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Oneida New York 

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Names are in alphabetical order

Surname-----------------------------Time Frame--------------------------Submitter

FAGAN ------------------------ 1890 to 1925 Clayville, Oriskany Falls ------------

FAIRCHILD -------------------- 1880 to 1974 Oriskany Falls, Clayville ------------

FALCONE ----------------------- Rome 1905 to Now

FALCONER --------------------Thomas Falconer m. Anna Edwards on August 20, 1823 'near Utica' NY, could be Paris or New Harford, what are the chances of finding the marriage registration?

FALLON, Michael and Malachi, ---------------------- Remsen 1860 - ? 

FALLON ----------------------------------- Utica, NY 1840 to 1870 ------------------LAMCELRO@AOL.COM

FAULKNER ---------------------- Alexander Faulkner appears in the 1830 census for New Hartford, NY, age between 60/70. Alexander Falkner appears in the 1835 census for New Harford, NY.  Hamilton Faulkner appears in the Lenox, Madison County census in 1850, age 24, Hotel keeper, born in NY. Does anyone know these men?

FEHR, Johannes ----------------- M Agnes Stortz Abt. 1845 Hawkinsville ----------

FELLOWS ------------------------ ca. 1850 to 1906 -------------------------------

FELTS -------------------------- 1850 ----------------------------------------------

FERGUSON  ----------------------------------- Primarily interested in Westmoreland, Westernville, Annsville, early 1800s and before

FERRIN -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

FIEDLER -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

FINN ----------------------- Interested in Finn Families from Utica, Whitestown and surrounding Oneida Co Area ------

FITZPATRICK ---------------------------------------------------------------

FITZSIMONS ------------------------ Utica and region 1840s through 1900

FLOCK, Carl -------------------------------------------------------------settled in Utica after leaving Germany. His son, Gilbert Flock, died not to long ago in Utica.

FOWLER ------------------------------------ Utica, NY 1900=1915Frederick Fowler  married Nora Pheilean  around 1900(?) and had two boys, the oldest boy is named Frederick Thomas and my guess is that he was born
sometime around 1903-06. The second boys name is John "Cornell"  the reason for the quotes is that he went by the name of John but his 4th grade report card says his name is Cornell. I am also looking for any connection to the
mothers maiden name of Pheilean.  This family also had relations in Cayuga Co. by the name of Arnolds.  

FORD, William & Susannah Hedge ------------------- from 1830 Hillsboro area ------

FORD, William Jr. Christina Clelland ------------------- from 1832 - 1920's ------

Camden, Hillsboro area

FOOT(E) ------------------------------------------------------------------

FOOTE ------------------------------------------- Utica area

FORD, Nathan ----------------------- Listed in the 1800 census born in Oneida Co, as was his son John Ford. Nathan fought in the War of 1812 and reportedly died in an old soldiers housing.I want to find out who his father was, etc ----------------------------

FOX ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

FOX ---------------------------- 1790> Holland Patent, Trenton --------------------





FREEMAN ------------------ somewhere in County before 1815 -------------------

FREEMAN ---------------------------- Town of Western, Rome ------------- -------------------

FUHRMAN ------------------------------- See UNSEL/UNSELL/UNSELD

FUHRMAN ----------------- pre 1900 to present Mohawk Hill, Boonville, ---------

GAGAN --------------------------------- Sangerfield, Bridgewater 1860's onward

GARRET(T) -----------------------New Hartford/Utica/Oriskany 1850s to present

GEORGENS ---------------------------- From Utica and the surrounding towns of Whitestown and NY Mills ------

GIBSON -------------------------------------------------------------------

GIBSON --------------------------------------------------------- DFG1@SNET.NET"

GILLETT ------------------------ 1800 to Present Western -------------------------

GILMORE, Jennie --------------------- See PATTERN, Daniel

GILMORE, John moved to Oneida Co., NY from Cambridge, Washington Co., NY where he was b. abt 1780. --- ----------------------------------------

GILES --------------------- Westmoreland 1800 forward ------------------------------- -------

