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Hezekiah CHANEY
(abt 1757-1813)

Hezekiah CHANEY was born about 1757. His birthplace is unknown at this time. Hezekiah married Jane or Jean ???? abt 1782.

To this marriage was born at least 11 children:

  1. Sally. (Married Mr. WILLIAMS).
  2. Betsey.
  3. Polly.
  4. Jane (Jenney). (Married Joseph COWDEN).
  5. Nancy. (Married Robert COWDEN, Jr.).
  6. Caty. (Married Richard STONE).
  7. Hezekiah Jr. (Married Alpha NUCKLES or NUCKOLLS).
  8. Archibald, b. abt. 1788. (Married Nancy BOELL or BALE).
  9. Abel.
  10. Hoseah.
  11. Hiram. (Married Mary ETTER).

The book Glimpses of Wythe County on pages 53-54 states:

"Hezekiah Chaney came to the Cripple Creek area about 1775 and lived on a tract of land containing 393 acres, located on McCendleys (sometimes McKinleys Run). The small branch is designated today as Chaney Branch on the topographic maps of the area. The land lies south of Lick Mountain in the vicinity of Rowes Crossroads, and the run joins the main branch of the creek northeast the Town of Speedwell.

The name Chaney was written with several variations in our local records, perhaps because Hezekiah could not write and adopted an unusual seal to serve as his signature. The name was written Chiney, Cheyne, and Chinia, as well as China. This was the only family of the name in the early records of Wythe County, and by 1830 there were no families of that name living in the area."

The only indication of the date of death for Hezekiah Chaney is that it is mentioned in a lawsuit that was filed in Wythe County. He died in Feb 1813, presumably in Wythe County. The place of burial for Hezekiah, as well as the date of death or place of burial for his wife Jane is unknown at this time.

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