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Yr    Mo    Day
1902 8 27 ADAMS Fanny Bangor -Fanny ADAMS is pending her vacation at home.She will return to Moira soon.
1902 8 27 ADAMS Henry (Mrs) Bangor -Mrs. Henry ADAMS and children, from Saranac Lake spent three weeks in town visiting relatives.
1904 7 6 ADAMS Etta Bangor - Mrs. Florence PENFIELD has been the guest of Etta and Florence ADAMS for a few days.
1910 4 27 ADAMS Bertha Bangor - Bertha ADAMS is recovering from the attack of diphtheria and is able to be out.
1910 5 11 ADAMS Lena Brown DEATH - At Munfordsville, Ky, May 2, Mrs Lena BROWN ADAMS, aged 36 years.Mrs Adams was a daughter of Mrs Hattie BROWN of Bangor and a niece of Horace TAYLOR of Malone.
1910 8 10 ADAMS Bertha (Miss) Bangor - Miss Bertha Adams spent a few days at the home of Hiram SPENCER in Fay, attending the Grange picnic on Wednesday.Roy SPENCER and Pearl FIZELL accompanied her home.
1914 3 18 ADAMS Milton Skerry - Milton ADAMS has gone to Massena, where he has employment.He expects to move his family there in the near future. 
1914 8 5 ADAMS Charles (Mrs) Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Mrs Charles C. Adams, of Malone, spent a part of last week with her parents and other friends in Chasm Falls.
1914 8 5 ADAMS Warren Bangor - Warren ADAMS, of West Chazy, is spending a few days with his family.Mr and Mrs ADAMS spent Sunday at Massena.
1914 10 28 ADAMS Warren Bangor - Mr and Mrs Warren ADAMS and daughter, Nita, go to Massena this week where they will make their future home.They have resided in Bangor for the past two years and their many friends regret to have them leave.Mr ADAMS helped his son K. ADAMS in the meat market which he formerly conducted.
1918 1 23 AIKEN Ernest Dickinson Center - Ernest AIKEN, who recently enlisted in the Navy, has been sent to Newport, R. I. For training.
1900 8 8 ALDRICH Florence DEATH - At St Regis Falls, N.Y., Saturday July 28th, 1900, of appendicitis, Florence, wife of Calvin Y. ALDRICH, aged 33 years.
1905 11 8 ALDRICH Pearl Bangor - Pearl ALDRICH spent Saturday and Sunday with her friend, Harriet Spaulding.
1904 1 16 ALDRICH-KRINER MARRIAGE -At Ridgeway, Pa, Wednesday Dec 23rd, 1903, Mr C. ALDRICH of St Regis Falls, Ny and Mrs ?? E. KRINER of Ridgeway.
1901 12 18 ALLARD J. J. (Prof) Prof J. J. ALLARD, of this village, goes to Potsdam regularly to give instrumental instruction to a large class there.
1914 7 8 ALLEN Julia (Miss) Cooks Corners - Miss Julia ALLEN and friend, Levi FRENCH of North Bangor, spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Bert ELLSWORTH.
1914 11 4 ALLEN Charlie Cooks Corners - Charlie ALLEN and sister Julia, also Levi FRENCH of Brushton, visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Bert ELLSWORTH Sunday.
1910 1 26 AMLOTT J. H. Mr and Mrs J. H. AMLOTT left Wednesday evening for Burlington and Rutland to visit friends.
1914 6 17 AMLOTT John (Mr & Mrs) Mr and Mrs John AMLOTT (?ARNLOTT?) are taking a trip for business and pleasure in Canada.
1900 7 11 AMSDEN Fred (Mrs) Bangor -Mrs. Fred AMSDEN spent Sunday in Bangor.
1910 1 26 AMSWORTH Mrs Mrs AMSWORTH, who has been ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs Roy RAMSDELL, is doing better.
1900 7 11 ANDREW Leila Bangor - Leila ANDREW, from Brushton, is spending some time with her old friends in Bangor.
1901 5 22 ANDREWS Lydia R.  Death - In Malone, N.Y., Saturday, May 18, 1901 of pneumonia, Lydia R. ANDREWS, mother of Mrs. Paschal PADDOCK, aged 86 years.
1905 11 8 ANTOINE Will Moira - Will ANTOINE and family have moved to Potsdam.
1918 5 29 ARMSTRONG David (Mrs) Westville - Mrs David Armstrong and two children, Pierce and Bessie, called on friends in town one day recently.
1918 5 29 ARMSTRONG Ernest Westville - Among visitors from this place were Mr and Mrs Ernest ARMSTRONG and daughter, Ruth;Howard DUSTIN, Cleon HOADLEY, and Gut WYLIE.
1910 8 10 ARNOLD Will Bangor - Will ARNOLD has a new "Maxwell" car.
1910 5 11 AUSTIN Almon (Mrs) Skerry - Mrs Almon AUSTIN spent several days with relatives in Reynoldston last week.
1910 8 3 AUSTIN Edson West Bangor - The Misses BAKER of Malone are the guests of Mr and Mrs Edson AUSTIN.
1914 11 4 AUSTIN Edison West Bangor - Edson AUSTIN is having his buildings wired for electric lights.
1904 7 6 AVERILL Alvin Owl's Head - Mrs Hubert EARLE, with her two children, from Lake Placid, has been visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Alvin AVERILL.
1914 8 5 AVERILL N. D. Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Dr Charles P. Frischbier, of Brooklyn, is spending his vacation in Chams Falls. He is stopping at the home of N. D. AVERILL.
1910 6 15 AVERY Ida Cooks Corners - Ida AVERY is visiting her cousin, Hazel AVERY.
1910 11 30 AVERY S. E.  Westville - Mr and Mrs C. E. AVERY expect to go to Waterville, Conn soon to visit their daughter and family, Mr and Mrs O. O. FERRIS.
1910 11 9 AVERY Milfred Cooks Corners - Milfred AVERY and family have moved to North Bangor. Mr AVERY will work for W. DRURY.
1914 6 10 AVERY Elwin Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Albert DUSTIN, of Ft Covington Center, were guests of Mr and Mrs Elwin AVERY on Sunday.
1914 6 17 AVERY Ida (Miss) Cooks Corners - Miss Ida AVERY and brother Roy of Oriskany Falls, are visiting friends and relatives in this vicinity.
1914 6 17 AVERY Willard (Mr & Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Willard AVERY, accompanied by the former's mother, Mrs Melinda AVERY, visited friends and relatives in Malone Wednesday.
1914 8 26 AVERY Faith (Miss) Miss Faith AVERY spent a few days last week with the Misses Lilah and Mildred SPERRY.
1914 9 16 AVERY Melvina (Mrs) Cook's Corners - Mrs. Melvina Avery, who has been visiting friends and relatives in Ogdensburg, returned home Saturday.
1914 9 16 AVERY Bert Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs George AVERY, of Springfield, Mass are visiting at the home of the former's parents, Mr and Mrs Bert AVERY.
1914 9 16 AVERY Elvin Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Elwin AVERY and daughter, Hazel, spent Sudnay with Mr and Mrs Alabert DUSTIN, of Fort Covington Center.
1914 10 28 AVERY Ida Cooks Corners - Miss Ida Avery of Oriskany Falls is spending a couple of weeks with Mr and Mrs Wallace AVERY.
1914 11 11 AVERY Geo Geo AVERY will work for G. C. and C. E. WALKER the coming year.
1914 11 11 AVERY Wallace Cooks Corners - Miss Ida AVERY, of Oriskany Falls, who has been visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Wallace AVERY, has recently returned to her employment.
1914 11 4 AVERY Hazel Cooks Corners -The Woman’s Home and Foreign Missionary meeting which was held in the church Sunday evening was well attended.A programme was rendered as follows:Scripture Reading and prayer by pastor; Roll call, each member responding with a verse of Scripture; Song – Hazel and Arthur AVERY; Recitation – Ernest WILSON; Reading – Mrs George HOWARD; Reading – Rev George JOCK; Duet – Cassie HOWARD and Leo SOUTHWORTH; Reading – Hazel AVERY; Reading – Bernice WILSON; Election of Committee.The programme committee, which was elected for the next missionary meeting is composed of Mrs H. E. MOREY and Mrs Lester MOREY.The next meeting will be held in the church,December 6th.
1914 12 9 AVERY Wallace Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Wallace AVERY spent Monday with friends and relatives at North Bangor.
1914 12 9 AVERY Wallace Cooks Corners - Wallace AVERY recently purchased several cows.
1917 8 29 AVERY Elwin (Mr & Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Elwin AVERY and daughter, Hazel spent Sunday at Plattsburgh.They made the trip with Mr Avery's new Buick car.
1926 1 20 AVERY Wallace West Brandon - Wallace AVERY, Mrs Carrie BROWN and daughter, Mary, visited Mr and Mrs George CAMPBELL at Reynoldston Sunday.
1910 11 30 AYERS Emil(y?) Mr and Mrs Horace AYERS and son of Norfolk, visited Mrs Emil(y?) AYERS Friday.
1905 9 20 BABCOCK B. (Mrs.) Ft Covington - Mrs. B. BABCOCK spent a few days in Massena this week, called there by the death of her sister, Mrs. DEWEY.
1929 3 6 BACON Chas Dickinson Center - Cards are out announcing that Mr and Mrs Chas BACON will e at home to their friends Friday, March 8th, it being their 50th wedding anniversary.
1903 7 1 BADGER Fred R. Fred R. BADGER and E. POND, of Burke, pleaded guilty to the charge of smuggling at United States court in Binghamton last week, after the case had been partially tried.Mr. BADGER was fined $2,000 and Mr POND $250 together with the costs of court.
1904 1 16 BAKER Blanche DEATH - At the Albany hospital, Saturday, Dec 26th 1903 of appendicitis, Blanche BAKER, wife of Dr. Leo SOMMERVILLE, of North Creek, N.Y., aged 26 years.Mrs SOMMERVILLE was the daughter of Andrew J. BAKER, one of the oldest and best known residents of Saranac Lake, and was married to Dr SOMMERVILLE a year ago last August.She was a young woman of rare grace and refinement, kindly in disposition and modest and willing in all her ways.The news of her death came with sudden shock to her many friends and acquaintances in this county.Mrs SOMMERVILLE was taken suddenly ill December 23, her condition grew rapidly worse and she was taken with all the possible haste to Albany on a special train,the run of 94 miles being made in an hour and forty minutes.There she was operated upon by Drs VANDERVEER AND McDONALD, assisted by two physicians.A day or two later peritonitis developed and a second operation became necessary.The shock was too severe for her to bear.She is survived by her parents and one twin sister, Bertha.The funeral was held at the home of her parents in Saranac Lake and at St Luke's church there on Monday Dec 28th, Rev W. H. LAROM officiating.
1910 4 27 BAKER Mrs Bangor - Lena WHITMAN, of Brushton, spent Sunday with her grandmother, Mrs. BAKER.
1910 4 27 BAKER Olive (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs Olive BAKER spent Sundayin this place.
1910 6 22 BAKER Eldred (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Phillip PRIOR and two children, of St Regis Falls, visited her sister, Mrs Eldred BAKER, on Monday.
1910 11 30 BAKER Philena Bangor - Dan'l WRIGHT of Hopkinton, visited Mrs. Philena BAKER and family last Tuesday.
1910 11 30 BAKER Cyrus Bangor - Mrs and Mrs Cyrus BAKER and family of Malone, spent Thursday with their mother, Mrs. BAKER.
1914 8 26 BAKER Martin (Mrs) Mrs Will PATRAW, of Santa Clara, recently visited her daughter, Mrs Martin BAKER, who is ill.
1918 1 23 BAKER Eldred Dickinson Center - The members of the Baptist Church gave Eldred BAKER and family a surprise party last Friday evening.There was a large attendance and a very enjoyable evening was spent.
1929 2 27 BAKER Dr Dickinson Center - Dr BAKER of Brasher Falls was a professional caller in town Wednesday night.
1901 12 18 BALDWIN Billy Billy BALDWIN, who played with the Malone base ball team last summer, has been elected to captain next season's Holy Cross College football team.
1917 8 29 BALDWIN Fred (Mrs) Mrs Fred BALDWIN, Mrs John BALDWIN and children, Francis and Earl, and Miss Marion FINNEY motored to Ogdensburg last Wednesday.
1929 2 27 BALDWIN Frank Dickinson Center - Mr and Mrs Frank BALDWIN and Mr and Mrs Leon McCOMBER visited in Lake Placid recently.
1904 1 13 BALLARD J. O. Col W. C. SKINNER, of Hartford, Conn, was in Malone last week attending the meeting for reorganization of the firm of J. O. BALLARD & Co., which is now incorporated.The new officers of the company are:J. O. BALLARD, president and treasurer, W. C. SKINNER, vice president, and John M. CANTWELL, secretary.The stock of the new company, which is capitalized at $160,000, is all taken.J.O. BALLARD, W. C. SKINNER, C. J. LAWRENCE, J. M. CANTWELL, and Geo. WILSON compose the board of directors.The concern has been one of the best paying industries in Malone for a number of years and has 128 persons in it's employ.
1914 3 18 BARARIE John Trout River - John BARRIE, of Troug River, P.Q., died on Monday, March 9, in his 84th year.
1902 1 8 BARBER Watson Bangor - The ladies of the M. E. Aid Society will hold a necktie social at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Watson BARBER Friday evening, Jan 10th.Price of supper ten cents.A cordial invitation is extended to all.
1903 7 1 BARBER John Mr. John BARBER, a former resident of Malone, who now resides in Bridgewater, South Dakota, is visiting old friends in Franklin County after an absence of twenty-five years.
1910 8 10 BARBER Blanche Bangor - Blanche BARBER, Frances FRAESER, and Raymond BARBER spent Thursday at the Barber cottage in Brushton.
1910 8 10 BARBER Burt Bangor - Burt BARBER has improved his meat market with a coat of paint.
1910 8 10 BARBER Orville Bangor - Orville BARBER, of Westfield, Mass, was calling on old friends last week.
1914 8 12 BARBER Henry Bombay - Mr and Mrs Henry BARBER and son Donald, of Watertown, spent the past few days visiting relatives here.
1914 10 28 BARBER Bert Mr and Mr Bert BARBER spent Sunday in Bombay.
1900 7 11 BARLOW George (Mrs.) Bangor -Mrs Lucretia ALVORD, of Massachusetts, was in town last week, the guest of Mrs. George BARLOW and family.
1917 8 29 BARLOW E.  Hogansburg - E. BARLOW and family left last Thursday for their hom in L????(not readable)
1900 8 1 BARNES J. W.(Jr) J. W. BARNES, of Vergennes, Vt, visited his son, J. W. BARNES Jr last week.F. K. GOSS, of Montpelier, who is connected with the National Life, of the Vermont capital, is the guest of Mr and Mrs BARNES this week.
1904 7 6 BARNES O. J.  Owl's Head - O. J. BARNES, nurseryman and seedsman, from Malone, is again taking orders for trees, fruit and seeds in this locality.Everybody who patronized Mr. BARNES once is sure to do so again, as his goods are just what he says they are, and he is a perfectly reliable and honorable man.
1910 6 15 BARNES Irena Cooks Corners - We are sorry to learn that Mrs L. R. BLANCHARD of Helena, who has been very sick is but little better at this writing.She was formerly Miss Irena BARNES, and her father was buried four weeks ago in this place.
1910 11 9 BARNES Irena Cooks Corners - Word has been received that Mrs. L. R. BLANCHARD, of Helena, is very sick.She was formerly Miss Irena BARNES, of this place.
1910 8 17 BARNEY Henry Henry BARNEY, a resident of Chateaugay, was arrested recently, charged with stealing a D. & H. mileage from the station at West Chazy.He was convicted at that place and sentenced to 60 days in the penitentiary at Albany.After his sentence he asked the office in charge if him to be allowed to telephone to a friend.The request was granted and the prisoner stepped alone into the room where the telephone was located, slipped out of another door and disappeared.
1926 1 20 BARNEY Joe West Brandon - Joe BARNEY and family have moved from Malone into Earl TRIM'S tenement house.
1910 4 27 BARNUM Merle Bangor - Merle BARNUM, the census enumerator, is doing his work on this road.
1914 1 28 BARNUM Merle North Bangor - A card received today (Monday) states that Merle BARNUM, of Dunedin, Fla, is suffering with typhoid fever, but is holding his own in spite of the fact that he has been very ill.
1914 11 11 BARNUM Ernest Ernest BARNUM and family are expected here soon to occupy the McCOY house and work for his father.
1917 7 11 BARNUM Merle (Mrs) Mrs Merle BARANUM of Dunedin, Fla. Was a guest of friends over Sunday.
1914 11 4 BARRETT Ruthford Mr and Mrs Aarthur BARRETT and Mr MILLER of Ogdensburg, spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Ruthford BARRETT.
1926 1 20 BARRETT Norman West Brandon - All will be sorry to hear of the very serious illness of Norman BARRETT'S mother at her home in St. Regis Falls.
1900 7 11 BARRY Bessie (Miss) Miss Alice BLANCHARD, of Montpellier, Vt is spending a few days in town, the guest of Miss Bessie BARRY.Miss BARRY and Miss BLANCHARD are room-mates at Smith College, Northampton, Mass.
1904 7 6 BARSE Mrs. East Dickinson - Mrs W. BARSE and Mrs. J. WOOD, who have been on the sick list are much better.
1914 6 17 BARSE Mrs. Mrs BARSE has so far recovered as to be able to be up around the house again.
1905 11 8 BASSETT R. N.  Burke - R. N. BASSETT is making some improvements on his house on Depot St.
1914 9 16 BAYTON Nellie Cook's Corners - Mrs Nellie BAYTON, who has been quit ill with ivy poisoning, is ale to be out agin.
1905 11 8 BEAN Wm. North Bangor - Wm BEAN, who works at Hotel Elred, had the misfortune to be held up and robbed just below Westville, on the road home from Ft. Covington last Monday night, October 30th.He had been to Ft. Covington with a traveling man and was held up on the return trip.Someone gave a yell after he had driven about five miles this way, at the same time striking him on the chest with a club.The blow knocked Mr. BEAN over back and rendered him unconscious.Meanwhile the highwayman took advantage of this temporary aberration to relieve him of him overcoat and seventeen dollars in money.
1935 1 3 BELKNAP Elwood Malone - Elwood BELKNAP left today for Potsdam to resume his studies in Clarkson College after spending the holiday vacation at his home here.
1902 1 2 BELL Fred Constable -Fred BELL and N. W. ESTABROOKS went to Athels tan last Saturday to let a contract to McDONALD and LABARGE to put new pews in the Presbyterian church.The work is to be done in about a month.
1929 2 20 BELL Ray (Mrs) Burke - Mrs BAILEY of Saranac Lake, was the guest of Mrs Ray Bell last week.
1910 8 3 BENTLEY Bessie (Miss) West Bangor - Miss Bernice STEENBERGE and her friend, of Bangor, spent Saturday with Miss Bessie BENTLEY.
1910 9 7 BENTLEY Bertha (Miss) Bangor - Miss Bertha BENTLEY, of West Bangor, wa a guest at Will Arnold's a couple of days recently.
1914 1 28 BENTLEY Edwin West Bangor - Edwin BENTLEY had the misfortune to injure his leg while drawing ice last week; which will lay him up for a few days.
1914 8 5 BENTLEY Edwin (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs Edwin BENTLEY, of West Bangaor, and Mrs Owen KENENY, of Malone, spent Friday with their brother, Reuben JONES, whose health is very poor this summer.
1914 11 4 BENTLEY W. D. (Mrs) West Bangor - Mrs W. D. BENTLEY is spending a few weeks at Saranac Lake with her daughter, Mrs David O'BRIEN.
1926 1 20 BENTLEY George (Mrs) Burke - Mrs George BENTLEY of Chateaugay was the guest of Mrs C. C. MASON on Saturday.
1910 1 5 BERO Chester (Master) Master Chester BERO has returned home after spending the past week with his sister, Mrs. BALSHin Massena.
1910 1 5 BERO Genevieve Miss Genevieve BERO is spending her vacation with relatives and friends in Brushton, Gabriels, Keesville and Glens Falls.
1910 6 22 BERO Ben Hogansburg - One of the Italians who is employed on the state road, was arraigned before Justice Bero Thursday for assaulting Ben BERO.He was acquitted on a plea of self defense.
1910 6 22 BERO Jessie Hogansburg - Jessie BERO, Grace TERRANCE, Louella MURPHY, and Winifred O'BRIAN were in Helena last Monday and Tuesday, taking the grade examinations.
1910 12 28 BERO Henry M. Hogansburg - Mr and Mrs Henry M. BERO spent Saturday with relatives at Bombay.
1910 12 28 BERO W. A. (Mrs) Hogansburg - Mrs W. A. BERO entertained a number of her friends at a Christmas dinner.
1914 6 17 BERO Vilo (Miss) Miss Vilo BERO went to Cornwall on Wednesday to attend the wedding of her aunt, Miss Florence DEROCHIA.
1914 6 17 BERO J. W. Mrs Frank BALCH of Massena, was the guest of her parents, Mr and Mrs J. W. BERO, the past week.
1914 8 12 BERO Catharine (Miss) Bombay - Miss Catharine BERO, of Hogansburgh, is spending a few days at F. M. DANA'S.
1926 1 20 BERO Harry Hogansburg - A daughter, Anna Rose, was born to Mr and Mrs Harry BERO, Jan 14th.
1905 5 31 BERRY Delia (Mrs) West Bangor -Mrs Dilia BERRY went to Moira last Tuesday, where she will spend a couple of weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Oliver LADONSIE.
1910 8 3 BERRY William West Bangor - Mrs Samuel JOHNSON and two little grandchildren, of Tupper Lake, and Hazel SPAULDING, of Bangor, spent Wednesday with Mr and Mrs William BERRY.
1910 9 7 BERRY C. E. (Mrs) Trout River - Mrs C. E. BERRY who has been visiting relatives in Chicago the past year, has returned home and is now visiting her daughter , MRs. Geo LAHEY on Briggs Street.
1914 6 17 BERRY A. E. (Mr & Mrs) Card of Thanks - Mr and Mrs A. E. BERRY wish to extend their thanks to friends and relatives for their kindness during the sickness and death of their beloved daughter, Edith, also for the beautiful flowers.
1914 8 19 BERRY A. E.  South Bombay - Mrs Loren GUILE, of Hartford, Conn was the guest of her brother, A. E. BERRY, Tuesday and Wednesday.
1914 9 16 BERTELL Mr & Mrs West Bangor - Mr and Mrs Bertell spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Guy ADAMS. 
1905 9 20 BERTHLOT Phileas The badly mangled remains of Phileas BERTHLOT, a printer in the employ of Phillips and Casey at Rouses Point, were found on the Rutland railroad track in that place early Sunday morning.When last seen he was intoxicated.His body was cut completely in two and investigation showed that eight freight cars had passed over him.
1905 5 31 BETTERLY Tessie (Miss) West Bangor - Miss Tessie BETTERLY, a nurse from Point Airy, Ogdensburg, was the guest of her mother last week.She will graduate as a trained nurse in June.
1910 6 15 BICCUM Judson Cooks Corners - Judson BICCUM is very low at this writing.His brother and two sisters are here to see him.
1910 8 3 BITNEY Julia West Bangor - Miss Julia BITNEY is spending a few days at Mountain View.
1903 7 1 BLACK John John BLACK and son, of Chasm Falls are now in Georgia looking after their business interests there.
1905 11 8 BLACK John Moira - John BLACK and family have moved to Tupper Lake.
1904 7 6 BLACKETT Dr. Ft Covington - Dr. BLACKETT has returned from Montreal.
1905 9 20 BLACKETT Dr & Mrs. Ft Covington - Dr and Mrs. BLACKETT returned from their wedding trip last Saturday and their many friends are glad to welcome them back.
1914 8 12 BLAIR Peter (Mr & Mrs) Trout River - Mr and Mrs Peter BLAIR have gone to Childwood to visit their daughters, Mrs MACDONALD and Mrs. CLIFFORD.
1914 8 26 BLAKE Myra (Mrs) Nicholville - Mrs Myra BLAKE sold the past week her pleasant home on Church Street to E. E. CHAMBERS and also the building across the street used in past years as a blacksmith shop to George MERRILL.Mrs. BLAKE expects to leave this fall to make her home with her sister in Lowell.All regret very much to have her go.
1914 1 28 BLANCHARD Will (Mr & Mrs) West Bangor - Mr & Mrs Will BLANCHARD are entertaining a friend at their home from out of town.
1914 7 15 BLANCHARD Hattie (Miss) Miss Hattie BLANCHARD, who has been sick for the past week is improving.
1914 8 12 BLANCHARD J. W.  Bombay - J. W. BLANCHARD has been improving the looks of his buildings by putting cement walks in.
1914 9 16 BLANCHARD Homer (Mrs) Mrs Homer BLANCHARD is seriously ill.Her many friends hope for a speedy recovery.
1914 8 26 BLAUVELT Arthur Mr and Mrs Arthur BLAUVELT and two children, Lenore and Ronald, Mrs Fred BLAUVELT and Earl BARNARD left on Saturday evening for Springfield.Mr BLAUVELT is in very poor health, suffering from a spinal trouble.They are in hopes to find help for him in a sanitarium near Springfield.
1914 8 19 BOADWAY Eunice (Miss) Miss Eunice BOADWAY spent a few days last week with her aunt, Mrs Tom WELSH in Massena.
1914 8 12 BOARDWAY Mr & Mrs Bombay - Mr and Mrs BOARDWAY, of Bangor, and their son, from the West, were callers on Mrs. Frank DURANT and Mrs Alfred BARNEY last week.
1914 11 4 BOARDWAY Laura West Bangor - Miss Laura BOARDWAY, while out riding Saturday evening, was thrown from the carriage and fractured her shoulder.Dr McCARHTY was called.
1914 7 8 BOLVIN David Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Joseph GOYER, of East Dickinson, formerly a very highly esteemed citizen of Duane, is spendinga few days with his friend, David Bolvin, in Chasm Falls.
1900 8 8 BOMBARAD Seneca BIRTH - In Brushton, N.Y. Wednesday, July 25, 1900. A daughter to Mr and Mrs Seneca BOMBARD.
1910 5 11 BOMBARD Mitchell Skerry - Nathan ESELTINE and son, Albert, have bought the Mitchell BOMBARD farm.
1910 8 3 BOMBARD Frank West Bangor - The ladies of the M. E. church will serve ice cream and cake at the home of Mr and Mrs Frank BOMBARD, on the Bacon road, Wednesday evening, Aug 3; price 15 cents.
1910 8 3 BOMBARD Frank West Bangor - After the hail storm last Friday, Mrs Frank BOMBARD and daughter Adell, gathered hail stones enough to freeze a gallon of ice cream.
1910 8 3 BOMBARD Frank (Sr) West Bangor - Frank BOMBARD Sr. is very ill.
1914 1 28 BOMBARD Frank West Bangor - Frank BOMBARD , Aged 88, Passes Away - Jan 26 - Frank BOMBARD, one of the oldest residents of West Bangor, passed away Saturday morning at his home on the Gallop Road, aged 88 years.The funeral was held from the house Monday afternoon, Rev A. SCOTT officiating.Mr BOMBARD resided with his son, Floyd, and had long been in feeble health.He was finally stricken with pneumonia and was unable to withstand its ravages.As an honest, upright man in all business matters, and a faithful father,he will always be remembered.In the prine of life he worked successfully for many years the farm on which he died.He is survived by his agedd wife, thre sons and three daughters, Floyd, of this town; Wilbur, of Knapps; ClifforD of Fitchburg, MA; Mrs STEVENS and Mrs DUFFY, of Mexico, N.Y.; and Mrs Ernest FISH, of Dickinson Center.
1914 3 18 BOMBARD Delbert or Wilbert ? Reynoldston - Wilbert BOMBARD, of this place, called on his sister, Mrs Hattie DUPREE, of Malone, a few days last week.
1924 5 28 BOMBARD Zeb (Mrs) Our attention has been called to an unusual family record, which, we belive, would be difficult to match anywhere.Mr and Mrs Zeb Bombard, of West Bangor, were the parents of 14 children.Mrs Bombard is still alive at 91 and resides with her youngest son, at the old farm home.She has eleven grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.The strange part of it all is that all of Mrs Bombard's fourteen children are alive and well, though the youngest is about 45 years of age and the oldest is great-grandmother to several children.The names of the fourteen are as follows: Mrs Stearns Mott, North Bangor; Mrs Sophia Bombard, Bangor; Mrs John Lemo, Malone; Mrs George Scott, Ogdensburg; Mrs George Hazen, Alburgh; Mrs Frank Delosh, Dickinson; Bert Bombard, of Malone; Henry, of Dickinson; Frank, Zeb, Will, George, Eli and Newell, of Bangor.
1926 1 20 BONIN Mr & Mrs Burke - Mr and Mrs Dick BEEBEE, of Constable, were guests of her parents, Mr and Mrs Bonin on Sunday.
1926 1 20 BONIN Alfred Burke - Mr Alfred BONIN is not so well at present writing.
1905 11 8 BOTSOFRD A. K. Burke - School Commissioner A. K. BOTSFORD visited different schools in town last week.
1914 7 22 BOULERICE Rev. CONSTABLE - Rev Father BOULERICE visited his brother, Ulric BOULERICE, in Canada the past week.
1902 7 23 BOVA Rosa DEATH - In Malone, N.Y.July 18th 1902 of peritonitis, Rosa, daughter of Ephram BOVA, aged 13 years.
1900 8 1 BOWEN Cass Skerry - Cass BOWEN and Myra SOWLES spent the day at Moira Thursday, visiting Mary PIERCE and Carrie SUMMER.
1900 8 1 BOWEN N. C. Skerry - Mrs SUMMER and daughter, Carrie, of Moira, with her aged mother Mrs WILLIAMS (who by the way was a former pastor's wife in Bangor), Charles WILLIAMS, of Chicago, Sidney, of Mooers, NY and Mrs. Dr. WILLIAMS, of Canton, St Lawrence Co, were guests of N. C. BOWEN and wife on Tuesday.
1905 5 31 BOWEN Lafayette West Bangor - Mrs Fred AUSTIN and child, of Buffalo are spending the summer with her parents, Mr and Mrs Lafayette BOWEN.
1914 3 18 BOWEN L. C.  Skerry - L. C. BOWEN is taking inventory this week.
1910 4 27 BOWLES Cordella Bangor - Mrs Cordella BOWLES spent a part of last week at the home of Will BERRY in West Bangor.
1914 11 4 BOWLES M. (Mrs) West Bangor - Mrs M. BOWLES and Mrs Hattie BOARDWAY, Mr and Mrs Will DYKE and children spent Sudnay in Nicholville, the guests of Mr and Mrs F. FISK.
1900 10 3 BOYEA Orena Death - In Malone, N.Y. Sept 30, 1900, of consumption, Orena BOYEA, wife of Nelson BOYEA aged 24 years.
1914 7 22 BOYER Anna (Mrs) Bombay - Mrs L. PROVINCIAL and son, of Massena, are visiting her sister, Mrs Anna BOYER.
1914 12 9 BOYINGTON E. J. (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Alta BIGELOW, of Litchfield, Conn, visited her sister, Mrs. E. J. BOYINGTON, last week.
1929 3 6 BOYINGTON Leonard (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Leonard BOYINGTON, who has been very ill, is some better.Mrs Earl HALL, her daughter, who has been helping to care for her, will return to her home at Ray Brook, the first of the week.
1900 7 11 BRADFORD Dr. Bangor - Geo. DUNBAR, of Swanton, spent Sunday at Dr. BRADFORD'S.
1900 7 25 BRADFORD F. I.(Dr) Bangor - W. W. BRADFORD, of Vermont, is stopping with his brother, Dr. F. I. BRADRORD, for a few days.
1902 8 27 BRADFORD Dr. Bangor - Dr BRADFORD, Newton KEELER, George BRADFORD and wife, Mrs. LEWIS and Fanny McNASSER spent a week in the Adirondacks recently.
1910 8 10 BRADFORD Dr Bangor - Mrs C. BOWLES is spending the week at the home of Dr BRADFORD.
1910 8 10 BRADFORD Frank Bangor - Mr and Mrs Frank BRADFORD and Mr and Mrs Newton KEELER are enjoying a ten days outing at Twin Ponds.
1910 12 28 BRADFORD Frank (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs Frank BRADFORD is at home in Bombay, as her father, Mr ELDRED, is quite low with heart trouble.
1914 8 5 BRADFORD George (Mr & Mrs) Bangor - Mr & Mrs George BRADFORD and Nellie attended the Holiness Camp Meeting at Mooers Forks recently.
1910 12 28 BRADLEY WmH. Hogansburg - Wm. H. BRADLEY disposed of a valuable pair of colts the past week to McQueen Bros of Westville.
1910 12 28 BRADLEY A. Hogansburg - Mrs Nellie M. RUSSELL and two children of Brushton, are spending a couple of weeks with her parents, Mr and Mrs. A. BRADLEY.
1914 6 17 BRADLEY A. (Mrs) Allen McQueen and George COONEY of Ft Covington spent Sunday here with their aunt, Mrs A. BRADLEY.
1914 7 22 BRADY Alice CONSTABLE - Miss Alice BRADY went to Saranac Lake Thursday to attend the funeral of the little son of her sister, Mrs Eva GARDNER.
1914 8 19 BRADY Catherine  Catherine BRADY arrived home Saturday evening after spending two weeks in Lancaster with her uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs William BRADY.
1900 7 25 BRAMAN E. (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs. E. BRAMAN, who has been sick so long, is some better at this writing.
1902 1 2 BRAYTON Mr & Mrs Cook's Corners -Born to Mr and Mrs Tom BRAYTON a son.
1914 8 26 BRAYTON Nellie (Mrs) Cooks Corners -Mrs Nellie BRAYTON is suffering from ivy poisoning.
1914 9 16 BRAYTON Thomas (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Thomas BRAYTON, of North Bangor, visited at the home of Rev and Mrs Geortge JOCK Friday.She also called on Mr and Mrs Lester MOREY.
1914 10 28 BRAYTON Nellie Cooks Corners - Mrs. Nellie BRAYTON called on friends and relatives at Fort Covington Thursday.
1914 12 9 BRAYTON Betsy South Bombay -Death of Mrs Betsy BRAYTON - The community was greatly saddened on Saturday, Nov 28, to hear of the death of Mrs Betsy BRAYTON who has been confined to the house and most of the time in bed for the past 4 1/2 years, having had a shock in 1910 which paralyzed her left side but aside from this trouble had been in as good health as could be expected until the Thursday before she died when she was suddenly taken worse and continued to fall rapidly.The deceased was born in Williamstown, Ont., July 1, 1834, having lived there until the age of 11 years, when she with her parents moved to this section.In 1851 she married Thomas BRAYTON who later enlisted in the Civil War and served three years and was about to return home when he died leaving the deceased with three small children.She was a woman of kindly disposition always ready to assist anyone in the community.She leaves to mourn two children, Frank BRAYTON and Mrs Elizabeth CLARY of this place and one sister Mrs CLARY of Bangor, besides numerous grand children.The funeral was held Monday at two o'clock from the M. E. Church.Revs ROBSON and JOCK officiating.Interment in Cooks Corners Cemetery.
