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Descendants of John Baney

By Kathy Ghering Goodman
Last updated 05/28/05

Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN1 BANEY1 was born 22 August 1796 in Dauphin County, PA2, and died 05 March 1889 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA2.  He married SUSANNA BENNINGHOFF3 Abt. 1818 in Union County, PA4, daughter of FREDERICK BENNINGHOFF and ELIZABETH WERT.  She was born January 1802 in Lehigh Co., PA5, and died 11 February 1867 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA5.


2.             i.   JACOB2 BANEY, b. Abt. 1819, Centre Twp., Union Co., PA; d. 08 November 1894, Petroleum Center, Venango Co, PA.

3.             ii.   DANIEL BANEY, b. Abt. 1820, Centre Twp., Union Co., PA; d. 1859, Oakland Twp., Venango Co., PA.

4.            iii.   ELIZABETH BANEY, b. 1824, Centre Twp., Union Co, PA; d. 1892, Dempseytown, Oakland Twp., Venango Co., PA.

5.            iv.   JULIA ANN BANEY, b. Abt. 1825, Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA; d. 13 February 1889, Meadville, Crawford, PA.

6.             v.   AMELIA BANEY, b. 17 October 1826, Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA; d. 28 April 1859.

7.            vi.   SUSANNAH BANEY, b. Abt. 1831, Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA; d. 22 November 1890, Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA.

8.           vii.   JOHN BANEY, b. 26 February 1833, Cherrytree Twp., Venango Co., PA; d. 02 May 1905, Wilcox Corners, Oakland Twp., PA.

             viii.   CATHERINE BANEY6,7, b. 22 October 1834, Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA7; d. 08 October 1902, Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA7; m. ISAAC TARR7; b. Abt. 1834.

9.            ix.   FREDERICK BANEY, b. 28 June 1837, Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA; d. 08 December 1901, Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA.

               x.   GEORGE BANEY8,9, b. Abt. 1838, Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA10; d. 1864, Andersonville Prison, South Carolina11.

              xi.   ISAAC BANEY12,13, b. 30 January 1841, Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA13; d. 26 October 1864, Andersonville Prison, South Carolina13.


Generation No. 2

2.  JACOB2 BANEY (JOHN1)13 was born Abt. 1819 in Centre Twp., Union Co., PA13, and died 08 November 1894 in Petroleum Center, Venango Co, PA14,15.  He married (1) MARY MAGDALENA TARR15, daughter of JACOB TARR and BARBARA NOEL.  She was born Abt. 1826 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango Co, PA15.  He married (2) SOPHIA ?15.  She was born Abt. 1846.

Children of JACOB BANEY and MARY TARR are:

                i.   BARBARA3 BANEY16,17, b. Abt. 1842.

               ii.   SUSANNAH BANEY17, b. Abt. 1845.

               iii.   WILLIAM BANEY18,19, b. Abt. 1846; m. MARY ?20; b. Abt. 1846; d. January 1926, Rouseville, PA20.

10.          iv.   JOHN WESLEY BANEY, b. 11 March 1846; d. 11 April 1922, Petroleum Center, Cornplanter Township, Venango Co., PA.

11.           v.   CATHERINE NANCY BANEY, b. October 1848; d. 15 May 1908, Cornplanter Township, Venango Co., PA.

               vi.   ELIZA JANE BANEY21,22, b. 28 August 1852; m. (1) HERMAN J. GREEN23, Abt. 1870; b. Abt. 1850; m. (2) RUSSELL CAUVEL23,24, Aft. 1899; b. 06 June 1842, Oakland Twp., Venango Co. PA24; d. 26 August 191724.

              vii.   MATILDA BANEY25, b. Abt. 185926; m. R. E. DEVORE26; b. Abt. 1855.

             viii.   LYDIA BANEY27,28, b. Abt. 1860.

Children of JACOB BANEY and SOPHIA ? are:

              ix.   AMANDA3 BANEY29,30, b. Abt. 1866.

               x.   ALICIA BANEY31,32, b. Abt. 1868.

12.          xi.   ELDORADO (ELDORA) BANEY, b. 07 October 1874, Shamburg, PA; d. 21 January 1928, Trunkeyville, Forest Co., PA.

              xii.   ROBERT J. BANEY33,34, b. Abt. 1883; m. RILLA EMMA SINNER35, 20 April 1906, Oil City, PA36,37; b. Abt. 1883.

             xiii.   ROSE BANEY38.

3.  DANIEL2 BANEY (JOHN1)39 was born Abt. 1820 in Centre Twp., Union Co., PA40, and died 1859 in Oakland Twp., Venango Co., PA40.  He married BETSEY STEWART41.  She was born Abt. 1820.


13.            i.   ELI3 BANEY, b. 05 July 1843, Pennsylvania; d. 16 October 1909, Cherrytree Township, Venango Co., PA.

4.  ELIZABETH2 BANEY (JOHN1)42,43 was born 1824 in Centre Twp., Union Co, PA, and died 1892 in Dempseytown, Oakland Twp., Venango Co., PA44.  She married JOHANNES (JOHN) GHARING45,46 185347, son of CONROD GOEHRING/GAHRING and MARIA WITZEMAN.  He was born 08 October 1823 in Germany48,49,50, and died April 1906 in Dempseytown, Oakland Township, PA51,52.


                i.   ELIZABETH A.3 GHARING53, b. June 185354; d. 11 January 1925, Dempseytown, PA55.

               ii.   KATHERINE GHARING56, b. August 1856; d. 193957.

