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Links, to some of my favorite sites. You will find links to some of the sites where lots of my borders, backgrounds, and images came from. In addition you will also find animations sites. All of these folks offer their designs free to folks like me and want only to be recognized and visited by other folks like you! You will also find links to other sites that I found interesting; everything from the official web site of The State of Texas to sites about animals and also my friends.

Useful Information Concerning Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Attacks. This page has been added so that some of the hype and mis-information that has been distributed by various media can be dispelled and to assist the common American in going about his daily life without fear. I have also included some of my own experiences with the Anthrax bacteria and some examples of things that are "going around" that defy the immagination.

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PLEASE NOTE: All images on this web site have been furnished by wonderful people who spend their time creating such art and then allowing others to use them on their web sites. I have tried to place a link back to the creator of the images, however, if you find one that isn't linked back, please let me know and I will happily update the page. Please DO NOT take these images from this site, go to the creator's site and follow their Terms and Conditions. THANK YOU!

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