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Hephzibah 12-Mar-1772 Kingston


James M. 29-Aug-1896 Meredith ae. 79yrs 2mos 27dys born to Elisha and Sally

Mrs. 30-Mar-1866 reported from Meredith

Samuel S. 6-Feb-1885 Tamworth ae. 77yrs 1mo born Sandwich to Elisha born Sandwich and Sally (Stevens) born Augusta, ME.


Parker 10-Feb-1890 Sandwich ae. 86 born Sandwich of Elijah born Sandwich and Anna (Felch) born Seabrook


A. Elizabeth 8-Feb-1915 Portland, ME. ae. 85

Aaron 12-May-1861 Sandwich, ae. 72 born Sandwich

Aaron 5-Dec-1899 Sandwich, ae. 79yrs, 11mos. 22dys. born Sandwich 14-Dec-1819 to Elisha born Sandwich and Polly (Flanders) born Fremont

Abbie 15-Sep-1918 Hanover ae. 45, of Lyman

Abbie B. 18-Mar-1901 Sandwich ae. 53yrs 10mos 15 dys, born 4-May-1847 Sandwich to Parker born Sandwich and Achsa (Bradbury) born Buxton, ME.

Abbie B. 21-Aug-1921 Dover, ae. 76yrs 9dys born 12-Aug-1845, Newfields, ME. husband William H.

Abbie D. 24-Nov-1892 Fremont, ae 25yrs, 5mos, 4 dys., to Horace WOOD born Fremont and Adelin (Healey) born Chester

Abbie M. 16-Jul-1893 Sandwich ae. 75yrs, 4mos. 16dys to Aaron and Polly (Burleigh)

Abigail 26-Oct-1887 Rochester ae. 82 to Tobias HANSON born Dover and Hannah (Mercedes) born Farmington

Abigail 2-Apr-1900 ae. 83 born and died Sandwich

Achar 17-Apr-1903 Tamworth ae. 69 born 1834 to Daniel JAMES

Ada 28-Apr-1898 ae 1yr, 5mos, 22dys. Youngville (Manchester) born Manchester to William N. born Goffstown and Esther (Tatro) born Canada

Addie 5-Jan-1895 Hillsboro ae. 22yrs, 11mos 5dys born Weare to Charles SCRUTON born Alexandria and Zilpha (Clough) born Francistown

Alice 6-Mar-1864 Meredith

Alice W. 5-May-1898 ae 9mos. born Hampton to Reuben W. born Gilmanton and Annie A. (Jackson) born Melrose, MA.

Alpheus B. 2-Dec-1893 Derry ae. 77yrs 10mos 10dys born Sandwich to Aaron born Sandwich and Mary (Burley) born Sandwich

Amy 7-Oct-1899 Stratford ae. 3mos 18dys to Fred born ME. and Jennie M. (Bass) born Stratford

Ann B. 7-Feb-1923 N. Woodstock, ae. 43, born 13-Jan-1880 N. Woodstock to Moody HOWLAND husband Will

Annie 25-Apr-1915 Concord State Hospital, of So. Hampton, ae. 67 born 1848 to Eli and Elizabeth(Huntington) both born Amesbury MA.

Annie E. 1-Feb-1896 Sandwich ae. 28yrs 26dys to Aaron and Mary (McGaffey) both born Sandwich

Annie Elizabeth 4-May-1921 Fremont ae 59yrs 9mos 18 dys, born 16-Jul-1866 Fremont to George F. born Fremont and Ruth (Nichols) born Winslow, ME.

Arthur 1-Nov-1857 Manchester

Augusta A. 22-Apr-1839 Sandwich ae. 76yrs 5mos 17dys born 22-Apr-1839 Sanbornton to Timothy SULLIVAN born Ireland and Betsey (Chapman) born Sanbornton, husband J. Edwin

Augustine 31-Mar-1904 Jamestown CA. Born 27-Mar-1876 Fremont to George F. , born Fremont and Ruth (Nichols) born Winslow, ME.

Augustus H. 18-Jun-1910 Dover born 3-Mar-1827 Sandwich to John and Tamsen both born Sandwich

Carl W. 5-Dec-1937 Dover born 17Jun-1895 Fremont to Ernest G. born Canada and Alice S. (Towle) born Chester

Caroline F. 16-Jan-1902 Montpelier, VT. born 7-Feb-1827 Meredith Bridge to Seth FOGG and Betsey B. (Gile) husband John W.