14.          iii.   JOHN MARTIN GHARING, b. 04 April 1860; d. 17 May 1938.

15.          iv.   GEORGE ISAAC GHARING, b. 06 April 1862; d. 04 April 1952, Cherrytree Township, PA.

5.  JULIA ANN2 BANEY (JOHN1)58 was born Abt. 1825 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA, and died 13 February 1889 in Meadville, Crawford, PA58.  She married GEORGE BENNINGHOFF 1848, son of JOHN BENNINGHOFF and ELIZABETH HEISE.  He was born 03 April 1825 in Clearfield County, PA, and died 05 February 1909 in Meadville, Crawford Co, PA.


                i.   ALMENA HELEN3 BENNINGHOFF, b. Abt. December 1849; m. E. L. AFFANTRANGER59; b. Abt. 1849.

               ii.   LOUIS NELSON BENNINGHOFF, b. 13 February 1850; m. MARY MCCLINTOCK59; b. Abt. 1850.

               iii.   LIVINGSTONE BENNINGHOFF, b. 09 April 1852; m. EMMA COLE59; b. Abt. 1852.

               iv.   GEORGE EDWARD BENNINGHOFF, b. 10 February 1855; m. NANCY JANE HOGAN59; b. Abt. 1855.

                v.   JULIA MINERVA BENNINGHOFF, b. Abt. November 1863; m. CHARLES E. MORGAN60; b. Abt. 1863.

6.  AMELIA2 BANEY (JOHN1)61 was born 17 October 1826 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA61, and died 28 April 185961,62.  She married SAMUEL P. TARR63.  He was born March 1832 in Cherrytree, Venango, Pa, and died 26 September 190563.

Children of AMELIA BANEY and SAMUEL TARR are:

                i.   NINIAN IRWIN3 TARR64, b. 02 August 184964; d. 25 October 185164,65.

               ii.   FANNY CAROLINE TARR66, b. 28 January 185166; d. 13 June 185866,67.

16.          iii.   LUCY JANE TARR, b. 01 January 1853.

               iv.   LOUISE M. TARR68, b. 30 June 185668; d. 17 August 185869.

                v.   CARINA TARR70, b. 09 August 185770; d. 31 July 185870,71.

17.          vi.   ISIE ELLEN TARR, b. 12 March 1858, Cherrytree, Venango Co., PA; d. 24 February 1943, Bradford, PA.


7.  SUSANNAH2 BANEY (JOHN1)72,73 was born Abt. 1831 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA, and died 22 November 1890 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA73.  She married HENRY ROSS73.  He was born 182774, and died 189674.

Children of SUSANNAH BANEY and HENRY ROSS are:

                i.   ABRAM ROLIN3 ROSS74, b. 185474; d. 193674.

               ii.   NANCY CATHERINE ROSS74, b. 1855.

18.          iii.   MARTHA M. ROSS, b. March 1856, Cherrytree Township, Venango Co., PA; d. 1931.

               iv.   JOHN ALLEN ROSS74, b. 185874; d. 191274.

                v.   ISAAC HENRY ROSS74, b. 186074; d. 193274.

               vi.   NETTIE ROSS74, b. 186074; d. 192974.

              vii.   SUSAN ISABELLE ROSS74, b. 186274; d. 195474.

             viii.   GEORGE ROSS74, b. 186374; d. 189674.

              ix.   WILLIAM EDWARD ROSS74, b. 186774; d. 190274.

               x.   FRANKLIN BENJAMIN ROSS74, b. 186874; d. 194374.

8.  JOHN2 BANEY (JOHN1)75,76 was born 26 February 1833 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango Co., PA76, and died 02 May 1905 in Wilcox Corners, Oakland Twp., PA77.  He married LOVINA FIDLER78 185779,80, daughter of MARY ?.  She was born 05 November 1831 in Oakland Twp., Venango Co., PA81, and died 28 January 1905 in Cherrytree Township, Venango Co., PA82.

Children of JOHN BANEY and LOVINA FIDLER are:

                i.   ANNA3 BANEY, b. February 1856; m. HENRY HIGHFIELD.

               ii.   SARAH JANE BANEY83, b. July 185784; m. DEFOREST L. EARLE85.

               iii.   DANIEL H. BANEY86,87, b. Abt. 186188.

               iv.   JULIA MINERVA BANEY89, b. Abt. 186390.

19.           v.   ELIZABETH LYDIA BANEY, b. July 1867; d. 05 July 1934.

               vi.   SUSANA LOVINA BANEY91, b. Abt. 186992; m. JAMES HANCOCK93.

20.          vii.   MARY MAGDALINE BANEY, b. Abt. 1872; d. 08 November 1897, Cherrytree, Venango Co., PA.

9.  FREDERICK2 BANEY (JOHN1)94,95 was born 28 June 1837 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA95, and died 08 December 1901 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA95.  He married MARY ANN FRY95 185796, daughter of JESSE FRY and BARBARA ?.  She was born 16 February 1826 in Mercer County, PA97,98, and died August 1914 in Oakland Township, Venango Co.,  PA99.

Children of FREDERICK BANEY and MARY FRY are:

21.            i.   S. A.3 BANEY, b. Abt. 1860.

               ii.   IDA E. BANEY100,101, b. Abt. 1862; d. Bef. 1909; m. ? SHARKEY101.

