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The Descendants of Elizabeth PHILBRICK2
The third child of Thomas1

David Wayne Sylvester lives in Searsport, ME. He has 5 lines to Thomas1

Line 1: Sadie Jane11 DYER (m. John Herbert MERRY), Edgar Willis10 DYER (m. Anna May DOLLOF), Parris9 DYER (m. Alice A. HASKELL), Mary Jane8 HARMON (m. Levi DYER), Peter7 HARMON (m. Lydia GORDON ), Anna6 MOULTON (m. Josiah HARMON), Peter5 MOULTON (m. Joanna SHAW), Abigail4 GARLAND (m. Worthington MOULTON), Peter3 GARLAND (m. Sarah TAYLOR), Elizabeth2 PHILBRICK (m. John GARLAND), Thomas1

Line 2: John Herbert11 MERRY (m. Sadie Jane DYER), Herbert Leslie10 MERRY (m. Selena Irene RAVEN), Asa9 MERRY (m. Mary Viletta WOOD), Jonathan8 MERRY (m. Eliza LUCE), Asa7 MERRY (m. Sally BARTLETT ), Eunice6 CHASE (m. David MERRY), Isaac5 CHASE (m. Mary COFFIN), Isaac4 CHASE (m. Mary PEASE), Isaac3 CHASE (m. Mary TILTON), Elizabeth2 PHILBRICK (m. Thomas CHASE), Thomas1

Lines 3-4: 
See James.
Line 5:
See Thomas.
Maryellen Canfora lives in Miami, FL.  She is doubly descended from Thomas1 as follows, beginning with her mother:
1st Line:  Loyola Mae12 STILLMAN, Cora Etta11 HAMEL, Henry H.10 HAMEL, Mary 9 PEASE, Henry8 PEASE, Mary7 JENNESS, Isaac6 JENNESS, Francis Jenness & Sarah5 GARLAND, John4 GARLAND, Peter3 GARLAND, John H. Garland & Elizabeth2 PHILBRICK, Thomas1

2nd Line:
See James.
Jan Bunten lives with her husband Bruce in Fayetteville, GA. Her PHILBRICK connection is Elizabeth2, Thomas1. She descends from Elizabeth PHILBRICK / Thomas CHASE, then Isaac CHASE / Mary TILTON, then Mary CHASE / Benjamin WEEKS.
Richard W. "Dick" Marston lives in Glendale, CA. His line is Winthrop S.10 MARSTON, Carrie9 DRAKE, Samuel8, Samuel7, Mary6 JENNESS, Abigail5 GARLAND, John4, Peter3, Elizabeth2 PHILBRICK (who married John GARLAND as her 2nd husband), Thomas1. Even though he is not an active PHILBRICK researcher, he is a very very active internet genealogist and has developed a large and wonderful web site devoted to NH genealogy with an emphasis on Hampton. Visit his Marston Manor soon and be prepared to stay awhile. Dick is also the County Coordinator for Rockingham Co., NH, part of the US GenWeb Project. Check out the Hampton, NH Genealogy Page that is part of the Lane Memorial Library site.
Larry McGee lives in Pacifica, CA.  He is the 9th great grandson of Elizabeth2 PHILBRICK and Thomas CHASE via Isaac then Rachel.

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John2, James2, Mary2, Sgt. Thomas2, Hannah2, Martha2


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