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York Co., 1887

birth place is given before residence


13623-89 (York Co) John Alex ATCHESON, 34, wood turner, Brantford, York twp, s/o James & Jane, married Emma HILL, 18, New York City, York twp, d/o William B. & Emma, witn: William HILL of York twp & Maggie WILSON of Toronto, 1 June 1887 at York twp

15184-88 (York Co): William BAILLIE, 30, journalist, Dundas Ont., Calgary NWT, s/o William BAILLIE & Rosanna SIMPSON, married Elizabeth Joanna MILLER, 26, King twp., Toronto, d/o William MILLER & Cather Allen M--?, witn: Robert J. REID & Lizzie BAILLIE, both of Toronto, 21 Sept 1887 at York twp
#015490-87 Levi BAKER, 24, Victoria Square, same, farmer, s/o John BAKER & Frances WISMER, married Minnie C. BAKER, 23, Vaughan, Victoria Square, d/o Jesse BAKER & Hannah TENNYSON, witn Jonathan LYONS, Lydia BAKER, married 7 December 1887, Richmond Hill (Tunker) #015385-87 (York Co): William BISHOP, 31, carpenter, York twp., Boxgrove, s/o Warren & Mary, married Ann KINCAID, 31, St. Catherines, Lemonville, d/o William & Elizabeth, witnesses were Thomas BISHOPof Boxgrove & Mary SUTTON of Lemonville, May 18, 1887 at Lemonville
#015393-87 (York Co): James Fletcher BRENTCOMBE, 28, widower, merchant, Canada, Mount Albert, s/o James & Melonny, married Emma Eliza MILLER, 20, Canada, Mt. Albert, d/o Anthony & Isabella, witnesses were Albert BRENTCOMBE of Zephyr & Libbie LEEK of Mt. Albert, Feb. 23, 1887 at Mt. Albert #015419-87 William BROAD, 30, Reach, Scott, farmer, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Josephine RAHMER (ie RAMER), 21, Whitchurch, Mount Albert, d/o Daniel & Sarah, witn; Peter RAHMER of East Gwillimbury, Charlotte LAWER of Mount Albert, married 5 January 1887, Stouffville
015351-87 (York Co.) - Thomas BUCHANAN, 32, Farmer, bachelor, Ireland, Etobicoke Twp., s/o Thomas & Margaret BUCHANAN to Margaret Ann RUSH (s/b LaRush), 22, spinster, Canada, Etobicoke Twp., dau. of John & Mary Ann RUSH, witnesses - Mr. & Mrs. Richard LARGE, married 27 January 1887, Weston #012500-87 (York Co) Henry Edward CARR, 23, Farmer, Canada, Toronto Twp, s/o Samuel CARR and Jane PARK, married Sally Jane BARNETT, 19, Canada, Markham, d/o Stephen Ganton BARNETT and Mary Ann WHITEOAK, witn: George JEFFERSON, Harriet HAGERMAN, Feb. 20, 1887
  015161-87 (York Co) Joseph CHAMBERLAIN, 21, farmer, England, York Township, s/o William & Sarah CHAMBERLAIN married Eliza BAKER, 22, Ireland, York Township, d/o Alexander & Sarah BAKER, Witn William GASTON & Margaret GASTON of York Twp, March 23, 1887 at York Township
#015387-87 (York Co): George B. CLARK, 34, farmer, Ireland, East Gwillimbury, s/o William & Elizabeth married Mary A. BRACKON, 32, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o David & Mary, Aug. 15, 1887 at Whitchurch #015409-87 James COLTHAM, 29, England, Whitchurch, farmer, s/o Edward COLTHAM & Sarah Jane ALGAR, married Martha Jane SCHELL, 24, Whitchurch, same, d/o Levi SCHELL & Margaret FOCKLER, witn Fred TRENT of Aurora, Minnie HOOPER of Richmond Hill, married 5 January 1887, Richmond Hill
#015389-87 (York Co): Samuel COOK, 38, widower, yeoman, Lemonville, Stouffville, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Elizabeth COOK, Whitchurch, same, d/o William & Ellen, witnesses were William A. COOK of Whitchurch & Jennie STEEL of Stouffville, Dec. 21, 1887 at Whitchurch #015407-87 (York Co): John B COURISON, 27, farmer, East Gwillimbury, same, s/o John & Elizabeth COURISON, married Amy C BELFRY, 22, East Gwillimbury, same, d/o Peter & Elizabeth BELFRY; witnesses were Robert WEDDEL, Mary BELFRY, of East Gwillimbury. 21 Sep 1887 at East Gwillimbury
