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Daniel BEEDE (1729-1799)

Rev. Thomas BEEDE (1771-1841)
Thomas2, Eli1.

Elijah Beede (1775-1855)
Nathan3, Daniel2, Eli1.

Moses H. BEEDE (1795-1867 OR 1860-1935)
Lineage uncertain - view his web page for more information.

Horatio BEEDE (1797-1878)
Phineas4, Phineas3, Hezekiah2, Eli1.

Stephen BEEDE (1797-1875)
Cyrus3, Daniel2, Eli1

Abner H. Bedee (1799-1881)
Daniel4, Nathan3, Daniel2, Eli1.

Daniel A. Beedy (1799-1877)
Bezaleel3, Hezekiah2, Eli1.

Beede VARNEY (1804-1876)
Sarah3 BEEDE Varney, Daniel2, Eli1.

Tamzin BEDEE Hoskin (1808-1887)
Daniel4, Nathan3, Daniel2, Eli1.

Munroe Homer Beede (1903-1985)
Abner J.7, John6, Abner H.5, Daniel4, Nathan3, Daniel2, Eli1.

Caleb Sleeper BEEDE (1805-1877)
and wife Mary

John Enos3, Jonathan2, Eli1.

Eli BEEDE (1806-1897)
Eli3, Jonathan2, Eli1.
Photos of him and some of his descendants.

Abram Partridge BEEDY (1817-1879)
Lineage to Eli the emigrant currently unknown.
This page contains photos of some of his descendants.

Elisha Smith BEEDE (1818-1890)
Aaron Stiles4, Rosiah3, Hezekiah2, Eli1.

Emily S. BEEDE Fuller (1827-1876)
Circumstantial evidence indicates that her lineage was
Bezaleel Beede Jr.4, Bezaleel Sr.3, Hezekiah2, Eli

Catherine COMSTOCK Beede (1827-?)
wife of Richard Dame BEEDE (1825-?)
Stephen4, Cyrus3, Daniel2, Eli1.

Cyrus Beede (1828-1908)
Stephen4, Cyrus3, Daniel2, Eli1.

Aaron H. BEEDY Jr. (1828-1908) and Family
Aaron4, Daniel Jr.3, Daniel2, Eli1.

Amy Elizabeth BEEDE Votaw (1829-1920)
Abraham4, John Enos3, Jonathan I.2, Eli1.

Alexander BEEDE (1830-?)
Addison4, Jeremiah3, Hezekiah2, Eli1.

Olive Ann BEEDE Barton (1831-1909)
Abraham4, John Enos3, Jonathan I.2, Eli1.

William Harrison BEEDE (1835-1892)
Addison Creighton4, Jeremiah3, Hezekiah2, Eli1.

Sons of William Harrison BEEDE (above)
Julane N. (1867-1904) and wife Susan
Walter Walker (1870-1943) and wife Ellen
Joseph Alexander Sr. (1875-1946) and wife Eddie
Frances Wyant (1877-1922) and wife Edna

Grandchildren of William Harrison BEEDE (above)
Margaret Addie (1898-?)
Margaret Frances (1899-1980)
William Andrew (1904-1964)
Walter Marvin Sr. (1907-1991) and wife Eva
Joseph Alexander Jr. (1913-1996) and wife Essie
Fletcher Wyant (1916-1982) and wife Birdie
Eddie Lavone (1919-1953)

Great Grandchild of William Harrison BEEDE (above)
Jasper Alexander (1936-1999)

The Beede Brother's Store in Beedeville, Arkansas
circa 1920's

Beedeville, Arkansas Today (2004)
Includes photos of the city limit sign, church, fire station and post office as they look today.

John Currier BEEDE (1835-1917)
Samuel Gilman5, Peter4, Daniel Jr.3, Daniel2, Eli1.

Edgar Lesley BEEDE (1862-1921)
Son of John Currier above.

Fred Bryan BEEDE (1900-1976)
Son of Edgar Lesley above.

Edgar Bruce BEEDE (1927-2004)
Son of Fred Bryan above.

Unidentified descendants and/or relatives of John Currier BEEDE above.
Do you know who any of these people are?

