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Colonel John Crawford Descendants

Generation No. 1


Child of JOHN CRAWFORD is:

2. i. ROBERT2 CRAWFORD, b. 1820, Lancaster, Armstrong County, PA; d. 09 September 1894, Cherrytree Township, Venango Co., PA.

Generation No. 2

2. Robert2 Crawford (John1) was born 1820 in Lancaster, Armstrong County, PA2, and died 09 September 1894 in Cherrytree Township, Venango Co., PA3,4. He married Catherine Linnebery5. She was born July 1827 in Brady's Bend Twp., Armstrong County, Pennsylvania6, and died 03 December 1900 in Petroleum Centre, PA7.

Children of Robert Crawford and Catherine Linnebery are:

3 i. John3 Crawford8. He married Rose Corbett8.

+ 4 ii. Anna Crawford, born 21 June 1848 in Bradys Bend, PA; died August 1930 in Eagle Rock, PA.

+ 5 iii. Robert W. Crawford, born 26 December 1849 in Near Emlenton, PA; died September 1916 in Petroleum Center, Cornplanter Township, Venango Co., PA.

6 iv. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Crawford9,10, born Abt. 1855. She married Robert Graham11,12; born Abt. 1850.

7 v. Jennie Crawford13, born Abt. 1857.

8 vi. William D. Crawford14,15,16,17, born Abt. 185918. He married Margaret I. Hogg18,19 Abt. 1883; born Abt. 1865.

+ 9 vii. Curtis R. Crawford, born June 1860 in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania; died Abt. 1914 in Oil City, Venango Co., PA.

+ 10 viii. Fielding Harry Crawford, born 18 March 1866 in Venango County, PA; died 08 April 1932 in Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania.

11 ix. Lewis Newton Crawford20,21,22,23,24, born April 1869 in PA25,26; died 193427. He married Mary Catherine Baney28,29,30,31 24 April 1897 in Franklin, PA32; born 22 February 1876 in Kaneville, PA33; died 07 January 1945 in Oil City, Venango Co., PA33.

12 x. Laura E. Crawford34, born February 187035; died February 192335. She married Jacob T. Tarr36,37,38 16 December 1890 in Franklin, Venango Co., PA39; died 18 November 1934 in Golden Sun, Colorado39.

Generation No. 3

4. Anna3 Crawford (Robert2, John1)40,41 was born 21 June 1848 in Bradys Bend, PA42, and died August 1930 in Eagle Rock, PA42. She married William Snow43,44, son of John Snow. He was born 1849 in Queenstown, Armstrong Co., PA45, and died 30 August 1917 in Seneca, Venango, PA45.

Children of Anna Crawford and William Snow are:

13 i. Mary Elizabeth4 Snow46,47. She married Fred Stevensen48,49.

14 ii. Laura Emma Snow50, born 22 March 1874 in Oleopolis, Venango Co., PA51. She married Robert Boardman52.

15 iii. Alice E. Snow53,54. She married (1) William Mercillott55,56. She married (2) Henry Patterson57.

16 iv. Fred Snow58. He married Frances Stover.

17 v. Richard Snow59.

18 vi. Harvey William Snow59,60. He married Olive Willings60.

19 vii. Robert Snow60.

20 viii. John Snow61. He married Eva Willings62.

21 ix. Blanche Snow62.

5. Robert W.3 Crawford (Robert2, John1)63,64 was born 26 December 1849 in Near Emlenton, PA65,66,67,68, and died September 1916 in Petroleum Center, Cornplanter Township, Venango Co., PA. He married Erie A. Hogg69,70 188071, daughter of James Hogg and Ann Nyamon. She was born August 1849 in Mercer County, PA72,73,74, and died 27 September 193975.

Children of Robert Crawford and Erie Hogg are:

22 i. Lottie M.4 Crawford76,77, born December 1881. She married Newel G. Smith77 06 July 1903 in Franklin, Venango County, PA78; born 1883.

23 ii. Vernon D. Crawford79, born July 1883.

24 iii. Nellie Crawford80, born August 1885.

