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York Co., 1897


#016214-97 Robert George ALLAN, 25, Guelph, East Toronto,  coppersmith, s/o William ALLAN & Margaret STEWART, married Janet Amelia STEPHENSON, 24, Scarboro, East Toronto,  d/o Donald G. STEPHENSON & Lucy HERON, witn George A. MITCHELL, Clara L. STEPHENSON, both East Toronto, married 5 July 1897, East Toronto 016256-97 William J. ANDREWS, 31, England, Whitchurch Twp., farmer, s/o James & Kady ANDREWS, married Ellen FRENCH, 23, Sunderland, Whitchurch Twp., d/o William & Jane FRENCH, witn; George FRENCH, Ethel SHEFFER, William FRENCH, M.B. CARR, all Gormley, married 22 Dec 1897, Whitchurch Twp.
#016179-97 (York Co) Frank George Reed ANGUS, 21, Scarboro Ont, Toronto,  bicycle maker, s/o Charles ANGUS & Mary SECORD, married Annie R. PARKER, 20, Toronto, same,  d/o George Henry PARKER & Ellen McIVOR, witn Mrs. L.W. HILL, Louie E. RILEY, both Toronto Jctn, married 10 May 1897, Toronto Junction #016111-98 Herbert J. ATTRIDGE, 24, Ontario, King Twp,  cabinet maker, s/o Alfred ATTRIDGE & Emma HAWKINS, married Sarah J. HILL, 19, Ontario, King twp,  d/o Thomas HILL & Caroline TERRY, witn May R. HILL, Emaline ATTRIDGE, both King, married 1 December 1897, Schomberg, King Twp.
#016226-97 George BAKER, 30, Vaughan, Concord,  farmer, s/o Jonathan & Mary, married Selena BADKA, 18, Vaughan, Concord,  d/o Adolph & Eliza, witn Geo LYONS of Richmond Hill, Eve BAKER of Concord, married 27 January 1897, Vaughan Twp (Tunkard) #016232-97 Henry BAKER (s/b Barker), 30, Etobicoke, same,  farmer, s/o Andrew & Mary, married Elizabeth KELLAM, 25, Vaughan, same,  d/o Robert & Jane, witn Albert BARKER of Thistletown, Isabella KELLAM of Coleraine, married 14 April 1897, Vaughan Twp.
015973-97 Frederick BARKER, 22, England, Whitchurch Twp., farmer, s/o Edward & Francis (sic) BARKER, married Christina DENNIE (usually DENNE), 24, Newmarket, Whitchurch Twp., d/o Robert & Matilda DENNIE, witn; Mrs. DENNIE, Jos. DENNIE, both Victoria Square, married 12 Jul 1896, Aurora #016246-97 William James BEASLEY, 24, Canada, Weston,  Physician, s/o John BEASLEY & Victoria RUTZ?, married Lilian CRUICKSHANK, 22, Canada, Weston,  d/o Jas. CRUICKSHANK & Ann WALLACE, witn; James SANDERSON of Meadowvale, Edith BEASLEY of Weston, married 4 August 1897, Weston
#016164-1897. (York Co): Milton BENSON, 26, farmer, Manvers, Markham, s/o Sharlotte & William, married Mary EVANS, 23, Uxbridge, same, d/o Rachael & James; witnesses John A HAINES, of Boston, Fred C HAINES, Stouffville. 2 Oct 1897 at Stouffville #016175-97 (York Co) Frederick George BOARDMAN, 25, Toronto, Toronto Jctn,  machinist, s/o Fred. George BOARDMAN & Jane EDWARDS, married Minnie LEAMON, 26, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto Jctn,  d/o John LEAMON & Martha SHIPMAN, witn; William LEAMON of Toronto Jctn, Ida ROWNTREE of Toronto, married 31 March 1897, Toronto Junction
#016198-97 (York Co) James Norman BONNAR, 23, blank, Bolton,  tailor, s/o Dr. David BONNAR & Catherine McAULAY, married Margaret KENNEDY, 22, blank, Bolton,  d/o Hugh KENNEDY & Hannah HUXLEY, witn A.J. RAE, L. HENDERSON, both Toronto Jctn, married 11 November 1897, Toronto Junction #016930-98 John Hudson BOWMAN, 28, Halton Co, Whitchurch Twp,  farmer, s/o James H. BOWMAN & Elizabeth McILLVILLE? (Mc FALVILLE?), married Lura MORGASON, 30, Uxbridge Twp, same,  d/o John MORGASON & Sarah MORDEN, witn George W. BOWMAN, Josephine BOWMAN, both Aurora, married 22 December 1897, Aurora
#016209-98 John BROWN, 25, Canada, Toronto,  barber, s/o William & Georgina BROWN, married Lottie CORNELL, 23, Canada, Toronto,  d/o James CORNELL & Charlotte BAKER, witn; George ABBY, Minnie CORNELL, both Toronto, married 26 August 1897, Scarboro #016162-1897. (York Co): Henry BROWN, 55, shoemaker, widower, Quebec, Whitechurch, s/o Jane & John, married Ann WEBSTER, 56, widow, England, Markham, d/o Lucy & Betheur ?, witnesses Edith WILLIAMSON, Mrs J G BURKHOLDER, of Stouffville. 13 Sep 1897 at Stouffville
015986-97 Philip Henry BROWN, 23, Canada, Etobicoke, merchant, s/o Charles E. & Susanna E. BROWN, married Lily May FULLER, 21, Toronto, Etobicoke, d/o James & Sophia FULLER, witn: John G. BROWN, Annie M. FULLER, both Etobicoke Twp., married 28 April 1897, Christ Church, Mimico #016161-1897. (York Co): Martin BUCKLER, 24, weaver, England, Tp Markham, s/o Mary & Henry, married Ida J FARLEY, 21, Tp Markham, same, d/o Eliza & James; witnesses John BAKER, of Stouffville, David HARE, of Markham. 24 Jul 1897 at Stouffville.
