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VOLUME 1  (May 1802 to April 1878)
(Last update: 23 Feb 2000)
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 The Baptist Church of Jesus Christ constituted on the waters of Hickams
Creek on the 29th day of May, 1802. It being in Smith County
of Tennessee. Dedicated by * Hightower.
Being the elder of the Baptist Faith.
The names of the Members then incorporated.

Male Members                           Female Members

1.James Kitchen                        1. Mourning Kitchen
2.William Coats                         2. Nancy Coats
3.Thomas Jordin                        3. Mary Bethel
4.Sampson Bethel                      4. Betsy Campbell
5.John Campbell                        5. Elizabeth Hodges
6.Joshua Conger                        6. Agnes Farrier
7.Francis Jordan
8.Cantrell Bethel
9.Thomas Allen
10.Nathaniel Farier

SPECIAL REFERENCE TO SALEM, NEW SALEM, ENON AND WISEMAN ASSOCIATIONS" Written by J.H. Grime and published in Nashville, Tennessee in 1902; This would be John Hightower who along with Alexander Devin dedicated this church in 1802.

 Page 2 

Articles of Faith of the Baptist Church at Brush Creek.
1. We believe in the being of one only living a ___ God Almighty
eternal and unchangeable, of infinite Wisdom, power of Holiness,
Justice, Goodness, Mercy, and truth, and that this God has revealed
himself in his words under the characters of Father, Son, and Holy

Article 2nd  We believe that the scriptures of the Old and new
Testaments to be the Word of God, of divine authority containing
all things necessary to be known for the Salvation of men and
Women, and that it is the Only infallible rules for Our faith
and obedience.

Article 3rd   We believe Adam by transgression fell from that state
of original rectitude in ___ he was at fe__ treated.
And that he involved himself and all his ___ful pos-
terity in a state of death, and for that Or____  were
both guilty and filthy in the sight of God and _______ terly out
of the power of man and as a fallen creature so
of God perfectly repent truly for sin or believe
__vingly until drawn by the spirit of God.

Article 4th. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ
___ the adorable Trinity did in time take upon ____ ____ human
body in Which as man did perfectly keep the ___ ____, died
__ Mount Calvery(sic) was buried, arose the ___ ____ ascended in
Heaven and is the Only Savior of ___ ___ when we
look for redemption.

Article 5th. We believe all Gods-elect are ___ ___ life effectually
___ by his grace, ___ by the ___ ____ ___ __gh _ous_
of Christ sanctified in a measure and are so kept by the
power of God, through faith unto eternal Salvation, and that
____ of Regeneration is only perfected by the Holy Spirit
through means of which God hath ordained.

Article 6th. We believe that Baptism and the Lords Supper
____ __inances both belonging to the converted
___ ___ ___ that the only Scriptural mode for Baptism.

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 Article 7th  We believe that a Gospel Church is a collective body.
Christís members called by grace, changed by regeneration
of the spirit of God, justified by Christ's righteous__ss im_____
then by adoption into the household of faith.

Article 8th. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will descend
Whever (sic) he now Si__er glory at the general Resurrection both
the just and the unjust to judge the world in righteousness.

Art. 9th  We believe that the torment of the wicked will ___
and that the joys of the righteous will also be eternal.

The Church Covenant

Where as much an almighty God, by his grace, had been pleased
to call us out of darness into the marvelousa light of the gospel
and liberty of his children, and all of us have been regularly
_plised upon a profession of our faith in Christ and have
given up ourselves to the Lord, and to One another to be ___
in a gospel Church way. To be governed by a proper way
according to the Word of God . We do in the name of our Lord
Jesus Christ, and by his assistance covenant and agree to
keep the disciplines of the Church who are members of it
the most brotherly affectionate way to Ward each other .
We endeavor particularly to observe the following ____
 Brotherly love to pray for one another, to watch over one an-
other, and if need be in the most tender affectionate way
to reprove one another according to the Gospel ___
discharge our Watch care to Ward our brethren, in ____
____ing one another in the spirit of Meekness and also
with Gods assistance to pray for our family  and ___
examples before them as may through God's blessing
___ bringing them up ___ their nature and adm___
Lord. ___ to attend our Church meetings ___ ___
of God when convenient and Christ the Lords day to keep
___ to improve it to his glory and not to absent _____
the Lordís supper without an ___pel excuse to _____ _____
(The last line is unreadable)

Page 4

__ __ not to irregularly to depart from the fellowship of
church are ____ to a disservice Without a regular ___ ___
These things we do covenant and agree to observe and keep
sacred in the name of the holy Trinity

Rules of Decorum

Rule 1st  Meeting shall be opened and closed by prayers.
Rule 2nd  That moderator & clerk that is chosen to
___ __ the family of the church ____ or

Rule 3rd  Only one person shall speak at a time then who
shall arise from his seat and address the Moderator
when about to make his speech and the person then
speaking shall not be interrupted by any except the moderator until he is
done speaking.