22.          iii.   WASHINGTON H. BANEY, b. December 1865; d. 1924.

Generation No. 3

10.  JOHN WESLEY3 BANEY (JACOB2, JOHN1)102,103 was born 11 March 1846103, and died 11 April 1922 in Petroleum Center, Cornplanter Township, Venango Co., PA104,105.  He married ELIZABETH KLUTZ106 1867107.  She was born May 1855 in Armstrong County, PA108, and died 06 April 1926 in Petroleum Center, Cornplanter Township, Venango Co., PA109,110.


                i.   ALICE A.4 BANEY110,111, b. 15 October 1873112; d. 07 February 1937, Spartansburg, Crawford Co., PA112; m. (1) SAM ELLIOTT112, 21 January 1892, Hydetown, PA; b. Abt. 1870; m. (2) HENRY D. BROOKS113, 04 July 1912, Petroleum Centre, PA114; b. Abt. 1872.

23.           ii.   ARKANZA JENNIE BANEY, b. 31 October 1876, Kaneville, PA; d. 16 March 1926, Titusville, Crawford Co., PA.

               iii.   MARY CATHERINE BANEY115,116,117,118, b. 22 February 1876, Kaneville, PA119; d. 07 January 1945, Oil City, Venango Co., PA119; m. LEWIS NEWTON CRAWFORD120,121,122,123,124, 24 April 1897, Franklin, PA125; b. April 1869, PA126,127; d. 1934128.

24.          iv.   JOHN W. BANEY, b. 11 September 1878, PA; d. 23 March 1937, Titusville, Crawford Co., PA.

                v.   VICTOR ANDREW BANEY129, b. August 1879, Kaneville, PA130; d. 03 January 1960, Warren State Hospital, Warren, Warren Co., PA131,132.

               vi.   RACHEL MAY BANEY133, b. September 1880133; d. 1922133; m. JOSEPH E. FARREN133, 05 April 1898, Franklin, Venango County, PA134; b. Abt. 1880.

              vii.   MILTON J. BANEY135, b. February 1883; d. June 1961136; m. NELLIE MAY HUNT137; b. Abt. 1883.

25.         viii.   BERTHA BANEY, b. March 1886, Kaneville, PA; d. 30 April 1926, Corry, Crawford County, PA.

              ix.   HARRY H. BANEY138, b. 22 February 1887, Shambugh, Oil Creek Twp., Venango Co., PA; d. 31 January 1961, Titusville, Crawford Co., PA; m. VENONA BEATRICE WINTERS139, 22 September 1932, Franklin, Venango Co, PA140; b. 20 April 1897, Petroleum Center, Venango Co, PA.

26.           x.   CHARLES ANTHONY BANEY, b. February 1888; d. 16 June 1969, Union City, Memorial Hospital, PA.

              xi.   ERNEST L. BANEY141, b. 20 February 1892, Shamburgh, Oil Creek Township, Venango Co., PA142; d. 28 February 1939, Petroleum Center, Venango Co, PA142.

              xii.   LUCILLE MARIE BANEY143, b. August 1893; d. 1979144; m. (1) ? CARLSON145; m. (2) P. L. HESS, Abt. 1922, Oil City, PA; b. Abt. 1893; m. (3) ? ARKEILPANE146, Abt. 1939, Jamestown, NY; b. Abt. 1893; m. (4) ? GUSTAFSON, Abt. 1953, Jamestown, NY; b. Abt. 1893.

             xiii.   HAZEL MAY BANEY147,148, b. 05 December 1895, Oil Creek Township, PA; d. 12 January 1953, Oil City, Venango Co., PA149; m. (1) KENNETH J. HAHN149; m. (2) EDWARD F. RODGERS150, 24 December 1912, Venango Co, PA151; b. Abt. 1895.

11.  CATHERINE NANCY3 BANEY (JACOB2, JOHN1)152,153 was born October 1848, and died 15 May 1908 in Cornplanter Township, Venango Co., PA.  She married JOHN WINTERS.  He was born Abt. 1848, and died Abt. 1916154.


                i.   WILLIAM H.4 WINTERS155.

               ii.   JOHN EARNEST WINTERS156,157, b. 1869, Kaneville, Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA; d. 28 April 1950.

               iii.   PETER WINTERS157.

               iv.   ? WINTERS157, m. SAMUEL THOMAS158.

                v.   ? WINTERS159, m. W. L. CROOKS160.

               vi.   ? WINTERS161, m. P. BESSLER162.

12.  ELDORADO (ELDORA)3 BANEY (JACOB2, JOHN1)163,164 was born 07 October 1874 in Shamburg, PA165, and died 21 January 1928 in Trunkeyville, Forest Co., PA165.  She married (1) GEORGE W. HECKATHORN166,167 07 April 1890 in Venango Co, PA168,169.  He was born Abt. 1874.  She married (2) L. THOMAS SALSGIVER170 Bef. 1920.  He was born 03 May 1867 in Forest Co., PA171.


27.            i.   SYLVIA FLORENCE4 HECKATHORN.

28.           ii.   IVAN HECKATHORN.

               iii.   NORMAN HECKATHORN172.

                iv.  VERNA HECKATHORN173

13.  ELI3 BANEY (DANIEL2, JOHN1) was born 05 July 1843 in Pennsylvania174, and died 16 October 1909 in Cherrytree Township, Venango Co., PA.  He married RUTH ROYDES175,176,177,178 08 March 1877 in Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania179, daughter of HENRY ROYDES and HANNAH BERRY.  She was born 28 July 1855 in England180,181, and died 05 March 1937 in Cherrytree Township, Venango Co., PA.

