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27 October 2006

Dear fellow Clansmen/Clanswomen:

You'll be pleased to learn that the CLANN-MACKINLAY-SEANNACHAIDH Mailing ListServe now has 48 members in the D (digest mode)-presently, the only Mode. I am most appreciative that many of you have had the faith to sign on. Now it behooves all of us to both utilize the List (inactive for its early life) for appropriate queries and other messages of interest to us all, AND to encourage others of like interests to sign on to the ListServe. Please do let us all know of your research interests. I'm counting on all of you to do so - but only at your convenience. Mal Gray took the first step in calendar year 2003 and posted a query. Good show, Mal!!!!

I am equally thrilled to report that I now have 236 names in the Clann Mackinlay address book, 141 of whom have, as yet, untested e-mail addresses. That's a whopping 60% - not bad!! I'll be able to tell better after this letter goes out on e-mail which e-mail addresses are viable and which one's bounce. Please mail me any demographic changes (e-mail or snail-mail) to / 1303 Goldsmith Drive, Westerville, OH 43081 and feel free to disseminate copies of this letter to all interested parties - thank you very much.

I will continue to try to communicate the existence of the Mackinlay Surname List to as many places as I think will attract individuals researching Scottish Mackinlays. One such way is the insertion of both Mackinlay and Mckinlay Surname Message Boards (courtesy RootsWeb/ on the Clann Page via the Ancestry Boards tab on the left-sided Menu Bar.

As before, if you would prefer to NOT be considered in this Clan Mackinlay List, simply send me an e-mail (or snail-mail) with "de-list" in the body of the message and your name will be removed. Communications normally will be limited to once yearly. This e-mail letter is a little different, since so much has changed with the Clann Page. To be "unsubscribed" from the CLANN-MACKINLAY-SEANNACHAIDH ListServe, follow the directions in the Mailing List tab of the Menu Bar on the Clann Page. If there are errors in your name, address, etc., please forgive me and let me know the corrected information, including an e-mail address, if you have one.

There is both old news and new news this time. New news is first:

  1. My webmaster, Doug Blakeley, is no longer able to provide the talented job of webmaster, but his replacement (difficult to do), Jeremie Chaney, has just completed a masterful job of coaching me to revise virtually the entire Clann Page, including teaching me the vagaries of HTML editing. Please forgive the delay in putting all together.
  2. Those of you who have been kind enough to allow me to post your "privatized" family files in the Other Family Trees section, may wish to visit the Clann Page at (Menu:Genealogy:OtherFamilyTrees) and note the date of your last update. It may be time for you to send me another updated GEDCOM file by e-mail attachment or CD. I have tried, with Jeremie's help, to determine all the "broken" links. We have tried to fix all of those - please let me know if you find any that still do not work.
  3. The Robert McKinlay, b. ca. 1664 in Dunbartonshire, file under "files submitted by Author", will be enabled shortly, as I have nearly resolved the privacy issues that originally led to it's being disabled.
  4. Finally, and I leave the most exciting new item for last, I would like to announce & encourage all Mackinlays of any spelling (preferably, males) to have Y-DNA testing of at least 25 markers and submit the results to the Family Tree DNA of Houston Project to attempt to determine where and how far back our common ancestor(s) is/are. Check out John McKinley's testimonial letter posted under the DNA Projects Menu tab on the Clann Page (, shortly. Be sure to ask for the Y-DNA (25-67 marker Y chromosome) Test. Other means of communicating are: Family Tree DNA - Genealogy by Genetics Ltd, 1919 North Loop West, Suite 110, Houston, TX 77008; (713) 828-4200(tele); (713) 868-4584(FAX).

Clan Livingston (Clan an Ollamh or Clan Maclea), Clan Macbean, Clan MacGregor and Clan Stewart are only four of the many participants in the Family Tree DNA Project. There now > 3800 surname projects involving over 76,000 persons at FTDNA.

After checking the newly revised Clann Page, please do send me your feedback at , 1303 Goldsmith Drive, Westerville, OH 43081 or 425 Bayshore Drive, APT 9, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304, at your earliest convenience. Again, if you haven't signed up on the Mail ListServe, please sign up now. The simplest way is from the Clann Mackinlay Seannachaidh website at via the Mailing List tab on the Menu Bar.

It is only by your giving activity that we may all be richer for knowing the details of another's knowledge. Do share - and remember, there are NO dumb questions - only those who never ask questions.

Good hunting and thanks, again, for joining us in this quest. Please do share your constructive criticisms with me anytime.

Dia Beannaich 'a chlann 'ic Mac Fhionnlaigh! God bless the Clann Mackinlay! Many thanks for your patience.

Regards aye,


P. S. John Hansen, prior List Administrator for the RootsWeb MCKINLEY ListServe has compiled a list of useful navigational suggestions, with the help of Susan Swiggum. These suggestions may be useful, particularly to those who are not used to communicating this way. Please see the previous letter or, alternatively, just ask me to send them to you, if you wish to review them.

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