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1598 Will of William Swanson of Hallaton, Leicestershire

  1. [Item I geve to all] my wiefes children by Lenie xijd a peece Item I geue to my syster
  2. Sharp her children she had by Thomas Walker xijs w[hi]ch he
  3. ought \me/ for a quarter of beanes and xjs viijd for a q[uar]ter
  4. of barlie to be equallie deuided amongest them Item I geue
  5. to my brother Edward [Sharp son]1 xijd Item I geue to my
  6. syster hempstocke xiijs iiijd w[hi]ch her husband otheth2 me for
  7. a horse Item I geue to my three sonnes James Edwarde
1 Or is this some form of Swanson? "Sharp son" is in the above because it appears the writer started to write
Swanson and changed it to "Sharp son," which explains the presence of 'p' and space before 'son'; in this case
it would probably refer to the son of the testator's brother-in-law by a prior marriage.

2 oweth

  1. and Thomas Swanson euerie one of them a fole to
  2. be deliuered to the eldest firste and soe in order \to the/
  3. youngest as soune as yt shall please god to send them
  4. bred of my one3 maires Item I geue to my \two/ mayde
  5. seruant[es] xijd a peece. Item I geve to the poore of
  6. the towne of Halloughton iijs iiijd Item I geue to the
  7. churche of Halloughton iijs iiijd Item I geue iijs
  8. iiijd to be bestowed on the pavem[en]t[es] in the towne
3 own

  1. of Halloughton Item All the rest of my good[es]
  2. I geue to my foure children to be equallie
  3. deuided amongest them my wief havinge the
  4. the third parte to her owne vse And I make
  5. and ordaine Alice my wief my full and sole
  6. executrix of this my last will and testament and
  7. I make Edward Burton and Leonard Swanson
  8. overseers that this my last will may be fullie p[er]formed
  9. These Wyttnesses Leonard Swanson Richard
  10. Swanson and Thomas Bupasse.

-Garth Swanson

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