1902 10 1 BREWER Justice (David Josiah) Justice BREWER, of the U.S. Supreme Court, who visited Malone a year ago, was quite badly burned about the face and hands they other day at his summer home on Thompson's Point, Lake Champlain.He was burning brush around his cottage and used gasoline to make the brush burn.
1910 7 13 BRIGGS Sabra (Miss) Miss Sabra BRIGGS, of Ogdensburg, having spent some little time visiting friends and relatives in Brushton, returned to her home Monday.
1914 11 11 BRIGGS H. H. Dickinson Center - H. H. BRIGGS accompanied his mother, Mrs Mary DOW, to Syracuse, last Wednesday.Mrs DOW will spend the winter in the city with her daughter.
1914 9 16 BRILL Mabel (Miss) Fort Covington - Miss Malel BRILL left last week to Westminster, Vt, where she has a position as a teacher.
1900 7 11 BRISTOW Anna (Miss) The Misses Laura I. And M. Frances BRISTOW, of Ogdensburg, are the guests of their sister, Miss Anna BRISTOW, stenographer in the law office of John P. KELLAS.
1902 1 2 BROCKWAY Alfred (Mrs) ?North Bangor? - The Missionary Society will meet at the house of Mrs. Alfred BROCKWAY Thursday afternoon.Tea will be served.
1910 6 22 BROCKWAY John Hogansburg - John BROCKWAY, of Fort Covington, was in town the past week, looking up the live stock market.
1914 9 16 BROCKWAY Pearl Fort Covington - Miss Pearl BROCKWAY, of Westville, has entered the teachers' training class.
1917 7 11 BROCKWAY Bert (Mr & Mrs) Mr and Mrs Bert BROCKWAY visited relatives at Saranac recently.
1910 8 3 BROMLEY Myron (Mrs) Mrs Edna STRANAHAN is the guest of her mother, Mrs Myron BROMLEY.
1900 4 4 BROOKS Antonine DEATH - In St Regis Falls, N.Y. Sunday, March 18, 1900, Antonine BROOKS, aged nearly 100 years.
1935 1 5 BROOKS T. G. Hogansburgh - T. BROOKS is ill with a severe cold.
1900 7 25 BROWN Fred (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs Fred BROWN, Mrs Hiram TAYLOR, and Miss Nellie BROWN spent Thursday in Malone.
1902 1 2 BROWN Nellie (Miss) Bangor - Nellie BROWN is spending her vacation at home.
1902 8 27 BROWN Nellie Bangor - Nellie BROWN took a trip to Ogdensburg last Thursday to spend a few days.
1905 11 8 BROWN Fred (Mrs.) Bangor - The ladies of the M. E. Society will serve a chicken pie supper at the home of Mrs. Fred BROWN, Friday evening, Nov 10th, price twenty-five cents.Everyone is cordially invited.
1910 1 5 BROWN Frank (Mrs) Bangor - Mr and Mrs Allen McELWAIN, of Fort Covington, are spending a few days in Bangor at the home of Mrs Frank BROWN.
1910 1 5 BROWN Fred Bangor - Fred BROWN shipped three carloads of potatoes to New York tonight.
1910 4 27 BROWN Frank Bangor - Mr and Mrs Frank BROWN and daughter, Anna, spent Friday and Saturday at Fort Covington, guests of their sisters, Mrs. ANDERSON and Mrs McELWAIN.
1910 7 13 BROWN Fred The ice cream social at the home of Fred BROWN Friday evening was well patronized.
1910 9 7 BROWN Fred Bangor - Mrs Emma ELLITHORPE, of Winthrop, visited at Fred BROWN'S, H. E. TAYLOR'S and Albert SELLECK'S this week.
1910 12 28 BROWN M. J. (Rev) Hogansburg - Services in St. Patrick's Church Christmas day were very appropriate.High Mass was sung at 10:30 a.m. followed by an eloquent sermon by Rev M. J. BROWN.The choir was at its best and the church was very tastefully decorated with evergreens.
1910 12 28 BROWN Frank (Mrs) Bangor - Mr and Mrs Allen McELWAIN, of Fort Covington, spent a couple days recently with Mrs McELWAIN'S mother,Mrs Frank BROWN.
1910 12 28 BROWN Fred Bangor - Mr and Mrs Fred BROWN and son Carvel, Mr and Mrs H. E. TAYLOR and son Maurice, Mrs WILCOX and Stella MOTT, Albert SELLECK, Walter and Bertha SELLECK spent Sunday at Charles WILCOX'S in Malone.
1914 7 15 BROWN George Cooks Corners - George BROWN of North Bangor spent Friday with Mr and Mrs Bert ELLSWORTH
1914 8 26 BROWN Lucius E. Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Lucius E. BROWN, who was taken to the Alice Hyde Hospital for treatment about ten days ago, has returned to his home in Owl's Head, considerably improved in health.
1914 8 5 BROWN L. E. Chasm Falls and Owls Head - L. E. BROWN of Owls Head, is in very poor health at present.
1914 10 28 BROWN Dexter Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Dexter BROWN of Moira visited at Fort Covington Thursday.
1917 8 29 BROWN Grace Miss Grace BROWN of Lake Placid, is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Milton BROWN
1917 8 29 BROWN M. J. (Rev) Hogansburg - Rev J. J. BENT of Rossie, was in town last Thursday to see Rev. M. J. BROWN, who continues about the same.
1926 1 20 BROWN Milton Burke - Mrs Milton BROWN entertained on Wednesday, Mrs Jean DOUGLAS, Mrs Sadie McGIBBON, Misses Nellie and Gertrude JOHNSTON, of Chateaugay.
1929 2 20 BROWN Milton Burke - Mrs Dan STANNARD of Part Washington is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Milton BROWN.
1929 2 20 BROWN Milton (Mrs) Burke - Mrs Milton BROWN was pleasantly surprised on Monday when several friends and relatives arrived to help her celebrate her birthday.They brought plenty of good things to eat and at noon a bountiful dinner was served.
1905 3 15 BRUSH Hazel Moira - Mary SABODRIN, of Malone, spent Saturday and Sunday with Hazel BRUSH.
1905 11 8 BRUSH E. C. (Mrs.) Moira - Mrs. C. E. BRUSH left Friday for a week's stay in Syracuse, where she will visit her two children.
1910 11 30 BRUSH Chas Mr and Mrs Chas BRUSH and children spent Sunday at st Regis Falls.
1914 8 26 BRUSH C. E. C. E. BRUSH went to Boston last week and Mrs BRUSH went to Burlington.
1914 8 19 BRUSH Dorothy (Miss) South Bombay - Miss Dorothy BRUSH, of Moira, was the guest of Miss Marion RUSSELL, a few days last week.
1904 7 6 BUCHANAN Jessie Ft Covington - Misses Jessie BUCHANAN, Etta FRASER, Florence McARTNEY, Olga KELSEY, and Georgia COWAN are home for the holidays.
1900 7 11 BUCK Helen L.  Mrs G. H. MYERS and daughter and Miss Helen M. LINCOLN, of Plattsburgh N Y spent Sunday in town with their cousin, Helen L. BUCK.
1929 2 20 BUCKLEY Grace (Mrs) Brasher Falls - Mrs Grace BUCKLEY has been doing substitute teaching for her sister, Mollie COUGHLIN.
1910 4 27 BUELL Waldo Miss Bertha BUELL, of Malone, is visiting at the home of her brother, Waldo BUELL.
1917 8 29 BUELL Hector Cooks Corners - Dr and Mrs MARSH and children, Raymond and Buell, were weekend guests at the home of Hector BUELL.
1914 12 9 BUGBEE W. T. Dickinson Center - W. T. BUGBEE has returned to his work in Vermont after spending a few days at his home here.
1900 7 11 BULGER Nellie Misses Nellie BULGER and Loretta MURPHY have gone to Long Lake for the summer, having secured positions at the Sagamore.
1904 7 6 BULLIS E. S.  Ft Covington - E. S. BULLIS of Cleveland, Ohio is renewing old acquaintances in town.
1914 7 15 BUMP L. (Mr & Mrs) Duane - Mr and Mrs L. BUMP and daughter, Blanche, are visiting Mrs L. BUMP's brother, Lute TRIM.
1905 5 31 BURDON Raonl Bombay - Raonl BOURDON has been elected to represent Court Little Salmon 4102 I. O. F. as delegate to the convention to be held in Geneva, N Y June 29th. H. P. DANA was elected as substitute.
1901 5 22 BURGESS Paul DEATH - In Burke, N.Y., Sunday, may 19, 1901, of whooping cough, Lizzie, infant daughter of Paul and Lizzie BURGESS, aged 11 months.
1910 12 28 BURKE A. Hogansburg - A. BURKE and daughters entertained a large number of their relatives and friends on Christmas day and served a very sumptuous dinner and luncheon.
1910 12 28 BURNAP Chas Moira - Mrs Hiram GEORGE of Dickinson Center, spent Christmas with Mr and Mrs Chas BURNAP.
1914 8 26 BURNAP C. E. Mr and Mrs E. R. CLARK, of Saranac Lake, are guests of Mr and Mrs C. E. BURNAP.
1910 11 9 BURNHAM Gladys (Miss) Miss Gladys BURNHAM is home from Brushton training class for a few days.
1914 12 9 BURNHAM L. C. (Mrs) North Lawrence - Mrs L. C. BURNHAM and daughter, Miss Gladys, spent Saturday in Malone.
1900 7 25 BURR Will Bangor - Mr and Mrs Will BURR and Mr and Mrs ADAMS spent last Sunday at Mountain View.
1905 3 15 BURR Will Bangor - Homer WHITEHEAD, of Winthrup, spent Sunday with his father at Will BURR'S.
1905 11 8 BURR Will Bangor - The Halloween Supper at Will BURR'S was a success, bringing the society about $17.
1910 1 26 BURR Will Bangor - The Christian Endeavor Society are to serve supper at the home of Mr. And Mrs Will BURR Friday evening January 28th.Price 15 cents.
1910 8 10 BURR Will (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs Will BURR who has been visiting relatives and friends for the past few weeks in Maine, Boston, and in Eastern eities, returned to her home here Monday.
1914 7 22 BURR Charlie Dickinson Center - Mrs Charles BURR and daughter Marion, of Brooklyn, are guests of her parents, Attorney and Mrs. W. J. SAUNDERS.
1914 8 26 BURR C. D. C. D. BURR arrived from Brooklyn Saturday evening tojoin his wire in camp at Lake Ozonia.
1902 1 2 BUTLER A. (Mr) South Bombay - Roy SMITH, of Norwood, is spending a few days at the home of his uncle, Mr. A. BUTLER.
1910 11 9 BUTLER Blanche (Miss) Miss Blanche BUTLER spent the past week with her sister, Mrs. MacALISTER in Bangor.
1914 6 10 BUTLER Edward Cooks Corners - Edward BUTLER is spending several days with his mother, Mrs Earl POTTER, of Montreal.
1914 6 17 BUTLER Miss The sullragettes have rented rooms on Main street over Miss BUTLER's milinery parlors and will hold their meetings there in the future.
1914 6 17 BUTLER Edward Cooks Corners - Edward BUTLER who has been spending several days with Mr and Mrs Earl POTTER, of Montreal, returned home recently, accompanied by his little brother, Earl.
1914 7 15 BUTLER Claude Cooks Corners - Claude BUTLER of Malone, was the guest of Mr and Mrs Walace AVERY Sunday.
1929 2 20 BUTLER Henry O. Brasher Falls - Friends and relatives of Henry O. BUTLER were saddened to hear of his death last Monday.Some time ago he underwent an operation from which he never fully recovered.Mr. Butler was born in Hogansburg, June 7, 1868, a son of John and Elizabeth BUTLER.He was one of a large family of children.At the age of 20, Mr BUTLER began his career as gripman on the Olive street Cable, St Louis, in the autumn of 1888.From gripman he became transporation superintendent of the U. R. and has held this same position until his recent illness.Besides his wife and four daughters, he is survived by four brothers, Daniel J. of St Louis, George H. of St Regis Falls, Frankl and Otis of this village.{Note: There is more but it is cut off my copy}
1929 3 6 BUTLER Gertrude (Miss) North Lawrence - Miss Gertrude BUTLER left Friday for a brief vacation.While away she will visit her sister, Mrs E. J. BRANIGAN in Cleveland, Ohio and relatives in Buffalo, Watertown and Carthage.During her absence Mrs H. L. DURHAM will assist in the Post Office.
1914 7 22 BUTTIMER Nellie Miss Nellie BUTTIMER returned to her home in Syracuse last week.
1910 11 9 CAHEE Rev Cooks Corners - Rev CAHEE was a business caller in Bombay two days last week.
1914 8 19 CAHEE Charles Cook's Corners - Rev and Mrs Charles CAHEE and children, of Hogansburgh, spent a few days the past week with friends of this place.
1914 7 22 CALLAHAN William CONSTABLE - William CALLAHAN recently purchased the store building belonging to the G. D. HASTINGS estate.
1914 7 8 CALLAHAN John Burke - John CALLAHAN has a new Ford automobile
1910 1 5 CAMERON JR. (Mrs) Trout River -The social at Mrs. J. R. CAMERON'S was a success socially and financially; the proceeds were $12.
1910 1 5 CAMERON Margaret Trout River - Miss Margaret CAMERON of Montreal is visiting her mother and sister here for a few days.
1910 5 11 CAMERON J. A. (Mrs) Trout River - Mr and Mrs Smith MARCH and daughter, of Burke, visited Mrs J. A. CAMERON last week.
1914 8 19 CAMERON J. A. (Mrs) Mrs J. A. CAMERON attended the wedding of her nephew, Ernest ARMSTRONG, to Miss Edna HOADLEY, on Wednesday Aug 12th.
1914 11 11 CAMERON J. A. (Mrs) Mrs Thomas ARMSTRONG and Mrs Charles ARMSTRONG of Westville were the guests of Mrs J. A. CAMERON Friday.
1914 3 18 CAMP Ernest Skerry - Ernest CAMP, who has rented Mrs Edna Eaton's farm the past year, is soon to move upon the Tarbell farm.
1902 10 1 CAMPBELL Catherine (Mrs) Mrs Catherine CAMPBELL, formerly of Altona, died recently from the effect of getting a needle into her foot about 12 years ago.It gave her no pain or inconvenience until lately, when it began to bother her and she was obliged to go to a hospital to have it cut out.Complications set in and results were fatal.She was only about 30 years of age.
1914 7 15 CAMPBELL Malcolm (Mrs) Trout River - Mrs Malcolm CAMPBELL, of Montreal, is the guest of friends here.
1914 9 16 CAMPBELL Mrs West Bangor - Mrs CAMPBELL and Miss Sarah CAMPBELL spent a few days last week, the guests of Mr and Mrs Guy ADAMS.
1929 2 20 CAMPBELL James (Mrs) Brasher Falls - Mrs James CAMPBELL has returned from Hepburn Hospital, Ogdensburg, where she went for an operation some weeks ago.
1914 9 16 CANTRILL Myra West Bangor - Mrs Myra CANTRILL, Mrs Sarah LEE, and Miss Libbie LEE were the guests of Mrs Selinda Adams Thursday.
1914 7 15 CARLIN Dan Dan CARLIN and John TIMMONS spent Monday and Tuesday at St Regis Falls.
1929 3 6 CARLIN Edward  Notice to Creditors - Estate of Edward CARLIN, late of Malone, N.Y.All claims must be filed with the undersigned on or before the 1st day of April 1929.The People's Trust Company at Malone, N.Y.Thomas J. McKEE Executor, Arthur W. HANDLY, Attorney for Executor, Malone, N.Y.
1900 4 4 CARPENTER Lucinda (Miss) Moira - Miss Lucinda CARPENTER, Mrs CARPENTER, and Mrs. PAYNE, three sisters living about two miles north of Moira village, died in less than a week and were buried in Moira cemetery.
1900 8 1 CARPENTER C. A. (Miss) Misses C. A. CAPPENTER, Frances DELVAN, May STUART and Messrs. J. E. PRICE, W. H. MURPHY and G. A. LYNCH , accompanied by Dr LENNON and wife, of Montreal, are sojourning at Birch Cottage, Lake Titus.
1914 8 5 CARPENTER Fannie (Mrs) Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Mr and Mrs John HUCKEL, of Ottawa, who have been visiting their sister, Mrs Fannie CARPENTER, in Owls Head, returned home last week.Mrs CARPENTER and daughter, Frances, went back with them for a short visit in Ottawa.
1914 9 16 CARPENTER Blanche Whippleville - Blanche CARPENTER has been visiting at the home of her brother, Wilbur, in Malone.
1910 1 5 CARROLL J. J.  Mr and Mrs J. J. CARROLL spent Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs Henry McGILLICK in Malone.
1929 2 27 CARTER Mr & Mrs Dickinson Center - Mr and Mrs CARTER have had their household goods moved here and will occupy the house owned by the Altamont Milk Co.Lloyd ESELTINE moved their goods.
1905 9 20 CASAGRANT Arthur (Mr. & Mrs.) Owls Head and Chasm Falls - Mr. & Mrs. Arthur CASAGRANT have a son born this week.
1905 11 8 CASWELL Ervie Dickinson Center - Ervie CASWELL has entered the employment of the Gran Union Tea Company.
1918 1 23 CASWELL E. (Mrs & Mrs) North Bangor - Mr and Mrs E. CASWELL and Mrs ALDRICH were entertained at the home of Mr and Mrs. E. A. TARBELL Thursday.
1914 8 26 CHANDLER Guy Mr and Mrs Guy CHANDLER, of Watertown, spent the past week visiting his parnets and other relatives in town.
1914 8 26 CHANDLER H. B. Nicholville - Prof and Mrs Wilmer SEVERANCE of Syracuse, were guests from Friday until Monday of Mr and Mrs H. B. CHANDLER.Mrs SEVERANCE will be remembered as Miss Hazel CHANDLER in her millinery store several seasons.
1914 7 22 CHAPIN Valda (Miss) Miss Valda CHAPIN is in town spending some time with her aunt, Mrs Simeon WYLIE.
1900 4 4 CHARTERS Frank (Rev) Rev. Frank CHARTERS, rector of St. Simon's church, Montreal, will preach at St Mark's church Wednesday evening of this week.
1910 1 26 CHENEY Adeline (Miss) Miss Adeline Cheney, who has been employed at the DAWSON House for the past three years has gone to Tupper Lake where she has a position.
1901 12 18 CHERRIER Paschal Paschal CHERRIER and family have returned to Malone and will reside here during the winter.
1917 7 11 CHILDS Allen (Mr & Mrs) Mr and Mrs Allen CHILDS called on friends at Chasm Falls recently.
1917 7 11 CHILDS Allen (Mr & Mrs) Mr & Mrs Andrew HOLCOMB and Mr & Mrs Thos. PETERSON, of Chateaugay, were guests of Mr and Mrs Allen CHILDS recently.
1914 8 19 CHURCHILL Russell South Bombay - Russell CHURCHILL, of Evans Mills, is visiting his sister, Mrs. Jonas PHELPS.
1900 8 1 CLARE Eugene (Mr & Mrs) Mr and Mrs Eugene CLARE, and Misses Anna WRIGHT and Lillian SNOW are resticating for a fortnight at Mountain View.They entertained a large party of Malone friends on Thursday.
1901 5 22 CLARK Horace Birth - In Potsday, N.Y. on Friday May 3_?, 1901, a daughter of Mr and Mrs. Horace N. CLARK.
1901 6 5 CLARK P. (Mrs) Mrs. J. C. LILLIE, of Toronto, is visiting her sister, Mrs. P. CLARK
1904 7 6 CLARK W. B. Moira - Mr and Mrs W. B. CLARK and Miss HACKETT, of Moira, Miss Ethol COFFRIN of Meriden, Conn, are in camp at Indian Rock for a few weeks.
1905 3 15 CLARK W. F.  Moira - The Moira minstrels, under the direction of W. F. CLARK, was a decided success.The songs and jokes were up to date and enjoyed by all.Little Willie RAVALLEY, in his song and dance, was applauded many times, and is an artist in his line.The military drill was elaborate and beyond expectation and showed much training.The afterpiece entitled "Midnight in Louisville, Kentucky" was received by the audience with one round of applause from start to finish.CROSIER and YOUNG'S orchestra added much to the evening by their fine music.The entertainment was a success financially. The boys will repeat it a Lawrenceville in Harmon's hall on Wednesday night, March 15th.
1910 7 13 CLARK Earl Mr and Mrs Earl CLARK visited Malone Thursday.
1910 11 30 CLARK Ethel (Miss) Miss Ethel CLARK who has been visiting in town, went to Massena on Friday evening and goes to her home in Watertown Monday.
1910 11 30 CLARK J. Mrs Emma MUNSON, of Massena visited at the home of Mr. And Mrs. S. CLARK on Friday.
1914 3 18 CLARK Patrick Patrick CLARK celebrated his 84th birthday yesterday.He was about the streets as active as ever and went to the polls to vote, lingering to see what was doing.We hope he'll be as interested in general affairs on his hundredth birthday.
1914 6 10 CLARK Robert Westville - Robert CLARK was able to be at church on Sunday.All were glad to see him out again.
1914 12 9 CLARK Herbert Dickinson Center - Mrs J. CRONK, of Santa Clara, spent Monday with Mrs Herbert CLARK.
1917 8 29 CLARK Merchant Merchant CLARK, who has been spending his vacation at S. A. ELLSWORTH's with his family, has returned to N.J.
1929 2 27 CLARK Bernard Dickinson Center - Mr and Mrs Bernard CLARK, daughter Miss Laura and son, Harry, were callers in Malone last Monday.
1929 2 27 CLARK Bernard Dickinson Center - Bernard CLARK,A. D. ERWIN, Mrs Eva POWELL, Mrs Geo BRADLEY, and Mrs Chas ERWIN were callers in Malone Friday.
1914 12 9 CLARY David (Mr & Mrs) South Bombay - Mr and Mrs David CLARY and daughter Eleanor, of Bangor, visited their mother Mrs CLARY a few days the past week.
1914 6 10 CLEMONS Gladys (Miss) Skerry - Miss Gladys CLEMONS closed her school in the Stevens district Friday last.
1900 7 11 CLEVELAND Mary(Mrs) Misses Esther and Ida SCHRYER, of Ottawa, spent the Fourth at Malone with their cousin, Mrs. Mary CLEVELAND.
1900 10 3 CLEVELAND Sarah P. (Mrs) Death - Death with it's remorseless hand, has again entered a Constable home and taken away one who in life was a friend of the poor and a suceor to the needy.Mrs Sarah, P. CLEVELAND, widow of the late George CLEVELAND, departed this life Sept 20, after an illness of only a few days' duration.She had been blind for about three years and met the final step into the future with calmness and resignation.Everyone thing that loving hands and hearts could suggest was done for her but in vain.Mrs CLEVELAND'S maiden name was SHERMAN.She was born in Vermont in 1820 and had resided here 38 years.Mr CLEVELAND preceded her to the unknown country some nine months ago.She leaves surviving brother ,several nephews and nieces and many friends to mourn her loss.
1914 8 5 COBB D. W. (Mr) Bangor - Mr & Mrs D. W. COBB have returned home,Mrs COBB having spent several weeks in Mansfield, Mass.
1917 8 29 COGLAND Mrs Mrs COGLAND, of Huntingdon, visited her son, Herman, recently.
1900 10 3 COLE H. S. Birth - In Brushton, N.Y. Saturday, Sept 15, 1900, a son to Mr and Mrs H. S. COLE.
1929 3 6 COLE Lawrence North Lawrence - Lawrence COLE was a visitor in Malone Friday.
1929 3 6 COLE Lawrence North Lawrence - Lawrence COLE has purchased the business of Charles BOSTIC on Main Street and took possession March 1st.
1914 10 28 COLLETTE Joseph Mra nd Mrs Joseph COLLETTE and Mr and Mrs Herbert TRIM were guests of Mr and Mrs Frank TRIM at St Regis Falls Sunday.
1910 8 3 COLLINS William West Bangor - Mrs Jane GEDDES, of Grushton, visited her brother, William COLLINS, the past week.
1914 7 15 COLLINS Fred (Mr & Mrs) Mr and Mrs Fred COLLINS of Nicholville, visited their parnets, Mr and Mrs Albon COLLINS Sunday.
1914 9 16 COLLINS Albon Mr and Mrs Albon COLLINS and grandson Lloyd, spent Sunday at Nicholville.
1917 8 29 COLLINS Miles (Mrs) Mrs Miles COLLINS called on friends in burlington recently.
1934 5 10 COMPEAU B. A. (Mr & Mrs) Brasher Center - Mr and Mrs Albert Norton, Watertown, spent a couple days with Mr and Mrs B. A. COMPEAU.
1910 1 26 CONDON John & William Cooks Corners - George HIGGINS, of Fort Covington, was visiting John and William CONDON the past week.
1914 11 11 CONDON Margaret (Miss) Cooks Corners - Miss Lizzie BARNES, of Springfield, Mass is visiting at the home of Miss Margaret CONDON.
1914 6 17 CONELLY Lillie (Mrs) Mrs Lillie CONELLY spent Thursday and Friday with Mrs Ben SOUTHWORTH at North Bangor.
1910 1 5 CONERY Mrs R. A.  Skerry - Several of the Skerry Ladies met at Mrs. R. A. CONERY'S last Saturday and quilted two quilts for the old ladies home.Mrs. Alfred STEVENS also made one for the home.
1910 1 26 CONERY S. A. (Mrs) Mrs S. A. CONERY spent last Tuesday with Mrs C. R. KERRY.
1914 10 28 CONERY Rosaline Mrs Rosaline CONERY, a former resident of this place, now of Saranac Lake, writes us that she was given a very happy surprise Friday evening, Oct 16, when seventeen of her lady friends took possession of her home, bringing refreshments.A pleasant social evening was spent and Mrs CONERY was presented with a pair of slippers, which she prizes very highly.Mrs CONERY was a member of the the Birthday Club of this place and no one enjoyed a social gathering more.We think it must have reminded her of her old home to have such a pleasant surprise.
1910 7 13 CONGER Roba (Mrs) Mrs Roba CONGER and grand-daughter, Miss Roba ROYCE, went to Brandon, Vt, Friday morning to visit friends a few days.
1914 8 26 CONGER Grace (Miss) Nicholville - Miss Grace CONGER of Braushton, was the guest of her school chums, Misses Anna and Katherine FARRISSE, the past week.
1901 5 22 CONNER M. J.  Birth - At Reynoldston, N. Y. May 17, 1901 a son to Mr and Mrs. M. J. CONNER.
1914 12 9 CONNOLLY C. F. (Mrs) North Lawrence - Mrs C. F. CONNOLLY and Mrs F. L. LORDEN were guests of Mrs J. McDONALD in Ogdensburg Thursday and Friday of last week.
1929 3 6 CONNOLLY C. F. North Lawrence - C. F. CONNOLLY, executor of the HARRINGTON Estate, has sold the MALAKIE house and lot on Williams Street to Volney FARNSWORTH.
1904 7 6 COOK Wilbur Burke - Mr. and Mrs. VonLUM, from New York, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur COOK.
1910 8 3 COOK Mary (Mrs) Mrs Mary COOK is visiting friends in Brushton for a few days.
1926 1 20 COOK Jake Hogansburg - Jake COOK, an Indian, residing in St Regis, was killed Thursday, P.M. while returning form a wood-lot with a load of logs.In turning a corner in the road, the load was overturned pinning him under the logs.There were three other Indians on the road who were not injured.They extracted Mr COOK as soon as possible but found that life was extinct.Jake was one of the most progressive Indians on the reservation.He owned a large farm (which is being conducted by one of his sons) and a comfortable home in the village of St Regis.He was an honest, law-abiding Indian.He was buried at ST Regis.many of the residents of Hogansburg attended the funeral.
1914 7 22 COTEY J. L. Dickinson Center - Mr and Mrs Ward COTEY, of Norwood, spent Saturday at J. L. COTEY's.
1914 11 11 COTEY J. L. (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs J. L. COTEY and daughter, Mary, have been visiting Mrs COTEY'S son, Ward, at Norwood.
1910 6 22 COTTER Wm. Hogansburg - Mr and Mrs David HOLDEN, of Westville, were guests of the latter's brother, Wm. COTTER, Saturday.
1914 8 26 COURTNEY James Miss Margaret SMITH is visiting the home of her grandparents, Mr and Mrs Jas COURTNEY.
1914 8 26 COWAN Lottie Miss Lottie COWAN is the guest of friends in camp at Fraser's Point.
1914 9 16 COWAN Georgia Fort Covington - Misses Georgia COWAN and Kate DEMPSEY have returned to their school duties in New York.
1914 7 22 COX James CONSTABLE - James COX and Harvey BUSHEY took in the excursion on Sunday to the Thousand Islands.
1914 8 19 COX Wilbur Whippleville -Walter WARD, OF Onchiota, is visiting at the home of Wilbur COX. 
1926 1 20 COX John West Brandon - John COX is quite ill at the home of his sister, Mrs Henry GONYEA in Reynoldston.
1926 1 20 COX Jack West Brandon - It is with the deepest sorrow we announce the death of Leonard COX, the oldest son of Mr and Mrs Jack COX {article cut off}.
1910 6 15 COX  Henry Mr and Mrs Henry COX of Brushton and also Mr and Mrs Clark GALE of this place when to Hogansburg Wednesday on a fishing trip.
1929 2 20 COX  Jack West Brandon and East Dickinson - Mr and Mrs Jack COX and Mr and Mrs Henry GONIA Jr., spent Wednesday evening with Mr and Mrs Arthur GOYEA.
1929 2 27 COX  Jack West Brandon and East Dickinson - Mr and Mrs Jack COX and Mr and Mrs Arthur GOYEA and daughter were Sunday guests of Mr and Mrs Earl TRIMM. 
1904 7 6 CRANDALL J. R.  Moira - Mr and Mrs Sam CRANDALL and Mrs GIFFIN, of St Regis Falls, and Mr GIFFIN of Washington, D. C. were in town for a day last week, at J. R. CRANDALL'S
1914 7 8 CRAWFORD Thos. Burke - E. T. KEENAN, of Watertown, was the guest of THOS. CRAWFORD, a couple of days last week.
1917 8 29 CRAWFORD Ira (Mrs) Mrs Ira CRAWFORD and son, Donald, who have spent the summer with relatives here, have returned to their home in Pueblo, Colo.
1914 9 16 CREED W. T. Fort Covington - Mrs CREED of Malone, is the guest of her son, W. T. CREED and family.
1910 8 17 CREIGHTON W. D.  W. D. CREIGHTON'S fire loss at Fort Covington has been satisfactorily settled by the adjusters, the whole $600 being paid on the grocery stock without deduction of the usual percentage for settlement within 60 days.Mr CREIGHTON'S; stock of groceries inventoried at $1,000.The insurance was carried in the Channell agency.
1914 6 10 CREIGHTON Garland (Mrs) Westville - Mrs Garland CREIGHTON is ill and has gone to her father's home in Ft. Covington.
1910 1 26 CRIEGHTON A. S.  Fort Covington - Dr and Mrs WYATT returned to their home in Fon du lac, Wis Thursday after a four month visit with A. S. CRIEGHTON.
1914 6 10 CRINKLAW Eunice (Miss) Miss Eunice CRINKLAW returned to her home in North Lawrence the past week, after a visit with her brother, R. J. CRINKLAW and family.
1929 2 20 CRIPPEN Luna (Mrs) Burke - Mrs Luna CRIPPEN visited friends at Lyon Mountain last week.
1905 5 31 CROOKS George West Bangor -Mr and Mrs George CROOKS were guests of relatives in Moira last week.
1910 8 3 CROOKS S. G. (Mrs) West Bangor - Mr and Mrs S. G. GROOKS spent a few days last week in Montreal.
1910 11 30 CROWLEY T. T. CROWLEY spent Thursday in Malone.
1910 11 9 CROWLEY John (Mrs) Mrs John CROWLEY of Malone, visited her friends in town recently.
1918 5 29 CROWLEY Mary (Mrs) DEATH - In Malone, May 25th, of old age, Mrs Mary CROWLEY, aged 90 years.Mrs Crowley had resided in Malone about 9 years and was loved and esteemed for her many womanly virtues and kindly qualities.She was a devout member of St Joseph's Church and lived her Christianity every day of her life.As wife and mother she was devoted and self-sacrificing, finding her greatest happiness in the love of those about her.Mrs CROWLEY's maiden name was Mary LYNCH.She was born in Ireland and came to this country with her parents when she was a child.Her husband preceded her to the "city not made with hands" nine years ago, and she had since resided here with her son.Those left to mourn her loss are 2 sons and 3 daughters; Jerry, Katherine and Minnie, of Malone, Timothy, of Bombay and (article cut off).
1905 11 8 CUNNINGHAM Gertrude Moira - Gertrude CUNNINGTON, of Hogansburg, visited friends in town over Sunday.
1914 7 22 CUNNINGHAM Mrs Bombay - Mrs CUNNINGHAM and daughter, Anna Ruth, of Ogdensbur, are the guests of her mother, Mrs. McCARTHY.
1914 7 15 CUNNINGHAM Robert (Mrs) South Bombay - Mrs Robert CUNNINGHAM, from the East, visited her grandmother, Mrs Betsy BRAYTON, a few days the past week.
1914 7 8 CUNNINGHAM Robert (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Robert CUNNINGHAM of Springfield, Mass is visiting at the home of Rev and Mrs George JOCK and other relatives and friends of this place.
1914 11 11 CUNNINGHAM B. H. Rev Cahee and family, of Hogansburgh, were guests of Mrs B. H. CUNNINGHAM a few days last week.
1910 1 5 CURRIER Mrs. Bangor - Mrs CURRIER has returned from Malone and now occupies her house.
1910 1 26 CURTIS Henry Henry CURTIS is employed by J. H. WELLS.
1934 5 10 CURTIS L. W. (Mr & Mrs) Brasher Center - Mr and Mrs L. W. CURTIS and son, Ira, and daughters, Althea and Christine Curtis, were dinner guests of Mr and Mrs Henry LOCKHART, Massena, Sunday.
1910 8 3 CUSHMAN Herbert Fort Covington - Mr and Mrs Herbert CUSHMAN and little daughter, of Cleveland, Ohio and Mrs A. CUSHMAN of Fort Covington, were guests of relatives here Wednesday.
1914 11 11 CUSHMAN Geo Geo CUSHMAN was down from Meacham Lake Saturday.He was interested in the special election.
1918 1 23 CUSHMAN G. W. (Mrs) North Bangor - Mrs G. W. CUSHMAN entertained at dinner a few friends from Malone Thursday in honor of Mr CUSHMAN's birthday.
1900 10 3 CUTTER Gilbert (Mrs) Death - At St Regis Falls, N.Y. Tuesday, Sept 25, 1900, of heart disease, Mrs Gilbert CUTTER, in her 79th year.