#016225-97 Aaron CAMPBELL, 33, Vaughan, King, widower, cheesemaker, s/o Archibald & Melcha?, married Minnie AGAR, 26, Vaughan, same,  d/o William & Annie, witn George DOWNEY of Castlemore, Sarah WATSON of Kleinburg, married 27 January 1897, Kleinburg, Vaughan Twp. #016204-97 William Reid CARSON, 33, Ontario, Forest Farm NWT,  farmer, s/o Samuel CARSON & Annie TROTTER, married Martha Ann JOHNSTON, 19, Ontario, Chatsworth Ont,  d/o John Thomas JOHNSTON & Mary Ann COAD, witn; Willie SPROUL, Elizabeth HOLLOWAY, both Town, married 15 December 1897, Toronto Junction
16305-98 James William CHAMBERS, 24, horse trainer, Birmingham England, Toronto, s/o Thomas Francis & Hester, married Emily Clarissa RICHARDSON, 24, Patterson NJ, Toronto, d/o Isaac Thomas & Eliza Jane, witn: Thomas Francis & Elizabeth CHAMBERS of Eglinton, 28 Dec 1897 at St. Clements Church, Eglinton #016249-97 William CODLIN, 32, of Etobicoke,  farmer, s/o Matthew CODLIN & Mary PULKING?, married Jane REYNOR (or REGNOR), 31, of Bolton, widow, d/o Joseph MAW & Ann BEALTOW?, witn Ag. GRIFFITH, E.S. RICHARDSON, both Weston, married 6 July 1897, Weston
#016252-97 Hugh? CONAGHAN, 24, Ireland, Clairville, farmer, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Julianna SCHULER, 18, Waterloo, Cardiff, d/o John & Mary, witn; John CONAGHAN, Susan CONAGHAN, both Humber, married 22 November 1897 Weston #016018-97 (York Co) Daniel COOK, 36, Whitchurch Twp, Zephyr, widower, Engineer, s/o John & Regina COOK, married Rachel MORRIS, 32, Holt, same,  d/o Evan MORRIS & Livinia LEPARD, witn Jacob COOK of Zephyr, Ella MORRIS of Holt, married 15 December 1897, Holt
016254-97 Dan Hunter COOK, 26, Whitchurch Twp., Stouffville, carpenter, s/o William & Ellen COOK, married Mary CLARKSON, 20, Whitchurch Twp., same, d/o Robert & Jane CLARKSON, witn; George E. COOK, Ida M. COOK, both Whitchurch Twp., married 10 Feb 1897, Whitchurch Twp  
#016010-97 (York Co) Chesley COOMER (Comer), 22, North Gwillimbury, Zephyr,  lumberman, s/o Edmund COOMER & Nancy SEDORE, married Libbie LEITCH, 21, Zephyr, same,  d/o Samuel LEITCH & Martha PHOENIX, witn John LAWRIE, Ella TAITE, both Zephyr, married 17 June 1897, Mt. Albert, East Gwillimbury twp. #016218-97 John COOPER, 28, Angus, Toronto,  locomotive fireman, s/o Alexander COOPER & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Ellen KIRKUP, 27, Vespra Twp, East Toronto,  d/o James KIRKUP & Jane NELSON, witn Robert COOPER of Toronto, Aggie KIRKUP of Vespra Twp, married 21 December 1897, East Toronto
016242-97 John James COWAN, 34, Purpleville, same, widower, blacksmith, s/o John & Ann, married Annie HADWIN (Hardwick?), 25, Humber Summit, same,  d/o John & Susan, witn Charles McKAY, Olive McMULLEN, both Humber Summit, married 12 November 1897, Humber Summit, Vaughan Twp. #016169-1897. (York Co): William COWEN, 33, farmer, Uxbridge, Bloomington, s/o mother not given & William, married Emma FORSYTH, 24, Glasgow, same, d/o Elizabeth Mary & Ira; witnesses P M BEDFORD, Nettie COOK, of Stouffville. 25 Sep 1897 at Stouffville
  015983-97 William James CRANE, 30, England, Etobicoke, farmer, s/o James & Phoebe CRANE, married Mary BOYD, 24, Newfoundland, Etobicoke, d/o James & Lucy Ann BOYD, witn: Alfred G. THORNTON of Toronto, Daisy M. LaROSE of Weston, married 10 Feb 1897, Etobicoke Twp.
#016364-98 (York Co) Wilfred CRIGHTON (Creighton?), 25, England, Montreal, clerk, s/o Samuel & Annie, married Sara RACE, 21, England, Toronto, d/o John & Jane, witn Nellie RACE, W. MAUGHAN, both Toronto, married 11 October 1897, St. John's Church Norway #016168-98 (York Co) Thomas H. CRITTENDEN, 26, Carrick, East Gwillumbury, labourer, s/o Thomas CRITTENDEN & Rachel FOUNTAIN, married Mary Ann PICKERING, 19, illegible, East Gwillumbury, d/o Michael P. PICKERING & Jennett? HUGHES, witn: W.G. LOWE, Mrs. W.G. LOWE, Newmarket, married 22 Dec.1897
#016215-97 Thomas CURTIS, 56, Warwick England, East Toronto, widower, car inspector, s/o John & Hannah CURTIS, married Hannah Elizabeth CARR, 44, Studley England, East Toronto,  d/o Thomas & Harriet CARR, witn; George & Mrs. MALE, both Scarboro, married 8 July 1897, East Toronto #016059-98 Charles Edwin DARKER, 31, Woodbridge, Streetsville,  barber, s/o William DARKER & Mary S. BURKHOLDER, married Ellen Elizabeth DOOKS, 28, Markham Twp, Thistletown,  d/o Henry DOOKS & Amelia COWTON, witn; Henry DOOKS of Thistletown, John DARKER (or DORKER) of Vellore, married 22 December 1897, Thistletown, Etobicoke Twp
#016248-97 Thomas DENNIS 27, of Weston, widower, farmer, s/o George DENNIS & Fanny illegible, married Mary IRVINE, 32, of West Toronto, widow, d/o Thomas IRVINE & Katherine KENNEDY, witn Alfred DENNIS, Mary Ellen OWENS, married 5 November 1897, Weston #016197-97 (York Co) Harry Reid Enfield DOUGLASS, 24, Halifax NS, Toronto,  salesman, s/o George B. DOUGLASS & Susan HAMILTON, married Sarah Letitia LENNOX, 28, Toronto, same,  d/o Richard LENNOX & Elizabeth KERR, witn Annie HOZACK, L. HENDERSON, both Toronto Jctn, married 23 September 1897, Toronto Junction.
#016193-97 (York Co) David Ross EKINS, 22, Ontario, Woodstock,  cabinet maker, s/o John EKINS & Mary ROSS, married Lillian Amelia HUDSON, 19, Quebec, Woodstock,  d/o Alfred HUDSON & Margaret HOWES, witn J.B. Shaver MORRIS, Isabella TOPPING, both Toronto Jctn, married 11 October 1897, Toronto Junction. #016239-97 Edwin H. ELLIOT, 29, Meadowvale, Maple,  school teacher, s/o Thomas & Esther, married Sara E. McDONALD, 23, Maple, same,  d/o James & Elizabeth, witn; R.S. THOMAS of Maple, Jennie PHILLIPS of Teston, married 3 August 1897, Maple, Vaughan Twp.
#016235-97 Jos. Charlton ELLIS, 24, Simcoe, Concord,  farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Matilda BASSINGTHWAITE, 21, Patterson, same,  d/o Peter & Mary, witn; William COOPER of Concord, Mary BASSINGTHWAITE of Patterson, married 7 April 1897, Patterson, Vaughan Twp. #016978-98 Theodore G. EMPIE, 26, US, New York,  electric engineer, s/o Adam EMPIE & Virginia GOMTHINAY, married Evelyn PEARSON, 24, Ontario, East Gwillimbury,  d/o B.F. PEARSON & Mary WILLSON, witn H.W. GUNDY of Toronto, Margory PEARSON of Queensville, married 28 September 1897, Queensville
#016205-98 Henry EVEREST, 33, Scarboro, same,  general merchant, s/o John EVEREST & Sarah WRINGER, married Mary Annette LATHAM, 29, Scarboro, same,  d/o Isaac LATHAM & Annie EAGAN, witn John William EVEREST, Mabel Eleanor BELL, both Scarboro, married 8 December 1897, Scarboro #016234-97 - C.F. EVERS, 30, Manchester, same,  teacher, s/o George & Rebecca, married Ida C. WURSTER, 23, Kleinburg, same,  d/o Christian & Salome, witn; C. WURSTER, L. BURGESS, both Kleinburg, married 30 April 1897, Kleinburg, Vaughan Twp.
