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1850 Census of Baker County, GA
transcribed by Mary Kathryn Kozy/Jan Crews

There are 108 separate pages of this census which you may view by page number if you wish.

33a 33b 34a 34b 35a 36a 36b 37a 37b 38a 38b 39a 40a 40b 41a 41b 42a 42b 43a 43b 44a 44b 45a 45b 46a 46b 47a 47b 48a 48b 49a 49b 50a 50b 51a 51b 52a 52b 53a 53b 54a 54b 55a 55b 56a 56b 57a 57b 58a 59a 59b 60a 60b 61a 61b 62a 62b 63a 63b 64a 65a 65b 66a 66b 67a 67b 68a 68b 69a 69b 70a 70b 71a 72a 72b 73a 73b 74a 74b 75a 75b 76a 76b 77a 77b 78a 78b 79a 79b 80a 80b 81a 81b 82a 82b 83a 83b 84a 84b 85a 85b 86a 86b 87a 87b 88a 88b 89a

Abbott, Amanda
Acock, Elizabeth S.
Acock, James M.
Acock, Leonard
Acock, Nancy J.
Acre, John
Acree, Caroline W.
Acree, Elizabeth
Acree, Jackson La Fayette
Acree, Leonard S.
Acree, Sarah
Acree, Starling
Acree, Starling Ransom
Adams, Adam
Adams, Bennett
Adams, Catharine
Adams, Coleson
Adams, Eli
Adams, Elisha
Adams, Elizabeth
Adams, Elizabeth M.
Adams, Francis
Adams, George Thomas
Adams, Hansel
Adams, Harmon
Adams, Isham
Adams, James
Adams, John
Adams, John
Adams, John
Adams, John Henry
Adams, John R
Adams, Jonathan
Adams, Joyce
Adams, Lucretia
Adams, Margaret
Adams, Margaret
Adams, Margaret Flora
Adams, Martha
Adams, Mary
Adams, Mary
Adams, Mary (Miss)
Adams, Mary Ann
Adams, Maryan
Adams, Melvina (Mrs.)
Adams, Nancy
Adams, Noah
Adams, Penny Ann
Adams, Sarah
Adams, Sulvania
Adams, Susan
Adams, Sylvania
Adams, William
Adams, William
Adams, William B.
Addison, Amos
Addison, Anderson
Addison, David
Addison, Hannah
Addison, James
Addison, William
Akridge, Carolina
Akridge, Daniel H
Akridge, Eliza
Akridge, Elizabeth
Akridge, Elizabeth
Akridge, Ellebee
Akridge, Martin
Akridge, Mary
Akridge, Matilda
Akridge, Synthia
Alday, Benjamin
Alday, Elizabeth
Alday, Isaac
Alday, James
Alday, John
Alday, L. B.
Alday, Lucinda
Alday, Martha
Alday, Mary
Alday, Mathew
Alday, Rhoda
Alday, Samuel
Alday, Sarah
Alday, Sarah
Alday, William
Alderman, Sarah
Alexander, Henry Clay
Alexander, John
Alison, James
Allday, R. W.
Allen, Anderson W.
Allen, William
Anthony, John
Anthony, Mary
Anthony, Mary
Anthony, Nancy
Anthony, Thomas
Anthony, Thomas
Anthony, William
Ard, Isom
Ard, Niel
Ard, Rebecca
Ard, Thomas
Arline, Abigail
Arline, Eliza Ann
Arline, Elizabeth
Arline, Henry H.
Arline, James
Arline, Josephene
Arline, Richard D.
Arline, Thomas P.
Arnold, Benjamin
Arnold, Benjamin
Arnold, Catharine
Arnold, Elizabeth
Arnold, Elizabeth
Arnold, Emeline
Arnold, James
Arnold, James
Arnold, John M
Arnold, Martha
Arnold, Mary
Arnold, Needham
Arnold, Prissa
Arnold, Sarah
Arnold, Washington
Arnold, William
Arnold, William A.
Ashfield, Rebecca
Atkins, John D
Atkinson, Henry D.
Atkinson, Shadrik
Attaway, Edey (Mrs.)
Attaway, Joseph
Attaway, Mary Ann
Attaway, Salome Jane
Attaway, William Starling
Austin, Ann Elizabeth
Austin, Bartholomew
Austin, Catherine
Austin, George W.
Austin, Isaac Newton
Austin, John
Austin, John Thomas
Austin, Joseph A.
Austin, Lucinda
Austin, Mary
Austin, Rachel
Austin, Robert Freeman
Austin, William M.
Aycock, Elizabeth
Aycock, Narcissa
Bagget, John
Bagget, Martha
Bagget, Martha J.
Baggs, Caroline
Baggs, Eliza E
Baggs, James
Baggs, William
Bailey, Alta C.
Bailey, Angeline
Bailey, Burwell
Bailey, Daniell
Bailey, Elizabeth
Bailey, Ellen
Bailey, Emiy
Bailey, Harriett E.
Bailey, Isaac
Bailey, Isaac
Bailey, James M.
Bailey, Jane
Bailey, Jane
Bailey, Jasper
Bailey, Jeptha C. H.
Bailey, John
Bailey, Manda
Bailey, Mary
Bailey, Mary
Bailey, Mary
Bailey, Mary A.
Bailey, Nancy A.
Bailey, Preston H.
Bailey, Priscilla
Bailey, Priscilla
Bailey, Roesy A
Bailey, Samuel
Bailey, Sebron
Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Washington D.
Bailey, William
Bailey, William Jr.
Bailey, William Sen.
Bailey, William T.
Bailey, William Z.
Bailey, Zana
Baily, Benjamin
Baily, Burwell
Baily, Eliza
Baily, Elizabeth
Baily, Elizabeth
Baily, Genna
Baily, Harrison
Baily, Henry
Baily, Ivy Ann
Baily, Jane
Baily, John
Baily, John
Baily, John
Baily, John L
Baily, Louiza
Baily, Lucinda
Baily, Malilia
Baily, Marthy
Baily, Mary J
Baily, Matilda
Baily, Nancy
Baily, Robert
Baily, Siety
Baily, Siety
Baily, Thomas
Baily, Thomas J
Baily, William
Baily, William
Baily, William
Baily, William
Baily, William
Baily, William E
Baily, William L
Baily, Winny
Baker, Anderson
Baker, John
Baker, Margaret
Baker, Milly
Ball, Anson
Ball, Ellafeir
Ball, Milton C.
Ball, Phebe
Banister, James
Banister, Mary
Banister, Mary J
Banister, Morgan A
Banister, Narcissa F
Banister, Rachel R
Banister, Sarah E
Barbare, Anna
Barbare, Daniel
Barbare, John S
Barbare, William
Barber, Asa
Barber, Bennet
Barber, Savilla
Barber, Susan
Barbree, Ganer
Barbree, Slanvil
Barefield, Anna Jane
Barefield, Civil Sarah
Barefield, Clara
Barefield, Winiford
Barker, Simeon
Barlow, Elisha T
Barlow, Mary Ann
Barlow, Mary Ann
Barlow, Sarah Ann
Barlow, Tillman
Barlow, William
Barnes, Eugene
Barnes, Merrick
Barnes, Susan
Barratt, Elijah
Barratt, James
Barratt, Louiza
Barratt, Mary
Barratt, Syntha
Barratt, Syntha
Barratt, William
Barrentine, Angeline
Barrentine, Candis
Barrentine, Catharine
Barrentine, Dunkin
Barrentine, Elizabeth
Barrentine, James J
Barrentine, Lucinda
Barrentine, Maranda
Barrentine, Nancy
Barrentine, Peggy Ann
Barrentine, Robert T
Barrentine, Stephen
Barrentine, Tobitha Ann
Barrentine, Washington
Barrentine, William Crawford
Barton, Andrew
Barton, Elizabeth
Barton, N.N.
Barton, N.N.
Barton, N.N.
Barton, N.N.
Barton, N.N.
Barton, N.N.
Barton, N.N.
Barton, Thomas
Bassett, William H.
Bateman, Henry
Bateman, Rebecca
Bateman, Sabra Ann M.
Beasely, Henrietta
Beasely, James
Beasely, Jane
Beasely, Martha
Beasely, William
Beasely, William
Beasily, Stephen
Beck, Burrell
Beck, Emeline
Beck, Franklin
Beck, Hugh
Beck, Leroy
Beck, Martha
Beck, Mary
Beens, Robert A.
Belcher, Nancy Ann
Bellason, Francis
Bellason, Francis
Bellason, Mortimer
Bellason, Rebecca
Bellason, Walter
Bellason, Walter
Bellason, William
Bennett, Arkansas L. C.
Bennett, Lewis
Bennett, Martha A. E.
Bennett, Martha Ann
Bennett, Thomas J.
Berran, Julia (Mrs.)
Bery, Thomas
Beverage, John L.
Beverly, Ann E.
Beverly, John A.
Beverly, Rose Ann
Beverly, William F
Billings, William
Black, Angeline
Black, Henry
Black, Jane
Black, John
Black, John H.
Black, Littleton
Black, Mary
Black, Mary
Black, Mary A.
Black, not named
Black, Peter
Black, Peter J.
Black, Ransom
Black, Susan
Blizard, Na******
Blizard, Thomas
Blount, A. N. G. P.
Blount, Alfred J.
Blount, Cicero F.
Blount, Edna
Blount, Emory
Blount, Leticia
Blount, Marietta
Blount, Sarah
Boatright, Dawson
Boatright, Eleanor
Boatright, Elizabeth
Boatright, Francis
Boatright, John
Boatright, Sarah
Boatright, Sarah A. J.
Boatright, T. J. Chapman
Boles, Simeon W.
Bolton, George W.
Bond, James
Bond, Joseph
Bond, Silah
Boon, Cathrin
Boon, Margaret
Boon, Martha
Boon, Nicholas
Boon, Robert
Boon, Sophia
Boring, Lewis
Bostwick, Lucinda (Mrs.)
Boughton, Mary Jane
Boughton, Seth N.
Boughton, William P.
Boutwell, Harriet
Boutwell, James D
Boutwell, Maria
Boutwell, Nancy
Boutwell, Rachel
Boutwell, Samuel
Boutwell, Sarah
Boutwell, Sarah
Boutwell, Stephen
Boutwell, Thomas
Boutwell, William
Boutwell, William
Bower, Adlin D.
Bower, Byron B.
Bower, Eugene C.
Bower, Ianthus
Bower, Isaac N.
Bower, J. B.
Bower, Marcene
Bowing, Nancy
Bracewell, Virginia (Miss)
Bradley, Chas. A.
Bradley, Henry S.
Bradley, Sarah W.
Brady, Ann
Brady, Francis
Brady, Newton C
Brady, Thomas
Brady, William C.
Brantly, Arkansas
Brantly, Bevena Jane
Brantly, Elizabeth
Brantly, Independent Texas
Brantly, William Orrson
Brantly, Zachariah
Breedlove, Alfred W
Breedlove, Cassandra
Bridgers, Elizabeth
Bridgers, John
Bridgers, John
Bridgers, Martha
Bridgers, Mary Ann
Bridgers, William H
Bright, Betsey
Bright, Frances
Bright, James K.
Bright, Lucy
Bright, Solomon
Brinson, Adam
Brinson, Catharine
Brinson, David John
Brinson, Emma
Brinson, Isaac
Brinson, James
Brinson, Jane
Brinson, Jason B
Brinson, Mary (Mrs.)
Brinson, Matthew
Brinson, Newton P.
Brinson, Paton G
Brinson, Reuben B.
Brinson, Sarah
Brinson, Sarah
Brinson, Simeon
Britt, Arline
Britt, Elizabeth Jane
Britt, James
Britt, Mary
Brock, C. W.
Brock, Elizabeth
Brock, Elmira
Brock, Mary
Brooking, Delamar
Brooking, Frank
Brooking, Georgia A. H.
Brooking, L. S.
Brouser, William
Brown, Albert
Brown, Allen
Brown, Andrew J.
Brown, Anna
Brown, Archibald
Brown, Benjamin
Brown, Catharine
Brown, Christiana
Brown, Delila
Brown, Eliza
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Emily
Brown, Ezekel
Brown, James
Brown, James
Brown, Jane
Brown, Jane
Brown, John
Brown, John W
Brown, Juli Ann J
Brown, Kiner
Brown, Lee
Brown, Louisa A
Brown, Lucinda
Brown, Mahala
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary
Brown, Mary F
Brown, Mary J
Brown, Mathias
Brown, Meriba
Brown, Morgan L
Brown, Nancy
Brown, Niel
Brown, Rebecca
Brown, Russell W.
Brown, Samuel
Brown, Sarah
Brown, Sarah Ann
Brown, Sarah Ann
Brown, Silas
Brown, Stephen
Brown, Washington
Brown, William
Brown, Zachariah
Brunson, Charlotte
Brunson, Elizabeth
Brunson, Henry C.
Brunson, John F.
