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Family Photographs
Burchard, Durbin, Holland, Stevens,
Kellogg, Hunn, Skinner

Family Photographs Part 1


  Charles H. Burchard
1834 - 1881
Civil War,
2nd Regiment, Illinois Cavalry

 Clarinda Durbin Burchard
(1843 - 1918)
and grandaughter Peggy Stevens
February 12, 1917

Children of Charles and Clarinda Burchard


 Charles E. Burchard 
1865 - ?

 Olive Martina Burchard Stevens
1867 - 1927

 Richard (Dick) Burchard
1870 - ?

 Alonzo (Lon ) Hezekiah Burchard
1875 - ?

Burcahrd family, circa 1910.  Click on the photo to see the photograph with people labeled.



 Richard Durbin (Dick) and Jenny Burchard's children


  Lizzy, Cevera, and Lon Burchard, 1901

 Lon, Lizzy, Cevera, Gladys, Lon, Thelma and Sylvia Burchard, circa 1911


 Mary E. Theihoff Durbin Spaulding and Clarinda Durbin Burchard. Mary was Clarinda's niece, and was the daughter of Richard B. L. Durbin, whose parents were Richard Durbin and Lucy Logsdon.

Clarinda Durbin Burchard
(1843 - 1918)
and grandaughter Peggy Stevens
February 12, 1917


  Clarinda Durbin and ?
(possibly her older sister Minerva)

 son of Minerva Durbin and Lanson Kellogg


 Clarinda Durbin Burchard's brother, James F. Durbin (1854 - ?),
 his wife Clarra (1855 - ?), their son Francis (1878 - ?) and his wife (?)


Blaine Alphonsus "Kid" Durbin, son of James F. Durbin.  He is in the middle in the second picture. He was a professional baseball player for the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Pittsburgh Alleghenys, 1907-1909. 
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mini biography:

photo and article Oct. 10, 1808:
baseball card




 Charles Tiffany Hunn

Meg Durbin Hunn,
sister of Clarinda Durbin Burchard

their daughter,
Maud Hunn Haley


 Maud Durbin Skinner, niece of Clarinda Durbin Burchard

Cornelia Otis Skinner and her father, Otis Skinner

Otis' mother, Cornelia Bartholomew Skinner
Check out the bird
on her hat!

 The photographs of Maud, Cornelia Otis, and Otis Skinner are from Cornelia Otis Skinner's book,
Family Circle. 1948. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston.

Maud Durbin Skinner's tombstone

Otis Skinner also wrote an autobiography,
Footlights and Spotlights, Recollections of My Life on the Stage.
1924. The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis.

More information and photographs of Otis Skinner on the internet
(Click on the first photograph to see the text and other photographs)

Descendant report of Otis Skinner, with sources






 Michael Holland
1862 - 1922

 Katherine Lillian (Kate) O’Neill Holland
1866 - 1933

 Alphonsus Holland



Hiram Ambrose Stevens
1821 - 1901

Sarah Ann Garrett Stevens
1826 - abt 1890

Two of Hiram and Sarah Stevens' children,
twins Alonzo (Lon) and Lawson:

Alonzo H. (Lon) Stevens  1862 - aft. 1935

Lawson Stevens (b. 1862), wife Bertie (b. 1870),
and daughter Ruth or Ruby

 Lawson Stevens' children, Ruby (b. 1895), Ernest
(b. 1897), and Oscar (b. 1894)

The Ten Children of Lon Stevens and Olive Martina Burchard



 Thelma (7), Clare (9), Richard "Dick" (11), William "Bill" (13), Peggy (3), Red (15)
circa 1913

 Sarah, Dick, Olive, grandchildren Sue Keeney and Jack Stevens, and oldest son, Hiram
circa 1926


 The two oldest Stevens children,
Hiram Stevens (b. 1885) and
Mary Stevens Enstrom (b. 1886)

 Hiram and his wife Alice


3. Ben Stevens
1888 - ?

4. Sarah Ann Stevens Keeney
1891 - 1964

5.  Durbin Garrett (Red) Stevens
(1897 - ?)
and his wife Alice (1907 - 1999)




  6. William J. (Bill) Stevens
1899 - 1960

 7. Richard Paul (Dick) Stevens
1901 - 1966

 8. Clarinda (Clare) Stevens O'Neill
1903 - 1996
with husband Frank O'Neill


Thelma, Bill, and Clare

 9. Thelma Stevens Ward
1905 - 1996

 Peggy and Thelma Stevens

 10. Peggy Stevens Smith
1910 - 1998


  Olive Burchard Stevens, daughter Peggy,
grandson John, and granddaughter Mary Jane

 Ralph Smith and Peggy Stevens Smith