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The following people have unknown parents and/or have not yet been connected to Thomas Philbrick the Emigrant.  They were originally listed in alphabetical order by first name, Philbricks first, followed by Philbrooks.  Orphans who were added to the list after it was published are listed at the end and numbered in the order received.  Gaps in the numbers indicate that the orphan was identified and removed from the list.

If you recognize any of these people and have information to share on their ancestors or descendants, please do so by clicking HERE.

Last Updated: 12 November 2015
This is the date I last uploaded his web page.
This does not mean that all the data below is current as of this date.


1 Addie Philbrick, dates unknown.  She was married to Gilman T. Philbrick (b. 1830) in 1874, son of Samuel H. Philbrick and Lucia GARLAND.  Was she really a Philbrick or was that just the way it was recorded in some source [unknown].
3 Andrew G. Philbrick was born abt 1 Feb 1855 or 1 Oct 1857 in Topsham, VT [Vermont VR].  Nothing else is known about him.
9 Benjamin Philbrick married Margaret STITTLES 1 May 1845 in Hancock County, IL [Illinois Marriage Records Index Online]. 
10 Benjamin Philbrick, born 1745 in Hampstead, NH; filed for a  Rev. War pension on 25 Sep 1832 in Warner, NH.
This might be Benjamin, son of Benjamin PHILBRICK (1706-1810) and Sarah CHUTE (1714-1813), who was born 10 Jun 1746 in Hampstead, NH and died 1845 in Hopkinton, NH.  He was married to Anna KNIGHT and Lucy BUELL. More conclusive evidence is needed.
15 Caroline Philbrick, born 1886 Iowa.  She was on the 1920 census in Washington Twp. Plymouth, Iowa.  Age 33, single, born Iowa, parents born Iowa. She was a live-in housekeeper in the household of Frank and Nelda HAMMOND.
17 Charles A. Philbrick, born 1829, married Caroline WELCH on 17 Dec 1857 [Vermont VR]
20 Charlotte Philbrick married Joseph P. BURNES on 18 Sep 1842 in Rockingham, Vermont [Vermont VR].
21 Charlotte Philbrick married W. W. KELLY on 18 Jan 1841 in Corinth, VT [Vermont VR].
22 Clara B. Philbrick married B. S. KEMPTON on 6 Sep 1899 in Hamilton County, IA [Iowa Marriages to 1850].
UPDATE: Clara was born 1877 in Kansas.  Her husband was Benjamin S. KEMPTON, born Aug 1875 Illinois, died before 1930 in Colorado.  Their children were Almon B, 1902 IA; Byron S., 1908 KS; and Laurence R., Dec 1918, CO.  For more information on this family, click HERE.
24 Clinton Philbrick, born about 1852 in MN.  He was on the 1920 census in Union, NE. Age 67, race Indian, married, born Minnesota, parents born Minnesota. Occupation: farmer.
28 David G. Philbrick was born 1814 in NH and died 1867 in MI.  He married Dola N. and they had children Rosetta and Franklin.  They were on the 1850 census in Mackinac County, MI.
UPDATE: According to the 1860 census, David's wife was Dolly A., and their children were Rosetta, Franklin, Frederick, David, and Samuel A.  They were living in Sebewaing, Huron Co., MI. According to the Ancestry OneWorldTree, Dolly's last name was Vaughan.
29 David G. Philbrick was born before 1845.  He married Charlotte PRIEST who was born 1842 MI and died 1907 MI.  They had a daughter, Georgia Anna who was born 1865 in Wayne Co., MI.
UPDATE: According the the Ancestry OneWorldTree, David was born in 1844 and died in 1867.
Elizabeth Philbrick married Robert MOULTON on 30 Jul 1754 in Hampton, NH.  He was born 1733 and died 1817.
UPDATE: According to an entry in OneWorldTree, Elizabeth died 7 Nov 1754 in Hampton.
43 Frank C. Philbrick, born 1872, died 1938, buried in West Enfield Cemetery, Enfield, ME. [Gravestone Inscription].  He married Millie and Della.
