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John Gilliam of Wise County, Virginia

Generation No. 1

1. John1 Gilliam (RichardA) was born 1805 in Scott Co., Va., and died September 28, 1888 in Wise Co., VA. He married (1) Martha "Mattie" Elliott, daughter of William Elliott and Margaret Kincannon. He married (2) Eliza/Elizabeth Avert, daughter of Elijah Avert and Dely Unknown. He married (3) Hettie Wilson Vance February 28, 1875 in Wise Co., VA.

Children of John Gilliam and Martha Elliott are:

2 i. Martin2 Gilliam, born 1832.

3 ii. John Gilliam, born 1837.

4 iii. Martha Gilliam, born 1839.

5 iv. Rebecca "Beck" Gilliam, born 1842 in Russell Co., VA.

6 v. Margaret Gilliam, born 1840.

7 vi. Mahala Gilliam, born 1835 in VA.

8 vii. Lilburn H. Gilliam, born 1827 in VA; died in Louisa KY.

9 viii. William "Bill" Gilliam, born 1826 in VA; died in Louisa KY.

10 ix. Ira Gilliam, born January 01, 1830 in Scott Co., VA; died December 31, 1894.

Generation No. 2

2. Martin2 Gilliam (John1, RichardA) was born about 1832. He died on September 7, 1862 in Johnson Co., KY. He married Sarah Jane Skeen, daughter of Stephen Skeens and Susannah Kiser. Sarah was born about 1839 and died on September 1, 1916 in Wise Co., VA. Information on the Martin Gilliam family was provided by his great-granddaughter, Sarah Gilliam Prichard.

Children of Martin Gilliam and Sarah Skeen are:

11 i. John Hampton3 Gilliam, born October 15, 1856 and died September 26, 1937. He married Mary Emily Culbertson born 1854.

12 ii. Mahala L. Gilliam, born January 25, 1857 died October 25, 1895. She married William L. Dale born 1851.

13 iii. Ira Stephen Gilliam, born October 11,1860 died July 12, 1936. He married (1) Sarah Jane McConnell. He married (2) Matilda C. Welch. He married (3) Mary Lucy Adams.

14 iv. Abraham Lincoln Gilliam born January 10, 1862 died December 10, 1946. He married (1)Louise Adkins (2)Annie Shores Mullins (3)Louise Adkins.

15 v. Martha Jane Gilliam born November 20, 1862 died January 12, 1907. She married William Douglas Austin.

4. Martha2 Gilliam (John1, RichardA) was born 1839. She married Will Hall, son of Silas Hall.

Child of Martha Gilliam and Will Hall is:

16 i. Unknown3 Hall.

5. Rebecca "Beck"2 Gilliam (John1, RichardA) was born 1842 in Russell Co., VA. She married (1) Oliver S. Powers April 10, 1861 in Wise Co., VA, son of Jeremiah Powers and Nancy Unknown. She married (2) Cornelius H. "Keel" Baker December 20, 1866 in Wise Co., VA, son of Samuel Baker and Malinda Estep.

Children of Rebecca Gilliam and Cornelius Baker are:

17 i. Howard3 Baker. He married Unknown Elliott. (note: Is this the same person as James H. Baker #22?)

18 ii. Sherman Baker. (note: Is this the same person as William S. Baker #20?)

19 iii. William S. Baker, born 1868.

20 iv. Martha Luemma Baker, born June 12, 1870 in Wise Co., VA; died August 16, 1932.

21 v. Sarah D. Baker, born 1873.

22 vi. James H. Baker, born 1875.

23 vii. Hetty S. Baker, born 1878.

6. Margaret2 Gilliam (John1, RichardA) was born 1840. She married Henry Smith, son of Winston Smith.

Children of Margaret Gilliam and Henry Smith are:

24 i. Mart3 Smith.

25 ii. Liza Smith.

26 iii. Winston Smith.

27 iv. Isaac Smith.

28 v. Bob Smith.