GOLDEN, Justus or other early Golden ------------------------------

GOODENOW ------------------ ca 1835 to 1927 ----------------------------------


GOULD --------------------- 1850, 1860,s Remsen (Forestport) -------------------

GOULD ------------------ Samuel Augustus Gould and his wife Catherine (Katy)Willard Porter. Or any of their 9 children born in Oneida county. They were Catherine Mary, George S.,Henry Atkinson Dorman,Samuel Augustus Jr.,Jane Elizabeth Amie,James Theodore,Charles Edmond,Fred K. and Jane Ann. I know Catherine Mary Gould married Sylvester Doolittle in Oneida county in 1829. Jane Elizabeth Amie Gould married John Harvey Munson in Oneida county in 1848. Catherine (Katy) Porter Gould died in Syracuse,NY on April 17, 1838 ------

GRAFF,  Marcus Young-----died in Utica in

GRANT --------------------------------------------------- EARL,Julia Ann

GREENE ------------------------ See MARTIN, Samuel

GRIDLEY ----------------- Somewhere in Onedia & Madison Co before 1837 -----

GRIFFITH(S) ---------------- Abt 1840 Onward; Whitetown Area -----------------

GRIFFIN --------------- in Paris, Sanquiot, and New Fairfield NY abt 1780's to 1870's

GRINNEL --------------------------- 1835-1860

GROMMON ------------------ Westmoreland

GROSJEAN -------------------------------------------------------------------------

GROSSMAN -------------------- late 1800s to Present -------------------

GUGGIES ------------------------ Around 1900----------------------------------

GUILD  ------------------------------------ 1840's - 1940's Utica and surrounding areas

GUITEAU ------------------------------------- Oneida County, New York late 1700's to mid 1800's -------------

GUILLAUME -------------------------Any time from 1800



HAHN ------------------------------------------- Utica area

HALE -------------------------- 1800 to 1850's ------------------------------------

HALL ------------------------------ North Steuben, Town of Western, Town of Boonville areas ----------------

HALL, Abijah ------------------------------ 1775 to 1860 Town of Lee --------------

HAMBERGER ----------------------------------------------------------------------

HAND ------------------------------ From Utica and the surrounding towns of Whitestown and NY Mills ------

HANEY ------------------------- From 1830 Boonville Area -----------------------

HARDING ----------------------------1859 tp Present, Utica Area

HARGER ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

HARMON ------------------------------------ 1810 to 1850 Vernon ----------------



HAYES --------------------- During period 1859 to 1878; but, most probably 1868 to 1878 ----

HEGSTEDT ------------------------------------------------------------------------

HENRY ------------------------------------------- Utica, mid-1800s ------------

HESS, John Frederick ------------------------------------------------died  14 Oct 1861 & buried at St Francis ,Durhamville,married  Mary Burns.I am interested in all descendants of this

HEWETT ------------------------------------------ 1793 - 1973, Paris/Marshall/Waterville-


HILLS --------------------- 1820 Paris, 1830 and Thereafter Kirkland

HINCKLEY ---------------------- 1790 to 1820

HINES ----------------------------------1750s to present day

HINMAN ------------------------ !820 Paris, !830 to 1835 Vernon

HITCHOCK ---------------------- 1790's to 1850

HIZER,  Adam ---------------------------------------- .Adam was born and married (Lucy Shepard) in Steuben, Oneida county, New York Adam b 1808 married 1825 looking for his parents'

HODIERNE --------------------- 1800 to 1917 Lowell, Rome -------------

HOMER ------------------ From Utica and the surrounding towns of Whitestown and NY Mills ------

HOOD --------------------------------------- Utica 1800-1840

HOOD -------------------------- Early to 1850 -------------------------------------


HOWARTH ------------------------------------------------------------------------

HOWLAND --------------------- 1810 to 1910 Rome, Bridgewater, Annsville -----

HOWLETT ------------------------- 1890 to 1980 Sauquoit, Clayville -------------

HUBBARD ----------------------------------------------------------------

HUDSON, Thomas and Cynthia ------------------------------------------------were in Augusta in 1820 census with 5 boys and 2 girls. He may have died

