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Names are in alphabetical order

Surname-----------------------------Time Frame--------------------------Submitter

MAHEDY/MAHADY -------- !840 to Present Western, Florence, Westmoreland, Vernon ---


MALLORY ------------------------------- in Paris, Sanquiot, and New Fairfield NY abt 1780's to 1870's ------------

MANGAN, Joseph -------------------------------- 1860's to 1900? Worked laying the slate sidewalks in Utica, Married Catherine Gaffney ( B. 1864 Delvin, Westmeath Ireland) sometime around 1885 ? in Utica area. Had 5 children: William Mangan maried Laura Plante, Julia married Frank Shields, Mary married Tom Dailey, Catherine died as small child, Margaret Carolyn (known at Carolyn) married James D Burns -----------------------------

MANLEY --------------------Utica, 1870's onward

MARLEY ----------------------New Hartford ----------------- 1880's onward

MARSDEN ---------------------------- time span 1848 through 1900 ------------ ----------------

MARSHALL ----------------------------Any information on Townsend James Marshall 1837 - 1920 He is shown on the 1850 census in New Hartford Twp., Oneida Co. NY



MARTIN, Pliny Freeman ----------------- 1822-1913 owned Mansion House on Lafayette St. in Utica and Twin Orchards. Lived in Whitesboro.

MARTIN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

MARTIN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

MARTIN, Samuel ----------------------- Married Silence Greene in Oneida Co., NY ca. 1779 -----

MASON, Benjamin -------------------- Of Lee, Oneida Co. NY. Hewas born about 1772, possibly in VT. About 1794 he married Olive______ who may have been born in MA. They had at least one child, David Mason b about 1797, also possibly Melintha/Mary b about 1795 who married Obediah Jenks. They lived in Poland, Chatauqua Co. NY. On the 1850 Census Olive is listed as living with them so Benjamin is probably dead. There may have been a second son or even brother, Hiram Mason born about 1790 who married Senna Garrison.

MAYER,Benedict Conrad ---------------------- M. 1869 Jamaica, NY) to Caroline Wilhemina Fischer (b. 1852 NYC) Children born in Durhamville: Benedict Conrad Mayer, JR b1878 Gretchen Mayer Florence Mayer Carl Mayer (?b. 1875) Adele Mayer -----------------------------------------------

MAYHEW ------------------------- Settled in 1801 --------------------------------

MCCURN, Thomas -------------------- B. in Ireland in 1838 married Mary Murphy --------------

MCELROY ------------------------- Taberg, NY 1825 to present ---------------LAMCELRO@AOL.COM

MCKAY ------------------------- 1900 to Vernon ---------------------------------

MCCOY ------------------------------- See UNSEL/UNSELL/UNSELD

MERRILL, Morris Pomroy ----------- UTica Rome area from 1798 till 1811 ---------

MILES -------------------------- Early to 1820 ------------------------------------

MILLER Moulton & Dorcas ( McConnell) -------------------------------- ch: James Moulton, Patty, Aaron, Hiram, Emily, Matilda, George Washington, Edwin, Elvira, Sarah and possibly Abiff

MILLER ----------------------------1870 to 1935 Cassville, Sauquoit -------------

MOON --------------------------- 1790 to 1830 ----------------------------------


MORGAN, Gilbert ---------------- 1810 to 1857

MORRISON ------------------------- Boonville/Forestport area at least from 1900-1925.---------

MORSE -------------------------- 1800 to 1880 ----------------------------------

MORTON ------------------------- 1798 to 1850 --------------------------------

MOTT -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


MOYER, Barbara --------------------------1886 Will of Adam MOYER, she is listed as daughter, Utica NY

MULLEN, Michael ----------------------------b: Dec.25, 1856 Oneida Co., Oriskany Falls, NY. Michael died Dec.24, 1923 Osawatomie, KS. Michael married Arie Spidel who was born 1872 Matoon, Illinois. I have no further information on Michael at this time. I would love to find a link to his parents, siblings,

