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William Webster of Rockingham County, NC 1843

   In the name of god amen this 4th day of September 1843
I William Webster ___________ of Rockingham County North Carolina
being verey weake in body but of perfect minde and
memory thanks be given unto god therefore calling
_____ minde the mortality of my body and knowing
that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and
ordane this my Last Will and testement that is to say
_________ and firste of all I give and recommende
my sole unto the hands of god that give it and for my
Body Recommend it to the _________to be buried in a
Christian like and decent maner at the discretion
of my Executors nothing douting but at the general
Resurrection I shall receive the same againe by the
mighty power of god and as touching such worldly
Estate whare with it hath plesed god to Bless me
in this life I give and dispose of the same in
the folling maner and forme__________ I give
and bequeath to my beloved wife my home
plantation during her natural life and at his
decease to be sold and Equally devded betwine
my foure youngest daughters namely Matilda
Webster Elizabeth Webster Mary jane Webster and Marth-
a Ann Webster I give to my beloved wife one bed
and furniture one cow and calf one ______ one
weal and Cards one table one cuberd and furniture
and my will is that my _________ plantation shall
be sold and I give to my son james A. Webster
fifty dollars out of it I give to my son William
Webster fifty dollars out of it I give to my son Andy
Webster seventy five dollars out of it and the
Balance that it bring to be Equally devided between
my foure daughters before mentioned ________ I
give to my daughter Sally Brown fifteen dollars
of lent money that she has in hand and no more
___________ I give to my son Charles one dollar
and no more and my will is that the Reste of
My property be solde that is not bequeathed and
after my lawfull dets is paide to be Equally
Devided between my foure youngest daughters before
mentioned namly Matilda Webster   Elizabeth
Webster    Mary jane Webster and Martha ann Webster
and my will is that my son William Webster
shall be my only and sole Executor of this my last
Will and Testament and I do hearby utterly
Disallow revoke and disanull all and Every other
former testemente Wills or Legacies Requests and
Executors by me in any ways before this time
named will and bequeaths Ratifying and Confirming
this and no other to be my laste Will and Testement
in witness Whaare of I have _____unto set my
hand and seal this day and year whose written
signed sealed _____________________
Declared by the said last Will                                       
and Testement in the presence of
Willoughby C Robertson
Ann E. Robertson                                                             Willliam Webster   {seal}

State of North Carolina          }
Rockingham County           }    November Term 1843
The executor of the foregoing last will and
testament of William Webster ______ was placed in open
court by the oath of Willoughby E. Robertson who
also found the hand writing of Ann E. Robertson who
are the subscribing witness there to and ordered to be recorded.

T.B. Whicler cop

William Webster

Recorded in Book 13
Pages 311 & 12

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