Brunson, Mary
Brunson, Reuben Junr.
Brunson, Samul
Brunson, Susan
Bryant, John
Bryant , John
Bull, Warren
Bullard, Frank
Bullard, Georgian
Bullard, Marion
Bullard, Mitta
Bullard, Moses
Bullard, Moses C.
Bullard, Needham
Bullard, Sarah
Bullard, W. C.
Bunch, **lia
Bunch, Anna E
Bunch, Daniel
Bunch, David
Bunch, Ellender M
Bunch, George
Bunch, Hue G
Bunch, John J
Bunch, Levi
Bunch, Manda C
Bunch, Margarett
Bunch, Marney
Bunch, Stafford
Bunch, Thomas
Burke, David
Burke, Martha
Burke, Sintha
Burke, William
Burnett, Eugena E.
Burnett, Julian
Burnett, Robert
Burnett, Sarah J.
Burnett, Susan
Burton, Thomas B.
Bush, Benjamin H
Bush, Burwell P L D
Bush, Eliza
Bush, Francis M
Bush, James A
Bush, Jordon W
Bush, Seabron A
Bussey, Charles
Bussey, Nancy
Butler, Abram
Butler, Ann
Butler, Benjamin
Butler, C. W.
Butler, Charles
Butler, Charles
Butler, Cintha
Butler, Columbus
Butler, Dooly
Butler, Elisha
Butler, Elizabeth
Butler, Elizabeth
Butler, Elizabeth
Butler, Geo. W.
Butler, Henry
Butler, Hollan
Butler, Isaac
Butler, James
Butler, James
Butler, Jesse
Butler, Jessee Screws
Butler, John
Butler, John
Butler, John
Butler, John
Butler, Joseph
Butler, Levi
Butler, Manda
Butler, Maria J.
Butler, Martha
Butler, Mary
Butler, Mary
Butler, Mathew
Butler, Moses
Butler, Moses
Butler, Nancy J
Butler, Rebecca
Butler, Reuben
Butler, Robert
Butler, Robert W.
Butler, Thomas
Butler, Thomas
Butler, Timothy
Butler, William
Butler, William
Butler, William D.
Butler, Willis
Buttle, Jesse
Byington, Charles W.
Byington, James L
Byington, Jane C.
Byrd, John G.
Cahouse , Elefair
Cahouse , Elizabeth
Cahouse , James
Cahouse , James M
Cahouse , Vasti
Cain, Benjamin
Cain, Benjamin
Cain, Elizabeth
Cain, Elizabeth
Cain, Jane
Cain, John R
Cain, Manda
Caker, Drusey
Caldwell, Ray
Calhoun, Elizabeth
Calhoun, Elizabeth
Calhoun, Henrietta
Calhoun, Henry
Calhoun, Hetty
Calhoun, James
Calhoun, Jane M.
Calhoun, John
Calhoun, John C.
Calhoun, Josiah
Calhoun, Maxey
Calhoun, Samuel
Calhoun, Sarah
Calhoun, Sarah C
Calhoun, Thomas J.
Camp, Alsy
Camp, Betsey
Camp, Dallas
Camp, Falton
Camp, John
Camp, John L F
Camp, William
Campfield, Halsted
Campfield, Holly C.
Carr, Deliah Jane
Carr, Francis M.
Carr, Penelope
Carr, Pucy Ann
Carr, Rebecca
Carr, Thomas
Carr, Thomas
Carr, William
Carter, James
Carter, Lewis
Carter, Marrtha J.
Carter, Martha
Carter, Patrick
Carter, Robert D.
Castlebury, Magaret
Castlebury, Susan
Caton, Edmond C
Cellars, Elijah
Cellars, Everett
Cellars, Joseph J
Cellars, Louisa
Cellars, Martha
Cellars, Martha
Cellars, Martha Ann
Cellars, Mary Ann
Cellars, Mary J
Cellars, Nancy
Cellars, Simeon
Cellars, Susan
Cellars, Tobitha
Cellars, William
Cellars, Willy
Cellars, Wright
Cellers, William
Cemants, Daniel
Cemants, Elbert
Cemants, John
Cemants, Sally
Chake, James O.
Chance, James
Chance, Susan
Chastain, America
Chastain, Ellafair (Mrs.)
Chastain, Eveline (Mrs.)
Chastain, James M
Chastain, James Thudens
Chastain, John Morgan
Chastain, Mary (Miss)
Chastain, Morgan
Chastain, Texas
Chastain, William J.
Cheak, David
Cheever, William W.
Cheshier, L. Taylor
Cheshier, Robert
Cheshier, Susannah
Childers, Lucy J.
Childers, Lula E.
Childers, M. B.
Childers, Virgil N.
Christie, Allen
Christie, Elizabeth
Christie, Florida
Christie, Frances
Christie, Georgia
Christie, Jane
Christie, Jane
Christie, Margaret
Christie, Martha
Christie, Sally
Christie, Susan
Christie, William
Churchwell, Nathan
Churchwell, Sarah
Clark, Amanda C.
Clark, Anna
Clark, Eliza
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Joshua
Clark, Lilley W.
Clark, Richard H.
Clements, William
Cleward, Frank
Clifton, Elizabeth
Clifton, John S.
Clifton, Mary B
Clifton, Mary Jane
Clifton, Nathan H
Clifton, Reddick S.
Clifton, Sarah Ann
Clifton, Thomas H.
Clifton, William
Clower, Washington
Clower, William
Coalson, Elizabeth
Coalson, Happy
Coalson, Lucinda
Coalson, Wiley Ogletree
Cobb, Daniel
Cobb, John L.
Cobb, Sarah
Cobb, Semantha
Cochran, Barsheba
Cochran, Christopher C.
Cochran, Clemintine
Cochran, Edward D.
Cochran, Emilene F.
Cochran, Hariet
Cochran, James
Cochran, John
Cochran, John L.
Cochran, John M
Cochran, Louisa V.
Cochran, Martha
Cochran, Robert
Cochran, Sarah C
Cochran, William
Cochren, George W.
Cochren, John
Cochren, Sarah
Cocks, Charles
Cocks, Nancy Ann
Cocks, Nathan L
Cocks, Sarah Jane
Cocks, Stephen E
Cody, Albert
Cody, Emma H. C.
Cody, Isaiah T
Cody, Louisa
Cody, Marion
Cody, Mary
Cody, Peter
Cody, Sarah P.
Cody, Thomas P.
Cody, Virginia
Coker, Mary
Coleson, Elizabeth
Coleson, James
Coleson, John
Coleson, Mathew
Colleen, Emma C. (Mrs.)
Colleen, Lawson Forsythe
Colleen, Margarett S. J.
Colleen, Mary E. E.
Colleen, Needham W.
Colley, Abner
Colley, George
Colley, John
Colley, John
Colley, Lovisa
Colley, Lydia
Colley, Martha S
Colley, Mary
Colley, Mary Ann
Colley, Patiener
Colley, Rachel
Colley, Rachel
Colley, Sarah
Colley, Sugar
Colley, William
Colley, William
Colley, William
Collier, George W.
Collier, Martha Gilbert
Collier, Mary Emma
Collier, Nancy E. (Mrs.)
Collier, Needham B. Jr.
Collier, Sarah Elizabeth
Collier, Viola
Collins, Alissa?
Collins, Amanda
Collins, Caroline
Collins, Caroline
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, Esther
Collins, George
Collins, George
Collins, Georgian
Collins, Henry
Collins, Jackson
Collins, John F.
Collins, John H
Collins, Mary
Collins, Mary
Collins, Mary D
Collins, Sarah
Collins, Sarah
Collins, William
Collins, William A
Commanda, Franklin
Commanda, Penna
Commanda, Robert J.
Connolly, Darby D
Connolly, George W
Connolly, Henry J
Connolly, Jesse
Connolly, Joann
Connolly, Malinda
Connolly, Susan Rooks
Connolly, Susanah
Conolly, Frank
Conolly, Georgia Ann
Conolly, Jefferson
Conolly, Joseph
Conolly, Mary Ann
Conolly, Nelly
Cook, Annnis
Cook, Dorothy Ann (Mrs.)
Cook, Eliza
Cook, Hamlin J.
Cook, Henry H
Cook, Hugh
Cook, James
Cook, Jane
Cook, Jemima
Cook, Jemima
Cook, Leathy
Cook, Mitchel
Cook, Samuel Austin
Cook, William
Cook, Willis
Cook, Willis
Cook, Willis
Cook, Willis
Cooley, Eugenia
Cooley, Julia
Cooper, Eliza
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, Elizabeth
Cooper, James
Cooper, James
Cooper, James
Cooper, Jasper
Cooper, Jesse
Cooper, Jesse H
Cooper, John G
Cooper, John W
Cooper, Malissa Ann
Cooper, Nancy
Cooper, Newton
Cooper, Rosina
Cooper, Susan
Cooper, William
Cooper , William A.
Cooper, William B
Coppage, John
Core, Alycus
Core, B. M.
Core, Nemet???
Core, Saraha
Core, Thomas
Crawford, Cyntha
Crawford, Jane
Crawford, Jane
Crawford, John
Crawford, William Byrd
Crocker , John
Crosby , Anna J.
Crosby, Aron
Crosby, Aron
Crosby, Dicey
Crosby, Edward
Crosby, Elizabeth
Crosby, Henry
Crosby, Henry A.
Crosby , Henry Jr.
Crosby, Jane
Crosby, John
Crosby, Joseph
Crosby, Joshua P.
Crosby , Julian J.
Crosby, Mahala
Crosby, Martha
Crosby, Martha
Crosby, Mary J.
Crosby, Melvina
Crosby , Penelope
Crosby, Polly
Crosby, Richard
Crosby, Sarah
Crosby, Solomon
Crosby, Synthia
Crosby, Thomas
Crosby, Welthy Ann
Crosby, William H.
Culpeper, Bryon
Culpeper, David W.
Culpeper, Eliza
Culpeper, Jane
Culpeper, Mathew
Culpeper, Mesuria
Culpeper, Mitchel
Culpeper, Silpha
Culpepper, Pettitisha
Cumbest, Adam J.
Cumbest, Angeline
Cumbest, Elaphia
Cumbest, Elizabeth
Cumbest, Francis
Cumbest, James
Cumbest, Thomas
Cutheral, Arimissia
Cutheral, Emeline
Cutheral, Esther
Cutheral, Jasper
Cutheral, Neoma
Cutheral, Thomas
Daniel, Elizabeth (Mrs.)
Daniel, Nathaniel
Darsay, Anna
Darsay, Benjamin
Darsay, Charlotta
Darsay, Edy Ann
Darsay, Seth
Darsay, Thomas
Darsay, Thomas H
Davis, Andrew J.
Davis , Ann H.
Davis, E. C.
Davis, Emily
Davis, John
Davis, John
Davis, John A.
Davis, Joseph E.
Davis, Joshua
Davis, Leah
Davis, Margaret
Davis, Presilla
Davis, Sarah Ann
Davis, William
Davis, William
Davis, William L.
Dean, Needham
Deason, Caroline
Deason, Elizabeth
Deason, Hepsey
Deason, Joseph
Deason, Martha
Deason, Sarah
Deason, Solomon
Deawell, Mary E
Deawell, William W.
Dees, Appy
Dees, David
Dees, Elizabeth
Dees, Henry
Dees, Jemima
Dees, John
Dees, Lucinda
Dees, Mary Ann
Dees, Maryan
Dees, Monroe
Dees, Moses
Dees, Nancy
Dees, Nathan
Dees, Sarah
Dees, Washington
Dees, William
Deis, Levi
Deis, Nancy
Deis, Susan
Deis, William
Delaney, Nathan C
Delaney, Virginia
Demerell, William S.
Demuel, William
Dennard, Howard
Dews, Enily M
Dews, Hariett G.
Dews, Henry W.
Dews, John H.
Dews, John J.
Dews, Laura C.
Dews, Sarah E.
Dews, Theodore M
Dews, William
Dickinson, C. T.
Dickinson, John T.
Dickinson, Margarett
Dickinson, Richard A.
Dickinson, Rodger Q.
Dickinson, Saml. J.
Dickinson, William Q.
Dickson, Alexander
Dickson, Elizabeth
Dickson, Ellen
Dickson, Flemming
Dickson, Henry W.
Dickson, Hetty
Dickson, Jacob
Dickson, Jasper Newton
Dickson, Martha J
Dickson, Mary Ann
Dickson, Nancy
Dickson, Nancy J
Dickson, Sarah A E
Dickson, Wesley J.
Dickson, William J
Dickson, Zachariah
Diedenhoffer, Abraham
Doke, Alexander
Doke, Alexander
Doke, Ann
Doke, John
Doke, John
Doke, Lucy
Doke, Mary
Doke, Sarah
Doke, Sarah
Doke, Sarah
Doke, Thomas
Doke, William
Dominy, Edy
Dominy, James B.