Rule 4th  Every person in a public speech shall strictly
attend to the subject ___ in the ___ reflect On this
___ who speaks before him but shall duly state the
__ ___ to ___ his identi__ the subject under
consideration ___

Rule 5th  Any motion made and seconded shall be decided or refered (sic)
before another taken up unless Withdrawn by the person who
___ it

Rule 6th  ___ ___ shall ___ __ok office absent him___
___ from the church ___ ___ ___.

Rule 7th All matters  in Church ___ shall be decided ___
___ majority except in receiving of ___ and
that ___ he __

Rule 8th  No person shall arise and speak more than trice times
to one subject. Without leave of the church.

Rule 9th. No person shall interrupt by whispering or
leave ___ in time of conference.

Rule 10th  No person shall address another in any
other __ __ that of Brother and Sister.

Page 5

Rule 11th  No person shall interrupt in or prohibit another
speaking until they have given their lights up _____  ______
___ subject, and then by the Moderator Only.

Rule 12th  Any Member who shall Willingly and
Knowingly break any of this decorum shall be
reproved as the Church shall think proper.

Members Names

Thomas Hooker                       1   Died October 16th, 1831
Archibald AllenDeacon         2   Dismissed by letter, ___ 1830
Elijah Parkhurst Deacon      3   Dismissed by letter
Sarah Hooker                           4   Dismist(sic) by letter 1853
Temperance Hooker              5   Deceased  July
Susannah Parkhurst              6   Dismissed by letter ____
Sarah Allen                                7   Excluded February 16th 1839
Wyly Smith                                8  Dismissed by letter 1831
Polly  Smith                               9  Deceased 1831
Polly Davis                               10  Excluded February 16th
Martha Allen Sen                   11  Died December 14
Obediah Parris                        12  Dismissed by letter
Martha Parris                          13  Excluded February 16
Betsy Skeef                              14  Dismissed by letter
Margaret Skeef                       15  Dismissed by letter
Richard Duncan                     16  Dismissed by letter
Benjamin Bradley                  17  Dead August the 6th
Matthew Compton                18  Dismissed by letter Oct.
Nancy Compton                     19  Dismissed by letter  Oct.
John Deadman                      20  Cen dead
Susannah Deadman             21
Jeremiah Baird                      22  Dismissed by letter
William Barnett                     23  Deceased
Kizia Barnett                          24  Dead July 1857
Mary Baird                              25  Dismissed by letter
Sarah Garrison                      26  Died November 27th 1842
Dersney Brickhussnon       27  Dismissed by letter 1842

Page 6

 Elizabeth Morriss                25  Dismissed by letter 1838
Nancy Colley                          29  Dismissed by letter 1829
Jane Parriss                            30  Dismissed by letter 1829
Sally Serles                              31  Dismissed by letter 1828
Sally Richards                        32  Dismissed by letter 1837
Moses Allen Jun                   33  Dismissed by letter 1837 p.22
Juliett Allen                            34  Dismissed by letter 1837 p.22
Samuel Walker Deacon      35  Dismissed by letter 1836
Agnes Walker                        36  Dismissed by letter 1836
Thomas Ashley                     37  Dismissed by letter 1829
Francis Ashley                      38  Dismissed by letter 1829
Henry Fry                               39  Dismissed by letter 1830
Abbey Fry                               40  Dismissed by letter 1830
Isaac Allison                          41  Dismissed by letter 1829
Thomas Allison                    42  Dismissed by letter 1831
William Lancaster Sen      43  Dead
John Duncan __                 44 Dismissed by letter Dec 13, 1838
Sarah Duncan Ditto            45 Died September 11, 1831
Wiley Denney                       46 Excluded 17 November, 1849
Booker Bradford                  47 Died Feb.2nd 1833
F___ Bradford                   (48) Died November 1831
Tucker Woodson               (49) Tucker Woodson x3 December the 2nd, 1845
Polly Woodson                   (50) Dead
Nancy Trail                            51 Excluded October, 1833
Agness Morriss                    52   Dead
Coleman Sceales                 53   Dismissed by letter 1828
Elizabeth Wood                   54  and changed to Bass Dismissed by letter
--                                                      Sept 11th, 1848
Carey Denney                      55 Dead
Mary Denney                       56 Dismissed by letter 1832
Elizabeth Alloway               57 Died November 1830
Ruth Moore                          58 Dismissed by letter Sep 1837
Agnes Allison                       59 Dismissed by letter
Susanna Oakley                  60 Dead
Sarah Williford                    61 Dismissed by letter Oct 1838
Martha Moore                     62 Excluded February 16th 1839
C____ Hugh                       63 Dismissed by letter 16 Feb 1850
Margaret Allen                    64 Dismissed by letter 1830 p 51