#016207-97 William Henry FIELD, 22, Ontario, Town,  brakesman, s/o Edward FIELD & Emma EDWARDS, married Florence Ada PEPPIATT, 21, Toronto, Town,  d/o Philip PEPPIATT & Ellen WEEKS, witn George HOLLOWAY, Katie PEPPIATT, both Town, married 29 December 1897, Toronto Junction (aka Town) 01138-98 (York Co) Harry Thomas FINCH, 23, butcher, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas & Martha, married Annie MacKAY, 25, Tp. Brook, Toronto, d/o John & Mary, witn: Charles W. & Mary W. BISHOP, 27 Jan 1897 at Toronto
#016210-97 Edward FINEGAN?, 30, Toronto, same,  machinist, parents not listed, married Lucy Mary McDONALD (nee COLEMAN), 30, England, Toronto, widow, parents not listed, witn Mrs. A. & Miss GALLAGHER, both East Toronto, married 22 January 1897, St John's East Toronto (RC)  
016258-97 Oliver C. FLEWELL, 30, Uxbridge, Scott, farmer, s/o William & Martha FLEWELL, married Margaret J. COOK, 26, Whitchurch Twp., same, d/o Abraham & Annie COOK, witn; Ida SMITH of Stouffville, James E. COOK of Lemonville, married 29 Dec 1897, Whitchurch Twp #016009-97 (York Co) Eugene Franklin FOUNTAIN, 23, North Gwillimbury,  labourer, s/o Louis FOUNTAIN & Eunice THOMPSON, married Eliza KING, 20, East Gwillimbury, same,  d/o George KING & Elizabeth CROUCH, witn Sarah BOND, Emma DOAN, both Queensville married 28 June 1897, Queensville
16198-98 John Pugsley GLASS, 24, butcher, Richmond Hill, same, s/o William Henry GLASS & Elizabeth Ann PUGSLEY, married Emma Florence LAUDER, 25, Price Edward Co., Richmond Hill, d/o Robert William LAUDER & Mary GAMBLE, witn: William SAVAGE & Lottie LAUDER, both of Richmond Hill, 29 Dec 1897 at Richmond Hill #001332-97 (York Co.) Perry G. GOLDSMITH, 22, b. Toronto, of same, Physician, s/o Dr. P.D. GOLDSMITH, married Alyce M. DAVIS, b. Southampton England, of Toronto, d/o A.L. DAVIS, witnesses: F.C. FULLER of 204 Spadina & H.D. MACKELLAR of 61 Wellesley St, on 1 April 1897 at Toronto
#016224-97 Adam GOODFELLOW, 27, Albion, same,  farmer, s/o George & Emma, married Mary Bealby CHERRY, 20, Vaughan, same,  d/o John & Elizabeth, witn Herman HAMBLY, Sarah CHERRY, both Vaughan, married 27 January 1897, Kleinburg, Vaughan Twp. #016229-97 John GORDON, 26, Maple, Concord,  farmer, s/o Alexander & Thomasina, married Margaret A. PEARSON, 22, York, Concord,  d/o Thomas & Isabella, witn P.M. BEDFORD, Nellie CROOKS, both Maple, married 24 March 1897, Maple, Vaughan Twp.
#016178-97 (York Co) Thomas GRANGER, 22, England, Toronto Jctn,  bicycle polisher, s/o James GRANGER & Mary PLANT, married Violet STEVENSON, 18, King City, Toronto Jctn,  d/o William STEVENSON & Martha TROT, witn James LAMB, Margaret EADIE, both Toronto Jctn, married 28 April 1897, Davenport #001333-97 (York Co.) James GRAY, 26, b. Lambeth England, of Toronto, labourer, s/o William GRAY & Annie SCARBORO, married Ellen O'DOWD, 25, b. Quebec, of Toronto, d/o Thomas O'DOWD & Anne MALLANAPHY, witnesses: John MAHONEY & Valentine KIRCHNER both of Toronto, on 3 April 1897 at 141 McCaul St., Toronto
#016192-97 (York Co) Richard David GREER, 25, Ontario, Toronto,  conductor, s/o William GREER & Margaret HAMILTON, married Emily SWAIN, 25, Ontario, Toronto,  d/o Thomas SWAIN & Hannah HARPER, witn Agens J. RAE, M. J. RAE, both Toronto Jctn, married 21 September 1897, Toronto Junction. #016188-97 (York Co) Charles Thomas GRINGSBY, 21, England, Islington,  farmer, s/o Amos & Mary GRINGSBY, married Clara Elizabeth FRETWELL, 18, England, Toronto Jctn,  d/o William & Mary Jane FRETWELL, witn John P. PUGH, Phoebe A. PUGH, both Toronto Jctn, married 4 August 1897, Toronto Junction.
#016186-97 (York Co) Samuel Turton (or Furton) HALL, 42, England, Toronto,  photo engraver, s/o Robert & Ann HALL, married Elsie Jane TUCKER, 43, Toronto, same,  d/o Samuel TUCKER & Janet HARRIS, witn G.J. VALIANT, Ida F.M. LUGSDEN, both Toronto, married 7 July 1897, Toronto Junction. #016055-98 Robert J. HALL, 28, Ireland, Toronto Twp,  farmer, s/o John & Margaret HALL, married Maggie LACKEY, 18, Canada, Toronto Twp,  d/o William & Margaret LACKEY, witn Simon SINCLAIR of Islington, Mary Eliza McCARTHY of Richview, married 8 December 1897, Islington, Etobicoke Twp
  015985-97 George HARRISON, 24, England, Dixie, gardener, s/o Robert & Ann HARRISON, married Bessie CRAWFORD, 23, England, Dixie, d/o John & Annie CRAWFORD, witn: William CRAWFORD of Dixie, Louise WALLS of Toronto, married 20 Apr 1897, Islington, Etobicoke Twp
#016112-98 Frank HEACOCK, 31, Ontario, King Twp,  farmer, s/o Seth HEACOCK & Hannah WALTON, married Elizabeth CURTIS, 22, Ontario, King Twp,  d/o John T. CURTIS & Maggie BLACK, witn Charles McGILL, Elma WALTON, both King, married 14 December 1897, King Twp. 015974-97 William HEACOCK, 31, King Twp, same, blacksmith, s/o Ed & Susan HEACOCK, married Mary Lavina HEACOCK, 25, Whitchurch Twp., same, d/o Linville & Emma HEACOCK, witn; Ida CLARK, Emma STEVENSON, both Aurora, married 17 Mar 1897, Aurora
#016182-97 (York Co) Myles HENRY, 30, Peterborough, same,  merchant, s/o Thomas HENRY & Mary BURNS, married Irene L. KELLEY, 23, Toronto, Toronto Jctn,  d/o Charles E. KELLEY & Mary E. DAVIES, witn Edmund B. CLEGG of Peterboro, Teresa POWERS of Toronto, married 7 June 1897, Toronto Junction (R Cath) 015990-97 William David HEPTON, 37, of Malton, widower, farmer, s/o David HEPTON & Susan BRADLEY, married Helena May TYERS, 25, of Islington, house duties, d/o Thomas TYERS & Rebecca EDWARDS, witn: John TYERS, Kate McGIBBONS, both Islington, married 27 Oct 1897, Mimico, Etobicoke Twp
#016981-98 Wilmot W. HILL, 27, Ontario, Queensville,  butcher, s/o William HILL & Sarah Jane SHEPPARD, married Elizabeth J. ROSE, 21, Ontario, Sharon,  d/o Alonzo ROSE & Eliza TUNSTEL, witn William DEAN of Thornhill, Jennie HILL of Queensville, married 22 December 1897, Sharon #016208-98 Silas Arthur HILL, 27, York, same,  farmer, s/o Silas & Emma Jane HILL, married Janet Edith LONG, 21, York, same,  d/o George LONG & Hannah SISLEY, witn Robert HILL, Minnie H. LONG, both York, married 25 August 1897, Scarboro
016257-97 George Thomas HILTS, 29, Markham, Whitchurch Twp., finisher, s/o Godfrey HILTS & Catherine HORNER, married Melinda A. SHEFFER, 29, Whitchurch Twp., same, housekeeper, d/o George SHEFFER & Barbara HOOVER, witn; David HILTS of Markham, Mary DONER of Markham, married 28 Dec 1897, Whitchurch Twp. (Tunker) #016199-97 (York Co) William Alfred HINDE, 22, Ontario, Toronto Jctn, bicycle factory, s/o Richard HINDE & Sarah TIMMS, married Mary Martha WATTS, 21, Ontario, Toronto Jctn,  d/o David WATTS & Wellmetta HOLMAN, witn James HINDE of Toronto Jctn, Susie McQUEEN of Owen Sound, married 25 November 1897, Toronto Junction
015989-97 William Edgar HOOVER, 21, Pickering, Toronto, piano maker, s/o John HOOVER & Nancy BURTON, married Ardelia UPTHEGROVE, 21, St Marys, Toronto, home duties, d/o John UPTHEGROVE & Mary LUCAS, witn; David McCOY of Midland Mrs. J.T. CALDWELL of Mimico, married 11 Sep 1897, Mimico, Etobicoke Twp #016003-97 (York Co) George W. HOWLETT, 28, Ont, E. Gwillimbury,  carpenter, s/o Thomas HOWLETT & Jane BOWER, married Mary M. EVES, 23, Ont, Sharon,  d/o Alex. EVES & Mary SWEEZEY, witn Robert HOWLETT, Hattie GILLIAN, both East Gwillimbury, married 10 March 1897, Sharon
#016017-97 (York Co) Charles HOWLETT, 30, Ravenshoe, East Gwillimbury,  farmer, s/o Thomas & Jane HOWLETT, married Cora Bell LEPARD, 25, East Gwillimbury, same, widow, d/o Erastus & Sarah TRAVISS, witn Florence E. MacFADYEN, Annie J. CRONE, both Mt Albert, married 30 November 1897, Mt Albert, East Gwillimbury Twp. #016011-97 (York Co) Thomas HUNTER, 21, Sunnidale Twp, Newmarket,  painter, s/o Thomas HUNTER & Mary JACK, married Martha Elizabeth KEEFER (s/b KEFFER), 20, Vaughan Twp, Holland Landing,  d/o Jacob KEEFER & Sarah CLARK, witn; Robert TRAVISS of East Gwillimbury, Sidney KEEFER of Holland Landing, married 8 September 1897, Queensville, East Gwillimbury Twp.