Children of ELI BANEY and RUTH ROYDES are:

                i.   CHARLES4 BANEY182.

               ii.   LIZZIE M. BANEY183, b. 12 September 1879184; m. HARRY L. HARTMAN185,186, 1897187.

               iii.   CASSIUS BANEY188, b. 04 May 1886189; d. 05 January 1900, Cherrytree Township, Venango Co, PA.

29.          iv.   HARRY H. BANEY, b. 21 December 1888.

                v.   LAURA BANEY190,191, b. 30 September 1890190; m. FRED E. FEELEY193,194,195.

14.  JOHN MARTIN3 GHARING (ELIZABETH2 BANEY, JOHN1)196 was born 04 April 1860197, and died 17 May 1938.  He married ELDA MAE TARR198 17 April 1885198,199, daughter of MICHAEL TARR and MARTHA WEIKEL.  She was born 19 October 1864200,201, and died 20 November 1940.

Children of JOHN GHARING and ELDA TARR are:

30.            i.   JULIA ALMENAH4 GHARING, b. 14 July 1885; d. 31 January 1965.

31.           ii.   ALFRED MERL GHARING, b. February 1887; d. 1971, Dempseytown, Venango Co., PA.

32.          iii.   ROBERT HENRY GHARING, b. 05 November 1894, farm near Dempseytown, Pennsylvania; d. 14 September 1976, Oakland Twp., Venango Co., PA.

15.  GEORGE ISAAC3 GHARING (ELIZABETH2 BANEY, JOHN1)201 was born 06 April 1862201,202, and died 04 April 1952 in Cherrytree Township, PA.  He married ADA MINERVA FRANKENBURGER203 31 January 1891204,205, daughter of JACOB FRANKENBERGER and LORENA WEIKAL.  She was born 18 September 1865206,207, and died February 1942 in Dempseytown, PA208.


33.            i.   IVA AUDRE4 GHARING, b. July 1889.

               ii.   GLADYS BLANCHE GHARING209, b. November 1893210; d. 1976; m. B. WASHINGTON RICE211; b. Abt. 1868.

34.          iii.   LILLIAN M. GHARING, b. November 1895; d. 1976.

               iv.   RUBY HELEN GHARING212, b. 1905; d. August 1907, Dempseytown, Venango Co., PA213.

                v.   AUDLEY LEE GHARING214, b. 1907215; d. 1964215.

16.  LUCY JANE3 TARR (AMELIA2 BANEY, JOHN1)216 was born 01 January 1853216.  She married MILLER PFOUTS217.  He was born 09 May 1852217, and died 26 November 1931 in Bradford McKean PA217.

Children of LUCY TARR and MILLER PFOUTS are:

35.            i.   BLANCHE CORA4 PFOUTS, b. 11 April 1876; d. 18 June 1957.

36.           ii.   FRANCES GERTRUDE PFOUTS, b. 01 September 1877; d. 11 March 1939.

               iii.   SUSANNA BELLE PFOUTS217, b. 23 August 1879; d. 19 January 1939; m. HENRY BARNABAS WIXON217; b. 13 March 1877; d. 14 January 1967.

37.          iv.   LAURA MABLE PFOUTS, b. 01 June 1881.

38.           v.   ADA LENORA PFOUTS, b. 12 June 1895; d. 02 August 1971.

               vi.   BERTHA JANE PFOUTS217, b. 03 May 1883; d. 08 November 1943; m. JOHN EUGENE MUNDAY217; b. 14 July 1879; d. 28 February 1958.

              vii.   GEORGE ELZY PFOUTS217, b. 17 March 1885; d. 19 May 1951; m. VIVIAN LILLIAN RUOFF217; b. 29 March 1895; d. 06 March 1973.

             viii.   CORA ELLEN PFOUTS217, b. 07 October 1885; d. 01 February 1929; m. CHRISTOPHER ARMSTRONG ARGUE217; b. 24 August 1878; d. 30 August 1950.

              ix.   CHARLES LEWIS PFOUTS217, b. 18 April 1889; d. 03 February 1970; m. INEZ IDA CONRAD217; b. 26 December 1904; d. 04 April 1981.

               x.   HOMER MILTON PFOUTS217, b. 18 September 1890; d. 09 April 1940; m. LONA FRANCES THRASHER217; b. 25 January 1893; d. 12 November 1972.

              xi.   ELMER WILLIAM PFOUTS217, b. 25 September 1892; d. 15 March 1939; m. SYLVIA ROWENA BURDICK217; b. 31 October 1900; d. 06 January 1988.

17.  ISIE ELLEN3 TARR (AMELIA2 BANEY, JOHN1)218,219 was born 12 March 1858 in Cherrytree, Venango Co., PA220, and died 24 February 1943 in Bradford, PA220,221.  She married LOUIS NAPOLEON STEVENSON222 26 September 1875 in Cherrytree, Venango Co,  PA222.  He died 1929223.


39.            i.   CHARLES F.4 STEVENSON, b. 26 January 1879.

