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David Russ Linke <> lives in Lakewood, CO.

LINEAGE: "My mother was Constance Philbrick born 8/28/1912 in Hartford, CT.
Her mother was Vera Booth Philbrick married to Halsey Raymond Philbrick Jr. in Hartford, CT. Halsey's parents were Halsey Raymond Philbrick Sr. and his wife Louise Annette Wilson. Based on your records, Halsey Philbrick Sr.'s parents were Moses and Abigail Philbrick. "

COMMENTS: "My aunt is Annette Philbrick Tucker. Her daughter is Constance Karal who lives in Brookfield, VT. I have suggested to them both this week that they join your organization. I know they can contribute a lot of valuable genealogical data."
Robert Francis PHILBROOK <> lives in Portland, ME.

LINEAGE: "I am a descendant of Capt. Thomas Philbrick through the branch that went from Watertown Mass up through the Champlain NY east to Berlin NH down to Conway NH.  I have family history going to Thomas Felbrigg 1545 and then back to Simon Le Bigod youngest son of Hugh Bigod Earl of Norfolk died in 1224-5 and his wife Maud daughter Richard de Felbrigge. Their son Roger Bigod de Felbrigge may be the beginning of the Philbrick/Philbrook line."
Edward James PHILBROOK <> was born in Leominster, MA and now lives in Florence, MA.

His father is Bradford PHILBROOK, born 1940 in Everette, MA.  His Grandfather is Charles PHILBROOK, who was born abt 1922 and raised in Maine with 6 or 8 brothers.

Dave Filla <> lives in Beaverton, OR.

His Great, Great Grandparents, Amial E. & Margaret PHILBROOK, had children Edward, James H., Richard Frederick, Lua Ann, Walter J., Mary, & Francis. Richard Frederick married Charlotte Louise Walker, who was born in Manchester, England in 1874. Their children were Gladys, Richard Lee (his grandfather), George, Joseph Roy, Margaret, Clarence James, Alice, Louis F., Mary G., Edward Walker, and Jerald.

Gregory Lee PHILBROOK <> lives in Plant City, FL.

 His father is Francis Lee PHILBROOK; his grandfather is Richard Lee PHILBROOK and the rest of his line is Richard Frederick, Amial Ellis, John, Andrew.

Jason Robert PHILBROOK <> lives in Kamrar, IA.

His father is Randal PHILBROOK and his grandfather is Robert PHILBROOK, also of Kamrar, IA.

Paul PHILBRICK <> was born in Boston, MA and now lives in Amherst, NH.
Warren Randolf PHILBRICK 2nd <> was born in Sioux Falls, SD and now lives in Winter Haven, FL.

He and his family are American-Indians. The story is that an Indian boy was adopted by a family named "PHILBRICK" and he took their name. That's how an Indian got to be a PHILBRICK.

Bonnie Rae PHILBROOKS Duffy <> was born in Pittsburg, CA and now lives in Arizona.

Her parents are Bryce and Beverly PHILBROOKS. Bryce was born in Washington state and also lived in Oregon.  His father's last name was PHILBROOK, but an "s" was added to the end of Bryce's name on his birth certificate, forever changing his name.  Bonnie currently resides in Arizona and is beginning research on C. F. PHILBROOK, who was superintendent of schools (1913) in the small town where she lives.

Betsey Maxine Goodridge Allen <> lives in Eureka, CA.

Her line is Priscilla Isabel PERKINS Goodridge; Etta Mae BURNS Perkins; Margaret W. PHILBROOK Burns; Isaac H. C. PHILBROOK; James PHILBROOK.

Jim Johnson <> lives in Palmetto, FL.

He is a distant cousin of Betsey Allen above. His line is: Jim Johnson, James W. Johnson, Doris E. Haskell (1917-1989), John A. Haskell (1876-1922), Charles H. Haskell, Polly (Mary) Philbrook (1830-1899), James Philbrook (ca 1801-?). James and his wife Rhoda Cookson lived in Maine.

COMMENTS: "Distant Cousin of Betsy Allen. We both are searching for our Philbrook connection with immigrant Thomas. Descended from Polly (Mary) Philbrook, b. 1830, daughter of James PHILBROOK (b. ca 1801) and Rhoda Cookson, of ME."

C. Dale Brown <Tania/> lives in northern MI on the shores of a 275 acre lake, 26 miles northeast of Tawas, MI.

 He is descended from Catherine PHILBRICK Brown (1815-1891) of Vermont.

Lesley Jorgensen <> lives in Barre, VT.