Dominy, Jerome B
Dominy, Sarah
Dominy, Sarah Ann
Dominy, Talitha
Dominy, Thomas J
Dorsan, Bryan
Dorsan, Counsil
Dorsan, Joel
Dorsan, Mary
Dorsan, Mary
Dorsan, Tapena
Dorsan, Temperanse
Dorsan, William
Downs, Barrette
Downs, Benjamin
Downs, Elizabeth
Downs, Elizabeth
Downs, John
Downs, Thomas
Doyle, James
Doyle, Michael
Drinkwater, 1 Not Named
Drinkwater, Eliza
Drinkwater, Everett
Drinkwater, John
Drinkwater, John
Drinkwater, Martha
Drinkwater, Samuel
Drinkwater, Texas
Dubsey, Sarah
Dubsey, Sebron W.
Dubsey, Thomas R.
Dudley, Henrietta
Dudley, Isora
Dudley, John D
Dudley, Laura
Dudly, Irvin
Dudly, Jessee
Dudly, John
Dudly, Macon
Dudly, Margaret
Dudly, Polly
Dudly, Tresee
Duke, Benjamin
Duke, Charles
Duke, Ellick
Duke, Fredrick
Duke, Fredrick
Duke, Green
Duke, Harriett
Duke, Harriett
Duke, Henry J.
Duke, Henry J.
Duke, Jackson
Duke, John W.
Duke, Laura A.
Duke, Mary
Duke, Mary E
Duke, Mary E.
Duke, Roswell
Duke, William
Duke, Winney
Dunham, Joseph L.
Dunlap, Elizabeth
Dunn, Ambrose R.
Dunn, Elizabeth C.
Dunn, Henry T.
Dunn, Idella
Dunn, Minerva A
Dunn, William
Durkam, Joaquim
Eaton, Barbey
Eaton, Bently
Eaton, Elizabeth
Eaton, William
Eaton, Winny
Edenfield, Ann
Edenfield, Elias Jordan
Edenfield, Francis W
Edenfield, George W
Edenfield, Henry Jackson
Edenfield, Jonah
Edenfield, Marentha
Edenfield, Mary Caroline
Edenfield, Thomas J
Edenfield, William H
Edward, Benjamin???
Edward, Catharine
Edward, Cullin
Edward, Jemima
Edward, John J
Edward, Morgan
Edward, Morgan
Edward, Richard
Edward, Sarah Ann
Edward, Thomas *
Ellerbee, 1 Not named
Ellerbee, Edlizabeth
Ellerbee, Edward
Ellerbee, James
Ellerbee, Jasper
Ellerbee, John
Ellerbee, Martha
Ellerbee, Martha
Ellerbee, Sanderline
Ellerbee, Smith
Eubanks, Hardee
Eubanks, John
Eubanks, Martha
Eubanks, William Henry
Evans, James
Everett, Caroline
Everett, Henry
Everett, Henry
Everett, Jane
Everett, Mary
Everett, Mary
Everett, Mary
Everett, Sarah
Everett, Silas
Everett, William
Everett, William T
Faircloth, Abner
Faircloth, Adam
Faircloth, Allen
Faircloth, Allin
Faircloth, Anderson
Faircloth, Benjamin P
Faircloth, Caleb
Faircloth, Caleb
Faircloth, Calvin
Faircloth, Calvin
Faircloth, Clara
Faircloth, Clarisa
Faircloth, Diery
Faircloth, Edney
Faircloth, Elias
Faircloth, Eliza
Faircloth, Eliza
Faircloth, Elizabeth
Faircloth, Elizabeth
Faircloth, Elizabeth
Faircloth, Elizabeth
Faircloth, Emerson
Faircloth, Emily
Faircloth, Gabreal
Faircloth, Gapsey
Faircloth, Gatsey
Faircloth, George W
Faircloth, Green B.
Faircloth, James
Faircloth, Jane
Faircloth, Jane
Faircloth, Jane (Mrs.)
Faircloth, Jno. Quincy Adams
Faircloth, John M
Faircloth, Joseph
Faircloth, Joshua Green
Faircloth, Josua
Faircloth, Martin Van Buren
Faircloth, Mary
Faircloth, Mary S
Faircloth, Mathew
Faircloth, May
Faircloth, Nathan
Faircloth, Perry
Faircloth, Polly Ann
Faircloth, Raiford
Faircloth, Redden
Faircloth, Redding Jr.
Faircloth, Sarah
Faircloth, Sarah
Faircloth, Sarah
Faircloth, Sarah A.
Faircloth, Shadrack
Faircloth, Shelby
Faircloth, Sissan
Faircloth, Susan
Faircloth, Tabutha
Faircloth, Thomas
Faircloth, Thomas
Faircloth, Thomas
Faircloth, Wesley
Faircloth, Wesley
Faircloth, William
Faircloth, William
Faircloth, William Green
Fann, Caroline (Miss)
Fanner, Mary
Ferrell, Eliza
Ferrell, James Terry
Ferrell, Martha
Ferrell, William S.
Fewell, Mary
Fewell, Sarah
Fillengame, James T.
Fillengame, John C
Fillengame, John J
Fillengame, Julia Ann
Fillengame, Nancy
Fillengame, Sarah
Fillengame, Sarah Elizabeth
Finney, Elizabeth
Finney, Hepsey
Finney, James
Finney, John
Finney, John T
Finney, Randal
Finney, Rosanah
Floyed, Anderson F.
Floyed, Baxter
Floyed, Catherine C.
Floyed, Charlott E.
Floyed, Elizabeth
Floyed, Ezekiel
Floyed, Furgison F.
Floyed, James
Floyed, Jesse
Floyed, John F.
Floyed, Martha
Floyed, Mary
Floyed, Mary L.
Floyed, Penny
Floyed, Sarah
Floyed, Sarah A.
Folding, James
Follett, Elizabeth L
Follett, Hannah
Follett, Mary C.
Follett, Sam'l. D
Follett, Sarah
Follett, Windser
Forearms, G. S.
Forehand, Amanda
Forehand, Amos
Forehand, Ann
Forehand, Anoma
Forehand, Morgan
Fowler, Charles W.
Fowler, Georgian
Fowler, James S.
Fowler, Martha
Fowler, Mary
Fowler, Mary
Fowler, Mary Ann
Foy, Mary L
Foy, William
Freeman, Chaney
Freeman, Clarissa
Freeman, Jacob
Freeman, Jane
Freeman, John
Freeman, John F
Freeman, Martha
Freeman, Penny
Freeman, Sarah
Freeman, Thomas
Freeman, Thomas Harris
Freeman, William
Freeman, William B.
Froshier, David
Froshier, David
Froshier, Elafair
Froshier, John
Froshier, John
Froshier, Sephrony
Froshier, Susan
Froshier, William
Froshier, Wm. B.
Fulgeom, Eldridge
Fulgeom, Elizabeth (Mrs.)
Gallon , Alexander H.
Ganes, William
Ganey, Mary
Ganey, William H. H
Gardiner, Junius C.
Gardner, Elizabeth F
Gardner, Ellin
Gardner, Eveline
Gardner, Hannah
Gardner, James Lewis
Gardner, Jane
Gardner, John
Gardner, M. L.
Gardner, Martha C
Gardner, Mary Ann
Gardner, Sarah
Gardner, Sarah
Gardner, Sarah E
Gardner, Thomas
Gardner, William T
Gaulding, Richard
Gaulding , Richard
Gearing, Elizabeth
Gearing, James
Gearing, John
Gearing, John
Gearing, Martha
Gearing, Mary
Gearing, Sarah M
George, Eliza
George, James
George, Joseph E.
Gill, Martha
Gill, Richard
Gillon, Emily
Gillon, Joab
Gillon, Julia
Gillon, Mary J.
Gillstrap, William
Glad, Albert G.
Gladden, Alfred
Gladden, Caroline
Gladden, Caroline
Gladden, Frances E.
Gladden, John Wesley
Gladden, Kesiah
Gladden, Reuben A.
Gladden, Silas
Glasby, Caladonia
Glasby, Catharine
Glasby, Malissa
Glasby, Mary
Glasby, William O
Glover, Burrel
Glover, Jasper K.
Goalden, Elizabeth
Goalden, Hyram
Goalden, James
Goalden, Jane E.
Goalden, Jauba
Goalden, Sarah
Goalden, Sarah
Goalden, Susan
Goalden, William
Goalden, William
Godwin, Abel A
Godwin, Aidrey
Godwin, Alexander
Godwin, Alexander
Godwin, Alexander
Godwin, Canneth
Godwin, Civil
Godwin, Delia
Godwin, Eli
Godwin, Elizabeth
Godwin, Elizabeth
Godwin, Elizabeth
Godwin, Emily
Godwin, George
Godwin, Henry
Godwin, James
Godwin, Jane
Godwin, John
Godwin, John
Godwin, Julia
Godwin, Kescissa
Godwin, Margaret
Godwin, Mary
Godwin, Matilda
Godwin, Merida M
Godwin, Nancy
Godwin, Noah
Godwin, Redin
Godwin, Sarah Elizabeth
Godwin, Starlin
Godwin, Stephen
Godwin, Tobitha
Godwin, Volentine
Godwin, William R
Godwin, Zilpha
Goodson, 1 Not named
Goodson, George
Goodson, Horatio
Goodson, Ishmael
Goodson, Jesse W.
Goodson, Joseph
Goodson, Madison
Goodson, Mary
Goodson, Noah
Goodson, Rachel
Goodson, Rufus
Goodson, Sarah
Goodson, William
Gowder, Susan
Gray, Caroline
Gray, Daniel
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, Eveline
Gray, George
Gray, Harriet (Mrs.)
Gray, James
Gray, Laura
Gray, Mary
Gray, Mary Ann
Gray, Simeon
Gray, Steven
Gray, Thomas
Green, Augustus
Green, Glover
Green, Winton
Greenwood, Abner S.
Greenwood, Amanda J.
Greenwood, Elizabeth M. M.
Greenwood, Julia Ann
Greer, A. P.
Greer, Elizabeth J.
Greer, Frances J.
Greer, James A.
Greer, Mariah C.
Greer, Mary E.
Greer, Thomas J.
Greer, William A.
Gregory, Allercan
Gregory, Betsy Ann
Gregory, Edmodon
Gregory, George W.
Gregory, James
Gregory, Jane
Gregory, Jane
Gregory, John
Gregory, Julia Ann
Gregory, Matilda
Gregory, Nancy
Gregory, Phoeba
Gregory, Samuel Jr
Gregory, Samuel Senr
Gregory, Sherod
Gregory, Willis
Grey, Reddin
Griffin, Ann W
Griffin, Archibald A.
Griffin, Ashley
Griffin, Cornelius
Griffin, Edmund
Griffin, Elinzor
Griffin, Elizabeth
Griffin, Elizabeth
Griffin, Elizabeth
Griffin, Elizaveth
Griffin, Ella
Griffin, Hardy
Griffin, Henrietta
Griffin, Isaac
Griffin, Jesse H
Griffin, John D.
Griffin, John F.
Griffin, Joseph Le Roy
Griffin, Josephine
Griffin, Kiza Ann
Griffin, Levi
Griffin, Louisa
Griffin, Martha
Griffin, Martha
Griffin, Martha
Griffin, Martha Jane
Griffin, Mary Ann
Griffin, Mary Eliza
Griffin, Mildred
Griffin, Mourning
Griffin, Mourning
Griffin, Penny
Griffin, Rachael A.
Griffin, Sarah Jane
Griffin, Thomas
Griffin, Thomas Jr
Griffin, William
Griffin, William D.
Griffin, William E.
Griffin, Wimford
Griffin, Wm. H.
Griffin, Wyatt
Griffis, Edna (Mrs.)
Griffis, Morgan
Griffis, Reuben N
Griner, Andrew
Griner, Arinsy E
Griner, Aviny
Griner, Caroline
Griner, Charlotte
Griner, Eliza
Griner, Eliza
Griner, Elizabeth
Griner, James
Griner, James
Griner, Jasper
Griner, John C
Griner, Lewis M.
Griner, Louisa
Griner, Martha
Griner, Mathew
Griner, Rhoda
Griner, Richard
Griner, Theopely H
Griner, Thomas
Griner, Timothy M
Griner, Wm. H.
Grizzard, Elizabeth
Grizzard, John
Grose, David H
Grose, Jane
Grose, John
Grose, Permelia
Grose, Peter U
Grose, Sarah A M
Grose, Solomon
Grose, William
Hair, Anna J.
Hair, Catherine
Hair, Diery
Hair, Diery J.
Hair, Duncan
Hair, George W.
Hair, Haywood
Hair, Hester A.
Hair, James C
Hair, Jessee
Hair, John
Hair, Joshua C.
Hair, Malcolm
Hair, Maranda
Hair, Nancy
Hair, Polly Ann
Hair, Roger
Hair, Sophia
Hair, Susan
Hair, William D.
Hall, Armaza
Hall, Catharine
Hall, Chloe
Hall, Henry H.
Hall, Isaac B.
