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ODIN web site - from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Includes articles on the Royal family, Foreign policy, Government, the political system, Economy, labour conditions, and more

The 17th of May - On the 17th of May and why it is celebrated.

Norway (gopher) - On the legal system in Norway, with crime statistics.

The Position of Women in Norway - Articles on gender equality, gender politics, Grete Waitz, role models in literature, equal opportunity etc. A thorough introduction to women's position in Norwegian society.

The Constitution of the Kingdom of Norway - The Norwegian constitution from 1814 with amendments and corrections up to 1990.

State of the Environment Norway 1997

Norske kommuner - Norwegian municipalities; also has versions in English, français, Deutsch

Norsk offentlig informasjon

Statens informasjonstjeneste

Norwegian Government Information in English

Storting / Parliament

Arbeiderpartiet (Labor Party)

Venstres vev (Left-Liberal Party)

Rød Valgallianse (Red Alliance)

De Grønnes nett (The Greens)

Høyres InformasjonsTjener (Conservative Party)

Fremskrittsparti (Libertarian Party)

Utenkriksdepartementet Ministry of Foreign Affairs; click here for English

Kulturdepartementet Ministry of Cultural Affairs; click here for English

Kirke-, utdannings og forskningsdepartementet Ministry of Education, Research, and Church Affairs; click here for English.

Norske kommuner Norwegian municipalities; also has versions in English, français, Deutsch

Norges lover - Norwegian laws

Lovdata WWW, Legal Database, including Norsk Lovtidend with search engine

Central Bureau of Statistics

Brunnøysundregistrene: Central Source for Data Registries

Norges Forskningsråd (Norwegian Research Council)

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