 23, farmer, Markham, Markham s/o William & Mary J PADGET married Martha Galloway COXWORTH, 18, Markham twp, Markham twp d/o Joseph & Martha COXWORTH wtn: James S. GALLOWAY & Mary J. BOYNTON, 2 November 1881 at Markham twp
  12995-81 Thomas C. PEARSON, 25, farmer, Scott, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Caroline COOK, 21, Whitchurch, Scott, d/o Samuel & Caroline, witn: E. BROWNING & E. AYLSWORTH, 27 Dec 1881 at Newmarket
#013160-81 (York Co) George PETERMAN, 41, Canada, Vaughan, widower, Yeoman, son of Henry & Hannah PETERMAN, married Mary Jane CASELY, 35, England, Markham, dau. of Clement & Jane CASELY, witn: Henry CASELY of Markham & Margaret PETERMAN of Vaughan, married 6 July 1881 at Markham 13143-82 (York Co): Marshall PICKERING, 21, yeoman, Scott, same, s/o Thomas & illegible, married Nancy Jane THIRSK, 18, East Gwillimbury, Scott, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Albert MILLER & Elizabeth PICKERING, 14 Sept 1881 at East Gwillimbury
#012893-81 (York) Emanuel PIPHER, 18, Canada, Ringwood, farmer, s/o Joseph & Leah PIPHER, married Mary Alice FOCKLER, 16, Canada, Ringwood, d/o John & Barbara FOCKLER, witn: Benjamin & Rachel PIPHER, both Ringwood, 12 March 1881, Ringwood 13141-82 (York Co): John PRINCE, 21, laborer, King, East Gwillimbury, s/o Abram & Emily, married Susannah SPOFFORD, 18, Scott, same, d/o John & Christina, witn: Emily C. YOUNG & Amanda SCOUTER, 14 Sept 1881 at East Gwillimbury
12988-81 John Henry PROCTOR, 22, farmer, Whitchurch, East Gwillimbury, s/o Harrison PROCTOR & Mary Ann, married Eddvena MANNING, 22, King, Newmarket, d/o John MANNING & Rosanna, witn: Joseph A. CODY of East Gwillimbury & Eliza M. MANNING of Newmarket, 10 Nov 1881 at Newmarket 13162-81 Thomas REDFERN, 27, farmer, Innisfil twp., same, s/o John & Catherine, married Elizabeth BOWMAN, 25, Markham, same, d/o James & Barbara, witn: John BOWMAN of Barrie & Nancy EAKIN of Markham, 11 Oct. 1881 at Markham
#012900-81 (York) George RICHARDS, 21, Scott, same, labourer, s/o Charles & Elizabeth RICHARDS, married Elizabeth COFFEE, 21, Uxbridge, same, d/o Patrick & Elizabeth COFFEE, witn; Edwin RICHARDS of Scott; Thomas WILLIAMSON of Stouffville, 15 October 1881, Stouffville (Rom Cath)  
12989-81 Nelson ROBINSON, 23, carpenter, Canada, Whitchurch twp., s/o William & Catherine, married Elizabeth GARROW, 22, Canada, King twp., d/o Henry & Amelia, witn: Joseph & Jane ROBINSON of Whitchurch, 21 Nov 1881 at Newmarket #013159-81 (York Co) James ROBINSON, 28, Canada, Markham, Yeoman, son of Robert & Georgina ROBINSON, married Elizabeth Jane SMITH, 22, USA, Markham, dau. of Laurence & Margaret SMITH, witn: Robert ROBINSON of Markham & Emma J. HOLMES of St. Vincent, married 23 March 1881 at Markham
013291-82 (York Co) William RODDICK, 74, millwright, Tindwad Scotland, Stouffville s/o George RODDICK & Jane JARDINE married Elizabeth ANDERSON, 73, widow, Vermont USA, Stouffville d/o Benager & Elizabeth ANDERSON wtn: Samuel PETERMAN & Barbara PETERMAN of Stouffville, 22 November 1881 at Stouffville  
12991-81 Albert Evelyn ROE, 23, gentleman, Newmarket, same, s/o William ROE & Sarah, married Lilian Mary McDONALD, 20, Oswego NY, Newmarket, d/o Samuel McDONALD & Helen, witn: Dr. William BENTLEY & Frances ROE, both of Newmarket, 1 Dec 1881 at St. Pauls church, Newmarket 12996-81 Joseph RUTSEY, 20, farmer, King, same, s/o George RUTSEY & Sarah GUIGAN, married Bridget DOHERTY, no age given, Ireland, Aurora, d/o John HOHERTY (sic) & Bridget RAFFERTY, witn: William RUTSEY & Mary MULVEY, both of Aurora, 1 March 1881 at Newmarket