Hall, James P
Hall, Jane
Hall, Jane
Hall, Jessee
Hall, John
Hall, John
Hall, Malinda
Hall, Sabrina
Hall, Safrona
Hall, Samul
Hall, Silvana
Hall, William
Hall, William
Hall, William
Halle, James A. Y.
Halle, Matilda A.
Halle, William Y.
Ham, David
Hammell, Sarah
Hampton, Benjamin
Hampton, James D.
Hampton, James W.
Hampton, John
Hampton, Joseph
Hampton, Joseph Le Roy
Hampton, Louisa
Hampton, Lucretia
Hampton, Margaret
Hampton, Martha
Hampton, Martha L
Hampton, Reason
Hampton, Richard
Hampton, Sarah Ann
Hampton, Susan
Hampton, William
Hampton, William L
Hampton, William O
Hancock, Benette
Hancock, Elizabeth
Hancock, Georgia Ann
Hancock, James
Hancock, Jane
Hancock, Jeston
Hancock, Martin H
Hancock, Sarah
Hardy, Richard
Harrell, Elizabeth
Harrell, George
Harrell, James C
Harrell, John B
Harrell, Mahala
Harrell, Morgan
Harrell, Moses K
Harrell, Rachel
Harrell, Sarah
Harris, Augustin S.
Harris, Jeptha C
Harris, Leroy
Harris, Martha E.
Harris, Martha R
Harris, Nancy D.
Harris, Sarah
Harris, Vienna
Harris, Walton K.
Harris, Willis B.
Harrison, Allen J.
Harrison, Celia L.
Harrison, Hansel W.
Harrison, Hilaca Ann
Harvey, Francis R. (Miss)
Harvey, Harriett
Harvey, Joel
Harvey, Julia A.
Harvey, Martha
Harvey, N.N.
Hatcher, Benjamin
Hatcher, Elizabeth
Hatcher, Georgia Anna
Hatcher, Jackson
Hatcher, Jackson
Hatcher, John
Hatcher, Louisa
Hatcher, Lousinda
Hatcher, Mahala
Hatcher, Malinda
Hatcher, Margarett
Hatcher, Mary
Hatcher, Mary
Hatcher, Mozelle (Mrs.)
Hatcher, N.N.
Hatcher, Nancy
Hatcher, Nancy
Hatcher, Needham
Hatcher, Pinckney
Hatcher, Reuben
Hatcher, Reuben
Hatcher, Robert
Hatcher, Roxyann
Hatcher, Ruben
Hatcher, Sally
Hatcher, Sarah
Hatcher, Thomas
Hatcher, Thomas
Hatcher, Thomas Jr.
Hatcher, William
Hawkins, Susan A. F.
Hawkins, William M
Hawkins, William M. Junr.
Hawthorn, David T.
Hawthorn, Joseph
Hawthorn, Mary
Hawthorn, Nathaniel
Hawthorn, William
Hayans, Daniel
Hayewoode, John
Hayles, Robert
Helton, Francis
Helton, Mary J
Henderson, Baby
Henderson, Barbara
Henderson, Charles
Henderson, Elizabeth
Henderson, Evline
Henderson, Heram
Henderson, Jane
Henderson, John
Henderson, John
Henderson, Joseph
Henderson, Thomas
Henderson, William
Herring, Benjamin
Herring, Lewis
Herring, Louisa
Herring, Louisa
Herring, William J.
Herrington, Alexander
Herrington, Alexander P.
Herrington, Eliza
Herrington, John N.
Herrington, Louisianna
Herrington, Lucy
Herrington, Lucy Ann
Herrington, Marion F.
Herrington, Martha
Herrington, Martin
Herrington, Nancy
Herrington, Nancy
Herrington, R. Franklin
Herrington, Robert M
Herrington, Robert S.
Herrington, Simeon
Hester, James
Hester, Jane
Hesters, Mary Ann
Hesters, Nathaniel
Hesters, Susan
Hewett, Abner
Hewett, Armsted
Hewett, Armsted P.
Hewett, Frances
Hewett, John W.
Hewett, Louisa
Hewett, Nathaniel
Hewett, Nelson
Hicks, Eliza
High, Samuel
High, Susan
Hill, James
Hill, Missouri
Hison, Ann S.
Hison, Benjamin F.
Hison, Catharine
Hison, George R.
Hison, Henry
Hison, William
Hison, William H.
Hodges, Flora
Hodges, John W.
Hoister, Daniel
Hoister, Jane
Hoister, John
Hoister, Joseph
Hoister, Mary
Hoister, William
Holiman, Burwell
Hollowry, V H
Holt, P H
Homes, Jackson
Homes, Jefferson
Homes, John
Homes, Lucinda
Homes, Mary
Homes, Samuel
Homes, Semantha
Hook, Henry
Hook, John
Hook, Mary (Mrs.)
Hook, Sherrod
Hooks, Adaline
Hooks, George
Hooks, Isabella
Hooks, James
Hooks, James
Hooks, Margarett T.
Hooks, Mary A.
Hooks, Philip H.
Hooks, Rebecca
Hooks, Reuben W
Hooks, Rosilla
Hora, Henry
Hora, Sophia
Horks, Daniel
Horks, Louisa
Horks, Lucinda H
Horks, Margaret E.
Horks, Margaret R
Horks, Martha
Horks, Mary J
Horks, Robert S.
Horks, Simon
Hornsby, Eliza
Hornsby, Huldah A.
Hornsby, Martha J.
Hornsby, William J.
Horseford, Amand Prockle
Horseford, Demarias Lodge
Horseford, John
Horseford, Lydia
Howel, Arthur
Howel, Arthur
Howel, Charlotte
Howel, Elisha
Howel, Harriet E
Howel, Henry
Howel, Henry
Howel, Henry L.
Howel, John
Howel, Martha
Howel, Matilda
Howel, Matilda
Howel, Richmon
Howel, Richmond
Howel, William N
Hudler, Benjamin
Hudler, Celia Ann
Hudler, David
Hudler, Jesse
Hudler, John
Hudler, William
Hudson, Daniel
Hudson, David
Hudson, John R
Hudson, Joseph
Hudson, Samuel
Hudson, Susan
Hulto, Appleton
Hulto, Elizabeth
Hulto, Elizabeth
Hulto, Francis
Hulto, Henry
Hulto, Ira
Hulto, Ivy
Hulto, John
Hulto, Martha
Hulto, Martin
Hulto, Mary Ann
Hulto, Mary E
Hulto, Peter
Hulto, Rachel
Hulto, Robert
Hulto, Thomas
Hulto, William
Hunt, Anderson
Hunt, Archibald A.
Hunt, Eliza D.
Hunt, Ella C.
Hunter, Joel E.
Hurst, Eli
Hurst, Henry
Hurst, Jacob
Hurst, Jeremiah
Hurst, John
Hurst, Josiah
Hurst, Nancy
Hurst, Nancy
Hurst, Stephen
Inabnet, Barbara
Inabnet, Caroline
Inabnet, Mary A
Inabnet, Minerva
Inabnet, Rebecca
Irwin, Anna
Irwin, Elizabeth
Irwin, Isaac
Irwin, James
Irwin, James
Irwin, John
Ishberry, James
Isler, Beckton
Isler, Bryant
Isler, Elizabeth
Isler, Franklin
Isler, Frederick
Isler, John B
Isler, Machael
Isler, Nancy J
Isler, Sarah
Isler, William
Isler, Zipporah
Ivey, Alexande C.
Ivey, Andrew V.
Ivey, Elijah P.
Ivey, Emily C.
Ivey, Frances
Ivey, Gilpha
Ivey, Henry W.
Ivey, Owen
Ivey, Rebecca M.
Ivey, Samuel G.
Ivey, Susan O.
Ivey, Winfield R.
Ivey, Winnifred I.
Jackson, Adlaid E.
Jackson, Elizabeth
Jackson, George W.
Jackson, Green S.
Jackson , James W.
Jackson, Jason M.
Jackson, John
Jackson, John J.
Jackson, John L.
Jackson , John W.
Jackson, Joseph Abner
Jackson , Martha O.
Jackson , Mary
Jackson, Mary E.
Jackson, Mary P. S.
Jacobs , Mary Ann
Janson, James E.
Janson, Sarah M.
Janson, Thomas M.
Jarrell, Chloe
Jarrell, James N. B.
Jarrell, Josephene
Jarrell, Thomas
Jarrell, Thos. Alexander
Jarrell, William Capers
Jarrs, William
Jarvis, Alfred A.
Jeffries, Benjamin
Jeffries, Catherine (Mrs.)
Jeffries, James
Jeffries, James Jr.
Jeffries, James Swepston
Jeffries, Mary
Jeffries, Pency (Mrs.)
Jeffries, William J
Jenkins, Mary
Jenkins, Nelly
Jenkins, Sibba
Jenkins, William
Jenkins, William A
Jennings, Catherine
Jennings, Jonathan
Jennings, Mary
Jennings, Rhoda Ann
Jernigan, Elizabeth
Jernigan, Phillip
Jernigan, Prissa
Jestice, 1 Not Named
Jestice, Alford
Jestice, Ashford
Jestice, Frances
Jestice, James
Jestice, Kizza
Jestice, William
Jestice, Wright
Johns, Behethun
Johns, Cathandar
Johns, Cicero
Johns, Elebber
Johns, James T
Johns, Josephine
Johns, Octavo L
Johns, Thomas H
Johns, William Frances
Johns, Winkfield
Johnson, Alexander
Johnson, Alsey
Johnson, Amanda
Johnson, Amos
Johnson, Ann Matilda
Johnson, Benjamin
Johnson, Benjamin
Johnson, Betsey
Johnson, Bryan
Johnson, Candis
Johnson, Caty
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Clarisa
Johnson, Clarisa
Johnson, Clarkey
Johnson, Daniel A.
Johnson, David L
Johnson, Drewry
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Evelin
Johnson, Felix
Johnson, Francis
Johnson, George
Johnson, George
Johnson, George
Johnson, George
Johnson, George P.
Johnson, Green
Johnson, Green
Johnson, Harriet
Johnson, Henry A.
Johnson, Israel
Johnson, Jacob
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, James
Johnson, James G.
Johnson, James R
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, John
Johnson, John T
Johnson, John W. L.
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Joseph
Johnson, Joshua
Johnson, Julian
Johnson, Laura Sophronia
Johnson, Litia
Johnson, Lovett
Johnson, Lucinda
Johnson, Lucinda
Johnson, Lucy Ann
Johnson, Lurana
Johnson, M**** M.
Johnson, Mahaliann
Johnson, Malatha
Johnson, Manda
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Marinda
Johnson, Marion
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Martha
Johnson, Martha Ann
Johnson, Martha Ann
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary Ann
Johnson, Mary E.
Johnson, Nancy
Johnson, Nancy
Johnson, Nancy
Johnson, Nancy
Johnson, Nancy
Johnson, Nancy Ann
Johnson, Needham
Johnson, Needham
Johnson, Nivy
Johnson, Reuben
Johnson, Rhoda
Johnson, Ridley
Johnson, Sampson
Johnson, Sampson
Johnson, Samuel A.
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Sarah Ann
Johnson, Sarah J.
Johnson, Simon
Johnson, Spicy Ann
Johnson, Stephen D.
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, Thomas
Johnson, Thomas J.
Johnson, Thomas J.
Johnson, Washington
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnson, William
Johnson, William G. L.
Johnson, William P.
Johnson, Wilson
Johnson, Wright
Johnston, Asa
Johnston, Calvin
Johnston, Cassa (Mrs.)
Johnston, John Wesley
Johnston, Merlinda
Johnston, William Hall
Jolly, Anderson C.
Jolly, Sarah Ann
Jones, Adam
Jones, Alexander
Jones, Allen
Jones, Allen H.
Jones, Augustus
Jones, Brian J.
Jones, Daniel
Jones, Daniel
Jones, David
Jones, Dawson
Jones, Dolphus
Jones, Eliza E.
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, George W.
Jones, Henry
Jones, James
Jones, James J.
Jones, Jerome B
Jones, John
Jones, John
Jones, John Oscar
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Martha
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary
Jones, Maryann
Jones, Millmoth
Jones, Murdock N
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Nancy
Jones, Nathan S.
Jones, Newton C.
Jones, Perry
Jones, Reuben
Jones, Sarah Ann
Jones, Sarah Ann
Jones, Thomas
Jones, Washington
Jones, William
Jones, William P.
Jordan, Amanda
Jordan, Ambrose
Jordan, Arnold
Jordan, Ashford
Jordan, Catherin
Jordan, Cintha
Jordan, Cole
Jordan, David
Jordan, Elias
Jordan, Elizabeth
Jordan, Ellender
Jordan, George
Jordan, George
Jordan, Holly
Jordan, James
Jordan, Jane
Jordan, Jeremiah
Jordan, John
Jordan, John
Jordan, John D.
