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8-15-1799   to   3-7-1846

Lida Mott Dalzell (1877-xxxx)  granddaughter of Ephraim, traced her Alburg Mott ancestry and gave this information to her niece Marilyn Mott in 1966.  These pictures are now are a wonderful part of the Alburg, VT Mott history.

Ephraim was born in Alburgh, Grand Isle Co, VT about 10 years after his father Jacob Mott and mother Hannah Williams Mott moved their family from Dutchess County, NY with several other Motts who were Loyalists.  Settling in what was to become Alburgh, VT they thought that they were in Canada.   Ephraim married his half-first-cousin, Sally Mott on 12-7-1820 in Alburgh and they had six children that can be traced into adulthood.  The sixth child, Henry Mott was born just 2 miles over the line in Canada, and when he was about six months old Ephraim moved his family overland by wagon to Illinois and settled near Newark, Kendall Co, IL.

In the beginning, life was hard in Kendall Co, IL.  Mention is made of Ephraim Mott and his family the the 1877 book, "History of Kendall County, Illinois" by Rev E. W. Hicks.  The wife of an early settler, Luman Preston, kept a diary of her time in this area and she wrote "For the first few years we saw hard times.  We were often in danger of being burnt out by prairie fires, and had to plow furrows and burn spaces around us for our protection.  Our first stovepipe I made myself out of oak boards, after soaking them well in salt water to make them incombustible.  It lasted a month or two.  Once, while we were waiting for Jackson's mill to be finished, we ran out of flour and meal.  Some of the neighbors did not taste bread for weeks.  Ephraim Mott and family lived with us, and we made corn meal with a grater and jack-plane, and lived like kings."

Ephraim had pneumonia and was "bled to death"in 1846.  He is burried at Millington-Newark Cemetery.
His gravestone is still clear and intact today - 150 years after his death.  Only the 4 in 1846 is worn with age.


Marilyn Mott Brown has generously provided these pictures of Ephraim's youngest son, Henry Mott and his descendants.

Left to right:  Eddie and Merton Mott, Marion Witt Mott and Henry Mott at Lost Springs, Marion Co, KS

  1. 1 Uncle Mert   2 Aunt Mabael (Mert's 2nd wife)   3 Uncle Will   4 Mabel - Uncle Will's 2nd wife
  2. 5 Uncle Hal Dalzell   6 Junior Mott (Uncle Will's son)   7 Aunt Lida Dalzell   8 Edith D. (Lida's daughter)
  3. 9 Uncle Tom   10 Mabel (wife of Uncle Tom)   11 Mansie Mott   12 Charlie Mott 
  4. 13 Eddie Mott (Mert's Son)
  5. 14 Beth Mott   15 Gayle Mott   16 Tommy Dalzell   17  Wid Dalzell   18 Marion Mott   19 Billy Mott
  6. 20 Marion Witt Mott   21 Henry Mott (Son of Ephraim W. Mott)   22 Tommy Mott 
  7. 23 Ila (Adopted daughter of Herb/Carrie Pratt)   24 Bob Mott   25 Virginia Mott
  8. 26 Ruth Dalzell (Lida Mott's Daughter)

Left to Right:  Aunt Cora, Will, Genevieve, ?, ?, Grandpa Henry Mott, Mert, Aunt Lida Mott Dalzell, 
?, ?, Herb Pratt, Aunt Carrie Pratt, ?.


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