1903 7 1 DAILY Fannie (Miss) Miss Fannie C. DAILY, of the teaching force in the Malone Graded Schools, has returned to her home in Plattburgh for the summer.
1910 1 5 DAIZELL Blanche (Miss) Trout River - Miss Blanche DALZELL of Montreal spent New Year's Day at her home here.
1910 6 22 DALY Emma(Mrs) Hogansburg - Dr. E. MAHANY, of Corwall, was a guest of his aunt, Mrs Emma DALY recently.
1914 3 18 DALZELL Laura Trout River - Mrs Laura DALZELL spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Alex LUNAN at Kensington.
1905 5 31 DANA G. F. (Mrs) Bombay - Mrs. G. F. DANA is visiting her son, F. M. DANA.
1905 9 20 DANA F. M. (Mrs.) Bombay - Mrs. F. M. DANA and son, Hubert, H. S. RUSSELL and others were at Ottawa fair this week.
1914 12 9 DANA Louva (Miss) Dickinson Center - Miss Louva DANA, of Brushton, spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Gladys STOWE.
1910 5 11 DANFORTH George (Mrs) DEATH - At St Regis Falls, May 2, of pneumonia, Mrs George DANFORTH, formerly of Brushton, aged about 35 years.
1900 4 4 DARLING Elder Moira - Quarterly meeting at the M. E. Church last Sunday.Elder DARLING was present.This week has been observed as a week of prayer.
1914 8 12 DARLING N. A. (Rev) Dickinson Center - There will be no service at the M. E. Church Sunday afternoon as the pastor, Rev N. A. DARLING is enjoying a vacation.
1914 10 28 DAVENPORT J. H. Mr and Mrs J. H. Davenport, of Dickinson, were guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Fred MERRITT Sunday.
1910 11 9 DAVIDSON Marion (Miss) Dickinson Center - Miss Marion DAVIDSON who has been suffering occasionally from attacks of appendicitis for over a year, went to Cornwall hospital on Thursday for an operation.She was accompanied by her father,Howard DAVIDSON and Dr. SAMPSON.Miss DAVIDSON is doing nicely.
1929 3 6 DAVIDSON Lillian(Mrs) Dickinson Center - Walter DAVIDSON of Watertown is spending a few days with his mother, Mrs Lillian DAVIDSON.
1903 7 1 DAVIS Minnie (Miss) Miss Minnie DAVIS has resigned her position in the Tarrytown schools, where she has been employed for eight years.She will make her home with her father and nephew here.
1910 7 13 DAVIS Flora  Mrs. Flora DAVIS of North Lawrence, visited relatives and friends in Brushton Thursday.
1914 10 28 DAVIS Egbert Egbert DAVIS is home for a few days.
1905 5 31 DAWSON Guy Dickinson Center -Farmers are wondering what causes pigs and calves to die in such alarming numbers.Pigs at 1 to 3 weeks old - to all appearance well at night and dead in the morning.Guy DAWSON has lost 40, Frank McCOMBER 20, Geo. McCOMBER quite a number, Giles CHENEY lost both pigs and mother.Many calves are dying.
1918 1 23 DAWSON G. H. Dickinson Center - G. H. DAWSON spent Friday at Ogdensburg on business.
1910 11 30 DAY Minnie (Mrs) Mrs Minnie DAY spent a couple of days in Massena recently.
1905 5 31 DAYE Pastor Bombay - Pastor DAYE is wearing a smiling face, the occasion of which is the arrival of a new daughter.
1902 7 23 DeCHAMBEAU George (Mr & Mrs) BIRTH - In North Burke, N.Y. Sunday July 13, 1902, a daughter to Mr and Mrs. George DeCHAMBEAU.
1902 1 2 DEGOWIN Henry Constable - Henry DEGOWIN, who had been in Sheboygan, Michigan, for the past year, returned home last Wednesday.
1918 5 29 DeGOWIN Eugene Eugene DeGOWIN is on the sick list.
1900 7 11 DELONG Vila Rev and Mrs C. A. WEED and daughter, of Lincoln, Nebraska, are visiting friends in this vicinity.Mrs. WEED was formerly Miss Vila DELONG.
1910 9 7 DELONG James Bangor - Mr and Mrs James DELONG, of No Bangor, visited at W. B. ROYCE'S on Wednesday.
1926 1 20 DELOSH Verness West Brandon - Verne DELOSH, Guy GREENBUSH, and Joe JESSMER were business callers in Malone Monday.
1910 1 5 DEMING Lucius Lucius DEMING of Burke was a caller at the home of Albon VORCE recently.
1904 7 6 DEMPSEY Katherine Ft Covington - Miss Katherine DEMPSEY, of Ausable Forks High School, is home for the summer.
1900 4 4 DENIO Jack BIRTH - In Constable, N.Y. Monday, March 19, 1900, a daughter to Mr and Mrs Jack DENIO
1900 8 8 DENIO Peter DEATH - In Constable, N. Y. Tuesday, July 31, 1900, Peter DENIO, aged 88 years.The deceased was the father of Thomas DENIO of Malone, Charles DENIO of Constable, and died at the home of the latter.He came to Malone from Canada early in the history of this village, and was one of the hardy pioneers of resolute spirit and sturdy character, who impressed their qualities on the generation which has followed them.
1914 9 16 DENNEEN D.(Mrs) Fort Covington - Mr and Mrs Wm EARLE, of Malone, spent Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs D. DENNEEN.
1926 1 20 DENNING Walter Burke - Mr and Mrs Walter DENNING who have been employed at Saranac Lake this winter, have returned home.
1910 9 7 DESAW Fred Dickinson Center - Fred DESAW has sold his block, consisting of blacksmith shop and dwelling rooms, to the MOSHER Brothers south of St Regis Falls.They have taken possession of the same, Mr DESAW is moving to St Regis Falls were Mrs DESAR has been engaged in the millinery trade, for the past two seasons.
1914 8 26 DEWEY Mary Mrs Clark ANDREWS and daughters, of Barre, VT, who have been visiting several weeks with Mrs ANDREW'S mother, Mrs Mary DEWEY, have gone into camp ata Lake Champlain where they were joined by Mr ANDREWS.
1918 1 23 DEWYEA David Sr. Dickinson Center - David DEWYEA, Sr. has moved hisfamily from his farm to the Seaver house on Main Street.
1900 10 3 DIBBLE George H.  Death -At Chasm Falls, N.Y. Thursday, Sept 25, 1900, of cholera infant, George H., infant son of Robert and Jane DIBBLE, aged one year.
1914 7 22 DIBBLE Joseph Mrs Arthur DIBBLE, of Lebanon, N.Y. has returned home after spending a few days at the home of joseph DIBBLE.
1910 6 15 DICKEY Samuel North Bangor - Mrs Samuel DICKEY has recently returned from North Lawrence where she has been caring for her mother who has been ill.About the 20th of June Mrs DICKEY will leave for Lake Placid where she will be employed at the Lake Placid Club.
1900 7 25 DICKINSON Clarissa Bangor - Clarissa DICKINSON spent a few days with Nora JOY.
1900 7 25 DICKINSON Clarissa Bangor - Clarissa DICKINSON and Stella HOADLEY went to Saranac Club House Thursday to spend a few weeks, as they have positions waiting for them.
1902 8 27 DICKINSON Clarissa Bangor - Clarissa DICKINSON and Clara KEELER are having an outing at Mountain View.
1902 8 27 DICKINSON Glee & Mary Bangor - Glee and Mary DICKINSON spent two days as guests of Mrs SPAULDING at their cottage.
1902 8 27 DICKINSON Roy Bangor - Roy DICKINSON went to the woods last Monday.Fred KERRY has been there some time.
1904 7 6 DICKINSON Blanche Bangor - Blanche DICKINSON gas been spending a few days with a friend in the Adirondacks.
1905 11 8 DICKINSON Roy Bangor - Roy Dickinson came down from Clearwater Monday, having spent the summer there.He expects to find employment for the winter at Paul SMITH'S.
1910 7 13 DICKINSON Blanche Blanche DICKINSON is entertaining her friend, Miss HOLLAND, for a while.
1910 8 10 DICKINSON Blanche (Miss) Bangor - Mrs Leon TURNER and Mrs Frederick RAND, of Malone, had supper at Hotel Pearson Wednesday night and spent the evening with Miss Blanche DICKINSON.
1910 8 10 DICKINSON Guy Bangor - Guy DICKINSON is home from Springfield, Mass on a short vacation.
1910 9 7 DICKINSON Mary (Miss) Bangor - Miss May DICKINSON has gone to Saranac Lake to visit her brother Roy for a few weeks.
1910 11 30 DICKINSON Blanche Bangor - Miss Blanche DICKINSON, who is teaching in Weehawken, N.J. spent her Thanksgiving vacation in Wahington D. C., the guest of Mrs. Frederick RAND.
1914 9 16 DICKINSON Clarrisa (Miss) Miss Clarrisa DICKINSON, who has been on the sick list, has improved.
1914 10 28 DICKINSON Fordyce (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs Fordyce DICKINSON and mother, Mors DAVIS of Holyoke, and Mr and Mrs Will RICH, of North Bangor, motored to Saranac Lake, Saturday.
1914 7 15 DIMICK John (Mrs) South Bombay - Mr and Mrs DIMICK, of Santa Clara, visited her mother, Mrs KIBBE, a few days the past week.
1910 5 11 DOLAN Edward Trout River - Rev Father BOULERICE and cousin of Constable, visited at the home of Edward DOLAN yesterday.
1910 9 7 DOLAN Mabel (Miss) Trout River - Miss Mabel DOLAN is visiting relatives in Malone.
1905 9 20 DONAHUE Charles Owls Head and Chasm Falls - Sept 16 - Charles DONAHUE, late of the U. S. Army, died today at the house of Albon ELLIOTT where he had been staying since his return from the army.He had been suffering froma complication of diseases.
1914 11 4 DONAHUE M. (Mrs) West Bangor - Mrs M. DONAHUE and daughter Mary, have gone to Saranac Inn, where they have employment for the winter.
1905 3 15 DONALD Myrtle (Miss) Moira - Mrs. Myrtle Clark DONALD lest Saturday for Ottawa where she has a position.
1910 1 26 DONALDSON Leo (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs Leo DONALDSON was a caller in Bangor Saturday afternoon.
1914 8 19 DONNELLEY Henry (Mr & Mrs) Miss Mary DONNELLEY returned to New York after spending two weeks with her parents, Mr & Mrs Henry DONNELLEY.
1914 8 19 DONNELLEY Edward Mr and Mrs William DONNELLEY and three children, of Boston, are guests for two weeks at the home of Mr DONNELLY's father, Edward DONNELLY
1910 1 5 DONNELLY Edward (Mrs) Trout River - Mrs Edward DONNELLY fell a few days ago and dislocated her shoulder, but is recovering nicely.
1910 4 27 DONNELLY John Trout River - The death of John W. DONNELLEY occurred at his home on Thursday morning.He was 75 years of age and had been in poor health the past year.Two sons, Henry and Ward and three daughters, Mrs. John Brady, Mrs Ella Walsh and Mrs Frank HUGHES, survive him.The funeral occurred from St Bridget's church Saturday morning.All his children were with him during the last weeks of his sickness.
1910 1 5 DORIA Harry Trout River - Harry DORIA has been seriously ill but is improving.
1900 10 3 DORMODY / McKOUGH Marriage - In Hemmingford, P.Q. Sept 16, 1900, by Rev F. X. GOYETTE, of St Roman's Church, Edward DORMODY, of Chateaugay, N.Y. and Miss Carrie May McKOUGH, of Hemmingford, P.Q.
1918 1 23 DOTY Hattie (Mrs) North Bangor - On Sunday, Jan 20, occurred the death of Mrs. Hattie Doty at her home in Lake Placid, aged 62 years.Mrs DOTY was at one time a resident of North Bangor, and her many friends of this place will mourn her loss. Funeral services will be held in the Congregational Church, North Bangor, Thursday, at 2 P.M.Rev Charles WALRAFF officiating.Interment in No Bangor Cemetery.
1905 5 31 DOUD H. J. North Bangor - Mr and Mrs H. J. DOUD spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs C. H. DOUD in Chateaugay.
1900 10 3 DOUGLASS Charles Birth - In Chateaugay, N.Y., Sept 19, 1900, a son to Mr and Mrs Charles DOUGLASS.
1905 5 31 DOW Mary (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs. Mary A. DOW has returned from Syracuse where she spent the winter with her son Newton.
1910 6 15 DOW Alfred C. North Bangor - The trade reported last week between Alfred C. DOW and David AVERY, has fallen through.
1910 11 9 DOWNEY Wm Dickinson Center - On Friday evening Nov 11, there will be a donation and chicken pie supper at the home of Mr and Mrs Wm DOWNEY.A most cordial invitation is extended to all.Come an bring your friends.Proceeds for the benefit of the M. E. Society.
1914 7 22 DOWNEY Wm (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Wm DOWNEY is entertaining her sister, Mrs Fred CLARK, and little son, of Watertown.
1914 8 12 DOWNEY Wm (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Wm. DOWNEY is entertaining friends from away.
1934 12 1 DOWNS Harry Malone - Harry DOWNS, of Fourth Street, underwent a minor operation at the Alice Hyde Hospital this morning.
1900 8 8 DRAIN William BIRTH - In Malone, N.Y. Saturday, Aug 4, 1900, a daughter to Mr and Mrs William DRAIN.
1900 4 4 DRAKE Charles R. Moira - Charles R. DRAKE, of Trenton Falls, cashier of the Warren Burnum Co, is at home on a week's vacation.
1904 7 6 DRAKE Bennie (Mrs) Moira - Mrs. Bennie DRAKE and children and Mabel RUST have gone to Keesville, NY for a few weeks outing.
1914 8 26 DRAKE Raymond Raymond DRAKE and Charles STILES left Monay morning for Keeseville on their wheels, where they will visit friends for a week.
1914 11 11 DRAKE A.M. Dickinson Center - A. M. DRAKE of moira, spent Thursday with his daughter, Mrs H. E. SMITH.
1929 2 27 DREAN Miss Dickinson Center - Miss DREAN is visiting her sister in Massena this week-end.
1914 12 9 DREW Orrin Dickinson Center - Mr Orrin DREW visited his son, Willie,at Massena Sunday.
1902 1 2 DRURY Mr. Cook's Corners - Mr. DRURY, of Bangor, died Sunday morning.Burial Tuesday.
1914 1 28 DRURY W. A. (Mrs) North Bangor - Miss Laura HOADLEY, of Chateaugay, a niece of Mrs W. A. DRURY, has returned to her home after a short visit here.
1910 5 11 DUFRANE George Skerry - Mr and Mrs Henry COLLETTE visited at the home of George DUFRANE on Sand Hill recently.
1929 2 20 DULLEA C. Brasher Falls - C. DULLEA and family, who have all been ill with the flu, are all on the gain.
1929 3 6 DUMAS Frank North Lawrence - John DUMAS of New York City was a guest of his brother, Frank DUMAS the past week.
1910 1 5 DURANT Antonine Antonine DRUANT is moving into his new house this week and Wilber OWENS, of Brandon, who has rented the MILLER Farm will take possession the 1st of January.
1914 6 10 DURANT Mr. Westville - Mr DURANT, of Dickinson Center, spent Sunday in town.
1900 7 25 DUSTIN Dana Dickinson Center - Mrs. Ford SHAVER and little children visited at her uncle's, Dana DUSTIN'S, this week.
1900 8 1 DUSTIN Winifred (Miss) Misses Winifred DUSTIN, Liz DUSTIN, Maude E. McCLARY, Bessie BARRY, Emma Jean HAWKINS and two friends from away are in camp at Squirrel Inn, Lake Titus, for a few days.
1901 6 5 DUSTIN Geo. W. A. H. OLENA of Brooklyn, has been spending a few days at Geo. W. DUSTIN'S and is also visiting old friends in Dickinson.
1904 1 16 DUSTIN Sarah DEATH - In Westville Center, NY, Dec 29, 1903, of pneumonia, Mrs Sarah DUSTIN, aged 51 years.
1910 11 30 DUSTIN H. S. Westville - Mr and Mrs H. S. DUSTIN and Miss Lina GALE, of malone, spent the Tahnksgiving vacation at Casper GALE'S.
1910 11 9 DUSTIN Sarah (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Sarah DUSTIN left on Wednesday to spend the winter months in the East.
1914 10 28 DUSTIN Miss A concert company, under the management of Miss DUSTIN, of Malone, will give an entertainment a Dawson's Hall, Friday evening, November 6th.
1903 11 11 DWYER John John DWYER has bought the farm of J. W. HOGAN, in the north part of Chateaugay, consideration $4,000.Mr Hogan will remove to Chicago to reside.
1904 1 16 DWYER Mary DEATH - In Chateaugay, NY Wednesday Dec 30th 1903, Mary, daughter of Mr and Mrs Daniel DWYER.
1900 7 11 DYKE Nash Bangor -Nash DYKE, of the west village, who is now in his 88th year and who is hale and hearty, is the oldest person living that was born in the town and has lived in town the longest of anyone now living here.
1905 3 15 DYKE Ralph Bangor - Ralph DYKE has returned from Battle Creek much improved in health. He is now with his mother in their new home lately purchased.
1914 8 5 DYKE Pierre Bangor - Master Pierre DYKE, of North Bangor, spent a few days recently with his friend Frank JOCK.
1917 8 29 EARLE Alice (Miss) Owls Head - Miss Alice EARLE, who has been spending the past year in New York City, is spending her vacation at her home near Mt View.Miss EARLE expects to leave the last of Sept for Ann Arbor, Mich, where she will resume her studies and complete her college course.
1917 8 29 EARLE E. A. Owls Head - Miss Elizabeth FRIDAY and brother Charles, of New York City, are guests at the home of E. A. EARLE.
1900 7 25 EATON Henry (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs. Henry EATON returned from Chazy Saturday.She has been spending a week at Albert KINNEY'S, who is very sick.
1934 12 1 EATON Loreston Malone - Loreston EATON, son of George EATON, of Malone, underwent a minor operation this morning at the Alice Hyde Hospital.
1910 9 7 ECKELSON Thos. Fire was discovered in the Douglas and Southworth house occupied by Thos. ECKELSON early this morning.It had gained such headway when the alarm was given that nothing could be saved, the house and contents being totally consumed.
1905 9 20 EDDY James (Mrs.) Owls Head and Chasm Falls - The L.A.S. met at Mrs. James EDDY'S this week.
1914 7 8 EDDY Elsie Chasm Falls and Owls Head -At Chams Falls Epworth League meeting lasta eveing, the same officers who have served for the last six months, were re-elected for another six months.Miss Elsie EDDY is the president.
1914 8 5 EDDY Elmer Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Mr and Mrs Bert SMYTH, of Montreal, are visiting at the home of Elmer EDDY, west of Malone.
1910 5 11 EGGLESTON Alfred (Mrs) Skerry - Mrs Alfred EGGLESTON entertained her uncle Richard PAYE and wife Malone last Sunday.
1914 3 18 EGGLESTON Mary (Miss) Skerry - Miss Mary EGGLESTON has not been as well the past week.
1914 6 10 EGGLESTON Alfred (Mrs) Skerry - The Birthday Club spent a very pleasant afternoon with Mrs Alfred EGGLESTON Wednesday, June 3rd.The next meeting will be with Mrs. Fred GONYEA on Tuesday, June 23.
1914 6 10 EGGLESTON Wilber Skerry - Wilber EGGLESTON returned from the Alice Hyde Hospital Friday.
1914 6 10 EGGLESTON Alfred Skerry - The social at the home of Mr & Mrs Alfred EGGLESTON Thursday evening was well attended, and the sum of $14.55 was realized.
1905 5 31 ELDRED Frank North Bangor - Frank ELDRED, of Tupper Lake, came down for a brief stay in town last Friday.
1905 11 8 ELDRED Mark (Mr. & Mrs.) North Bangor - The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Mark ELDRED gathered at their home Saturday evening and presented them with a buffet and other gifts.Refreshments were served and all enjoyed a very pleasant evening.
1910 6 15 ELDRED Fred (Mrs) North Bangor - Mrs Fred ELDRED of Tupper Lake visited friends here last week.
1910 6 15 ELDRED Mark (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Frank BRADFORD of South Bangor, passed through here on their way to visit their sister, Mrs Mark ELDRED this past week.
1914 1 28 ELDRED Fay North Bangor - Fay ELDRED is in camp with his brother, Frank, near Tupper Lake.
1900 7 11 ELDREDGE Frank A.  Frank A. ELDRIDGE, accompanied by Mrs. ElDRIDGE, and her sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth R. PIERCE,Mrs. H. H. HIBBINS, and Mrs F. M. TAYLOR, spent Saturday and Sunday at Massena Springs.
1904 7 6 ELLIOTT Wm (Mrs) Owl's Head - Mr and Mrs John WHITTEN, from Providence R.I., Miss Kate WHITTEN from Boston, Mass, and Miss Flora WHITTEN from Ogdensburg, have been spending a week with their sister, Mrs Wm. ELLIOTT, at Chasm Falls.
1910 1 5 ELLIS Voiney J. Volney J. ELLIS has returned from his home in Colton.
1910 12 28 ELLIS Volney J. Hogansburg - Volney J. ELLIS is spending the Holidays at his home in Hemon.
1914 6 17 ELLIS V. J. (Mr & Mrs) Mr and Mrs P. H. KENNAHAN were guests of Mr and Mrs V. J. ELLIS over Sunday.
1914 12 9 ELLIS Lydia (Mrs.) Dickinson Center - Mrs.Lydia ELLIS of Paul Smith's is visiting friends in town this week.
1914 8 26 ELLITHORPE Ella (Mrs) Nicholville - Mrs. Ella ELLITHORPE is visiting her sister in Potsdam this week.
1900 7 11 ELLSWORTH Mrs. Bangor - Mrs ELLSWORTHand daughter returned from Canada last week.Mrs. ELLSWORTH'S mother came home with her.
1910 6 15 ELLSWORTH A. H. Cooks Corners - A. H. ELLSWORTH of Fort Covington, was in town Friday on business.
1910 6 15 ELLSWORTH May Cooks Corners - May ELLSWORTH and sister, Della, were in Brushton one day this week.
1910 8 3 ELLSWORTH A. H. Fort Covington - A. H. ELLSWORTH and Cleveland SPENCER were business callers in Malone Monday.
1910 8 3 ELLSWORTH Hannibal Fort Covington - Mrs L. W. KELLEY, of Fay, is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs HannibalELLSWORTH.
1910 9 7 ELLSWORTH Gladys Bangor - Gladys ELLSWORTH returned to her home at Lake Megantic on Thursday.
1910 11 9 ELLSWORTH A. H. Cooks Corners - A. H. ELLSWORTH of Fort Covington, was in town on Tuesday.
1914 6 17 ELLSWORTH Bert (Mr & Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Bert ELLSWORTH, and little son, Hannibal, spent Sudnay with Mr and Mrs Joel ALLEN and family of Brushton.
1914 7 15 ELLSWORTH Bert (Mr & Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Bert ELLSWORTH and little son, Hannibal, spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Joel ALLEN and family at North Bangor.
1914 8 26 ELLSWORTH Bert (Mr & Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Bert ELLSWORTH and children spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr and Mrs Dexter BROWN, of Moira.
1914 8 19 ELLSWORTH Bert Cook's Corners - Charles ALLEN and sister, Julia, of North Bangor, were guests of Mr and Mrs Bert ELLSWORTH and family Sunday.
1914 8 19 ELLSWORTH Bert (Mrs) Cook's Corners - Mrs Bert ELLSWORTH attended the birthday party which was held Friday evening for her sister, Mrs Joel Allen of North Bangor.
1914 9 16 ELLSWORTH Bert (Mrs) Cook's Corners - Mrs Bert ELLSWORTH is quite ill at this writing.
1914 10 28 ELLSWORTH Bert Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Bert ELLSWORTH and little son, Hannibal, Jr, were guests of Mrs ELLSWORTH'S parents, Mra nd Mrs Dexter BROWN of Moira, Saturday and Sunday.
1917 8 29 ELLSWORTH Chandler (Mr & Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Chandler ELLSWORTH and son Earl, and Mr and Mrs Harold ELLSWORTH, of Vermont, are visiting friends here.
1918 5 29 ELLSWORTH John John ELLSWORTH has installed a milking machine.
1910 6 22 ELMER Hiram Dickinson Center - Mr and Mrs Will ELMER and family, of Brushton, spent Friday with his parents, Mr and Mrs Hiram ELMER.
1910 9 7 ELMER Floyd Dickinson Center - School opens on Tuesday with the following faculty: Principal, Floyd ELMER, Academic and grammar grades, Miss Faith KIMBALL, Intermediate, Miss Pearl ALDRICH, Primary, Miss Josie M. ORCUTT.Miss June LAMPSON is to teach in the Lyon District.
1914 10 28 ELMER Eliott Mr and Mrs Eliott ELMER and Mrs Monroe SILSBY, of Smithville, N.Y. are visiting their brother, Hiram ELMER.
1914 6 17 ELSWORTH Bert (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Margaret BIEEUM(?) of Springfield, Mass spent Friday with Mrs Bert ELSWORTH and family.
1914 6 10 EMERICK Will North Burke - Will EMERICK and William DECHAMBEAU spent Friday in Huntingdon.
1903 7 1 ERWIN Ralph (Dr) Dr Ralph ERWIN attended commencement exercises at Smith College last week, his daughter Blanche, having graduated at that time.On Thursday he and Dr SABIN attended an alumni reunion of the medical department of the University of Vermont in connection with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the department.
1929 3 6 ERWIN Arthur (Mrs) Dickinson Center - The shadow of death has again brought grief to many hearts in this vicinity by the removal from our midst of Mrs Arthur D. ERWIN, who passed away at the Alice Hyde Hospital Thursday morning, Feb 28th, where she has been a patient for several weeks.Florence DRAKE ERWIN {copy cut off}.
1910 1 5 ESELTINE Mabel Skerry -Mabel ESELTINE is very much better at this writing.
1910 5 11 ESELTINE Nathan (Mrs) Skerry - Mrs Nathan ESELTINE and Mrs Albert ESELTINE visited Miss Selina HOLLAND in Bangor Monday.
1926 1 20 ESELTINE Bert West Brandon - Mr and Mrs Bert ESELTINE, os Barnes Corners, visited Mr and Mrs George THOMAS and Mr and Mrs Ray THOMAS Friday.
1902 1 2 ESTABROOKS Miss Constable - Miss ESTABROOKS will give an animal party to her young friends to-night (Tuesday).
1914 7 22 ESTABROOKS Jessie  CONSTABLE - Mrs Jessie ESTABROOKS is having her residence repainted.
1917 8 29 ESTERBROOKS Nelson (Mr & Mrs) Mr and Mrs Nelson ESTERBROOKS, of North Bangor, visited Mr and Mrs C. F. PAINE and Mr and Mrs Hiram WRIGHT last week.
1905 6 14 ESTES F. B. (Mrs.) Mrs. F. B. ESTES, of this village (Bangor), caught a 15 pound muscallonge at Hogansburgh the other day and it was baked and served whole at the meeting of the Anniversary Club at the home of N. W. PORTER a few evenings following.This club is composed of seven or eight married couples who celebrate together their wedding anniversaries.
1905 5 31 EVEREST Eugene (Mrs) West Bangor - Mrs Eugene EVEREST, of South Bangor, was the guest of relatives in town last week.
1905 11 8 EVEREST Eugene Bangor - Eugene EVEREST and family are home from their summer work in the Adirondacks.
1905 11 8 EVEREST Eugene Bangor - Eugene EVEREST and family returned to Clearwater Friday expecting to find work in that vicinity.
1929 3 6 EXLEY Dorothy (Miss) Dickinson Center - Miss Dorothy EXLEY spent Washington's birthday and the weekend with her parents, Mr and Mrs Andrew EXLEY of Valleyfield, P.Q.
1914 8 26 FAHEY KATHERINE (deceased) Legal Notice - The people of the state of New York - To Dora FAHEY, Park City, Utah, niece; Margaret FAHEY, Lowell, Mass;Patrick H. FAHEY, Lowell, Mass, nephew; Daniel FAHEY, Lowell, Mass, nephew; Katherine G. RYAN, Churubusco, NY, niece; John F. RYAN, Churubusco, NY, nephew, Patrick G. RYAN, Churubusco, NY, nephew; Robert M. RYAN, Churubusco, N.Y., nephew; William H. Ryan, Churubusco, NY, nephew; Walter D. Ryan, Churubusco, NY, Margaret St. MARY, Malone, NY, sister, constituting all the husband, wife, heirs at law and the next of kin of Katherine FAHEY, late of the town of Malone, in the County of Franklin and State of New York, deceased, send greeting: - Whereas, Margaret St MARY, the executrix named in the last will and testament fo the said Katherine FAHEY, deceased, has lately applied to our surrogate of our County of Franklin to have the said will proven as a will of real and personal property,in pursuance of the statute in such case made provided:You and each of you, are therefore cited and required to personally, to be and appear before our said surrogate, at his office in Malone Village, in the County of Franklin, on the 12th day of October next at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, then and there to attend the probate of said last will and testament.
1910 9 7 FAIRCHILDS George Bangor - Mrs Helen DODD and baby, Dorothy, has been visiting at George FAIRCHILDS in West Bangor, on Tuesday.
1914 6 10 FALLON Wilford North Burke - Wilford FALLON has ben engaged as teach in Distirct No 6.
1914 8 26 FARLINGER Esther Miss Mary CUTHBERT has returned to her home in Hammond, after spending some time here as the guest of Mrs. Esther FARLINGER.
1910 11 9 FARNSWORTH Harley Harley FARNSWORTH goes to New York Wednesday for a short vacation.
1904 7 6 FARQUHAR Wm. (Mrs) Ft Covington - Mr and Mrs Ernest RICHARDSON of Montreal are guests of Mrs Wm FARQUHAR for a few days.
1910 5 11 FARQUHAR J. (Mr & Mrs) Birth - At Fort Covington, April 30, a son to Mr and Mrs J. FARQUHAR.
1902 1 2 FARR Earl Bangor - Earl FARR, of New York, is visiting his mother and sister for a few days.
1902 8 27 FARR Earl Bangor - Earl FARR, of New York, is spending his vacation with mother and sister.
1910 9 7 FARR Mary (Mrs) Bangor - Mr and Mrs Earl FARR of New York, and Mrs Thomas CREED, of Malone, Mr and Mrs Charlie WALKER spent Sudnay with Mrs Mary FARR.
1910 6 22 FARRAR Columbus (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Columbus FARRAR and Mrs Maria HAMMOND were visitors in St. Regis Falls Wednesday.
1914 11 11 FARRAR Anna (Miss) Dickinson Center - Miss Anna FARRAR of Boston is spending a few days in town with her parents.
1914 8 26 FARRER Columbus (Mrs) Mrs Columbus FARRER, who has been visiting her daughters in the East, returned home on Saturday.
1914 8 26 FAY Wallace Wallace FAY, who is employed at Proctor, Vt, is enjoying a vacation home.
1910 4 27 FEE Kate Trout River - Miss Kate FEE spent Saturday in Malone.
1910 7 13 FEEK R. G. (Dr) Dr R. G. FEEK went to Cornwall for Dominion Day, July 1 and also to visit his father, Robert FEEK.
1910 7 13 FEEK R. G. (Dr) Dr R. G. FEEK and son Dwight took in the excursion to Montreal on Sunday.
1901 6 5 FELL-ALDRICH Mr Glenn Charles FELL of Potsdam and Miss Bessie Viola ALDRICH of Canton were married in the Universalist church at Potsdam last week, the whole front of the church being banked with flowers and plants, and evergreen arches spanning the aisles.E. L. FELL of Malone, a cousin of the groom, acted as one of the ushers.
1910 9 7 FELLOWS Charlie Dickinson Center -Charlie FELLOWS, who has been employed in Schenectady for the past three months, returned home Saturday morning.
1904 7 6 FELTON Della Burke - Miss Della FENTON is home from Colorado for her summer vacation.
1910 4 27 FERRIS F. C. Mr and Mrs Howard HAWKINS visited at the home of their parents, Mr and Mrs F. C. FERRIS Sunday.
1873 7 10 FIELD William Death - In Gilboa, Ohio, June 24th, 1873, of typhoid fever, Martin FIELD, formerly of Malone, and a brother of William FIELD, aged 51 years.
1905 11 8 FILES George Moira - George FILES, our genial night operator, is spending a two weeks vacation at his home in Quebec.
1929 2 27 FINALYSON Donald Dickinson Center - Donald FINALYSON has moved his family to Paul Smith's where he has employment.
1910 9 7 FINN Phil Bangor - Mrs and Mrs Phil FINN are rejoicing over the birth of another daughter.
1917 8 29 FINNEY Coggin Mr and Mrs Coggin FINNEY, of Leominster, Mass, are guests of friends and relatives here.
1903 7 1 FINNIGAN Bernadette Miss Bernadette FINNIGAN, of Malone, graduated from St Joseph's Academy at Brasher Falls last week.
1900 7 11 FINN-JOCK Bangor -Another wedding came off at Justice Moore's office on Tuesday evening, July 3rd the contracting parties this time being Phillip FINN and Miss Carrie JOCK, both of this village.
1900 7 25 FISH Bertha Bangor - Nora JOY of Skerry, spent Sunday with Bertha FISH.
1914 1 28 FISH Ernest West Bangor - Ernest FISH and family from Dickinson Cemter, attended the funeral of Mrs. Fish's father, Frank BOMBARD, on Monday.
1914 11 11 FISH E. L. Dickinson Center - Mr and Mrs E. L. FISH and Mrs C. J. FISH andwere visitors at malone and Burke Sunday.
1914 12 9 FISH C. J.(Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs. C. J. FISH spent Sunday with her son at Massena.
1910 8 3 FISH  Ernest West Bangor - Mr and Mrs Ernest FISH of Saranac were in town Thursday.
1910 7 13 FISHER James James FISHER and John WEMETTE returned home Saturday evening from Templeton, Mass, where they have been employed at carpenter work for some little time.
1914 9 16 FISK Creel West Bangor - Creel FISK, of Hopkinton, called on his sister, Mrs Hattie BORADWAY.
1914 7 15 FLANDERS E. E. South Bombay - E. E. FLANDERS spent Saturday at Massena.
1914 7 8 FLANDERS George Burke - George FLANDERS has purchased Mrs. Marie COOPER'S house on West Main Street.
1914 8 12 FLANDERS Clarence Clarence FLANDERS has purchased what is known as the John BLOMMER farm and will move his family there soon.
1905 3 15 FLINT Bradford Moira - Bradford FLINT and wife are visiting friends in town for several days.They are returning from their wedding trip.Congratulations, Brad.
1914 7 8 FLINT Bradford (Mr & Mrs) Mr and Mrs Bradford FLINT of Saranac Lake, Mr and Mrs A. H. Flint and son, Neil, and Mrs Clara CROSLER motored to Fulton Saturday to visit Ray FLINT and family.They will return via Glens Falls and Elizabethtown.
1914 7 8 FLYNN John Burke - John FLYNN has purchased C. CHAPMAN'S farm about two miles west of this village.