Jordan, John Jordan
Jordan, Joseph
Jordan, Marilda
Jordan, Martha
Jordan, Mary
Jordan, Mary
Jordan, Mary J
Jordan, Nancy
Jordan, Nathan
Jordan, Nathan
Jordan, Nathan
Jordan, Rebecca P.
Jordan, Reuben
Jordan, Samuel
Jordan, Sarah
Jordan, Sarah
Jordan, Sarah Ann
Jordan, Susan
Jordan, Thomas
Jordan, William
Jordan, William
Jordan, William
Jordan, William
Jorgan, B. F. L. C.
Jorgan, Edgeworth
Jorgan, Green
Jorgan, Jane
Jorgan, Josefine
Jorgan, Martha
Jorgan, Matilda
Jorgan, Perry
Jorgan, William
Jorgan, William
Keaton, Abner
Keaton, Arbella
Keaton, B. Washington
Keaton, Benjamin B
Keaton, Benjamin O.
Keaton, Benjn. Thomas
Keaton, Burrel D
Keaton, Hester Ann B.
Keaton, James J.
Keaton, James K. P.
Keaton, James M
Keaton, John
Keaton, Kader
Keaton, Louisa
Keaton, Louisa H.
Keaton, Mary Ann
Keaton, Mary S.
Keaton, Melvina
Keaton, Rebecca
Keaton, Sarah Ann
Keaton, Tappena
Keaton, Tappena
Keel, Arden
Keel, Coleman
Keel, Coleman
Keel, Frances
Keel, Hansel
Keel, Hansel
Keel, Henry
Keel, John
Keel, John
Keel, Jordan
Keel, Julia
Keel, Levi
Keel, Martha
Keel, Martha
Keel, Martha
Keel, Mary
Keel, Mary
Keel, Mary Ann
Keel, Mary Ann E
Keel, Rhoda
Keel, Rocsy
Keel, Rocsy Ann
Keel, Sarah E
Keel, Thomas A
Keel, Vis*a
Keel, William
Keel, William
Keel, William
Keel, William
Keirce, Bedy Jane
Keirce, John
Keirce, John
Keirce, Mary Ann
Keirce, Noah
Keirce, Penny
Keirce, Rebera
Keirce, Samuel
Keirce, Samuel J
Keirce, Sarah Ann
Keirce, Tobitha
Keirse, Andrew
Keirse, Bedy Jane
Keirse, Berryon
Keirse, Daniel
Keirse, George
Keirse, Henry
Keirse, Jane
Keirse, Lucy Ann
Keirse, Sarah Ann
Keirse, Wilson J
Kemp, Elizabeth
Kemp, Emeline
Kemp, Jacob H.
Kemp, Mary Frances
Kendrick, William W.
Kent, Louisiana
Kent, William A.
Kerbo, Abner
Kerbo, Manda
Kerbo, Mary
Kerbo, Mary
Kerbough, Henry
Kerbough, John
Kerbough, Sary Ann
Kerbough, Thomas
Ketchand, Jesse
Ketchand, Sarah
Ketchand, Sarah W
Ketchand, Wm. P.
Kindrick, Andrew J
Kindrick, Benjamin L
Kindrick, Ceney
Kindrick, John P
Kindrick, Ruffin T
Kindrick, Washington Geo
Kindrick, William N
Kindrick, William Senr.
King, Anna
King, Eliza
King, Ellen
King, George B.
King, Jane H.
King, John
King, John
King, Lucinda
King, Mary
King, Susan
King, Thomas R
Kinney, Alexander
Kinney, Anson
Kinney, Daniel
Kinney, Erasmus
Kinney, John Solomon
Kinney, Matilda
Kinney, Samanthann
Kinney, Sarah
Kinney, Sylvester
Kitchen, John
Knowles, Alexander R.
Knowles, Emily E.
Knowles, Gainor
Knowles, George
Knowles, George L.
Knowles, Joseph E.
Knowles, Mary
Knowles, Thomas C.
Kuntz, Christiana (Miss)
Lamb, James W.
Lamb, Jincy
Lamb, Joseph
Lamb, N.N.
Land, Sarah A.
Land, Virgil
Land, William B.
Lash, Elizur
Lash, Gurtrude
Lash, Isaac
Lash, Joseph
Lash, Martha
Lash, Mary E.
Lash, Samuel
Lash, William
Lasseter, Samuel
Lastringer, Andrew
Lastringer, Barbara Ann
Lastringer, Clayton
Lastringer, Elisha
Lastringer, George
Lastringer, Salla
Lastringer, Sarah Ann
Lastringer, Susan
Lastringer, Tomlinson
Lastringer, William
Lawton, Alexander B.
Lawton, Alexander K.
Lawton, Benjamin F.
Lawton, Clara J.
Lawton, George M
Lawton, Martha S.
Lawton, Mary Jane
Lawton, Narcissa M.
Lawton, William
Lawton, William R.
Lawton, Winburn T.
Leabetter, Drury
Leabetter, John P. D.
Leabetter, Mary
Leabetter, Munro
Leabetter, Nancy
Leabetter, William A.
Leaden, Abraham
Leaden, Ann
Leaden, George W.
Leaden, Mary
Leaden, Thomas
Leary, Cornelius
Lee, Martha
Leonard, Thomas
Lewis, Allen
Lewis, Andrew
Lewis, Cumfort
Lewis, David
Lewis, Elinder
Lewis, Eliza Ann
Lewis, Eliza Jane
Lewis, Elizabeth M.
Lewis, George
Lewis, George R.
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, John
Lewis, John H
Lewis, Joseph H. L.
Lewis, Laura
Lewis, Lucy S.
Lewis, Marietta
Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Moses F.
Lewis, Pheriba
Lewis, Sarah Orlena
Lewis, William A.
Lightfeldt, Maurice L.
Limson, Alfred B.
Limson, Alfred F.
Limson, Isabel M.
Limson, Maria E.
Limson, Martha F.
Limson, Mary Jane
Limson, Nancy Ann
Limson, Olive L.
Limson, Syntha
Linsley, Burrell P.
Linsley, Eliza E.
Linsley, Green
Linsley, John Green
Linsley, Moses C
Linsley, Susan Jane
Linsley, Tiery
Littlefield, A. B.
Littlefield, C. D.
Littlefield, Cornelius A.
Littlefield, Elizabeth
Littlefield, George W.
Littlefield, Jasper
Littlefield, John E.
Littlefield, Margaret
Littlefield, Mary J.
Littlefield, Seth
Long, Catherine
Long, Charles
Long, Christopher
Long, Francis
Long, James
Long, Janes
Long, Levy
Long, Lucretia
Long, Margaret
Long, Mary
Long, Mary (Mrs.)
Long, Nelson
Long, Nicholas
Long, Rebecca
Long, Sarah
Long, Thomas
Long, Thomas
Long, William
Lott, Jesse R.
Lott, John
Lott, Michael
Lott, Robert A.
Lott, Sarah F
Lott, Susan C.
Lott, Susan C. Junr.
Love, Amos
Love, Catharine
Love, Catharine S
Love, Debora
Love, Henry
Love, John W
Love, Robert
Love, Robert T
Love, Samuel
Love, Sarah
Loving, Elizabeth
Loving, George Jun.
Loving, George W.
Loving, James
Loving, Julia
Loving, Willie
Low, James M. E.
Low, James M. N.
Low, Nancy
Low, Nancy Jane
Lowrey, William
Luckey, Benjamin L.
Luckey, Charles
Luckey , Deliah
Luckey, Irene
Luckey, James
Luckey, Jonathan
Luckey, Mary
Luckey , Mary
Luckey, Matilda
Luckey , Sabre
Luckey, Samuel
Luckey, Samuel
Luckey , Samuel
Luckey, Seabron
Lunday, Catherine S.
Lunday, Eliza Jane
Lunday, Elizabeth (Miss)
Lunday, Emelia R.
Lunday, Frances Ann
Lunday, Francis E.
Lunday, Mary F. (Mrs.)
Lunday, Mary Josephine
Lunday, McLin J.
Lunday, Oliver P.
Lunday, Robert
Lunday, Robert J.
Lunday, William E
Lunsford, Catherine
Lunsford, George W
Lunsford, John
Lunsford, Nancy Ann
Lyon, Elizabeth A.
Lyon, Emily K.
Lyon, John
Lyon, Julia
Lyon, Richard F.
Lyon, Ruth E. (Mrs.)
Lyon, Susan (Miss)
Lyon, Thomas
Lyon, Thomas R.
Macon, Ann Floyd
Macon, Arther C.
Macon, C. D. (Mrs.)
Macon, Gideon H.
Macon, Jerry Cowles
Macon, Mary Green
Macon, William A.
Mallard, Turner A.
Mallard, William
Mallory , Charles E.
Mallory , Mary F.
Malloy, William
Maloney, John
Mansel, Sarah
Mansel, Sarah W.
Mansel, Umphra
Mansell, Humphrey
Mansell, Levi
Mansfield, Elizabeth
Mansfield, Frederick
Mansfield, James
Mansfield, James F.
Mansfield, John
Mansfield, Loretta
Mansfield, Mary
Mansfield, Mary
Mansfield, Rose Ann
Mansfield, Samuel
Mansfield, Sarah E.
Maples, Eliza
Maples, Eliza Ann
Maples, Israel
Maples, Israel
Maples, James
Maples, John
Maples, John
Maples, Louisa
Maples, Margantan
Maples, Morgan
Maples, Nathan
Maples, Ruth
Maples, Sarah
Maples, Sargan
Maples, Temperance
Maples, Thomas
Maples, Thomas
Martin, John
Martin, Winna
Massee, Lidia
Massee, Needham W.
Massee, Sarah Ann
Matheny, James M.
Mathews, Emma Jane
Mathews, Florence E.
Mathews, Mary E.
Mathews, Mary R.
Mathews, T. D.
Mathis, 1 Not Named
Mathis, Amanda
Mathis, Charles P
Mathis, Eliza
Mathis, Elizabeth
Mathis, Ellen
Mathis, Everette
Mathis, John A
Mathis, Logan
Mathis, Rice
Mathis, Sarah Ann
Mathis, Tempa
Mathis, William T
Mayo, Caroline S.
Mayo, Crawford M
Mayo, George W.
Mayo, Hester B.
Mayo, James J.
Mayo, James William
Mayo, Sarah Ann
Mayo, Thomas F.
Mayo, Z. Taylor
Mayo, Z. Taylor
McAllister, Alexander Thos.
McAllister, Sarah (Mrs.)
McAllister, Sarah Martha
McAllister, Westley G.
Mcanlis, Isra
McComb, Catherine
McDaniel, Daniel
McDaniel, Hossa
McDaniel, Perm Ann
McDaniel, Rachael
McDaniel, Reuben
McDaniel, Thomas
McDaniel, William
McDonald, Ann
McDonald, Archibald
McDonald, Archibald
McDonald, Archibald A.
McDonald, Aron
McDonald, Calista
McDonald, Caroline
McDonald, Columbus
McDonald, Emily
McDonald, Hannah
McDonald, Jane
McDonald, John
McDonald, John
McDonald, John M.
McDonald, Julia
McDonald, Lucy
McDonald, Madison
McDonald, Martha
McDonald, Moses
McDonald, Nancy
McDonald, Richard
McDonald, Richard
McDonald, William H.
McFarland, Harrison
McGraw, Chas. R.
McGraw, Hezekiah R.
McGraw, James E
McGraw, John
McGraw, John Peter
McGraw, Nancy
McGraw, Nancy D.
McGraw, Robert E.
McGwire, Elizabeth J.
McGwire, Elizabeth M
McGwire, Ella
McGwire, Lewis S.
McGwire , R. A.
McIntosh, Caroline (Mrs.)
McIntosh, Henry H.
McIntosh, John M.
McIntosh, Young J.
McLendon, Elizabeth
McLendon, Henry H.
McLendon, Mary (Mrs.)
McLendon, Samuel
McLendon, William
McLeod, Andrew J.
McLeod, Benita
McLeod, George
McLeod, Matilda
McLeod, Murdock
McLeod, Sarah
McLeod, Sarah Ann
McLeod, William A.
McMurried, George W.
McMurrin, Alfred Iverson
McMurrin, David
McMurrin, Elizabeth
McMurrin, Franklin
McMurrin, John
McMurrin, Sarah Ann
McMurrin, William
McNair, Gilbert
McNeel, Benjamin
McNeel, Evaline
McNeel, George
McNeel, L. B.
Meets, Elizabeth
Meets, Rights
Meets, William
Meett, Hiram
Meett, James
Meett, Joshua
Meett, Nancy
Meett, Nathan
Meett, Thomas
Meloye, Caroline
Meloye, Caroline
Meloye, Dory Ann
Meloye, Edward
Meloye, Elphan
Meloye, Isabel
Meloye, Jinny
Meloye, John W
Meloye, Kesiah
Meloye, Lougena
Meloye, Mary
Meloye, Mary
Meloye, Nancy
Meloye, Polly
Meloye, Rejoiner
Meloye, Robert
Meloye, William H H
Mercer, James M
Mercer, Jane
Mercer, Nancy
Mercer, Nancy
Mercer, Richard
Mercer, Samuel
Mercer, William
Mercer, William
Merchant, Andrew J.