18.  MARTHA M.3 ROSS (SUSANNAH2 BANEY, JOHN1)224 was born March 1856 in Cherrytree Township, Venango Co., PA224, and died 1931225.  She married ROSS F. GAHRING226 Abt. 1879227, son of JACOB GAHRING.  He was born December 1855228, and died 1914 in Rouseville, PA229.

Children of MARTHA ROSS and ROSS GAHRING are:

                i.   WILLIAM LEROY4 GAHRING230, b. October 1880231; m. (1) ESTELLA A MUSTARD232, 23 December 1914, Oil City, Venango Co., PA232; d. 21 December 1935233; m. (2) SADIE E. STEVENS234, 15 April 1936, Ashland Township, Clarion Co., PA234.

               ii.   CHARLES ROSS GAHRING235,236,237, b. 04 September 1883, Morehead, Minn.238,239; d. 06 November 1946, Kaneville, Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA240,241; m. JESSIE CORNELIA TURNER242, 30 May 1906, Franklin, Venango Co., PA243,244; b. 27 January 1881, Pleasantville, Oil Creek Township, Venango Co., PA245,246,247; d. 09 November 1966, Bashline Rest Home, Titusville248.

40.          iii.   ERNEST CONRAD GAHRING, b. 28 October 1885, Oregon; d. 24 December 1965, Oil City, Venango Co., PA.

41.          iv.   MINNIE B. GAHRING, b. March 1887, Portland, Oregon.

19.  ELIZABETH LYDIA3 BANEY (JOHN2, JOHN1)249 was born July 1867, and died 05 July 1934.  She married WILLIAM HENRY WINTERS.  He was born Abt. 1865.


                i.   VENONA BEATRICE4 WINTERS250, b. 20 April 1897, Petroleum Center, Venango Co, PA; m. HARRY H. BANEY251, 22 September 1932, Franklin, Venango Co, PA252; b. 22 February 1887, Shambugh, Oil Creek Twp., Venango Co., PA; d. 31 January 1961, Titusville, Crawford Co., PA.

20.  MARY MAGDALINE3 BANEY (JOHN2, JOHN1)253 was born Abt. 1872, and died 08 November 1897 in Cherrytree, Venango Co., PA.  She married ELMER ELLSWORTH DRAKE254 18 July 1891 in Venango Co, PA, son of ERASTUS DRAKE and CATHERINE STOVER.  He was born 14 October 1862 in Cherrytree, Venango Co., PA, and died 23 April 1938 in Lawrence Co., IL.


                i.   JENNIE LAVINA4 DRAKE254, b. 24 September 1893, Cherrytree, Venango Co., PA; d. 31 December 1977, Lawrence Co., IL; m. FLOYD EDGAR BURGOON254, 08 June 1912, Grant Co., IN; b. 16 October 1890, Farville, Gas City, Grant Co., IN; d. 04 October 1920, Vincennes, Knox Co., IN.

21.  S. A.3 BANEY (FREDERICK2, JOHN1)255 was born Abt. 1860.  She married JAMES N. TARR256,257 09 February 1875258.  He was born 08 April 1858 in Petroleum Center, Venango Co., PA258.

Children of S. BANEY and JAMES TARR are:

                i.   OLIVER C.4 TARR258.

               ii.   FRED B. TARR258.

               iii.   EDWARD TARR258.

               iv.   WALTER F. TARR258.

                v.   WYOMA TARR258.

               vi.   SARAH TARR258.

              vii.   ROBERT TARR258.

             viii.   ORVIL TARR258.

              ix.   MYRNA TARR258.

22.  WASHINGTON H.3 BANEY (FREDERICK2, JOHN1)259,260 was born December 1865, and died 1924.  He married (1) SARAH OR SADIE ?261 Abt. 1889.  She was born September 1872261, and died 13 September 1900 in Pennsylvania262.  He married (2) KATIE BELL WHITTEN263 06 January 1911, daughter of ANSON WHITTEN and ALICE RENNINGER.  She was born May 1887 in Oakland Township, Venango Co.,  PA263, and died 12 August 1912 in Titusville, Crawford Co., PA264.

Children of WASHINGTON BANEY and SARAH ? are:

                i.   CECIL E.4 BANEY265, b. March 1890264.

               ii.   FREDERICK W. BANEY266, b. May 1891264.

               iii.   MABEL BANEY266, b. February 1897264.

               iv.   NORA E. BANEY266, b. December 1892264.

Generation No. 4

23.  ARKANZA JENNIE4 BANEY (JOHN WESLEY3, JACOB2, JOHN1)267,268 was born 31 October 1876 in Kaneville, PA269, and died 16 March 1926 in Titusville, Crawford Co., PA269.  She married (2) FIELDING HARRY CRAWFORD270,271,272 13 November 1895 in Franklin, PA273,274,275, son of ROBERT CRAWFORD and CATHERINE LINNEBERY.  He was born 18 March 1866 in Venango County, PA276,277,278, and died 08 April 1932 in Titusville, Crawford Co, PA279.


                i.   GRACE M.5 BANEY280, b. July 1894; m. ? RODGERS280; b. Abt. 1894.


42.           ii.   HARRY LEROY5 CRAWFORD281,282,283, b. 13 July 1896, Petroleum Center, Venango Co, PA284; d. 21 November 1945, Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania; m. (1) LILLIAN B. WEIDNER, 1918; b. Abt. 1896, Crawford Co., PA; m. (2) LUCY ETTA BREWSTER285, 14 January 1925, Mayville, Chautauqua Co., NY286; b. 02 August 1908, Kellettville, Forest Co., PA287; d. 23 October 1978, Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania287.

               iii.   HAZEL CRAWFORD288, b. 15 August 1897, Petroleum Center, PA; d. 1897.

               iv.   ERNEST CRAWFORD288, b. 24 January 1899, Petroleum Center, PA.