25 iv. Leonard Crawford80, born March 1887.

+ 26 v. Claire C. Crawford, born August 1889.

27 vi. Grace Crawford80, born November 1891.

28 vii. Myrtle Crawford80, born April 1895.

29 viii. Minnie A. Crawford81,82, born January 1898.

9. Curtis R.3 Crawford (Robert2, John1)83,84,85,86 was born June 1860 in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania87,88, and died Abt. 1914 in Oil City, Venango Co., PA89. He married Catherine Mary Hogg90,91 01 November 187892, daughter of James Hogg and Ann Nyamon. She was born 09 July 1854 in Plumer, Venango Co, Pennsylvania93,94,95, and died November 1913 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA96.

Children of Curtis Crawford and Catherine Hogg are:

+ 30 i. Lulu Belle4 Crawford, born March 1884.

+ 31 ii. Robert James Crawford, born 31 May 1886; died 09 January 1949 in Pleasantville, Venango Co., PA.

32 iii. Rallya W. Crawford97,98,99, born February 1888100.

33 iv. Lena Crawford100, born February 1890100.

34 v. M. Elizabeth Crawford100,101, born February 1891102. She married Lee J. Hancox103 1914104; born 1894 in Cherrytree Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania105.

35 vi. Florence Crawford106, born November 1894106. She married Charles Taylor107.

36 vii. Walter G. Crawford108,109,110, born November 1897111.

+ 37 viii. Floyd H. Crawford, born 22 December 1898 in Petroleum Center, Pennsylvania; died 07 April 1963 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA.

10. Fielding Harry3 Crawford (Robert2, John1)112,113,114 was born 18 March 1866 in Venango County, PA115,116,117, and died 08 April 1932 in Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania118. He married Arkanza Jennie Baney119,120 13 November 1895 in Franklin, PA121,122,123, daughter of John Baney and Elizabeth Klutz. She was born 31 October 1876 in Kaneville, PA124, and died 16 March 1926 in Titusville, Crawford Co., PA124.


Fieldy Crawford and Thomas M. Ghering
Fielding Harry Crawford with grandson Thomas M. Ghering
Photo courtesy of Lily Ghering Harvey and Linda Harvey Kelley
Click the picture to see larger picture.
arkanza2.jpg (126456 bytes)
Arkanza "Jennie" Baney Crawford, age 28, Harry L. Crawford, age 9-10,
Hilda H. Crawford, age 5, and Eugene Crawford about 1.
Photo courtesy of Patricia M. Vincent

Children of Fielding Crawford and Arkanza Baney are:

+ 38 i. Harry Leroy4 Crawford, born 13 July 1896 in Petroleum Center, Venango Co, PA; died 21 November 1945 in Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania.

39 ii. Hazel Crawford125, born 15 August 1897 in Petroleum Center, PA; died 1897.

40 iii. Ernest Crawford125, born 24 January 1899 in Petroleum Center, PA.

+ 41 iv. Hilda Hazel Crawford, born 18 February 1900 in Rynd Farm, Oil City, Petroleum Center, Venango County, Pennsylvania; died 30 December 1957 in North Warren, Warren County, PA.

+ 42 v. Edward Eugene Crawford, born 1904.

43 vi. Lillian Crawford126, born 03 September 1905; died 07 September 1905.

44 vii. Curtis H. Crawford127,128, born April 1910; died Abt. 1945 in TB sanitarium in Buffalo, NY ??. He married Josephine ?129.

Generation No. 4

26. Claire C.4 Crawford (Robert W.3, Robert2, John1)130 was born August 1889.

Child of Claire C. Crawford is:

45 i. Harold Robert5 Crawford130.

30. Lulu Belle4 Crawford (Curtis R.3, Robert2, John1)131,132 was born March 1884133. She married Henry William Motters134,135,136 01 November 1900 in Petroleum Centre, PA137, son of William Motters and Jennie ?. He was born Abt. 1876.

Children of Lulu Crawford and Henry Motters are:

46 i. Frank5 Motters138, born 1905.

47 ii. Gertrude Motters138, born 1909.