015288-87 (York Co) Thomas DAWSON, 66, farmer, England, Memphis Michigan US, s/o deceased, married Mary BROOKS, 54, Scarboro, Markham Village, d/o Jacob BROOKS & Elizabeth BROOKS Witn Toni F, WOOLLEN & Sarah WOLLEN of Markham Village, January 26, 1887 at Markham Village #015420-87 Michael EDGAR, 27, Whitchurch, same, farmer, s/o John & Margaret, married Melvina LAPIER, 28, Whitchurch, same, d/o Mary, witn John NIXON of Holland, Sarah NIXON of Stouffville, married 5 January 1887, Stouffville
#015390-87 (York Co): Thomas K. FERGUSON, 34, widower, farmer, King twp., same, s/o Thomas FERGUSON & Frances WADE, married Rose McKELLAR, 24, King twp., d/o Peter McKELLAR & Rose SHAW, witnesses were John SMITH & Sarah Ann ROSE, both of E. Gwillimbury, Jan. 6, 1887 at E. Gwillimbury #015388-87 (York Co): Charles FISHER, 2-, farmer, Whitchurch, Markham, s/o Charles & Mary, married Elizabeth GUTHRIE, 19, Whitchurch, Markham, d/o William & Mary, witnesses were Jacob FISHER & Lucinda STIVER, both of Whitchurch, Nov. 16, 1887 at Whitchurch
15183-87 (York Co): William FRITH, 24, England, Toronto, s/o Charles & Annie, married Sarah Jane FROST, 23, England, York twp., d/o George B. & Sarah Ann, witn: Elizabeth HERNSTEAD? & Mark MUCK (or Meeck), both of Toronto, 30 Aug 1887 at York twp #015416-87 William GARNESS, 25, Markham, same, farmer, s/o Richard GARNESS & Matilda (MARTIN) GARNESS, married Annie MACDONALD, 26, Ross-shire Scotland, Vaughan, d/o Alexander MACDONALD & Annie (DONALDSON) MACDONALD, witn; Wilber SAMPSON of Vaughan, Hattie GARNESS of Markham, married 20 October 1887, Richmond Hill
#015421-87 Thomas GOWER, 33, Whitchurch, same, widower, mason, s/o Michael & Elizabeth, married Emily SCOTT, 18, Whitchurch, same, d/o William & Mary SCOTT, witn George McKAY, Elizabeth McKAY, both Whitchurch, married 10 January 1887, Stouffville 13457-90 (York Co): John GRANGER, 22, farmer, Canada, King, s/o Frederick & Annie, married Susie Frances MURPHY, 19, Peterborough, King, d/o Jerome & Mary, witn: William GRAINGER & Maria HARMON, both of King, 24 May 1887 at King
#015411-87 John HARRIS, 25, Whitchurch, King, farmer, s/o Charles HARRIS & Rebecca (LYONS?) HARRIS, married Libbie HILLYARD, 25, Toronto, Aurora, d/o Alfred HILLYARD & Jane TOZER HILLYARD, witn Hugh LOCKHART of Richmond Hill, married 8 February 1887, Richmond Hill #015415-87 John HADWEN, 23, Vaughan, same, farmer, s/o John & Hannah HADWEN, married Hannah DALTON, 18, Vaughan, same, d/o Jonathan DALTON & Jane (LOCKHEAD) DALTON, witn blank, married 28 September 1887, Richmond Hill
15185-87 (York Co): Andrew HOGG, 21, farmer, Canada, King twp., s/o Edward & Mary Ann, married Annie Eliza LOVELL, 21, England, Etobicoke, d/o Charles & Sarah, witn: James E. LOVELL & Fred J. BLACKWELL, both of Etobicoke, 14 Sept 1887 at Windemere, York twp #015426-87 David R. HOOVER, 24, Whitchurch, Cashel, Gentleman, s/o Abraham & Margaret, married Sarah A. HENESY, 18, Markham, Cashel, d/o Patrick & Mary, witn Andrew & Hannah PICKERING of Whitchurch, married 2 March 1887, Whitchurch