HUGGINS -------------------------------------- Paris, 1800s ------------

HUGHES ---------------------- The family was in Trenton NY in 1834 and moved to Marcy NY. in 1836. REV. John Hughes was born in Wales in 1796. He was married to Mary and they had 6 children., John(my great grandfather) Owen, Christmas, Robert, Mary and CatherineE. Anyone following this line???? ---------------

HUGHES, Own and Catherine --------------------------born in Angelesey, North Wales in 1841 and died in Remsen NY in 1917; buried in Fairchild Cemetery about three miles from the old family homestead on Black Hollow Road (Remsen). Children - Elizabeth, Ellen, Grace, Hugh, Owen T., Thomas, and Kitty

HUNT, Asahel ----------- Abt. 1795 Bridgewater ----------------------------------

HUNT, Hiram ------------ Born July 6, 1797 Bridgewater --------------------------

HUTCHINSON --------------------------------- Westmoreland 1800 forward.-------------

INGLIS ------------------------------------- 1880 - 1950----------



JAMES --------------------------------------- Immigrated from Wales 1839 to Remsen/Holland Patent, Steuben areas ----

JAMES, Thomas E. & Phebe ------------------------------- 1841 to 1873 Floyd/Rome area...also their son Thomas E. Jr. in the same area and another son John E. James (through 1881) in the Utica area -----------------

JANES,Joseph -------------------------- b 1776 Amsterdam Townsp Montgomery CO NY d 6 Jul 1849 Vienna Oneida CO NY, w Sarah C CANFIELD b 9 May 1781 Mayfield Fulton CO NY. Need Parents Of ----------


JOHNSON ---------------- Somewhere in County before 1820 --------------------

JOHNSON ---------------------- 1804 to 1899 Vernon ----------------------------

JOHNSON -------------------------------------------------- Paris, 1800s ----------

JONES, Thomas V ----------------------------------------------Thomas and several of his siblings arrived in Utica about 1847.  Assumed siblings to arrive with him are Jane (who probably married James Davis in England that same year), and James.  Other siblings that may have also made the crossing are; Richard, Sarah, Anna, and Samuel, Jr.  Thomas' parents, Samuel JONES and Mary Bray Jones, were married in Peterchurch, Herefordshire, England.  Thomas married Elizabeth Murdent, of Deerfield, daughter of James and Sarah Robinson Murdent, about 1851.  They had 3 children born in Utica; James Murdent JONES b. Oct. 22, 1852, George Henry JONES, b. Oct. 29, 1854, and Thomas Valentine
JONES, b. Feb. 14, 1856.  They then moved to Minnesota between the birth of Thomas and their next son John, b. 1858. 

JONES, Thomas J. ------------------------ Born in Utica April 11, 1834 -------------

JONES --------------------Floyd, Oriskany, Utica beginning 1837--------------

JONES ----------------------------- Trenton 1800's -------------------

JONES ------------------------- Abt 1860 Clinton ---------------------------------

JONES -------------------------- 1880 to 1960 Utica -------------------------------


JOSLIN ----------------- Showed up in the Boonville area circa 1800 to present day. They came from RI via the Frankfort, NY

JUDSON ----------------------------- Vernon

KAUT ----------------------Utica late 1800s through

KEECH --------------------- 1810 to 1900+ Western, Augusta, and Verona --------

KEECH, Rachel (Wise)

KEECH, Jesse Hamilton ----------------------------- Born in Rome 1858 or 1859   ------------------

KEECH, Nathaniel

KELLOGG, Julia --------------------------------------------- ------------------------

KENT----------------------- Serriah Hawley married a Kent in the early 1800's. I would like to know who she married and when and any other information on this family.

KENYON ------------------------------------------------------------------


KINGSBERRY ---------------------------------------------------------------------

KINNEY, Leo --------------- born about Dec. 1890, died June 1923. Worked the trolley in Utica. Married Nettie (Annette?)Stone about March 1909. They had 4 boys: Lawrence, Robert, John, Richard ------- ----

KINNEY, Polly (Mary?) ---------- 1810 to 1850 Verona Area ---------------------

KIRBY -------------------------- 1800 to 1810 ------------------------------------

KIRK ------------------------------- Town of Vienna --------------

KIRTLAND, Ann ------------------ Born 1800 Bridgewater ------------------------

KIRKLAND, Stephen -------------- Abt 1800 Bridgewater -------------------------



KNEALE/KNEAL/KNEIL/KNIEL --------------------------------------- in Utica from 1827 to 1861.