13139-82 (York Co): Thomas SCOTT, 39, widower, yeoman, Whitchurch, same, s/o John & Emma, married Elizabeth Ann JACKS, 28, widow, Scott, same, d/o Isaac & Lydia BATEMAN, witn: William & Martha SILVERSIDES, 4 Jan 1881 at East Gwillimbury   #012889-81 David G. SCOTT, 23, Canada, Uxbridge, farmer, s/o Cristopher (sic) & Mary, married Hannah KELLINGTON, 24, Canada, Uxbridge, d/o William & Mary, witn Janet SCOTT, Thomas KELINGTON, both Uxbridge, married 5 April 1881, Stouffville
  12980-81 Samuel SHERRARD, 44, farmer, Pickering, Uxbridge, s/o Nathaniel & Jane, married Miriam KIMMERLY, 36, widow, Uxbridge, same, d/o Frederick BLODGETT & Mary, witn: Royal AINSWORTH of Uxbridge & A. PEER of Newmarket, 3 Oct 1881 at Newmarket
#013122-81 (York) Richard SHOULTS, 54, Markham, Park Hill, widower, yeoman, s/o George & Susan SHOULTS, married Mary WILMOT, 49, Markham, Aurora, d/o Peter & Mary WILMOT, witn: John BEYMAN, Rachel BEYMAN, both Aurora, 29 September 1881, Aurora #013136-81 (York Co) Charles SINCLAIR, 28, Thorah Twp., Georgina Twp., farmer, parents not listed, married Jane NELSON, 24, Scotland, Georgina Twp., d/o John NELSON & Margaret RAMSAY, witn: W.S. RAMSAY, Sutton, Thomas ARMSTRONG, Pefferlaw, married 9 March 1881, Georgina Twp
#013146-81 (York Co) George SMITH, 21, Vaughan Twp, Vaughan Twp., Farmer, son of George SMITH & Sarah IRWIN, married Elizabeth TAYLOR, 21, King twp, Vaughan Twp., dau. of George & Mary Ann TAYLOR, witn: John JORDAN & Eliza BLANCHARD, both of Richmond Hill, married 7 January 1881 at Richmond Hill #013146-81 (York Co): George SMITH, 21, farmer, Vaughan twp., same, s/o George SMITH & Sarah IRWIN, married Elizabeth TAYLOR, 21, King, Vaughan twp., d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: John JORDAN & Eliza BLANCHARD, both of Richmond Hill, 7 Jan 1881 at Richmond Hill
13164-81 Peter STECKLEY, 22, farmer, Whitchurch, same, s/o Daniel & Nancy, married Sarah HEISE, 21, Markham, same, d/o Chris & Sarah, witn: Joseph STECKLEY & Leah HEISE, both of Markham, 1 Nov 1881 at Victoria Square 013292-82 (York Co) Mark STEEL, 27, merchant, Canada, Whitchurch s/o Thomas & Matilda STEEL married Lucy E. WILCOX, 30, Canada, Whitby d/o James M. WILCOX & Mary WILCOX wtn: A.C. TODD & Mary STEEL of Uxbridge, 28 December 1881 at Stouffville
  #013126-81 (York) William Tickle STONE, 28, England, Aurora, school teacher, son of George (mother not listed), married Emma YORK, 23, Aurora, same, d/o Charles & Christina YORK, witn: Frank YORK, Mary STONE, both Aurora, 28 December 1881, Aurora
13000-81 John SUTHERLAND, 54, farmer, widower, Canada, West Gwillimbury, s/o Donald SUTHERLAND & Frances WILSON, married Tennie Catherine ROBINS, 21, Canada, West Gwillimbury, d/o James ROBINS & Nancy McKAY, witn: Patrick FARDY? & Robert J. BROWN, both of Newmarket, 9 Feb 1881 at Newmarket #012990-81 (York Co): James SWAIN, 26, East Gwillimbury, Whitchurch, s/o Thomas & Anna, married Agnes FOGAL, 23, North Gwillimbury, Whitchurch, d/o Henry & Anna, wit: John FOGAL of Whitchurch & Sarah SWAIN of Newmarket, 7 Dec 1881 at Whitchurch
13139-81 Robert TATE, 26, farmer, Ennisfield - Simcoe Co., Sharon, s/o Adam TATE & Margaret, married Louisa STEVENSON, 21, North Gwillimbury, Georgina twp., d/o Armstrong STEVENSON & Fanny, witn: Robert & Caroline STEVENSON of Georgina, 4 April 181 at Sutton  
