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Adamson Ancestry

Author: Judy K. Dye

Publisher: K.A.R.D. Files, Judy K. Dye, 19305 S.E. 243rd Place, Kent, WA 98042-4820

Type of Publication: Series of booklets.

Publication Dates: 1982 (volume 1) through 1998 (volume 14)


Description: Multi-volume series of any/all ADAMSON data.  Booklets contain two sections:  #1 Miscellaneous/raw ADAMSON data;  bible records, marriages, census, newspaper articles, pictures (old & new - people & their places), maps, wills, family traditions, reunion information, war records, land records, pension files, book reviews, family records, queries, submitter's list, etc.  #2 ADAMSON Branches;  reader's lineages are published down to one generation past where the ADAMSON surname is lost *.  Each volume also includes an every-name index.

Name Index for Volumes 1-14   (information supplied by Jerry F. Adamson):
   Adamson Last Name:  Given Name: A-DE-H, I-KL-Q, R-Z
   Other Last Names

Additional Volume Information    (information supplied by Jerry F. Adamson):   Most volumes have Adamson related information in form of Book Extractions, Book Reviews, Mail Box items, Obituaries, Queries, Wills and Probates, Family Group Sheets and Summissions of Adamson branches. Also included is an Adamson given name index and Other Than Adamson index. Special records in each volume are:
     Volume 1: Census Records: 1850 Indiana Census and 1850 Indiana Mortality; Marriage Records: Indiana and Kansas.
     Volume 2: Census Records: 1855 Kansas Territory , 1885 Kansas Census; Marriage Records: Iowa, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.
     Volume 3: Cemetery Records: California, Indiana, Iowa, and Kansas; Marriage Records: Arkansas, Idaho and Indiana.
     Volume 4: Census Records: 1810 North Carolina, 1820 North Carolina,1790 Pennsylvania, 1800 Pennsylvania, 1810 Pennsylvania,1820 Pennsylvania, 1830 Pennsylvania and 1840 Pennsylvania.
     Volume 5: Census Records: 1790 Massachusetts, 1790 Maryland, 1790 New York, 1790 North Carolina, 1790 South Carolina, 1790 Virginia, 1800 Maryland, 1800 South Carolina, 1810 Kentucky, 1810 Maryland and 1880 Wyoming; Marriage Records: Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma and Tennessee.
     Volume 6: Census Records: Early Tennessee, 1820 Indiana, 1820 Maryland, 1820 South Carolina, 1880 Idaho Territory; Marriage Records: Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.
     Volume 7: Census Records: 1830 Florida, 1830 Virginia and 1840 Iowa; Marriage Records: Indiana, Maryland, Missouri and Washington.
     Volume 8: Lots of ADAMSON branches.
     Volume 9: Marriage Records: Indiana and Texas.
     Volume 10: Census Records: 1840 Arkansas, 1840 Indiana, 1850 Iowa, 1860 Kansas and 1860 Nebraska; Marriage Records: California.
     Volume 11: Census Records: 1900 Washington; FHC IGI: Tennessee; Marriage Records: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Virginia.
     Volume 12: Census Records: 1830 Indiana, 1830 Kentucky, 1840 Kentucky and 1860 Indiana; Mortality Records: 1860 Arkansas, 1860 Texas and 1870 Arkansas; Marriage Records: Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Tennessee.
     Volume 13: Census Records: 1850 Kentucky, 1850 Ohio, 1860 Kentucky, 1860 Ohio, 1870 Indiana and 1870 Kentucky.
     Volume 14: Census Records: 1830 & 1840 Ohio, 1830 & 1840 Tennessee, and 1860 Indiana; Land Grants: Tennessee; Marriage Records: Kentucky; Death Records: Ohio and Texas.

Several copies of these publications have been donated to genealogical Libraries;
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