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Schwitzgebel Genealogy (and more)


This site is the product of my ongoing effort to make a significant portion of my family's genealogy research available on the Web. I do not represent some larger organisation or corporation. I'm just one guy, and my goal is a simple one: to get the information out where my scattered cousins can see it, contact me, and begin an exchange of information.

My ancestors were, almost without exception, German-speaking people. They were natives of Alsace, The Palatinate, Hessen, and Baden, who immigrated to the United States throughout the 1800's. Most settled in the northeastern Ohio counties of Portage, Stark, and Carroll. The lines we're actively researching at this time are ANDES, BAUMAN, BRÜHL / BRUEHL / BREEHL, CREQUE / CRIQUI / GRIGGY, MAYER, OTTLE, PAULUS, SCHWITZGEBEL, and WIEMER.

This site is dedicated with love to Mom and Dad, to Aunt Barb, and to the memories of Gilbert Schwitzgebel and Harry Schwitzgebel.

I wish to extend my thanks to Dr. Brian Leverich and the folks at RootsWeb for providing an inexpensive home for these pages. I would also like to thank Gene Stark for his GED2HTML translation programs and Tom Raynor for his GEDClean program, which make manageable the task of periodically rebuilding my web database.

Catherine Breehl