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Below are photos of the direct descendants of Eli the emigrant who are currently serving, or who have served, in the US Armed Forces in the defense of our country and our freedoms. They are arranged in order from present to past.


"Duty. Honor. Country. Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be. They are your rallying point to build courage when courage seems to fail, to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith, to create hope when hope becomes forlorn."

General Douglas MacArthur (1880 - 1964)
Address to the cadets of the U.S. Military Academy in accepting the Thayer Award, May 12, 1962

PLEASE NOTE: Some of these individuals may not have been involved in actual combat, but the fact that they served their country to protect our freedoms makes them a HERO!

The War listed indicates the "Era" in which they served and were subject to being sent to a combat zone to fight.

If YOU have photos of a descendant of Eli1 in uniform, including yourself or your spouse, please let me know by clicking HERE.
We can discuss how I might get a copy of them to publish on this page.

LAST UPDATED: 14 June 2009

SGT Jeffrey D. Phillips12 (1985-present)
US Army - Iraqi War Veteran
Karen I. Bolson Kramp10 (1978-present)
US Air Force -
Michael J. Bolson10 (1978-present)
US Navy

Jonathan C. Bolson10 (1976-present)
US Army - Iraqi War Veteran

Kelee J. Beedy Larson10 (1975-present)
US Navy - 1996-
Travis D. Beedy10 (1973-present)
US Air Force - 1995-
John T. Baker10 (1961-present)
US Navy - 1983-2003

Wayne A. Bolson9 (1953-present)
US Army - Persian Gulf War

James R. Brown10 (1952-present)
US Army - 1972-1975 -Vietnam Era

Patrick P. Beedy (1952-present)
US Army - 1971-1974 - Vietnam Era

David G. Beedy9 (1949-present)
US Navy - 1968-1973 - Vietnam Era
Donald A. "Andy" Hodolitz9 (1944-2004)
US Navy - 1962 - Vietnam Era
Jack W. Ralph10 (1943-present)
US Army National Guard - 1960-1961
US Air Force - 1961-1965 - Vietnam Era

1st Lt. Ronald B. Beedy9 (1943-present)
US Army - 1965-1968 - Vietnam

David T. Beedy8 (1940-1985)
US Air Force - 1958-1962

Robert J. M. Wills8 (1937-2002)
US Navy & US Army - Korean War Era

Jasper Alexander Beede8 (1936-1999)
US Marine Corps - 1953-1955 - Korean War Era

Dean E. Beedy8 (1932-present)
US Air Force - 1951-1971 - Korean War Era and Vietnam

Herman T. Wills9 (1932-1986)
US Air Force - 1952 - Korean War Era

Albert L. Beede9 (1928-present)
US Army - 1951-1953 - Korean War Era

Howard W. Barkell8 (1928-1987)
US Coast Guard - Korean War and Vietnam

Richard A. Baker9 (1924-present)
US Army Air Corps - 1942-1946 - World War II
US Air Force - 1950-1951 - Korean War

Henry H. Baker Jr.9 (1922-1996)
US Army - 1944-1945 - World War II

William S. Varney7 (1922-2005)
US Merchant Marines - World War II

Melvin Gililland Jr. (1918-present)
US Army Air Corps - World War II

Lafayette Ross Parsons8 (1918-1995)
US Army - World War II

Clayton A. Beedy8 (1917-1944)
US Army - World War II

Harvey A. Beedy7 (1909-1980)
US Army - 1942-1945 - World War II

Henry H. Baker Sr.8 (1893-1948)
US Army - 1917-1919 - World War I

Roy L. Beede8 (1890-1972)
US Army - World War I

Major Edwin E. Bedee6 (1837-1908)
Union Army - 1862-1865 - Civil War
Moses V. Beede6 (1833-1904)
Union Army - 1862-1865 - Civil War
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