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Transcribed by Karen Duval

These entries were transcribed just as they were written. There are some births, deaths or marriages written more than once.  Heman Mott and Matilda Young Mott began this documentation, later entries are by his daughter Elizabeth Mott Hill, Elizabeth’s daughter Elizabeth Hill Johnson and Elizabeth Hill Johnson’s daughter Dorothy Johnson Lehman.

Joseph / Clarinda Mott Family  Bible
Copyright 1801

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Joseph Mott was born (page torn)
Clarinda Mott was born June 17, 1769
Joseph Mott was born Nov. 8th 1752 died July 20th 1843
Clarinda Mott wife of Joseph Mott was born June 17th 1769  <>Clarinda Mott died August 8th 1857
Betsy Mott was born Sept 21st 1788
Betsy Rich dide July 19th 1870
Marvin Mott was born March 20th 1790
Marvin Mott died 23rd Feb 1813
Thomas Mott was born May 18th 1792
Thomas Mott dide September 3rd 1853
Joseph M. Mott was born November 6th 1794
Joseph M Mott dide June 13th 1873
Benjamin Mott was born Oct. 30th 1796
Benjamin Mott dide June 13th 1873
Danford Mott was born 24th April 1799

Danford Mott dide January 28th 1879

Clarinda Mott was born 28th November 1803

George Mott was born 24th January 1806
Phebe Mott was born 7th June 1808   Died 7th April 1810
Phebe Mott was born 5th March 1815

Heman Mott Bible
Copyright 1854

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 Page 1 Marriages

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Heman Mott and Matilda Young was married Febuary 15th  1848 
Talbert Hill and Elizabeth Mott married December 20th 1866

C.W Cheeseman and Dorcas Mott was married May 15th 1870
Oscar Mott and Amanda Stinchcomb were married Nov 6th 1879

Oscar Mott and Emma Stewart were married Feb 16th 1887
Oscar Mott and Rosalind Clammon were married May 12th 1901

Herman S Mott and Thressa Harvey were married Jan 1st 1893
Clark Johnson and Elizabeth V Hill were married Sept 19th 1906
Fred Carl Lehman and Dorothy Maud Johnson were married November 29th 1936

 Page 2 Births 

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Charles Young                          Elizabeth Young
June 5th 1780 (or 1785)              Nov 22nd 1785


Alexander Young                      Dorothy Maud Johnson
Nov 22nd 1805                           born Sept 13th 1908

 J. Walter Harvey Mott
was born Nov 9th 1902

Herman S Mott
was born June 24th 1904

 Anna Marie Mott
was born May 28th 1906

Emma Mott
was born Sept 1, 1907


Page 3 Births

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Heman Mott                             Matilda Young
was born June 2nd 1826              was born Oct 17th 1824

Aaron C Mott                           Elizabeth Mott
was born Feb 22nd 1849           was born Oct 5th 1850

Charles H Mott                         Dorcas Mott
was born May 20th 1855          was born March 1st 1853

Oscar Mott                               Herman S Mott
born Feb 6th 1857                     born July 22nd 1864

Charles Irving Mott                   Charles David Hill
born Oct 13 1895                       born May 21st 1869

Lillian Beatrice Mott                  Elizabeth Viola Hill
born August 24th 1897               Dec 11th 1877 morning

Maybelle Elizabeth Mott            Maybelle Cheeseman
born May 17th 1900                   Oct 23rd 1877

                                                 Willis Irving Cheeseman
                                                 Aug 7th  1882

                                                 Bessie Maud Hill
born Sept 13 1875

Page 4 Deaths

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Aaron C Mott Dide April 5th 1853                        Charles Young Oct 12th 1858 

Charles H Mott dide January 25th 1854                 Elizabeth Young Jan 24th 1865

 Alexander Young March 30th 1890                     Elizabeth Hill Dec 29th 9-35 am
                                                                          27yrs. 2 mos. 24 days
Year 1877

Bessie Maud Hill died Feb. 8th 1898
Age 22 yr. 4 mo. 25 da.    
Matilda Young Mott died May 27, 1908              Clarinda Mott died Feb 18th 1883.
at 5-35 a.m Aged 83 yrs. 7mos. 10 dys.
                                                                        Dorcas M. Cheeseman June 27th 1889
Heman Mott died November 8th 1916                 age 36 yrs  2 mos. 27 days

at 12-35,aged 90 yrs. 5 mos. 6 dys.    

                                                                       Emma Mott died May 16th 1892 7pm


  Oscar Mott died March 12th 1921                  Dorcas Viola Fisher died Jan 30th 1913
 at 7-45 am age 63 yrs. 1 mo. 6 dys.     
Herman S Mott died Oct 18th 1929 3:15 pm

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