Catherine 2-Apr-1903 Derry born 27-Apr-1826 Pictou, Nova Scotia to John and Isabella McDONALD Both born Scotland, husband Alpheus

Celia 3-Oct-1935 Laconia, resident Gilmanton, born 6-Mar-1849 Gilmanton to Henry E. and Hannah MARSH both born Gilmanton

Charles E. 2-Nov-1897 So. Hampton ae. 43yrs 9mos. 29dys, born S. Hampton to Eli born Fremont and Elizabeth (Huntington) born Amesbury, MA.

Charles E. 2-Jun-1934 Fremont born 10-May-1861 Fremont to Phineas born Fremont and Ann (Leavitt) born Wells River, VT.

Charles S. 28-Jun-1933 Enfield, ae. 49yrs 5mos 15dys born Pennacook

Clarence Herbert 25-Jul-1918 Saugus, MA., brought to Kingston for burial ae.41yrs 13dys. born to Oscar born E. Orange VT and Hannah (Webster) born Kingston

Cynthia H. 1-Dec-1892 Sandwich ae. 81yrs 5mos 22dys born Sandwich to William and Joanne HODGE both born Deering

Daniel 16-Apr-1883 Fremont ae. 79yrs 18dys born Fremont to Eli born Fremont and Ruth (Peaslee) born Newton

Daniel G. 15-Jan-1894 Sandwich ae. 79yrs 6mos 5dys born Sandwich to Thomas born Sandwich and Susanna (Royce?) born Holderness

Daniel S. 16-Oct-1869 reported from Meredith ae. 47 born Sandwich

David S. 2-May-1899 Gilmanton ae. 90yrs 1mo 28dys born Sandwich to Moses and ____ (Peaslee)

Dora E. 3-Jan-1917 Manchester, resident Epping ae. 50 parents George H. FLOYD born Epping and Marion (Fogg), husband George

E. Jennie 17-Jul-1907 Tilton born 7-Oct-1832 Manchester, husband Francis C.

Ebenezer 11-Apr-1789 ae. 8yrs 8mos 4 dys to Daniel Jr. and Dorothy (Hackett)

Ebenezer 20-May-1802 ae. 13yrs 2mos 19dys to Daniel Jr. and Dorothy (Hackett)

Edith M. 11-Sep-1886 Fremont ae. 1yr 19mos 7dys born Fremont to Charles E. born Fremomt and Lula M. (Sanborn)

Edwin 14-Jul-1894 East Derry ae. 37yrs 1mo reported from Sandwich born Sandwich to Alpheus born Sandwich and Catherine (Gerrin) born Pelton Nova Scotia

Edwin E. 13-Jan-1908 Meredith born 8-Jun-1837 Sandwich

Eli 3-Sep-1890 Rochester ae. 86yrs 10mos born VT.

Eli 7-Jun-1897 S. Hampton ae. 9yrs 10mos 7dys born Fremont to Eli born Fremont and Ruth (Peaslee) born Newton

Elijah 12-Dec-1855 Sandwich ae. 80

Elisha 2-Mar-1856 Sandwich

Elizabeth 26-Oct-1889 S. Hampton ae. 67 born Amesbury MA. to Amos HUNTINGTON born

Amesbury MA. and Content (Osborn) born Danvers MA.

Elizabeth 23-Oct-1903 Manchester born 25-May-1859 Salem, MA. to P. GANNON born Kennebeck and

Mary A. (Conway) born Hamilton, MA., husband Edgar T.

Ellen 18-Aug-1916 Concord State Hospital born 1842 to Parker born N.H. and Oxie (Bradbury) born ME.

Elmira 11-Feb-1874 Sandwich ae. 74 born Center Harbor to Jonathan PAINE born Chester and Abigail born Marblehead, MA.

Elmore Abbott 25-Nov-1925 Laconia born 11-Jul-1923 Leominster, MA. to Harold H. born Wells River, VT. and Blanche (Bond) born Clinton, MA.