  #016243-97 Peter HUSON, 21, Thistletown, Humber Summit,  farmer, s/o Charles & Mary, married Laura WALLIS, 19, Toronto, Humber Summit,  d/o William & Margaret, witn Ernest WALLIS, Olive McMULLEN, both Woodbridge, married 1 December 1897, Humber Summit, Vaughan Twp.
#016368-98 (York Co) Charles HUSON, 30, blank, Vaughan,  farmer, s/o Charles HUSON & Mary TRANSLEY, married Margaret PLUNKETT, 28, blank, York,  d/o Robert PLUNKETT & Mary LATIMER, witn William SMITH, Martha PLUNKETT, married 14 December 1897, York Twp. #016187-97 (York Co) Henry ILLINGWORTH, 23?, England, Toronto,  teamster, s/o Edward & Maria ILLINGWORTH, married Jennie Howden STAPLES, 18, Ontario, Toronto Jctn,  d/o James STAPLES & Mary TAYLOR, witn John STAPLES, May STAPLES, both Toronto Jctn, married 2 August 1897, Toronto Junction.
#016206-97 William Wesley JACKSON, 22, Toronto, McAdam Junction New Brunswick,  machinist, s/o William A. JACKSON & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Eleanor LASCELLES, 23, York Twp Ont, Town,  d/o Richard LASCELLES & Annie FIRTH, witn Frederick LASCELLES of Carlton West & Ella WORDELL of Town, married 29 December 1897, Toronto Junction (aka Town) 16304-98 Robert JOHNSTON, 37, farmer, York twp, North Toronto, s/o John & Mary, married Isabella COOK, 27, York twp, North Toronto, d/o James & Eliza, witn: Robert COOK of N. Toronto & Mary WILSON of Toronto, 29 Dec 1897 at Davisville
#016174-97 (York Co) Robert Jas. C. KELSEY, 25, Preston Ont, Toronto Jctn,  railroading, s/o Richard KELSEY & Euphemia McCOLL, married Edith Mabel KELCHER, 19, Uxbridge Ont, Toronto Jctn,  d/o Henry KELCHER & Eliza JOBBITT, witn Fred CANNINGTON of Caradoc (probably s/b Toronto Jctn), Zilla BEAVERS of Uxbridge, married 24 March 1897, Toronto Junction #016166-1897. (York Co): Joseph George KIRK, 30, farmer, Tp York, Richmondhill, s/o Hannah & Mark, married Minnie REESOR, 28, Markham, same, d/o Mary & Josephus; witnesses Elizah WISMER, Alice RUDKIN, of Markham. 24 Nov 1897 at Markham
#016184-97 (York Co) William KNOX, 29, Twp Rawdon, Toronto Jctn,  labourer, s/o William KNOX & Elizabeth LITTLE, married Elizabeth PHILLIPS, 35, Cumberland England, Toronto Jctn, widow, d/o Edward ARCHER & Mary WILKINSON, witn Mrs. HILL of Toronto Jctn, Harry COBURN of Bondhead, married 23 June 1897, Toronto Junction  
016259-97 Wellington LAKE, 21, Peterboro, Whitchurch Twp., farmer, s/o Wellington & Ellen LAKE, married Ella C. LAWLESS, 18, Toledo US, Whitchurch Twp., d/o Edward & Eliza LAWLESS, witn; L.F. BOSWELL, E. BOSWELL, both Toronto, married 30 Dec 1897, Ringwood, Whitchurch Twp 016008-97 (York Co) William H. LAPP, 38, Cedar Grove, Markham Twp,  vinegar maker, s/o Peter & Jane LAPP, married Maggie PAISLEY, 31, Scott Twp, Mount Albert,  d/o John & Matilda PAISLEY, witn R. D. MOORHEAD, Ella TERRY, both Mt. Albert, married 27 May 1897, Mt. Albert
#016202-97 Alfred Wesley LAW, 24, Ontario, Toronto,  bookkeeper, s/o Henry Thomas LAW & Idamen? BYERS, married Sara Jane GILBERT, 23, Ontario, Town,  d/o James GILBERT & Jane GOUGH, witn; W.H. MOORE of Toronto, Frances H. GILBERT of Town, married 2 October 1897, Toronto Junction (aka Town) #016365-98 (York Co) John LAYLAND, 23, England, Toronto,  blacksmith, s/o Edward & Mary, married Florence HART, 21, England, Toronto,  d/o George & Elizabeth, witn Sara L. STARR, C.V. LADD, both Norway, married 12 October 1897, St John's Church Norway
#016002-97 (York Co) Richard E. LEE, 20, Hamilton, East Gwillimbury,  farmer, s/o George LEE & Sarah CHIFFERTON, married Effie GILLIAN, 19, Scott Twp, E. Gwillimbury,  d/o Thomas GILLIAN & Susan REYNOR, witn; Henry GILBERT, Bessie GILBERT, both Lemonville, married 10 February 1897, Mt. Albert #016352-98 James Edgar LEGGE, 28, King Twp, Whitchurch,  farmer, s/o James & Matilda LEGGE, married Mary Rebecca LEGGE, 26, Whitchurch, King Twp,  d/o Thomas & Ann LEGGE, witn; Emily LEGGE of King, Jennie NEWBERRY of Markham, married 3 February 1897, St John's Church, Whitchurch
  015982-97 Thomas LEGGETT, 36, Garafraxa, same, farmer, s/o John LEGGETT & Mary HILL, married Elizabeth Agnes COULTER, 39, Etobicoke, same, d/o Robert COULTER & Ann Jane PATTERSON, witn: Edward A. COULTER of Etobicoke Twp., Sarah A. LEGGETT of Garafraxa, married 20 Jan 1897, Etobicoke Twp
#016016-97 (York Co) Arthur F. LEPARD, 27, East Gwillimbury, same,  farmer, s/o Arthur LEPARD & Ann SOMERVILLE, married Mary Jane McSHANE, 22, East Gwillimbury, same,  d/o Edward McSHANE & (blank) KNIGHT, witn Frederick McSHANE, Lilia McCALLUM, both East Gwillimbury, married 1 December 1897, East Gwillimbury (Friends) #016172-97 (York Co) Robert LESTER, 38, Kent England, Toronto Jctn,  brickmaker, s/o Martin LESTER & Mary Ann MASTER, married Emily ARMITAGE, 17, Leeds England, Toronto Jctn,  d/o Frederick ARMITAGE & Mary EMERSON, witn Edward E. DOUGLAS, Emily E. DOUGLAS, both Toronto Jctn, married 19 January 1897, Toronto Junction
#016247-97 Nicholas/Matthew?? (hard to decipher) Francis LEVER, 30, Etobicoke, Toronto,  labourer, s/o Henry & Janet LEVER, married Eleanor CARRICK, 21, Ireland, Toronto,  d./o William & Margaret CARRICK, witn Alexander LEVER? of Weston & Helen THORN of Toronto, married 6 August 1897, Weston #016056-98 George William LIDDLE, 21, England, Lambton Mills,  mill hand, s/o George & Jane E. LIDDLE, married Ettie FOWLER, 20, England, Lambton Mills,  d/o William & Kate FOWLER, witn; Lizzie FOWLER, Charles LIDDLE, both Lambton Mills, married 22 December 1897, Lambton Mills, Etobicoke Twp.