43.           v.   HILDA HAZEL CRAWFORD288, b. 18 February 1900, Rynd Farm, Venango Co., PA289,290; d. 30 December 1957, North Warren, Warren County, PA291; m. (1) GEORGE HOLICE GHERING292, 01 May 1918, At Hilda's home in Cherrytree, Pennsylvania293; b. 24 September 1897, Cherrytree Twp., Venango Co., PA294; d. 07 December 1987, Franklin Hospital, Venango Co., PA; m. (2) RAYMOND LEROY HOLLENBECK, 24 August 1937, Titusville, Crawford County, PA295; b. 09 October 1885, Tidioute, PA296; d. 05 March 1967, 16354 Pleasantville, Venango County, PA297,298.

44.          vi.   EDWARD EUGENE CRAWFORD299,300, b. 1904; m. GEORGIA ANTHONY301.

              vii.   LILLIAN CRAWFORD302, b. 03 September 1905; d. 07 September 1905.

             viii.   CURTIS H. CRAWFORD303,304, b. April 1910; d. Abt. 1945, TB sanitarium in Buffalo, NY ??; m. JOSEPHINE ?305.

24.  JOHN W.4 BANEY (JOHN WESLEY3, JACOB2, JOHN1)306,307 was born 11 September 1878 in PA307, and died 23 March 1937 in Titusville, Crawford Co., PA307.  He married MABEL OLIVE SMITH308,309 11 April 1911 in PA309, daughter of WILLIAM SMITH and LUCINA ALCORN.  She was born 10 June 1880 in Diamond, Troy, Crawford, PA309, and died 10 May 1953 in Titusville, Crawford Co., PA.

Children of JOHN BANEY and MABEL SMITH are:

                i.   ELIZABETH5 BANEY310,311, b. 28 February 1912, Pioneer, Cherrytree Twp., Venango Co., PA311; d. 14 February 1971, Titusville, Crawford Co., PA311; m. EARL VICTOR WARNER311, 25 October 1932, Ripley, Chautauqua, NY311; b. Abt. 1912.

               ii.   EDWARD WILLIAM BANEY312,313, b. 06 April 1913, Pioneer, Cherrytree Twp., Venango Co., PA313,314; d. 14 September 1992, Titusville, Crawford Co., PA315,316; m. MARIAN MILDRED L'HUILLIAR317, Titusville, Crawford Co., PA317.

               iii.   PAULINE FRANCES BANEY318,319, b. 09 April 1914, Pioneer, Cherrytree Twp., Venango Co., PA319; d. 25 May 1983, Titusville, Crawford Co., PA319; m. STEVEN FARNSWORTH ANTILL320

               iv.   CLARENCE LEROY BANEY322,323, b. 04 May 1915, Pioneer, Cherrytree Twp., Venango Co., PA323; d. 23 April 1998, Pleasantville, Venango Co., PA324.

                v.   VIOLET LUCINA BANEY325,326, b. 11 December 1916, Pioneer, Cherrytree Twp., Venango Co., PA326; m. WILLIAM JOHN BEUCHAT326.

             vi.   GEORGE ELWIN BANEY328,329, b. 22 December 1918, Pioneer, Cherrytree Twp., Venango Co., PA329; m. MARION NORMA RUIZ329

              vii.  FLORENCE LUCILLE BANEY329, b. 16 February 1920, Pioneer, Cherrytree Twp., Venango Co., PA329; d. 02 December 1996, Titusville, Crawford Co., PA329; m. ROBERT PETER SCHENBERG329, 03 July 1942, West Virginia329; b. Abt. 1920.

             viii.  GERALDINE MAY BANEY329, b. 20 June 1921, Pioneer, Cherrytree Twp., Venango Co., PA329; m. HOMER O. STAUB329, 14 December 1940, Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania329; b. Abt. 1921.

             ix.   CHARLOTTE LILLIAN BANEY329, b. 11 September 1922, Pioneer, Cherrytree Twp., Venango Co., PA329; d. 07 May 1985, Titusville, Crawford Co., PA329; m. CHARLES ROBERT BURNS329, 07 December 1945, CMA Church, Titusville, Crawford Co., PA330; b. 16 January 1923, East Brady, Clarion City, PA331; d. 10 July 1991, West Kittaning, Clarion Co., PA331.

               x.   JOHN J. BANEY331, b. 25 May 1925, Pioneer, Cherrytree Twp., Venango Co., PA331; d. 1925.

25.  BERTHA4 BANEY (JOHN WESLEY3, JACOB2, JOHN1)331 was born March 1886 in Kaneville, PA331, and died 30 April 1926 in Corry, Crawford County, PA332.  She married DANIEL O. BROWN333,334, son of ALEXANDER BROWN and MARY ?.  He was born 11 June 1883 in Church Run Rd., Crawford County, PA335, and died Aft. 1930 in Titusville, Crawford Co., PA335.

Children of BERTHA BANEY and DANIEL BROWN are:

                i.   ALFRED V.5 BROWN.

               ii.   ? BROWN336, m. FRED V. CLARK336.