Elora May 11-Jul-1913 Exeter born 17-Jul-1906 Exeter to Herbert born Fremont and Harriet born Newburyport, MA.

Ernest S. 26-Dec-1936 Exeter, of Fremont born 15-Nov-1868 Stanstead Plains Canada to Phineas born Fremont and Annette (Cass) born Canada

Eva 27-Jul-1891 Hillsboro ae. 2hrs. to Alfred L. Beede so claimed, born Canada and Addie (Scruton) born Weare

Eva 31-Dec-1899 Bristol ae. 8yrs 9mos 3dys born Bristol to William P. and Etta (Remick)

Everett Wesley 23-Sep-1932 Wolfeboro, resident of Lynn, MA. born 10-Feb-1891 Saugus, MA. to Alfred W. and Mary A. (Feeney) both born Lynn, MA.

Florence E. 12-Apr-1935 Laconia born 25-Feb-1876 Malden, MA. to Ella (Buchanan), husband Fred F.

Florence Grace 22-Oct-1905 Londonderry born 18-Feb-1905 Londonderry to George W. born New Boston and Annie S. (Moody) born Hooksett

Forest E. 7-Sep-1920 Manchester, previously from Derry born 19-Dec-1903 Londonderry to George W. born New Boston and Annie S. (Moody) born Hooksett

Francis Cass 9-Dec-1900 Franklin ae. 72yrs 8mos 16dys born 7-Mar-1828, Corinth VT. to Alva and Ruth (Cass) both born Corinth, VT.

Fred F. 28-Jun-1922 Laconia born 28-Feb-1859 Laconia to Daniel and Martha (Cotton)

Frederick Adams 8-Oct-1915 Laconia, born same day to Fred A. born Laconia and Florence (Adams) born Melrose, MA.

George 9-Feb-1895 Sandwich ae. 57yrs 9mos 18dys born Sandwich to Parker born Sandwich and Acsah (Bradbury) born Buxton, ME.

George Earl Samuel 7-Mar-1908 Londonderry born 27-Jan-1908 Londonderry to George W. born New Boston and Susie A. (Moody) born Hooksett

George F. 8-Feb-1914 Fremont born 5-Jan-1838 Fremont to Daniel born Fremont and Annie E. (Folsom) born Epping

George H. 10-Sep-1914 Concord, of Boscawen ae. 64 born Littleton

George W. 1-Jan-1933 Manchester, of Derry, born 25-Jul-1877 New Boston to Julius born New Boston and Julie (Webber) born Bedford

Gilman 24-Mar-1937 Haverhill born 22-Dec-1861 to John born Topsham, VT. and Melissa (Thompson) born Orange, VT.

Hannah 3-Aug-1861 Sandwich ae. 48 born Thornton to Jonathan CONE

Hannah Lock 25-May-1890 Fremont ae. 70yrs 4mos born Epping to Elijah PURINGTON born Epping and Nancy (Smith) born Fremont

Hanson 25-Jan-1903 Meredith , born 17-Dec-1810 Sandwich to Elisha born Augusta, ME and Sally (Stevens)

Harriet 22-Apr-1927 Laconia born 27-Jun-1925 Plymouth to John born New Hampton and Millicen (Elliott) born Rumney

Hellen Beatrice 4-Dec-1907 Londonderry born 18-Feb-1907 Londonderry to George W. born New Boston And Susie A. (Moody) born Hooksett

Haysle May 6-Jan-1901 Londonderry, ae. 1mo 1day born Londonderry to George W. and Annie S. (Moody)

Horace 23-Jan-1888 Holderness ae. 70yrs 8mos 7dys born Gilmanton to Thomas born Poplin and Mary (Hackett) born Canterbury

Horatio 27-Jun-1870 ae. 1yr 10dys born and died Northwood to Reuben B. born Gilmanton and Anna (Bickford) born Northwood

Isabella 26-Dec-1903 Meredith born 18-Oct-1828 Meredith to William LANE and Isabella (Cram) both born Deerfield, husband James

J. Edwin 17-Oct-1915 Sandwich born 9-Sep-1838 Sandwich to Joseph born Sandwich and Almira (Paine) born Center Harbor

Jacob G. Dec ? reported for year ending 31-Nov-1867 Sandwich

Jennie M. 10-Oct-1899 Stratford ae. 21 born Stratford to Lorenzo D. BASS born Lancaster and Amanda (Blodgett) born Stratford

Jeremiah 30-Mar-1880 Sacramento CA. ae. 40 born Tamworth

John C. 13-May-1901 Haverhill born 22-May 1870 Topsham, VT. to John C. born Orange VT. and Melissa (Thompson) born Chelsea, VT.

