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Notes by Brenda Birch.

The bible is bound in brown leather and measures about 61/2 in. wide, 91/2 in. high & 4 in. thick. The first 32 pages are missing. Though very faint, I could see where Abner Bedee had written his name. There were other things written but the only word that I could determine was "Johnsbury". Could this be where he was born or lived at one time? Is this Johnsbury, VT?

The bible is kept at the Centennial Archives Building, which is the Administration building for the Archives, Museum and old town hall in Knowlton, Quebec.

All that I have typed is exactly as I saw it in Abners’ bible, what I wasn’t sure of I have written with what it might have been with a question mark. Included in the bible were 2 pressed leaves and 2 four-leaf clovers.

This is what is listed on the first of two pages in the bible:


Abner H. Bedee married to Armenia Horskin 3rd 8th mo. 1824 (Aug.3, 1824)

Abner H. Bedee married to Sally Bull 30thof 5th mo. 1850 (May 30, 1850)


Abner H. Bedee born 1st of 7th mo. 1799 (July 1, 1799)

Armenia Bedee born 30th of 11th mo. 1802 (Nov.30, 1802)

Daniel Bedee born 28th of 11th mo. 1824 (Nov.28, 1824)

John Bedee born 24th of 12th mo. 1826 (Dec.24, 1826)

Mary Bedee born 5th mo. 30th 1828 (May 30, 1828)

Martha Bedee born 3rd mo. 2nd 1831 (Mar.2, 1831)

Amos Bedee born 11th mo. 30th 1832 (Nov.30, 1832)

Daniel Bedee born 15th of 6th mo. 1771 (June 17, 1771)

Lydia Bedee born 7th of 6th mo. 1772 (June 7, 1772)

Kezia (Hezia?) Bedee born 21st of 7th mo. 1773 (July 21, 1773)

Moses Bedee 5th mo. 13th 1795 (May 13, 1795)

Mary Bedee 20th of 5th 1797 (May 20, 1797)

Abner Bedee 7th mo. 1st 1799 (July 1, 1799)

Cynthia Bedee 10 mo. 20th 1801 (Oct.20, 1801)

Ira Beedee 11m 2d 1804 (Nov.2, 1804)

Isaiah Beedee born 12 mo. 24 1805 (Dec.24, 1805)

Tamzan Beedee born 1(7?) mo. 8 1808 (Jan.1, 1808(or July 1, 1808)

Amos Beedee born 3 mo. 2 1810 (Mar.2, 1810)

Patience Bedee born 12 mo. 23 1812 (Dec.23, 1812)

Flora Maria Bedee born 3rd moth. 2d 1852 (Mar.2, 1852)

Moses H. Bedee born 6th mo. 12 1860 (June 12, 1860)

Abner Bedee wrote his name on the last page of the Old Testament.

Left column on 2nd page


Daniel Bedee died 5th 29th 1858 (year smudged) (May 29, 1858)

Sarah Ann Bedee died 12th mo. 22d 1841 (Dec.22, 1841)

Armenia Bedee died the 2 of fourth mo. 1849 (Apr.2, 1849)

Amos (J. or P. ?) Bedee died 10th mo. 26th 1860 (Oct.26, 1860)

Flora M. Bedee died 6 mo. 9 1878 (June 9, 1878)

Abner H. Bedee died 6 mo. 19 1881 (June 19, 1881)

Tamzan B. Horskin died 11 mo. 23 1887 (Nov.23, 1887)


Right column on 2nd page


The children of Daniel and Lydia Bedee

John H. Beede died 12th mo. 23d 1863 (53?) (Dec.23, 1863 (53?)

Ira Beede died 12m 28, 1862 (Dec.28, 1862)

Patience Beede died 8th mo. 8th 1831 (Aug.8, 1831)

Lydia Beede died 10 mo.17 1877 (Oct.17, 1877)

Right column continued


Daniel Beede died 17 of 12 mo. 1833 (Dec.17, 1833)

Tamzin B. Horskins died 23 of 11 mo. 1887 (Nov.23, 1887)

Deborah Hoskins Taber died 2nd mo. 15 1888 (Feb.15, 1888)

Martha Remington died 12 mo. 9 1892 (Dec.9, 1892)

Moses Hoag Bedee died May 6, 1935 (May 6, 1935)


Mary Bedee wrote her name on the first page of the New Testament. This is what was written on that page about the bible.

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ:

Translated out of the Original Greek and With the Former Translations diligently Compared and Revised. Stereotype Edition


Published by The Bible Association of Friends in America. 1831