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York County Marriages, 1858 - 1869, reference


From Record Group R-G-8, Series 1-6-B (found on microfilm  MS 428)

The Registrar responsible for recording York County marriages divided the returns into Volumes 84, 85 and 86.  

Volume 84 goes from 1858 till 1862 and covers the entire county. When they ran out of pages in 1862, they decided to divide the county into two and started two separate volumes at the same time. Volume 85 covers the southern part of the county, and Volume 86, the north. The dividing line appears to be that between Vaughan & Markham on the south and King & Whitchurch on the north.

In Volume 85 the Return Numbers carry on from Volume 84, but the page numbering starts again at 1.

In Volume 86, both Return and page numbers start from 1, but there is only one page number for an open double sheet.  

The links given below lead to a list with all the ministers, their denominations and the areas they served.  The file was too large to fit on one page, so I have divided it into three.

            Volume 84

            Volume 85

            Volume 86



with many thanks to Pat Jeffs for providing this information