1929 2 20 FLYNN J. B. Burke - Mrs J. B. FLYNN is visiting relatives in Massachusetts.
1914 7 22 FOBARE Henry Henry FOBARE and family motored to Massena recently and spent the day.
1900 4 4 FOLLETT Mrs. Brushton - Mrs FOLLETT has returned from the hospital at Montreal much improved.
1917 7 11 FOLLETTE Vilas (Mrs) Mrs Vilas FOLLETTE and dauaghter, Mdargaret, of Brushton, spent a few days last week with her parents, Mr and Mrs J. B. MARTIN.
1914 8 5 FONTAINE Edmond (Mrs) Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Geo. BOYER and a Mr DAVIS of Ft Covington, visited Mr BOYER's sister, Mrs. Edmond FONTAINE, in Chams Falls, last Friday.
1914 7 22 FOOTE Will Wil FOOTE was home over Sunday.
1914 8 19 FOOTE Will (Mrs) Whippleville -Mrs ELLENWOOD and two children of Saranac Inn, are spending the month of August with Mrs. Will FOOTE.
1914 8 19 FOOTE Wm (Mrs) Whippleville -Mrs Wm. FOOTE, Sr. is spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs Clayton WESCOTT, who is in camp at Mountain View.
1918 1 23 FOOTE Will Whippleville - Will FOOTE has been visiting friends in Constable.
1905 11 8 FORD Mrs. Bangor - Mrs. FORD is visiting friends in Canada.
1910 9 7 FORD Arthur Bangor - Mr and Mrs Arthur FORD and Mr and MRs Hugh HARRIS spent a couple of days at Mt View recently.
1910 9 7 FORD Arthur Bangor - Seward CLEVELAND, from Boston, is spending a few weeks at Arthur FORD'S.
1914 7 15 FORD Arthur (Mrs) Mrs Arthur FORD is entertaining relatives from out of town.
1910 7 13 FORTIN A. L. (Rev) Rev A. L. FORTIN was a caller in North Lawrence a couple of days this week.
1917 7 11 FOSBURG Mr & Mrs Bangor - Mr & Mrs FOSBURG and sister Lottie FOSBURG, have gone to visit their sister at Brushton.
1904 7 6 FOSBURGH Eddie Duane - Eddie FOSBURGH, from Massachusetts, is spending his vacation in town.
1902 7 23 FOSTER Samuel DEATH - In Moira, N.Y. Tuesday, July 8, 1902, of heart trouble, Samuel FOSTER, aged about 80 years.
1914 9 16 FOSTER John Fort Covington - Mr and Mrs John FOSTER, of Stowe, Vt,are visiting friends and relatives in this vicinity.
1914 8 12 FOX W. A.  Bombay - W. A. FOX HAS ACCEPTED A POSITION IN Malone and he and his family will move there shortly.
1914 8 12 FOY Tom (Mrs) Bombay - Mrs Tom FOY is visiting in Rome.
1900 7 11 FRENCH M. L. (Mrs) Misses Jennie and Lillian STYLES, of Plattsburgh, are the guests of their cousin, Mrs. M. L. FRENCH, for a fortnight.
1902 1 2 FRENCH Peter Cook's Corners - Peter French has resigned his position as floor manager.A. A. WADE is appointed in his place.
1903 9 9 FRENCH M. L. (Mrs) Mrs Laura TREADWAY, of Yonkers, is the guest of her sisters, Mrs. M.L. French and Miss Mildred TREADWAY for two or three weeks.
1914 1 28 FRENCH Eugene West Bangor - Eugene FRENCH, who is at work in the woods, spent Sunday with his family in town.
1914 7 22 FRENCH Rhoda (Miss) Dickinson Center - Miss Rhoda FRENCH, who has been visiting relatives here, has gone to Brushton for a few days before leaving for Sodus to visit a sister.
1904 1 13 FROST L. L. The L. L. FROST paper mill at Norwood which has done a flourishing business the past few years, was totally destroyed by fire last week Tuesday morning, ruining all the machinery therein except the boiler and engine, which were only slightly damaged.There were about three cars of paper in the mill ready for shipment; also a small quantity of sulphite pulp.The loss on the building and machinery is covered by insurance and practically the only loss will be the stock which was made up and the sulphite pulp.The new plant being constructed by the company is uninjured.The concrete work on the new mill is well under way, also the new 18-foot dam.All work is being rapidly pushed and it is expected that the new mill will be turning out paper by July.The main loss to the company is the interruption in its business.
1910 7 13 FULLER A. R.  Dr Fred SHEPARD, for years a medical missionary in Aintab, Turkey, is expected in Malone this week to visit old friends in his old home.He will be the guest of his sister Mrs. A. R. FULLER.Dr SHEPARD formerly taught in our village schools and middle-aged men remember him as a most capable teacher and a splendid man.All will be glad to meet and greet him again.He has been engaged in a great humanitarian work in Asiatic Turkey.
1918 1 23 FULLER Warren  North Bangor - The community was greatly shocked recently as the sad news was received that Warren FULLER, while working in the freight yard at Springfield, slipped on the ice and fell and was struck by an engine and instantly killed.The remains were brought here Monday night.His wife and daughter, Mr and Mrs Robt CUNNINGHAM and two fellow workmen accompaniedthe remains.The funeral was held at the home of his parents, Mr and Mrs Lyman FULLER Wednesday at one o'clock.The flowers were very beautiful and spoke of the esteem which he was held.The house was full of sympathizing friends.Rev Mr WOOD, of Cooks Corners, officiated.He leaves his wife, Nellie CUNNINGHAM FULLER, and five children, his parents, Mr Lyman FULLER, also one brother, Edson.The deceased was 39 years old.The early part of his life was spent in Bangor.The sympathy of a host of friends goes out to the bereaved families at this time.
1900 8 1 FULTON Lizzie (Mrs Harvey) Mrs Lizzie (Harvey) FULTON is visiting friends at South Bangor this week.
1900 4 4 FURNESS Almira (Mrs) Mrs Almira FURNESS, who has been spending the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Ansel MARTIN, of Plattsburgh, and her sisters at Peru and Grand Isle, returned to her home Monday night.
1901 5 22 FURNESS Warren H. Birth - In Malone, N.Y., May 17, 1901, a daughter to Mr and Mrs Waren H. FURNESS.
1900 4 4 GALE R. L. Moira - R. L. GALE has sold his farm, stock and tools to W. D. Wright for the sum of $7,000.
1910 6 15 GALE Clark Eugene EARL of Dickinson Center has employment at the home of Clark GALE
1910 6 15 GALE Mrs. Miss Mary LaCLAIR and friend called on Mrs GALE Sunday evening.
1914 6 10 GALE Casper Westville - Casper GALE and C. E. HOADLEY are having acetylene gas lights installed in their fare buildings this week.
1900 10 3 GALY / CAMPBELL Marriage - In Brushton, N.Y. Sunday, Sept 23, 1900, by Rev R. E. ANDREW, Clark P. GALE and Miss Carrie E. CAMPBELL, both of Brandon.
1910 11 30 GARFIELD Mary Mrs May GARFIELD came home from Ogdensburg on Tuesday for a few days.
1914 7 15 GEDDES Jane (Mrs) Mrs Jane GEDDES is spending a few days at West Bangor.
1905 11 8 GEORGE Hiram (Mr. & Mrs.) Moira - Mr. And Mrs. Hiram GEORGE, of Dickinson Center, spent several days in town visiting their daughter Mrs. C. BURNAPP
1910 1 26 GEORGE Felancia (Mrs) Mrs Chas BURNAP of Moira is spending a few days with Mrs Fleancia GEORGE.
1914 12 9 GEORGE North Lawrence - Messrs. GEORGE, ROSS, and HOLLENBECK, who have been in town all summer in connection with the state road have gone to their homes.
1914 11 4 GERO Nellie West Bangor - Miss Nellie GERO is the guest of her sister, Mrs Charlie JAYSON, or North Lawrence.
1929 2 20 GERVAIS Jerry West Brandon and East Dickinson - Mr and Mrs Jerry GERVAIS, os Malone, were recent callers in town.
1905 11 8 GIBBS Ira North Bangor - Ira GIBBS is moving onto the Charles LARKINS farm in West Bangor.
1910 1 26 GIBBS D. C. D. C. GIBBS delivered $165 worth of pork at Malone on Wednesday.
1910 6 15 GIBBS Charles Cooks Corners - Wesley S. GIBBS who was called to this place by the serious illness of his brother, Charles, has returned to his home in Union Springs.All are glad that his brother is able to be out again.
1910 6 15 GIBBS Charles Cooks Corners - Will RUSSELL, of Fort Covington, called on Charles GIBBS Sunday.
1910 6 15 GIBBS D. C. Cooks Corners - Newel GREEN of Malone, was a guest of D. C. GIBBS over Tuesday night.
1910 6 15 GIBBS W. W.  Cooks Corners - W. S. GIBBS and sister, Cora HALL, attended the holiness meeting at North Bangor last Sunday.
1910 11 30 GIBBS Newell Newell GIBBS visited Chas GIBBS ond day recently.
1910 11 9 GIBBS Charles Cooks Corners - Charles GIBBS was a business caller in East Dickinson Thursday.He was a guest at Bert WHITMAN'S.
1914 10 28 GIBBS D. C. Cooks Corners - D. C. GIBBS visited friends and relatives in Ft Covington Center Saturday.
1914 11 11 GIBBS D.C. Cooks Corners - Wesley GIBBS of UnionSprings, who has been visiting his sister, Mrs James SPAULDING, of West Bangor, is visiting D. C. GIBBS.
1914 12 9 GIBBS D. C.  Cooks Corners - D. C. GIBBS spent the weekend with friends in Burke.
1917 8 29 GIBBS Charles Cooks Corners - Charles GIBBS and John McCAFFREY attended the Chautauqua in Malone Thursday.
1914 9 16 GIBSON Will Mr and Mrs Will GIBSON have returned to their home in Detroit, after visiting friends for some time.
1904 7 6 GIFFIN Mrs East Dickinson - Mrs GIFFIN and Mrs. Chas LYONS have been visiting their parents the past week.
1902 7 23 GILBERT Cecil DEATH - In Bangor, N.Y. Monday July 14, 1902 Cecil, youngest son of Mr and Mrs Henry GILBERT, aged nine years.
1910 6 15 GILBERT Clifford North Bangor - who is attending school at Dean Academy, has returned home for the summer vacation.
1910 6 22 GILES A. M.  Dickinson Center - A. M. GILES and daughter, Lavonia, were visitors in St Regis Falls on Friday.
1910 9 7 GILES A. M. Dickinson Center - Clyde McEWEN was a visitor at A. M. GILES' over Sunday.
1910 11 30 GILLEN Mary (Miss) Miss Mary GILLEN, Mrs A. SanJULE and S. CLARK are on the sick list.
1917 8 29 GILLETT Elizabeth (Mrs) Mrs Elizabeth GILLETT of Malone, was the guest of her son, Daniel, at Thayers' Corners last week.
1902 1 2 GILPIN Betty (Miss) South Bombay - Miss Betty GILPIN, who has spent the last two years in Vermont, has returned home to make a visit.
1914 7 8 GIROX Josiah Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Josiah GIROX, a former Chasm Falls boy, and a graduate of Franklin Academy, has now a position as postal clerk in the postoffice in New York City.
1914 7 8 GIROX Ben Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Ben GIROX, a brother of Josiah, and also a graduate of Franklin Academy, has completed two years in the Clarkson Technical School at Potsdam and has yet two years there to complete the course he is taking.This summer, during vacation, he is filling the positions of inspector on the state road at Antwerp, N.Y.
1910 12 28 GLAD Mr Hogansburg - Messrs. GLAD AND REAL and Miss REAL have gone to their respective homes, Watertown and Glens Falls, to spend the holiday season.
1914 8 5 GLAZIER Herman (Mrs) Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Mrs Brown of Alburgh, VT is visiting her daughter, Mrs Herman GLAZIER, in Owls Head.
1910 4 27 GONYEA Fred Fred GONYEA and Adelord MACY are down at the big river fishing.
1910 5 11 GONYEA Lulene (Miss) Skerry - The Frances WILLARD League will meet with Miss Lulene GONYEA Saturday evening, May 14.
1918 5 29 GONYEA Frank DEATH - At the Alice Hyde Hospital, May 21st, Frankl Gonyea, a well known Civil War veteran, aged 76 years.Mr GONYEA had been in failing health for some time and entered the hospital a few days before his death in a very serious condition.His home was with Mrs. Patrick MURPHY, a niece, on the Whippleville Road.
1929 2 20 GOODNOW James Brasher Falls - James GOODNOW and son, Harry, have gone to their farm above Winthrop where they are caring for some cattle and a large flock of sheep.Miss Ethel GOODNOW is stying with her father and brother and driving each day to her school in the East Part.
1910 9 7 GOSHLAW Lida Bangor - Mrs Lida GOSHLAW has been suffering from an attack of quinsy.
1926 1 20 GOYEA Minnie (Mrs) West Brandon - Mrs Minnie GOYEA was a caller at Mr and Mrs Jack COX in Reynoldston Friday evening.
1929 2 20 GOYEA Arthur West Brandon and East Dickinson - Arthur GOYEA, Elon BORDEUX, Jim ROBIDEAU and Clarence GONIA, who had employment in the woods at Cranberry Lake, returned home Tuesday.
1929 2 27 GOYEA Arthur West Brandon and East Dickinson - Mr and Mrs Arthur GOYEA, Mrs Minnie GOYEA, and Mrs Ethel TRUSHAW and children were Malone visitors Saturday.
1917 8 29 GRANDAY Leland Owls Head - Leland GRANDY is visiting at Syracuse, Saratoga Springs and several other places.
1904 7 6 GRANGE M. (Miss) Ft Covington - Miss M. GRANGE has returned from California.She made several stops on the way.
1914 6 10 GRANGER Charlotte North Burke - Mrs George CARR and son, Emmett, of Elgin P.Q. spent Sunday with Mrs Charlotte GRANGER.
1900 4 4 GRANT J. A. (Dr) Dr J. A. GRANT left on Monday for New York, where he goes to take another special course in diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat and expects to be absent one month.The doctor has met with splendid success so far in this special field.
1900 8 1 GRANT J. A. (Dr) Duncan GRANT, who is studying medicine in Boston, is visiting at the home of his brother, Dr. J. A. GRANT, and will spend his vacation in the vicinity of Fort Covington and Dundee.
1914 8 26 GRANT Ida (Miss) Miss Ida GRANT, who has spent the past two years in Lawrence, Mass, has arrived home.
1914 8 26 GRATTON Martin Mr and Mrs Martin GRATTON, who spent the winter in Montreal,have again taken up residence here.
1910 7 13 GREEN Morris Morris GREEN, of St Regis Falls, spent Tuesday with his parents, Mr and Mrs Ashel GREEN.
1914 7 15 GREEN Ira (Mr & Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Willard AVERY and children were the guests of Mr and Mrs Ira GREEN and family of North Bangor, Sunday.
1914 6 17 GREENE John (Mrs) Mrs John GREENE of Brushton, and Mrs FELTON of Burke, have gone to Brasher Falls to visit their daughter and sister, Mrs. Hattie BURNAP.
1910 7 13 GREENLEAF Geo. Mr and Mrs Elmer BOTSFORD, of Plattsburgh, were the guests of Mrs. Geo. GREENLEAF recently.
1926 1 20 GREENWOOD Michael West Brandon - Mr and Mrs Michael GREENWOOD visited Mr and Mrs Arthur WOODS last Sunday.
1900 4 4 GREGG S. E. Mrs MOTT, of Weybridge, Vt, aunt of S. E. GREGG, is stopping at the latter's home and taking care of Mr. GREGG'S mother, who is suffering from a storke of paralysis involving her left side, which she experienced last Friday.
1910 7 13 GRENO Bessie (Miss) Miss Bessie GREENO went to Ft Jackson Wednesday to take up the work of nursing for a while.
1900 4 4 GRIFFIN Jed Moira - Jed. Griffin has his factory nearly completed.He has hired a butter maker, who will occupy rooms over the factory.
1904 7 6 GRIFFIN Judd Moira - Mrs Jud. GRIFFIN has returned from Montreal Hospital, where she has been for the past few weeks much improved in health.
1910 8 3 GRIFFIN Charles Fort Covington - Mrs. J. GRIFFIN and Charles GRIFFIN were in Malone Friday.
1910 9 7 GRIFFIN H. N. Henry N. GRIFFIN has sold his barber shop to Benj GORDON, who tool possession on Thursday.Mr GRIFFIN has secured a position in a marble shop at Proctor, Vt and expects to move there in the near future.Mr GRIFFIN has conducted a barber shop here for the past 18 years and will be greatly missed by many friends.
1918 5 29 GRIFFN Charles (Mr & Mrs) Mr and Mrs Charles WILSON, of Ft Covington, were recent guests of Mr and Mrs Charles GRIFFIN and family.
1917 8 29 GROW R.  Hogansburg - R. GROW and sister, Olive and Miss Genevieve SULLIVAN spent Thursday in Malone.
1910 12 28 HACKETT Minnie (Miss) Moira - Miss Minnie HACKETT has returned home form the Ogdensburg hospital quite improved in health.
1917 8 29 HACKETT D. (Mrs) Hogansburg - Mrs D. HACKETT was home Sunday.Her mother continues about the same.
1900 7 11 HADLEY Lulu Miss Lulu HADLEY was the guest of her friend, Miss Lita DUSTIN, at the Middlebury College Centennial exercises last week.
1926 1 20 HADLEY Fredus (Mrs) Burke -Mrs Fredus HADLEY, of Malone, spent the weekend with Mr and Mrs C. P. SMITH.
1914 1 28 HALEY George West Bangor - George HALEY and Franklin PECK are on the sick list at present.
1910 9 7 HALL Miss Trout River - Miss HALL, of Chateaugay has been engaged to teach school here this coming year.
1904 7 6 HALL  James Ft Covington - Mrs John HALL, of Knowlton, Que, has been the guest of Mr and Mrs James HALL the past week.
1904 7 6 HALLIDAY Joseph Bangor - Joseph HALLIDAY and wife have moved back to Massena.He still continues to work for Mr. HORTON.
1905 9 20 HAMILTON Ruth (Miss) Ft Covington - Miss Ruth HAMILTON is visiting relatives at Lowell, Mass.
1910 12 28 HAMILTON Mr & Mrs Hogansburg - Mr and Mrs Louis FULTON, of New York City, are spending the holidays as guests of Mr and Mrs HAMILTON.
1914 6 10 HAMSPON William (Mr & Mrs) North Burke - Mr and Mrs Dan HISLOP, of Montreal, have been spending a week with Mr and Mrs William HAMPSON.
1901 5 22 HANNA James B. Death - In Malone N.Y., Saturday, May 18, 1901, of epilepsy, James B. HANNA, aged 72 years.
1900 8 1 HAPGOOD Carroll (Mrs) Mrs. Carroll HAPGOOD is entertaining her sisters, Mrs. STEVENSON, of Sturgeon Bay, Wis, and Miss BUELL, of Chicago.Mrs. Geo. DRURY, is entertaining Mrs MEEKER and daughter, of Indian Orchard, Mass.
1901 6 5 HAPGOOD Clark Clark HAPGOOD and bride, of Plattsburg, spent a few days with friends in Malone last week.
1918 1 23 HAPGOOD C. (Mrs) North Bangor - Mrs C. HAPGOOD visited her daughter, Mrs Anne McGOWAN recently.
1900 7 11 HARKNESS Joseph Bangor - Rev. Joseph HARKNESS preached Sunday morning to a good congregation in the M. E. church in this village from Isa. 43:182.The singing was most excellent.It was his second sermon here since he came upon the charge and he is making a very favorable impression upon the people.He is an earnest and forcible speaker, logical in argument, which carries conviction of faith to his hearers.His style of delivery reminds one of Methodism of earlier days.
1900 7 25 HARKNESS Rev Bangor - Rev. HARKNESS has been calling on people in this village that past week.
1905 11 8 HARMON H. (Mr. & Mrs.) Bangor - Mr. and Mrs. H. HARMON spent a few days visiting friends in Malone and Constable, returning home Saturday.
1910 1 5 HARMON Bertha M. Bangor - The pupils of Miss Bertha M. HARMON gave a recital at the home of Mr and Mrs R. C. HARWOOD North Bangor on Thursday Dec 30 when an excellent program was presented.Lack of space requires us to print the program next week.
1910 1 5 HARMON Mrs. Mrs. BACKUS from Canton and Mrs. ANDREW from Madrid spent New Year's with their sister Mrs. HARMON returning to St Lawrence County Sunday evening.Mrs HARMON improves very slowly.
1910 11 30 HARMON H. A. (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs H. A. HARMON spent Thanksgiving with her mother in Madrid.
1910 12 28 HARMON H. A.  Bangor - Rev C. J> MIDDLETON, of Rensselaer Falls, was in town Tuesday to attend the funeral of H. A. HARMON.
1900 7 11 HARRINGTON Rice Bangor -The many friends of Rice HARRINGTON, who has been confined to his bed for the past six weeks with a broken leg will be pleased to learn that he is now able to be about with the aid of crutches.
1910 1 26 HARRINGTON Lucia Miss Lucia HARRINGTON is seriously ill
1914 11 4 HARRINGTON Thomas Thomas HARRINGTON, Charles HARRINGTON, and Sanford KERRY are having gas lights put in their houses.
1900 4 4 HARRIS B. F.  Brushton - B. F. HARRIS returned home from Manchester Wednesday, where he has been to purchase machinery for his factory which is undgrgoing some improvements.Mr HARRIS is quite ill from his return.
1910 7 13 HARRIS George (Mrs) Miss Sally AUSTIN and Mrs. NEPHEW, Master Chester GILE, of Minneapolis, Minn, arrived in town on Friday last to visit her niece, Mrs. George HARRIS, for a few days.
1910 6 15 HARWOOD Reuben North Bangor - Mr and Mrs Reuben HARWOOD have taken a young lady to board during the summer.
1914 8 5 HARWOOD W. H. (Mrs) Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Rev Daniel H. MARTIN, of Washington D. C., with his wife and three children, is expected here Wednesday of this week, to spend the month of August with his mother, Mrs. W. H. HARWOOD.
1917 7 11 HARWOOD Myrtle Miss Ida HILDRETH, Miss Jessie MURDOCK, of New Bedford, and Miss Myrtle HARWOOD have returned from Fraser's Point, where they have been in camp for a week.
1917 7 11 HARWOOD Ethel Ethel HARWOOD spent a few days recently with her sister, Mrs F. H. WICOX.
1910 7 13 HASKELL Ernest (Mrs) Mrs Ernest HASKELL who while papering fell and got badly hurt, is slowly improving.
1914 8 26 HASKELL Electa (Mrs) At six o'clock Sunday night the mortal life of Mrs Electa HASKELL, wife of Clinton D. MANCHESTER, came to a close.For year her condition had been such that all hope of recovery was given up and it was only because of her remarkable vitality and naturally strong constitution that she was able to withstand for so prolonged a time the malady from which she was a sufferer.Mrs MANCHESTER was a woman of Christian character, a member of the Methodist Church of this place and who, although a great sufferer, bore her trials with great patience and cheerfulness, always meting her friends with a smile and a kind word, trusting to the One who is "mighty to save and strong to deliver".All these many years she has been tenderly cared for by her husband , who has been her constant companion, and her daughter , Lulu, who has assisted and watched over her with affection and devotion.No feelings of regret can ever come over them {article cut off}.
1914 11 4 HASKINS Gordon Mr and Mrs Gordon HASKINS are getting ready to move to Vermont.
1914 11 4 HASKINS Jason Mr and Mrs Jason HASKINS are going to move to Malone.
1905 5 31 HASTINGS Mrs. North Bangor - Mrs. HASTINGS of Hermon, N.Y. is a guest of Mr and Mrs Ralph HASTINGS for a few days.Mrs Ralph HASTINGS is slowly recovering from her serious illness of last winter.
1910 6 15 HASTINGS Ralph North Bangor - Ralph HASTINGS of Tupper Lake and Charles HUMPHREY, of Massena, were callers in town last week.
1910 8 10 HASTINGS Clark Bangor - Mr and Mrs Clark HASTINGS of East Dickinson spent Sunday at Henry TAYLOR'S.
1917 8 29 HATCH Ralph Owls Head - Ralph HATCH and daughter, Winifred, of New York, visited relatives in this vicinity a few days ago.
1910 7 13 HAWKINS Winnie (Mrs) Mrs Winnie HAWKINS and two children, spent Sunday at Skerry, the guests of her parents Mr and Mrs FERRIS.
1910 6 15 HAYES John B. North Bangor - Mrs Addie PULSIFER, of Auburn, Me, is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs John B. HAYES.
1873 7 10 HAYLES / BALDWIN Marriage - In Burke, at the residence of the bride's father, July 8d, by Rev J. DOLPH, Mr Edmund HAYLES, of Chateaugay, to Miss Ana L. BALDWIN of Burke.
1900 7 25 HAZEN Millard (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mr John THOMAS and mother, of Santa Clara, are visiting his sister, Mrs. Millard HAZEN.
1905 5 31 HAZEN Fred Dickinson Center - It is reported that Fred HAZEN, formerly a resident here, has rented a hotel at Cornwall.
1910 1 26 HAZEN Betsey(Mrs) Mrs Betsey HAZEN, who is residing with her son, Horace, is ill with pneumonia.
1929 2 27 HAZEN Earl (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Earl HAZEN visited relatives in Lake Placid last week.
1910 7 13 HEALEY E. J. (Mrs) Mrs E. J. HEALEY returned home to St Johnsburg, Vt Friday.Her father as recovered from his sum-stroke.
1905 3 15 HEMENWAY Eva E. Note of Thanks: I wish to take this opportunity to thank you all for your great kindness to me and my little girl in our recent sorrow.I was a stranger to you all and yet you were kind to me with a kindness one might expect from friendship of long years' standing.I do not know even all your names, but there is One above who knows andI can only hope that should sorrow ever overtake any of you, you may one and all find the many loving, willing hands outstretched that I did.I wish also to thank you who sent flowers, particularly the merchants of Malone, who sent such a beautiful piece with the very suggestive and appropriate word "Rest" at the base.Good-bye, and once again, thank you.Eva E. HEMENWAY.(note: the remains of Mr HEMMINGWAY were placed in the receiving tomb at Edgell Grove, Framingham Center, Frankingham, Mass).
1900 7 25 HENDRICK w. L.(Rev) Bangor - Rev W. L. HENDRICK, of Massachusetts, spent Sunday in Bangor amongst his former friends.He was pastor of this church several years and has many warm friends here who are always pleased to meet him again.
1910 1 26 HENRY George Bangor - George HENRY is spending some time in Massachusetts and Will BURR is working in the butter factory during his absence.
1914 7 22 HENRY George Mrs George HENRY, who recently underwent an operation at the Alice Hyde Hospital is getting along nicely and will probably be able to return home soon.
1918 5 29 HENRY Charles Mrs. Charles HENRY has been on the sick list.
1914 8 26 HERRICK Walter Walter HERRICK has returned from a trip to New York.
1910 7 13 HIGGINS Geo Fort Covington - Geo HIGGINS, of Fort Covington, was renewing old acquaintances here last week.
1910 11 9 HIGGINS George Cooks Corners - George HIGGINS and William CONDON were in town on Friday, calling on D. C. GIBBS, Joel ALLEN, of No Bangor, visited Mr BIGGS Saturday.
1914 8 5 HILDRETH Mrs. Bangor - Mrs HILDRETH and sister, Mrs Mary COYNE, of Boston, are visiting relatives in Burke.
1900 4 4 HILL J. S. Brushton - J. S. HILL has the largest stock of logs he has had for years and expects to begin to saw soon.
1914 11 11 HILL G. Cooks Corners - Mrs G. HILL, accompanied by her daughter, Bertha, of Burke, visited friends and relatives in this vicinity Saturday and Sunday.
1900 7 11 HINMAN Will (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs. Will. HINMAN and Mrs Fordyce DICKINSON and others spent a short time with Mrs. ROYCE at Meadow Lodge, Mountain View, returning Friday night.
1910 11 30 HOADLEY C. E. (Mrs) Westville - Mrs C. E. HOADLEY and little daughter Mildred, have diphtheria.The child had it first and Mrs HOADLEY contracted it while caring forher.Both are doing quite well.Drs. McCARTHY of Bangor and HASTINGS of Malone, are attending them.
1910 11 30 HOADLEY Edna (Miss) Westville - Miss Edna HOADLEY spent a few days recently with her aunt, Mrs. E. NOKES.
1914 8 5 HOADLEY J. W. (Mr & Mrs) Bangor - Mr & Mrs J. W. HOADLEY, of Westville, spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Marion SPAULDING, who is now able to be about again.
1910 11 9 HODGES Mr. Cooks Corners - Mr Hodges and family have moved to the late Philo BAARNES' place.
1900 7 25 HODGKISS F. G.  Dickinson Center -Mr and Mrs F. G. HODGKISS are visiting their son Archie and wife in Massena.
1902 10 1 HOGAN Miss Miss Hogan, one of the teachers in the Saranac Lake Union School, was seized with paralysis of the throat and side about a week ago as the result of overwork and her life wa despaired of.The case is a sad one.
1914 7 8 HOGAN Herbert Herbert HOGAN has improved his residence by adding a veranda which extends across the entire front of the house.
1910 6 15 HOLCOMB Clementine North Bangor - Miss Clementine HOLCOMB is visiting friends in Malone.
1918 1 23 HOLCOMB Clementine (Miss) North Bangor - Miss Clementine HOLCOMB , who visited friends in Burke, has returned.
1905 11 8 HOLDEN Mrs. Bangor - Mrs. HOLDEN has spent some time with relatives here.
1910 8 3 HOLLAND John (Mrs) Death has again entered our midst and taken from among us one of our beloved old ladies, Mrs. John HOLLAND, who passed to her eternal rest last Tuesday morning, July 26 at the age of 77 years.Mrs HOLLAND was born in Ireland and came to this country when a young girl.Fifty-two years ago she became the wife of John HOLLAND and for nearly half a century this worthy couple have lived on the pleasant farm west of this village.In the home she will be missed and mourned as a faithful, loving wife and a thoroughly devoted mother.Her friends were near and dear and her death is a source of the sincerest sorrow to those among whom her splendid qualities were best known.The funeral was held from St Mary's R. C. church at Brushton Thursday morning.Relatives and friends, old and young,gathered from far and near to pay their last tribute of respect to one who will long be held in loving remembrance.When the funeral cortege left the church there were one hundred and sixty carriages in the long line which moved slowly toward the spot which was to be the resting place of the deceased.The funeral was in charge of Undertaker Murphy, of Malone, and St Joseph's choir, of Malone, assisted beautifully in the last sad rites. Twelve Catholic clergymen of the diocese were present and several assisted in the services.The pass bearers were six nephews of the deceased, P. N. DESMOND, P. S. DALY, J. R. DESMOND, D. J. LYNCH, M. A. HALLAHAN, AND A. J. HALLAHAN.In the mass, Rev Father HOLLAND was celebrant;Father GALLIVAN, deacon; Father PIERCE, sub-deacon; and Father DUFFY, master of ceremonies.Besides her aged husband, who survives there are four sons, Edmond D., of Malone, John and Patrick, of Moira, and Rev Timothy HOLLAND, of Faust, Mrs O'HARA of Corning, N.Y. and Mrs Eugene QUINN of Bangor also survive and to all of them is extended the sincerest sympathy in their great bereavement.A faithful wife, a devoted mother, a loyal friend and neighbor, and an earnest Christian has left life's walk.
1901 5 22 HOLMES A. E.  Birth - In Chateaugay, N.Y., May 10, 1901. A daughter to Mr and Mrs A. E. HOLMES.
1914 7 22 HOLMES Bernice (Miss) Dickinson Center - Miss Bernice HOLMES has returned from Santa Clara.
1917 7 11 HOLT J. MOTT (Proj) Prof. J. MOTT HOLT, when on his way home Wednesday, joined Co A. of the National Guard at Fort Ethan Allen.He passed all required examinations and went home wearing the uniform.
1910 9 7 HOOL John John HOOL created an unusual disturbance on River St last Monday evening and was landed in the lockup by Constable Glenn LARRAHEE.When arraigned before M. A. ROWELL, justice of the peace, Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to public intoxication and was sentenced to imprisonment in the county jail for ninety days.
1904 7 6 HOOSE C. O.  Duane - Pathmaster C. O. HOOSE has been doing some profitable work on the roads this weeks.
1914 12 9 HOOSE C. O. Duane - C. O. HOOSE and Mr and Mrs Alva HOOSE and children were callers in Malone Saturday.
1910 11 30 HOSLEY Miss Misses HOSLEY, HOURIHAN, and Ki_?key spent the Thanksgiving vacation at their respective homes.
1900 4 4 HOUGH Addie Clary Brushton - Addie CLARY HOUGH died Tuesday afternoon of consumption.The funeral was held from her parents home Thursday.
1910 6 15 HOWARD Cassie Cooks Corners - Misses Cassie and Carrie HOWARD are taking examinations at North Bangor this week.
1910 11 30 HOWARD George (Mrs) Mrs George HOWARD waw a business caller in Brushton Saturday.
1914 6 10 HOWARD George (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs George HOWARD and daughter, Casie, visited friends and relatives in North Bangor on Tuesday.
1914 6 10 HOWARD Ernest Cooks Corners - Ernest HOWARD, who has been employed in North Bangor the past few weeks, returned home recently.
1914 6 10 HOWARD Cooks Corners - The Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary meeting, which was held inthe W.M. Church Sunday night was well attended.A fine program was rendered as follows: - Scripture Reading.Roll Call, each member responding with a verse of Scripture.Reading - Missionary Work in South Africa, Rev George JOCK.Solo - Hazel AVERY.Reading, Kunso Mission Notes Bernice WILSON.Reading from Brother CLARK, Mrs Elwin AVERY.Solo - Reapers for the Harvest - Cassie HOWARD.Reading From our Returning Missionaries - Hazel AVERY.Reading - From the Returning Missionaries - Mrs Geo. HOWARD.Song - Share Your Blessings.The program committee which was appointed for the next missionary meeting consists of Mrs Elwin AVERY and Mrs Lester MOREY.The next meeting will e held in the W.M. Church on Sunday evening, July 5.
1914 6 17 HOWARD Cassie Cooks Corners - Miss Cassie HOWARD is spending a few days with Mr and Mrs Buell MOTT, of Dickinson Center.
1914 6 17 HOWARD George (Mr & Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs George HOWARD and daughter Cassie, called on Mr and Mrs Joel ALLEN and family of Brushton Monday.
1914 6 17 HOWARD George (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Bert ELLSWORTH and Mrs Geo. HOWARD called on friends and relatives in North Bangor Saturday.
1914 7 15 HOWARD Charles (Mr & Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mra dn mrs Charles HOWARD of Fort Covington, spent Sudnay with Mr and Mrs Lester MOREY.