UPDATE: This is actually Frank C. PHILBROOK, not PHILBRICK.

UPDATE: Frank married Millie I. Harris on 1 Sep 1895 and Della M. Mott on 2 Nov 1907.  Thanks to Frank Rose for this new information.

UPDATE: Frank's parents were Jeremiah Philbrook and Zilpha Annis.  Jeremiah's parents are unknown.  He died before 1880.

44 Hon. Franklin Philbrick, husband of Julia (1832-1861) [Death Notice].
"PHILBRICK In Persia, Cattaraugus County, August 27th, 1861 of small pox, Julia Philbrick, wife of Hon. Franklin Philbrick, late member of Assembly, the the 29th year of her age."

UPDATE: Franklin and Julia were on the 1850 census in Dayton, NY and on the 1860 census in Persia.  Franklin was born about 1820 in NY and they had two daughters, Lucy E., b. Apr 1850 NY, and Harriet E., b. abt 1853 NY.
45 George Philbrick married Amy EMORY in 1854 in Groton, VT [Vermont VR].
46 George Philbrick served during the Civil War, Co. R., 4 VT Reg.  No further information available.
47 George Philbrick was born 1836 and died 1909.  He married Phoebe and they had Owen Abner, born 1865, died 1936.
UPDATE: George was found on the census in 1860 in Oregon, MO; 1870 in Perry, IA; 1880 in Chicaskia, KS; and 1900 in Blackwell, OK. He and Phoebe (1840-1917) were married about 1862 and their children were Thomas Dorman, 1865 IL, Owen Abner, 1866 IL, Roland C., 1870 IA, and Essia, 1873 IA.  On the 1860 census in Oregon, MO, he was living with Mary (Philbrick) CURRY and her husband James.  Included in the household was Mary's mother Charlotte PHILBRICK-MITCHELL, 54, and Mary's sister Elvira, 33.  Charlotte was the widow of Paul PHILBRICK, son of William PHILBRICK and Martha NICKERSON. It is unknown how George is related to the members of this household.  Click HERE for a full report on George and his family. 
50 Harvey Philbrick, born 1873, died 1874, age 1.  He is buried in Oakland Cemetery, Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa.
55 James Philbrick was born 19 Oct 1927 in ME and died 31 Dec 1988 in VT.
59 John Philbrick married Martha Jane.  She was born 11 Mar 1820 and died 19 Oct 1846 in Danville, VT.
62 John Philbrick was born in Mt. Vernon, ME and married Nancy GILMAN, who was born in Brentwood, NH.  They had a daughter, Louisa, born 1815 in Vienna, ME, died 1903 in Mt. Vernon, ME.  She married Josiah SCRIBNER (1811-1868) in Dec 1833 in Rome, ME.
63 John Philbrick married Martha HOOPER in 1709 in England.  He died there in 1712.  They had a son, John, born about 1712 in England, who married Amy SPURGIN.
66 Jonathan Philbrick married Sarah PLUMER on 18 Jun 1751.  She was born 1710 and died 1754 in Newbury, MA, the daughter of Jonathan PLUMER and Sarah PEARSON.  Sarah PLUMER was previously married to Gideon Philbrick (1718-?) on 11 Jan 1741 in Newbury, MA.
75 Laura E. F. Philbrick married Anthony Philbrick on 3 Jan 1877.  Anthony was born 1846, the son of Samuel Jewett Philbrick (1804-1876) and Susan BOYNTON.  [Chapman, pg. 102]  It's possible that Philbrick was not Laura's maiden name, but her name from a previous marriage to a Philbrick.
77 Lillian I. Philbrick married Oscar MAKINEN in 1921 in ME.  He was born 1897 and died 1960 in ME.  They had children Clifford, Marie, Sylvia, Ruth, and Robert. [Maine Marriage Index; SSDI, Obit]
81 Lydia Philbrick married Moses WELCH on 3 Dec 1846 in Groton, VT [Vermont VR]
82 Lydia Philbrick, born 1748, died 1840, married Jeremiah PAGE in 1769 in Hampton, NH.  He was born 19 Mar 1739, the son of Jeremiah PAGE and Elizabeth DRAKE.  They had children Abigail, Sarah, Jeremiah, Daniel, John, and Reuben.