Major Edwin E. BEDEE (1837-1908)
of New Hampshire

The illegitimate son of Mary Belle BEEDE5, Elisha4, Nathan3, Daniel2, Eli1. A Civil War Hero and a witness to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Charles Otis BEEDE (1840-1898)
Solomon5, Elisha4, Nathan3, Daniel2, Eli1.

Sarah Ann BEEDE Sanborn (1842-?)
Eli4, John Enos3, Jonathan2, Eli1.

Sarah Jane BEEDE (1848-1921)
Caleb4, John Enos3, Jonathan2, Eli1.

Minerva Louise BEEDE Metcalf (1852-1925)
Sullivan5, Bezaleel Jr.4, Bezaleel Sr.3, Hezekiah2, Eli1

Abigail BEEDY Eversoll (1856-1933)
of Agra, Kansas

Joseph Eveleth5, Daniel III4, Daniel Jr.3, Daniel2, Eli1
and Her Five Brothers.

Fred Alger BEEDE (1856-1940)
George5, Aaron4, Bezaleel3, Hezekiah2, Eli1.

Mary Caroline BEEDE Clayton (1859-1927)
 Cyrus5, Stephen4, Cyrus3, Daniel2, Eli1.

George Owen BEEDE (1865-?)
Moses5, Caleb4, John Enos3, Jonathan2, Eli1.

Herbert Gould "Buck" BEEDE (1870-1943)
Charles Gould7, Elias Dakin6, Moses H.5, Daniel4, Nathan3, Daniel2, Eli1.
Joshua William BEEDE (1871-1940)
Hiram6, Horatio5, Phineas4, Phineas3, Hezekiah2, Eli1.

Theodatus Giles BEEDE (1871-1957)
John Wesley5, Caleb Sleeper4, John Enos3, Jonathan I.2, Eli1.

James Henry BEEDE (1875-1969)
Josiah5, Josiah4, John3, Thomas2, Eli1.

Florence Caroline BEEDE (1886-1962)
Mary Caroline BEEDE6, Cyrus5, Stephen4, Cyrus3, Daniel2, Eli1.

Abby Beede CLAYTON Zaring (1890-1923)
Mary Caroline BEEDE6, Cyrus5, Stephen4, Cyrus3, Daniel2, Eli1.

Hugh Stevenson BEEDE (1892-1950)
Fred6, George5, Aaron4, Bezaleel3, Hezekiah2, Eli1.

Mornelva Millen "Nellie" BEEDE (1894-?)
Fred6, George5, Aaron4, Bezaleel3, Hezekiah2, Eli1.

Thomas Wayne BEEDE (1903-1949) & Family
Elias6, Eli5, Abram4, John Enos3, Jonathan2, Eli1.

Fred Alger BEEDE III (1916-2002)
Charles7, Fred6, George5, Aaron4, Bezaleel3, Hezekiah2, Eli1.

John Lawrence BEEDE (living)
William Oliver7, Henry Darrow6, John Wesley5, Caleb Sleeper4, John Enos3, Jonathan2, Eli1.

BEEDE Family Civil War Soldiers from Fremont
Photo taken ca. 1861-1865
Who are these men?

Photo taken at the Coover Studio in Iowa City, Iowa, around the 1880s or 1890s.
Do you know who this man is?

Unknown "BEEDE" Relatives
Photos of two people, a male and a female, relationship unknown, probably taken during the Civil War.  They were found with other Sandwich Beede artifacts without identification and the subjects were possibly related to Beede VARNEY.
Do you know who these people are?


Friends Cemetery, West Epping, New Hampshire
Home of many Beedes and Folsoms.

Evergreen Cemetery, South Strafford, Vermont
Home of Aaron Beede and his wife and son.
Elmwood Cemetery, Pike, Wyoming, New York
Home of Bezaleel Beede Jr. and most of his family.

Elmwood Cemetery, Manteno, Illinois
Home of Daniel A. Beedy and some of his descendants.

Forest Cemetery, Oskaloosa, Mahaska County, Iowa.
Home of Cyrus Beedy and family.
Aaron Stiles BEEDE4 (1895-1870)
Rosiah3, Hezekiah2, Eli1.
Photos of his gravestone and that of his wife Clarissa.
Taken in Keene, New York

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