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PHINEHAS BEEDE (1748-1806)


Volume 36 1804-1806 Pages 476-478

G.S. Film # 0,016,200

Extracted by: John Rudnick 06 Jul 1987 at SLC Library

Be it remembered, that I Phinehas Beede, of Poplin in the county of Rockingham, and State of New Hampshire husbandman, being infirm & weak in Body but of a Sound & Disposing mind & memory, & Calling to mind the mortality of my Body, knowing it is appointed for all men once to die & not knowing how soon I may be called to put off this my earthly Tabernacle, Do this twenty fourth day of December, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred & five make & ordain this my last Will & Testament in manner & form as following:

Imprimis, I give & bequeath unto my three sons, Joshua Bedee William Bedee & Jonathan Bedee sixty dollars to be equally divided between them, twenty Dollars each to be paid to them by my son Phinehas Bedee in one year after my decease they having had their Portion before.

(extractor's note: Beede was mispelled Bedee in microfilm of original copy)

Item I give & bequeath unto my two Daughters Sarah Jewel and Mary Beede one Cow a piece to be paid to them by my son Phinehas Beede immediately after my wife's decease, they having had their portion before.

Item I give & bequeath unto my son Jonathan my Gun.

Item I give & bequeath unto my four sons Joshua, Phinehas, William & Jonathan all my wearing apparel to be equally divided between them.

Item I give & bequeath unto my two Daughters Sarah & Mary all my household furniture & stuff after my wife's decease, to be equally divided between them.

Item I give & bequeath unto my son Phinehas Beede, all my Estate both Real & Personal Lands, Buildings, live stock, utentsils for husbandry & every thing that may appear to be mine saving my wife's Lawful Dower & Right in my estate that is not otherwise particularly bequeathed & disposed of in this my last Will with my son Phinehas paying all my just debts, funeral Charges, & Legacies before written, to him the said Phinehas Beede Jun. or his heirs and assigns

Lastly I constitute & appoint my son Phinehas Beede Sole Executor of this my last Will & Testament & I do hereby revoke & disannull all former Wills by me heretofore made, ratifying & establishing this & this only to be my last Will & Testament. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand & Seal

the day and year before written.

Signed, Sealed, Published & declared by the said Phinehas Beede to be his last Will & Testament.

in presence of us Phinehas Beede (SEAL)

Moses Beede

Eli Beede

Ezekl Godfrey

State of New Hamp) To all People to whom these Presents shall come Nathaniel Rogers Esq

Rockingham ss ) Judge of Probate in & for the County of Rockingham. Sendth Greeting.

Know Ye That on the Day of the Date hereof before me at Exeter in said County the Instrument a copy of which is hereunto annexed purporting the last Will & Testament of Phinehas Beede late of Poplin in said County Husbandman deceased, was presented for probate by Phinehas Beede the executor therein named & Ezekiel Godfrey Eli Beede two of the Witnesses whose names are hereto subscribed being then present made solemn Oath & affirmation that they said the said Testator Sign Seal & heard him declare the said Instrument to be his last Will & Testament that he was then to the best of their Judgement of sound & disposing mind & that they with Moses Beede subscribed their names together as Witnesses to the Execution thereof in the Presence of the said Testator.

I Do therefore prove approve & allow of the said Instrument as the last Will & Testament of the said deceased. I do hereby commit the administration thereof in all matters the same concerning of his Estate whereof he died seized & ??? in said State unto him the aforesaid Executor well & faithfully to execute the said Will & Testament & to administer the Estate of said deceased according to the same who accepted of his said Trust & he is hereby directed to exhibit an Inventory of said Estate according to Law and he shall render an Account (upon Oath) of his proceedings therein when lawfully thereto required.

In Testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand & Seal of the Court of Probate for said County. Dated at Exeter aforesaid the 27th day of Jan y AD 1806

Nathaniel Rogers

Wm Parker Regr

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