John F. Jun-1855 Manchester ae. 3yrs 9mos born Bedford to Francis

John F. 27-Apr-1858 Sandwich ae. 61 born Sandwich to John and Sarah both born Poplin

John W. 25-Nov-1885 Meredith ae. 57yrs 8mos 8dys born Sandwich to John born Sandwich and Mary (Way) born Sutton, VT.

Joshua 21-Mar-1913 Auburn, ME. ae. 80yrs 10mos-22dys

Josiah 16-Nov-1879 Sandwich ae. 76 born Sandwich to John and Sarah (Sleeper) both born Fremont

Julia M. 23-Apr-1861 Hebron ae. 16 born Poplin to William T. and Irene Q

Julius L. 5-Nov-1905 Londonderry ae. 68yrs 7mos.

Kenneth E. 4-Mar-1921 Meredith born 18-Sep-1919 Meredith to Fay R. born Haverhill and Pearl (Gibson) born St. Johnsbury, VT.

Laura A. 29-Dec-1910 Haverhill born 23-Apr-1860 Newbury VT. to John C. PLACE born Canada and Mary (Carter) born Newbury, VT. husband O. Alvah

Laurel A. 16-Jun-1930 Amesbury, MA. born 5-Feb-1876 Dover

Lena 9-Aug-1891 Hillsboro ae. 16dys, Alfred L. born Canada and Addie (Scruton) born Weare

Lestina A. 6-Jan-1900 Fremont, born 20-Jan-1845 Canada to Stefhen CASS and Lestina (Brown) both born Canada

Lillian F. 30-Aug-1916 Derry born 29-Jul-1914 Derry to George W. born New Boston and Annie S. (Moody) born Hooksett

Louis A. 25-Feb-1925 Fremont born 20-May-1868 Fremont to George F. born Fremont and Ruth (Nichols) born China ME.

Mary 28-Jun-1838 Sandwich ae. 9yrs 11 mos 15dys born Sandwich to John Jr. and Mary (Way)

Mary 28-Mar-1859 Sandwich ae. 57yrs 10mos 12dys born Lempster to Benjamin WAY born CT. and Mary (Replin?)

Mary 27-Jan-1876 reported from Derry ae. 21 father Alpheus B.

Mary 3-Dec-1895 Danville ae. 87yrs 6mos 25dys born Fremont to Eli born Fremont and Ruth (Peaslee) born Newton

Mary May 1886 Sandwich ae. 80yrs 1mo 8dys born N.H. to Moses WORTHEN born Weare and Berthia N. (Murcham) born Canaan

Mattie Lenora 24-Sep-1901 Fremont born 14-Jul-1901 Fremont to Ernest S. born West Hadley, Canada and Alice S. (Towle) born Chester

Melissa 3-Feb-1904 Piermont previously of Bradford, VT. born 4-Aug-1842 Springfield to Luther THOMPSON, born Hartford VT. and Amy (Russell) born Springfield, husband John C.

Mildred 3-May-1904 Fremont born 1-Apr-1903 Fremont to Ernest S. born Barnstead Canada and Alice (Towle) born Chester

Morris E. 13-May-1901 Atkinson born 17-Aug-1900 Woodsville to William born Northwood and Annie B. (Howland) born North Woodsville

Moses 21-Sep-1851 Dover ae. 78

Moses 5-Feb-1886 Dover ae. 81 father Ray M.

Mrs Beede 15-Apr-1862 Laconia

Olney D. 8-May-1901 Laconia previously from Roxbury, MA. born 27-Jun-1850 Gilmanton to David and Elizabeth (Varney)

Oscar 6-May-1917 Kingston born 19-Jun-1850 Washington, VT. to Joseph born VT. and Mary (Wells) born Haverhill, MA.

