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BURIAL RECORDS - 1892-1900

St Eugene's (CoveHead), St Michael's (Corran Ban), St Bonaventure's (Tracadie)

This page of burial records, together with its companion surname index page, was generated from a microfilm of church records from the Covehead-Corran Ban-Tracadie area of Queens County, Prince Edward Island. The time period covered in the film is 1887-1900; however, there are no burials recorded in this source for the period 1887-1892.

The burial records are listed in the order in which they appear in the source film; the RECORD NUMBER is mine.

An "Every Name Index" to this information can be found on the companion page, SURNAME INDEX to COVEHEAD-TRACADIE BURIALS

Fields in the table are:

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1CBMcDONALDJohn Small28 Oct 92of Grand Tracadie[d 26 Oct Ae 72]
2TRBYRNEMRS James1 Nov 92of French Fort
3CBMcLEANMary18 Nov 92spinster
4TRSTEELEMary Margaret21 Nov 92Ae 11 mo
5CHLANNANJohn3 Dec 92of Millcove[d 1 Dec Ae 95; sp of Mary]
6CBMcAULAYElizabeth28 Dec 92of Stanhope
7CBMcCORMACKMichael18 Jan 93of Tracadie Harbor
8TRMcINNISSusanna MRS14 Feb 93wife/Mathew of Sandhills Rd
9TRMcDOUGALLChristina10 Mar 93MRS Patrick DOYLE
10TRBEATONAllan16 Apr 93-
11CHO'BRIENMichael21 Apr 93of Friston Road
12TRMcNALLYMary10 Mar 93-
13TRSMITHAnna27 Apr 93-
14CBMARTINJohn Angus(no date)son of Daniel/Alice LANNON
15TRLAWLERMRS Michael27 May 93-
16TRLAWLERElizabeth30 May 93-
17CBMcINTYREDonald16 Jun 93d in Colorado
18TRMcDONALDDonald Augustine6 Jul 93-
19CBSUMMERSGeorge8 Jul 93-
20CBMcKINNONMRS Roderick15 Jul 93-
21CBMcDONALDLeonard Joseph18 Aug 93Ae 2 yrs
22TRSTEELEJohn4 Aug 93-
23TRBYRNEWilliam8 Sep 93-
24TRHUGHESMRS Patrick17 Sep 93-
25TRO'BRIENMRS Andrew23 Sep 93-
26TRWEEKS???9 Oct 93-
27CBLANNANMinnie14 Oct 93[d 12 Oct; ch of John]
28TRMcDONALDDonald A.23 Oct 93of Afton Road
29TRDOUGANFrancis Edward7 Nov 93Ae 5 mo; son of James/Bridget Ann REID
30CBMcAULAYMalcolm2 Jan 94suddenly; of Stanhope
31TRMcISAACMary Ann8 Feb 94widow of D. McISAAC
32CHLAMPHIERTerence9 Feb 94[d 7 Feb Ae 50]
33TRMcDONALDDonald16 Feb 94-
34CHO'NEILLBridget19 Feb 94widow of James FLYNN
35CHPOWERMary Margaret20 Mar 94[d 18 Mar Ae 18]
36CBCONNORSJohn Joseph11 May 94d Boston; of Grand Tracadie[d 7 May Ae 27]
37CHO'BRIENJohn22 May 94of Friston Road
38CHWHELANHilda Agnes16 May 94dau/John; Ae 2 mo, 15 da[d 15 May]
39TRCOADYMargaret4 Jul 94wife of PS HUGHES-Bedford Station
40TRMURPHYMRS John19 Aug 94d Chtown 17 Aug 94
41TRMcDONALDPenelope Josephine20 Oct 94Ae 13 months
42TRHUGHESRobert11 Jul 94Ae 3 mos (?)
43TRHUGHESBridget Helen27 Oct 94Ae 6 mos
44TRMOYNAGHMary MRS31 Oct 94wid of John MOYNAGH
45TRWEIRCatherine14 Nov 94dau of James
