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The Descendants of Martha PHILBRICK2
The seventh child of Thomas1

Betty Barrows Adams <> lives in Brazil, IN. She is descended from Thomas1 through 3 lines.

1st Line: George 10 BARROWS, Edward Perkins9 BARROWS, Olive E. 8 THRASHER (m Chester W.9 Barrows), True Sanborn7 THRASHER, David6 THRASHER (m. Phebe7 PRESCOTT), Mary5 BROWN (m. Henry Thrasher), Mary4 GREEN (m. Jacob Brown), Mary3 CASS (m. Isaac Green), Martha2 PHILBRICK (m. John Cass), Thomas1

Lines 2 & 3: 
See James.
Michael D. Baker Sr. <>  was born in Jonesville, MI and currently lives in Jackson, MI. He is descended from Thomas1 through 2 lines.

1st Line: Ruth Estelle11 KROH Baker; Gladys Katherine10 BURDICK Kroh; Ida May9 ELLSWORTH Burdick; David Chapman8 ELLSWORTH; Ruth7 CHAPMAN Ellsworth; Sarah6 THRASHER Chapman; Mary5 BROWN Thrasher; Mary4 GREEN Brown; Mary3 CASS Green; Martha2 PHILBRICK Casse; Thomas1.

Line 2:  See James.

Karan Folsom <> lives in the small town of Coalinga, CA, the earthquake capital of the world. She is a graphic artist at a small junior college there, and is able to devote her summers to genealogy. She is her own 11th cousin because she descends from Thomas the Emigrant through both her parents.
On her mother's side her line is Martha2 (m. John CASS), Thomas1.
On her father's side her line is Elizabeth4 (who married Abram BRADLEY), Thomas Jr.3, James2, Thomas1.
Stephanie Suzanne Case Smith <> lives in Merrimac MA.

LINEAGE: Stephanie Case m. Scott SMITH 1991, John Baker CASE m. Corinne Diane MEARS 1965, Nathan CASE m. Dorothy T. LACY ?, Charles Cheney CASE Sr. m. Oive WEST 1905, Nathan CASE m. Waity SWAN 1866, Jonathan CASE m. Lydia BAKER 1826, Nathan CASE Sr. m. Sarah CENTER ?, Jonathan CASE Sr. m. Alcha KRANCKHEIT m. bef. 1776, Nathan CASS/CASE m. Hannah ?, ?, John CASS m. Hannah GOVE ?, Joseph CASSE m. Mary HOBBS 1676/1677, John CASSE m. Martha PHILBRICK 1648, Thomas PHILBRICK/FELBRIGGE II m. Elizabeth KNAPP.

Richard D. Land <> lives in Kent, WA.

(1) Richard D. LAND b. at Bridgeport, NE, m. Stella M. BROWN
(mother-2) Nyda Golda CASS b. 25 Oct 1898 at Danbury, NE, d. 8 Jan 2000, m. Francis J. LAND
(gr father -3) Sanford S. CASS b. 23 Aug 1857 at Marion, OH, d. 19 Sep 1937, m. Lillie May McKEE
(2nd gr father-4) Joseph CASS b. 23 Oct 1827 at Chautauqua, NY, d. 28 Aug 1894, m. Mary Alona CASS
(3rd gr grandfather-5) Joseph CASS b.1789 at Stafford, NH, d. 5 Feb 1868, m. Jane DICKSON
(4th gr grandfather-6) Nathan CASS b. 12 Aug 1767 at Mendon, MA, d. unk, m. Philadelphia SOUTHWICK
(5th gr grandfather-7) Jonathan Gove CASS b. 23 Aug 1722 at Hampton, NH, d. unk, m. Abigail SALISBURY
(6th gr grandfather-8) John CASS b. 29 Aug 1689 at Hampton, NH, d. aft 1712, m. Hannah GOVE
(7th gr grandfather-9) Joseph CASS b. 5 Oct 1656 at Hampton NH, d. 6 Jul 1739, m. Mary HOBBS
(8th gr grandmother-10) Martha PHILBRICK b. c1633 at Bures Suffolk, England, d. 4 Aug 1694, m.1 John CASS