#016251-97 John LOVE, 29, Thristletown, same,  butcher, s/o John & Annie LOVE, married Mary BOLDOCK, 23, Smithfield, Thristletown,  d/o John & Mary BOLDOCK, witn; Susie? FERGUSON, Elma LEIGHTON, both Weston, married 29 December 1897, Weston #016007-97 (York Co) Jas. Henry LUESBY, 25, England, East Gwillimbury,  farmer, s/o James & Jane LUESBY, married Melissa TRAVISS, 20, Ont, East Gwillimbury, d /o Henry TRAVISS & Nancy ABRAHAMS, witn George W. WRIGHT, Mrs. T. LEONARD, both Queensville, married 24 May 1897, Queensville
015975-97 Samuel E. LUNDY, 31, East Gwillimbury Twp., same, farmer, s/o Charles & Catherine LUNDY, married Rachel RANDELL, 27, Whitby, Whitchurch Twp., d/o Joseph & Mary RANDALL (sic), witn: Sarah McDOWELL, Jessie McDOWELL, both Aurora, married 2 April 1897, Aurora #016116-98 Dougald A. LYNN, 25, Ontario, Toronto,  book keeper, s/o George & Mary LYNN, married Annie M. WELLAR, 24, Ontario, Toronto,  d/o Nelson & Janet WELLAR, witn David GOULD of Toronto, Janet WELLAR of Nobleton, married 22 December 1897, King Twp.
015991-97 Allan Norman MACDONALD, 22, Simcoe Co, New Toronto, iron moulder, s/o Allan MACDONALD & Margaret McARTHUR, married Harriet Jane WHITLAM (or Whittam), 25, Peel Co, New Toronto, house duties, d/o Henry WHITLAM & Isabella DRUMMOND, witn: D. PATTERSON of Cannington, Victoria RAINEY of New Toronto, married 30 Nov 1897, Meth Parsonage, Mimico #001335-97 (York Co.) George H. MACEY, 24, b. Toronto, of same, Teamster, s/o William & Mary MACEY, married Elizabeth COOMBS, 28, b. Richmond Hill, of Toronto, d/o James & Jane COOMBS, witnesses: Mrs. E.E. SCOTT & Jennie McELROY both of Toronto, on 22 February 1897 at Toronto
  015995-97 Milton MAINPRIZE, 31, East Gwillimbury Twp., Mount Albert, farmer, s/o William & Ann MAINPRIZE, married Eliza SHAW, 23, Elderslie Twp, North Gwillimbury Twp., d/o George SHAW & Lydia WINCH, witn: Henry SHAW of North Gwillimbury Twp., May HAIGH of Mount Albert, married 23 Nov 1897, North Gwillimbury Twp.
#016366-98 (York Co) Martin L. MANDER, 24, Mariposa, Toronto,  blacksmith, s/o Jane & Thomas, married Charlotte CROTHERS, 21, Toronto, same,  d/o Mary & Saml., witn Saml. CROTHERS, L. Alice JOHNSTON, both Toronto, married 24 August 1897, St. John's Church Norway #001334-97 (York Co.) William Adolphus MARCHMENT, 19, b. London Eng., of Toronto, Driver, s/o James & Susan, married Esther WALTON, 17, b. Shropshire Eng., of Toronto, d/o blank & Mary, witnesses: James W. MARCHMENT & Marion V. RICHARDSON both of Toronto, on 24 March 1897 at Toronto
#016057-98 William MARSHALL, 26, England, Toronto Twp,  farmer, s/o Joseph & Emma MARSHALL, married Alice Evalynd CULHAM, 20, Etobicoke Twp., same,  d/o Numan? CULHAM & Harriet CLARKSON, witn; Joseph MARSHALL of Summerville, Annie CULHAM of Mimico, married 24 November 1897, Etobicoke Twp. #016196-97 (York Co) Thomas MAXTED, 22, England, Mt Dennis,  laborer, s/o William MAXTED & Ellen BEER, married Sarah Isabella ADAMS, 26, Canada, Carlton West,  d/o John ADAMS & Sarah WALKER, witn Arthur ADAMS, Sophia HARDY, both Toronto, married 13 November 1897, Toronto Junction.
#016206-98 William A. McFADDEN, 27, Kemptville Ont, Toronto,  commercial traveler, s/o James & Mary Ann McFADDEN, married Laura H. CHAPMAN, 24, Scarboro, same,  d/o Jesse & Almira CHAPMAN, witn W.H. CARR of Toronto, Fred O. MANUEL of Oshawa, M.A. CHAPMAN of Scarboro, L.A.B. DEVLIN of Unionville, married 22 December 1897, Scarboro #016233-97 William McGUIRE, 28, Ireland, Toronto, widower, collector, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Mary Ann DUFFY, 27, Albion, Maple,  d/o Michael & Mary, witn Robert DUFFY, Lizzie GARDINER, both maple, married 19 April 1897, Vaughan Twp.
015976-97 Daniel McLEOD, 42, King Twp, Aurora, widower, traveller, s/o Daniel McLEOD & Lydia NORMAN, married Ida WELLS, 28, King Twp, Aurora, d/o James P. WELLS & Eliza PERRY (? difficult to decipher), witn: Nellie WELLS of Aurora, J.P. WELLS of King Twp., married 14 Dec 1897, Aurora (Disciples) 016931-98 William McKENZIE, 25, Ireland, York Twp,  farmer, s/o William McKENZIE & Maria McKENZIE, married Matilda GARNESS, 25, Markham Twp, Richmond Hill,  d/o Richard GARNESS & Matilda MARTIN, witn; William HUNT of Whitchurch Twp, Minnie GARNESS of Richmond Hill, marred 21 October 1897, Aurora
#016217-97 - D. McKINNON, 28, Mara Twp, Toronto,  book keeper, s/o John McKINNON & Maggie BARBOUR, married Janet KIRKUP, 23, Vespra Twp, East Toronto,  d/o James KIRKUP & Jane NELSON, witn George M. HENDRY of Toronto, Annie KIRKUP of East Toronto, married 21 December 1897, East Toronto  
#016203-97 Albert Thomas McNAMARA, 33, Ontario, Town,  Physician, s/o George William McNAMARA & Ellanor Matilda PINKERTON, married Frances Amelia HOOVER, 23, Ontario, Town,  d/o John R. HOOVER & Nancy BURTON, witn Theo H. McNAMARA of Detroit Michigan US, Sara P. BARNES of Town, married 27 October 1897, Toronto Junction (aka Town) #016020-97 (York Co) Daniel MENAR, 24, Rama Twp, East Gwillimbury,  labourer, s/o Jos. MENAR & Martha FENTON, married Eliza EDWARDS, 18, Thorah, North Gwillimbury,  d/o Elihu EDWARDS & Martha PATRICK, witn Emma DOAN of Queensville, Mrs. E.J. DOAN of Toledo Ohio, married 21 December 1897, Queensville, East Gwillimbury Twp.