Merchant, Elwilda
Merchant, John Thomas
Merchant, Louiza
Merchant, Malinda
Merchant, Mary
Merchant, Sarah
Merchant, William
Merrett, Abel A.
Merrett, Benjamin
Merrett, Francis M.
Merrett, John H. H.
Merrett, Mary Jane
Merrett, Nancy
Merrett, Penina E.
Merrett, Samuel A.
Merrett, Stephen
Merrett, Valuntine
Merrett, William
Merril, Benjamin
Merril, Jesse
Merril, Mary
Merril, Mary E
Merril, Tempa
Merril, Wright
Merrit, 1 Not Named
Merrit, David
Merrit, Elizabeth
Merrit, Robert
Merrit, Sarah C
Merritt, Garrison
Merritt, Henry
Merritt, Sarah
Mersell, Junius F.
Mersell, Permelia (Mrs.)
Mersell, Sarah Catherine
Miller, Reuben
Miller, Allen
Miller, Charles S
Miller, Charly
Miller, Cornelius
Miller, Easter
Miller, Easter Ann E
Miller, Eliza Ann
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Elizabeth J
Miller, Ellen
Miller, Ezekiel
Miller, George
Miller, Jacob G
Miller, John A.
Miller, Julian J.
Miller, Martha
Miller, Mary
Miller, Maryann
Miller, Sarah
Miller, Sarah
Milling, Mary A.
Milling, Thomas D.
Mills, Alford T.
Mills, Charles A.
Mills, Fedrick
Mills, Mary
Mills, Mary Ann
Mills, Mary Jane
Mills, William H.
Mills, William J.
Minchen, Augustin F
Minchen, George A.
Minchen, Philip La Fayette
Minchen, Susan
Minchew, Emily
Minchew, Jane
Minchew, John W.
Minchew, Mack
Minchew, Misouri
Minchew, Nathan
Minchew, Wiley
Mobly, Sarah
Mock, Charles
Mock, Elizabeth
Mock, Elizabeth
Mock, George
Mock, John
Mock, Mary
Mock, Volentine
Montgomery, Frances
Montgomery, Henrietta
Montgomery, James
Montgomery, John
Montgomery, John S.
Montgomery, Joseph
Montgomery, Maly M
Montgomery, Sophronia
Montgomery, Theodore
Montgomery, William
Moody, Abba J
Moody, Dorothy
Moody, Elefara
Moody, Jesse
Moody, John
Moody, Martha
Moody, Mary
Moody, Matilda
Moody, Robert B
Moody, Walter B
Moody, Wigens E
Moody, William
Moore, Anderson D.
Moore, Eliza J.
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Gatsey
Moore, Hereldah
Moore, Indiana
Moore, Jaron
Moore, Mathew
Moore, William J.
Moreman, John
Morey, G. C.
Morey, George C.
Morey, John
Morey, Joseph
Morey, Kiscess
Morgan, Henry
Morgan, William S.
Morris, Owen
Moye, Mary
Moye, Richard
Murphy, David
Murphy, N.N.
Murphy, N.N.
Murray, Ann
Murray, Dorophy S
Murray, Eliza
Murray, Eliza B.
Murray, Emma
Murray, Margaret E
Murray, Mary
Murray, Matilda
Murray, Moses
Murray, Moses W.
Murray, Neomy
Murray, Orpha L
Murray, Robert
Murray, Sarah M
Murray, Swenton C
Murray, William
Musgrove, Daniel
Musgrove, Goodwin
Musgrove, Hessa
Musgrove, John
Musgrove, Kinchen
Musgrove, Larkin
Musgrove, Mary
Musgrove, Mary
Musgrove, Mary
Musgrove, Matthew
Musgrove, Michael
Musgrove, Sarah
Musgrove, William W.
Musgrove, Zana
N.S., 1 Not Named
N.S., 1 Not Named
Nanton, Margarett (Mrs.)
Nanton, William T.
Nelms, Amanda
Nelms, Amanda E.
Nelms, Curtis
Nelms, Dory Ann
Nelms, Elias
Nelms, Elizabeth
Nelms, Elizabeth (Mrs.)
Nelms, Ezekiel
Nelms, Jesse
Nelms, Joseph
Nelms, Joshua
Nelms, Mahala
Nelms, Mary
Nelms, Sarah Ann
Nelson, Andrew J.
Nelson, Eliza
Nelson, Eliza
Nelson, Eliza
Nelson, Elizabeth
Nelson, Henry
Nelson, James
Nelson, John
Nelson, John P.
Nelson, Patty
Nelson, Peggy Ann
Nelson, Samuel
Nelson, Thomas M.
Nelson, William
Nelumes, Ely
Nelumes, John
Nelumes, Penney
Nelumes, Salley
Nelumes, Steins
Nelumes, William
Newberry, Elias
Newberry, Elizabeth
Newberry, Isaac
Newberry, Joshua
Newberry, Nathaniel
Newberry, Vanburen
Newton, Parayard
Newton, Ruben
Newton, Thomas R.
Newton, Vasti
Nichols, Alford
Night, Able
Night, Benjamin
Night, Betheny
Night, Elisha
Night, Elizabeth
Night, George
Night, Jeremiah
Night, John
Night, Juliann
Night, Malinda
Night, Marion
Night, Michael L
Night, Nancy Ann
Night, Permelia
Night, Sarah Ann
Night, Sylvina
Night, Thomas
Night, William
Nordthouse, Alexander
Norman, Amelia
Norman, Green
Norman, Jeremiah
Norman, Mary
Norman, Sarah
Norman, William
Norton, Patrick
O Farrell, Ellen Ann
O Farrell, Hugh H. H.
O Farrell, Lucy Mariah
O Farrell, Martha A.
O. Neal, Chas. C.
Odum, Alexander
Odum, Andrew
Odum, Annus
Odum, Calven
Odum, Catharine E
Odum, Charlott
Odum, Henry Giles
Odum, Jackson
Odum, Joel
Odum, John
Odum, Jordan Larkin
Odum, Martha
Odum, Martha Jane
Odum, Mary Ann
Odum, Merrideth
Odum, Mike Irvin
Odum, Oliver Street
Odum, Raiford
Odum, Redin
Odum, Robert Bunyan
Odum, Safrona
Odum, William Caruthes
Odum, William H.
Oliver, William C
Olliphant, John
Olliphant, Mary
ONeal, Elizabeth
Oneall, Charles
Orr, Benjamin W.
Orr, Eliza G.
Orr, John T.
Orr, William
Osgood, Albert G.
Osgood, Elizabeth P.
Osgood, Elizabeth R.
Osgood, Mary Cora
Ott, Andrew
Ott, George
Ott, Mary
Ott, Thomas J
Owens, Edwin T
Owens, Francis J
Owens, Francis M
Owens, James
Owens, Jane
Owens, Julia
Owens, Levi
Owens, Manda
Owens, Martin V
Owens, Mary
Owens, Susan
Owens, William
Pace, Davis
Pace, Elizabeth
Pace, James
Pace, John
Pace, John C
Pace, John T
Pace, Martah
Pace, Martha
Pace, Minerva
Pace, Nancy
Pace, Nancy
Pace, Neel W
Pace, Noel J
Pace, Sarah E. (Mrs.)
Pace, William M
Packer, Jenmith
Packer, Seabron C.
Packer, Theopheley
Page, Elisha
Parham, James R.
Parker, James
Parks, Heeliry Jane
Parks, James
Parks, James
Parks, Martha
Parks, Mary Ann
Parks, Sarah F
Parmer, Arias
Parmer, Charles
Parmer, David
Parmer, Elizabeth
Parmer, Elizabeth
Parmer, Elizabeth
Parmer, Jackson
Parmer, Jane
Parmer, Jane
Parmer, Kesiah
Parmer, Samuel
Parrot, Caroline
Parrot, Matilda
Parrot, Obidiah B
Parrot, Permelia
Parrot, Thomas
Parrot, Wilmoth
Parrot, Winny
Parrot, Winny
Pate, Ananius
Pate, Charles
Pate, Elizabeth
Pate, Elizabeth
Pate, Lydia
Pate, Richard
Pate, Sarah Jane
Pate, Sarah M
Pate, William
Paull, Andrew Jackson
Paull, James F.
Paull, John M
Paull, Laura
Paull, Melvina (Mrs.)
Paull, Rebecca V
Paull, Susan F.
Paull, William
Paull, William Haywood
Peace, N.E. V.
Peacock, Alexander
Peacock, Alexander
Peacock, Easter
Peacock, Elizabeth
Peacock, Ellen
Peacock, Evan
Peacock, Henry
Peacock, Nancy
Peacock, Nancy
Peacock, William
Pearce, Ezekiel
Pearce, Jesse L
Pearce, Nancy
Pearce, Rebecca (widow)
Pearce, Thomas
Pearce, William
Pearce, Wm. H
Pearson, Elizabeth
Pearson, James
Pearson, John
Pearson, Missouri
Pearson, Nathan
Pearson, Pinckney
Pearson, Sarah
Pearson, Thomas
Perkins, Elizabeth
Perry, James W.
Perry, Nancy Ann
Phelps, Joseph P
Phelps, Louisa C
Phelps, Mary
Phelps, Mary
Phelps, Mary Jane
Phelps, Perry
Phelps, Rhoda
Phelps, Sarah Ann
Phelps, Washington
Phelps, Zebulon T
Philips, Elizabeth L.
Philips, Hannah
Philips, John
Philips, Joseph B
Philips, Joseph G. A.
Philips, Mary A. R.
Philips, Parker
Phillips, Alida Leslie
Phillips, Catharine
Phillips, Charles
Phillips, Doroty
Phillips, Elizabeth
Phillips, Elizabeth
Phillips, Elizabeth
Phillips, Elizabeth
Phillips, Ellen
Phillips, Ellender S
Phillips, Emoret
Phillips, Green
Phillips, Ishford R.
Phillips, Jackson
Phillips, James
Phillips, Jefferson
Phillips, John
Phillips, John A
Phillips, John J
Phillips, John N.
Phillips, Joseph
Phillips, Joseph
Phillips, Joshua
Phillips, Lucretia
Phillips, Lucy (Mrs.)
Phillips, Mahala
Phillips, Margaret
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Matthew Francis
Phillips, Nelson
Phillips, Pheriba
Phillips, Sarah Ann
Phillips, Silas
Phillips, Warren
Phillips, William
Phillips, William
Phillips, William A.
Phillips, Wm. Artha A
Philman, Isom
Philman, Sarah
Phipps, Littleton
Pickerin, Algers
Pickerin, Jacob
Pickerin, Nancy
Pickering, Amanda
Pickering, Elijah
Pickering, Jacob
Pickering, James E.
Pickering, John
Pickering, Lucy
Pickering, Luisa
Pierce, Caroline
Pierce, Catharine
Pierce, Nancy
Pierce, Samuel E
Pierce, William
Pierce, William
Pierce, William G
Platt, Ephraim H
Platt, Harriet B. (Mrs.)
Platt, Harriett Missouri
Platts, Sarah Ann
Plumer, Elizabeth
Plumer, Francis A.
Plumer, Mary
Plumer, Sarah J.
Plumer, Sinderilia
Plumer, Susan
Polleck, William J.
Pollhill, John C.
Pollock, Elizabeth
Pollock, Jesse
Pollock, John
Pollock, Matilda
Pollock, Rebecca
Pollock, Sarah
Pollock, Thomas
Pollock, William L
Pool, Geo. W.
Pool, Martha
Pope, Levisa (Mrs.)
Pope, Mary J.
Pope, Thomas
Porter, Asa B
Porter, John
Porter, Joseph
Porter, Julia Ann
Porter, Levi
Porter, Levi
Porter, Nathaniel
Porter, Saery
Porter, William R
Price, Iverson P
Price, James
Price, John
Price, Martha
Price, Mary
Price, Nancy
Price, Nancy
Price, William
Proctor, Elizabeth
Proctor, Rachel
Proctor, Samuel
Quick, Calvin
Quick, Catharine
Quick, Irwin
Quick, James
Quick, Mary J
Quick, Nancy
Quick, Parthena
Quick, Stephen
Quick, William
Radford, William
Rawson, Charles W.
Rawson, Edmund V.
Rawson, Joseph Grindull
Rawson, Loyd S.
Rawson, Mary Ann (Miss)
Rawson, Mary F. (Mrs.)
Ray, Angerish
Ray, Calvin
Ray, Daniel
Ray, Dunkin
Ray, Elizabeth
Ray, James
Ray, James W.
Ray, Nancy (Mrs.)
Reeves, Andrew
Reeves, George
Reeves, James
Reeves, Lavenia
Reeves, Sarah
Reeves, William
Reg, F. D.