1914 7 15 HOWARD George Cooks Corners - George HOWARD and son Charlie, also Eugene BRACE of Dunkirk, called on friends in Moira Thursday.
1914 7 15 HOWARD George (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs George HOWARD and daughter, Cassie, visited at the home of Stearns MOTT Tuesday. 
1914 7 8 HOWARD Ernest Cooks Corners - Ernest HOWARD and brother George, spent Saturday with friends and relatives in Malone.
1914 7 8 HOWARD George (Mrs) Cooks Corners - The Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary meeting, which was held inthe W.M. Church Sunday evening was well attended.A find programme was rendered as follows: Reading, Mrs George HOWARD; Recitation, Gladys AVERY; Recitation, Howard HUTCHINS; Solo, Hazel AVERY; Recitation, Ernest WILSON; Recitation, Charlie HOWARD; Reading, Miss Bernice WILSON; Solo, Miss Cassie HOWARD; Recitation, Gladys TRIM; Reading, Mrs. Elwin AVERY; Recitation, John TUPER, Duet, Miss Cassie HOWARD and Miss Hazel AVERY; Reading, Rev George JOCK; Recitation, Edward BUTLER. The programme committee which was appointed for the next Missionary meeting includes Mrs Nellie BRAYTON and Mrs Wallace AVERY.
1914 7 8 HOWARD Lillian  Cooks Corners - Lillian HOWARD, of Fort Covington Center, was the guest of Mr and Mrs Lester MOREY Sudnay.
1914 8 19 HOWARD Cassie (Miss) Cook's Corners - Miss Cassie HOWARD, who has been visiting her cousin, Lillian HOWARD, of Fort Covington Center, returned home Sunday.
1914 9 16 HOWARD Cassie Cook's Corners - The Misses Cassie HOWARD and Hazel AVERY have gone to North Bangor to attend high school.
1914 10 28 HOWARD George Cooks Corners - George HOWARD was a business caller at Trout River Saturday.
1914 11 4 HOWARD Cassie Cooks Corners - Cassie HOWARD and brohter, Ernest, attended the Halloween party which was given at the home of Mr and Mrs Burr CUNNINGHAM at North Bangor Saturday evening.A very enjoyable evening was spent by all.
1917 8 29 HOWARD George Cooks Corners -George HOWARD Jr and cousin Harold HOWARD, of Ft Covington Ctr, spent the week-end with Mr and Mrs George HOWARD. 
1910 11 9 HOWARD  Geo (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Geo HOWARD was a business caller at Ft Covington one day last weeks.
1902 1 2 HOWE E. (Mrs.) South Bombay - Mrs. E. HOWE, who has been spending a few weeks with her daughter, Mrs. BABCOCK, of St. Regis Falls, has returned home again.
1914 6 10 HOYT Henry (Mr & Mrs) Westville - Mr and Mrs Henry HOYT are now driving anew Maxwell car, purchased of Bert BROWN in Malone.
1914 7 22 HUDSON Milo Dickinson Center - Milo HUDSON left onWednesday for Watertown, where he has a position.
1914 11 11 HUDSON Lucy Dickinson Center - Mrs Mary HUDSON leaves this week for Oregon, where she expects to reside for a year or two.On her way she will visit relatives at Watertown and Utica and a brother in Iowa.
1914 7 8 HUGHES Mamie Burke - Miss Mamie HUGHES, of Malone, was the guest of Miss Beulah BALDWIN recently.
1914 8 26 HUGHES Edith Miss Edith HUGHES, of Constable, who is a teacher at Holland Pa_??, N.Y., called upon friends here and in Bombay last week.
1900 7 25 HULL Sadie Dickinson Center - Miss Sadie HULL is riding a Crescent wheel, purchased of O. E. PARKS.
1914 8 26 HULL C. G. (Mrs) Miss Mattie MULVEY, of Mooers, has been a guest recently of Mrs. C. G. HULL.
1914 8 26 HULL William (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs William HULL, of Oriskany Falls, is visiting friends and relatives of this place.
1905 9 20 HUNGERFORD William (Mr. & Mrs.) Owls Head and Chasm Falls - Mr. & Mrs. William HUNGERFORD have a daughter born this week.
1917 8 29 HUNTER James and Howard Mr & Mrs James HUNTER and Mr and Mrs Howard HUNTER and daughters visited friends in Plattsburgh last week.
1914 7 15 HURLBURT A. H. (Mrs) Trout River - Mrs A. H. HURLBURT and baby, Clarence, returned home Sunday after spending a few days at her home here.
1929 2 20 HURLEY Francis Brasher Falls - Francis HURLEY, son of P. HURLEY, who has been attending college at Notre Dame, Indiana, for the past three years, has been obliged to give up his studies on account of illness, and return to his home here.All hope that in a short time he will be able to return to his school work.
1902 7 23 HURTO John (Mrs) DEATH - In Owl's Head, N.Y. Monday July 14, 1902 of old age, Mrs. John HURTO, aged 86 years, 4 months and 10 days.
1900 8 1 HUTCHINS Ann (Mrs) Skerry - Mrs Helen ADAMS, of Vermont, is visiting her mother, Mrs Ann HUTCHINS.
1902 1 2 HUTCHINS Howard Constable - Mr and Mrs Howard HUTCHINS were visiting in town last week.
1910 4 27 HUTCHINS Fred  Mr and Mrs Fred HUTCHINS and son, Vincent, who have been cooking for the river drive at Crogan, returned home on Saturday.
1910 5 11 HUTCHINS Fred Skerry - Harvey MILLER has purchased the farm known as the Fred HUTCHINS place.
1910 5 11 HUTCHINS Fred (Mrs) Skerry - Mrs Fred HUTCHINS entertained Mrs. G. A. LANE, Mrs W. W. KING, Mrs J. D. McCLEARY, Mrs Thomas McNASSER, Mrs Guy McNASSER, and Mrs Charles KERRY one day last week.
1910 5 11 HUTCHINS Fred (Mrs) Skerry - Mrs Orrin SMITH visited her niece, Mrs. Fred HUTCHINS Friday afternoon.
1910 8 3 HUTCHINS A.  Fort Covington - Mr and Mrs A. HUTCHINS of Burke, were guests at Mr CONDON'S Thursday.
1914 3 18 HUTCHINS Fred Skerry - Fred HUTCHINS and family are soon to move to Westville onto a farm they purchased last fall.
1914 7 15 HUTCHINS Clarence (Mrs) Trout River - Mrs Clarence HUTCHINS is visiting at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs Alex WATSON.
1914 8 26 HUTCHINS Dewitt (Mrs) Mrs Dewitt HUTCHINS has returned home after spending several weeks with her son, Dr Clarence HUTCHINS at Saranac.
1914 8 12 HUTCHINS Fred (Mr & Mrs) Mr and Mrs Fred HUTCHINS, of Westville, visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Guy McNASSER and Mrs and Mrs Robert McLAUGHLIN Sunday.
1914 8 19 HUTCHINS Henry (Mrs) Cook's Corners - Mrs Henry HUTCHINS and daughter, Eva, are spending a few days with Mr and Mrs Roy HUTCHINS and family in Fort Covington Center.
1914 10 28 HUTCHINS LeRoy Cooks Corners - LeRoy HUTCHINS, of Fort Covington Center, called on relatives and friends here Monday.
1917 8 29 HUTCHINS Henry (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Henry HUTCHINS, who has been quite ill, is better.
1917 8 29 HUTCHINS Henry Cooks Corners - Henry HUTCHINS transacted business in Ogdensburg Tuesday.
1914 3 18 HUYCK Rev. Trout River - Mr McNAUGHT, a student from the Presbyterian College, Montreal, spoke at Riverfield and Howick on Sunday in support of the cause of the Students' mission work in the West.He also has preached in the Constable Presbyterian church several times and has assisted Rev Mr HUYCK in his work in this place.Mr McNAUGHT is a very capable man and is held in high esteem by all the people.
1905 5 31 HYDE Nellie (Miss) North Bangor - Miss Nellie E. HYDE who has been in Madison, Wis for several months, returned last week to her home in Bangor.
1914 8 26 HYDE Albert (Mrs) Mrs Albert HYDE, of North Bangor, spent last week with her parents, Mr and Mrs Eugene SPERRY.
1914 9 16 HYDE Albert Fort Covington - Mr and Mrs Albert HYDE of Bangor, spent the week-end with Mrs HYDE'S parents, Mr and Mrs Eugene SPERRY.
1910 1 26 IRISH Sidney (Mr & Mrs) Owing to the inclemency of the weather, the oyster supper at Mr and Mrs Sidney IRISH'S on Friday evening was not very largely attended, but all who attended report a good time.
1910 7 13 IRISH Melvina (Mrs) Mrs. Edith SCOTT has returned to Brushton again to spend the summer with her aunt, Mrs. Melvina IRISH.
1910 9 7 IRISH Sidney Dickinson Center - Mr and Mrs Sidney IRISH are entertaining their grandsons, Harold and Eugene WHITNEY of Malone.They return to their home today.
1910 11 9 IRISH E. A. Cooks Corners - E. A. IRISH was in town Monday on business.He expectsto leave for Florida in about a week to stay through the winter.
1926 1 20 IRWIN Frank Burke - Frank IRWIN is on the sick list.
1914 7 15 JACKSON Merton (Mr and Mrs) South Bombay - Mr and Mrs Merton JACKSON and three children, Mr and Mrs David CLARY and daughter, of Malone, were visitors at Frank BRAYTON's Sunday.
1914 12 9 JACKSON Merton (Mr & Mrs) South Bombay - Mr and Mrs Merton JACKSON and two children of Malone, attended the funeral of their grandmother, Mrs BRAYTON.Mr and Mrs Thos. BRAYTON and Mr & Mrs Frank HARVEY also attended the funeral.
1900 4 4 JAMESON Mrs. Brushton -Mrs JAMESON is quite sick at this writing.
1900 7 25 JAMESON Ella (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs Ella JAMESON, with Mrs. Homer KINGSLEY and son, George, went to Burke Thursday.
1917 8 29 JEFFERSON Irene (Miss) Miss Irene JEFFERSON of Waterfilet is visiting friends in town.
1900 4 4 JENKINS Mr Brushton - Mr JENKINS, a well known butter man, has bought the building known as the old cider mill and is repairing it for a butter factory which he expects to have in running order April 15th.
1910 7 13 JENKINS Horace (Mrs) Mrs Horace JENKINS visited her daughter, Mrs WHITNEY in Malone Monday.
1926 1 20 JESSMEH Joe West Brandon - Joe and Homer JESSMEH who had employment at De Bar have returned home.
1929 2 20 JESSMER Alec (Mrs) West Brandon and East Dickinson - Mrs Alec JESSMER visited her mother, Mrs Mary HAYWOOD who is quite ill with the grippe, Monday.
1914 10 28 JESSMER / BARBER Marriage - John JESSMER, of Potsdam and Miss Pearl BARBER, daughter of Henry BARBER, of this place, were married at the Congregational parsonage at Bangor, Monday Oct 19th, by Rev Mr McKEEN.They were attended by Miss Grace BARBER, sister of the bride and George CAMPBELL.They took the evening train for Potsdam, their future home.The congratulations and best wishes of their many friends go with them.
1917 7 11 JEWETT Nelie (Mrs) Mrs Nellie JEWETT and son Frank and daughter Mrs Hazel STICKNEY and son of Malone, were entertained by Mr and Mrs E. P. PERKINS at Duane recently.
1910 11 30 JOCK Chas Chas JOCK, Chas GIBBS, and Harold LARKIN were business callers at East Dickinson Saturday.
1914 9 16 JOCK George (Rev) Cooks Corners - Quarterly meeting will be held in the church next Saturday evening and Sunday, Sept 19 and 20.Rev Carlos HILL of Burke will assist Rev George JOCK with the services.A welcome awaits all who may attend the services.
1914 11 11 JOCK George (Rev) Cooks Corners - Rev George JOCK attended the Sunday School Convention at North Bangor Friday and Saturday.
1934 12 1 JOCK Ella Mrs Ella JOCK, of 17 East Main Street has received word, indirectly, that her son , Raymond JOCK, 27, is safe and well after being rescued from Lake Huron following the collision several days ago of the steamship W. C. Franz with another freighter.Mrs JOCK received the word through her daughter in Utica and is now expecting direct word from her son regarding his rescue after the lake tragedy in which four lives were lost.The former local man was a member of the crew of the Franz and was among the fifteen saved by the steamship Loomis.The Franz sank after the collision.
1935 1 5 JOCK C. (Mr & Mrs) Hogansburgh - Mr and Mrs C. JOCK entertained a number of relatives New Years's Day.
1900 7 11 JOHNSON S. S. (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs. S. S. JOHNSON, of Tupper Lake is visiting friends in town.
1910 11 30 JOHNSON L. L. JOHNSON is quite sick at this writing.
1914 7 8 JOHNSON Gladys Cooks Corners - Gladys JOHNSON of Brushton, is spending a few days with Hazel AVERY.
1914 8 26 JOHNSON WILLIAM Cooks Corners - William JOHNSON, who is employed at Brushton, spent Sunday with his family.
1914 8 19 JOHNSON William Cook's Corners - William JOHNSON, who is employed at Brushton, spent Tuesday evening here with his family.
1914 8 5 JOHNSON Elmer (Mrs) Bangor - Miss Mary DICKINSON is spending this week at Mrs Elmer JOHNSON's at North Bangor.
1914 9 16 JOHNSON Harry Fort Covington - Harry Johnson, of Montreal, is enjoying a vacation at this home here.
1914 11 11 JOHNSON William Cooks Corners - William JOHNSON, who is employed at Brushton, spent Sunday with his family.
1914 11 4 JOHNSON William Cooks Corners - William JOHNSON, who is employed at Brushton, spent Sunday with his family.
1918 1 23 JOHNSON Elmer (Mrs) North Bangor - Mrs Elmer JOHNSON has been on the sick list, but is some better.
1910 6 15 JOHNSTON Harry Harry JOHNSTON visited friends in Brandon Sunday.
1914 7 8 JOHNSTON Florence (Miss) Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Miss Florence JOHNSTON, of Malone is visiting her relatives in this place
1917 8 29 JOHNSTON Harry Cooks Corners - Mrand Mrs Harry JOHNSTON and son, Harvey, attended campmeeting at Brandon Sunday.
1917 8 29 JOHNSTON William (Mr & Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs William JOHNSTON attended campmeeting at Brandon Saturday.
1901 5 22 JOHNSTON / MANN Marriage - Aat Chateaugay, N.Y., Wednesday, May 15, 1901, by Rev P. S. WALKER, Mr. John JOHNSTON, of Thayers Corners, N.Y. and Miss Bettle MANN, of Maplewood, VA.
1900 7 11 JONES Mrs Bangor - Mrs JONES is very low.
1900 8 1 JONES William A. (Jr) William A. JONES Jr, of Richmond Hill, L. I. Has been spending several days in town on business and pleasure bent.Mr Jones is in the active practice of law in New York.
1901 12 18 JONES Henry P. Henry P. JONES, of Brooklyn, at one time a clerk in Thompson's hardware, visited in town last week.He is connected with the Willard Mfg Co, of St Albans, manufacturers of wash goods which have an extensive sale.Mr JONES leases soon for San Francisco an Honolulu on a business trip.
1914 6 10 JONES George Skerry - George JONES is suffering from a fracture of two ribs.
1914 6 10 JONES John (Mrs) Skerry - Mrs John JONES, Sr. is visiting her daughter in Fort Covington.
1900 3 21 JORDAN James Lot For Sale - On Franlin street in Malone village, nicely located for home, contains one and one-forth acres of land.This lot is wide enough on the street for two fine building lots.For further information, inquire of James JORDAN at Malone Junction, or at this office.
1910 7 13 JOY Nellie (Mrs) Mrs Nellie JOY and Miss Gertrude SPAULDING went to Rustic Lodge last Saturday for the summer.
1903 7 1 KANE Arthur Mr and Mrs Oscar MOTT, of Winthrop, visited at the home of Arthur KANE a few days last week.
1904 1 16 KANE Thomas R. (Mrs) DEATH - In Constable, N.Y., Monday Jan 4th, 1904, Mrs Thomas R. KANE, aged 80 years.Mrs KANE'S first husband was Mr. DAY and she was the grandmother of Mr C. A. MASSEY, of Malone, Mrs. W. H. BARSE of New York, and Mrs James SIMPSON of Alexandria, Ont.Two brothers survive her, Rev Charles MOTT, of Willsboro, and Rev Oscar MOTT of Winthrop.
1900 7 11 KEEFE Miss Mrs Will ROBINSON and daughter, Gertrude, and Miss Margaret MELVILLE, all of Montreal, were guests of Miss KEEFE and Miss BRISTOW July 4th.
1910 1 26 KEEFE Edward Cooks Corners - The birthday party and dance at Edward KEEFE'S Tuesday evening was well attended, considering the weather.
1910 1 26 KEEFE Gertrude Miss Gertrude KEEFE visited her cousin Miss Lula CAMBPELL last Sunday.
1900 7 11 KEELER Harriet Bangor - Mrs. Albert ADAMS, of Moira, with her sister, Miss Hattie RICHARDS, were the guests of Harriet and Jane KEELER Sunday.
1910 4 27 KEELER Fred Mr and Mrs Fred Keeler, of Bangor, were callers in town Saturday.
1910 8 10 KEELER Clara Bangor - Clara KEELER returned from Clearwater Wednesday and is entertaining her friend Mabel MEEHAN, from Champlain.
1910 9 7 KEELER Newton Bangor - Mrs Geo. McNASSER and son, Carl, spent Thursday at Newton KEELER'S.
1910 11 30 KEELER Clara (Miss) Bangor - Miss Clar KEELER, of Champlain, spent Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr and Mrs Leroy KEELER.
1914 8 5 KEELER Fred Bangor - Mrs Thad LEECH and son, Arnold, of Fairfax, N.H. spent the past week at Fred KEELER's.Mr LEECH came Friday and they returned home Saturday.
1901 12 18 KELLAS John P. John P. KELLAS won a parlor suite given by the Odd Fellows of Albany at a fair recently held in that city.Hundreds of prizes were distributed and the fair was conducted on a magnificent scale.
1910 12 28 KELLER Clara Bangor - Miss Clara KELLER is spending her vacation at home.
1905 11 8 KELLEY C. M.  Burke - C. M. KELLEY is painting his house and shop.
1910 11 9 KELLEY Vivian (Miss) Cooks Corners - Misses Vivian KELLEY and Hazel JOHNSON are home from the Brushton high school for a few days.
1917 7 11 KELLEY George (Mr & Mrs) Mr and Mrs George KELLEY, of Malone, were guests of Mr and Mrs Leon CRINKLAW recently.
1905 9 20 KELLY Michael Michael KELLY, of Plainfield, Vt, and his son Frank, of Montpelier, are visiting old friends in Malone this week.
1910 11 30 KELLY Vivian (Miss) Misses Vivian KELLY and Hazel JOHNSON were home last week to spend Thanksgiving.
1929 2 20 KELLY Catherine (Mrs) Burke - Mrs Catherine KELLY has returned to Watertown.
1914 7 22 KEMPTON Flora Flora KEMPTON attended the excursion to the Thousand Islands Sunday.
1914 8 19 KEMPTON H. E. Whippleville -Miss Eileen FAHEY, who has been a guest at the home of H. E. KEMPTON. Returned to her home in Chicago Saturday evening.
1914 9 16 KEMPTON Flora (Miss) Whippleville - Miss Flora KEMPTON is spending a week in Montreal, where she is the guest of her cousin, Mrs Van DENSEN.
1918 1 23 KENNEDY Lizzie (Mrs) Whippleville -Mrs Lizzie KENNEDY is visiting friends in Syracuse.
1904 7 6 KENNEY Jennie (Miss) Burke - Miss Jennie KENNEY from Potsdam was in town a few days last week.
1904 7 6 KERRY Frances Duane - Miss Frances KERRY spent last week in Malone.
1904 7 6 KERRY Nancy Duane - Mrs. Nancy KERRY is visiting at Geo. CHENETT'S.
1905 11 8 KERRY Fred Bangor - Fred KERRY came home from Springfield, Mass last Monday, called there by the serious illness of his mother.Mary HOLDEN, wife of George KERRY, died Saturday morning Nov 4th, aged about forty-nine.Although her last sickness was less than a week, she has been a great sufferer and in poor health for more than twenty-five years.The funeral was fromthe Congregational church Sunday afternoon, Rev Hughes officiating.Besides her husband, and son, Fred, she leaves a mother Mrs. HOLDEN, and three sisters, Mrs. WHITMAN AND Mrs. JOY, of Malone, and Mrs. PACKARD of West Bangor, and many other relatives and hosts of friends to miss her.All will sympathize with the immediate family 
1905 11 8 KERRY George (Mrs.) Bangor - Mrs. George KERRY is one of the sick ones in the place.
1910 4 27 KERRY Geo H. Bangor - The Christian Endeavors met with their president, Mrs Geo H. KERRY Saturday night for a social meeting before Mr. SLEEP left Bangor.Over forty were present and all report a pleasant time.The society from No Bangor was also present.
1910 5 11 KERRY Robert (the late) Skerry - Albert KERRY has moved onto the farm recently left him and several of the other heirs by the will of their father, the late Robert KERRY.
1910 11 30 KERRY G. H.  Bangor - G. H. KERRY went to Malone on business Monday.
1914 6 10 KERRY Clarence & Charles Skerry - Charles KERRY and Mr and Mrs Clarence KERRY visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Asa WELLER at Ft Jackson Sunday.
1914 7 15 KERRY Jas. (Mrs) Duane - Mrs Arabella CHILDS, of Chicago, who has been spending some time with her daughter, Mrs Jas. KERRY, has gone to Whippleville and Malone to visit relatives before returning home.
1914 8 19 KERRY Henry (Mrs) Duane - Death of Mrs Henry KERRY - Aug 17 The friends of Mrs Henry KERRY were grieved to learn of her death at her home in Malone last Tuesday evening.She leaves to morn her loss three sons and one daughter, Harvey, of Edgewater, N.J., Sanford of Duane, and William of Bellmont, and Frances of Malone, besides a host of other relatives.Miss KERRY will be greatly missed as when was ever ready to lend a hand in sickness whenever she was able to go.The funeral was heldat the home in Malone and the remains were interred in Duane at the Center cemetery.
1910 11 30 KERRY  George Bangor - Mrs George KERRY is on the sick list.
1901 5 22 KERRY / GALE Marriage - At the Christian parsonage, Brushton, N.Y., Wednesday evening, may 15, 1901, by Rev R. E. ANDREW, Mr Harley D. KERRY and Miss Nellie M. GALE, both of Brandon, N.Y.
1902 8 27 KIDNEY Mabel Bangor - Mabel KIDNEY spent last week visiting friends in Vermont.
1910 1 26 KIMBALL J. S. Fort Covington - J. S. KIMBALL of Utica was a caller in town Wednesday.
1910 6 22 KIMBALL Mrs. Dickinson Center - Mrs KIMBALL returned from Santa Clara the first of the week and on Wednesday returned to her home in Brushton.
1910 1 26 KING Charles Charles KING who has been employed in E. A. WHITNEY'S hardware store, has gone to St Regis Falls to work.Fred GOODRICH has taken his place.
1910 1 26 KING Eleanor (Mrs) Mrs Eleanor KING went to Montreal last week with her little daughter, Florence.
1910 11 30 KING Will Will KING, from Fay, visited D. C. GIBBS on Saturday.
1914 8 12 KING W. Mr and Mrs Millard HAZEN, of Alburgh, were guests at the home of W. KING Sunday.
1914 8 12 KING Willard (Mr & Mrs) Mrs George MARTIN and grandson, of Schenectady, are visiting at the home of Mr and Mrs Willard KING and other friends.
1914 11 4 KING Roca (Miss) West Bangor - Miss Roca KING, Miss Lena RHEAAME, and Mr and Mrs Henry JUDWARE, of Malone, and Miss Mildred CAMPBELL and Adolph OAKES, of Bay Pond, were guests of Mr and Mrs Duncan OAKES recently.
1873 7 10 KING / FULTON Marriage - At the M.E. Parsonage, Bangor, N.Y., July 2, 1873, by Rev A. C. Danforth, Wallace W. KING, of Malone, to Mary L. FULTON, of Brandon, N.Y.
1926 1 20 KINGSLEY Nelson West Brandon - Nelson KINGSLEY, of Burlington, Vt spent last Sunday with Manuel LaFLESH.
1905 5 31 KINGSTON Kittie (Miss) Bombay - Miss Kittie KINGSTON is stopping at F. M DANA'S house for a time.
1914 6 17 KINGSTON Dr & Mrs Dr & Mrs. KINGSTON spent Thursday at Lawrenceville the guests of the doctor's parents.
1929 3 6 KINNEY U. H. North Lawrence - Mra and Mrs U. H. KINNEY of Massena were callers in town Friday.
1910 11 30 KIRBY Mr & Mrs Mr and Mrs Frank CUSHING and daughters of Potsdam spent Wednesday at the home of Mr and Mrs KIRBY.
1935 1 3 KISSANE John & Marshall Malone - John and Marshall KISSANE, Ernest HATFIELD, and Earl MUMLEY left today for Norwich University, after spending the holiday vacationat their homes here.
1905 5 31 KNAPP Teddy Moira - Teddy KNAPP, of Malone Junction, and Bessie HACKETT, of this town, were married on Tuesday evening at 7:00 o'clock, at St Mary's R. C. church, Brushton.Both are very popular young people and we offer congratulations.
1900 7 25 KNIGHTS E. (Mrs) Dickinson Center - The Ladies Aid met with Mrs. E. KNIGHTS today.
1914 7 22 KNIGHTS D. N. (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs D. N. KNIGHTS left home several days ago and at present it is not known where she is.Much anxiety is felt by her relatives and many friends.
1929 3 6 KNOWLTON Edward W. Notice to Creditors - Estate of Edward W. KNOWLTON late of Malone, N.Y.All claims must be filed with the undersigned on or before the 1st day of August, 1929.Dated January 28th, 1929, Archie W. HYDE Executor, Malone, N.Y., Allen & McCLARY, Attorneys for Executor, Malone, N.Y.
1929 2 20 La FLESH Manuel West Brandon and East Dickinson - Mr and Mrs Thurman BARNES of Springfield, Mass, and Mr and Mrs Carlton SIMMONS and children of Far Hills, N.J. were called here by the very serious illness of Manuel LaFLESH, who has suffered three shocks of paralysis.His condition is still very serious but a little better than a few days ago.
1910 11 30 LABELL Ezra Ezra LABELL, of South Bombay, was in town on business on Monday of this week.
1914 7 22 LaBOUNTY M. A. Dickinson Center - Edison Young, of Syracuse, was in town over Sunday on a hurried business trip.While here he was a guest at M. A. LaBOUNTY's at "Fair-ladies."
1910 6 22 LaBRAKE J. Hogansburg - KEEGER Bros., of Troy, are entertaining their wives at J. LaBRAKE'S.
1910 6 22 LaBRAKE John Hogansburg - Mr and Mrs E. Brown, of Norfolk, spent Sunday at the home of John LaBRAKE.
1904 7 6 LADD Mary  Duane - Mrs. Mary LADD is spending a few days at C. O. HOOSE'S.
1900 10 3 LaFLESH Charles Death - In the town of Malone, N.Y. Monday, Sept 29, 1900, of typhoid fever, Charles, son of John and Julia LaFLESH, aged six years.
1901 5 22 LaFLESH John Death - In Malone, N.Y., Saturday, May 11, 1901, of tubercular consumption, Lena, daughter of John LaFLESH, aged 18 years, 3 months, and 15 days.
1901 5 22 LaFLESH John Death - In Malone, N.Y., Tuesday, May 14, 1901, of meningitis, Ethel, daughter of John LaFLESH, aged 5 years.Mr LaFLESH has lost three children within six months and his sorrow is great.The community deeply sympathizes with him.
1910 1 5 LaFLESH John (Mrs) Skerry - Mrs John LaFLESH of West Bangor spend several days with her daughter, Mrs. Berry TUMMONS, last week.Mr TUMMONS and family expect to move to Sand Hill this week where Mr TUMMONS is employed for the coming year by Fred LAWRENCE and will occupy the ROYCE house.
1926 1 20 LaFLESH Manuel West Brandon - Manuel LaFLESH, Mrs DeEtta LaFLESH and daughter, Hazel, Mrs Wilbur LOUEY and son, Reginald, spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Ray THOMAS
1929 2 20 LaFLESH Hazen (Miss) West Brandon and East Dickinson - Miss Hazen LaFLESH is ill with a slight attack of appendicitis.Dr P. E. STAMATIADES of Brushton is the attending physician.
1929 2 20 LaFLESH Manuel West Brandon and East Dickinson - The following friends called on Manuel LaFLESH during the week: Wilbur LOUEY and son, Richard, Mr and Mrs George BRADLEY, Milton ROSS, Mr and Mrs Melbourne DAWSON, Brnard Clark, Ernest SWEET, Mrs John McCLURE, Mr and Mrs Guy McCLURE, Jane McCOMBER, Sam BARLOW, Mr and Mrs George CORNELL, George GOKEY, Joe DORA, Joe FOLEY, Mr and Mrs James FADDEN, and William ROCHARDSON, besides numerous neighbors.
1929 2 27 LaFLESH Manuel West Brandon and East Dickinson - Mr and Mrs George BRODLEY of Dickinson Center spent Saturday with Manuel LaFLESH.
1929 2 27 LaFLESH Manuel Dickinson Center - The condition of Manuel LaFLESH remains about the same.Dr STAMATIADES of Brushton was call to see him on Friday.
1929 3 6 LaFLESH Manuel Dickinson Center - Mr and Mrs Thurman BARNES who were called here because of the illness and death of her brother, Manuel LaFLESH, returned to their home in Springfield, Mass, the first of the week.
1929 3 6 LaFLESH Manuel Dickinson Center - Manuel LaFLESH, aged 67, passed away at him home two miles southeast of this village, Monday, Feb 25th.Funeral Services were held at the Baptist church Wednesday afternoon, Feb 27th, Rev WEBSTERofficiating.Mr LaFLESH has been a life long resident of this town.He leaves to mourn his loss four daughters, Mrs Wilbur LOUEY, Mrs DeEtta LaFLESH, Mrs Neva SIMMONS and Mrs Roy Thomas, also a sister, Mrs Thurman BARNES of Springfield, Mass.
1910 12 28 LaFLEUR John Hogansburg - Mr and Mrs John LaFLEUR have gone to Fort Covington to spend the holidays with the latter's mother.
1914 7 15 LAHEY George (Mrs) Trout River - Mrs George LAHEY of Westville, spent Sudnaywith her mother here.
1914 10 28 LAMAY Fred (Mrs) Mrs Fred LAMAY was home from St Regis Falls over Sunday.
1900 8 8 LaMAY-DEWYOUR MARRIAGE - In Westville, N.Y. July 22, 1900 by E. H. HUTCHINS, Justice of the Peace, Levi LaMAY and Adaline DEWYOUR, both of Westville.
1900 8 8 LAMONDAY Pearl DEATH - In Malone, N.Y. Aug 4, 1900, of dysentery, Pearl, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Ed. LAMONDAY.
1910 12 28 LAMPING Josie Hogansburg - Josie LAMPING, traveling representative of the G. O. Harvey Drug Co, was renewing old acquaintances in town the past week.
1900 7 25 LAMPSON Gertrude Dickinson Center - Miss Gertrude LAMPSON came home to-day from the East for her summer vacation.
1905 5 31 LAMPSON George Dickinson Center - Geo LAMPSON is erecting a new barn on his home farm.
1918 1 23 LANCTO Fred (Mr & Mrs) Reynoldston - Arthur MACHABY, of West Bangor, spent a few days recently with Mr and Mrs Fred LANCTO.
1914 7 22 LANDRY Alec CONSTABLE - Alec LANDRY is convalescing from an attack of typhoid fever.He has been ill several weeks.
1900 8 1 LANE G. A. Skerry - A game of base ball is to be played between the R. D.'s and the Skerry nines next Saturday afternoon on G. A. LANE'S meadow.
1910 7 13 LANE Charles Mr and Mrs Chas. R. LANE, who have resided for the past 16 years in Minneapolis, Minn, were calling on old Malone friends for a few days the first of last week, on their way to Boston, Mass, to make their annual vacation visit to Mr LANE'S mother, who resides near that city.Mr LANE is in the best of health and holds well his age.He is at the head of the credit department of the Dayton Dry Goods Co in Minneapolis, which does a big credit business in the city, and he is responsible for the credits and collections of the firm.
1902 1 2 LANGDON Fayette Constable -The bridge below Fayette LANGDON'S will be thrown up and the road discontinued for a short distance across the flat.We are informed that Mr. Langdon will receive $575 from the town for damage.So says the town board, which met last week. Anew road will be built from the TRUDO bridge to the BILLINGS place.
1914 7 8 LANGDON E. (Mr & Mrs) Burke - Mrs. Edith HANNA, of Saranac Lake, is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs E. LANGDON
1905 11 8 LANGFORD Rev. Burke - Rev Mr. LANGFORD and wife have returned from their visit in Windsor.
1914 7 15 LANGLOIS Arthur Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Arthur LANGLOIS and little son, Mr and Mrs Elwin AVERY and daughter, Hazel, also Arthur AVERY, are spending a few days on the St. Lawrence river.
1914 11 4 LANGOLIS Arthur  Cooks Corners - A dance was given ata the home of Mr and Mrs Arthur LANGOLIS FRIDAY evening.
1910 12 28 LANTRY Thomas Hogansburg - Among those home for the holiday vacation are Thomas, Mary and Kate LANTRY, Katherine and Jessie BERO, and Ray TOTMAN, of Brushton High School; Katherine C. LANTRY, of the Potsdam Normal; Grace TERRANCE and Bernice BESIO of the Massena High School; Rudy BERO and John LANTRY from Watertown; Miss May O'BRIEN from Potsdam, and Genevieve SULLIVAN from McAuley Board School, Keesville.
1914 6 17 LANTRY T. J. T. J. LANTRY and son, Thomas, spent Thursday in Ottawa.
1914 6 17 LANTRY Charles Charles LANTRY is moving into J. R. BERO's house on St. Regis St recently vacated by M. J. CROWLEY.
1935 1 5 LANTRY Michael Hogansburgh - Michael LANTRY has reopened his store which was damaged by fire recently.We are glad to see Michael on the job again.
1914 10 28 LAPREE Pollie (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Pollie LaPREE of South Bombay spent Saturday with Mr and Mrs Roy SMITH and family.Her little grandsons, Leslie and Glen SMITH, accompanied her home.
1914 11 11 LAPREE Pollie Cooks Corners - Mrs Pollie LAPREE, and two children Nelson and Ada, of South Bombay, visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Roy SMITH Sunday.
1910 11 30 LARKIN Helen Helen LARKIN is on the sick list.