Page 7

Elizabeth Hancock            65 Dismissed by letter A. 1829 P.4
Nancy Lancaster                66 Dismissed by letter Aos (?) 1838
Sarah Odum                        67 Died July 1835
Elizabeth Lankford           68 Ded (sic) 1852
Delaney Harrison              69 Dismissed by letter A. 1828
Elizabeth Fare                     70 Excluded February 16th 1839
Sarah Osttin                         71 Dismissed by letter B. 1828
Auney West                              (Lined Through)   (Blank)
Susannah Davis                  72 Dismissed by letter B. 1830
Nancy Hunt                         73 Dismissed by letter A. 1828
Mary Atwood                       74 Dismissed by letter B. 1830
Alice Turner                         75 Dismissed by letter October 1830
Lucy Rodgers P1st             76 Ded (sic) July 1868
Margaret Elliot                    77 Dismissed by letter November 1830
Elizabeth Guill                    78 Dismissed by letter A. 1829 P.4
Mary Bilshow                      79 Dismissed by letter A. 1829 P.4
Mary Ellison                        80 Dismissed by letter 1834
Rhoda Sceales                     81 Dismissed by letter B. 1828
Nancy Arill                            82 Excluded February 16th 1839
Phebe Coambs                    83 Dismissed by letter A. 1829 P.4
Margaret Wood                   84 Died 1834
Mary Fuller                           85 Excluded February 16th 1839
Rebecca __immon_          86 Dismissed by letter A. 1829 P.4
Margarett Wood                  87 Excluded for none atendence (sic) Ded (sic) --                                                     dead September 1865
Margret Burchett                88 Dismissed by letter 1836
Ann Perkins                          89 Dieds (sic) May 1829
Mary Lawrence                    90 Excluded May term 1847
Moses Allen Sen                  91 Dead
Benjamin Dening                92 Deceast (sic) June the 16th 1844
Elizabeth Guill                      93 Dismissed by letter A. 1829 P.4
Malvinah Cambell               94 Dismissed by letter A. 1828
Lycetty Pettsworth              95 Dismissed by letter 1834
Charlotte Nixon                   96 Dismissed by letter April 1846
Lewis Blackman                   97 Dismissed by letter January 19th 1844
Richard Blackman               98 Excluded for _______
Frances Blackman               99 Excluded for none atendence (sic)
Neley Blackman                 100 Dismist (sic)

Page 8

 Polly Allison                         101 Dismissed by letter
Isham Wood                         102 Died 1831
Moses Allen 3rd                   103 Excluded February 16th 1839
Edmond Turner Deacon   104 Excluded February 16th 1839
Shadrach Duncan P2         105 Dismissed by letter
Elizabeth Duncan Do         106 Dismissed by letter
Charlotte Kepley P3           107 Excluded for none atendence (sic)
Jane Briant P3                      108 Died June the 3rd 1842
General (Black) man          109 Excluded for none atendence (sic)
William Allen     P                110 Dismissed by letter
Black Bette    P                      111 Dismissed by letter Baw 1832
Zachariah Worley   P          112 Died October 15th 1837
Wiatt Coleman                     113 Dismissed by letter January 1832 Recv'd back --                                                       to the church
William Nunn                      114 Dismissed by letter Dec 15th 1838
Selah (Black) woman        115 Dismissed by letter February 1832
Mary Pickeral   P                 116 Dismissed by letter 1830
Mary Lancaster                   117 Dismissed by letter 1836
Lorenzo D. Hartwell  P.7  118 Dismissed by letter October 1838
Elijah A. Write   P.7           119 Excluded October Term 1836 PW
Jane Parris      P.7               120 Dismissed by letter March 1854
Mary Belshaw   P.7            121 Dismissed by letter June 17th 1848
Abner Reed    P.8               122 Dismissed by letter 1834
Abel White   P.8                 123 Excluded 1833
Elizabeth White    P.8      124 Dismissed 1835
Fanney Denny P.8            125 Deceased May the 9th 1847                   (Woodson is written above Denny)
Nancy Denny    P.8            125 Dismissed by letter 1840
Judy Allen     P.8                 126 Dismissed by letter
Elizabeth Allen   P.8          127 Dead
Harris Fuller P.8                128 Dismissed by letter Nov 1838 (recieved back)
John Rodgers   P.8            129 Excluded August 1853
John Hooker   P.8             130 Excluded for none atendence (sic)
Samuel Springfield  P.8   131 Dismissed by letter 1836
Amy Smith   P.8                  132 Dismissed by letter 1866
Patsy Laskill  P.8                133 Excluded February 16th 1839
W____ Denning    P.8    134 Excluded for none atendence (sic)
______ Christy   P.8      135 Excluded March 1852

