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The Wedding of Buz Sawyer

We had a small luncheon get together here in Florida yesterday (October 7, 2000) and I had the honor of officiating at the wedding of BUZ SAWYER and MARY HOOPES. ED GARCIA was the best man, and my wife, VIONA, was the other attendee. I am sending some of the pictures which you might be able to share with the rest of the class on our Web page.   


 Viona Carey, Mary Hoopes, Buz Sawyer and Frank K. Carey

Sealed with a kiss!!!
Buz and Mary

I do!!!
Buz, Mary, Viona Carey and The Rev. Frank K. Carey

"Ring Ceremony"

Buz, Mary Hoopes (Bride), Ed Garcia (Best Man), Viona and Frank K. Carey

Stealing Another Kiss!!!
Buz and Mary


Buz and Mary, Viona Carey