#016163-1897. (York Co): Herbert MICK, 28, printer, Barrie, Toronto, s/o Elizabeth & James, married Clara COLLINS, 26, Tp Scott, same, d/o Sarah & Lewis; witnesses Sam COLLINS, of Leaskdale, Maggie PORTER, of Stouffville. 28 Sep 1897 at Stouffville. #001336-97 (York Co.) John MITCHELL, 22, b. Lindsay Ont., of Toronto, Tailor, s/o Alexander & Christina MITCHELL, married Janet Ross HALL, 24, b. Glasgow, of Toronto, d/o Robert & Catherine HALL, witness: Mrs. E.E. SCOTT of Toronto, on 4 March 1897 at Toronto
#016005-97 (York Co) Robert M. MOORE, 29, E. Gwillimbury, same,  labourer, s/o John W. & Hannah R. MOORE, married Emily M. EDMED, 23, Kent England, E. Gwillimbury,  d/o Thomas & Sophia EDMED, witn Charles D. GAMBRIEL of Zephyr & Elizabeth E. EDMED of Newmarket, married 17 March 1897, East Gwillimbury #017341-99 John Sheriff MORRISON, 24, Scotland, Lambton Mills, designer, s/o John MORRISON & Jane SHERIFF, married Rilla Maud WHITEOAK, 22, Markham, same, d/o William WHITEOAK & Margaret MORLEY, witn: Alex MORRISON, Lily M. CLAYTON, both Lambton Mills, married 22 Dec. 1897, Toronto Junction
#016177-97 (York Co) Charles James MURTON, 47, Lenham Kent England, Blanchard twp,  farmer, s/o James MURTON & Mary SHRUBSOLE, married Frederitra THOR, 42, Germany, New York,  d/o Henry THOR & Johanna THOR, witn Eliza WAGSTAFF, Lizzie SINCLAIR, both Toronto Jctn, married 17 April 1897, Toronto Junction #016211-97 Joseph MYERS, 26, Co Grey Ont, East Toronto,  laborer, s/o Joseph MYERS & Mary Ann HUTTEN, married Anna Rebecca GOTTS, 21, Holt England, East Toronto,  d/o William GOTTS & Annie WITTEN, witn Mrs. Agnes MARTIN of East Toronto, Maria MYERS of Markdale, married 21 April 1897, East Toronto
#016000-97 (York Co) George NELSON, 37, E. Gwillimbury, same, widower, farmer, s/o Henry & Eliza NELSON, married Mary SMITH, 24, Markham Twp, E. Gwillimbury,  d/o George & Mary Ann SMITH, witn; Anthony MITCHELL, T.E. MacFADYEN, both Mount Albert, married 27 June 1897, Mt Albert #016058-98 William Arthur NORTH, 29, England, Humber Bay, gardener, s/o William NORTH & Sarah Ann RUSH, married Beatrice Maude REID, 21, England, Humber Bay, d/o Thomas REID & Anna E. RUSH, witn R. L. REID, Ettie RUSH, both Humber Bay, married 29 December 1897, Humber Bay, Etobicoke Twp.
015972-97 George NOTT, 22, Huron Co., Tarbutt Twp, farmer, s/o Thomas & Martha NOTT, married Esther Blanche GRIMSHAW, 22, Whitchurch Twp., Aurora, d/o Jos. & Elizabeth GRIMSHAW, witn: Amy DANBROOK, Thomas GRIMSHAW, both Aurora, married 20 Jan 1897, Aurora 015977-97 Arthur B. OLDHAM (or Aldham), 32, Uxbridge Twp, same, farmer, s/o Elliott OLDHAM & Minnie (?) JAGGER, married Annie GROSE, 21, Whitchurch Twp., same, d/o John GROSE & Annie E. PEGG, witn: James REYNOLDS, Edith DEWEY, Aurora, married 22 Dec 1897, Aurora
#016241-97 Lewis OSTER, 24, Humber, Vaughan,  farmer, s/o Michael & Emma, married Ada JULIAN, 24, Vaughan, same,  d/o John & Susan, witn J. SMITH of Edgely, Martha OSTER of Concord, married 27 October 1897, Sherwood, Vaughan Twp. (Lutheran) #016015-97 (York Co) Stewart M. PAISLEY, 40, Whitchurch, Mt Albert, widower, farmer, s/o John & Matilda PAISLEY, married Jessie LAPP, 29, Cedar Grove, Markham Twp,  d/o Peter & Jane LAPP, witn W.H. LAPP of Cedar Grove, Martha TERRY of Mt Albert, married 20 November 1897, Mt Albert, East Gwillimbury Twp
#016977-98 Daniel E. PARK, 27, Ontario, East Gwillimbury,  labourer, s/o Alva PARK & Eliza TRAVISS, married Theresa L. MENAR, 22, Ontario, East Gwillimbury,  d/o J.N. MENAR & Martha FENTON, witn W.S. TURNER, Mrs. LEONARD, both Queensville, married 23 September 1897, Queensville #016231-97 John E. PARR, 30, Albion, Vaughan,  farmer, s/o William & Mary, married Evelina WILSON, 23, Albion, Bolton,  d/o Henry & Margaret, witn David WILSON, Francis M. PARR, both Albion, married 13 January 1897, Vaughan Twp.
#016216-97 William Charles PEACOCK, 37, Toronto, same,  driver, s/o George & Jane PEACOCK, married Mary Ann McKAY, 30, York Twp, same,  d/o William & Mary Jane McKAY, witn R.S. McKAY of York Twp, Miss. F. SOMERS of Toronto, married 1 December 1897, East Toronto #016173-97 (York Co) David PENNINGTON, 39, Adelaide Twp, same,  farmer, s/o Thomas PENNINGTON & Anne BRIGGS, married Annie Jane ANDERSON, 31, Adelaide Twp, Strathroy Ont,  d/o Donald ANDERSON & Christina MUNRO, witn J.J. ANDERSON of Toronto Jctn, Ida EARLEY of Caradoc, married 20 Feburary 1897, Toronto Junction
#016180-97 (York Co) George POLLARD, 28, Mitchell Ont, Weston,  blacksmith, s/o George POLLARD & Usama? SUTTON, married Mable Ethel GIBSON, 24, Port Hope Ont, Toronto Jctn,  d/o John GIBSON & Matilda SLOAN, witn Mrs. G. PACE, Carrie E. PACE, both Toronto, married 1 June 1897, Toronto Junction #016004-97 (York Co) Charles PROSSER, 27, Ont, Whitchurch,  farmer, s/o Isaac PROSSER & Rebecca McGRIEVE, married Martha WILLSON, 29, Ont, E.Gwillimbury,  d/o William WILLSON & Eliza SLEMMON, witn; August T. GIBSON of East Gwillimbury, Martha M. EVANS of Toronto, married 10 March 1897, East Gwillimbury
#016183-97 (York Co) Albert Edward PUGH, 23, Aurora, same, tanner, s/o James J. PUGH & Mary Jane BELCHAN, married Sarah Elizabeth DAVEY, 19, Oshawa, Aurura, d/o Henry DAVEY & Sarah BARNES, witn John PUGH, Phoebe PUGH, both Davenport, married 21 June 1897, Davenport #016167-1897. (York Co): Jacob PYNE, 25, farmer, Tp Whitechurch, same, s/o Sarah & Jacob, married Martha IRWIN, 23, Tp Whitehurch, same, parents not given; witnesses -- Perey, of Stouffville. 24 Nov 1897 at Stouffville
  015987-97 Joseph REILLY, 21, England, Lambton Mills, mill worker, s/o James & Margaret REILLY, married Alice GIBSON, 24, England, Lambton Mills, d/o Thomas & Mary GIBSON, witn: Charles GIBSON, Margaret FITZGIBBON, both Lambton Mills, married 24 May 1897, Islington, Etobicoke Twp. (RC)
#016019-97 (York Co) George Edward RICHARDSON, 28, Aurora, Markham Twp,  teacher, s/o Charles C. & Sarah J. RICHARDSON, married Mary Arabella PEREGRINE, 25, East Gwillimbury, same,  d/o R.T. & Priscilla PEREGRINE, witn Henry O. RICHARDSON of East Gwillimbury, Louisa SHAW of Belhaven, married 29 December 1897, East Gwillimbury Twp. #016240-97 James Alex. ROBB, 33, Toronto, Woodbridge,  farmer, s/o Robert ROBB & Matilda PATTON, married Esther Eliza SUTTON, 25, Humber Summit, same,  d/o Rolph & Mary Ann SUTTON, witn Robert ROBB, Lilly SUTTON, both Woodbridge, married 15 September 1897, Humber Summit, Vaughan twp.