#012887-81 Henry THOMPSON, 22, Uxbridge, same, farmer, s/o George & Sarah, married Rachel LUNAU, 20, Uxbridge, same, d/o Jonathan & Matilda, witn Edward PEARSON, Alice PEARSON, both Glasgow, married 15 February 1881, Stouffville #013151-81 (York Co) William TURNER, 40, Scarboro, Uxbridge Twp., widower, farmer, son of Joseph TURNER & Mary CAULEY, married Margaret McLEAN, 29, Markham twp., Richmond Hill, dau. of Duncan McLEAN & Mary Ann SHELL, witn: Alfonzo FORSYTH, Elizabeth FORSYTH, both of Uxbridge Township, married 27 April 1881, at Richmond Hill
13140-82 (York Co): Samuel VANDEWATER, 49, widower, esquire, South Fredericksburg, East Gwillimbury, s/o James & Nancy, married Alice BEDFORD, 20, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o David & Phoebe, witn: Perry REYNOLDS & Charlotte McKAY, 16 Feb 1881 at East Gwillimbury #012927-81 (York Co): Wesley C. WALLS, 23, Minister of the Gospel, King, Grimsby, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Mary Alice LOVELESS, 20, Scarborough, same, d/o Rowland & Jane, witn: William LOVELESS of Scarboro & Maggie WELLS of Toronto, 23 Nov 1881 at Scarborough
#012896-81 (York) James WATSON, 25, Canada, Uxbridge, farmer, s/o William & Jane WATSON, married Eliza A. WAGG, 25, Canada, Uxbridge, d/o George & Debra WAGG, witn: William WHITTLETON, Ella WATSON, both Goodwood, 30 March 1881, Stouffville 12983-81 James Edward WIDDIFIELD, 24, farmer, Whitchurch, same, s/o Charles & Angelina, married Emma Rebecca WATSON, 24, King, Newmarket, d/o Thomas N. & Clarissa, witn: W. C. WIDDIFIELD & E. D. CRONK, 8 Sept 1881 at Newmarket
  #012879-81 Martin WIDEMAN, 29, Markham, same, farmer, s/o Henry & Elizabeth WIDEMAN, married Fannie STOUFFER, 25, Whitchurch, same, d/o Abraham & Elizabeth STOUFFER, witn; Noah STOUFFER, Fannie WIDEMAN, married 5 April 1881, bride's parents, Whitchurch Twp (Mennonite)
#013143-81 (York Co): Austin WISMER, 36, widower, hotel keeper, Markham twp., Victoriaville Victoria, s/o Moses WISMER & Emma NOBLE, married Emma EARHART, 21, Mariposa twp., Victoriaville, d/o Christopher EARHART & Hannah SHERIDAN, witn: Mrs. John McDONALD & George L. VROOMAN, both of Sutton, 16 June 1881 at "Mansion House", Sutton #013152-81 (York Co) Amos J. WRIGHT, 25, Ontario, Richmond Hill, farmer, son of William WRIGHT & Sarah JENKINS, married Lucetta E. LAW, 22, Ontario, Richmond Hill, dau. of Abraham LAW & Elizabeth KLINCK, witn: A.M. LAW & P.E. LAW, both of Richmond Hill, married 17 May 1881 at Richmond Hill (see ** bottom of page)
#013156-81 (York Co) Alexander YOUNG, 60, Dumfriesshire Scotland, Markham, widower, farmer, son of William YOUNG & Jane FERGUSON, married Sarah W. WHITE, 40, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, dau. of James WHITE & Ellen WATSON, witn: Rev. J. DICK, Mrs. Rev. J. DICK, both of Richmond Hill, married 23 November 1881 at Richmond Hill #012891-81 (York) George YOUNG, 37, Scotland, Markham, farmer, s/o Robert & Ann YOUNG, married Mary FITZGIBBON, 35, Scotland, Markham, d/o "Not known were drowned at sea while Mary was a baby", witn: Mr & Mrs T. WILLIAMSON, Stouffville, 22 February 1881, Stouffville
#013105-81 (York Co) Christian John ZELLAR, 29, Woodbridge Vaughan Twp, Whitchurch, widower, farmer, s/o Christian John & Mary ZELLAR, married Sarah Matilda CAMPBELL, 18, Uxbridge Ont, Markham Twp, d/o Caleb & Phoebe CAMPBELL, witn Michael NIGHSWANDER, Jane CAMPBELL, both Pickering, married 13 September 1881, Markham Village  

** re #013152-81 Wright - Law : "Ceremony performed at the new Brick Church at 9 o'clock at night before a large audience, the night was dark and rain falling"