84 Margaret Philbrick married Abram BALDWIN on 16 Apr 1848 in Hancock County, IL [Illinois Marriage Records]
85 Marjorie Philbrick married Herbert L. STONE.  He was born in 1896.
86 Mary Philbrick married George WILKEY on 15 Jul 1856 in Salem, VT [Vermont VR]
87 Mary Philbrick, born Corinth, VT, married Richard K. FARNUM, born Salisbury, NH.  They had a son, John R., born about 1853 in Salisbury [Annual Town Report of Salisbury, NH for the year 1890]
88 Mary Philbrick married John GARLAND, Jr. on 29 Sep 1715 in Greenland, NH.  He was born 11 Mar 1655, the son of John GARLAND Sr. (1621-1672) and Elizabeth Philbrick (1621-1677). [Greenland VR]
89 Mary Philbrick was born about 1635 in Stratford, MA and died 28 Oct 1702 [no source]
91 Mary F. Philbrick married David JACKSON on 11 Oct 1861 in Boone County, IL [Illinois Marriage Records Index]
92 Mary J. Philbrick of Lowell, MA married Daniel S. GOLDTHWAIT of Augusta, ME on 1 Mar 1848 in Lowell. [Vital Records of Lowell, MA]
93 Moses Philbrick married Sally HATCH on 24 Jul 1843 in Pittston, ME [Pittston VR]
94 Nathan Philbrick was born abt 1796 in Jay, ME.  He married Susan WIGGIN and they had a son, George W., born 26 Sep 1818 in Montville, ME.
95 Nathaniel Philbrick married Mary Ann BRIGHTMAN on 23 Feb 1845 in Monroe, MI [Michigan Marriages to 1850]
97 Oley Philbrick married Jeptha CLARK on 11 Apr 1839 in Dubuque, IA [Iowa Marriages to 1850]
98 Olive Philbrick married James MEEDER on 31 Dec 1853 in Bradford, VT [Vermont VR]
99 Pauline Philbrick married William L. WILLIAMS.  He was born 1915 in ME and died 1977 in NH.  They had children Eileen, Sandra, Deborah, Gayle, and Nancy, all born in MA. [SSDI, Obit]
100 Phillip Philbrick married Marjorie RAMSDALE.  They had children Barbara, Clark, Gordon, and Angela.
101 Polly Philbrick married Jeremiah WRIGHT on 9 Nov 1805 in Bradford, VT [Vermont VR]
105 Rose Philbrick married George HENRY.  They had Nelson G. HENRY, born 1918 in Santee, NE and died 2004 in Sioux Falls, SD.  [Obit]
106 Sally Philbrick married August DETRICK on 18 Jul 1846 in Dubuque, IA [Iowa Marriages to 1850]
107 Samuel Philbrick married Laura HICKS on 27 Nov 1845 in Menard County, IL. [Illinois Marriage Records Index Online]
108 Samuel Philbrick married Mary ENGLISH on 29 Aug 1849 in Menard County, IL. [Illinois Marriage Records Index Online]  This is possibly the same Samuel as above.
109 Samuel D. Philbrick married Mary Ann FINARTY on 21 Sep 1854 in Marion County, IA. [Iowa Marriages to 1850]
110 Sarah Philbrick married Benjamin F. GRAHAM on 14 Oct 1850 in Dubuque, IA. [Iowa Marriages to 1850]
111 Sarah Jane Philbrick was born 1857 in MN and married Joseph Clarence MATLACK on 20 Sep 1877 in Reno County, KS.  Joseph was born 20 Nov 1855 in PA.  They had a son, Joseph William MATLACK, who married Curl Victoria ADDLEMAN in 1914.