1918 1 23 LaROCQUE Minnie (Miss) Consell Jeanne d'Arc of Malone, installed it's newly elected officers last week, Rev A. DUSSAULT, acting as installing officer.The installation was followed by a musical programme and luncheon.The following are the officers:Spiritual Director - Rev. T. CAMPEAU; Ass't Director - Rev A. DUSSAULT; Pres - Miss Minnie LaROCQUE; Hon Pres - Mrs P. MARCEAU; Vice Pres - Mrs. S. LAREHE.
1910 9 7 LARRABEE Asa (Mrs) At the regular business meeting of the w.C.T.U. of this village, held at the M.E. church, Thursday afteroon, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:President - Mrs Asa LARRABEE, 1st Vice Pres - Mrs Ray FLETCHER, 2d Vice Pres, Mrs G. A. SOMERS,3d Vice Pres - Mrs Geo SMITH, Secretary, Mrs George FRENCH, Treasurer Mrs. C. Y. ALDRICH.
1904 1 16 LATTRELL-WEBB MARRIAGE - At Keene, N.Y. Saturday, Dec 26, 1903, Mr Plin.LATTRELL, of Saranac Lake and Miss Fannie WEBB, of Keene.The happy couple will reside at Saranac Lake.
1910 11 9 LAUBER Mary (Miss) Miss Mary LAUBER attended teachers institute at Potsdam last week.
1914 11 4 LAUBER Henry West Bangor - Henry LAUBER, of Brushton, is spending the week with his brother, John LAUBER.
1929 2 27 LAVARE Mrs Dickinson Center - Mrs LAVARE is quite ill at the home of her daughter, Mrs Harrison BAKER.
1929 3 6 LaVARE Frank (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Frank LaVARE passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Harison BAKER, Wednesday night.The funeral services were held Friday at 9 o'clock at the Catholic Church, St Regis Falls, burial at North Lawrence.
1914 7 8 LAVINE Pearl Miss Pearl LAVINE had the misfortune to fall and break her right wrist last week.
1900 7 25 LAWRENCE Burton A. Bangor - A son came to brighten the home and gladden the hearts of Mr and Mrs. Burton A. LAWRENCE July 19th.
1900 7 11 LAWRENCE D. H. (Hon.) Misses Esther and Addie HENRY, of Hartford, Conn, are guests at the home of Hon. D. W. LAWRENCE for a few days.
1900 7 25 LAWRENCE Herbert (Mrs.) Bangor - Mrs. Herbert LAWRENCE and daughter, Bernice, are spending a few days visiting friends in Bangor.
1900 7 25 LAWRENCE Herbert (Mrs.) Bangor - Herbert LAWRENCE spent Sunday in town.
1900 8 1 LAWRENCE Mabel (Miss) Miss Mable LAWRENCE and Miss Bessie SKINNER go Thursday morning to Meacham Lake where they will spend a couple of days.At Lake Titus they will be joined by Miss Litz DUSTIN and Miss Bessie BARRY, who are camping there.
1901 6 5 LAWRENCE W. S.  Among those who are visiting the Pan-American Exposition from this section are Mr and Mrs W. S. LAWRENCE and W. E. HYDE of Moira, Wm McKENZIE, of Burke, and Fred McKENZIE of Sun.
1902 1 8 LAWRENCE Leslie Bangor - Leslie Lawrence returns to Boston this week.
1902 1 2 LAWRENCE Leslie Cook's Corners -Mr Leslie LAWRENCE, of Boston, Mass, is visiting at the home of his father, Mr. Hiram N. LAWRENCE
1902 1 2 LAWRENCE Leslie Cook's Corners - Mr Leslie LAWRENCE, of Boston, is having a few day's vacation at home.
1902 1 2 LAWRENCE Leslie F.  Bangor - Leslie F. LAWRENCE, of Boston, is visiting his relatives and friends during the holiday season.
1902 8 27 LAWRENCE Elsie Bangor - Elsie LAWRENCE came down from Hiawatha, spending two days.She returned Saturday.Bertha FISH and Lottie WHITMAN accompanied her. She reports a full house.
1904 7 6 LAWRENCE Newton Bangor - Mr. and Mrs. Newton LAWRENCE are entertaining friends from Massena.
1905 3 15 LAWRENCE Hiram  Bangor - Hiram LAWRENCE and his daughter, Cora LAWRENCE are spending the week in Malone, guests of Herbert LAWRENCE.
1910 1 5 LAWRENCE Bernice Bangor - Bernice LAWRENCE returned to Malone Wednesday after spending several days with relatives here.
1910 1 26 LAWRENCE Clifford Bangor - Clifford LAWRENCE, oldest son of Mr and Mrs Fred LAWRENCE, has been very ill for several days.
1910 9 7 LAWRENCE Ella Mr and SULLIVAN and son, Harry, of Massena, are visiting Mrs Ella LAWRENCE.
1914 8 5 LAWRENCE Ruby ( Miss) Bangor - Miss Ruby LAWRENCE spent a few days at West Stockholm recently.
1929 2 20 LEARY Con Brasher Falls - Con and Dan LEARY are hauling several loads of hay from the PRESHAW farm at Brasher Center.
1905 5 31 LEE Harrison (Mrs) North Bangor - Mrs. PETERSON of Malone is visiting her sister, Mrs. Harrison LEE for a few days.
1910 6 15 LEE Libbie North Bangor - Miss Libble LEE had the misfortune to fall last week, breaking her arm very badly.Dr PEARL was called and reduced the fracture.Miss LEE is now doing well.
1910 8 10 LEE Vivian (Miss) Bangor - Quite a number from here attended the W.C.T.U. matrons' Silver Medal contest, held at North Bangor on July 27th.The medal was won by Miss Vivian LEE.
1910 9 7 LEE Laura Bangor - Laura, Leslie and Lewis LEE, of North Bangor, spent Tuesday with their cousin, Herman LEE.
1910 12 28 LEE Sarah (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs Sarah LEE, of North Bangor, spent a few days recently at Fred LEE'S.
1902 7 23 LEGNARD Claude DEATH - At Merrick, Mass, Saturday, July 5, 1902 of pneumonia, Claude Vincent, infant son of Mr and Mrs Fred L. LEGNARD, aged one month and two days.
1910 9 7 LEMIEUX Annabel Annabel LEMIEUX, the six-year-old daughter of Mr and Mrs Paul LEMIEUX, was taken to the Cornwall hospital Monday afternoon suffering with appendicitis.Dr. W. A. WARDNER and her father accompanied her.She was operated on the same night and is now doing well.
1914 7 15 LENNON Ella & Sadie  Trout River - Misses Ella and Sadie LENNON are home.
1910 9 7 LEONARD Mrs Dickinson Center - Mrs LEONARD, an aged resident of this place, is very ill.
1905 9 20 LESTER George Owls Head and Chasm Falls - George LESTER was taken to the Ogdensburg State Hospital this week.
1914 7 22 LESTER Tom Tom LESTER has been home from Loon Lake for a few days.
1935 1 5 LEVARE Lewis Hogansburgh - Lewis LEVARE, who has been ill, is able to be out.
1900 8 1 LEVY Jospeh Joseph LEVY and John KEEFE, of Malone, and Benj JACOBSON, of Syracuse, returned Monday from a week's sojourn at McKILLIP'S in the town of Franklin.They caught 43 pounds of trout, during their absence and had a royal time.
1929 3 6 LEWIS Levi North Lawrence - Mr and Mrs Levi LEWIS have moved from the FLINT house on Main St into Mrs Florence RICHARDSON'S house on Williams Street.Mr and Mrs LONKEY will occupy the FLINT house.
1900 4 4 LINCOLN Geo. M. Geo M. LINCOLN, who holds a position with the Burlington Trust Co, of Burlington, Vt, went to New York on business Sunday night.
1918 1 23 LINCOLN Edward (Mrs) Reynoldston - Miss Lillian SHEPHARD is the guest of her aunt, Mrs Edward LINCOLN.
1914 8 12 LINDSAY Mildred (Miss) Dickinson Center - Miss Mildred LINDSAY is visiting her sister, Mrs. A. E. BUDD, at Tupper Lake.
1910 7 13 LITTLE Howard C. Howard C. LITTLE, of New York, and a party of friends have been enjoying vacation at Rainbow.His family is occupying one of the Clark-Wardner camps on the lake.
1904 7 6 LOBDELL Herbert (Mrs.) Burke - Miss Marion WRIGHT and Mr. Morton WRIGHT are visiting their sister, Mrs. Herbert LOBDELL.
1914 6 10 LOBDELL Elizabeth & Bernice North Burke - Misses Elizabeth and Bernice LOBDELL, of Burke Center, spent a day last week calling on friends here.
1910 11 9 LOCK Tryphena (Miss) Miss Tryphena LOCK has been spending a few days in Lawrenceville.
1935 1 3 LONG Mary (Miss) Malone - Miss Mary LONG has returned to St Lawrence University, Canton, after spending the holicay recess at her home here.
1926 1 20 LOOKER Earl Burke - Earl LOOKER, of Malone was a caller in town Monday.
1900 10 3 LOUDEN Robert Death - At Coldwater, Monroe County, N.Y. Sept 17, 1900, at the home of his daughter, Mrs Orson BEMAN, Robert LOUDEN, in the 91st year of his age.
1929 2 20 LOUEY Wilbur (Mrs) West Brandon and East Dickinson - Mrs. Wilbur LOUEY and Mrs Ray THOMAS visited their father, Manuel LaFLESH at Dickinson Tuesday.
1929 2 20 LOUEY Wilber West Brandon and East Dickinson - Wilbur LOUEY called on his sister, Mrs. Minnie GOYEA at West Bangor, Wednesday afternoon.
1929 2 27 LOUEY Wilbur West Brandon and East Dickinson - Wilbur LOUEY and sons visited Manuel LaFLESH Saturday.Mrs LOUEY, who had spent six weeks there caring for her father, returned home.We are glad to state that Mr LaFLESH is better and able to sit up for a few moments a day now.
1914 9 16 LOW George Whippleville - Mra nd Mrs George LOW entertained M. D. SHONYO and family Sunday.
1910 1 5 LUNAN Allie Trout River - Allie and Mildred LUNAN of Belleville college, spent the Christmas vacation at their home.
1910 1 5 LUNAN William (Mrs) Trout River - Mrs William LUNAN left Monday for Indianapolis, Ind to spend a month with Elizabeth MANLEY.
1914 11 11 LUNNAN Arthur A daughter was born to Mr and Mrs J. Arthur LUNNAN of Kensington Nov 3rd.
1914 7 22 LYMAN F. H.  Mr and Mrs F. H. LYMAN, Mildred LYMAN and Earl G. BROWN, of Canton, are spending the day at Mountain View, havine made the trip in Mr BROWN'S car.
1914 7 22 LYMAN H. G. Mrs Ada LYMANBIGELOW and daughter, Marjorie, of Greenfield, Mass, are visiting at the home of Mrs BIGELOW'S parents, Mr and Mrs H. G. LYMAN.
1910 8 3 MAHAR John Fort Covington - Mrs Michael MAHAR and daughter, Mary, of Springfield, Mass are the guests of Mr and Mrs John MAHAR.
1910 11 30 MAHAR John (Mrs) Mrs John MAHAR and Mrs Delbert TREDO and Miss Annie REYNOLDS were visitors of Mrs Bernice TYO recently.
1914 8 19 MAHAR John Cook's Corners - Mr and Mrs John MAHER are entertaining company.
1914 7 15 MAHONEY Mike Trout River - Mike MAHONEY, of Springfield, is visiting friends in town.
1929 2 20 MAHONEY Jess Brasher Falls - Jess MAHONEY and lady friend of Brushton spent Sunday at his father's, Daniel MANONEY.
1901 5 22 MALLETTE George Death - In Malone, N.Y., Thursday May 16, 1901, of consumption, George, son of Nelson MALLETTE, aged 20 years.His brother, who is a member of the new 27th Regiment forming at Plattsburg, was home on parole to attend the funeral.
1918 1 23 MALONEY Earl Earl MALONEY who was a member of the former Co K and has been in camp with them, is home on a furlough.
1904 7 6 MANCHESTER W. H. Moira - W. H. MANCHESTER is spending Sunday in Syracuse, N.Y.
1905 5 31 MANCHESTER William Moira - William MANCHESTER returned to Boston Monday, where he has a fine position.
1904 1 13 MANDIGO Uriah The Nashua Telegraph has following regarding the death of a former well known citizen of Burke."Uriah MANDIGO, for the past six years watchman at the Nashua Cotton mills, and who recently underwent an operation for appendicitis at the hospital, died at that institution at 11 o'clock, Friday night.He was 62 years of age, and was born in Clarenceville, Canada.Most of his life had been spent in Burke, N.Y. and he moved to this city with his family 11 years ago, since which time he had become very well known.He was a member of Granite lodge, I.O.O.F., and a member and attendant at the Main Street M. E. church.He is survived by his widow and seven children, E. M. MANDIGO of Boston; D. L. MANDIGO, of Burke, N.Y.; Mrs J. C. CLEVELAND of Worcester, Mass; John J. MANDIGO of Lexington, Mass; and Mrs. R. J. WINTERS and Merton U. MANDIGO, of this city."
1905 11 8 MANDIGO Dan Burke - Dan MANDIGO is making some changes in the appearance of his shop on Depot St.
1910 7 13 MANNING Charles (Mrs) Mrs Charles MANNING went to Belmont Saturday to spend the Fourth with her parents, Mrs and Mrs Cyrus HARWOOD.
1910 7 13 MANNING James Mr and Mrs Milton MANNING of Tupper Lake, visited at the home of the former's parents, Mr and Mrs James Manning, Monday and Tuesday.
1900 4 4 MANSFIELD Lillian (Miss) Miss Lillian MANSFIELD, who has been in Springfiled, Mass, for the last three years, has returned to her home in this village.
1914 6 10 MARCH George North Burke - Mrs George MARCH and son, Herman, were guests of relatives in Whippleville a few days last week.
1914 8 19 MARKHAM H. W. (Rev) Rev H. W. MARKHAM and son, of Ogdensburg, have been enjoying an outing at M. A. LaBOUNTY's at Fairladies Park.
1900 7 11 MARKLE Dr. Bangor - Dr MARKLE and wife, with Scott CROOKS and wife, spent a couple of days at the St Lawrence last week.
1900 7 25 MARKLE Mrs. Bangor - Eugene CROOKS, from Carthage, spent a day or tow with his sister, Mrs MARKLE.Later they spent a few days at camp at Reynoldston with Mr. and Mrs B. L. REYNOLDS and a party of friends.
1914 8 19 MARLOW Will (Mrs) Whippleville -Ruth LaFEOUF, of Tupper Lake, is the guest of her aunt, Mrs Will MARLOW.
1929 2 27 MARSH Lawrence (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Lawrence MARSH visited her mother, Mrs James JONES of St Regis Falls Friday.
1929 3 6 MARSH John Dickinson Center - Mr and Mrs John MARSH visited at the home of her father, H. S. BURNAP of Moria, Sunday.
1929 3 6 MARSH John Dickinson Center - Mr and Mrs John MARSH were callers at B. G. SNELL'S Sunday evening.
1905 9 20 MARTIN Gertrude Ft Covington - Mrs. Gertrude MARTIN, who has spent most of the summer with her aunt, Mrs. A. S. CREIGHTON, has returned to her home in Fond-du-Lac, Wis.
1910 1 5 MARTIN John Trout River - Mr and Mrs John MARTIN and family of North Bangor and Mr and Mrs CAMPBELL of Dundee, spent New Year's Day at the home of William McGIBBON.
1910 8 10 MARTIN Jim Bangor - Jim MARTIN, bookkeeper for C. E. PEARSON spent Sunday with his family in Ogdensburg.
1910 12 28 MARTIN Jim Bangor - Jim MARTIN who has beenbookkeeper for C. E. PEARSON,has accepteda positionin Ogdensburg, where he lives.
1914 1 28 MARTIN Edith & Bertha North Bangor - The Misses Edith and Bertha MARTIN were in Brushton a few days last week, taking Regents' examinations.
1914 1 28 MARTIN M. M. (Mrs) North Bangor - Mrs. M. M. MARTIN is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Cornelius LARKIN, in Brushton.
1914 6 10 MARTIN Fred Cooks Corners - Fred MARTIN, of Fort Covington, spent Wednesday with his son, Murray MARTIN, and family.
1914 8 12 MARTIN David David MARTIN and Mrs Flora KING, of Westville, visited at the home of Mr and Mrs. Wallace King Sunday.
1914 8 19 MARTIN Murray (Mr & Mrs) Cook's Corners - Mr and Mrs Murray MARTIN and children spent Saturday and Sunday with the former's parents, Mr and Mrs Fred MARTIN, of Ft Covington.
1914 11 11 MARTIN Edith Miss Edith MARTIN has been spending a few days at the home of her uncle on Briggs Street.
1914 11 4 MARTIN Murray Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Murray MARTIN and family have moved to Fort Covington.
1914 6 10 MARVIN Henry (Mrs) Skerry - Mrs Henry MARVIN and Miss Mary EGGLESTON, of Bngor, and Mrs Willard THOMAS, of Dickinson, attended the Club party at the home of Mrs. Alfred EGGLESTON Wednesday.
1914 8 5 MARVIN Henry (Mr & Mrs) Bangor - Mr and Mrs Henry MARVIN and Mrs George KERRY and son, Harold, spent a couple of days last week at Whippleville and Ayers.
1910 9 7 MASHTAR William The little seven-year-old daughter of Mr and Mrs William MASHTAR, while at play last Friday, swallowed a shingle nail.The parents were very much alarmed and hastily drove to this village and Dr. D. E. MOODY succeeded in removing the nail from her throat where it had lodged.
1917 8 29 MASON Charles Charles MASON visited his sister, Cornelia, at Loon Lake for a few days recently.
1914 6 10 MASTIN Chalmer (Mrs) North Burke - Mrs Chalmer MASTIN has been on the sick list the past week.
1914 8 26 MATTHEWS H. J. (Mrs) Nicholville - Mrs H. J. MATTHEWS spent several days the past week in Potsdam.
1910 12 28 MAXWELL E. Moira - Jay MEEKER and friend Donald CLEVELAND, of McGill University, Montreal, are guests of Mr and Mrs E. MAXWELL.
1905 9 20 McARTNEY G. H. (Mrs.) Ft Covington - Mrs. Wm. PADDOCK, of Massena, and Mrs. ORMSTRUM, of Kansas, have been visiting Mrs. G. H. McARTNEY.
1902 1 2 McCAFFREY Mary (Miss) Cook's Corners -Miss Mary McCAFFREY is at home for a week.
1910 1 26 McCAFFREY John John McCCAFFREY has five cows that made the past year at HARRINGTON'S Creamery $267.25an average of $53.45 each.
1910 11 9 McCAFFREY John Cooks Corners - John McCAFFREY and mother were in Brushton one day last week.
1914 7 15 McCAFFREY Mrs Cooks Corners - Evan LEWIS of Springfield, Mass is spending a few days with his grandmother, Mrs McCAFFREY and other relatives of this place.
1914 8 19 McCAFFREY J. (Mrs) Cook's Corners - Evan LEWIS, accompanied by his grandmother, Mrs J. McCAFFREY, visited friends and relatives in Fort Covington Tuesday.
1914 9 16 McCAFFREY Mildred (Miss) Fort Covington - Misses Mildred and Ethel McCAFFREY, Mildred BROCKWAY, and Amzella DEROUCHIE have commenced their schools on the Indian Reservation.
1918 5 29 McCAFFREY James Westville - Mr and Mrs James McCAFFREY, of Springfield, Mass have been visiting the former's parents, Mr and Mrs Thomas McCAFFREY.
1902 1 2 McCARTHY John S.  Constable - John S. McCARTHY has purchased the Carpenter property at the Corners.The title includes the meat market and dwelling house, the barn and a small piece of land.
1904 1 13 McCARTHY Wm. M. Wm. M. McCARTHY, of Constable, is taking a course at the Albany Business College.Mr McCARTHY has been clerk in the H. J. DUDLEY store the past year and also acted as assistant postmaster.
1904 7 6 McCARTHY Miss Owl's Head - Miss McCARTHY closes a successful school in Owl's Head this week and returns to her home.
1905 11 8 McCARTHY Dr. North Bangor - Dr McCARTHY is improving the appearance of his recent purchase on West Main street by the addition of a large and commodious barn.
1914 12 9 McCARTHY Jesse (Mr & Mrs) North Lawrence - Gilbert MELLOTT, of Schenectady, is spending a couple of weeks in town.Mr & Mrs Jesse McCARTHY, who have occupied the MELLOTT house for the past three years, are moving into their own house, recently purchased by them of the HAKINS Estate.
1929 2 20 McCARTHY Hanora (Mrs) Brasher Falls - Mrs Hanora McCARTHY, widow of the late Jerry McCARTHY, passed away Saturday after a long illness.She is survived by one daughter, Margaret, and one grandson, Jerry HAMMEL, of Winthrop.Her funeral will be held Monday at 10 o'clock at the Catholic church.
1929 3 6 McCARTHY Dennis F.  Notice to Creditors - Estate of Dennis McCARTHY, late of Ft Covington, N.Y.All claims must be filed with the undersigned on or before the 1st day of May 1929.Nellie B. TAILLON, Executrix, Ft Covington, N.Y., G. L. REGAN,Attorney to Executrix, Malone, N.Y.
1900 7 11 McCLARY M. E. Miss Mary J. WAY, formerly preceptress at Franklin Academy, has been visiting for a few days at the home of M. E. McCLARY.
1901 12 18 McCLARY M. E.  At the annual meeting of the First Congregational Society, Malone, held in the parlors of the church on Sunday, Dec 8th, Mr M. E. McCLARY was elected a trustee, to secede himself, for three years, and M. F. HINMAN, clerk, to succeed himself.
1910 6 15 McCOLISTER Carl North Bangor - Carl McCOLISTER, our genial station agent, with his wife and little son, have started on a two weeks' trip through the East.They will visit relatives and friends in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
1914 8 26 McCOMBER George George McCOMBER, Sr and Mrs HOWE of St Regis Falls, were united in marriage on Wednesday by Rev John Walker.At present they are enjoying a wedding trip in the southern part of the state.They have the hearty congratulations of a host of friends.
1914 11 11 McCOMBER Mary (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs may McCOMBER, who has been spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs Geo. WOODWARD, at Albany, returned home today.
1914 12 9 McCOMBER Eugene (Mr & Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mr and Mrs Eugene McCOMBER visited friends at St Regis Falls Saturday.
1917 7 11 McCOY Hattie Mrs Hattie McCOY, of Malone, was a week-end guest of Mr and Mrs Alfred BROCKWAY.
1902 7 23 McDONALD Louis (Mr & Mrs) CARD of THANKS - Thanks are extended to our neighbors and friends for their kind sympathy and assistance extended to us through out the illness and death of our blessed mother.Mr & Mrs Louis McDONALD.
1910 11 30 McDONALD Royal (Mrs) Mrs Royal McDONALD has improved so that she visited her parents, Mr and Mrs Egbert SOUTHWORTH, Sunday.
1910 11 9 McDONALD Royal (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Royal McDONALD is still very poorly.
1910 12 28 McDONALD A. Hogansburg - Mrs Wm. HALL who spent the past month with her aged parents, Mr and Mrs A. McDONALD, returned to her home in New York City Wednesday.
1917 8 29 McDONALD Ella (Miss) Hogansburg - Miss Ella M. McDONALD, a nurse at the State Hospital, Ogdensburg, was home over Sunday.
1918 5 29 McDONALD George (Mrs) Miss Mabel STOWELL, of St. Agnes, Quebec, is the guest of Mrs. George McDONALD.
1914 8 26 McELWAIN Sherman Mr and Mrs Sherman McELWAIN of Bombay, were guests of Mr and Mrs M. P. MERRICK last Wednesday.
1918 5 29 McFADDEN (Nurse) Westville - Nurse McFADDEN is at home at present.
1910 1 5 McGIBBON Walter (Master) Trout River - Master Walter McGIBBON spent last week with relatives in Dundee, P.Q.
1910 4 27 McGIBBON Chas. Trout River - Mrs Chas McGIBBON arrived home from Springfield Tuesday.
1918 5 29 McGIBBON Wm. Westville - Adam McGIBBON, of Stowe, VT. And his daughter were in town one day last week visiting at the home of his brother, Wm. McGIBBON.
1914 7 22 McGILLE Laura Laura McGILLE of Malone is spending a few days at H. E. KEMPTION's.
1914 10 28 McGIVNEY Etta Mrs Etta McGIVNEY spent Friday and Saturday at the home of Mr and Mrs John CHILDS in Malone.
1900 4 4 McGRATH John (Mrs) Mrs. John McGRATH and Mrs Patrick MAGUIRE spent last week in North Creek, called there by the death and burial of their brother, Michael BANNAN.
1901 5 22 McGUIRE Thomas Birth - In St Regis Falls, N.Y. on Thursday, May 2, 1901, a son to Mr and Mrs Thomas McGUIRE.
1910 8 3 McKANE Wm There was an excursion to Ottawa and 20 tickets were sold from this station.Among those who went from this place were Wm. McKANE, F. L. DAVIS, Misses Eula DODGE, Hazel CHANDLER, Amy and Hazel SAUNDERS, Donna and Winnie ERWIN, Mrs RICH, Rev DOUD, Lester GALE, and Loren DODGE.
1914 7 15 McKANE William (Mr & Mrs) South Bombay - Mr and Mrs William McKANE and famiy, of Bombay, visited at A. E. BERRY's Sunday.
1914 1 28 McKEAN Rev. West Bangor - The week of prayer will be observed in our church with services each evening during the week by Rev. A. SCOTT and Rev McKEAN.
1914 8 5 McKEEN S. H. (Rev) Bangor - Rev S. H. McKEEN and G. W. ADAMS spent the past week at Twin Ponds.
1914 8 12 McKENNA J. J. (Mrs) Bombay - Mrs J. J. McKENNA and children have gone to her home in CurrieHill, Ont. For a few weeks.
1901 6 5 McKERRACHER Bert Bert McKERRACHER has succeeded L. J. CHILD as clerk in the freight office at the Junction, Mr CHILD having been made ticket agent, and Howard WHIPPLE takes Mr. McCERRACKER'S place in Mr CARTER'S office.
1910 9 7 McKIM  A. H.  Bangor - A. H. McKIM has been spending a few days in Vermont on business.
1910 9 7 McKIM  A. H. Bangor - Thomas McKIM, of North Lawrence, spent Saturday and Sunday with A. H. McKIM.
1905 11 8 McKIMM Mr. & Mrs. Bangor - Mr. and Mrs. McKIMM entertained friends from out of town last week.
1910 4 27 McLAUGHLIN Robert (Mrs) The Birthday Club spent a pleasant day at the home of Mrs. Robt. McLAUGHLIN Saturday.
1914 10 28 McMILLIAN Miss Bangor - Miss McMILlAN, of Chateaugay, who is teaching a private school here,boards with Mrs Fred SNIDE.
1914 8 12 McMULLEN T. H. Bombay - Master Teddy TAYLOR of Montreal, spent the week-end at T. H. McMULLEN'S
1910 1 5 McNAIR Alex Trout River - Miss Tina WARDEN of Ft Covington is visiting her uncle, Alex McNAIR.
1914 8 26 McNAIR Howard Howard McNAIR is visiting for a few days with relatives in Burke.
1914 9 16 McNAIR Bernice (Miss) Fort Covington - Miss Bernice McNAIR has returned to her work in Bombay.
1914 9 16 McNAIR Merton Fort Covington - Merton and Howard McNAIR and Willard CUSHMAN spent Sudnay at Hopkins Point.
1900 8 1 McNAMARA Martin (Mrs) Skerry - Mrs Martin McNAMARA left for Springfield, Mass Wednesday morning for a two weeks visit with her two sons.
1926 1 20 McNAMARA Abbot West Brandon - Reginald McNAMARA, of Chicopee, Mass, is visiting his parents, Mr and Mrs Abbot McNAMARA
1926 1 20 McNAMARA Abbot West Brandon - Mrs Abbot McNamara and son Reginald,called on Mr and Mrs Earl TRIM Thursday.
1910 1 26 McNASSER Herbert Herbert McNASSERis seriously ill with measles.
1910 12 28 McNASSER Geo. Bangor - Mr and Mrs Geo McNASSER and son, Carl, visited at Newton KEELER'S Saturday.
1914 8 12 McNASSER Thomas Thomas McNASSER is suffering from a severe attack to eczema.
1914 9 16 McNAUGHTON Ruth (Miss) Fort Covington - Miss Ruth McNAUGHTON spent Sunday with friends in Malone.
1905 9 20 McVICHIE Mamie (Miss) Bombay - Miss Mamie McVICHIE was called to Martintown, Ont. To attend the funeral of her grandmother on Wednesday.
1904 7 6 MEACHAM Chau??? East Dickinson - Mrs. Chau??? MEACHAM, from Oklahoma Territory is visiting friends and relatives here.Mr MEACHAM will come later.There are others who went from this place who are also coming back.
1904 7 6 MEACHAM Jerry Owl's Head - Mrs Manchester, from New Haven, Conn has been visiting her uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs Jerry MEACHAM during the week
1904 7 6 MEACHAM Mr & Mrs Duane - Mr and Mrs MEACHAM, from Owl's Head attended the service at our church last Sunday.Rev Mr DAY delivered a fine sermon - Subject The Cross.
1929 2 20 MEACHAM Arthur (Mrs) Brasher Falls - Mrs Arthur MEACHAM has been visiting her mother, Mrs. Lucindia PEIRCE at Winthrop.
1905 5 31 MEARS Horatio West Bangor - Horatio MEARS has gone to St Regis Falls on business.He has two houses there and will repair and paint them before his return to West Bangor.
1905 11 8 MEEKER M. V. B. Moira - M. V. B. MEEKER is entertaining a niece from Boston.
1900 7 11 MEIGS Ferris J. Ferris J. MEIGS sung at the Congregational church last Sunday to the delight of the large audience present.
1914 7 8 MENARD Frank Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Frank F. MENARD, of Owls Head, had the misfourtune to cut the ends of the fingers of his left handd quite badly while working in the mill.
1926 1 20 MENO Joe West Brandon - Joe MENO, of Moira, was a caller in town Sunday.
1910 1 26 MERRICK Dr & Mrs. Fort Covington - Mrs LOCKWOOD of Burlington is visiting her parents Dr and Mrs MERRICK.
1914 9 16 MERRICK H. W. (Mrs) Fort Covington - Mrs H. W. MERRICK, who has been seriously ill, is able to ride out.
1914 8 26 MERRILL Miss Nicholville - Miss MERRILL now has a line of pretty fall hats for ladies and school girls.
1910 1 5 MERRITT Jennie (Miss) Skerry - The Senior L. T. L. met at the home of Jennie MERRITT last Thursday evening.The next meeting will be at the home of Mae McLAUGHLIN Saturday evening January 22nd.
1910 5 11 MERRITT Fred (Mrs) Skerry - Mrs Fred MERRITT who has been quite ill the past week with bronchitis and asthma is a little better at this writing.
1910 11 30 MERRITT Minnie (Miss) Miss Minnie MERRITT who has been very much crippled with rheumatism , is so much improved that she is able to be about again.
1914 3 18 MERRITT Jennie (Miss) Skerry - Miss Jennie MERRITT has gone to Malone to learn the dress-making trade.
1914 3 18 MERRITT Fred Skerry - Joe PRESPARE, of St Regis Falls, visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Fred MERRITT Wednesday.
1910 1 26 MEYHEW Edith Fort Covington - Miss Edith MAYHEW returned to Montreal Saturday.
1905 11 8 MILLER Ed Bangor - Ed Miller, of Ogdensburg, was in Bangor Monday.
1914 8 12 MILLER Floyd Floyd MILLER, the little son of Mr and Mrs Harvey MILLER, is ill with inflammatory rheumatism.
1917 7 11 MILLER Henry (Mr & Mrs) Mr & Mrs Henry MILLER and daughter, Charlotte, of Westville, Mr and Mrs Amos HAPGOOD, Beulah and Lawrecne HAPGOOD, Mrs Anna McGOWAN, Mrs D. McGOWAN, Harold, Ralph, and Lyle McGOWAN spent the Fourth at Mt. View.
1914 8 26 MILLS Mr & Mrs Nicholville - Mrs Luther BEEMAN and daughter, Bessie, of Troy, are guests of her parents, Mr and Mrs MILLS, and also Mr and Mrs Benj HOLCOMB.
1910 12 28 MILMOE Julia Hogansburg - Miss Julia MILMOE is taking a course in a Syracuse Medical College.
1926 1 20 MINER J. H. (Dr) ADVERTISEMENT:Dr .J. H. MINER, Chiropractor, 3 years Residence Course Graduate, 9 Years Experience and Practice, Hours 9-11:30a.m.; 1:30-5:00pm 7:00-9:00pm, 17 East Main Street Over Holmes' Variety Store Phone 73-J
1929 2 20 MOE Albert Burke - Among those who were ill the past week, we note Albert MOE and Mrs Clarence MANDIGO.
1910 12 28 MONAHAN E. J. Hogansburg - E. J. MONAHAN has been confined to the house the past week suffering from tonsillitis.
1917 7 11 MONICA Frank (Mrs) Mrs Frank MONICA is the guest of her father, E. P. PERKINS, at DUANE.
1904 7 6 MONTGOMERY Matthew Burke - Mr. Matthew MONTGOMERY has improved the looks of his residence by building a new piazza across the front.
1910 8 3 MONTGOMERY Frank (Mrs) Mrs Frank MONTGOMERY is the guest of her parents, Mr and Mrs SHURTLIFF, in Mooers this week.
1910 8 3 MONTROSS W. H. Mr and Mrs W. H. MONTROSS were guests Sunday at Will CADY'S near Malone;also going to Dundee and Fort Covington by automobile.
1905 9 20 MOODY Nellie (Miss) Owls Head and Chasm Falls - Miss Nellie MOODY, of Belmont, visited at Dr. HARWOOD'S this week.
1910 11 30 MOONEY Henry Henry MOONEY, of Albany, spent Thursday at the home of his parents here.
1900 7 25 MOORE Justice Bangor - Justice MOORE and wife spent some time at their son Henry's.They expect to return soon.
1903 7 1 MOORE George George J. MOORE, a graduate of the Albany Law School, class of 1902, who has also studied in the offices of Dist. Att'y Main, R. M. MOORE, and B. W. BERRY has passed his examinations for admission to the bar and has gone to Albany to be sworn in as an attorney.
1910 4 27 MOORE John Trout River - John MOORE is visiting his sister Mrs Alex WATSON in Dundee.
1910 8 3 MOORE Addie Fort Covington - Mrs Addie MOORE of Cooks Corners, was a caller here Friday.
1910 11 30 MOORE Grace (Miss) Miss Grace MOORE and MR BERRY, of South Bombay, attended the Thanksgiving exercises at this place Thursday night.Everything went off very nicely and all report having spent a very pleasant evening.
1914 3 18 MOORE Albert (Mr & Mrs) Trout River - Miss Myrtle MOORE, of Malone, spent a few days recently with her parents Mr and Mrs Albert MOORE.
1914 6 17 MOORE Addie (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Addie MOORE spent Tuesday with Mr and Mrs William SABIN and family of South Bombay.