Her grandmother was Ethel PHILBRICK, born 20 Oct 1910 in Orfordville, NH, the daughter of Nellie PHILBRICK. She thinks that Nellie's maiden name was WILKIE, and that she is related to Wendell WILKIE.

Brenda "Bee" Deloge Levasseur <> lives in Millinocket, ME.

 She is the daughter of Evelyn PHILBROOK Deloge, who was the daughter of Willard Eugene PHILBROOK, son of Ansel Augustus, son of Job.  Willard, Ansel and Job all lived between Hurricane Island and Vinal Haven.  At one time Ansel was the caretaker for Hurricane Island.

Carolyn Henderson <> lives in Escondido, CA.

Her great grandmother was Ida Harding WILKINS Van Pelt, the daughter of Elizabeth HARDING Wilkins, and the granddaughter of Eunice PHILBRICK Harding.  Eunice married Jesse HARDING and they lived in Skowhegan, ME and then Lowell, MA.  The WILKINS moved to CA in the 1860s.

Leslie Walter <> lives in Tiffin, OH.

She is descended from Edward PHILBRICK; his son Francis Edward PHILBRICK, born Royalton, OH 1848; his son Ralph Waldo PHILBRICK, born Wyandot Co., OH 1883; and his daughter, Nell Lucille, born Wyandot Co., OH 1908.

Joanne Lemont Johnson <> lives in St. Helens, OR.

She descends from Joshua PHILBROOK (1801 Bath, ME) through his daughter Sarah Elizabeth (1831-1907).

Warrene Fairfield Orgeron <> is a lady who lives outside of New Orleans, LA.

Her line is from Abigail PHILBROOK, who married Benjamin THOMPSON.