113 Sophia Philbrick married Solomon BUZZELL on 1 May 1817 in Washington, VT. [Vermont VR]
114 Sophia Philbrick married Timothy BOWIN on 16 Mar 1843 in Corinth, VT. [Vermont VR]
115 Stacey Philbrick (1887-1957 Chicago) married Chrissy BRUNER (1889-1961 Chicago).  They had a daughter, Elisabeth Anne "Betty" Philbrick born in Chicago who married Francis E. "Shep" SHEPARD (1913-1961).
116 Sylvia Philbrick married Erastus F. PHILBRICK (1829-1855) on 28 Aug 1853 in Whitefield, ME.  He was the son of Hubbard PHILBRICK (1800-1883) and Mary P. POTTER (1790-1873).
117 William Philbrick, b. NH, married "Mahitable", b. Colchester, VT, and they had a son, Charles Augustus, born 10 Jul 1859 in Colchester.  Charles married Caroline E. WELCH.  [Vermont VR]
120 William B. Philbrick was born Oct 1852 in MN.  He married Mary E., born Oct 1852 in NY, abt 1878 and they had a son, William L., born Jul 1885 in NY.  They were all on the 1900 census in Ventura, CA. [Census images]
121 William F. Philbrick was born abt 1849 in NH.  He was on the 1920 census in Spring Valley, IA. Age 70, single, born New Hampshire, parents born New Hampshire. Occupation: paper hanger. He was living alone.
122 William N. Philbrick was born 1910 and died 1996 in NE.  He married Mary H., who was born 1912 and died 1996 in NE.  [SSDI]  Their SSNs were issued before 1951 in Wyoming.
123 Willis L. Philbrick was born 15 May 1921 in NH and died 25 Mar 1988 in Hartford, VT. [Vermont Death Index, 1989-1998]


125 Abigail Philbrook married Cyrus D. WEBSTER on 26 May 1847 in Hyde Park, New York.  [Vermont VR]  They had a daughter, Abigail D. "Abbie" WEBSTER, born 1856 in Manchester, NH  who married George H. COLBY abt 1875 NH and Irving F. GRANT in 1899 NH. [Her marriage record to Irving says she was born in Hardwick, VT]
126 Abigail "Nabby" Philbrook was born 1784 in Maine.  She married William MYRICK (1774 ME - 1860) on 24 Aug 1800.  They had children Elias, 1800, Henry, 1802, Jonathan, 1804, Priscilla, 1808, Melinda/Malinda, 1809, Abel, 1812, and Maria, 1814, all born Maine.  They were on the 1830 census in Elk Twp, OH; the 1840 census in Lake County, IN; and the 1860 census in Palmyra, IA. [Genealogy of the Merrick-Mirick-Myrick family of Massachusetts, 1632-1902, plus census records.]
127 Almyra Philbrook was born 1856 in Rose City, MI.  She lived with Philbrooks SUMMER as a minor. [Michigan Vital Records]
129 Benjamin Philbrook had children Jemima, 1737, James, 1739, Abigail, 1742, Benjamin, 1746, and Joseph, 1748, all baptized in Haverhill, MA [Vital Records of Haverhill, MA to the end of the year 1849].
130 Charles Everett Philbrook married Margaret Amelia HOOD on 2 Jul 1895.  Margaret was born 13 Jan 1871 to William HOOD and Frances Maria LEADBETTER.  [Leadbetter Records]
131 Clarence Philbrook married Myrtle SMITH and they had sons Lee R. (1916-2002) and Gardner, both born in Maine. [obit]
UPDATE: Clarence married Myrtle on 16 Dec 1901 in Maine.  Myrtle died 28 Sep 1966 in Bangor, age 83.
132 Daniel Philbrook was born about 1856 in NH.  He was on the 1880 census in Essex Co., MA, a boarder in the household of Amos P. BOARDMAN. [census records]
133 Daniel C. S. Philbrook was born 1856 in New Philbrooks, MI and married Mary BAILEY in 1879 in Pontiac, MI. [Michigan Vital Records]
134 David Philbrook Jr. married Eliza CHASE in 1832 in Maine. [Sebec Historical Society Records]
135 David Philbrick was born about 1812 in Maine and died 25 Oct 1896 in Eagleton, WI.  He married Emily (1817-1860) on 4 Apr 1841 in Prentiss, ME. They had sons Frederick, 1842, Francis Lewis, 1844, and Augusta, 1847, in Maine.  Both Frederick and Francis died on 3 Aug 1864 at Andersonville Prison, Georgia during the Civil War. [Military Pension Records for Frederick Philbrook]
137 Edward Philbrook was born 1833 and married Charlotte MERRILL on 16 Feb 1850 in Springfield, MI.  They resided at Big Lake, MI.
