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Some Descendants of Thomas Roote
of Hartford, Connecticut




Map of New England (1675)


Map of Hartford, CT (1640)

First Generation

Map of Hebron, CT (1744)

Second Generation

Map of early Northampton, MA

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation

Sixth Generation

Seventh Generation

Eighth Generation

Ninth Generation

Tenth Generation



These are the descendants of my 10G Grandfather, Thomas Roote, that I have recorded over the last six years or so. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with corrections to this information. I am sorry to say, however, that I will no longer be adding descendants to the web site that are submitted by the many Root researchers out there. What little time I have these days for genealogy I need to devote to the direct ancestors of my children. Still, there are more than 2,000 individuals here; I hope you find this site useful.

The majority of this information was culled from Root Genealogical Records by James Pierce Root (1870). The book also contains the descendants of John Roote of Farmington, CT (who may have been Thomas's brother) and the descendants of Thomas Rootes of Salem, MA. Additional information came from the handwritten family tree of Edward B. Root and the records of Mrs. Darlene Root. Thanks also to Jay Root, Wiley Alston Jarrell, and Don Lee. Maps provided courtesy of and Jennifer Anne Clark. Reprints of Root Genealogical Records may be ordered from
Higginson Books. The book contains much information on the origins of the Root surname, reproductions of signatures, and stories about many of the people listed therein.

From Root Genealogical Records :

Thomas Roote, believed to be the son of John Roote and Ann Russell of Badby, England, born Jan. 16, 1605, came to this country about the year 1637, and was among the first settlers of Hartford, CT, where he lived many years, and where his children were born, although on account of the incompleteness of the ancient records of Hartford, as they have come down to this generation, the birth of only one of them (John) is recorded. This Thos. Roote is to be distinguished from the Thomas Rootes who was a resident of Salem, Mass., about the same period, and who remained there until his death. "Thomas Roote (probably this settler of Hartford) went to Pequot in 1637, as a soldier," says Hon. R. H. Hinman. The name of Thom. Roote is mentioned in the list of proprietors of undivided lands in 1639, and may be found on the monument in the old grave-yard in Hartford, in the rear of the Center Church, erected by the Ancient Burial Ground Association in memory of the first settlers of the city. he was a considerable landholder there, and one parcel of the land assigned to him was located on what is now [1870] North Main street, about a mile west of the State House. After a residence of about fifteen years in Hartford he removed with his six sons and one daughter, and settled in Northampton, MA, on the 9th day of May, 1654, as one of the planters of what was then called Nonotuck. In the Massachusetts Colonial Documents we find that in 1659, on petition, he was appointed one of the selectmen. He was both farmer and weaver of cloth. His record of lands assigned him by the town is dated 7th Dec., 1659. On the 18th of June, 1661, the parish church was gathered, and the Rev. Eleazar Mather was ordained as pastor and teacher of the flock. Among the eight pillars of the church thus organized was Thomas Roote. It is believed by some that he was a deacon of the church. The old Root homestead in Northampton was on King street, opposite where the Roman Catholic church now stands, and it has only within a few years been torn down. Thomas Roote died at a very advanced age, on the 17th of July, 1694, age 89, naming his children in his will, and mentioning that he lived with his son Jonathan at the old homestead. The name of Thomas Roote's wife is not known.



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