48 iii. Howard Motters138, born 1915.

49 iv. Elizabeth Motters138, born 1917.

50 v. Lulu Motters138, born 1919.

31. Robert James4 Crawford (Curtis R.3, Robert2, John1)139,140,141 was born 31 May 1886142, and died 09 January 1949 in Pleasantville, Venango Co., PA143. He married Minnie Mae Proper144,145,146 08 March 1908 in Franklin, Venango County, PA147,148, daughter of Perry Proper and Hattie Marsh. She was born 15 August 1889 in Troy Center, Crawford, PA149,150, and died 19 January 1960 in Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania150.

Children of Robert Crawford and Minnie Proper are:

51 i. Charles W.5 Crawford151,152, born 21 April 1909 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA153; died 14 September 1985 in Riverside, Riverside Co., CA153. He married Della Williams153 1931153; born 31 December 1902 in Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania154; died 10 February 1988 in Riverside, Riverside Co., CA154.

52 ii. Harold Eugene Crawford155,156, born 22 December 1910 in Cherrytree Township, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania157,158,159; died 01 March 1991 in Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania160,161. He married Alverta Mabel Reese162 18 October 1933 in Ripley, Chautauqua, NY162; born 26 June 1912 in Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania163,164,165; died 15 March 1989 in Oil City, Venango Co, PA166,167.

53 iii. Kenneth Crawford168. He married Gladys Michell

54 iv. Howard James Crawford169,170,171, born 01 April 1915 in Goodwill Hill, Warren Co., PA172,173,174; died August 1973 in Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania. He married (1) Irene E. Reese175,176 09 June 1937 in Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania177; born 08 March 1914 in Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania178; died 19 February 1962 in Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania179,180. He married (2) Helen Sinchuk 24 March 1973 in Orange Park, FL.

55 v. Viola Crawford181, born 08 February 1918; died April 1987 in Wankesha, WI. She married Alexander Bohin181; born 09 November 1900; died January 1980 in Staten Island, NY.

56 vi. Ruth Marie Crawford181, born 06 April 1924. She married John J. Schwartz181; born Abt. 1924.

37. Floyd H.4 Crawford (Curtis R.3, Robert2, John1)182,183 was born 22 December 1898 in Petroleum Center, Pennsylvania184,185,186, and died 07 April 1963 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA187,188,189. He married Elizabeth Mae Stevenson190 08 June 1921 in Kaneville, PA191,192, daughter of Elmer Stevenson and Elizabeth Newson. She was born 30 April 1905 in Kaneville, Pennsylvania193,194, and died 08 January 1980 in Cherrytree Township, Venango Co., PA195.

Children of Floyd Crawford and Elizabeth Stevenson are:

57 i. Floyd H.5 Crawford196

58 ii. Donald L. Crawford197

59 iii. Marjorie Helen Crawford197,198. She married Oren Shaffer200,201.

38. Harry Leroy4 Crawford (Fielding Harry3, Robert2, John1)202,203,204 was born 13 July 1896 in Petroleum Center, Venango Co, PA205, and died 21 November 1945 in Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania. He married (1) Lillian B. Weidner 1918, daughter of Carson Weidner and Della Flasher. She was born Abt. 1896 in Crawford Co., PA. He married (2) Lucy Etta Brewster206 14 January 1925 in Mayville, Chautauqua Co., NY207, daughter of Joseph Brewster and Lucilla Sterling. She was born 02 August 1908 in Kellettville, Forest Co., PA208, and died 23 October 1978 in Titusville, Crawford Co, Pennsylvania208.

Child of Harry Crawford and Lillian Weidner is:

60 i. Roy5 Crawford209

Children of Harry Crawford and Lucy Brewster are:

61 i. Harry Leroy5 Crawford210, born 02 January 1926210; died 01 July 1926210.

62 ii. Lucy Crawford210, born 02 November 1926210; died 02 November 1926210.

63 iii. Evelyn Mae Crawford210

64 iv. Carolyn Marie Crawford210. She married ? Galinsky.