138 Edward Levi Philbrook married Beulah Maria HOOD on 3 Sep 1889.  She was born 31 Jan 1868 to William HOOD and Frances Maria LEADBETTER.  Beulah was the sister of the wife of #130 Charles above.  Edward and Charles *may* have been brothers. [Leadbetter Records]
139 Edwin S. Philbrook was born 1855 and died 1941.  He married Jenne, who was born 1851 and died 1901.  They are both buried at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA. [Cemetery Inscription submitted to me by Al Philbrick]
140 Eleanor Philbrook married Samuel LOWELL in Sep 1767 at Greenland, NH. [Vital Records of Greenland]
141 Elijah Philbrook was born 1835 in Canada and married Ellen L. DUTTON on 9 Oct 1857 in Clarkston, MI.  They had a daughter, Eva M., who was born 1859 in Oakland County, MI. [Michigan Vital Records]
142 Elizabeth Philbrook was married to Samuel PHILBROOK on 15 Apr 1779 and died 24 Jan 1793.  Samuel was born 1756 and died 1838, the son of Walter PHILBROOK and Margaret NEAL.  Was Philbrook Elizabeth's maiden name, or her name from a previous marriage.
143 George R. Philbrook was born about 1836/38 in NH and married Annie E. ABRAMS abt 1858/59 in New York City.  She was born about 1839/40 in New York.  They had children Harry E., 1859, Mary Louise, 1861, and Georgina, 1865, all in New York.
144 James Philbrook married Marcy BARRON on 23 Nov 1788 in Reading, VT.  They had children James, 1789, Cynthia, 1791, and Sally, 1794, all born VT.  [Vermont VR]
John Philbrook married Mary BATCHELDER on 29 Jul 1736 in Greenland, NH [Vital Records of Greenland]
UPDATE: Mary was born 23 Oct 1715, the daughter of Jonathan BATCHELDER (1683-1762) and Sarah BLAKE (1687-?). It is believed that John and Mary were the parents of Orphan #26, Daniel PHILBRICK, grandparents of Orphan #54, James PHILBRICK, and great grandparents of Orphan #65, John L. PHILBRICK.
More evidence would be nice.
146 John Philbrook Sr. married Ruby MORSE and had Grace Elizabeth (1906-2000) [Obit of Grace Elizabeth]
148 John Philbrook was born about 1802 in Maine and died 28 Jun 1873 at Knox, ME.  He married Hannah KNOWLES (1804-1879), daughter of Simon KNOWLES and Lydia FULLER.  They had children Christiana Fuller (1825-1899), Nancy Jane (1829-1909), Lydia A. (1835-1837), and Amanda A. (1840-1863).  [Lawrence Leach of Salem, MA and some of his descendants.]
149 John Hancock Philbrook was born about 1810 and died in 1854.  He had a daughter named Celia, born 11 Apr 1850 and died 30 Oct 1920 in Brookline, MA.  Celia married Gustavus Foss SARGENT Sr. (1820-1901) in 1880.
150 John Philbrook had a daughter Ann, born 26 Jul 1824 at Hardwick, VT. [Vermont VR - the entry says PHILLBROOK - it's possible that he is recorded elsewhere as PHILBRICK.]
151 Julia Philbrook was born 25 Jan 1876 at Rockland, ME. [no source; no other data.]
152 Lucina Philbrook married John MORGAN on 15 Oct 1809 in Hartland, VT. [Vermont VR]
153 Marianna Philbrook was born 12 Jan 1849 in Rockville, ME and died 21 Apr 1931 in Toledo, OH.  She married Orin Oscar WHTHERELL (b. 1832) in 1869 and they had children Mattie Sylvia, 1870, Albert Austin, 1873, Velma Estella, 1878, Myrtle Edith, 1880, Leila Addie, 1882, Arthur Irving, 1883, Verna Beatrice, 1888, and Clement Wesley, 1890. 