Reg, James H.
Reg, Margaret M.
Reg, William F
Rembert, Esther Ann
Rembert, Sarah E.
Renty, Adam
Renty, Ann
Renty, Arkansas
Renty, Benjamin
Renty, Caroline
Renty, Elizabeth
Renty, Elizur
Renty, Ezekel
Renty, Lydia M
Renty, Sarah
Renty, William
Respass, Ariadna
Respass, Ellanora A.
Respass, Nancy A.
Respass, Rebecca
Respass, Rebecca A.
Reynolds, Benjamin F.
Reynolds, Eliza
Reynolds, Gabarilla
Reynolds, Harmon M.
Reynolds, Henry B.
Reynolds, Jesse F
Reynolds, Jesse L.
Reynolds, John
Reynolds, John B
Reynolds, John W.
Reynolds, Lucy D
Reynolds, Malindia M.
Reynolds, Margaret
Reynolds, Nancy
Reynolds, Radford
Reynolds, Reuben
Reynolds, Reuben A.
Reynolds, Robert T or Y
Reynolds, Rowland G
Reynolds, Sally Maria
Reynolds, Sarah
Reynolds, Sarah
Reynolds, Wm. H. H.
Rhames, Benjamin
Rhames, Coleman H
Rhames, Jeremiah
Rhames, John
Rhames, Martha
Rhames, Obidiah
Rhames, Rasan
Rhames, William E
Rich, Amanda
Rich, C S
Rich, Daniel B.
Rich, Daniel F
Rich, George
Rich, Harriet
Rich, John
Rich, Laura
Rich, Mack Turner
Rich, Maria
Rich, Thomas
Richardson, Anna Nelson
Richardson, Archibald
Richardson, Archibald
Richardson, Cloa
Richardson, Edmund
Richardson, Eliza Jane
Richardson, Elizabeth
Richardson, Hansford
Richardson, Henry
Richardson, Henry
Richardson, James
Richardson, Jane
Richardson, Jeremiah
Richardson, Johanah
Richardson, John
Richardson, John G.
Richardson, Lewis
Richardson, Margaret
Richardson, Mary
Richardson, Mary
Richardson, Mary
Richardson, Mary Ann
Richardson, Mary Jane
Richardson, Nehemiah
Richardson, Oliver P.
Richardson, Reddin
Richardson, Rosa Ann
Richardson, Sarah
Richardson, Seabron
Richardson, Solomon
Richardson, Solomon
Richardson, Susan
Richardson, William
Ricks, Andrew J.
Ricks, Elizabeth
Rily, Ashford
Rily, Barbara
Rily, Oliver H. P
Rily, Patrick
Rittland, Emily
Rittland, Margaret
Rittland, Mary
Rittland, Reddin O.
Rivers, Catharin
Rivers, Charles
Rivers, Gray
Rivers, Jacob
Rivers, James
Rivers, Mary
Rivers, Rebecca
Rivers, Samuel
Rivers, Sarah
Rix, Elizabeth L.
Rix, Esther Ann
Rix, John
Rix, Richard L.
Rix, Richard Senr.
Robert, A. Campfield
Robert, Edwin A.
Robert, Joseph W
Robert, Mary
Robert, Rachel
Robert, W. M.
Robert, W. M. Jr.
Robert, William H.
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, Jeremiah
Roberts, John
Roberts, John N
Roberts, Mary Ann
Roberts, Mary J
Roberts, William
Robets, Edward A.
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, H. E. (Miss)
Robinson, James M
Robinson, John L.
Robinson, Mary (Miss)
Robinson, Nancy
Robinson, Peerson E.
Robinson, William W
Rogers, Jesse
Rogers, John A
Rogers, John B
Rogers, Nancy
Rogers, Rebecca
Rogers, Sarah E
Rogers, Vesta Ann
Rogers, William
Rogers, William L
Roly, Samuel H.
Rooks, Ann
Rooks, Ann
Rooks, Charity
Rooks, Charity
Rooks, F**kaniah
Rooks, James Rooks
Rooks, Jane
Rooks, Jane
Rooks, Jaramiah
Rooks, John
Rooks, John
Rooks, Julyan J.
Rooks, Martha
Rooks, Martha
Rooks, Martha
Rooks, Martha
Rooks, Mary
Rooks, Mary
Rooks, Nancy
Rooks, not named
Rooks, Rebecca
Rooks, Rebecca
Rooks, Susan E
Rooks, Susan E.
Rooks, Zecheriah
Rooks, Zecheriah
Rosser, Ann
Rosser, James
Rosser, John
Rosser, Michael
Rowleather, Eliza
Rowleather, Francis
Rowleather, Sarah
Roysten, G. D.
Roysten, Meldree
Roysten, Sarah
Rust, Agnes
Rust, Richard S.
Rust, Sarah S. (Mrs.)
Rust, Youell G.
Rye, Francis E
Rye, Johanna
Rye, John
Rye, Morgan
Rye, Morgan
Rye, William
Rymes, Ellen
Rymes, John
Rymes, John
Rymes, Marja
Rymes, Peggy
Rymes, Redin
Rymes, Stephen
Sanford, John
Sanford, Lucretia
Sapp, Eliza
Sapp, John G
Sapp, Johnson
Sapp, Levi
Sapp, Martha
Sapp, Mary J.
Sapp, Thomas A
Sascton, George
Sascton, Nancy
Sascton, William
Saucer, Catherine
Saucer, John Junr.
Saucer, John Senr.
Saucer, La Fayette
Saucer, Mary
Saucer, Sarah
Saucer, Stephen
Saucer, Stephen Junr.
Sauls, Candis
Sauls, Stephen
Sauls, Tilda
Scarboro, James E.
Scarboro, Nancy Ann
Scarboro, Sarah
Scarboro, Stine C.
Scott, Elizabeth M
Scott, Emily
Scott, Henry A
Scott, Jacob
Scott, John R.
Scott, Lucy Ann
Scott, Lucy E
Scott, Martha
Scott, Mary Ann
Scott, Nancy
Scott, Nicholas
Scott, Rush H
Scott, William
Scott, William
Scott, William
Seaman, Samuel P.
Sebley, Clemon
Sebley, Eliza
Sellers, Allen
Sellers, Elijah
Sellers, Eliza
Sellers, Emily
Sellers, James
Sellers, Jesse
Sellers, John
Sellers, John
Sellers, Littleton
Sellers, Louizer
Sellers, Mary
Sellers, Nancy
Sellers, Ruldah
Sellers, Sally
Sellers, Samuel
Sellers, Susan
Sellers, Susan
Sellers, William
Seseton, Alfred
Seseton, Green
Seseton, James
Seseton, Lucretia
Seseton, Mary
Seseton, Rebecca
Seseton, Seth
Seseton, William
Shain, William
Sharp, Allen R.
Sharp, Benjamin
Sharp, Benjamin A.
Sharp, Elias
Sharp, Eliza
Sharp, Martha
Sharp, Samantha
Sharp, Sarah
Sharp, Seaben J.
Sheffield, James K
Sheffield, Jefferson
Sheffield, John
Sheffield, John C.
Sheffield, John W
Sheffield, Susan
Sheffield, Susan M
Sheffield, Wynn
Shepherd, Milly Elizabeth
Shepherd, Priscilla G.
Shepperd, George
Sherman, Lucien E.
Shewmake, Augustus
Shiver, Allen
Shiver, Delimar
Shiver, Eliza
Shiver, Harrison
Shiver, Jno Jr
Shiver, John Senr.
Shiver, Martha
Shiver, Masey
Shiver, Polly
Shiver, Ransom
Shiver, Rebecca
Shoemaker, Edward
Shoemaker, Flemming
Shoemaker, Kiddy
Shoemaker, Louisa
Shoemaker, Matilda
Shoemaker, William
Shutt, Nelson B.
Sibley, Abbigail
Sibley, Alexander B.
Sibley, Benjamin F.
Sibley, Gabriel
Sibley, Leonidas B.
Sibley, William H.
Silk, Joseph M
Sims, Bartlett
Sims, John
Sims, John T.
Sims, Martha H
Sims, Mary E.
Sims, Susan
Sims, William
Simson, Allas
Simson, John T.
Simson, Larey
Simson, Syntha
Sinquefield, Charlotta
Sinquefield, John
Sinquefield, John L
Sinquefield, Lavisa
Sinquefield, Mary
Sinquefield, William
Skaggs, Robert
Slappy, Henry
Slappy, John G.
Slappy, Margaret M.
Slocumb, Albenia
Slocumb, Augustus
Slocumb, Caroline
Slocumb, Jane
Slocumb, Jane J.
Slocumb, Jesse
Slocumb, Matilda E
Smith, Abram D
Smith, Adaline
Smith, Agnes
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Annis
Smith, Arthe
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Car
Smith, Carr D.
Smith, Caty
Smith, Celia
Smith, Cellana P
Smith, Daniel
Smith, David
Smith, Eliza
Smith, Eliza Ann
Smith, Elizeur
Smith, Emily
Smith, George W.
Smith, Georgia
Smith, Harriett
Smith, Harriett
Smith, Henry
Smith, Henry
Smith, Jackey Ann
Smith, James
Smith, James
Smith, James
Smith, James
Smith, Jane
Smith, Jeremiah
Smith, Jeremiah
Smith, Jerome
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John A.
Smith, John J
Smith, Joseph E.
Smith, Louisa
Smith, Louisaianna
Smith, Lovitt B.
Smith, Lucy
Smith, Lucy
Smith, Manda
Smith, Martha
Smith, Martha
Smith, Martha L
Smith, Marx
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary E
Smith, Mary E.
Smith, Mary J.
Smith, Mary Jane
Smith, Mary T.
Smith, Matilda
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Patience
Smith, Redin
Smith, Rewben W.
Smith, Robert C.
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Sarah Ann
Smith, Sarah Jane
Smith, Soseph
Smith, Stephen G.
Smith, Susan
Smith, Tobitha
Smith, Wesley A.
Smith, William
Smith, William
Smith, William E.
Smith, William J
Smith, William P
Smith, William T
Smith, William W.
Smith, Winfield W.
Snellgrove , Harriett
Snellgrove , John J.
Snellgrove , Martha M
Snellgrove, Richard C.
Song, Crawford
Song, Jane
Song, Julia Ann (Mrs.)
Sott, Anna M. (Miss)
Spears, Elizabeth
Spears, Henry
Spears, Mary
Spears, Rocsy Ann
Spicer, Evelina A
Spicer, John F.
Spicer, John H
Spicer, Julia F
Spicer, Leonora
Spicer , Nancy C.
Spicer , Sarah
Spicer, Thomas C
Spicer, Thomas W.
Spicer, William H.
Spiers, Mary
Spurlock, Barbara
Spurlock, Briton
Spurlock, Eliza L
Spurlock, Georgean
Spurlock, Jackson
Spurlock, Washington
Spurlock, Westley
Spurlock, Winford
St. Johns, William
Starlen, America
Starlen, Charles
Starlen, John
Starlen, Malcom
Starlen, Peggy
Stephens, Andrew J.
Stephens, Francis Ann
Stephens, George H
Stephens, James
Stephens, Paskal M.
Stephens, Richard
Stevens, Seth C.
Stokes, Anna
Stokes, Caroline
Stokes, Elizabeth
Stokes , John F
Stone, A.
Story, Gilly
Story, Isaac
Story, Mary J.
Story, Richard
Story, Samuel
Story, Sarah Ann
Story, Thomas J.
Strange, William
Street, Geo. H.
Stricklin, Jane
Stricklin, John
Stricklin, Luke
Stricklin, Mary
Stricklin, Penny
Stricklin, Sarah Ann
Stringer, Edey
Stringer, Effa Ann
Stringer, Eliza
Stringer, Green
Stringer, Infant Ann
Stringer, Irvin
Stringer, Jane
Stringer, Lovett L.
Stringer, William C.
Strozer, Clementina R
Strozer, Cleopatria Vic
Strozer, Leonora D.
Strozer, Lycurgus L.
Strozer, Peter J.
Strozer, Priscilla
Strozer, Priscilla (Mrs.)
Strozer, Rhoda E.
Stryer, Bueni Vista
Stryer, Caroline
Stryer, Fedonia
Stryer, Jacob P.
Suber, Emanuel
Sultan, Blount
Sultan, John
Sultan, Lydia
Sultan, Sebron
Sultan, Sidia
Sulton, Jane
Sulton, Mary
Sulton, Oliver
Sulton, Sarah
Sutten, Sarah
Sutten, Siney
Sutten, Thomas
Sutton, Ann Frances
Sutton, Charlitte
Sutton, Elizabeth
Sutton, Ellen
Sutton, Emma Rebecca
Sutton, George Washington
Sutton, Jacob
Sutton, Jacob
Sutton, James Welch
Sutton, Jane
Sutton, Julia Ann
Sutton, Julia Ann
Sutton, Lewis G.