26.  CHARLES ANTHONY4 BANEY (JOHN WESLEY3, JACOB2, JOHN1)337 was born February 1888, and died 16 June 1969 in Union City, Memorial Hospital, PA338.  He married ANNA B. EMERSON339 14 February 1914 in Union City, PA339, daughter of FRANK EMERSON and FRANCIS TOBIAS.  She was born 18 May 1895 in Mill Village, PA339, and died 21 February 1984 in Union City, Memorial Hospital, PA339.


                i.   BEATRICE5 BANEY340, m. ? HAYES341.

               ii.   DOROTHY BANEY342, m. (1) HOWARD BUELL343,344; m. (2) ? LOOMIS345.

               iii.   MARJORIE BANEY346, m. MERRITT ARTHUR WILLIAMS346,347,348.

               iv.   CHARLOTTE BANEY349, m. ? WINEGARD349.

                v.   GERTRUDE BANEY349, m. ? WHITNEY349.

               vi.   GLADYS BANEY349, m. ? BACON349.

              vii.   NORMA BANEY349, m. ? SKAALOS349.

             viii.   CHARLES BANEY349.

              ix.   DONALD BANEY349.


Children of SYLVIA HECKATHORN and W. MCKAY are:

                i.   EVELYN MAE5 MCKAY, b. 10 July 1920350; d. August 1989350; m. ROBERT E. SCOTT350.

               ii.   LENORA MCKAY, m. ? FOREMAN.


Children of IVAN HECKATHORN are:

                i.   FLORANCE5 HECKATHORN350, m. CLARK DAUBER350.

               ii.   GENEVIEVE HECKATHORN350, m. BOB HENRY350.

               iii.   LOUISE HECKATHORN350, m. DONALD SMITH350.

29.  HARRY H.4 BANEY (ELI3, DANIEL2, JOHN1)351 was born 21 December 1888352,353.  He married GRACE A. PORTER354,355 30 May 1916 in Ontario, Canada355.  She was born Abt. 1885.


               i.   DORIS5 BANEY356, b. December 1918; m. PHILLIP W. RODGERS357,358, 01 April 1935, New York; b. 20 May 1908, Oil City, Venango Co, PA; d. 04 September 1957, Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA359.

30.  JULIA ALMENAH4 GHARING (JOHN MARTIN3, ELIZABETH2 BANEY, JOHN1)360,361 was born 14 July 1885362,363, and died 31 January 1965363.  She married JAMES KRANTZ364 1906 in Venango Co, PA364.  He was born 09 April 1884365, and died 15 March 1967365.


                i.   THEDA5 KRANTZ366

              ii.   OTTIS ALBRO KRANTZ367,368, b. 26 April 1908, Oakland Township, Venango Co., PA369,370; d. 27 April 1986, Bradford, McKean County, PA371; m. (1) MARY EMMA WARNER372, 03 July 1929, Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania372; b. 21 July 1902372; d. 04 March 1963372; m. (2) MARY CATHERINE GHERING373,374, 11 September 1965, Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania375; b. 05 June 1903, Cherrytree Township, Pennsylvania376; d. 07 February 1982, Titusville, Crawford Co., PA.

               iii.   GEORGE KRANTZ377

             iv.   FLOYD KRANTZ378

31.  ALFRED MERL4 GHARING (JOHN MARTIN3, ELIZABETH2 BANEY, JOHN1)379 was born February 1887380, and died 1971 in Dempseytown, Venango Co., PA381.  He married RUTH EMMA WEAVER382,383 12 July 1915 in PA384,385, daughter of MICHAEL WEAVER and ELIZABETH ?.  She was born 1884386, and died 15 May 1941 in Dempseytown, Venango Co., PA387,388.


                i.   JOHN M.5 GHARING389, b. 1918390; d. 1992, Dempseytown, Venango Co., PA; m. CLARICE A. LEWIS391,392, 1942392; b. 1918393; d. 1970393.

               ii.   ORLO GHARING394

               iii.   HAROLD GHARING395

32.  ROBERT HENRY4 GHARING (JOHN MARTIN3, ELIZABETH2 BANEY, JOHN1)396 was born 05 November 1894 in farm near Dempseytown, Pennsylvania397, and died 14 September 1976 in Oakland Twp., Venango Co., PA397.  He married EDITH M. PRICHARD397 24 April 1918 in PA398, daughter of LEWIS PRITCHARD and MAUD CRAMER.  She was born 03 February 1897 in Bredinsburg, Cran. Twp., Venango County, PA399, and died 23 April 1986 in Grandview Health Care Center, PA.


                i.   WILLIAM P.5 GHARING400; m. FLORENCE M. CARTER401.

              ii.   EVELYN MARIE GHARING402; m. ROBERT LARSON403.

               iii.   CHARLOTTE ANN GHARING403; m. DONALD R. SNYDER404, Venango Co, PA404.

             iv.   ROBERT WENDELL GHARING405, b. 04 February 1925, Oakland Township near Dempseytown406; d. 08 March 2003, Franklin, Venango Co., PA; m. DOROTHY DINSMORE; d. September 1964.

