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REID, James - son Richard; son William; wife Mary; daughters Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Catherine; "Mary CAIE of Tignish"; witnesses John WOODMAN and Joseph LANACK(?); dated 6 Nov 1865; CODICIL - daughter Elizabeth; Alexander LARKIN; John REID; Thomas FOY(?); witnesses Edward BURKE and Wm Henry BURCHFIELD(?); codicil dated 6 Dec 1865

REID, John (Lot 63) - son Alexander; wife (unnamed); children Ann, Charlotte, Jane, Jean, Elizabeth, John, (illegible name), Daniel and Janet; executors son Alexander REID, Andrew MILLAR and David MacCLEAR(?); witnesses ??? McKAY and Andrew MILLAR; written 13 Jan 1865

READ, REV. John Herbert - nieces Emily, Susan and Fanny (daughters of brother Chester) of Penzance, Cornwall, England; brother Charles READ; brother George Daniel READ; executors Percy POPE of Charlottetown and Charles READ of Penzance; witnesses F. L. HASZARD(?) and Oliver RATTENBURY; written 30 Jul 1886

REID, Martin - wife Bridget; son James; son Martin; son Thomas; daughter Ellen; son John; Mrs McDONALD; executors Rev Thomas PHELAN and "my brother, James REID, merchant of Charlottetown"; witnesses Richard Bernard REID and James McQUAID; written 27 Apr 1857

REID, Richard - daughter Maggie; daughter Julia; daughter Elizabeth Emily; son Martin; son Edward (in US); son John; wife Johanna; son Richard; executors Rev John A. McINTYRE and James CARR (son-in-law of Millvale); witnesses James HENDERSON and Samuel ARBING; written 4 Oct 1888

READ, Rosara - widow of Ephram READ; "his daughter" Arlotte; "his sons" David and Richmon; "our son" David Perrington; "our son" Charles Richmon"; witnesses Alexander LAIRD and Thomas Whittemore READ; written 3 Aug 1883

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