Norman Edward PHILBRICK born in Old Town, ME, son of Roy Linwood PHILBRICK, born in Old Town, ME, and Grandson of Ed LaBallister PHILBRICK, born in Parkman, ME.
Judy PHILBRICK Sheehan lives in Jamestown, NY.  Her grandfather was Franklin Herbert PHILBRICK and he was married to Gertrude Kineston PHILBRICK.  They had four children: Lucille, Allen (her father), Viola, and Frank Jr.
Pamela Kay PHILBRICK Haberl lives in Quincy, MI.  She is the daughter of Ronald Herbert PHILBRICK (1942-2000) and granddaughter of Herbert Joseph PHILBRICK (born 10 Sep 1908, Coldwater, MI).  She is the great-granddaughter of Clarence PHILBRICK, but is not sure of which one.
Briana S. Felch lives in Madison, AL.  Her husband descends from Mary PHILBRICK (1812 VT - 1872 MI) who married Eli S. FELCH.
Delois Stinson lives in Layton, UT.  Her 3ggmother was Sophia Wing PHILBROOK, b. 1805, m. Enoch Perham ROLLINS.  Her Parents were John PHILBROOK, b. 1773, and Nancy PHILBROOK (Wing, 1st marriage?), b. 1776.  Her line ends.  His parents were James PHILBROOK and Mary HUDSON.  All from Hampden, Penobscot, ME.
Gary P. PHILBRICK was born in Bangor, ME and currently lives in Belmont, ME. His father, W. Ralph PHILBRICK , was born at Boothbay Harbor, Maine, the son of Ralph PHILBRICK and Lizzie Mae Gove (PHILBRICK )  He had 3 sisters Erlina (Bowen) Mable (Mundo) and Shirly (Unknown).  Ralph and Lizzie were divorced and his father lost contact with his father.  W. Ralph and his siblings are all deceased. His father was christened Willard Ralph PHILBRICK but detested the nickname Willie and had his name officially changed to W. Ralph PHILBRICK and was known locally as Ralph.  Gary's mother, Elner B. (Payson) PHILBRICK , survives him and is presently 91 years old.  His grandfather PHILBRICK remarried and raised a second family in the Bath Maine area.
Ryan Mitchell PHILBROOK is a U. S. Soldier currently serving in Bamberg, Germany .  The only other PHILBROOKS he knows are his father and sister, David and Jennifer.
Gerard B. PHILBRICK was born in Concord, NH and currently lives in Gulfport, MI.  His father was Lawrence Henry PHILBRICK, who was born in NH in 1900 and died in Concord in 1964.  Gerard has eight older brothers.
Michael Edward PHILBRICK was born in Concord, NH and currently lives in Daytona Beach, FL.  His father is Edward Donald PHILBRICK.  Michael is the nephew of Gerard above.
Helen PHILBRICK Dunham lives in San Miguel Allende, GTO, Mexico.  Her father was William Dean PHILBRICK, b. Nov 1908 in Woburn, MA, d. 2000 in Mexico.  His father was James, who she thinks was born in Brookline, MA.  His father, Edward, was also from Brookline.
Stan Shepard lives in Oakland, CA.  His mother is Elisabeth Ann (Betty) PHILBRICK and his grandfather is Stacey PHILBRICK, born abt. 1887 and died 1957 in Chicago, IL.
Brenda Stover lives in Wichita, KS. She is descended from Owen Abner PHILBRICK, son of George and Phoebe PHILBRICK, who was born at Waterloo, Blackhawk Co., Iowa on June 27, 1865.  He died July 27, 1936 in Anthony, KS.  He married Effie Zenobia DARK on Sept. 8, 1894.  They had eight children: Ruby, Inez, Merl, Beulah E., Fayella, Essie, Robert, and Wesley.  Fayella was her grandmother.
Susann Lillian PHILBROOK lives in Westampton, NJ. Her Father's name was Frederick Hamlin PHILBROOK (born in the late 1800s). His Father's name was: Hamlin (middle unknown) PHILBROOK (most likely born in the 1800s). Both came from New England, probably either Massachusetts or Maine. She has never been able to find anything more about her grandfather and her father died when she was a child so she never knew much about his side of the family since. He was an only child.
Angelina Rose Canavan lives in Auburn WA.  Her father: Michael James Canavan, b. Seattle; Her grandmother: Mary Ellen Kimzey, b. Long Beach, CA; Her great grandfather: Ralph PHILBROOK Kimzey, b. Oklahoma, d. Seattle; Her great great grandmother: Jessie Gertrude PHILBROOK, b. Illinois, d. presumably OK.
William B. Burns lives in Bridgewater, MA.  His line is through his mother, Alice Marie Young Burns > Hugh Watson Young > Mary Louise PHILBROOK Young > George R. PHILBROOK, b. abt 1836-38 in New Hampshire.
Peter A. PHILBRICK Sr., CDS lives in Valrico (near Tampa), FL.  His Father was Rufus Longley PHILBRICK, born in Kennebunkport, ME, 1911. His Mother is Mary Leach, born 1918 Kennebunkport, ME. Grandfather was George, Grandmother was Clara Speed. George was born in Henniker, NH, (he thinks)
Thomas Glen Crago <> lives in Colorado Springs, CO.
His GG Grandmother was Marianna (Minnie) Philbrook, who was born 12 Jan 1849 in Rockville, Maine and who married Orin Oscar Witherell on 12 Jan 1869.  Her mother's name was Mary.
Sarah Ann PHILBRICK <> lives in Westwood, MA.
Her father is Otis Philbrick Jr. and her grandfather was Otis Philbrick Sr., born 1888 in Boston, MA.
Mark Roland PHILBROOK <> was born in Worcester, MA, grew up in Fort Walton Beach, FL, and is currently serving in the U. S. Navy in Summerville, SC.  His father is Bradley W. Philbrook, and his grandfather is Warren Philbrook, both born in MA.
Michael P. Melvin <> lives in Pioneer, CA.

His 2nd great grandmother was Nancy Ann PHILBROOK Melvin (1822-1912) of ME.  The line from her to him is Nancy > Major Alfred Melvin > Clarence Earl Sr. > Clarence Earl Jr. > Michael P.

COMMENTS: "Searching for information of Abigail (Melvin) Philbrooks mother believed to be Margaret Pomroy.  Abigail was born 31 Dec 1816 in Unity, Maine and died 3 May 1908 in Minneapolis, MN."

Richard Gardner Williams <> lives in Stratford, CT

His Philbrick lineage, so far, begins with his father, Leonard Gardner Williams, the son of Cora Emily PHILBRICK Williams, who was the daughter of Wellington C. PHILBRICK (1866-1943) and likely the granddaughter of Nathan and Margaret PHILBRICK of Maine.

Members who are researching "OTHER" PHILBRICK/PHILBROOK lines
not descended from Thomas1.

Kathryn Lynch <> lives in Lara, Victoria, Australia.

She is the great great granddaughter of George PHILBROOK, who was born in or near London abt. 1852. His father was William or John PHILBROOK and his mother was Ann or Elizabeth Ann RANK. George emigrated to Australia, apparently after a falling out with his family - he supposedly worked his passage out when he was about 17, i.e.. in about 1869. He married Elizabeth Jane WIDDY in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia in 1881.

Louise Irene MacDonald <> lives in Crediton, Ontario, Canada.