46TRJULIANJoseph25 Dec 95"Indian"
47CHCONNORS(none)23 Dec 95wife of Michael McCARVILLE
48-McPHEEMary(none)[no other information]
49TRMcPHEEMary20 Dec 94-
50CHREARDONMichael19 Dec 94[d 17 Dec Ae 86; sp of Ellen; of Co Kerry]
51CHMULLINMRS Edward?? Sep 94[Mary; d 22 Sep Ae 78]
52CBO'NEILLJeremiah6 Jan 95-
53-McDOUGALLMargaret Ann9 Jan 95 d 7 Jan; dau John/Johanna McDONALD
54TRMcDONALDAngus8 Jan 95of Scotch Fort
55TRBYRNERobert28 Jan 95son of John/Margaret HUGHES
56CHPOWERDavid30 Jan 95-
57TRMcAULAYJohn Wm. Wallace16 Feb 95Ae 2 mo, 7 da; son of Angus/Annie
58TRFITZPATRICKThomas Edward19 Feb 95son of John R/Ellen HALEY
59TRBYRNEPatrick Joseph24 Feb 95Ae 1 yr, 5 mo; son of John/Margaret HUGHES
60TRFITZPATRICKPatrick Joseph24 Feb 95-
61TRSHANNONCatherine31 May 95"SHAMION"??
62TRMcEACHERNRobert26 Apr 95of Afton Rd
63TRO'HENLEYMargaret4 May 95of Afton Rd
64CHMAHARAnn12 May 95of Tracadie Road [d 10 May Ae 60; dau of Jeremiah]
65TRDOUGANThomas Emmet13 May 95Ae 3 mo; ch of Anthony J./Margaret LACEY
66CBWALSHEdith Eliza25 Apr 95[d 23 Apr Ae 6y, 6m; ch of John/ME]
67TRMcKINNONJohn4 Jul 95of Sandhill Road
68TRHUGHESMary Jane12 Aug 95wife of P. C. KELLY [d 10 Aug; wife of Patrick J. KELLY]
69TRJENNINGSMRS James5 Sep 95-
70TRFISHERAngus6 Sep 95-
71TRSMITHHugh1 Oct 95-
72TRMcDONALDAlexander5 Oct 95Ae 81
73TRPOWELLDaniel23 Oct 95[b 1848; interred with parents not named]
74TRSTEELEJames?? Jan 96Ae 4 yr
75TRMULLINAmbrose(?)3 Jan 96Ae 19 yr; son of D. MULLIN
76TRFITZPATRICKBernard2 Feb 96Ae 5 yr
77TRMcPHEEJoseph30 Mar 96Ae 87 yr
78TRMcINNISMartinas(?)6 Apr 96Ae 76
79TRCORRIGANJames (Joseph?)9 Apr 96Ae 25
80TRMcPHEEMichael17 Apr 96-
81TRKEILLYPatrick27 Apr 96Ae 78
82CBROBISONMISS10 Dec 96J--'s daughter
83TRSMITHMRS James29 Apr 96Ae 77
84TRMcINNISPeter1 May 96Ae 82
85TRAHERN(?)James1 May 96Ae 22
86TRMOONEYPatrick(no date)-
87TRWALLMRS13 Jun 96died in Boston
88TRELLISMRS James8 Jul 96Ae 86
89CBROBERTSONMRS James22 Aug 96-
90CBMcDONALDMISS Katie27 Aug 96[Catherine M.; d 25 Aug, Ae 24; ch of Donald]
91CBMcGRATH(?)MRS W.Sep/Oct 96Ae 58 [Mrs William; d 30 Sep Ae 49]
92TRCARLIN(?)James(?) Robert3 Oct 96Ae 86
93TRFITZPATRICKBernard13 Oct 96-
94TRSHEABridget6 Nov 96-
95TRMcKENNAMRS Patrick8 Jan 97[Ellen McPHEELY; d 6 Jan Ae 43]
96TRLACEYMRS Thomas14 Feb 97-
97TRMcDONALDMargaret MRS18 Jan 97-
98TRTRAINORJames28 May 97Ae 64
99TRMcDONALDAnn12 Jun 97-
100TRHUGHESMRS Patrick1 Sep 97formerly of Milcove
101TRMURPHYPius11 Sep 97[d 9 Sep Ae 25]
102TRHALEYWilliam?? Nov 97-
103CBMcDONALDAngus R.(?)?? Nov 97-
104CHPOWERSimon W.26 Sep 99[d 24 Sep Ae 30]
105CBBEARNEYMRS Patrick28 Oct 00Ae 89 [Maria TROY, b 1815]
106CHCARROLLJohn9 Dec 00(Ae 59)
107TRMcAULAYMRS Angus14 Dec 00Ae 82




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