155 Oliver Philbrook, born 1813 ME, married Emeline, born 1823 ME, and had Zelma Z., 1844 ME, and John M., 1848 ME.  They were all on the 1850 census in Brownfield, ME. [census records]
157 Phebe Philbrook married Mervin H. WELLS on 26 Mar 1850 in Newbury, VT [Vermont VR]
160 Salena E. Philbrook was born about 1839 and married William A. BOUTELLE on 13 Sep 1868 in Montpelier, VT. [Vermont VR]
161 Sewall Philbrook was born 1794 in NH.  He was on the census from 1830 to 1860 in Boston, MA, with no wife or parents evident, and no info that he was divorced or a widower.  He had a daughter, Mary Jane, born 29 Dec 1826 in Boston, who married Robert BRAGG (1827-1915) in 1845.  They were living with her father in 1850 in Boston but had moved to San Francisco by 1870 where they remained until Mary's death on 20 Jan 1897. 
163 Thomas Philbrook married Deborah GOODFREE between 1710 and 1737 in Greenland, NH by the Rev. William Allen. [Vital Records of Greenland, NH]
164 Walter Philbrook was born 29 Nov 1935 and died 8 Sep 1986 in Burlington, VT.  [Vermont Death Index]
165 Zilpha Y. Philbrook married Capt. Hugh Dunlap STANWOOD on 27 Dec 1856 and they had Anna L. (1857-1858) and James Hugh (b. 1860).  Capt. Stanwood and his brother, Robert, set sail from NY on 27 Dec 1860, on the bark "Sea Duck", bound for Falmouth, England. The vessel and all on board were lost. [The History of the Stanwood Family in America.]

[It's possible that Philbr__K was a maiden name in some of these cases.]

167 Cordelia M. [Philbrook] was born 25 May 1905 in VT and died 23 Jan 2000 at Norwich, CT.  She was a widow when she died. [Vermont Death Index]
168 Ebenezer FAY, son of Thomas FAY of Reading, VT 91755-1837) and Jemimah GARFIELD (1751-1824) was married to a PHILBRICK female. [Gladys Fay Jenks in the Apr 1999 issue of Vermont Genealogy]
169 Eleanor [Philbrick] was born 11 Mar 1797 and died 4 Sep 1897.  She is buried in Muscatine County, IA. [Iowa Cemetery Records]
165 Elizabeth [Philbrick] was born about 1754 and died 28 Jun 1838 in Reading, VT, age 84.  [Vermont VR]
170 Elizabeth [Philbrick] was born 15 Oct 1933 and died Apr 1986 in Lincoln, NE. [SSDI]
171 Elizabeth AYRES Philbrook was the daughter of Eliphalet AYRES and Mary PHILBROOK (1751-?).  Elizabeth married a PHILBROOK and they had children Henry and Polly. [Chapman]
172 Grace E. [Philbrook] was born 19 Oct 1911 in VT and died 6 Jul 1999 at Morristown, VT.   [Vermont Death Index]
174 Iona I. STEWART Philbrick was born 28 Aug 1827 in VT and died 2 Apr 1994 in East Montpelier, VT. [Vermont Death Index]
175 Jennie [Philbrick] was born 20 Jun 1891 and died Oct 1975 in Grants Pass, OR. Her Social Security Number was issued before 1951 in NE. [SSDI]
177 Louise [Philbrick] was born 18 Sep 1921 and died Apr 1987 in Clay Center, NE. Her Social Security Number was issued before 1951 in NE. [SSDI]
178 Mary HARTSWELL Philbrick was born about 1893 in NE, daughter of William S. HARTSWELL.  She married a PHILBRICK before 1911 and divorced him before 1920. He was born in KS.  Their children were Beatrice G., 1910, Robert W., 1911, and Katherine E., 1913, all born NE.
