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6 children of Richard REID and Johanna CULLEN - no date
Six children of Richard REID of Lot 35 - standing left to right - Edward James, Richard, John Henry; seated left to right, Margaret Frances, Bridget Ann, Emma Elizabeth. These children all emigrated to Boston.
Six children of John Henry REID and Emma Catherine CURRAN - standing left to right - Alphonsus Henry, James Richard, Leonard Martin, William Joseph; seated left to right, Mary Agnes "May", Helen Amelia John Henry REID's children - 1958
three REIDs Helen Reid Stewart planting daffodils and crocuses at the headstone of Richard REID and his wife Johanna CULLEN, St Michael's Cemetery, Corran Ban, Lot 35
The bridge at Corran Ban where Winter River enters Winter Bay. Richard REID's property was east (to the right) of the bridge. Corran Ban Bridge
Martin REID's headstone Richard REID's oldest son, Martin, died in a horse-and-buggy accident. Martin's widow and their small children moved to Sidney, Cape Breton Island, where she operated a boarding house. Martin was buried next to his parents in the cemetery at Corran Ban.

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