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Ancestors - Willard Venterlip IRVING of Round Pond, Lincoln County, Maine

First Generation

1.Willard Venterlip IRVING was born 10 Apr 1873 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME. He died 28 Aug 1962 in Hanson,MA.

1873 - birthplace actually "Round Pond", one of several villages which made up the town of Bristol
1907 - Index to Maine Vital Records - address at time of birth of first child 315 Congress St, Portland
Willard married Sarah Elizabeth DUFFY, daughter of Daniel DUFFY and Ann KELLY, in 1906 in Portland, Cumberland County, ME. Sarah was born 15 Mar 1884 in Chipman, Queens County, New Brunswick. She died 26 Oct 1971 in Hanson, MA.

Second Generation

2. John ERVINE was born 30 May 1825 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME. He died 28 Feb 1905 in Saco, ME. John ERVINE married Mary H MUNRO on 17 Mar 1856 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME.

3. Mary H MUNRO was born 1832 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME. She died in 1876 in Biddeford, ME.

Third Generation

4.Henry ERVINE was born 23 Sep 1783 in Plymouth, NH. He died 8 Jan 1860 in Bristol, ME (?). Henry ERVINE married Sarah COLBURN on 18 Apr 1807 in Bristol, Lincoln County, Maine.

BIRTH, DEATH - Vital Records of Old Bristol, 1951
5. Sarah COLBURN was born about 1787. She died 4 Nov 1850 in Bristol, ME (?).
BIRTH: Birth name is given in various sources as "Conel", "Covel", but VR Old Bristol (the most recent source) gives "Colburn".

BIRTH, DEATH - VR of Old Bristol, 1951

6. Alexander Bissett MUNRO was born 25 Dec 1793 in Inverness, Scotland. He died 14 Apr 1865 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME. Alexander Bissett MUNRO married Jane DOCKENDORF on 16 Sep 1824 in Waldoboro, Lincoln County, ME.

interred in family cemetery behind the home of Louis Rice, Round Pond, ME
7. Jane DOCKENDORF was born 25 Apr 1804 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME. She died 1866 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME.

Fourth Generation

12. Donald MUNRO was born in Scotland. He married Jennet BISSET.

13.Jennet BISSET was born in Scotland (?).

14. Solomon DOCKENDORFF was born 31 Jul 1769 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME. He died 13 May 1839 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME. Solomon DOCKENDORFF married Jane YATES.

15. Jane YATES was born 1 Nov 1773 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME. She died 1833 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME.


Fifth Generation

28. Jacob DOCKENDORFF was born about 1735 in Germany. He died 12 Mar 1812 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME. Jacob DOCKENDORFF married Marguerite MCFARLAND on 1 Oct 1761 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME.

IGI gives "Wilsenheim, Germany" as Jacob DOCKENDORFF's place of birth.
(Film #177852,Ordinance #16669, page 444)This was confirmed in a phone conversation with Avis HAMMOND MUNRO (14 Jan 1995)
29. Marguerite MCFARLAND was born 1743 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME. She died 12 Jul 1833.

30. George James YATES was born 23 Apr 1743 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME. He died 16 Jan 1821 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME. George James YATES married Nancy RICHARDS on 26 Nov 1772 in Marshfield, , MA.

1772 - from VR of Marshfield, Massachusetts to the Year 1850 (SMD:1970) "George James YEATES of Bristol in Broadbay and Nancy RICHARDS of this parish were married Nov 26, 1772"
31. Nancy RICHARDS was born 16 Mar 1752 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. She died 12 Dec 1843 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME.
BIRTH: 1752 - from VR of Pembroke Massachusetts to 1850 (NEHGS: ) "RICHARDS, Nancy, d. William and Hannah, Mar 16, 1752"

Sixth Generation

56. Johann DOCKENDORFF married Anna Maria

Avis HAMMOND MUNRO says that Johann was a wine merchant or dealer, and that the family lived "on the Rhine River". According to a family myth, the 16-year-old Jacob refused to address his new step-mother by the title accorded her through her marriage. Jacob was then asked to leave the family home.
57. Anna Maria was born about 1705 in Germany. She died about 1751.

58. Solomon MCFARLAND married Isabella ..

59. Isabella

60. James YATES was born about 1700 in ME (?) RI (?). He died 7 Apr 1793 in Bristol, Lincoln County, ME. James YATES married Jeanne MCNAIR.

BIRTH: 1700 - from YATES-TERRY Genealogy (1926)
DEATH: 1793 - from YATES-TERRY Genealogy (1926)
61. Jeanne MCNAIR

62. William RICHARDS II married Hannah SIMMONS on 7 Sep 1738 in MA.

MARRIAGE: 1738 - from VR of Pembroke Massachusetts to 1850 (NEHGS: ) " RICHARDS, William and Hannah SIMMONS fo Duxborough, Sept 7, 1738" (Footnote - "intention not recorded")
63. Hannah SIMMONS was born 16 Jun 1718.


