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The Philbrick & Philbrook Research Group

This is a list of PPRG Members who are researching their ancestors on the Internet. The names have been grouped, as close as possible, by lineage. Each group is separated by which of Thomas' children they are descended from. If you find a cousin in the same line as you are, you can click their name to send them an email.

EVERYONE is welcome to be listed in this Directory.


To those researchers living in other countries such as Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand (or anywhere else), who are *not* descended from the Thomas Filbrigg / Fylbrigg / Philbrick / Philbrook, etc., who immigrated to America in the early 1600s, PLEASE request inclusion in this Directory. Perhaps you will be discovered by another cousin researching the same line as you. This Directory was not intended to be limited to Americans only, or to only those who are, or believe they are descended from the American emigrant.

Each of Thomas' children, and the Members who are descended from them,
are listed on separate pages because the Directory got too long for a single page.
Click the name of a child below to go to that page.
Click "Unconnected" to view a list of Members who have not yet
found their connection to Thomas1 or who are from a different line.

John2, James2, Elizabeth2, Mary2, Sgt. Thomas2, Hannah2, Martha2


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