179 Mildred B. [Philbrick] was born 20 Apr 1919 in VT and died 13 Aug 1997 in Rutland, VT. [Vermont Death Index]
181 Rosina MALTOY was born about 1829, daughter of George MALTOY and Lydia BARTHOLOMEW.  She first married a PHILBRICK and second, Enoch I. HANCOCK on 27 Dec 1868 in Thetford Center, VT. [Vermont VR]
182 Sarah [Philbrook] was born 30 Apr 1760 and died 21 Aug 1860 in Hardwick, VT [Vermont VR]
183 Sarah S. FISHER Philbrook was born about 1841, daughter of Abraham and Maria FISHER.  She married a PHILBROOK before 1864. [Vermont VR]
184 Sarah Attaline Philbrick, daughter of John PHILBRICK and Polly FOLSOM, was born 12 Oct 1882 at Dover-Foxcroft, ME and died 5 Feb 1886 at Dover-Foxcroft.  She married a PHILBROOK. [Genealogy of the Folsom Family]
185 Shirley [Philbrick] was born 6 May 1943 and died Feb 1987 in Yankton, SD. Her Social Security Number was issued in 1961 in NE. [SSDI]
186 Susan E. [Philbrook] was born 17 Jun 1894 and died 19 Feb 1982 at Morristown, VT.  [Vermont Death Index]
187 Virginia P. [Philbrook] was born 23 Jun 1919 ME and died 24 Jan 1997 Montpelier, VT.  She was a widow when she died. [Vermont Death Index]

The following Philbrick and Philbrook Orphans
were added after the Numbers above were set in concrete
and they are out of sequence alphabetically.

189 Andrew Philbrook was born about 1780 and married Elenor ORR on 13 Aug 1801 in Brunswick, ME.  They were the parents of Orphan 147, John Philbrook.  Click HERE for a 4-generation report of what we have in the database on Andrew and his descendants.
190 Samuel S. Philbrick was born 1845 in IA and died before 1922.  He married Evaline A. MITCHELL on 23 Oct 1881 in Howard County, IA.  Evaline was born 1852 in IL and died 1 Apr 1922 in Dubuque, IA.  They were the parents of Orphan 32, Earl Philbrick.  For more information on this family, click HERE.
James Philbrick was born about 1816 in Mt. Vernon, ME and died about 1887.  He married Susan CUNNINGHAM (1818-1883) in 1841 at Edgecomb, ME.  They had children Erastus C. (1842-1896), James Alanson Jr. (abt 1844), Joanna (abt. 1846), Susan A. (abt 1849), William D. and Joseph (b. 7 Feb 1853 Edgecomb).  They were on the 1850 census in Edgecomb, ME.
Sarah M. Philbrook was born 1844 and married John Franklin BLACK on 14 Oct 1878 in Adelaide, San Luis Obispo County, CA.  John was born about 1848 and they were both from Adelaide. [Book of Marriages, San Luis Obispo County, CA  Vol. A, Pg. 322]
William P. Philbrick was born 1857 and died 1950.  He was married to Abbie D. (1855-1927).  They are both buried in Conway Village Cemetery, NH. [Cemetery Transcription]
Sadie Irene Philbrick was born 1909 and died 1920.  She is buried in Conway Village Cemetery, NH [Cemetery Transcription]
Raymond N. Philbrick was born 1913 and died 1982.  He was married to Susie (1910-1976).  They are both buried in Conway Village Cemetery, NH. [Cemetery Transcription]
George A. Philbrick was born 1884 and died 1950.  He was married to Lula (1878-1965).  They are both buried in Conway Village Cemetery, NH. [Cemetery Transcription]
Eliza P. Philbrook was born 1850 and died 1929. It is unknown if Philbrook was her maiden or married name.  She is buried in Conway Village Cemetery, NH [Cemetery Transcription]
Michael Philbrick was born 24 Nov 1905 and died 10 Feb 1993 in Jackson County, IL.  He was married to Lucille HARDIN, who was born 6 Aug 1910 in Alto Pass, IL and died 2 Dec 2004 in Carbondale, IL.  [SSDI; Obit of Lucille]
Moses Philbrick was born about 1815 VT and married Abigail, born about 1819 MA, about 1838.  They had children George, 1839, Halsey B., 1842, Caroline A., 1845, and Sarah M., 1849, all in MA.  Moses was found on the census in 1850 and 1860, and son Halsey up to 1920 in CT.  Click HERE for a complete report on Moses and his descendants.