#016189-97 (York Co) Thomas Henry ROBERTS, 30, Ontario, Rat Portage,  teacher, s/o David & Matilda ROBERTS, married Mary Orlo A. COLPITTS, 19, New Brunswick, Toronto Jctn,  d/o Cornelia & W. Wesley COLPITTS, witn; Mrs. Cornelia COLPITTS, Eva Des BUSY, both Toronto Jctn, married 14 August 1897, Toronto Junction. #016012-97 (York Co) William Jas. ROSS, 24, Scott Twp, Baldwin,  merchant, s/o Donald ROSS & Mary Ann MADILL, married Annie Bell LONG, 24, E. Gwillimbury, Mt. Albert,  d/o Robinson LONG & Margaret STEPHENS, witn; Frank R. ROSS of Scott Twp, Mary HAIGH of Mt. Albert, married 20 October 1897, Mt. Albert, East Gwillimbury Twp
#016320-98 (York Co) Thomas RUMBLE, 28, of Patterson,  farmer, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Emily BADGER (or BADJER), 20 of Maple,  d/o Mark BADGER & Elizabeth HOILES, witn Thomas M. BADGER & Sarah LANE, married 22 December 1897, at not given, reg. Vaughan Twp #016212-97 John SCOTT, 27, Newburg, same,  no occupt listed, s/o Thomas & Catherine SCOTT, married Eva M. COWLING, 23, York Twp, same,  d/o William & Mariah COWLING, witn Ella COWLING of Toronto, Ernest LATTER of Doncaster, married 22 June 1897, East Toronto
#016351-98 Hugh Ferguson SCOTT, 27, not given, Whitchurch,  farmer, s/o Walter SCOTT & Margaret FERGUSON, married Alberta Louisa WILLSON, 23, not given, Whitchurch,  d/o Wellington WILLSON & Joanna GLEASON, witn Robert G. SCOTT, Joanna REIVE, married 8? December 1897, Whitchurch  
015998-97 Gilbert SHAW, 25, of North Gwillimbury Twp., farmer, s/o George SHAW & Lydia WINCH, married Carrie CONNELL, 25, of North Gwillimbury Twp., d/o Patrick CONNELL & Susannah MANN, witn: Henry SHAW, Hattie CONNELL, both North Gwillimbury Twp., married 12 Oct 1897, North Gwillimbury Twp #016170-1897. (York Co): Thomas James SHEARER, 29, contractor, Mt Forest, Wilfred, s/o Elizabeth & Allan (Adam), married Jane LEDUC, 23, Georgina, Sutton West, d/o Mary & John Baptist; witnesses Charles O'NEIL, of Pefferlaw, Harriet --, Sutton West. 27 Oct 1897 at Stouffville
#016210-98 William SHERRY, 52, Canada, Chatsworth, widower, farmer, s/o John & Maria SHERRY, married Margaret GORMAN, 45, Ireland, Scarboro, widow, d/o John & Margaret DUFF, witn Henry STAMP of Scarboro Junction, Jane CHESTER of Scarboro, married 9 June 1897, Scarboro (Groom RC) #016171-1897. (York Co): James SMITH, 21, farmer, Ravenshoe, Sharon, s/o Mary & George A, married Becky Jane POLURATIER ?, 23, Sharon, same, d/o Mary Elizabeth & Allan; witnesses Harry & Mrs Harry Truman. 8 Nov 1897 at Stouffville
#016979-98 William A. SMITH, 36, Ontario, East Gwillimbury,  farmer, s/o Hurn SMITH & Lydia EVANS, married Elizabeth BATT, 28, Ontario, East Gwillimbury,  d/o Henry BATT & Mary ACHON, witn W.J. SMITH of Inglewood, Mary BATT of Queensville, married 13 October 1897, East Gwillimbury #016980-98 Jas. H. SMITH, 48, Ontario, East Gwillimbury, widower, labourer, s/o Saml. SMITH & Nancy WENN, married Ida V. CRYDERMAN, 16, Ontario, East Gwillimbury,  d/o Jos. CRYDERMAN & Jane SMITH, witn Louisa LEONARD of Queensville, married 13 December 1897, East Gwillimbury
#016191-97 (York Co) Robert Henry SNEATH, 25, blank, Toronto Jctn,  weaver, s/o Robert SNEATH & Annie WILLIAMS, married Bertha VAUGHAN, 21, blank, Toronto Jctn,  d/o Stephen VAUGHAN & Emma BALMER, witn E. WOODELL, A. RAYBOULD, both Toronto Jctn, married 20 September 1897, Toronto Junction. #016181-97 (York Co) Henry SPICER, 30, Ontario, Toronto Jctn,  car repairer, s/o Henry SPICER & Elizabeth CRESWELL, married Agnes SRIGLEY, 29, Wellington Co, Toronto Jctn,  d/o Enoch SRIGLEY & Mahala HOILES, witn John DANBROOK, Sarah SHUNK, both Toronto Junction, married 24 May 1897, Toronto Junction
015997-97 John George SRIGLEY, 23, of Newmarket, clerk, s/o John George SRIGLEY & Margaret Jane DOUCEY, married Violet Isabel KAAKE, 20, of North Gwillimbury Twp., d/o James KAAKE & Elizabeth SIMMONS, witn: Jesse KAAKE, Emily MILLER, both North Gwillimbury Twp., married 25 Nov 1897, Roach’s Point, North Gwillimbury Twp O15988-97 Joseph STACEY, 23, Ontario, Lambton Mills, barber, s/o Joseph & Bessie STACEY, married Emma Matilda STRATHY, 23, Owen Sound, same, house duties, d/o Henry Edmund & Frances STRATHY, witn; Jessie B. MONTGOMERY & Helen A. TREYMAYNE, both Islington, married 7 July 1897, Parsonage, Islington, Etobicoke Twp
#016195-97 (York Co) Francis STOLTE (or STOTTE), 27, Germany, Toronto Jctn,  mechanic, s/o Frederick STOLTE & Mary MUNTAR, married Catherine CALLAGHAN, 25, Ontario, Toronto,  d/o John CALLAGHAN & Mary CLANCEY, witn Farrell M. GALLAGHER, Maggie SHEEHAN, both Toronto, married 20 October 1897, Toronto Junction (Rom Cath). 015992-97 George SUTTON, 35, Vaughan, same, farmer, s/o Ralph SUTTON & Mary Ann WATSON (or Marg. Ann), married Catharine Elizabeth McKILLOP, 39, Canada, Etobicoke, house duties, d/o Malcolm McKILLOP & Ann KELSO, witn; George ELLIOTT of Woodbridge, Lydia SUTTON of Vaughan, married 22 Dec 1897, Etobicoke Twp.