65 v. Marilyn Lucille Crawford210. She married Charles Conaway211; born 29 March 1930 in Diamond, PA211; died 24 August 1998 in Pittsburg, PA212.

66 vi. Madelyn Arlene Crawford213, born 01 October 1933 in Titusville, Crawford Co., PA213; died 30 April 1976 in Erie, Erie Co., PA. She married Ronald Clark Harvey.

67 vii. Franklyn Crawford213.

68 viii. Roselyn Crawford213. She married Richard McCoy.

69 ix. Marcelyn Crawford213. She married Theodore Kuminkoski.

70 x. Jacquelyn Crawford213. She married (1) Robert Loveless. She married (2) Tom Hyder.

41. Hilda Hazel4 Crawford (Fielding Harry3, Robert2, John1)214 was born 18 February 1900 in Rynd Farm, Oil City, Petroleum Center, Venango County, Pennsylvania215,216, and died 30 December 1957 in North Warren, Warren County, PA217. She married (1) George Holice Ghering218 01 May 1918 in At Hilda's home in Cherrytree, Pennsylvania219, son of Thomas Ghering and Mary Chandler. He was born 24 September 1897 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA220, and died 07 December 1987 in Franklin Hospital, Venango County, Pennsylvania. She married (2) Raymond Leroy Hollenbeck 24 August 1937 in Titusville, Crawford County, PA221, son of George Hollenbeck and Addie Kightlinger. He was born 09 October 1885 in Tidioute, PA222, and died 05 March 1967 in 16354 Pleasantville, Venango County, PA223,224.

Children of Hilda Crawford and George Ghering are:

71 i. Velma Ruth5 Ghering225, born 23 February 1919 in Titusville, Crawford County, PA; died 12 January 1994 in Morristown, Tennessee 37813226. She married (1) Frederick L. Stover 22 May 1939 in Crawford County, PA227; born 11 June 1920 in Cherrytree Twp., Venango County, PA228,229; died April 1967230. She married (2) Basil Thomas Daniel 23 November 1946 in Titusville, Crawford County, PA; born Abt. 1914 in Newport, KY; died Abt. 1992 in Morristown, Tennessee 37813.

72 ii. Jennie Louise Ghering231, born 06 May 1920 in Pennsylvania; died 22 January 2001 in Kent, Ohio. She married Jay Shreffler232 09 April 1941 in Ohio233; born 05 September 1918 in Franklin, Venango Co., PA234; died 01 September 1997 in Lake Milton, Ohio 44429234.

73 iii. Lily Beatrice Evelyn Ghering235. She married Robert Ami Harvey237 

74 iv. Donald Eugene Ghering239, born 21 June 1923 in Cherrytree Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania; died 27 March 1996 in Galesburg, Neosho County, Kansas 67357 (Parsons, Labette, KS)240. He married (1) Frances Eileen Rodgers241. He married (2) Donna Lee Rodgers244 He married (3) Myrtle ? Abt. 1973; born 03 April 1917; died 07 February 1998 in Parsons, Kansas 67357.

75 v. Thomas Milton Ghering246, born 01 November 1925 in Cherrytree Township, Venango County, Pennsylvania246; died 31 March 1989 in Titusville, Pennsylvania. He married (1) Shirley Maxine Proper247. He married (2) Lillian Imogene Miller 06 April 1957 in Fertigs, Pennsylvania248; born 28 April 1916 in Venango Co., Pennsylvania; died 20 October 1993 in Sunset Manor, Titusville, Pennsylvania.

Child of Hilda Crawford and Raymond Hollenbeck is:

76 i. Marilyn5 Hollenbeck; Adopted child.

42. Edward Eugene4 Crawford (Fielding Harry3, Robert2, John1)249,250 was born 1904. He married Georgia Anthony251.

Children of Edward Crawford and Georgia Anthony are:

77 i. Betty5 Crawford251.

78 ii. Eugene Crawford251

79 iii. Isabel Crawford251.

80 iv. Harry Crawford251.

81 v. Robert Crawford251.

82 vi. Donald Crawford251.

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