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Letter of Intent & Request for Permission to Display
Genealogical Data on the WWW(Internet)

I, Robert T. McKinlay, the sole originator of and the party totally responsible for content of the genealogical website, Clann Mackinlay Seannachaidh (found at http://homepages/, hereby declares that the purpose of this website is to act as both a repository for and as a facilitator for the sharing of Mackinlay (and spelling variants, thereof) genealogical data.

The submission of genealogical data, as either a GEDCOM file, a proprietary software file, or as hard copy to me shall be construed as expressed permission to post such data onto the website.

Material sent as hard copy by the contributor and transposed by me into a GEDCOM format may be inaccurate and require some "correction" before all "errors" have been squeezed out. All reasonable effort shall be made to send the contributor a Genealogy Report of the proposed file for verification prior to posting such data. Any information that the contributor feels should not be posted, should be clearly specified.

In order to assure that information about living individuals, excluding the fact of multiple spouses, is not posted, the resulting genealogical data will be "privatized" prior to posting on the Clann Mackinlay Seannachaidh website.

If you have any questions at all about this Request for Permission, please send such questions to me prior to signing.

If you understand and agree to the above provisions, please sign below and return by snail-mail the signed copy to me at the following address:

Robert T. McKinlay
1303 Goldsmith Drive
Westerville, OH 43081-4517

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Last Update: April 2005