LINEAGE: Louise Gorham Born 1945 Toronto, Ont, Canada Mildred Philbrook b 1927 died 2009,Toronto M. 1 Stan Gorham 2 Harold Gillis Sydney Philbrook b 1891-1897, Sydenham Kent M Winifred Eales James George Philbrook b 1862 Kent. m Sarah Elizabeth Gould James b 1823 Woodham Walter, Essex m Ann Thornton John b.1803 Woodham Walter, Essex m Ann Glassock Spurgin, b 1775 Hatfield Perveral m 1 Sarah Gosset 2 Martha Cole Egerton b,1740 Great Coggeshall m Lucy Loker John b Great Coggeshall m Amy Spurgin John b 1665 Great Coggeshall m Martha Hooper Thomas b 1665 Great Coggeshall ??? m 1 Jane 2 Elizabeth Jipps /Jepps possibly sisters

COMMENTS: This is my new e-mail address Thomas 1665 was reported to be a constable in Great Coggeshall

Jenny O'Connell <> lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

LINEAGE: Her grandmother, Emily Philbrook, 1879-1959 (m Charles King) was the youngest daughter of Nimrod and Martha (Mead) Philbrook. Nimrod (1843-1918) was youngest son of John and Ann (nee Glasscock) married Woodham Walter, Essex 1823. John, born 1803, was one of 12 children of Spurgin and Martha (nee Cole) married Boxted, Essex 1899. Spurgin bap. Hatfield Peverel 1775 (d 1843), son of Egerton Dansie Coleman Philbrick and Lucy Loker (married at Bocking 1765). Egerton b. Great Coggeshall, Essex (1740-1782) son of John Philbrick (1711-1778) & Amy Spurgin. John Philbrick son of John, b. abt 1687, married Martha Hooper in 1709 Great Coggeshall, Essex.

Abi Martin <> lives in Stanmore, Middlesex, England.

LINEAGE: I am Abigail Rosemary Martin, nee Hobbs.
My Father is Anthony Robert Hobbs, he married Joy Rosemary Barker.

My Father's Mother was Ivy Adams. She had a sister called Winifred Lilian Adams.
Winifred Lilian Adams married a man named 'Reg', we think maybe Reginald A Philbrick. Their marriage was annulled.

This is what we think may be the details of the marriage:
1944 Q3 Adams, Winifred L to Philbrick, Reginald A Staines District 3a page 69

This may be the birth reg for Reginald A Philbrick

Philbrick Reginald A mother's maiden name Boorman, District Lewisham 1d Page 1468 Q3 1917

I do not know any further information! I intend to buy the certificates if at all possible to see if I can glean anything else.

Anyone who has some information; I'd love to hear from you!!

Donald James PHILBRICK <> lives in Milford, NH.

He was born in Brooklyn, NY but his father and other male ancestors were born in England.  His line begins with his father:
John "Jack" Egerton (1899-1973)
Louis Egerton (1873-1952)
Horace (1843-1904)
Frederick Blomfield (1810-1892)
Samuel (1768-1841)

Sarah Kate PHILBRICK Sandhage <> lives in Milford, NH.

She was born in New Hampshire and her father was born in New York but his paternal ancestors were born in England.  Her line begins with her father:
Robert David PHILBRICK
John "Jack" Egerton (1899-1973)
Louis Egerton (1873-1952)
Horace (1843-1904)
Frederick Blomfield (1810-1892)
Samuel (1768-1841)

Sarah is a niece of Donald James, above.

Emma Frances PHILBRICK <> lives in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

Her line is:
Robin Jeromy PHILBRICK (living)
Herbert John "Bert" (1910-1994)
Herbert Orontes Knapp (1877-1949)
Albert (1840-1878)
John (1807-1843)
George (1773-1856)
Egerton Dansie Coleman (1739/40-1782)
John (1712-1778)
John (1687-1712)
Thomas (1660-?) Great Coggeshall

Alan Henry PHILBROOK <> lives in Bromley, Kent, England.

He is descended from the John Philbrick who married Martha Hooper in 1709 in England.
His line, beginning with his father is:
Charles Henry (1918-1989)
Walter James (1884-1945)
William (1849-1913)
James (1823-1905)
John (1802-1885)
John (1775-1843)
Egerton Dansie Coleman (1739/40-1782)
John (1712-1778)
John and Martha (HOOPER)

Grant Darrin PHILBRICK <> lives on the Isle of Wight, England.

He is the son of Vernon John and Barbara Veronica Joan PHILBRICK of England.  More information will be added later.

Margaret PHILBROOKS <> lives in Norfolk, United Kingdom.

