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Boston, Massachusetts

HOLY TRINITY CHURCH, BOSTON, MA. was founded in 1844, as a "National Church". A Catholic typically belongs to the parish closest to where he or she lives. Not so with a "National Church". Any Catholic of German extraction who belongs to the Archdiocese of Boston, can elect to be a member of Holy Trinity Parish, regardless of where he or she actually lives. Thus, the 150-plus years of records at Holy Trinity don't stop at the parish's geographical borders. Catholics of German heritage from ALL over the Boston area may have roots in HTC!

If any of YOUR ancestors were German and Catholic, and lived in the Boston area from the early 1800s through the 1920s - or beyond , I'd LOVE to hear from you! "Sign in" on the Holy Trinity Church Guestbook - tell about YOUR surnames and when these folks were in Boston. Let me know if you'd like to be included in the Holy Trinity Church RESEARCHERS' DIRECTORY.


NEW! A SITE SEARCH ENGINE! Finally a way to search this entire website for the names YOU are researching!

NEW! MORE HTC NAMES! A "parish directory" from the turn of the century

Names from Rev. Franz Xaver Nopper's history of Holy Trinity Parish (1886). Includes school lists, donors lists, and names of lay people mentioned in the book. Indexed.

A MYSTERY PHOTO A photograph from the turn of the century; it shows 30-plus men some of whom just HAVE to be related to me (or to YOU if you have roots in HTC!) See if YOU can put "names on faces"!!!

ANOTHER MYSTERY PHOTO A photograph of a "family group", quite possibly a wedding party... do any of them look familiar?

1895 HTC Parish Directory Information on over a thousand folks who were members of Holy Trinity Parish in 1895. The information isn't "pretty", but it IS "searchable".

HTC in the CIVIL WAR - this is an on-going project; I'm trying to identify all of the men from HTC who fought in the Civil War. I hope to include service records and other information as well. For the moment, however, I've posted a list of those participants found in the 1944 History of Holy Trinity Church. The page will be expanded as I discover more names, and continue my research of military records (regiment, company, dates of service, etc.) I am VERY excited about this project! .

You can find MORE "HTC Names" in a list of men of the parish who fought in World War I on the HTC-WWI Page.

HTC "FACT SHEET" - odds and ends of "stuff" about HTC that might be useful or interesting.

HTC RESEARCHERS DIRECTORY - a small but active group of attractive people searching for their roots in Boston's German Catholic community. Surnames and EMail addresses are included.

HOLY TRINITY CHURCH GUESTBOOK - sign the Guestbook - tell about YOUR research interests!

HTC-BOSTON-L, a FREE mailing list for folks who are researching their German roots in Boston. Visit the HTC-BOSTON-L page for more information!


VISIT my GERMAN HERITAGE PAGE for information about MY Germans in Boston.



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