MULLIGAN --------------------- New Hartford ------------------ 1880's onward

MURDENT, James ------------------------------------------------------ married Sarah (Robinson) Murdent.  They arrived in Deerfield between 1832 and 1834.  They had at least two children when they arrived - George and James.  Elizabeth is the question mark, born 1833, but I haven't been able to tell if she was born in England or Deerfield.  Also born in Deerfield are Henry, born 1835, John born 1837 and John born 1838.   Elizabeth married Thomas V. Jones, of Utica, about 1851. They had three sons in Utica: James, born 1852, George, born 1854, and Thomas Valentine, born Feb. 14, 1856.  Between 1856 and 1858 they moved to Minnesota.  I believe a few of the Murdent siblings remained in the Oneida, or Onondaga Counties.  

MURPHY -------------------- Utica and region 1870 Thomas Murphy married Margaret Fizsimons - had a son Frankie - father and son died before 1889

MURPHY, DAVID .....................  Annsville, NY,  married to  ? Nolan in Ireland, sister to James Nolan.  David Murphy arrived in Annsville about 1841.

MURPHY, Mary ------------------------------------ See MCCURN, Thomas

MURRAY ------------------------------ 1876 to Present --------------------

MYERS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

MYERS/MEYERS ------------------- 1800> Steuben and Floyd ------------------

MYGATT --------------------------------------------------------------

NASH, Jonathan ----------------- 1802 to 1810+ Whitestown, New Hartford -----



NESON, Gerald H ----------------------------- He went to school in Oneida Co and grew up in Schenectady in the 1830's and 1840's then left for Council Bluffs, Iowa. --------

NELSON, Mildred -------- B 1908 Utica Parents J.A. Nelson and Annie Linfoot --

NETZBAND --------------------- 1881 in Rome ----------------------------

NEWELL, Jeffery B ----------------------- Born 1808 Oneida Co. Wife Christina Traver born 1812 Onedia Co. Looking for dates of marriage, deaths , etc. -----------

NIBBS ------------------------------------------- Utica area


NOBLE, James & Jane -------------------- Parents of Alice Winifred B 1872 in Rome ----

NOLAN, THOMAS ............ Born in Annsville, NY, son of James Nolan, who and Margaret Rose Freeman (parents married 1827 in Little Falls).  Moved to Yorkville and raised a large family

NORD, Kristina Nelson ----------------------------------- Arrived in US around 1903 from Sweden lived for a time in Jamestown NY. Buried in Forestport,NY Oneida Co. NY-------- -----------------


OHNMACHT/OHMACHT ----------------------------------------- Searching for any information of Elisabeth Ohnmacht (Utica), Daniel Ohnmacht (Utica), and Christian Ohnmacht (Christover (sic) Ohmacht) (Rome) from the 1860 NY Census Index.----------

OLCOTT --------------------------------------------------------------------------

OLCOTT -------------------------------------------------------------

ORCHARD ------------------------- 1700's to 1900's

ORCUTT ------------------------ 1800's -------------------------------

ORTON, Sherman ---------------------- son of Azariah Orton, Florence, NY early 1800's ----------------------------------

OVEREND -------------------1840's - 1940's Utica and surrounding areas

OWEN, Albe --- Wife Amy Stetson daughter Caroline married Jessie Babcock ----

OWEN, Caroline -- Married Jessie Babcock daughter of Albe Owen and Amy Stetson --


PAGE ------------------------- 1780 to

PALMER -------------------------- From Utica and the surrounding towns of Whitestown and NY Mills ------

PALMER, Mary Anges -------------------- See CRAMER, Oresta

PARKER,Ada ----------------------------- wife of George Wilson. Was said to probably live at Indian Reservation. Son: Fredrick Eugene Wilson. She apparently played piano. Other details unknown but greatly