John Calvin Philbrick married Sarah Elizabeth CARLETON on 17 Jan 1841 in Lowell, MA.  They were the parents of Orphan #51, Herbert Carleton Philbrick. Click HERE for a report on John and his descendants.

Joseph Philbrick was born about 1790 ME and married Elizabeth, who was born about 1792 ME.  They had sons Joseph Jr., about 1827 ME, and Ira, about 1831 ME.  They were all in Amboy, MI in 1850.  Joseph was the father of Orphan #53, Ira.
Alvina Philbrick was born about 1864 and married Diamond DANA on 15 Feb 1885 in Eaton, NH.
Margaret Ann Philbrick was born 15 Jun 1868 and died 22 Mar 1941 in Wolfeboro, NH.  She married Daniel W. SHAW on 23 Apr 1889 in Wolfeboro.
John W. Philbrick was born 11 Jan 1877 in Ossipee, NH.  He married Edith M. COOK.
Leslie Philbrook married Susan E. and had daughters Edith Valentine on 14 Feb 1901 and Florence May on 12 Jul 1904, both in Natick, MA. [Natick MA Vital Records]
The Rev. Dr. Ralph A. Philbrook died before 2004.  He was a pastor of St. Luke's United Church of Christ in Auburn, NY for several years.  He married Frances GISHLER (1907-2004), who was born in Kitchener, Canada, and they had children Joanne and Kenneth, who were both living in Dec 2004. [Obit of Frances Gishler Philbrook]
Russell E. Philbrick was born 22 Nov 1948 and  died 29 Apr 1996.  He married Karen L. COOK, who was born 1947 in Methuen, MA and died 2004 in Fremont, NH.  They had sons Jeffrey and Justin, both living in Fremont, NH in 2004. [SSDI: Obit of Karen Cook Philbrick]
Sherman W. Philbrick married Cheryl J. STAFFORD.  She was born in 1948 in Machias, ME and died in 2004 in Greenland, NH.  They had children Joseph and Tonya.  [Obit of Cheryl Strafford Philbrick]
Samuel Philbrick was born 1800 in Mt. Vernon, ME and married Elizabeth COGSWELL about 1825.  She was born 1799 in MA.  Their children were Sylvanus Boardman (1825-1906), Mary Elizabeth (1828-?), Elizabeth Kimball (1833-?), Frances E. (1840-?), and an unnamed daughter born 1843, all in Maine.
Ronald L. Philbrick was born 1904 and died 1951.  He is buried in East New Portland Cemetery, New Portland, ME.
Herbert I. Philbrick was born 1892 in ME and died there in 1967.  He married Hattie M. (1891-1966) and they had Albert I., Edna E., Lewis W., Doris E., and former Orphan #78 Linwood D.
John Gordon Philbrick was born 1910 and died 1998 in VT.  He married Eleanor D. DENSMORE (1915-2002) in 1937 in NH and they had Jonathan D. "Cy", Robert G., Timothy J., and Sara P.
Arthur Philbrook married Nellie LEFEBRVE.  They both died before 2003.  Their children were Ronald G., David, Donald, Daniel, Christopher Cynthia, Susan, Deborah, Sharon, Shirley, and Candice.  Arthur had a brother named Richard and a sister named Georgianna.
Franklin L. Philbrick Sr. was born 13 Mar 1915 and died 23 Sep 1969 in Waterville, ME.  He married Ethel May LARRABEE in 1938 in Maine.  She was born in 1920 and died in 2005.  They had 12 children: Kathleen, Debbie, Joan, Terry, Nancy, Franklin "Skip" Jr., Peter, Paul, Mary, Michael, Margaret, and Susan. [Obit]

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