1914 8 5 MOORE Louise (Miss) Bangor - Miss Louise MOORE, of Malone, spent the past week with her friend, Miss Frances WILSON.
1914 12 9 MOORE Mason (Mr & Mrs) Duane - Mr and Mrs Mason MOORE and son, Forest, visited relatives in Trout River Friday.
1935 1 3 MOORE Kenneth Malone - Kenneth MOORE who has spent the holiday secess at his home in Fort Covington, returned to Potsdam today where he is a student at Clarkson College.
1918 1 23 MOQUIN Henry Reynoldston - Mr and Mrs Peter MOQUIN, who have been spending a few weeks at Norwood, have moved in with Mr and Mrs Henry MOQUIN.Henry MOQUIN is on the gain.
1914 6 10 MOREY H. E.  Cooks Corners - H. E. MOREY was a business caller at Dickinson Center Tuesday.
1914 6 17 MOREY H. E.  Cooks Corners - H. E. MOREY spent a few days the past week with friends and relatives at St Regis Falls.
1914 8 26 MOREY H. E. (Mr & Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs H. E. MOREY are spending a few days with Rev and Mrs Charles HEATH of Forest Dale, VT.
1914 9 16 MOREY H. E. Cook's Corners - Mr and Mrs H. E. MOREY, who have been spending a number of days with Rev and Mrs Chas HEATH, at Forest Dale, Vt, returned home Thursday.
1914 9 16 MOREY H. E.  Cooks Corners - Myron WARD, of Turner's Falls, spent a few days the past week with Mr and Mrs H. E. MOREY.
1914 10 28 MOREY H. E. Cooks Corners - H. E. MOREY was a business caller at North Bangor Tuesday.
1914 10 28 MOREY H. E. Cooks Corners - H. E. MOREY transacted business at St Regis Falls and Dickinson Thursday and Friday.
1914 11 11 MOREY H. E. Cooks Corners - H. E. MOREY transacted business at St Regis Falls Wednesday.
1914 11 11 MOREY Lester Rev and Mrs Charles CAHEE and two children of St Regis Indian Reservation, were guests of Mr and Mrs H. E. MOREY Saturday.They also called on Mr and Mrs Lester MOREY.
1914 12 9 MOREY H. E. Cooks Corners - There will be an old fashioned donation Friday evening, Dec 18, for the benefit of Rev George Jock at the home of H. E. MOREY.A program will be rendered and supper will be served, after which a free offering will be taken.Everybody is cordially invited to attend.
1917 8 29 MOREY H. E. and Lester (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs H. E. MOREY and Mrs Lester MOREY and daughter, Lois, were business callers at Ft Covington Friday.
1917 8 29 MOREY Lester Cooks Corners - Albert McNAIR, of Fort Covington, and Harold HOWARD, of Ft Covington Center, visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Lester MOREY Friday.
1926 1 20 MOREY George West Brandon - Mr and Mrs George MOREY, Mrs DeEtta LaFLESH and Manuel LaFLESH attended the dance Friday evening at the Hill Top Inn in Nicholville.
1900 7 11 MORGAN Leona Miss Leona MORGAN returned Thursday from Ogdensburg where she had been spending the 4th with friends in the city.
1914 7 8 MORGAN Frank (Mrs) Burke - Mrs. Frank MORGAN and daughter, Ethel, left last week for Loon Lake, where they will spend the summer.
1914 11 4 MORRIS Frank (Mrs) Mrs FrankMORRIS, of Malone, who was formerly Miss Anna CASEY, was a recent guest of her mother, Mrs. Mary CASEY.
1900 4 4 MOTT Eunice DEATH - In Washington D. C., Friday, March 23, 1900, of paralysis and old age, Mrs Euncie MOTT, wife of the late Dr. Wm MOTT of Chateaugay, aged 76 years.
1900 7 11 MOTT Geo. Bangor - Geo. Mott spent a short time with his Bangor friends.
1900 7 25 MOTT George Bangor - Report says George MOTT goes to Colorado next week.
1900 7 25 MOTT Stella Bangor - Stella MOTT spent a few days at Piercefield with her father.
1900 8 1 MOTT Wilber Skerry - Wilber MOTT is down for a visit from Inman.
1901 6 5 MOTT Emma Miner Justice BREWER'S Marriage - A notable wedding occurs at Burlington, Vt this week, in which Franklin county people cannot fail to take unusual interest, for the bride-to-be is a native of this county and early in life attended Franklin Academy.She has also been an occasional visitor here in recent years, and was a cousin of the late Mrs W. D. BRENNAN, of Malone.She is to marry Justice David J. BREWER, of the United States Supreme Court, a man of national reputation for his erudition and profound knowledge of the law.The wedding is to be a private one and will take place at the home of Mrs. J. Lindley HALL, a niece of the bride-elect, who is none other than Emma Miner MOTT, a daughter of the late Dr William MOTT, of Chateaugay.After her course at Franklin Academy, Miss MOTT graduated from the Oswego Normal at the head of her class.She taught in the Howard Mission in New York, then several years in the High School at Fond du Lac, Wis, and later fitted young ladies for the Normal in this vicinity in order to be with her parents in their declining years.Her father died in 1885, after which, with her mother, she went to Washington , D. C. to be with her sister, Miss Clara E. MOTT, who held a position in the pension office.At Washington, Miss Emma MOTT resumed her duties as a teacher in the public schools and was repeatedly promoted until she became principal of the Morse School, which position she has held for the last four years.Mother and sister are now both dead, but Miss MOTT appears not to be alone, for she has found for life a distinguished companion of whom she is entirely worthy.This is the way it happened.At Washington she became a member of the First Congregational Church, where Justice Brewer some ten years ago began teaching a Sunday School Class.Miss MOTT was a member of his class and proves to have been a constant, apt and deserving pupil, for she learned to admire her instructor and that admiration seems to have been mutual.Judge Brewer has a summer home at Thompson's Point, on Lake Champlain, where the honeymoon will be spent.The wedding occurs on Thursday.
1901 6 12 MOTT Emma Miner Justice Brewer and Miss Emma Mott surprised their friends last week by celebrating their marriage one day earlier than had been published.The affair occurred Wednesday afternoon, nobody being present except the members of the family the bride's neice, Mrs. Hall, at whose home the wedding occurred.Rev G. G. Atkins, of the First Congregational Church, officiated and the ring service was used.The house was handsomely decorated with smilax, lily of the valley, roses and carnations, the latter being the bride's favorite flower, and the shades were drawn while the ceremony was taking place. The bride was gowned in light mode crepe de chene and wore a diamond pin.Her traveling suit was of dark mode kersey, with waist of Persian silk and Eton jacket and imported hat to match the suit.The happy couple are now at Judge Brewer's summer cottage, "Liberty Hall", at Thompson's Point, and will remain there about half the summer.
1901 12 18 MOTT Charles (Rev) Rev Charles MOTT, of Bloomingdale, was the guest of his cousin, Dr. HICKOK, last week.
1902 1 8 MOTT Geo. Bangor - Geo. MOTT of Piercefield, accompanied by his bride, spent a short time in Bangor last week.
1902 1 2 MOTT Stella Bangor - Stella MOTT goes to Massena to visit friends during her vacation.
1902 7 23 MOTT Buel H. Marriage- MOTT - SABIN At the M. E. Parsonage, Fort Covington, N.Y. July 11, 1902 by Rev W. H. ENGLISH, Buel H. MOTT and Netta SABIN, both of Fort Covington.
1902 8 27 MOTT Stella Bangor - Mrs. WILCOX and granddaughter, Stella MOTT, have been visiting relatives in Massena this week.
1903 1 15 MOTT Henry Henry MOTT, of Alburgh, Vt, a well known hay buyer and speculator, was drowned while driving across Lake Champlain from Rouses Point to his home last Friday.Mrs Halligan, of Rouses Point, saw a rig disappear through the ice, but people thought she imagined it and paid little heed to the story till there was inquiry for the missing man from his home.Then the ends of the runners of a sleigh were found sticking through the ice and further search by a large party resulted in the finding of his body.This was on Monday.The man's body was still in the sleigh over the dash board.Mr. MOTT'S first wife was drowned while riding across the lake on the ice with him about 15 years ago.
1903 9 9 MOTT Edward Edward MOTT of Rouses Point, was found dead in a room in the Massachusetts House in that village last week. Heart disease is given as the cause.He was forty-nine years old and is survived by a wife and three children.
1903 11 11 MOTT Newell Newell MOTT has been appointed postmaster at Dickinson.
1904 1 13 MOTT Geo. Geo. MOTT, of Piercefield, had his face badly burned by acid recently, while working in the Piercefield mill.It was at first thought that he would lose his sight, but his injuries will not be judged permanent.Geo is well known in this section of the country, having formerly resided in Bangor, and his many friends are glad to know that his injury, though painful, turns out to not be serious.
1904 1 16 MOTT George F. DEATH - In South Boston, Mass, Friday Dec. 18, 1903, of typhoid fever, George F. MOTT, aged 27 years.The remains were brought to North Bangor, his former home, for internment.He is survived by a wife, two daughters and an infant son.
1904 7 6 MOTT Stella Bangor - Stella MOTT has been in Bangor several days.
1905 5 31 MOTT Stearns North Bangor - Fire destroyed two homes last Wednesday, those of Stearns and George MOTT on the road leading northwest of this village.Fire caught somewhere about the chimney of Stearns MOTT'S house and the building was in flames before the inhabitants could do but very little to save their property.It is a peculiar thing that from here the heavy wind carried sparks past two other homes to the buildings of George Mott which were also entirely destroyed, together with about ten head of stock.These are both sad losses to their owners and our townspeople extend sympathy.It is said that George MOTT was insured for about $1,800 and Stearns MOTT for $1,000, neither of which begins to cover the loss.
1905 6 14 MOTT George George MOTT, of Piercefield, formerly of Bangor, was one of the delegates from the former place to the county assembly district and school commissioner conventions held at Canton Monday and Tuesday of last week.He called briefly on Malone friends on his return trip Wednesday.Mr. MOTThas been a resident of Piercefield for the past nine years.
1905 8 16 MOTT Frank Speaking of the recent fatal accident to Frank MOTT, 22 years old, on the railroad bridge at Rouses Point, the Chateaugay Record says: "Young MOTT had been in Rouses Point during the day, and started for his home at Windmill Point, on theVermont side of the bridge.When part way across he was overtaken by the night mail train and run over, both legs and one arm being severed from his body.Not withstanding his terrible injuries, he still retained his senses, and knowing that other trains were soon to follow, he made every effort to place his head across the rail so that the approaching trains might end his misery.He was unable to move and was obliged to lay in the position he was struck down while three other trains passes over him.As the last train was going by, the engineer happened to glance down and saw the prostrate man beside the track.He stopped his train and going back found the young man still conscious, who informed the engineer how the accident occurred, of his efforts to place his head on the rails and other incidents of the terrible suspense and requested that he be taken to his home which was only a short distance away.This was done, but the young man lived only a short time after reaching there".
1905 9 20 MOTT E. (Mrs.) Ft Covington - Mrs. E. MOTT, of Constable is the guest of her niece, Mrs. Jas. FARLINGER.
1905 9 20 MOTT Stella Stella MOTT, a graduate of Franklin Academy, 1905, has entered the Clarkson School of Technology at Potsdam.
1905 11 8 MOTT George North Bangor - Geo MOTT has purchased the Ed TARBELL place on Depot street, near the butter factory, and has taken possession.
1910 1 26 MOTT Stearns (Mrs & Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Stearns MOTT, of North Bangor, visited their daughter, Mrs. Geo HOWARD Friday.
1910 1 5 MOTT Stella Bangor - Stella MOTT is spending the holiday vacation with Bangor friends.
1910 1 5 MOTT Stella Bangor - Stella MOTT and Blanche DICKINSON returned to their schools near New York last Saturday.
1910 3 2 MOTT Elmina Mrs. Elmina MOTT, one of Constable's oldest and most highly regarded Christian women, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. G. A. HARMON in that town Sunday morning from the effects of a fall which she received a month ago in which her hip was injured.At her advanced age, 84 years, her strength was not sufficient to recuperate from the shock and she fell into a decline.Mrs MOTT was formerly a resident of Fort Covington.She was widowed by the death of her husband in the Civil War and continued to live there until her daughter's marriage and removal to Constable.She is also survived by one son, George MOTT, of Colorado.Mrs MOTT had been a devoted and consistent member of the Presbyterian church, Constable, for many years.The funeral occurs today (Tuesday) from her late home and her remains will be interred in Fort Covington.
1910 6 22 MOTT Buell Dickinson Center - Mrs Buell MOTT and Mrs Stearns MOTT visited the county seat on Friday.
1910 7 13 MOTT Luther W. Luther W. MOTT, of Oswego, has formally announced his candidacy for congress to succeed Congressman KNAPP who will not again be a candidate.
1910 7 13 MOTT Stella Stella MOTT came home from her schoolwork near New York last Monday to spend her summer with friends in Bangor.
1910 8 10 MOTT Stella Bangor - Stella MOTT spent a few days in Vermont, returning Saturday.
1910 8 17 MOTT Luther W.  Luther W. MOTT, the young Oswego banker, swept the caucuses of that county last week, defeating Judge STOWELL overwhelmingly.Both had announced their candidacies for congress, and complete returns of the county have given MOTT 220 delegates and STOWELL ten.MOTT carried Judge STOWELL'S own ward, the vote standing 186 to 149.The MOTT forces are called the reorganization forces of Oswego and it is evident that they have done their job well.Mr MOTT says that the next nomination for congress in that district belongs to Oswego and he expect to be nominated.
1910 9 7 MOTT Stella Bangor - Miss Stella MOTT is enteraining her friend, Kate Signor, of Ridgeway, Penn for a few days.
1910 9 7 MOTT Buell Dickinson Center - Mr and Mrs Buell MOTT and his nieces, the Misses HOWARD, and Mrs Clara STEARNS spent Friday at Lake Ozonia.
1910 11 30 MOTT Stearns Mr and Mrs Stearns MOTT and son, William, were guests of their daughter, Mrs Geo HOWARD, Thursday.
1910 11 30 MOTT Stella Bangor - Miss Stella MOTT, who is teaching at Castleton, VT, spent Thanksgiving at Fred BROWN'S.
1910 11 9 MOTT Stearns Cooks Corners - Stearns MOTt and wife, from Bangor, visited their daughter, Mrs George HOWARD, Sunday.
1910 12 28 MOTT Stella Bangor - Miss Stella MOTT, of Castleton, Vt, is spending her Christmas vacation at he home of Fred Brown.
1914 3 18 MOTT Jospeh (Mrs) Skerry - Mrs Joseph MOTT and son, Wilbur, and granddaughter, Lillian BASSETT, of North Bangor, visited Mrs MOTT's niece, Mrs Albert KERRY, last Sunday.
1914 6 10 MOTT Stearns (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Stearns MOTT, of North Bangor, visited her granddaughter, Mrs Lester MOREY, Wednesday.She also called on her daughter, Mrs. George HOWARD.
1914 8 26 MOTT Buell (Mrs) On Monday, Aug 17th, there passed away one of Dickinson's most highly regarded residents, a woman of the highest character and sterling Christian virtues, whose friends were only numbered by the extent of he acquaintanceship.Mrs Buell MOTT had been ill for about four years and for the past year had been in a serious condition from chronic tubercular peritonitis.Everything which medical skill could devise had been done for her but without avail, and she met her fate with Christian trustfulness in her heart and a smile on her face.Mrs MOTT'S maiden name was Nettie A. SABIN.She was born in Malone, the daughter of the late James W. SABIN.Her mother died when she was a child and she was cared for by and reared by her grandmother, Mrs Laura PETERSON SABIN of Fort Covington.About 12 years ago deceased married Buell MOTT, of Bangor, and most of their married life had been spent in Dickinson.She was much devoted to her home and stranger and friend always found a hospitable welcome there.She was an actiave and loyal member of the Dickinson Grange and also of Onieta Rebekah Lodge of St REgis Falls.During all her illness she received the unsparing and devoted attention of her husband; and her step-mother, Mrs Hattie SABIN of Dickinson Center, and sister, Mrs Clara STEARNS, of North Lawrence, were constantly with her the last few weeks, ministering to her needs and endeavoring to relieve her suffering.The funeral took place form the home on Wednesay, Aug 19th, Rev N. A. DARLING officiating; interment at Fairview cemetery.Among the many beautiful floral offerings were tributes from the Rebekah Lodge and the Grange.Mrs MOTT was 32 years of age.
1914 8 26 MOTT STEARNS Cooks Corners - Stearns MOTT and grandson Harold of North Bangor, called on Mr and Mrs Lester MOREY Friday.
1914 8 26 MOTT Buell (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs George HOWARD were called to Dickinson Center the past week by the death and burial of their sister, Mrs Buell MOTT.
1914 8 12 MOTT Buell (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Buell MOTT is slowly failing.
1914 8 19 MOTT Buell (Mrs) Cook's Corners -Mr and Mrs George HOWARD spent a few days the past week with their sister, Mrs. Buell MOTT, of Dickinson Center, who is very low at this writing.
1914 8 19 MOTT Stearns Cook's Corners - Mrs George HOWARD spend Wednesday with her parents, Mr and Mrs Stearns MOTT, of North Bangor.
1914 8 5 MOTT George (Mr & Mrs) Bangor - Mr & Mrs George MOTT started Saturday for their home in Portland, Oregon after spending several weeks past with relatives and old friends here.
1914 9 16 MOTT Stearns Cook's Corners - Mr and Mrs Stearns MOTT, of North Bangor, spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs George HOWARD and family.
1914 10 28 MOTT Stearns Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Stearns MOTT of North Bangor, accompanied by their daughter, Mrs George HOWARD, visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Eugene HOADLEY Sunday.They also called on Mr and Mrs William WYLIE, of Westville.
1914 11 11 MOTT Stearns Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs George HOWARD and son, Charalie, spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Stearns MOTT and family, of North Bangor.
1914 11 4 MOTT Harold Cooks Corners - Harold MOTT of North Bangor spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Lester MOREY.
1914 12 9 MOTT Buell Dickinson Center - BuellMOTT and Floyd ELMER attended the basket ball game at Malone Friday evening.
1914 12 9 MOTT William Cooks Corners - William MOTT and Miss HARWOOD, of North Bangor, spent Sunday evening with Mr and Mrs Lester MOREY.
1917 8 29 MOTT BUELL Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs BUELL MOTT and son, Dean, of Dickinson Center, Mr and Mrs Stearns MOTT and son, William, and grandson, Harold, of No. Bangor, were guests at the home of Mr and Mrs George HOWARD, Sunday.
1918 1 23 MOTT Buell (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Buell MOTT was taken to the Hepburn Hospital at Ogdensburg where she underwent quite a serious operation.
1918 5 29 MOTT William May 27 - The marriage of William Mott, of North Bangor, to Miss Hazel Griffith, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Griffith, occurred on Wednesday of last week, May 15th.The ceremony was performed by Father Simard, of Trout River, at St. Bridget's Church of that place.The young couple were attended by Miss Havilah Griffith, sister of the bride, and Cleave Kirkpatrick, of Massena, a cousin.Immediately after the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Mott left for Utica on their honeymoon, remaining in that city until Monday.On their return home they were given a wedding dinner at the home of the bride's parents,Mr. and Mrs. Henry Griffith.Both young people have a large circle of friends who wish them many years of happy wedded life. They will make their home with the groom's parents in Bangor, where he will carry on the old farm. Many beautiful gifts were presented to the bride and groom.
1934 5 20 MOTT William Tupper Lake - Long Search for Body of William Mott in Waters of Cranberry Lake is Rewarded - Funeral to be in Tupper Lake - Canton.Tupper Lake:The body of William Mott, aged 65 years, veteran guide, hunter and lodge keeper, of Cranberry Lake, who was drowned in the deep waters of Cranberry Lake 18 days ago, was recovered late yesterday afternoon by his son-in-law, Edward Lattray, and three CCC boys from the camp at Wanakena, who had been working with Mr Lattray in the search for the past two weeks.The party was grappling from a rowboat about three miles from the victim's place, Wild Cliff Lodge, when the body was discovered.Following the finding of the body, Dr S. Pope Brown, coroner, of Potsdam, was summoned and issued a verdict of death from accidental drowning.The body was taken to the undertaking parlors at Canton following the coroner's inquest and verdict, and funeral services will be held at Canton Sunday afternoon at 1:00 o'clock with interment in that village.The accident which resulted in William Mott's death by drowning occurred 18 days ago, when the veteran guide was returning to his home from Cranberry Lake Village in his power boat, which was loaded with 700 pounds of coal.The boat was equipped with a heavy automobile engine.It is believed that the boat struck a snag or some other obstruction in the lake, causing it to sink immediately and carrying Mr Mott down with it.Search for the body was begun immediately and was continued without intermission, state troopers and others searching over the entire lake in the effort to locate the body.At a comparatively recent date the boat was located and raised, but at that time no trace of the body was found.Mr Mott is survived by his widow, Mrs Nellie Mott and one daughter, Mrs Blanche Lattray, both of Cranberry.Mr Mott was 65 years of age.He was for many years a guide and hunter in the Cranberry Lake sector.He was the owner of Wild Cliff Lodge which he conducted, and owned the boat in which he was operating when the tragic accident occurred in which he was drowned.
1934 5 10 MOTT William Tupper Lake - Motor Boat of Wm. Mott is recovered.Search is Continued in Cranberry Lake for Body of Guide Believed to Have Been Drowned in Accident.Tupper Lake - Wednesday, men who had been dragging the waters of Cranberry Lake for three days for the missing 55 year old guide, Wm. Mott, located his 32 foot launch and brought it to the surface.As yet however searchers have failed to locate the victim who was alone in the launch at the time.The boat was powered by a heavy automobile engine and carried a load of coal which Mott was taking to one of the lake camps.The weight was sufficient to sink the boat quickly in the event of accident and it may never be known what happened.The victim was a veteran guide and boatman and had been well known on the lake for many years.
1903 7 1 MUNSILL N. H. (Mrs.) Mrs. Cornelia H. SMITH, of Bristol, Vt, has been visiting at the home of Mrs. N. H. MUNSILL.
1901 6 5 MURRAY Walter J. Walter J. MURRAY graduated from the Reserve Hospital in Manila recently.Out of a class of 51 only 19 passed.
1910 6 15 MURRAY Grace Miss Grace MURRAY was at home on Sunday.
1929 2 20 MURRAY W. J. Brasher Falls - W. J. MURRAY, who has been suffering with blood poisoning in his hand, is much improved.James MURRAY is working for him.
1903 7 1 MURRAY  Lottie Miss Lottie MURRAY has been visiting friends in Brasher Falls.
1904 1 16 MURRAY-McGOVERN MARRIAGE - At the home of the bride, St Regis Falls, NY, Monday Dec 28th 1903, by Rev Wm THOMAS, Mr Bert E. MURRAY, of McClure, Ohio and Miss Phoebe A. McGOVERN of St Regis Falls.The bride is one of the foremost young ladies of St Regis Falls,president of the Epworth League there and recently bookkeeper for DOUGLASS & SOUTHWORTH.For years she was a compositor in the office of the Adirondack News.The groom is an electrician at LeRoy, where the happy couple will no doubt make their future home.
1901 5 22 MUZZY Charles Death - At Victoria Hospital, Montreal, P.Q., Thursday, May 16, 1901, of tuberculosis and peritonitis, Jennie HAVENS, wife of Charles MUZZY, aged 27 years.
1900 8 1 MYERS J. H. (Dr) Dr J. H. MYERS and family are enjoying a brief outing at Lake Titus, occupying the BERRY cottage.Next week DR. MYERS goes to Chautauqua where he will deliver four Bible lectures before the Deaconess conference in session there.He expects to be absent about two weeks.
1929 3 6 MYERS G. A. North Lawrence - Mr and Mrs G. A. MYERS attended the funeral of Mrs MYERS' mother in Ingersoll, Canada last week.
1914 7 8 NASON Josiah Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Josiah NASON, an old and much respected resident of the west part of this parish, was very ill last week, but is somewhat better at this writing.
1910 1 26 NELSON C. E.  Fort Covington -C. E. NELSON of Ogdensburg was a caller in town Friday.
1910 1 5 NESBIT William Trout River - Mr and Mrs William NESBIT entertained the three Montreal students, Mr PROCTER and two college friends during the holidays.
1910 11 30 NEWELL U. C. Nicholville - The many friends of U. C. NEWELL are pained to learn of his serious illness.Dr Alguire, of Cornwall was called on Friday.
1914 7 15 NEWELL Clarence (Mr & Mrs) South Bombay - Mr and Mrs Clarence NEWELL and daughter, Blanche, of Bay Pond, visited at Daniel RICHARDSON's a few days last week.
1900 7 25 NILES Leola Dickinson Center - Mrs Leola NILES came home from Loeminister, Mass last Wednesday.She expected to come home, but not so soon. Her mother, Mrs Andrew POTTER, being sick.
1905 5 31 NILES Dea. S. Dickinson Center - We are pleased to see Dea. S. NILES on the streets again after a protracted and serious sickness.
1910 6 22 NILES Noble (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Noble NILES and Mrs Emily PECK spent Thursday and Friday with Mr. And Mrs Rupert TARBELL in North Bangor.
1914 8 12 NILES Raymond Dickinson Center - Raymond NILES recently spent a couple of days in Cornwall.
1900 4 4 NILES-HAZEN MARRIAGE - In Malone, N.Y., March 27th, 1900 by Rev T. G. CASS, Mr Vincent NILES and Miss Nellie HAZEN.
1914 7 22 NOKES Elwood Mr and Mrs Elwood NOKES and Mrs Augusta AVERY spent one day recently in Burke with Mr and Mrs Hiram AVERY.Mrs Augusta AVERY remained in Burke for a visit.
1935 1 3 NORTHRIDGE Esther (Miss) Malone - Miss Esther NORTHRIDGE, sent to Watertown today after spending New Year's with relatives here.She will go from Watertown to Sea Cliff, Long Island, to resume her duties as a teacher in the schools there.
1900 8 8 NOYES H. B. (Mrs) DEATH - In South Bolton, Que, July 27th, 1900, of old age, Mrs. H. B. NOYES, in her 88th year.Mrs NOYES formerly resided in Bangor.She leaves five children to morn her loss, John P. of Cowansville, Que, Almon H. of Newport, Vt., Mary DREW of Santa Clara, N.Y., Roxana DILLABAUGH, of North Lawrence, N.Y. and Mrs David DUSTIN, of North Bangor, N.Y.
1917 8 29 O'BRIEN Francis Hogansburg - Francis O'BRIEN spent his vacation at Lake Placid.
1935 1 5 O'BRIEN Charlotte Hogansburgh - Mrs Charlotte O'Brien, who spent the past week at Massena, the guest of her daughter and husband, Mr and Mrs A. HITER, has returned home.
1910 12 28 O'DELL Rita (Miss)  Bangor - Miss Retta O'DELL has gone to spend the winter with her sister, Mrs May FARR.
1929 3 6 O'DONNELL Anna (Miss) North Lawrence - Miss Anna O'DONNELL was a weekend guest of relatives in Malone.
1914 8 19 OLMSTEAD Mary  Duane - Mrs Mary Ohmstead goes to Potsdam this week to visit relatives.
1900 7 25 ORCUTT Josie (Miss) Dickinson Center - MissesJosie and Susie ORCUTT returned last Wednesday from their visit in Plattsburgh.
1900 8 1 ORCUTT B. L.  Skerry - B. L. ORCUTT transacted business here Thursday.
1905 11 8 ORCUTT B. L. Dickinson Center - B. L. ORCUTTmade a business trip to Ogdensburg on Monday.
1910 9 7 ORCUTT Josie Dickinson Center - Misses Josie and Susie ORCUTT and Mayme C. REID spent Saturday with Mrs H. B. DOUGLAS in St. Regis Falls.
1910 9 7 ORCUTT B. L. Dickinson Center - B. L. ORCUTTtransacted business in Malone on Friday.
1910 9 7 ORCUTT H. B. (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs H. B. ORCUTT spent Friday in Malone.
1914 7 22 ORCUTT Josie (Miss) Dickinson Center - Miss Josie ORCUTT has returned from Massena.
1914 12 9 ORCUTT F. M and H. B. Dickinson Center - F. M. and H. B. ORCUTT spent Sunday at Massena.
1910 7 13 ORTON Bert Misses Marguerite and Gerttrude FINAN, of Malone, visited at Bert ORTON'S this week and called on old friends.
1910 11 30 ORTON Bernice Westville - The Misses Vernice and Myrtle ORTON, who attend school at Brushton, also spent Thanksgiving with their parents, Mr and Mrs W. L. ORTON.
1914 6 10 ORTON W. L. (Mr & Mrs) Mr and Mrs N. B. JACKSON of Oneida, are visiting the latter's parents, Mr and Mrs W. L. ORTON of Westville and friends in Brushton.
1910 1 26 ORVIS Violet (Miss) Miss Violet ORVIS was given a surprise party on Saturday evening by about 30 of her young friends.Light refreshments were served and the evening was very pleasantly spend in games and social intercourse.Miss ORVIS is to leave on Tuesday for Loeminster, Mass where she has a desirable position awaiting for her.
1905 9 20 OSTRANDER H. M. H. M. Ostrander, formerly of Plattsburgh, has engages as a clerk with H. D. THOMPSON & Co., and will bring his family here October 1st.
1901 12 18 OTIS Millard (Mrs) Mrs Millard F. OTIS, of Saranac Junction, recently visited friends and relatives in town.
1902 7 23 OTIS Sarah DEATH - In Bellmont, N.Y., Friday July 18th, 1902 Mrs Sarah OTIS, widow of the late John OTIS, aged 83 years.Mrs OTIS leaves surviving two sons, William and Augustus, of Bellmont, and four daughters, Mrs. Andrew McGOWAN, Mrs MANEELEY and Mrs. ROBBINS of Belmont, and Mrs. JENSON, of Malone.The funeral was held from the Bellmont church Sunday afternoon and was so largely attended that all could not gain admittance.The mourning in the community was universal for this noble Christian woman who had been a member of the M. E. Church for over 50 years.Rev A. L> SMITH officiated at the funeral.
1905 11 8 PACKARD Mrs. Bangor - Mrs. PACKARD, of West Bangor, visited her sister, Mrs. KERRY last Friday.
1905 9 20 PADDOCK Mildred (Miss) Ft Covington - Miss DOWNER, OF Springfield, Mass is visiting Miss Mildred PADDOCK.
1904 7 6 PAINE B. F. (Mrs.) Burke - Mrs. B. F. PAINE from Champlain visited relatives in town last week.
1905 11 8 PAINE C. F.  Burke - Mr. and Mrs. Luther LOUKES, from Swanton, Vt are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. PAINE and daughters.
1910 1 26 PALMER James (Mr & Mrs) Mr and Mrs Will BIGELOW, of Bloomingdale, are visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs James PALMER.Mr PALMER has not been as well the past week.
1910 3 2 PALMER J. B. J. B. PALMER, who was well-known in this section as a local preacher in the M. E. church, died suddenly Wednesday nigh at his home in West Stockholm.He returned Monday from Bloomingdale where he has been filling Rev C. P. HOGLE'S pulpit, the latter being in Bangor holding meetings.On his way home on Monday he stopped in Malone to visit with old friends.He was in the store of O. S. RHOADES and spoke of being in excellent health.His taking away was a great shock to his many friends.He had been a commercial traveler for the past 28 years, having been in the employ of several well-known firms.He had retired from the business recently and as he expressed it, he was going to take life a little easier.He owned a small farm in West Stockholm and had other business interests.He is survived by his wife and one daughter who is married and lives near the old home.Mr RHOADES attended the funeral which occurred from the late home of the deceased on Sunday.
1910 6 22 PALMER Charlie (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Charlie PALMER and members of the Sunday school class enjoyed a picnic dinner today (Saturday) at Fairladies Park.
1910 9 7 PALMER Jane (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Jane PALMER is confined to the house with a lame knee which causes her much suffering.
1914 8 19 PALMER Charles (Mrs) South Bombay -Mrs Charles PALMER and two children, of Santa Clara, visited at George RUSSELL's the past week.
1914 8 19 PALMER Stella and Nettie South Bombay - Stella and Nettie PALMER visited their brother, Daniel Palmer, of Richville, last week.
1910 9 7 PARKS Frank G. Dickinson Center - Frank G. PARKS leaves today (Monday) for Monroe, Mich, to resume his school duties.He expect to visit Potsdam on the way.
1914 7 22 PARKS Everett Dickinson Center - Everett PARKS returned from Lake Placid on Friday.
1914 7 22 PARKS O. E. (Mr & Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mr and Mrs O. E. PARKS and little son Richard, Mrs H. E. SMITH and Miss Lois DAWSON spent Friday in Potsdam.
1929 3 6 PARKS Frank (Prof) Dickinson Center - Prof. Frank PARKS spent Thursday evening in Malone and attended the auto show.
1904 7 6 PEARSON C. Bangor - Mr. and Mrs. Andrew of Massena are guests at C. PEARSON'S.
1910 11 30 PEARSON Ruth Bangor - Ruth PEARSON is very sick at this writing.
1910 12 28 PEARSON Ruth Bangor - Ruth PEARSON is much betterat this writing.
1902 1 2 PEARSONS Mrs. Bangor - Mrs PEARSONS' family entertained friends Christmas Day.
1914 7 22 PECK Emily (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Emily PECK and her niece, Mrs Fred ROSCO, and little son, spent several days at Brushton last week, visiting Mr and Mrs Ernest HASKELL.
1905 11 8 PEETS David Moira - David PEETS has been quite sick with the measles.
1914 6 10 PERKINS Elias (Mrs) Skerry - Mrs Carrie MAGOON, who has a position in a sanatorium in Indiana, is at home helping to care for her mother, Mrs Elias PERKINS, who is very ill.
1910 7 13 PERRAH Amos Amos PERRAH went to Hogansburg the Fourth to attend the celebration.Quite a crowd from here were present.
1904 7 6 PERRIGO Ray (Mr. & Mrs.) Burke - Miss Isabel ALLEN and Mr. Thomas ALLEN, from Ottawa, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ray PERRIGO.
1926 1 20 PERRIGO Muriel (Miss) Burke - Miss Muriel PERRIGO is visiting relatives in Ottawa, Can.
1929 2 20 PERRIGO Ray Burke - Mr and Mrs Frank HOWE of Malone were callers at the home of Mr and Mrs Ray PERRIGO on Sunday.
1914 12 9 PERRY Nepoleon (Mr & Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mr and Mrs Nepoleon PERRY and family, of Moira, have moved onto the WADE place.
1900 7 11 PERSON C. Bangor - Dan BULGER and family will occupy the dwelling house of C. PERSON on Depot St.for the season and will move in this week, as Mr Person and wife expect to be absent from town the remainder of the summer.