PARKER ------------------------------------------ Vienna and Onandago Co. Timeframe 1790`s to mid 1800`s. Family of Linus Parker of Conn. Also Sherman family of Lucia Sherman m. Linus Parker. Lived in Clinton NY. Oneida Co. Later 1700`s --1800`s. -------------- --------------

PARSONS--------------------------------------------------------------- New Hartford, Whitestown, Utica

PATTEN, Daniel -- m. Jennie Gilmore 1793 in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY. Lived Westmoreland. Hed. 1837. 5 children: Sarah, Mary, Daniel, Elizabeth, & Thomas ---

PATTERSON ------------------- 1850 to 1870 ------------------------------------

PEARLSTONE ------------------ 1834 to 1900 -----------------------------------

PENDER,Elizabeth ------------------------------------------- See BAST, Jacob(John)

PETTIBONE ------------------- Vernon Center ------------------------------------

PEW -------------------------1800 - 1865

PFEIFER ----------------------- 1850 - 1950 Utica ----------

PHEILEAN ----------------------------------------------- See FOWLER

PHILLIPS ------------------------------------------------------------

PICKLE, Lancelott Benjamin -------------------------- b. 6 Jan 1832 ---------------

PIPER --------------------------------- Utica, NY 1900 to 1950 ----------------LAMCELRO@AOL.COM


POILE --------------------------------- Rome, Stanwix Hgts, Westmoreland 1800 forward ----- -----------

POSCHEN -------------------------Utica 1870s through 1895 William - Willhemina - Mary E (Knifly) - another sister ?

POST ---------------------- Approximate Years 1800 to 1820 ---------------

POWELL ------------------------- Boonville/Forestport area at least from 1900-1925.---------

PRATT ------------------------------------------- Utica area

PRATT, Seth --------------------------- 1846 to 1917 Town of Lee --------------

PRATT, Silas --------------------------- Abt 1781 to 1856 Town Of Lee --------------

PRATT, Silas --------------------------- 1807 to 1865 Town of Lee --------------

PRICE ------------------------------------------- Utica area

PRITCHARD ------------------------------------- Immigrated from Wales 1881 to Resmen/Holland Patent area --

PRIMMAR --------------------- Around 1900, Oriskany Falls ---------------------

QUINN ----------------------- CA 1850 ------------------------------------------

RACE --------------------- Early to 1840 -------------------------------

RACHA --------------------------- See RASHA/RACHA


RANDOLPH -------------------------------------------------------- See SALISBURY


RASHA/RACHA --------------------------- 1860 -------------------------

RANSOM, Elijah ----------------------------- b 1790 NY, d 1869 Kas. married abt 1839 Oneida Co, NY- Mary Rhodes b 1794 Mass. their son- IRA RANSOM b 1840 Oneida Co,

RAUCK, 1840-1940 Charles +1897 from Saxony (and children) and Jacob from Württemberg in Utica


REILLY (RILEY) ----------------- Sangerfield 1850's onward


RHODES ------------------------------------------------------------


RICE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

RICHARDS ------------------------------------------------------------------------

RITTER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

ROBBINS,Ephriam ------------- Rome Utica area from 1798 till 1812 ------


ROCKWELL, Lura Dewitte ------------ Trenton Falls -----------------------------

ROCKWOOD --------------------- 1790 to 1850 --------------------------------

ROCKWOOD, Sherman Morgan Lewis --- Born 1807 -----------------------------

ROCKWOOD, Silas -------------- Abt. 1810 Trenton Falls ------------------------

ROGERS ---------------------- Town of Western 1830 to 1900 ---------------------

ROSER ------------------------- 1880 to present Ava, Floyd, Mohawk Hill, -------

ROWLANDS, William and Mary -------------------------was born in North Wales in 1830 and died in Remsen NY in 1893; buried in Fairchild Cemetery. Children - Frank, William, Anna, Abbie, Thomas, Mary, George, and Andrew.

RUNDEL,RUNDLE,RUNDELL,RUNDALL--- Abt. 1800 to Abt. 1855 ---------

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