She is helping her grandson Daniel, who lives in Cornwall, research his family history.  This line is Daniel PHILBROOKS > Brian > Albert > Albert William > Edwin, b. 1885 England > Isaac, b. 1847 England > William, b. 1820 England.

Wayne PHILBRICK <> lives in Evesham, Worcestershire, England.

His parents are Ashley and Barbara (Hands) PHILBRICK and his grandparents are Harry and Dorthey (Marsh) PHILBRICK, all living in England.

COMMENTS: I don't know much about my father's side apart from the fact that my granddad Harry had either 10 or 12 brothers and four sisters. I have just started to look for the family history. I would be grateful for any history of the Philbricks entering the UK in the Portsmouth area as that is where my father's side was based.

Mavis Elizabeth (PHILBROOK) Henry <> lives in Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire, UK

Father: William Philbrook b.1913 B'ham UK
Grandfather: Charles Philbrook b. 1884 Gosport UK
G " Frederick William b.1845 Colchester UK
GG " Frederick b.1824 Colchester UK
GGG " William b. c 1799 Colchester UK
GGGG " William b. c 1774 Colchester UK
(possibly married Martha Haselton 1794)

COMMENTS: Cannot tie into the Philbrook world tree at this time but if anyone has any information I would be interested to hear it. Am looking into the possibility of link to the Bigod family - a Norman family - who changed their name to Le Fylbrigg who are part of English History and lived in county Suffolk/Norfolk which is not far from Colchester county Essex.

Dr. Cynthia Potter Tenicki <> lives in Glen Rock, NJ

LINEAGE: Cynthia Potter 1942 Illinois
Elizabeth Pauline Brown 1911 Gosport Indiana/Ralph Potter
Florence Runyan 1889-1970/Reuben Brown Gosport In-PA
Evander Runyan 1858-1927 Ohio - Indiana/Jessie VanBuskirk
T.William Runyan 1827 -1911/Mary Wheeler
George Runyan 1808-1890/Catherine Jones
Joseph Runyan 1796-1854/Elizabeth Curl
John Runyan 1747-1807 / Susannah Custer
Joseph Runyon 1710-1760/ E. Trembley
Thomas Runyon 1675-1753/ Martha Ann Dunn
Hugh Dunn / Elizabeth Drake 1653-1711
Francis Drake/ Mary Walker 1625-1688
Joseph Walker/ Hannah Philbrick 1602-1668

Roger James Pimlott <> lives in Coventry, West Midlands, England





Edythe Mae "Edie" WATSON Ward <> lives in Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Her maternal line is Hazel May WEBB (her mother) who married John David George WATSON > James Thomas WEBB (1907-1971) who married Edith Bertha BOWCOTT > Elizabeth PHILBROOK who married John (James) WEBB.  Elizabeth was a schoolteacher and was born in England.

Margaret PHILBROOKS <> lives in Thetford, Norfolk, UK

LINEAGE: I am married to a Philbrooks and have been researching their family. I went as far back as 1820 to Philip Philbrooks whose son William was born about 1817 or 1820. The place off birth was St George in the east the London dockland area. William was my husbands gggfather Isaac was his ggfather and Edwin Albert was his grandfather. He died WW1. Williams father Philip was a ships carpenter. I know that because he was on his sons marriage cert. Also Williams eldest son Chas was a seaman i believe he was an able seaman. Chas settled in Australia where he married Elizabeth Donald they had about 9 children. I have also heard about the FELBRIGE connection but i think the name goes back to the Danes who landed on the east coast at places such as Yarmouth in Norfolk and on the Suffolk coast.

Margaret Cottrell <> lives in Cwmbran, South Wales, UK

LINEAGE: Margaret Cottrell (nee Pike)
Albert Reginald & Ellen Stone (parents)
William Stone (Grandfather) (1883-1957)
Charles Stone (1854-?)
George Stone (1812-1904)/Sarah (nee Crow) (1821-1894)
John Crow (1794-1873)/Elizabeth Philbrook (1798-1873)
Egerton Dansie Coleman Philbrook (1740-82)/Lucy Loker
John Philbrook (1714-78)/Amy Spurgeon
Thomas Philbrook (1665-1717)/Martha Hooper (1683-1712)

Are all Phlbrooks descendants of Simon de Felbrigge?  If so his family goes back to Charlemagne, King of the Franks, b. 742 AD.

Rachael Claire PHILBRICK <> lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

LINEAGE: Father Stephen Edward Philbrick DOB 10/11/1951; Grandfather Edward Philbrick born Australia?


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