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Niles, Mott, Ladd, Kinsley, Armstrong and Demyan Families of Vermont

This Bible is in the possession of Mr. Ross Andrews.   In 2007 he wrote:

“My wife's family has a house on the lake here in Charlotte (VT) that has been in the family since the 1880's (we're here on vacation at the moment). My father in-law was cleaning out a room last week and found a box of bibles that our great Aunt collected at yard sales in Vermont, probably in the 40's and 50's. One of them has an extensive family history in it, so I pulled a name out and Googled it and found your site.”          Thank you Ross.


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John Eddy and Adaline Niles were married August 19, 1844

(Transcriber’s note – Adaline Mott was married first to Cleveland Niles who died in 1843)

Henry C. Ladd & Louise Eddy married Jan 15, 1874

Henry A. Ladd & Etta Munroe married Aug 8, 1900

Henry A. Ladd & Edith A. Kinsley married March 16, 1905

J. W. Armstrong & Edith K. Ladd married Aug 4, 1925



   See Death Page

Clement Eddy died Sept 17, 1856

Adeline eddy died May 31, 1891

John Eddy died Aug 13, 1897

Henry C. Ladd died March 23, 1911

Louisa Eddy Ladd died Dec 2, 1938

Henry L. Armstrong died Dec 14, 1935

John Warren Armstrong died Feb 5, 1951

Henry Abner Ladd died Aug 26, 1954


Births (1st page)

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John Eddy was borne June 23, 1810

Adaline Eddy was borne May 13, 1812

Jackson Eddy was borne Sept 14, 1845

Peter Eddy was borne June 17, 1847

Louisa Eddy was borne May 14, 1852

Clement Eddy was borne Sept 10, 1855

Emily Eddy was borne Dec 18, 1856


Births (2nd page)

       See 2nd Birth Page

Cleveland Niles was borne July 30, 1799

Palmer Niles was borne Nov 19, 1829

George M. Niles was borne June 29, 1832

Freeland Niles was borne Aug 2, 1834

Paul C. Niles was borne Oct 16, 1836

Alfred Niles was borne Nov 30, 1840


Death (recorded on Birth 2nd page)

Cleveland Niles died Dec 12, 1843

Births (3rd page)

      See 3rd  Birth Page

Henry Abner Ladd, son of Henry C. and Louise Ladd, Nov 9, 1876

Edith Kinsley Ladd, daughter of Henry C. and Etta Ladd, Aug 21, 1901

Henry Ladd Armstrong, son of Edith R Ladd and John W. Armstrong, Feb 8, 1927

Mary Robbins Armstrong  April 1932

John Warren Armstrong  April 1938

Elaine Marie Demyan, daughter of Mary Robbins Armstrong and Robert Paul Demyan, May 23, 1955

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