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The Early History of the
Davenports of Davenport
by T. P. Highet M.A., F.S.A. (Scot.)
Published by the Chetham Society
of Manchester, England, 1960

The images below were scanned by Graham Davenport of Chester, Cheshire, England
and published here with the permission of the Chetham Society.

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Dear Mr Davenport,

Many apologies for the long delay in replying to your email, forwarded by Michael Powell of Chethamís Library. Technically, of course, the book is still in full copyright (as it was published in 1960) but in practice, partly because we are non-profitmaking and partly because the book is long since out of print and out of stock, we do not worry about these things. Therefore, on behalf of the Chetham Society, Iím happy to give your authority to place on the dedicated website to which you refer. Acknowledgment should be made to the Council of the Chetham Society for permission to do this (as you suggest) and ideally I would be grateful if you could also indicate that the text is still copyright of the Chetham Society and should not be further reproduced without permission. Weíre delighted to have Chetham Society texts published in this way, but I am very grateful that you have sought formal permission as we like to keep track of these things!

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Chapter One
The Earliest Davenports


Chapter Two
The Fourteenth Century Davenports

Chapter Three
Serjeants of the Peace


1.  Robber Roll and Attachments, 1333-52

2.  Puture Roll, early fourteenth century

3.  Puture Roll, 16 Edward III, 1342-3,
and 29 Edward III, 1355-6

4.  Puture Roll, Michaelmas, 1356 - Michaelmas, 1357,
30-31 Edward III,
with indenture accounting for
Michaelmas 1358 - Michaelmas, 1359,
32-33 Edward III

5.  Puture Roll, the account after Easter 1378, I Richard II

6.  Kelk Roll, 8 Henry IV, 1406-7

7.  Puture Roll, 19 Henry VII, 1503-4

8.  Puture Roll, 20 Henry VII, 24th June, 1505

9-27.  Selected Davenport Charters


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