#015414-87 Henry F. HOPPER, 40, England, Richmond Hill, widower, meat merchant, s/o Robert HOPPER & Charlotte FISHER, married Catherine GRAINGER, 45, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, widow, d/o Thomas GRAINGER & Phebe WHITE, witn; Thomas LUDFORD, Charlotte SOULES, both Richmond Hill, married 4 May 1887, Richmond Hill 13456-90 (York Co): William A. HUTT, 24, farmer, King, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Rosetta SHANKS, 18, King, same, d/o Martin & Jane, witn: Walter & Sarah J. HUTT of King, 7 Dec 1887 at King
#015386-87 (York Co): William H. JAMES, 21, farmer, Uxbridge, Manitoba, s/o Henry & Nancy, married Wilhelmina WILLIAMS, 20, Whitchurch, same, d/o John & Sarah, witnesses were William WIDDIFIELD & Grace HAINER, both of Whitchurch, June 15, 1887 at Whitchurch #015384-87 (York Co): Luke JORDAN Jr., 36, widower, farmer, Whitchurch, same, s/o Luke & Julia, married Sophrona CONNER, 36, Mariposa, Whitchurch, d/o Charles & Mary Ann, witnesses were William A. COOK & Hannah LEUGHNIA?, both of Whitchurch, March 29, 1887 at the residence of Jonathan BAKER of Lemonville, Whitchurch
#015116-88 (York Co): Samuel KEE, 49, widower, farmer, Canada, Mono twp., s/o John KEE & Jane McKEOWN, married Eliza K. WARDLAW, 40, Canada, Etobicoke twp., d/o Peter WARDLAW & Julia CLARK, witn: William Nelson KEE of Chinguacousy & Teresa WARDLAW of Etobicoke, 28 Dec 1887 at Etobicoke twp #015486-87 George Thomas KELLY, 25, Whitchurch, Altona, farmer, s/o John & Ann KELLY, married Lydia STOVER, 17, Altona, Pickering, d/o Henry & Mary STOVER, witn Chas & Susan GREGORY, both Markham twp, married 11 September (1887) at C. Gregory's house, 9 Conc of Markham
#015405-87 (York Co): Charles Jas KING, 29, butcher, England, Uxbridge, s/o George H & Emma KING, married Jane CHAPMAN, 34, widow, Canada, Uxbridge, d/o John & Harriet FRENCH; witnesses were John & Emma FRENCH, of Mt Albert. 25 Oct 1887 at Mount Albert 015165-87 Levein Jackson LaBARRE, 20, labourer, New York USA, York Township, s/o Hinn? & Catherine LaBARRE married Jane Maria PAGE, 20, Hudson -Prov Quebec, York Township, d/o Stephen & Ann PAGE Witn Stephen PAGE & Lovey COLBRAN both of York Twp, March 2, 1887 at York Township
#014743-88 (York Co.) James McKAY, 25, b. Newcastle England, of Toronto, Wood turner, s/o Thomas & Margaret McKAY, married Mary Ann THRUSH, 23, b. Toronto, of same, d/o Mark & Mary Ann THRUSH, witnesses: Augustus CASAI & Elizabeth McKAY, both of Toronto, on 18 December 1887 at Toronto #015412-87 William Allen McLEAN, 29, Markham, East Williams Middlesex Co, farmer, s/o Duncan McLEAN & Mary Ann SCHELL, married Elizabeth CLEMENT, 24, Innisfil Simcoe Co, Maple Vaughan, d/o David CLEMENT & Sarah (SANDERSON) CLEMENT, witn; Colin McLEAN of Richmond Hill, Eliza GOWER of Markham, married 8 March 1887, Richmond Hill
015349-87 York Co. - Thomas McLELLAN, 42, Farmer, bachelor, Scotland, Etobicoke Twp., s/o John McLELLAN & Mary to Isabella CRUICKSHANK, 30, spinster, Canada, Weston, d/o James CRUICKSHANK & Ann WALLACE, witnesses Samuel F. McLELLAN, Jean CRUICKSHANK, married 26 January 1887, Weston, Etobicoke Twp., both Presbyterian #015424-87 Thomas MENEGHT, 37, Newtonville, Columbus, widower, yeoman, s/o John & Isabella, married Sarah Jane HOLT, 33, Darlington, Columbus, d/o William & Harriet, witn H.W. WOODGATE, Libbie WOODGATE, both Stouffville, married 10 February 1887, Stouffville