KNEFLEY ------------------------------- Utica and region 1870s through 1930s (aligned with the Holligers, Cliffords, Higgins, Kaut)

KNOWLES, William J or I--------- b abt. 1831 wife Elizabeth ---------------------------------




LAFFERTY --------------------- Seeking any information about Mathew Mathias Lafferty b. July 17, 1851 & his parents from Oneida County, Utica, NY in the mid 1800's ...early 1900's. Mathew m. Ida May Smith possibly from Camden, NY. Ida died in KS in 1888 leaving 5 young children motherless. All the children were sent east to Catholic schools after her death. My grandfather William J.Lafferty b. 1881 stayed with his grandfather ______? Lafferty while attending school from age seven to sixteen.

LANGDON -------------------------------------------- From England. Friends of Francis/Ellis Family

LAUER/LOWER -------------------- Early to 1870 ---------------------------------

LAW ---------------------------- Westmoreland -----------------

LAWRENCE ---------------------- 1800's -------------------------------

LEBAR ---------------------------- 1785 to 1850 or Later --------------------

LEE ---------------------------- During 1815 to 1842 Whitesboro ------------------

LINTZ, George ----------------------------------------- ------------------------

LENT, Peter ---------------------------- Madison Co. 1795 > Onedia Co 1830-1860 ------------------------------------

LEONARD --------------------- 1820 to 1850 Sangerfield, 1880 Verona area ------

LEWIS-----------------------Sangerfield/Waterville 1870-1920

LEWIS -------------------------- 1800 to Present Verona --------------------------

LILLY -------------------------- Abt 1820 Onward; Sangerfield, Winfield ----------cmstrong@tripod


LILLY, Carlo ------------------------------------- b ?, where ? Carlo may have been the son of Norman Lilly 1/h married Weltha/Elizabeth LADD b ?when, NY She was the daughter of Jeremiah Ladd and Mary Franks their children: Mary A. b 1827 Oneida Co, NY Jeremiah Ladd b 1829 Camden, Oneida Co, NY Silas Norman b abt 1830 Oneida Co, NY 2/H hill their children: Esther Hill- b ? Emily Hill- b ? Austin Hill- b ?

LINCOLN --------------------------------- 1850 to 1900----------

LINDSAY, George ---------------- 1840 to early 1850 

LITTS -------------------------- Florence ------------------------------------------

LITWYN (LUTWYN?), Eva ----------------------------- Was born perhaps in Utica or Rome. She came across the ocean from the Ukraine, probably, about 1918 but was born in NY. She died in Rome about 1987 or so. She married Fred Wilson and then moved to San Luis Rey or Oceanside (San Diego) with Fred about 1944-5 to care for a lemon and lime tree ranch there. After Fred died in 1949 she remarried. Her new married name was then Eva Loshonkohl. She had two sisters and a brother from the Oneida area: Chris (Lived in New Jersey and then moved to Fontana CA about 1958 or 1960's). Jewel (also later move to CA.) and Nicholas Lutwin who appears to have stayed in the Rome area

LIVERMORE --------------------------------- 1800's ------------------------

LOCKERBY ------------------------------- Town of Vienna --------------

LOFFT ---------------------------- Lived in the town of Vienna from abt. 1830 to 1860 before moving west to Iowa. ----


LOOMIS ------------------------------ 1800's -------------------------

LOOMIS ------------------------------ In Lee, Florence and Camden areas.



LOWER ----------------------- See LAUER/LOWER

LUTWIN (LYTWIN, or LITWYN),Nicholas ---------------------------- b 3/14/1914 d. 5/5/1990 His wife appears to have been the sister of Robert Edward Yager who was born in Rome 1/23/1919 d.1999 ? who worked for American Can Co. in the Rome

LYNCH ---------------------From Utica. Time frame 1950's to 2000 

LYNCH -------------------------- 1918 Utica -------------------------------------


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