2508-97 (York Co): George SUTTON, 35, farmer, Vaughan, same, s/o Ralph SUTTON & Mary Ann NEWTON, married Catherine Elizabeth McKILLOP, 39, Canada, Etobicoke, d/o Malcom McKILLOP & Ann KELSO, witn: George ELLIOTT of Woodbridge & Lydia SUTTON of Vaughan, 22 Dec 1897 at Etobicoke #016205-97 Charles S. TAYLOR, 21, Brighton Ont, Algonquin Park Ont,  lumberman, s/o John TAYLOR & Lorenea CANIFF (or Carriff), married Mabel GUNYEO, 20, Brighton Ont, Town,  d/o Asa GUNYEO & Phoebe QUICK, witn Samuel WALKER, Clara GUNYEO, both Town, married 29 December 1897, Toronto Junction (aka Town)
#016006-97 (York Co) Charles A. TOOL, 30, Whitchurch, same,  farmer, s/o Silas & Harriet TOOL, married Ada CRONE, 21, East Gwillimbury, same,  d/o John & Mary CRONE, witn; E.A. McMILLIAN of Whitchurch, W.C. BOGART of King, married 24 March 1897, East Gwillimbury #016213-97 Simeon TRASH (or TRASLI?), 61, Somersetshire England, Drayton Wellington Co Ont, widower, retired farmer, s/o Simeon & Catherine TRASH, married Elizabeth FITZGERALD, 43, Peel Wellington Co, Toronto,  d/o John & Elizabeth FITZGERALD, witn; W. & Helen FITZGERALD of Toronto, married 1 July 1897, East Toronto
#016176-97 (York Co) Alexander VARDON, 32, Quebec, Toronto,  plasterer, s/o Thomas VARDON & Ann LUCAS, married Mary Ann ALLUM, 35, England, Toronto,  d/o Frederick J. ALLUM & Anna WAKELAND, witn Thomas BLOOR, Elizabeth BLOOR, both Toronto Jctn, married 17 April 1897, Toronto Junction #016001-97 (York Co) Albion T. WAIT, 42, Black Creek, same,  farmer, s/o Levi WAIT & Dinah NYE, married Nellie CUTHBERTSON, 38, Queensville, same,  d/o John CUTHBERTSON & Sarah SPROULE, witn William L. KNIGHT of Sharon, Flora CUTHBERTSON of Belhaven, married 3 March 1897, Queensville
#016185-97 (York Co) William John WALKER, 23, Co Peel Ont, Toronto Jctn,  brakeman CPR, s/o Isaac WALKER & Violet LINDSAY, married Ida Jane LINTON, 23, Clairville Ont, Toronto Jctn,  d/o John LINTON & Harriet DAWSON, witn A.R. WALKER of Toronto, Ida FINLAYSON of Toronto Jctn, married 23 June 1897, Toronto Junction 015996-97 John Wilmot WARRINER, 28, North Gwillimbury Twp. Same, farmer, s/o John WARRINER & Mary MORTON, married Ina Viola MORTON, 21, North Gwillimbury Twp., same, d/o Alfred MORTON & Carrie HUGHES, witn: Robert F. WILLIS of Uxbridge, Christina WINCH of North Gwillimbury Twp., married 25 Nov 1897, North Gwillimbury Twp
#016014-97 (York Co) Charles WATSON, 27, U.States, E. Gwillimbury,  farmer, s/o David WATSON & Mary RENNIE, married Martha Almeda BARKER, 28, Uxbridge, E. Gwillimbury,  d/o Robert BARKER & Martha HAINES, witn Harry FOGG of Queensville, Jenny HORNER of Sutton West, married 27 October 1897, East Gwillimbury Twp. 016262-98 (York Co): Alex A. WATT, 35, butcher, not given, Toronto, s/o Samuel WATT & Emily NIX, married Beta Maud NASH, 23, not given, Toronto Junction, d/o Eugene NASH & Allida BELL, witn: John MATHERS & Clara PYBUR, both of Toronto Junction, 29 Dec 1897 at Toronto Junction
#016190-97 (York Co) Richard Thorne WATTS, 55, blank, Collingwood, widower, gardener, s/o Thomas WATTS & Mary THORNE, married Isabella RIDDELL, 55, blank, Toronto Jctn, widow, d/o Peter RUSSELL & Margaret McVICAR, witn; Charles WRIGHT, Louisa M. WRIGHT, both Toronto Jctn, married 11 September 1897, Toronto Junction 016253-97 Wellesley WHITE, 28, Hope Twp, Thornhill Pembina Co Manitoba, farmer, s/o William & Mary WHITE, married Ellen FAIRLES, 31, Whitchurch Twp., same, d/o Thomas & Harriet FAIRLES, witn: John STONEHOUSE of Port Perry, Sophia WHITE, Elizabeth WHITE, both Whitchurch Twp., married 27 Jan 1897, Bloomington, Whitchurch Twp.
016261-98 (York Co): Shaderick WHITHAM, 46, widower, contractor, not given, Brantford, s/o James WHITHAM & Jennie CONNELL, married Mercy Florence IRWIN, 36, not given, Toronto Junction, d/o Charles IRWIN & Mary Jane MURRAY, witn: M. Irvine WITHAM (sic) & Edith MELGATE, both of Toronto Junction, 24 Nov 1897 at Toronto Junction #016230-97 John G. WHITMORE, 23, York, Pine Grove,  farmer, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Mary F. STEVENSON, 24, Pine Grove, same,  d/o James & Eliza, witn Wesley WHITMORE of Edgely, Caroline STEVENSON of Pine Grove, married 31 March 1897, Pine Grove, Vaughan Twp.
16315-98 James WIDDIFIELD, 23, driver, Pickering twp., Toronto, s/o Henry WIDDIFIELD & Frances UNDERHILL, married Susan WARNER, 20, Maitland, Toronto, d/o William WARNER & Phebe CORBETT, witn: Clara WIDDIFIELD & Thomas BAKER, both of Toronto, 14 July 1897 at East Toronto #015999-97 (York Co) Charles H. WIDDIFIELD, 21, Whitchurch, same,  farmer, s/o John H. WIDDIFIELD & Mary CASE, married Eliza RUTLEDGE, 29, E. Gwillimbury, same,  d/o Alex. RUTLEDGE & Annie BOSWELL, witn William PENROSE of Uxbridge, Edith RUTLEDGE of Holt, married 30 December 1896, East Gwillimbury
#016250-97 Wilson WILBY, 29, of Weston,  philatelist, s/o Oliver & Jane WILBY, married Mary Amelia MUSSON (or Musxon), 24, of Weston,  d/o Ed. John & Mary Jane MUSSON, witn James HICKSON of Toronto, E.G. Musson of Weston, married 25 August 1897, Weston #016236-97 Albert WILEY, 28, Toronto Gore, same,  farmer, s/o William & Isabella, married Wilhelmina PATTERSON, 32, Vaughan, same,  d/o William & Mary Jane, witn Arch. BROWNLEE, Jessie PATTERSON, both Vaughan, married 10 March 1897, Vaughan twp.
016165-1897. (York Co): George WILLIAMS, 25, farmer, E Gwillimbury, same, s/o Margaret & John, married Maud SULLIVAN, 22, Holland Landing, same, d/o Elizabeth & Owen; witnesses William COOK, of E Gwillimbury, Ida SULLIVAN, of H. Landing. 7 Oct 1897 at Stouffville 015980-97 Francis WILLIAMSON, 27, Vandorf, same, farmer, s/o Matthew & Agnes WILLIAMSON, married Maggie JOHNSTON, 27, Scott Twp, North Gwillimbury Twp, d/o Benjamin. & Sarah JOHNSTON, witn; Louie McDOWELL of Toronto, Minnie YORK of Aurora, married 27 Nov. 1897, Aurora
#016013-97 (York Co) Arthur Edwin WILLSON, 24, Whitchurch Twp, same,  farmer, s/o Joshua WILLSON & Mary WILLSON, married Mary Louisa EVES, 24, North Gwillimbury, East Gwillimbury, s d/o Benjamin EVES & Sarah SMITH, witn Walter H. EVES of East Gwillimbury, Bertha E. EVANS of Whitchurch, married 10 November 1897, East Gwillimbury Twp. #016114-98 William WILSON, 29, England, King,  farmer, s/o Jas & Sarah WILSON, married Trersia J. RAMSDEN (Teresa?), 23, Ontario, King,  d/o William & Melissa RAMSDEN, witn; Thomas RAMSDEN, Alice LEMON, both King, married 22 December 1898, King Twp. (Had to be 1897, registrations filed in July 1898)
#016194-97 (York Co) Walter George WINKWORTH, 21, England, Toronto Jctn,  stove mounter, s/o George E. WINKWORTH & Sarah BROWN, married Annie Elizabeth NICHOLLS, 20, England, Toronto Jctn,  d/o Richard NICHOLLS & Sarah FRENCH, witn George GRANGER, Bertha NICHOLLS, both Toronto Jctn, married 14 October 1897, Toronto Junction. 016255-97 John WOODCOCK, 32, Reach Twp, Whitchurch Twp., farmer, s/o Joel & Susan WOODCOCK, married Lottie BUCKE, 18, Sunderland Ont, Whitchurch Twp., d/o James & Sarah BUCKE, witn; William FRENCH, Edith BUCKE, both Whitchurch Twp., married 19 May 1897, Vivian, Whitchurch Twp
#016367-98 (York Co) Oliver WREGGETT, 33, King Twp, Toronto,  coachman, s/o Mary & George, married Mary Jane IRVING, 38, King twp, Toronto, widow, d/o Irwin & Charlotte MOORE, witn Edwd. VIVIAN, Maggie VIVIAN, both Norway, married 30 October 1897, St John's Church Norway