Sutton, Martha Virginia
Sutton, Mary Fletcher
Sutton, Needham
Sutton, Rebecca E. J. (Mrs.)
Sutton, Sherwood
Sutton, Solomon
Sutton, William Edwin
Swain, Canny W. T.
Swain, Margarett M. B.
Swain, Mariah
Swain, Martha Ann L. P.
Swain, Mary Ann L. D.
Swain, Stephen W.
Swatz, Allis
Swatz, Glenn
Swearingen, James A.
Swearingin, Benjamin
Swearingin, Eliza
Swearingin, Elizabeth
Swearingin, Elphena
Swearingin, Lowezer
Swearingin, Matilda
Swearingin, Melda
Swearingin, Pheba
Swearingin, William
Swilley, Harriet
Swilley, Jane
Swilley, Mary
Swilley, Samuel
Swilley, Seneth
Swilley, Syntha
Swinney, A. J.
Swinney, Henrietta E.
Swinney, Virginia S.
Swinny, Daniel
Swinny, Darby
Swinny, Delila
Swinny, Dunkin
Swinny, Elizabeth
Swinny, Lydia
Swinny, Martha
Swinny, Preston D
Swinny, Zachary T
Tabb, Edwin
Tabb, Ellen
Tabb, Ellen
Tabb, Francis
Tabb, Francis
Tabb, George H.
Tabb, James
Tabb, James E
Tabb, Laura A.
Tabb, Martha
Tabb, Mary
Tabb, Mary E.
Tabb, Nancy
Tabb, Prissilla
Tabb, Richard
Tabb, Samuel L.
Tabb, Thomas
Tabb, Thomas
Tabb, Troup
Tabb, Troup
Tarver, Elizabeth
Tarver, Henry H. H.
Tarver, Paula E.
Taylor, Alexander
Taylor, Ambrose
Taylor, Elizebeth
Taylor, Eveline
Taylor, James
Taylor, Jane
Taylor, John
Taylor, John
Taylor, Mar**y M.
Taylor, Martha Ann
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Murphy
Taylor, Narcissa
Taylor, Sarah
Teddler, E. W.
Teddler, Elizabeth
Teddler, Jefferson
Teddler, Jesse
Teddler, Mary
Teddler, Solomon
Teddler, William J
Teddlie, 1 Not Named
Teddlie, Fidora
Teddlie, Mary
Teddlie, Susan
Teddlie, Theodore
Teddlie, William
Teddlie, Wm.
Tegan, Neill M
Terry, Frances
Tharp, Ann
Tharp, Citty
Tharp, William
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Gideon D.
Thomas, Henry J.
Thomas, Rebecca
Thomas, Sarah
Thomas, Temperance
Thomas, William B.
Thompson, Baltzy
Thompson, Eady
Thompson, Elisha
Thompson, Elizabeth M
Thompson, Frances M
Thompson, Hugh
Thompson, James
Thompson, James
Thompson, John
Thompson, John
Thompson, Lewis
Thompson, Lewis A
Thompson, Mary
Thompson , P R
Thompson, Periba
Thompson, Perryon
Thompson, Pheriba
Thompson, Polly
Thompson, Rebecca
Thompson, William
Thompson, William
Thompson, Wm. T
Thorn, Eugenia
Thorn, Euphronia
Thorn, Isabell
Thorn, Joseph
Thorn, Mary E. (Mrs.)
Thornbury, James W.
Thornbury, Mary Ann
Thurston, Edda
Thurston, Ferdilia
Thurston, Frances
Thurston, James
Thurston, Jane
Thurston, Martha
Thurston, Mary
Thurston, Nancy
Thurston, Nancy
Thurston, R Y
Thurston, Sarah
Thurston, Seth
Thurston, William
Tift, Ann E.
Tift, Frances J.
Tift, Mariah A.
Tift, Mariah J.
Tift, Nelson
Tift, Nelson F.
Tillman, Elizabeth A.
Tillman, Francis C.
Tillman, George W.
Tillman, James T.
Tillman, John R.
Tillman, Manda S.
Tillman, Mary J.
Tillman, Richard N.
Tillman, William
Timmons, Elizabeth
Timmons, Isaac
Timmons, James
Timmons, John
Timmons, Martha
Timmons, Mary E
Timmons, Moses
Timmons, Prissa
Tipson, Moses
Tipton, Angeline Woodcock
Tipton, Catharine
Tipton, Cordelia Smith
Tipton, Kitty Ann
Tipton, Moria
Tipton, Nancy Durence
Tipton, Susan
Tipton, Thomas
Tipton, William H
Tomlinson, James
Tomlinson, Josiah V
Tomlinson, Mary
Tomlinson, Matilda M
Tomlinson, Sarah Elizabeth
Tomlinson, Wade L.
Treddaway, Andrew
Treddaway, Ellen
Treddaway, Francis
Treddaway, James
Treddaway, Martha
Tucker, Eli
Tucker, Elizabeth
Tucker, Elizur
Tucker, Jackson
Tucker, Jourdan
Tucker, Jourdan
Tucker, Manda
Tucker, Mary A E
Tucker, Sarah
Tucker, William
Turner, Lenard
Twilly, John
Twilly, Sarah
Usry, Francis
Usry, Jane
Usry, Jesse
Usry, Julia Ann
Usry, Louisa
Usry, Lucy
Usry, Martha
Usry, Mary
Valentine, Lydea A.
Valentine, Martha
Vason, Cordelia A.
Vason, David A
Vason, Delia F
Vason, William J
Vaughn, Charlett
Vaughn, Lotty
Vaughn, William
Vaughn, William H
Vickers, Benjamin
Vickers, James
Vickers, Jesse
Vickers, Mahala
Vickers, Mary
Vickers, Prissa
Volentine, John Junr.
Volentine, John Sen
Volentine, Lydia Ann
Volentine, Martha
Volentine, Milley
Volentine, Narcissa
Wade, Ann
Wade, Augustus
Wade, Ella A. W.
Wade, James
Wade, James W. Junr.
Wade, James W. Senr.
Wade, John D
Wade, Mary E.
Wade, Mary Elizabeth
Wade, Mildred S.
Wade, Sarah A.
Wade, Thomas
Wade, William H.
Waler, Eliza
Waler, Milly
Walker, Angeline
Walker, Elizabeth
Walker, James E.
Walker, James E.
Walker, James J.
Walker, Jeremiah
Walker, Leroy R.
Walker, Mary
Walker, Nancy
Walker, Nancy
Walker, Sarah
Walker, Thomas
Wall, Francis R.
Wallace , Albert M.
Wallace , Devina
Wallace , John W. W.
Wallace , Mary Ann
Wallace , Perkins W. B.
Wallace , Stine M.
Wallace , William
Walters , Celia
Walters, Christian Elmira
Walters, Jeremiah
Walters, Jesse Williams
Walters , Lydia
Walters , Washington A
Warren, Alexand
Warren, Edward P.
Warren, Elizabeth F.
Warren, James R.
Warren, James R.
Warren, Jane
Warren, John W.
Warren, Lewis L. P.
Warren, Lott
Warren, Mary
Warren, Mary Ann
Warren, Rebecca R.
Warren, Robert William
Warren, Rosalind
Waters, Elbert
Waters, Francis
Waters, John
Waters, Littleberry
Waters, Mary A.
Waters, Nancy
Watson, James E.
Weaver, Adnronicus G.
Weaver, Alphonse
Weaver, Anthony G.
Weaver, Martha A.
Web, John P
Web, Maria
Web, Tobitha
Web, William
Web, William W
Webb, Andrew J.
Webb, Caroline M.
Webb, Eliza Ann A.
Webb, James S.
Webb, John W. F.
Webb, Lucinda
Webb, Pleasant C.
Webb, Sampson C
Webb, Samuel B.
Webb, Sarah F.
Webb, William Y.
Welch, Franklin O.
Welch, Hannah
Welch, Leonard E.
Wells, Colen
Wells, Daniel
Wells, James M
Wells, Jane
Wells, Joel
Wells, John
Wells, Julia Ann J
Wells, Mary
Wells, Mary
Wells, Mary
Wells, Mibbry
Wells, Milbra
Wells, Redmon
Wells, Tobitha
West, Caroline
West, Elijah
West, Elizabeth
West, Elizabeth
West, Emily
West, Frances
West, George
West, George
West, Gibson
West, Gilson
West, James
West, James
West, James B
West, Jane
West, Jane
West, Jeremiah
West, John
West, John
West, John
West, Louisa
West, Martha
West, Mary
West, Mary
West, Mary Jane
West, Melvina
West, Rigdon
West, Robert
West, Sarah
West, Susan
West, Susan
West, Susan
West, Susan
West, Thomas
West, William
West, William T
Westfall, Mary C.
Westfall, Thos. G.
Wheeler, Adam B.
Wheeler, Ann
Wheeler, Archibald G.
Wheeler, Barbara
Wheeler, Isaac
Wheeler, Isaac N.
Wheeler, John
Wheeler, Mary S.
Wheeler, Rachael C.
Whitney, James
Whitney, John Marion
Whitney, Mary Ann
Whitney, Mary Ann (Miss)
Widener, Elizabeth
Widener, Isaac
Widener, John
Widener, Lany
Widener, Mahala
Widener, Mary
Widener, Mathew
Widener, N.N.
Widener, Reuben
Widener, Reuben
Widener, Wilson
Wight, Abaum
Wight, Clara
Wight, Edwin L.
Wight, Henry
Wight, Samuel B.
Wiliford, Elizabeth
Wiliford, Oliford G.
Wiliford, Sarah
Wiliford, Stephen W.
Wiliford, Susan
Wilkinson, John S.
Wilkinson, Mary C.
Wilkinson, Mary Jane
Wilkinson, Missourie
Williams, Alexander
Williams, Allen
Williams, B Neeter
Williams, Beneeter
Williams, Benjamin
Williams, Benjamin
Williams, Burgess W.
Williams, Cintha
Williams, Cintha
Williams, Clarrissa
Williams, Eliza Jane
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Frances Marion
Williams, Henry
Williams, James
Williams, James
Williams, Jane
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, John
Williams, Leroy
Williams, Marion
Williams, Martha
Williams, Martha
Williams, Mary
Williams, Peggy
Williams, Rein
Williams, Richard
Williams, Richard
Williams, Sarah
Williams, Susan
Williams, William
Williams, William
Willson, Trecy
Wilson, Amanda
Wilson, Charles H.
Wilson, Clarinda
Wilson, Clarinda
Wilson, Eliza
Wilson, Holcomb J.
Wilson, Jennette
Wilson, Jeremiah
Wilson, John
Wilson, John J
Wilson, John R
Wilson, John W
Wilson, John W. Jun.
Wilson, Lindsay
Wilson, Lucinda
Wilson, Margaret
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Mary A.
Wilson, Mary Ann
Wilson, Milin
Wilson, Myura
Wilson, Nancy F
Wilson, Sally
Wilson, Samuel
Wilson, Susan
Wilson, Susan
Wilson, Syntha
Wilson, T**y
Wilson, Tempa
Wilson, Uriah
Wilson, Verienza
Wilson, William
Wilson, William
Wilson, William
Wilson, William R
Wimberly, Carene
Wimberly, Christian Columbus
Wimberly, David
Wimberly, Elizabeth H.
Wimberly, Jhon Thomas
Wimberly, John
Wimberly, John S
Wimberly, Margaret
Wimberly, Margaret E
Wimberly, Moses
Wimberly, Vianna
Wingard, Alevilda
Wingard, Daniel
Wingard, Elizabeth (Mrs.)
Wingat, Elizabeth
Wingat, John
Wingat, John W
Wingat, Rebecca J.
Wingat, Sarah A E
Wingat, Temperanc
Winkler, Virginia
Winkward, Elizabeth
Winkward, Jackson
Winkward, Malsey
Winkward, Rachel
Winkward, Rody
Winn, Andrew
Winn, Elizabeth
Winn, John
Winn, Josiah
Wiseman, Mary (Mrs.)
Witt, Martin P
Witt, Mary
Witt, Mary A.
Witt, Matthias J.
Witt, Richard J.
Wood, Polly
Wood, Puss
Wood, Rebecca
Wood, Rebecca
Wood, Stephen
Wood, Stephen
Wood , Zachary Taylor
Woodward, Henry W.
Woodward, O. C. (Mrs.)
Wooten, Samuel C.
Worsham, Green
Worsham, Jacob D
Worsham, Sarah A. E.
Worsham, William S.
Wray, Harmon
Wray, John A
Wray, Mary J.
Wray, Sarah J A
Wrenn, John W.
Wrenn, Julia Ann
Wrenn, Millbern
Wright, Joseph
Wright, William J.
Wynn, Benjamin
Wynn, John
Yon, Anthony
Yon, Celia
Yon, Joseph S
Yon, Mary
Yon, Ruben
Yon, Sarah
Yon, Sarah
Yon, Simeon
Youn, Caroline
Youn, Chesley
Youn, James
Youn, James M
Youn, Nelly