Peter 1777 Sandwich ae. 1yr to Daniel Jr. and Dorothy (Hackett)

Phineas 1-Jan-1806 reported from Fremont

Phineas 25-Mar-1892 Fremont ae. 60yrs 6mos 8dys born Fremont to Horatio born Fremont and Hannah (Fellows) born Kingston

Phineas 1-Mar-1932 Fremont born 23-Feb-1842 Fremont to Phineas born Fremont and Hannah (Purington) born Epping

Rebecca 4-Dec-1896 Goffstown ae. 79yrs 8mos 26dys born Bow to Isaac WOOD and Annie (Edmunds) born Malone, N.Y.

Robert 14-Sep-1885 Sandwich ae. 80 born Sandwich to Joshua

Rufus L. 2-Apr-1901 Tamworth born 5-Aug- 1828 Gilmanton to Eli and Betsey (Judkins)

Ruth N. 14-Dec-1907 Fremont born 3-Apr-1839 Winslow, ME. to John NICHOLS born Henniker and Sarah (Osborne) born Weare, husband George F.

Ruth R. 4-Feb-1888 Sandwich ae. 74yrs 3mos 7dys born Sandwich to Isaac SMITH and Nancy (Straw)

Rutland Oral 11-Jan-1917 Fremont born 22-Sep-1914 Fremont to Ernest S. born Canada and Alice (Towle) born Chester

Sarah 1-Oct-1816 reported from Fremont

Sarah, widow, 28-Nov-1854 ae. 80, reported from Sandwich

Sarah P. 10-May-1919 Meredith born 11-Mar-1841 Sandwich to John and Mary (Way) both born Sandwich

Stella A. 12-Feb-1936 Bristol born 29-Jan-1848 VT. to Augustus G. JENKINS and Louisa M. (Whitney) born Kirby, VT. husband George

Susan A. 4-Jan-1901 Rumney born 1-Feb-1824 Gilmanton to Eli born Poplin and Betsey (Judkins) born Gilmanton

Susan E. 27-Nov-1827 Fremont ae. 83yrs 10mos 13dys born 14-Jan-1817 Danville to Phineas FRENCH And Jane (Eaton) both born Danville, widow of Horatio

Susannah 27-Dec-1854 Sandwich ae. 91

Susie 1868 Raymond, ae. 3yrs

Virginia 11-Feb-1926 Portsmouth born 7-Nov-1921 Portsmouth to Earl E. born Surry, ME. and Olive Grace (Holbrook) born Dudley, CT.

William C. 16-Nov-1919 Danbury ae. 7yrs

William H. 20-Aug-1913 New York City born 4-Jun-1837 Tamworth to Samuel S. born Sandwich and Nanacy (Boyden) born Tamworth

William P. 16-Feb-1914 Bristol born 17-Apr-1839 Fremont to William T. and Irene Q (Smith)


Edith 28-Dec-1900 Manchester born 9-Nov-1900 Thornton’s Ferry to William W. born Goffstown and Esther (Tatro) born Canada

Keziah 26-Mar-1756 Brentwood ae. 3yrs 29dys born Brentwood

Matilda 22-Sep-1885 Hanover ae. 71yrs 14dys born Sandwich to Samuel and Betsey (Crosby) both born N.H.

Tamsen 8-Mar-1889 Wilmont ae. 56yrs 2mos 8dys born Bridgewater to Alonzo GALE born Warner and Polly (Fogg) born Bridgewater


male 27-Dec-1806 Ossipee, ae. 2dys born to Elisha and Sally (Flanders)

male 16-Jun-1879 Brentwood ae. 1 day born to Horatio G and Mary A. both born Fremont

son 12-Jun-1889 parents Charles E. born Fremont and Lula M. (Sanborn) born Lawrence, MA.

female 15-Jun-1894 Manchester to William born Manchester and Esthere (Tetreault) born Canada

child 30-Oct-1904 Kingston born and died same day, to Melvin H. born Kingston and Sarah (Kennedy) born St. Johns, Newfoundland

child 16-May-1912 Bedford born and died same day to William born Goffstown and Ester (Tatro) born Canada

child 10-May-1921 North Woodstock born and died the same day to Harold born Wells River, VT. and Blanche F. (Bond) born Clinton, ME.