#015395-87 (York Co): William MITCHELL, 19, laborer, Canada, E. Gwillimbury, s/o William & Susannah, married Susannah SLATER, 19, Canada, E. Gwillimbury, d/o Solomon & Rachel, March 22, 1887 at Mt. Albert #015394-87 (York Co): Robert S. MOORE, 27, farmer, Innisfil, Stanhope, s/o William & Catherine, married Mary CHRYDERMAN, 20, E. Gwillimbury, same, d/o Silas F. & Matilda, witnesses were Oran CHRYDERMAN & Saphrona A. LIMPFIELD, both of E. Gwillimbury, Feb. 9, 1887 at E. Gwillimbury
#015487-87 John MORTIMER, 24, Wellington Co, Markham, miller, s/o Peter & Elisabeth MORTIMER, married Ida H. RAYMER, 22, Markham, same, d/o John N. & Christina RAYMER, witn Joseph R. HOOVER, Naomi RAYMER, both Markham, married 19 October 1887, Markham  
015289-87 (York Co) Joseph PHAIR, 28, carpenter, Streetsville, Streetsville Ont, s/o Robert PHAIR & Jane PHAIR married Sarah Jane KIRBY, 24, Halton Co, Streetsville, d/o Henry KIRBY & Sarah KIRBY Witn Henry KIRBY & Margaret A. MCLUILOCK (as written) of Markham, March 9, 1887 at Markham Village #015406-87 (York Co): Thomas PICKERING, 58, farmer, widower, Ireland, Uxbridge, s/o William & Martha PICKERING, married Ester Jane HUSSEY, 54, widow, Ireland, Whitchurch, d/o Edward & Fanny FINCH; witnesses were Samuel & Martha JARDINE, of Uxbridge. 16 Nov 1887 at Mount Albert
#015488-87 Jacob PIKE, 22, Markham, same, tanner, s/o Peter & Fannie PIKE, married Emma RAYMER, 23, Markham, same, d/o Joseph & Mary RAYMER, witn Jesse S. GREY, Euphemia POOL, both Markham, married (no date given) Markham (Mennonite) #015491-87 William PREBBLE, 27, Canada, Scarboro, labourer, s/o Stephen & Mary PREBBLE, married Ada Anna CURTIS, 19, England, Unionville, d/o Joseph & Mary Ann CURTIS, witn Joseph CURTIS, Jane CALDWELL, married E. Church Unionville (no date given)
#015489-87 - C.H. B. RAYMER, 27, Markham, same, farmer, s/o James & Fannie RAYMER, married Melissa GROVE, 21, Markham, same, d/o Elisabeth GROVE, witn Danl RAYMER, Annie RAYMER, both Markham, married 7 December 1887, Markham (Mennonite) 13455-90 (York Co): John ROLLAN, 21, farmer, Whitchurch, same, s/o Eli & Isabella, married Fennie Jane CARR, 18, King, same, d/o William & Fennie, witn: Richard & Hannah GOODE of Whitchurch, 13 Dec 1887 at King
015350-87 (York Co.) - Edwin J. SCOTT, 26, Farmer, bachelor, Canada, Markham Twp., s/o Robert & Emily SCOTT to Ellectra GRAM, 21, spinster, Canada, Weston, d/o John & Margaret GRAM, witnesses J.L.B. SCOTT of Markham; Rosanna GRAM of Weston, married 5 January 1887, Weston #015413-87 Thomas SHANKS, 24, King, same, farmer, s/o Martin & Jane SHANK (note), married Mary Jane WEST, 20, King, same, d/o William & Mary WEST, witn Jessie A. SIMPSON, Ida L. SIMPSON, both Richmond Hill, married 12 July 1887, Richmond Hill
015162-87 (York Co) Archie SMITH, 22, trunk maker, England, Toronto, s/o Wm & Lidia SMITH married Annie HENDERSON, 22, England, Toronto, d/o John & Catherine HENDERSON, Witn F. DALE & Eliza HENDERSON both of Toronto T March 22, 1887 at Dovercourt 015166-87 (York Co) Joseph Hutchison SMITH, 24, farmer, Canada, Newton Brook, s/o Joseph Hutchison SMITH & Elizabeth SHORT married Mary KIRBY, 33, England, Wollowdale, widow, d/o John DEADMAN & Mary BONE Witn William RUSE & Jannie DEADMAN both of York Township, April 13, 1887 at St. John's Church York Mills