Seventh Generation

112. Theodore DOCKENDORFF was born in Grmany. He married Gertrude

113. Gertrude was born in Germany

124. William RICHARDS married Experience DRAKE.

125. Experience DRAKE

126. Benjamin SIMMONS died before May 1748. He married Priscilla DELANO on 7 Jul 1715 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.

127. Priscilla DELANO died about 1746 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.


Eighth Generation

250. Thomas DRAKE was born 1635 in Yardbury (?), Devon, ENG and was christened 13 Sep 1635. He died in MA. Thomas DRAKE married Millicent FORD on 9 Mar 1681 in MA.

From Burkes"Prominent Families of the United States of America" (1908) Baptized 13 Sep 1635; emigrated to America in 1653, settling in Weymouth MA; name first occurs on the records of that town as a property owner in 1663; took an active part in King Philip's War; member of the Garrison at Punckapouge in 1676; m (1) Jane, dau of Thomas Holbrook of Weymouth, by whom he had eight children; m (2) Millicent Ford 251. Millicent FORD
m (1) --- Carver

252. John SIMMONS died about 1715. He married Mercy PABODIE on 16 Nov 1669 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.

253. Mercy PABODIE was born 2 Jan 1648/1649 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. She died about Oct 1728 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.

254. Samuel DELANO was born about 1659 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. He died before 9 Aug 1728 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. Samuel DELANO married Elizabeth STANDISH about 1683.

255. Elizabeth STANDISH was born before 1670. She died after 1731.


Ninth Generation

500. William DRAKE was born in of Yardbury, County Devon, ENG. He died 1636. William DRAKE married Margaret WESTOVER.

From Burkes "Prominent Families"
501. Margaret WESTOVER was buried 16 Apr 1635 in Colyton, County Devon, ENG.

502. William FORD.

506. William PABODIE was born about 1619. He died 13 Dec 1707 in Little Compton, RI. William PABODIE married Elizabeth ALDEN on 26 Dec 1644 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.

507. Elizabeth ALDEN was born about 1624 in Plymouth, MA. She died 31 May 1717 in Little Compton, RI.

508. Phillippe DE LANNOY was born about 1602 in Leyden, Holland and was christened 6 Dec 1603 in Walloon Church, Leyden, Holland. He died about 1681 in Bridgewater, MA. Phillippe DE LANNOY married Mary PONTUS before 17 Jan 1653/1654 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA.

BIOGRAPHY: from YATES-TERRY Genealogy (1926) - Came to New England in the ship Fortune in 1621, landing at Plymouth, and was the first Huguenot in New England to found a house and leave descendants. He was of Capt Myles Standish's Military Company in 1643, and in the Company raised by Lt William Holmes in the Pequot War of 1637

BIRTH: 1602 - from YATES-TERRY Genealogy (1926)
MARRIAGE: 1657 - from YATES-TERRY Genealogy (1926)
DEATH: 1681 - from YATES-TERRY Genealogy (1926)

509. Mary PONTUS was born before Oct 1622 in Leiden.

510. Alexander STANDISH was born before 22 May 1627 in Plymouth, MA. He died 6 Jul 1702 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. Alexander STANDISH married Sarah ALDEN in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA (?).

511. Sarah ALDEN was born about 1630. She died before Jun 1688 in MA.


Tenth Generation

1000. John DRAKE was from Mt Drake, County Devon, ENG. He died 1628 and was buried 11 Apr 1628 in Musbury, County Devon, ENG. John DRAKE married Dorothy BUTTON.

1001. Dorothy BUTTON was from Alton, Co. Wilts, ENG. She died 13 Dec 1631 in County Devon, ENG.

from Burke's "Prominent Families"

1002. William WESTOVER was born in Colyton (?), County Devon, ENG.

1014. John ALDEN was born about 1599 in England. He died 12 Sep 1687 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. John ALDEN married Priscilla MULLINS before 1623 in Plymouth, MA.

1015. Priscilla MULLINS was born about 1602 in England. She died before 1687 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA (?).

1016. Jean DE LANNOY married Marie LE MAHIEU..

BIOGRAPHY: from YATES-TERRY Genealogy (1926)
1017. Marie LE MAHIEU

1018. William PONTUS was born about 1585. He died 9 Feb 1652/1653 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA. William PONTUS married Wybra HANSEN on 4 Dec 1610 in Leiden.

EMIGRATION: 1632 - The Great Migration Begins - Immigrants to New England 1620-1633; p 1491

BIRTH: 1585 - based on date of marriage

1019. Wybra HANSEN died after 15 Dec 1633 in MA.

1020. Myles STANDISH was born about 1584 on the Isle of Man (?). He died 3 Oct 1656 in Duxbury, Plymouth, MA. Myles STANDISH married Barbara bet. Jul 1623 and 24 Mar 1623/4 in Plymouth, MA.

1021.Barbara died after 6 Oct 1659.

1022. John ALDEN is printed as #1014.

1023. Priscilla MULLINS is printed as #1015.





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