Page 9

Betsey Rich    P.8                     136 Dismissed by letter 1836
Judith Lancaster    P8            137 Died
Mandy Casky    P8                   138 Dismissed by letter November 18th 1848
Rebecca Nun    P8                    139 Dismissed by letter
John Powell    P8                      140 Dismissed by letter 11 April 1846
Polly Hooker   P8                     141 Dismissed by letter November 1840
Elizabeth Gill   P8                     142 Dismissed by letter 1836
Elizabeth Gill   P8                     143 Dismissed by letter 1836
Sam Hooker   P8                      144 Dismissed by letter 1835
Nathan Hickerson   P8          145 Dismissed by letter 1833
Mary Fry   P8                             146 Dismissed by letter October 1838
Jane Davisson   P8                   147 Dismissed by letter Jan 1838
Karen Woodson   P8               148 Died July 1838
Daniel Smith   P8                     149 Dismissed by letter 1866
Elizabeth Write    P8               150 Excluded for none atendence (sic)
Nancy Fuller   P9                     151 Dismissed by letter October 1838
Elizabeth White   P9               152 Dismissed by letter August 1834
Thomas White   P9                 153 Dismissed by letter August 1834
Wartzel Rodgers   P9              154 Excluded for leaving of us
William Caskey   P9                155 Dismissed by letter November 18th 1848
Wilson Burnet  P9                   156 Dead
Jane Fuller   P9                         157 Dismissed by letter October 1838
John Coleman   P9                  158 Excluded for none atendence (sic)
P____ Fuller   P9                    159 Excluded February 16th 1839
Willis White   P9                       160 Excluded January the 19th 1850
_iley Black  P9                           161 Dead
Aunney Black   P9                    162 Excluded for none atendence (sic)
Iri__e Black   P9                       163 Excluded for none atendence (sic)
Rachel Black   P9                      164 Excluded for none atendence (sic)
Robert B. Williams   P9          165 Excluded July 1833
Jane Williams   P9                    166 Excluded October 1833
Abraham Roby   P9                  167 Dismissed by letter 1833
Mary Roby   P9                          168 Dismissed by letter 1832
Lucy Belshaw   P9                     169 Dead
Rhoda Paschal   P9                   170 Dismissed by letter _____

 Page 10

Mary Barnett  p9                       172 Dead
Hassy Fuller   p9                       173 Excluded February 16th, 1839
Elizabeth Fuller   p9                 174 excluded February 16th, 1839
Sarah Fuller   p9                        175 Dismissed by letter 1838
John Johnson  p9                     176 Excluded
John Dedman Jr   p9               177
Bob Blackman  p9                     178 Excluded for none (sic) attendance
Cathy Duncan  p9                     179 Dismissed by letter  1837
Sarah Paschal p.9                      180 dismissed by letter 1835
Susannah Paschal  p9              181 Excluded February 16th, 1839
Kitty Whorley D____  p9      182 Excluded February 16, 1839
William Lancaster  p9              183 Died December the 28th, 1839
Wilson Coats  p9                       184 Excluded for none (sic) attendance
Littleton Chandler  p9             185 Dismissed by letter
Henry Fry   p9                            186 died Sept. 1862
Ally Fry           p9                         187 died December 1868
Elizabeth Turner  p9                188 Excluded February 16th, 1839
Caroline Williams  p9              189 Excluded 1836 July p 19
Nancy Fuller  p9                        190 Excluded February 16th 1839
Mary Fuller  p9                          191 Excluded February 16th, 1839
Fanny Turner  p9                      192 Excluded Februay 16th, 1839
Hezekiah Turner   p9               193 Excluded February 16th, 1839
Tolaver Turner   p9                   194 Excluded February 16th, 1839
Iris Paskill   p9                            195 Dismissed by letter
James Briant   p9                       196 Excluded 1834 March
Tellisy__ Moore   p10              197 Excluded February 16th, 1839
Sarah Wilkerson   p10              198 Excluded February 16th, 1839
Matilda Paschal   p10               199 Dead 1874
Harriet Trail   p10                      211 Excluded April 1834
Mary Overton    p10                  211 Dismissed by letter
Susannah Garrett   p10            212 Dismissed by letter  1835
Mary Hicks   p10                        213 Dismissed by letter 1836
Nancy Gill   p10                          214 Dismissed by letter 1838
Mary Fuller   p10                       215 Excluded February 1839
Daniel Paskill   p10                   216 Excluded February 16th, 1839
Anderson Paskill   p10             217 Excluded May 1858