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Bear Family Letter Series

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This series of letters was sent to me, already in electronic form, by Debbie Bear. I have added them to my website at her request, as they nicely complement my own series of Gibbons/Kemper/Yancey Family Letters. Another reason I agreed to host these letters here on my website is that I am also a Bear descendant myself.

These letters came to Debbie by way of Elizabeth Hall Bear, who got them from Frances Eugene Bear (1894-1966), who in turn got them from Jessie Hough, the granddaughter of Bishop John Bear.

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Jacob Baer (11/15/1724-02/12/1783), son of Jacob Jagely Bar & Fronica Good, married Anna Barbara Miller (1726-11/27/1791), daughter of Adam Miller & Barbara Koger. Jacob and Anna Baer are buried in the Bear Family Cemetery near Elkton, Rockingham County, VA, in an area known as "Bear Lithia Springs". Children of Jacob Baer and Anna Barbara Miller include:

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