1934 12 1 PERSON Milton Milton PERSON Passes Away at Bangor Home
Worthy Resident Expires This Morning Following Protracted Illness - Funeral to Be Monday Afternoon at 1 O'clock.Milton G. Person died at this home in Bangor at 5:30 o'clock this morning.He had been in poor health for two years and had been confined to his bed for the past two months.He had failed more rapidly during recent weeks and it was realized by his family and friends that he could not long-survive. His boyhood years were spent in Brandon but he had lived in Bangor the greater part of his life, where he had the good will and esteem of many friends.He was a painter and paper hanger by occupation and was regarded as a very capable man in this line of work.He had many acquaintances in Malone who share with Bangor friends in the deep regret occasioned by his passing.Mr Person was twice married.His first wife died several years ago.Three years ago he was united in marriage with Mrs. Catherine BASSETT, who survives him.He also leaves four brothers, Wallace PERSON, New Fane, VT, Wade of Springfield, MA, Lucius, Holyoke, MA and Herbert, of Tarpon Springs, FL; besides two cousins, Clark THOMAS, of Brandon, and William DRURY, North Bangor.The funeral will be held at the home in Bangor on Monday at 1 p.m.Rev G. L. NICHOLS, pastor of the Bangor M.E. Church and Rev Bennett, pastor of the Brandon Center Church, officiating.The interment will be in the Bangor Cemetery.
1935 1 3 PERSON Catherine Mott North Bangor - There passed away at her home, Bangor on Wednesday morning, Jan 2, Miss Katherine Person in her sixtieth year.Deceased was born at North Bangor and was a daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Joseph Mott.Mrs Person was twice married, First to Burton Bassett of Barre, VT in 1894. (I do not believe this is correct - Burton and Catherine were both single in the 1900 census of Barre)who predeceased her some ten years ago, and in 1930 she married Milton Person, she passed away early in December last.A great sufferer for about two years with rheumatic affection and later blindness, complications set in which caused her death.Possessed of a beautiful Christian character; always optimistic against great physical afflictions; deeply grateful for any and every service rendered; a model patient, and a woman of the highest Christian ideals.One could scarcely visit her without feeling and being better for it.She had always lived an exemplary life and joined the Holiness Movement Church about five years ago.Her pastor Rev ?? Bennet held a brief service at the home, non but immediate relatives being present on account of the critical condition of the sister Mrs Clark Thomas, who has so faithfully and devotedly cared for and nursed the deceased.Interment was made at Barre, VT, her former home.With Mrs Thomas, Mrs Harvey Partridge of Barre, VT, and a number of nephews and niece survive.A brother and sister predeceased Mrs Person several years ago.
1910 8 10 PERSONS Milton Bangor - Milton PERSONS, who has his employment at Paul SMITH'S, spend Sunday with his wife.
1914 11 4 PETERSON Emma(Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Emma PETERSON and two children, of Springfield, Mass, who have been visiting relatives and friends here, returned home Monday.
1910 7 13 PETTY Lowell (Mrs) Fort Covington - Mrs Lowell PETTY, of Brushton, was the guest of relatives Friday and Saturday.
1910 11 30 PETTY Lowell  Mr and Mrs Lowell PETTY, of Brushton, visited their brother and sister, Mr and Mrs Charles SMITH.Mr PETTY is very poorly.Mrs Chas. SMITH is improving slowly.
1914 10 28 PETTY Lowell (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Lowell PETTY of Brushton visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Chas. SMITH Friday.
1900 4 4 PHELPS Flora (Miss) Moira - Miss Edna Tryon, of St Regis Falls, is visiting her friend, Miss Flora PHELPS.
1914 8 19 PHELPS Ornage (Mrs) South Bombay - Mrs Orange PHELPS visited relatives at St Regis Falls over Sunday.
1903 7 1 PHILLIPS Pearl (Miss) Miss Pearl PHILLIPS has gone to Plattsburgh, her former home, to spend her summer vacation.
1910 7 13 PHILLIPS Hattie (Mrs) Miss McCARTHY, of Lawrenceville, is boarding at Mrs Hattie PHILLIPS.
1902 8 27 PLUMB Helen (Miss) Bangor - Miss Helen PLUMB of North Bangor and Clara KEELER are the teachers engaged (so we hear).
1905 5 31 PLUMB Erla (Mrs) North Bangor - Mrs. Erla PLUMB is spending a few days with her mother, Mrs. Franklin BARNUM preparatory to going to fill the position of housekeeper at "The Algonquin" on Lake Placid for the summer.Master William PLUMB will spend the summer in Bangor.Messrs. Clifford PLUMB and Charlie WELLS go to Quebec this Monday evening where they have positions awaiting them at Hotel Frontenac.
1914 8 5 PLUMB C. R. (Mr & Mrs) Bangor - Mr & Mrs C. R. PLUMB and son Lawrence, and Mrs Ella LAWRENCE and Mrs Earlie SPAULDING motored to Saranac Lake Saturday.
1917 7 11 PLUMB George George PLUMB, who is employed at Loon Lake, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr and Mrs H. F. PLUMB.
1910 11 30 PORTER Mildred Nicholville - Miss Mildred PORTER attended the wedding of her cousin in Lisbon Tuesday night and expects to spend the remainder of the week visiting relatives and friends in that place and Ogdensburg.
1900 7 11 POTTER Sarah (Mrs) Mrs Sarah POTTER has gone to Meacham Lake where she will be employed during the balance of the summer.
1905 9 20 POTTER Charles Charles POTTER, of Wilkesbarre, Pa is the guest of his mother, Mrs. Sarah POTTER, on Academy Street.
1905 11 8 POTTER N. H. (Mrs.) Dickinson Center - Mrs. N. H. POTTER left Tuesday for Loeminster, Mass to spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Leola NILES.
1910 9 7 POWELL Henry Dickinson Center - Deretta, the little daughter of Mr and Mrs Henry POWELL injured one of her fingers recently by getting it caught in the cogs of the clothes wringer.
1929 2 20 PRAIRIE / LAWRENCE Burke - The marriage of L. PRAIRIE and Viola LAWRENCE took place Monday morning, Feb 11th at St George's church, Rev Fr. DUSSAULT officiating.
1914 10 28 PRESTON Nancy The body of Mrs Nancy PRESTON former resident, was brought to the Stevens cemetery Saturday for burial.
1910 5 11 PROPER/STEENBERGE MARRIAGE - At the Wesleyan Methodist parsonage in Burke, by Rev Carlos C. HILL, Mr Walter PROPER of Burke and Miss Blanche STEENBERGE of Malone. 
1914 9 16 PRUDY Frank Whippleville - Frank PURDY has exchanged homes with Levi MARLOW and expects to move to Tevonville soon.
1900 10 3 PULLING Albert Birth - In Derrick, N.Y., Thursday, Sept 13, 1900, a daughter to Mr and Mrs Albert PULLING
1900 8 8 PURDY Nelson BIRTH - In Owl's Head, N.Y. Monday July 23, 1900, a son to Mr and Mrs Nelson PURDY.
1910 6 15 QUAIN Peter Peter QUAIN called on friends in Bombay Sunday.
1914 6 17 QUINN Peter This Sunday morning Peter QUINN is reported much better.
1926 1 20 QUINN James  West Brandon - James QUINN spent the week-end with friends in Brushton.
1910 9 7 RAMSDELL Estella (Miss) Dickinson Center - Miss Estella Ramsdell enters the high school at St Regis Falls for a post graduate course.
1914 7 22 RAMSDELL Dorothy (Miss) Dickinson Center - Miss Dorothy Ramsdell returned Saturday evening from a pleasant camping trip at Henderson Harbor with a party of Watertown friends.
1914 8 12 RAMSDELL M.B. Dickinson Center - Mrs. M. B. RAMSDELL, of St Regis Falls, spent Saturday at H. N. RAMSDELL'S.
1929 2 27 RAMSDELL H. N. (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs H. N. RAMSDELL returned last Saturday from Brushton where she has been caring for her mother, Mrs. PAGE.
1901 12 18 RANKIN Jennie (Miss) Miss Jennie RANKIN, of Chateaugay, was the guest of Mr and Mrs G. H. MAIN last week.Miss RANKIN has many friends in Malone.
1910 8 17 RAYMOND Julius Julius RAYMOND, who formerly conducted a store in Bellmont, and Frank FRANCIS have purchased the grocery and meat market of John DELARM Sr., on the Flat and are now in possession.The name of the new firm is RAYMOND AND FRANCIS.They will no doubt enjoy a good trade.
1929 2 27 REID Frank West Brandon and East Dickinson - The very deepest sympathy is extended Mr and Mrs Frank REID and family in the death of their son which recently occurred.
1905 9 20 REYNOLDS E. G.  Bombay - E. G. REYNOLDS is putting up a double tenement house across the road from F. R. SWEET'S.
1905 11 8 REYNOLDS Jefferson Moira - Jefferson REYNOLDS, who has been employed at Tupper Lake for the past year, has moved his family there recently.
1910 11 30 REYNOLDS S. P. (Mrs) Nicholville - On Thanksgiving day Mrs. S. P. REYNOLDS received a shower of 11 cards for which she wishes to thank her friends.
1914 8 26 REYNOLDS F. (Mr & Mrs) Mr and Mrs BETTS, who have been the guests of Mr and Mrs F. REYNOLDS, have returned to their home in Renfrew, Ont.
1918 1 23 REYNOLDS J. Newton Reynoldston - J. Newton REYNOLDS and son, Leroy, spent a few days in Malone recently.
1910 8 10 RHEOME Charlie (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs Charlie RHEOME spent Thursday with her parents, Mr and Mrs Henry WOOD.
1910 9 7 RHEOME Charlie (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs Charlie RHEOME and daughter spent Saturday at Henry WOOD'S.
1914 6 10 RHOADES Alonzo (Mr & Mrs) Mr & Mrs Alonzo RHOADES welcomed a son to their home on Peru St. the past week.
1902 1 2 RICH David (Mrs) (Laura) ?North Bangor? - Mrs David RICH, who has lived with her son, Byron RICH, for many years, died last Thursday.Mrs. RICH had been blind for about 20 years and had been also very feeble for some time past.She bore her affliction with great Christian grace, which made it a pleasure to friends to be with her.Mrs. Rich was long a member of the Methodist Church.She was eighty-four years old.
1917 7 11 RICH George (Mr & Mrs) Mr & Mrs George RICH, Willis and Junior RICH and Vincent RUSSELL, the Misses Lelah and Mildred SPERRY, Howard BROCKWAY, Dr. F. W. McCARTHY and family, William BRACE, Mr and Mrs F. H. HILDRETH, Mr and Mrs James HILDRETH and Doris, Mr and Mrs Harrison WILCOX, Howard and Ralph BERRY spent the Fourth at Fraser's Point.
1917 7 11 RICH Gladys (Miss) Miss Gladys RICH has gone to Loon Lake, where she has employment for the summer.
1900 7 25 RICHARDS Hattie Bangor - Hattie RICHARDS is visiting her friends in Brandon for awhile.
1910 1 26 RICHARDSON Florence Fort Covington - Mrs Florence RICHARDSON of Watertown is visiting friends in town.
1910 11 30 RICHARDSON Merl Merl RICHARDSON had the bad luck to cut tow of his fingers quite badly Friday while working in his father's shop.
1914 8 19 RICHARDSON Daniel (Mr & Mrs) South Bombay - Mrs Orr SMITH and two girls, Mildred and Ethel, of Brasher Falls, visited the former's parents, Mr and Mrs Daniel RICHARDSON Thursday.
1914 11 11 RICHARDSON W. A.  Dickinson Center - W. A. RICHARDSON was a caller at South Bombay Sunday.
1929 2 27 RICHARDSON Wm (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Wm RICHARDSON is hom e for the week-end.
1914 7 22 RICHEY Amos CONSTABLE - Amos RICHEY, who has been in Chicago, returned home the past week.He expects to remain here with his mother for some time.
1903 7 1 RICHMAN Louis (Mr & Mrs) The indictments against Mr and Mrs Louis RICHMAN, of New York, charged with stealing a $25000 diamond necklace at Alexandria Bay, have been dismissed on the ground that Mrs RICHMAN is insane and there was no evidence to incriminate Mr RICHMAN.
1910 1 5 RIDER H. K. Mr and Mrs T. G. WILSON of Sand Hill, were guests at H. K. RIDER'S on Thursday last week.
1910 1 5 RIDER H. K. Mrs Ella LAWRENCE and daughter Mary of Bangor, were callers at H. K. RIDER'S Wednesday.
1910 5 11 RIELLY James Trout River - 
1902 7 23 RILEY Edward (Mrs) DEATH - In Bangor, N.Y. Tuesday, July 15, 1902 of Paralysis of the stomach, Mrs. Edward E. RILEY, aged 62 years.
1900 4 4 RIVERS Oscar BIRTH - In Brushton, N.Y. Sunday, March 18, 1900, a son to Mr. and Mrs Oscar RIVERS
1914 11 11 ROACH H. S. H. S. ROACH has just returned from the East, wher he went with two carloads of potatoes.Market prices are very low.
1914 8 5 ROBERTSON Martha (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs. Martha ROBERTSON has returned home after spending a few weeks atLake Titus.
1900 8 8 ROBY Charles DEATH - In Burke, N.Y. Monday, Aug 6th, 1900, Charles ROBY, aged about 75 years.Mr ROBY was a well known citizen, having resided in Burke ever since 1867; with the exception of six or seven years following the death of his first wife, which he spent with his children in Malone.He was born in Swanton, Vt, and was formerly foreman in the marble works there.At Burke he followed farming, and was a substantial, upright citizen, always jovial, kind and generous.He was exceedingly patriotic, and served three years in the Civil War, being a good soldier.His funeral occurs Wednesday at the M. E. Church, of which he was for many years a constant and devoted member.Brennan Post, with which he was affiliated, has charge of the burial.He leaves surviving, his wife, and five children by his first wife, Charles, Frank and Mrs. J. E. BEARDSLEY, of Malone; Arthur and Mrs. Frank CHILDS, of Burke.Many friends of the family will join with them in mourning his loss.
1905 9 20 ROBY Morton H. Morton H. ROBY, of Albany, is visiting his old home and taking in the fair this week.
1914 8 19 ROCKHILL Clayton (Mrs) South Bombay - Mrs Clayton ROCHKILL and two children were guests of the former's sister, Mrs Harry BERRY, a few days the past week.
1910 6 15 ROCKWELL Verness North Bangor - Master James, little son of Mr and Mrs Verness ROCKWELL is very ill with pneumonia.
1905 9 20 ROCKWOOD H. S. (Dr.) Bombay - Dr. H. S. ROCKWOOD has his new house well under way, and the outside of the new church is about completed.(transcriber's note: it is unclear if the church construction is related to Dr. Rockwood - but they are in the same sentence).
1910 8 3 ROED Mr & Mrs West Bangor - Mrs Gardner DICKINSON and Mrs F. DICKINSON of Bangor were the guests of Mr and Mrs M. ROED Friday.
1900 4 4 ROGERS Elmer Elmer ROGERS, for five years a clerk in Howard LYMAN'S store at Whippleville, has resigned his position and expects to go to Piercefield to take a place in the railroad office there.
1910 1 26 ROLLINS Homer (Mrs) Mrs Home ROLLINS is in Cornwall Hospital for treatment.
1929 2 27 ROLLINS Wm. (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Wm ROLLINS, Earl HAZEN and Lawrecne POWELL are numbered with the sick.
1929 2 27 ROLLINS Wm Dickinson Center - Mrs Dorothy HODGKINS of Winthrop visited her parents, Mr and Mrs Wm ROLLINS Wednesday and Thursday.
1929 3 6 ROLLINS All? Mrs All? ROLLINS is still very ill at her home here.
1904 7 6 ROOD Milo Bangor - Milo ROOD entertained his brother from Des Moines, Iowa last week.
1905 5 31 ROOD Milo West Bangor - The Kings' daughters of West Bangor, served a supper at the home of Mr and Mrs Milo ROOD May 23. A very pleasant evening was enjoyed by all. Receipts nearly nine dollars.
1903 7 1 ROSS Jessie I. (Miss) Miss Jessie I. ROSS goes this week to Grand Isle, Vt to make her home there with her father for the future.Her permanent departure is deeply regretted by many warm friends in town.
1914 8 12 ROSS Anna (Miss) Bombay - Miss Anna ROSS leaves on Tuesday on a trip to Niagara Falls.
1914 10 28 ROSS H. Bangor - Mr and Mrs H. ROSS of Dickinson vistied relatives here Saturday.
1903 7 1 ROSSITER Rev Revs ROSSITER, BLANCHARD, and St JACQUES, of Malone, attended the annual retreat of the Catholic clergy at Cliff Haven last week.
1917 8 29 ROWE Libbie (Mrs) Owls Head - Mrs Libbie ROWE recently entertained her sister Mrs. CHAFFEE, of Rensselaer Falls, for a few days.
1910 4 27 ROWLEY Michael Trout River - Michael ROWLEY has gone to Albany where he has employment.
1914 7 15 ROWLEY Michael Trout River - Michael ROWLEY is very ow at the home of his sister, Mrs John ARMSTRONG.
1900 4 4 ROYCE S. R. Brushton - Born Tuesday March 29, a daughter to Mrs and Mrs S. R. ROYCE.
1900 7 25 ROYCE W. B. (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs. W. B. ROYCE came home from Mountain View Wednesday.She will return in a few days.
1900 7 11 ROYCE W. B. (Mrs.) Bangor - Mrs. W. B. ROYCE and daughter Marion, are sojourning a while at their cottage in Mountain View.Cora LAWRENCE and Fanny ADAMS are with them.
1902 8 27 ROYCE Marion Bangor - Marion ROYCE is at Mountain View for a week or two.
1910 7 13 ROYCE Estella (Mrs) Mrs Estella ROYCE and two children spent the week visiting Mrs. GONYEA at West Bangor.
1910 8 10 ROYCE W. B.  Bangor - Mrs and Mrs W. B. ROYCE spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs Will McLENNAN at North Bangor.
1910 9 7 ROYCE W. B. Bangor - Mr and Mrs Will McLENNAN and baby spent Sunday at W. B. ROYCE'S.
1910 11 30 ROYCE Chas (Mrs) Bangor - Mrs Chas ROYCE of North Bngor spend a couple of days with Mr and Mrs C. E. PEARSON.
1914 6 17 ROYCE Roba (Miss) Miss Roba ROYCE has returned from Syracuse University for the summer vacation.
1914 10 28 ROYCE William Bangor - Mr and Mrs William ROYCE of Swanton, Vt, spent a few days with Mr and Mrs W. B. ROYCE.Thye were united in marriage Oct 17, 1914 and are spending their honeymoon in this vicinity.
1917 7 11 ROYCE Mr & Mrs Bangor - Mr & Mrs ROYCE are staying with her brother, F. G. SPAULDING for the present.
1902 1 2 ROYS Sid ?North Bangor? - Santa Claus showed partiality in his distribution of Christmas presents.He left a baby girl at Sid ROYS.
1905 11 8 ROYS Hazel (Miss) North Bangor - Miss Hazel ROYS of Ft Covington was in town over Sunday.
1910 6 22 RUBADOU Susan Hogansburg - Mrs Susan RUBADOU, of Ironton, was a caller here Tuesday.
1914 11 4 RUSER Mr West Bangor - Mr RUSER of Malone was a caller in town Thursday.
1900 8 1 RUSHLAW Jerry Skerry - Jerry RUSHLAW is building a silo.
1910 1 26 RUSHLOW Jerry Jerry RUSHLOW has purchased the HARRISESELTINE sugar works.
1914 3 18 RUSHLOW Jerry Skerry - Miss Haidee REYNOLDS, of Reynoldston, was the guest of Mr and Mrs Jerry RUSHLOW last Sunday.
1900 4 4 RUSSELL George (Mrs) Miss Frances WOOD, of St Albans, is expected in Malone today (Tuesday) to visit her sister, Mrs George RUSSELL, and other friends.She will only remain a few days.
1905 3 15 RUSSELL Jessie Bangor - Jessie RUSSELL was a guest of Harriet SPAULDING recently.
1905 5 31 RUSSELL Herbert (Mrs.) Moira - Mrs. Herbert RUSSELL and two children, of California, are at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs Homer PAGE, for the summer.
1905 9 20 RUSSELL George H. George H. RUSSELL, a prominent resident of St. Lawrence county to whom we referred recently as having suffered a stroke of paralysis, died at his home in Winthrop last Friday.The deceased was a progressive and energetic businessman who had amassed a considerable fortune.The funeral was held on Monday from his late residence.Mr. Russell was associated with A. C. ALLISON and E. A. DOUGLAS of this village in extensive lead and zinc mines at Joplin, Mo., and was also joint owner with Mr. ALLISON in the property known as Lotus Isle, a few miles below Ogdensburg.The deceased was 51 years of age.
1905 11 8 RUSSELL Herbert (Mrs.) Moira - Mrs. Herbert RUSSELL and two children, who have been spending the summer at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer PAGE, started Monday on her return trip to California.
1910 6 15 RUSSELL Newell North Bangor - Alfred C. DOW has bought the place of Newell RUSSELL, known as the Frank LaCOMB place on East Main street.Consideration $1,000.He has also bought a place on Depot street of the same party.Consideration $500.
1914 7 22 RUSSELL Joseph Joseph RUSSELL of Briggs Street hurt his hand on the hay rope rencently while working for George LAHEY; shortly after a fly bit him on the sore and blood poisoning immediately set in.He securred prompt medical aid and is doing very nicely now.
1914 8 12 RUSSELL Victor Bombay - Mr and Mrs Victor RUSSELL, of Rochester, are visiting relatives here.
1914 8 19 RUSSELL George (Mrs) South Bombay - Mrs Jennie SPEARS and two children Howard and Carl of Rome, and Mrs Charles WHITE of Malone, were guests of Mrs George RUSSELL yesterday.
1914 8 19 RUSSELL Mary  South Bombay - Mrs Sarah CROSS of Bombay, and Mrs Melvin FOWLER of Lowell, were visitors at Mrs Mary RUSSELL's Thursday.
1914 8 19 RUSSELL Jennie (Miss) South Bombay - Miss Jennie RUSSELL, who has been spending the past two weeks at home returned to her position at Malone this morning.
1914 9 16 RUSSELL Cad Fort Covington - Cad RUSSELL, of Springfield, is in town.
1900 4 4 SABIN Hattie Moira - Mrs. Hattie SABIN and Mr and Mrs Guy C. DEWEY, of Malone, spent Sunday with their parents.
1902 1 2 SABIN William Cook's Corners - William SABIN is home form the East for the holidays.
1903 7 1 SABIN George George SABIN has been appointed a member of the Malone village board of health and Justice of the Peace.F. H. BRYANT has been appointed acting police justice to serve whenever Police Justice EARLE may be incapacitated or out of town.
1905 3 15 SABIN Charles Moira - Mr and Mrs Charles SABIN, of Malone, visited at Samuel BIDGOOD'S on Friday.Mrs BIDGOOD returned with them for a week's visit.
1910 11 9 SABIN Edward (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Edward SABIN is visiting her father and sister in Bombay for a few days.
1914 8 26 SABIN William (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Earl POTTER, of Montreal, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs Wallace AVERY, is spending a few days with Mr and Mrs William SABIN of South Bombay.
1914 11 11 SABIN Edward (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Edward SABIN is gaining quite rapidly.
1914 11 11 SABIN Edward Cooks Corners - Herbert SMITH of Bombay was the guest of Mr and Mrs Edward SABIN Saturday and Sunday.
1914 11 4 SABIN Edwin (Mrs) Cooks Corners - Mrs Edward SABIN has returned home from the Ogdensburg City Hospital.Her many friends hope for a speedy recovery.
1918 1 23 SABIN Hattie Dickinson Center - The Red Cross Society met with Mrs Hattie SABIN Friday afternoon.There were fourteen ladies present.They meet this week with Mrs. Anna GILES.
1929 2 27 SABINS Hubert West Brandon and East Dickinson - Hubert SABINS, who was so seriously hurt while working in the woods at Cranberry Lake, is better.
1914 7 8 SAFFORD  Truman (Mr & Mrs) Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Mr GILMORE, of Haverhill, Mass, came up with his wife and daughter to Chasm Falls a week ago.Mr GILMORE was obliged to return to Haverhill after a frief stay, but Mrs GILMORE with her daughter will remain for a while with her parents, Mr and Mrs TRUMAN SAFFORD.
1914 7 8 SAFFORD  M. J. (Mrs) Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Miss Nettie WESCOTT, of Albany, is spending a week with her cousin, Mrs. M. J. SAFFORD, at Mountain View.
1914 8 5 SAFFORD  Carrie Chasm Falls and Owls Head -A sneak theif entered the woodshed of Mrs Carrie E. SAFFORD on River Street, one night last week and stole a new bicycle belonging to her son, Earl H. SAFFORD.
1914 8 5 SAFFORD  Truman Chasm Falls and Owls Head - Mrs William JONES, of Manchester, N.H. and Mrs Clinton GILMORE, of Haverhill, Mass, who with their children, have been visiting their parents, Mr and Mrs Truman SAFFORD, on Wescott street, will return to their homes whis week.
1910 4 27 SALTER Ernest Trout River - Ernest SALTER went to Albany last week, where employment awaited him.
1900 10 3 SAMPICA Fred Birth - In Chateaugay, N.Y., Sept 9, 1900, a daughter to Mr and Mrs Fred SAMPICA.
1910 1 26 SAMPSON L. L. (Mrs) The grippe is quite prevalent here at present.Among its victims the past week are Mrs. L. L. SAMPSON, Mrs H. B. ORCUTT, Mrs Emily PECK, Miss Ida ROLLINS, Hardy SHAW, Guy McCLURE, and H. E. SMITH.
1910 9 7 SAMPSON E. J. Dickinson Center - Mrs Davis GARDINER and two children, Ralph and Donald, of Felts Mills, are guests of her parents, Mr and Mrs E. J. SAMPSON.
1914 8 26 SAMPSON E. J. E.J. SAMPSON went to Bay Pond to remain over Sunday with his son, Alfred.
1914 8 12 SAMPSON E. J. Dickinson Center - Paul Gardner, who is employed at Bay Pond, visited his grandfather, E. J. SAMPSON, over Sunday.
1910 9 7 SAMSON L. L. (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs. L. L. SAMPSON and Mrs O. E. PARKS visited Mrs George ELLITHROP in Nicholville on Wednesday.
1918 1 23 SAMSON L. L. (Mrs) Dickinson Center - The ladies of the M. E. Church are to serve a 5 o'clock supper at the home of Mrs. L. L. SAMSON Saturday evening, Jan 26th.Price of supper 25 cents.
1910 6 22 SAN JULE F. E. Hogansburg - Mrs PLUMADORE, of North Lawrence, spent the past week at F. E. SAN JULE'S.
1900 4 4 SANCOMB Earl DEATH - In Chateaugay, N.Y., March 21, 1900, Earl, son of Mrs and Mrs. Edward SANCOMB aged about four years.
1900 7 25 SANFORD Mary (Mrs) Dickinson Center - Mrs Mary SANFORD, of Pennsylvania, is here visiting relatives and friends.
1910 11 30 SanJULE Agnes (Miss) Miss Agnes SanJULE returned from Bay Pond Friday evening.
1914 8 26 SANJULE Jennie (Miss) Miss Jennie SANJULE, of North Lawrecne, visited Mrs. C. E. BURNAP this week Monday.
1910 4 27 SANTAMOUR Rosa Bangor - The ladies of the W. C. T. U. are to meet with Mrs. Rosa SANTAMOUR at North Bangor Thursday P.M.
1910 8 10 SAPULDING Floyd Bangor - Floyd SPAULDING was elected trustee at the school meeting Tuesday night.
1910 4 27 SARGENT J. H.  Bangor - Mr and Mrs J. H. SARGENT, of Brushton, were among the attendants at church last Sunday afternoon.They are former residents of this place and are always welcome visitors.
1901 12 18 SAUNDERS Oscar C. Oscar C. SAUNDERS has decided to locate in Chicago.His many friends in Malone will wish for his unbounded success.
1904 7 6 SAYLES A. L. (Mrs) Moira - Mrs A. L. SAYLES, who has been ill for the past week, is able to be out of doors again.
1910 7 13 SAYLES Delia (Mrs) Mrs. Delia SAYLES and Miss Lula GEDDES went to Lake Placid Saturday for the summer.
1910 1 26 SCHNEIDER L.(Mrs) Mrs Emma HUTLETT has returned home after spending several weeks with her daughter Mrs. L. SCHNEIDER
1910 9 7 SEAVER Albina Dickinson Center - Mrs Albina SEAVER was a caller in St Regis Falls on Friday.
1901 5 22 SEGUIN Frank Death - At Chasm Falls, N.Y., Thursday, May 16, 1901, of heart disease, Frank SEGUIN (or SAWYER) aged 80years.
1904 7 6 SELKIRK Chas. Duane - Chas. SELKIRK had the misfortune to lose a valuable horse last week.
1904 7 6 SELKIRK Chas. Duane - There was abut $15 realized at the strawberry social at Chas. SELKIRK's last Friday evening.
1914 8 12 SELKIRK John (Mrs) Miss Hannah TAYLOR or Montreal, is the guest of Mrs John SELKIRK.
1904 7 6 SELLARS Mary (Miss) Burke - Misses Mary SELLARS and Cassie COOPER have gone to Loon Lake where they have employment at the Loon Lake House.
1910 1 26 SELLECK Albert Bangor - Albert SELLECK and daughter, Bertha, spent Thursday at Brushton at the home of N. WAGGONER.
1910 1 26 SELLECK Truman Bangor - Truman SELLECK returned to his home in Winthrop Saturday afternoon.
1910 12 28 SELLECK Walter Bangor - Walter SELLECK is in New York with a carload of potatoes for Fred BROWN.
1914 9 16 SELLECK Albert Albert SELLECK is on the sick list.
1914 10 28 SELLECK Walter Bangor - Walter SELLECK is making cottage cheese at the Springfiled Creamery.
1900 10 3 SEYMOUR Charles Birth - In Tupper Lake, N.Y., Sunday Sept 19, 1900, a son to Mr and Mrs Chas SEYMOUR.
1914 8 12 SHALES Ellen (Mrs) Dickinson Center - George SHALES called on his mother, Mrs Ellen SHALES on Saturday.
1914 8 12 SHALES Mrs Dickinson Center - Mrs Alfonso ROLLINS and her mother, Mrs SHALES, spent Friday at No Lawrence.
1929 2 20 SHATTTUCK E. O (Mrs) Burke - Mrs Corbitt, who spent the winter with Mrs. E. O. SHATTUCK left on Tuesday for her home in Canada.
1914 8 19 SHEAN Winifred Winifred SHEAN is spending a time with her mother in Burker.
1910 5 11 SHEEN Mary (Mrs) Trout River - Mrs May SHEEN is in Burke caring for her mother who is very ill.
1910 11 30 SHEEN M. (Mrs) Mrs M. SHEEN is ill at her home.Dr RUST, of Brushton, attends her.
1914 3 18 SHERWIN Caroline (Mrs) Skerry - Mrs Caroline SHERWIN, of Malone, visited at the home of her son, Delbert, the past week.
1914 3 18 SHERWIN Delbert (Mrs) Skerry - The Birthday Club had a very pleasant day with Mrs Delbert SHERWIN Thursday.A bountiful dinner of chicken pie and other good things was served.The next meeting will be with Mrs Fred HUTCHINS on Thursday, Mar 19th.
1914 10 28 SHERWIN Delbert Delbert SHERWIN, Jerry RUSHLOW and Allison McLAUGHLIN had the good luck to capture two find deer the first of the week.
1905 5 31 SHIELDS J. J. (Mrs) Bombay - Mrs MILLER of Canada had been visiting her sister, Mrs. J. J. SHIELDS.
1905 9 20 SHIELDS W. C. Bombay - W. C. SHIELDS, J. J. SHIELDS, J. W. BLANCHARD and Wm. MCKENNA attended the State fair at Syracuse this week.
1914 8 12 SHIELDS W. C. Bombay - W. C. SHIELDS and son Harold, spent a few days last week in Quebec.
1918 1 23 SHOVA Mr. Mr SHOVA, of Malone, has purchased the farm ofJohn SULLIVAN known as the McDONALD place.
1926 1 20 SIMMONS Carlton West Brandon - Mrs DeETTA LaFLESH and daughter spent several days last week with her sister, Mrs Carlton SIMMONS in Nicholville.
1929 2 20 SIMMONS Carlton West Brandon and East Dickinson - Mr and Mrs Carlton SIMMONS visited his parnets, Mr and Mrs Royal SIMMONS at Brushton Sunday.
1929 2 27 SIMMONS Carlton West Brandon and East Dickinson - Mrs Carlton SIMMONS attended the funeral of Miss Mable LINCOLN at Brushton Saturday.We were all so grieved when we learned of the death of Mable, the daughter of Mrs. Willis SIMMONS and Mrs Horace LINCOLN which occurred last Thursday morning.She had been ill since last November with inflammatory rheumatism, then had pneumonia, but was better and able to be up when she again had an attack of pneumonia and only lived a few days.She was a very sweet child of about eleven years of age and to know her you just had to love her, she had such a charming personality.She will be so missed by her relatives and a host of schoolmates and friends.We all unite in extending our very deepest sympathy to the heartbroken mother and other relatives.
1929 2 27 SIMMONS Vincent West Brandon and East Dickinson - Vincent Simmons of Far Hills, N.J. is visiting at the home of his aunt, Mrs. Wilbur LOUEY.
1929 2 27 SIMMONS Willis West Brandon and East Dickinson - Willis SIMMONS of Brushton called on Manuel LaFLESH one day last week ans Mrs Ray THOMAS spent Sunday with him.
1914 8 26 SIMSER Albert Albert SIMSER and son, Mert, of Massena, spent Monday with Mr and Mrs BURNAP.
1905 11 8 SKERRY James (Mr. & Mrs.) Bangor - Mr. & Mrs. James SKERRY spent Thursday at Moira.
1910 9 7 SKERRY Mr Bangor - Allison STEVENS, of Onset, Mass, spent a couple of days at Mr SKERRY'S recently.
1914 10 28 SKERRY James Bangor - James SKERRY has recovered from his illness so that he is about the streets again.
1904 7 6 SKERRY  James Bangor - Mr and Mrs James SKERRY, with J. A. SKERRY and daughter, Georgia, from Providence, R.I., and Carrie LAWRENCE spent Thursday enjoying a day's outing among the foothills of the Adirondacks.
1910 4 27 SLEEP A. G. (Rev) Bangor - Rev A. G. SLEEP preached his last sermon here Sunday afternoon.Communion was served and a class of five young ladies was admitted to the church.While we are sorry to have Mr SLEEP leave us, all wish that his work in other fields may be crowned with success.
1910 9 7 SLOCUM Rev Dickinson Center - Rev SLOCUM (or STOCUM - not clear) occupied the M. E. pulpit on Sunday afternoon, the pastor Rev BAYLISS being absent.
1914 9 16 SMALLMAN Hazel Fort Covington - Miss Hazel SMALLMAN, who has been spending the past two months with her grandparents, Mr and Mrs LONG of Dexter, NY, returned home last week.Miss SMALLMAN will enter St Lawrence University this fall.