33.  IVA AUDRE4 GHARING (GEORGE ISAAC3, ELIZABETH2 BANEY, JOHN1)407 was born July 1889408.  She married HARRY WILLIAM ALEXANDER409.  He was born Abt. 1889.


                i.   HARRIET5 ALEXANDER410

               ii.   THEADOR ALEXANDER410

34.  LILLIAN M.4 GHARING (GEORGE ISAAC3, ELIZABETH2 BANEY, JOHN1)411,412 was born November 1895413, and died 1976.  She married LLOYD E. PROPER414.  He was born Abt. 1869.


               i.  GERALD5 PROPER414,415; m. GRACE MCCAULEY.

               ii.   WAYNE PROPER416,417

35.  BLANCHE CORA4 PFOUTS (LUCY JANE3 TARR, AMELIA2 BANEY, JOHN1)418 was born 11 April 1876, and died 18 June 1957.  She married WILLIAM DAVIDSON GATES418.  He was born 01 January 1872, and died 04 August 1935.


                i.   DOROTHY5 GATES418, m. KERMIT HINKLE418

36.  FRANCES GERTRUDE4 PFOUTS (LUCY JANE3 TARR, AMELIA2 BANEY, JOHN1)418 was born 01 September 1877, and died 11 March 1939.  She married (1) DEVILLA FRANCE418.  He was born December 1868, and died November 1900.  She married (2) ELI BENJAMINE TARR418.  He was born 25 November 1875, and died 14 May 1934.


                i.   HARRY DEVILLA5 FRANCE418, b. 27 November 1900; d. 23 April 1972; m. LETA SMITH418.

37.  LAURA MABLE4 PFOUTS (LUCY JANE3 TARR, AMELIA2 BANEY, JOHN1)418 was born 01 June 1881.  She married ALBERT BENSON WIXEN418.  He was born 14 March 1880, and died 12 July 1977.

Children of LAURA PFOUTS and ALBERT WIXEN are:

               i.   ALMA LUCY5 WIXEN418; m. MANLEY EDWIN BRACE418; b. 15 November 1897; d. 03 February 1972.

               ii.   MURIEL IRENE WIXEN418

               iii.   CECILE LORRAINE WIXEN418

38.  ADA LENORA4 PFOUTS (LUCY JANE3 TARR, AMELIA2 BANEY, JOHN1)418 was born 12 June 1895, and died 02 August 1971.  She married JOHN EDWARD (HARRISON) SMITH418.  He was born 28 August 1888, and died Bef. 1935.

Children of ADA PFOUTS and JOHN SMITH are:

               i.   MARGARET5 SMITH418, m. MAURICE PRICE418.

               ii.   MILLER SMITH418, b. 28 December 1917; d. 11 November 1983.

               iii.   VIRGIL SMITH418, b. 29 January 1922; d. 19 May 1975.

               iv.   DONALD SMITH418, b. 06 January 1932; d. 10 July 1957.

                v.   CHARLOTTE SMITH418

39.  CHARLES F.4 STEVENSON (ISIE ELLEN3 TARR, AMELIA2 BANEY, JOHN1)419 was born 26 January 1879.  He married BESSIE R. WALKER419 16 June 1898419.


                i.   CHARLES F.5 STEVENSON419.

               ii.   JESSIE SUSANNA STEVENSON419

             iii.   JANET C. STEVENSON419, m. LEROY R. OAKES419.

40.  ERNEST CONRAD4 GAHRING (MARTHA M.3 ROSS, SUSANNAH2 BANEY, JOHN1)420,421 was born 28 October 1885 in Oregon422, and died 24 December 1965 in Oil City, Venango Co., PA422.  He married ETHEL MAE DRAKE423,424 24 December 1907 in Franklin, Venango Co., PA425, daughter of WILLIAM DRAKE and EDITH ?.  She was born 1892426, and died January 1949427.


               i.   VIOLET MAE5 GAHRING428, b. 13 December 1908, Oil City, Venango Co., PA429,430; d. 13 January 1988, Greenville, PA430; m. LAWRENCE C. SMITH430,431, 15 August 1925, Venango Co, PA432; d. 13 December 1971, Hadley, PA433.

               ii.   JANE M. GAHRING434

             iii.   EARNESTINE FREDA GAHRING435, b. 23 December 1910, Oil City, Venango Co., PA435; d. 13 December 1989, Franklin, Venango Co., PA435; m. CHARLES HOMER HEWSTON435, 20 May 1927436; d. 06 December 1959437.

               iv.   MERLE GAHRING438.

                v.   NORMAN GAHRING438.

             vi.   GLADYS FRANCES GAHRING439, b. 27 August 1922, Oil City, Venango Co., PA440; d. 12 December 1989, Oil City, Venango Co., PA440; m. HARRY W. GLOSS440,441, 16 January 1945, Venango Co, PA442,443.

              vii.   ETHEL LOUISE GAHRING444.

41.  MINNIE B.4 GAHRING (MARTHA M.3 ROSS, SUSANNAH2 BANEY, JOHN1)447 was born March 1887 in Portland, Oregan447.  She married JACOB V. TOY448 12 October 1904 in Franklin, Venango Co., PA449, son of WILLIAM TOY and RACHEL ?.  He died 06 February 1970 in Oil City, Venango Co., PA450.

Children of MINNIE GAHRING and JACOB TOY are:

               i.   BERNICE LUCILLE5 TOY451; m. EDWIN EARL BOYLES452, 06 September 1930, Franklin, PA452.

              ii.  BRUCE LEE ROY TOY453, Oil City, Venango Co., PA; m. RUTH NAOMI SNYDER454.

End Notes