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I'm willing to bet that they're STILL talking about me at the Massachusetts Department of Vital Records on Atlantic Avenue... I'd been searching LITERALLY for years to find some sort of clue as to the "county of origin" of my great great grandfather, Martin REID of Lot 34.

Quite by accident, mind you, I learned that Martin's son James had left PEI for "Worcester"; I found James and his wife Mary living in Grafton; James was enumerated in the 1910 census, but was not in the 1920 census.

I was at the Mass Vital Records to grab as many birth, marriage and death records as I could find in four hours, and the death record of James REID was on my "wish list".

I checked the indices and found what appeared to be the "right James REID"; I filled out the request form and waited for the record book to be delivered by the Archives staff person. I opened the volume when it arrived, and there it was... James REID's death record - "MY" James REID... son of MARTIN REID... and....

I couldn't believe my eyes!

Not only was Martin's middle initial given ("J"), but his Irish county of origin as well!

Martin was from County Kilkenny!

But WAIT!  There was MORE!

James REID's widow, Ann, who provided the information for the certificate, also gave the birth name of her mother-in-law - SHORTELL!  No longer is my great great grandmother known as "Bridget What's-Her-Name" in my Family Files!

Now, can you guess how I reacted to this wonderful find? Did I shriek? Did I high-five every one at my research table? Did I DANCE on the table-top? Did I hug the staff person at the main desk? Did I get all weepy? Do you need to ask?

Usually I don't include largish images on my web pages - I HATE to have to wait for those things to download. BUT, while you've been reading, an image of the above-mentioned document has been loading... so now you can see for yourself... and, you know, I STILL get a bit weepy when I look at this image... my uncle Jim REID told me, "The trouble with our family is that our kidneys are too close to our eyes".

James REID's death certificate

COMING SOON - the descendents of MARTIN REID and BRIDGET SHORTELL of Lot 34!

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