015290-1887 (York Co) Wellington SNODDEN, 20, laborer, Glasgow Ont, Uxbridge, s/o William SNODDEN & Levina SNODDEN married Melinda McMULLEN, 22, Stouffville, same, d/o William McMULLEN & Jane McMULLEN Witn William McMULLEN & Heather McMULLEN of Stouffville, March 17, 1887 at Markham Village 015293-87 (York Co) Arthur Henry SPRAGG, 25, London Eng, Markham, s/o Walter Thomas & Maria SPRAGG married Eliza JARVIS, 19, Markham Twp, same, d/o John & Sophia JARVIS, Witn Anthony Hart Sr. & Ann Margaret HART, May 12, 1887 at Markham
15182-87 (York Co): Joseph S. STAINSBY (Stamsby?), 26, mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o William & Ellen, married Annie GODDARD, 22, England, York twp., d/o Henry & Annie, witn: F.R. & Louisa B. STINSBY and Thomas & Elizabeth GODDARD, 14 Sept 1887 at York twp #015425-87 John STECKLEY, 23, Markham, same, farmer, s/o John & Mary, married Sarah COBER, 26, Pickering, same, d/o John & Mary, witn Joshua S. LEHMAN of Markham, M.J. COBER of Pickering, married 9 March 1887, Stouffville
15186-87 (York Co): William STEWART, 22, plasterer, York Co., West Toronto Junction, s/o Thomas STEWART & Sarah Ann WOOD, married Katie DONALDSON, 24, Toronto, West Toronto Junction, d/o William DONALDSON & Eliza LITTLE, witn: John DONALDSON of West Toronto Junction & Lottie COLEMAN of Toronto, 28 Sept 1887 at West Toronto Junction #015391-87 (York Co): Charles STICKWOOD, 31, farmer, New York, E. Gwillimbury, s/o Isaac & Mary Ann, married Emily DRURY, 28, E. Gwillimbury, Uxbridge, d/o Thomas & Caroline, witnesses were Thomas & Christine STICKWOOD, both of E. Gwillimbury, Feb. 5, 1887 at E. Gwillimbury
13454-90 (York Co): Oliver C. TILLMAN, 21, station master, Toronto, King, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Mary E. GARROW, 22, King, same, d/o George GARROW & Martha CURTS, witn: Michael R. GARROW of King & E.E. GARROW of Toronto, 12 Oct 1887 at King 15187-87 (York Co): William TOWNS, 29, blacksmith, England, Toronto, s/o "dead", married Sarah BOYERS, 26, Toronto, York, d/o William & Ann, witn: A.E. GUNTER & Jesse BOYERS, both of York, 13 Oct 1887 at York twp
#015392-87 (York Co): William TRAVIS, 38, widower, laborer, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Mary Ann STRICKLAND, 39, widow, Canada, E. Gwillimbury, d/o Samuel & Emily, witnesses were James G. & Mariam E. HARRIS of Mount Albert, Feb. 17, 1887 at Mt. Albert 015163-87 John TUCKER, 22, builder, Torkin, Toronto, s/o John & Mary TUCKER married Alice KINCHEL, 19, no birth place listed, Toronto, d/o Dan & Alice KINCHEL, Witn W.J. MOORE & Amelia KINCHELL of no place listed, March 1, 1887 at West Toronto Junction
#015410-87 George WALKER, 24, East Gwillimbury, Scott, farmer, s/o George WALKER & Christina (RAIN?) WALKER, married Louisa COOK, 26, King, same, d/o Robert COOK & Sarah (REID) COOK, witn; Jane WEBSTER of Woodbridge, married 18 January 1887, Richmond Hill #015417-87 David WIDEMAN, 26, Whitchurch, same, farmer, s/o Casper & Sarah WIDEMAN, married Amanda EYER, 21, Markham Twp, same, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth EYER, witn Emma GRENNAN? & Jessie SIMPSON, both Richmond Hill, married 19 October 1887, Richmond Hill
#015230-87 (York Co): Christopher WRIGLEY, 19, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John & Helen, married Almira Ada BELL, 18, Ontario, Scarborough, d/o William George & Almira, witnesses were John A. BELL of Scarborough & Permelia BELL of Toronto, Oct 20, 1887 at Scarborough