7. Mahala2 Gilliam (John1, RichardA) was born 1835 in VA. She married Robert T. Beverly, son of Bob Beverly.

Children of Mahala Gilliam and Robert Beverly are:

29 i. Caroline V.3 Beverly, born 1851. She married Charlie Gilliam.

30 ii. Lucinda F. Beverly, born 1856. She married R. J. Gillespie.

31 iii. John R. Beverly, born 1853. He married (1) Clara Wheatley. He married (2) Martha Dixon.

32 iv. Mary Beverly. She married William Haney.

33 v. Jack Beverly. He married Ellen Wheatley.

34 vi. Rebecca Beverly. She married Jeff Unknown.

35 vii. I. Jenk Beverly. He married Unknown Cox.

36 viii. Unknown Beverly. He married Lillie Gilliam.

37 ix. Emma Beverly.

8. Lilburn H.2 Gilliam (John1, RichardA) was born 1827 in VA, and died in Louisa KY. He married Lucinda Parks.

Children of Lilburn Gilliam and Lucinda Parks are:

39 i. Lizzie3 Gilliam. She married Dick Hammonds.

39 ii. Margaret Gilliam. She married Andy Baldridge.

40 iii. Ruth Gilliam, born 1850.

41 iv. Martha "Mattie" Gilliam, born 1852. She married John Baldridge.

42 v. Mahala Gilliam, born 1857.

43 vi. Rachael Gilliam, born 1860. She married George Roberts.

9. William "Bill"2 Gilliam (John1, RichardA) was born 1826 in VA, and died in Louisa KY. He married Elizabeth "Betty" Skeen, daughter of Stephen Skeens and Susannah Kiser.

Children of William Gilliam and Elizabeth Skeen are:

44 i. Caroline3 Gilliam. She married (1) Thomas M. Robertson. She married (2) Mart Robertson. She married (3) Son Maxwell.

45 ii. Mart Gilliam. He married Willie Ann Hamilton.

46 iii. John P. Gilliam, born 1849. He married Martha J. Dale.

47 iv. Margaret "Sis" Gilliam, born 1853. She married Bill Dotson.

48 v. Ira Gilliam, born 1855. He married Margaret Dale.

49 vi. William Patton Gilliam, born 1858. He married Annie Dale.

50 vii. Martha Gilliam, born 1860. She married Elbert W. Maxwell.

10. Ira2 Gilliam (John1, RichardA) was born January 01, 1830 in Scott Co., VA, and died December 31, 1894. He married (1) Elizabeth "Betty" Skeen, daughter of Stephen Skeens and Susannah Kiser. He married (2) Nancy "Nannie" Skeen, daughter of Stephen Skeens and Susannah Kiser.

Children of Ira Gilliam and Elizabeth Skeen are:

51 i. Sophronia3 Gilliam. She married L. H. Bruce.

52 ii. Infant Gilliam.

Children of Ira Gilliam and Nancy Skeen are:

53 i. L. H.3 Gilliam. He married Andro Hillman.

54 ii. Lou Emma Gilliam. She married William Branham.

55 iii. Sarah Gilliam. She married Samuel Craft.

56 iv. Schuyler Colfax Gilliam, died November 22, 1937. He married Belle Dale.

57 v. Stephen H. Gilliam. He married Martha E. Hamilton.

58 vi. Unknown Gilliam.

59 vii. William M. "Bud" Gilliam, born 1852. He married Ora Roberson.

60 viii. David Gilliam, born 1853. He married Sallie Addington.

61 ix. Drury S. "Drew" Gilliam, born 1853. He married Easter Addington.

62 x. Shadrack "Shade" Gilliam, born 1854; died February 20, 1926. He married Lou Emma Kilgore.

63 xi. ohn Frank Gilliam, born 1855. He married Fannie Rogers.

64 xii. Milburn L. Gilliam, born 1856. He married Ellen Kilgore.

65 xiii. Mary J. Gilliam, born 1858. She married Clifton Roberson.

66 xiv. Rebecca Elizabeth Gilliam, born 1860. She married (1) Isom Hanes. She married (2) Jessee Gilliam.


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