John McCarty <> lives in Brewer, ME.  His late wife, Barbara MERRIMAN McCarty, was the 9th great granddaughter of Thomas the Emigrant.  Her line was Raymond James MERRIMAN > Ellett Willard MERRIMAN > Rebecca Ann WILLARD Merriman > Betsey LEIGH (LEE) Willard > Chloe (Chole) MARTIN Leigh > Aaron MARTIN > Sarah NEWELL Martin > Abigail GRIGGS Newell > Elizabeth CASS Griggs > Martha PHILBRICK Casse > Thomas PHILBRICK the Emigrant.
Mary E. Hall <>  lives in Santa Barbara, CA.  She is descended from Martha PHILBRICK and John CASS.
Joan CASS Wells <> lives in Saint Paul, MN.  Her line is Albert Hudson CASS > John Harlan > Albert > Horace > Simon > John > Jonathan > Joseph > Martha PHILBRICK Casse > Thomas PHILBRICK the Emigrant.

COMMENTS: I'm excited to learn more about the Philbrick family, as my father was descended directly from Martha Philbrick. I am planning a trip to East Anglia in March 08, and hope to visit St. Mary's Church in Bures, Suffolk. I have more information about my family's descendents after the Revolutionary War, but before that era, it's rather scarce.

Jeff Griswold <> lives in San Diego CA.  His line is Jeffrey Todd GRISWOLD [himself] > Gene Alfred GRISWOLD > Alice May GUY Griswold > Floy Goodrich GUY > Ida M. FORD Guy > Lucy Joann CASE Ford > Levi Aldrich CASS > John CASS > Jonathan Gove CASS > John CASS > Joseph CASS > Martha PHILBRICK Cass > Thomas PHILBRICK the Emigrant.
Charleen Helen Pickett (Schuster) <> lives in Issaquah, WA.

LINEAGE: Charleen Pickett-Craig, Colorado (Robert Schuster)
Louis Pickett-June Coy-Craig, Colorado
Fred McCoy (Coy)-Bessie Kiser, Belleville, Kansas
Joel McCoy (Coy)-Glenna Welch, Belleville, Kansas
Alfred McCoy (Coy) Elizabeth (Rebecca) Cass-Fulton, Ohio
Joel Cass - Mary Christina - Fulton, Ohio
Joel Cass- Lida Hicks - Fulton, Ohio
Deacon John Cass-Alice Brown - Hampton, Rochester, New Hampshire
Joseph Cass - Mary Hobbs-Hampton, Rochester, New Hampshire
John Cass - Martha Philbrick-Hampton, New Hampshire.

(The above is my mother's side of the family.)

My father's side on his father's side

Charleen Pickett-Robert Schuster
Louis Pickett-June Coy(1920)
Fred Pickett-Phoebe Wickware
Blanche Amanda Norton-Hiram Pickett
Mary Ann Electa Taylor-Jeremiah Norton
Rufus Taylor-Amanda Post
James Taylor-Polly Bohhonon
Johnathan Taylor-Dolly French
James Taylor-Mary Tuck
Jonathan Taylor-Mary Perkins
John Taylor-Deborah Godfrey
Anthony Taylor - Philipa Mingay (1635 to America from England)

COMMENTS: What I found so interesting and shocking was to find that John Cass sold land to Anthony Taylor and then 312 years later my mother and father get married. My Grandmother on my father's side is even more interesting. She is related to the LaRue’s, Carmans, Boones, Buzan's, Crains, Waltons Bonds, Johnsons and Wickwares. Except for the LaRue's and Buzan's which were French, the rest of the family also on her side were English.

We have two people on father's mother's side that signed the Declaration of Independence. George Walton and James Wilson. The Crains were involved with the Boston Tea Party.

Ann Marie Hausler Harrington <> lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Ann Hausler / David Harrington
Margaret Rogers /Leland Hausler
Orpha McDonald / John Rogers
John Eugene McDonald / Mary Ellen Murphy
Elihu Joseph McDonald / Mary Ann Moore
Donald McDonald / Elizabeth Cass
Elihu Cass Sr. / Elizabeth Story
Josiah Cass Sr. / Mercy Pomeroy
Moses Case / Mary Haskins
Ebenezer Case / Patience Draper
John Casse / Martha PHILBRICK
Thomas the Emigrant

COMMENTS: I have listed a brief summary of my lineage. I would love to correspond with anyone who has collected stories, photos or documents of our common ancestors. I am particularly interested in the reasons family members moved from one area to another and to what faith they held. Looking forward to meeting my 'cousins' across the world.


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